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By Bharati Ganesh Pillai

By Bharati Ganesh Pillai

Problem – With Tudor Grange consisting of over 1000 students, it is not surprising that the vast majority of us have many questions on different subjects. Teachers are answering as many questions as possible but many teachers are repetitively asked the same question, leaving them answering them again or students not always getting the best quality answer.

Solution – TG Quest. This solution caters for both students and teachers. This app allows students to quickly find an answer to any question they may have or request for their question to be answered. This prevents the same question being numerously asked and allows everyone to get an answer.

Students will access the app and will be given the choice of subjects. They can then view all answered questions on that topic. This means they won’t have to submit a new one and their query will already be answered. If their question have not yet been asked, they can submit a new question for answering. This app allows anyone to answer un-answered questions but the app will be monitored by a specific teacher for each subject, who will then chose the best answer to be permanently available for everyone to see and benefit from. Students can rate the answer so other users know how useful and helpful the answer was. This is a simple but hopefully effective idea which should let finding answers be a quick operation with out any hassle.

By Bharati Ganesh Pillai

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Performing Art Religious Studies Physical Education

How does sound travel?

Who is Nicky Cruz?

What are the different uses of a comma?

How do you work out the algebraic question?

What is a colon?

What is the formula of a Triangle?

Submit new question for maths What is a pentagon? How do you work out perimeter?

What are prime numbers?

What is the name of a 10 sided shape?

How do you work out the area?

Submit new question for art

What is native Australian art called?

What is expressionism?

What is tone in art?

How can you create different tones?

Submit new question for Science

What is a Herbivore? What is a Carnivore? Does light travel faster than sound?

What are carbohydrates?

What are the benefits of protein?

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ict, college challenge, winner, tgaw