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1 Earbud

Hygienic Travel Earbuds

This project began by deconstructing and analyzing a pair of Apple速 earbuds to understand standard construction. I moved beyond the initial assignment to analyze the existing earbud market and develop an appropriate design response. 2 // Hutker

Existing Part Analysis

The main housing is injection molded in a four part tool; knockthroughs shell out the complex interior, which sandwiches the speaker with the lower casing. The gray injection molded insert in the back of the main casing hides the gate, while the speaker wire is threaded through the back of the main casing and is tied in a knot to act as a strain relief for the contacts. Hutker // 3

What happens to Earbuds when they’re not being used? 4 // Hutker

‘Dirty’ ‘A Tangled Mess’ ‘knots’ ‘Broken’ ‘Gross’ ‘A Hassle’ ‘unprotected’ ‘loose’

Earbuds in Transit

User Experience

Earbuds appeal to commuters or casual listeners as they are discreet and portable. I encountered multiple ‘fixes’ users developed to protect their earbuds from dirt and damage while in transit.

Target users are commuters on public transportation and people who use their earbuds in public places. Every weekday 35 million people board public transportation in the US. There aren’t many current products that address this issue directly.


Hutker // 5

Current Earbud Market

Market Development




Utility Sport



Hygiene BASIC

Earbuds have become more and more specialized to distinguish themselves from competitors. Mature markets have become saturated with a wide variety of designs. For example, the ‘fashion’ market has already been saturated with competitors, leaving little room for products to distinguish themselves. 6 // Hutker


This is an area of potential opportunity as there are few solutions for keeping earbuds clean and hygienic in travel or storage situations.



Hutker // 7

The rubber tips protect the speakers and ear canal from damage and dirt. They can be molded in a variety of colors and textured patterns for users who are interested in the ‘fashion’ aspect of listening in public.

Design Solution 8 // Hutker

Earbud In use

Protected Eartips

Elastomer Cover Casing Cap Speaker Tension Relief Knot Contacts

Control Drawing Hutker // 9

2 Paring Knife

Redesign of the Traditional Pairing Knife

“I don’t like to keep on switching between knives. You end up having to clean too many of them.” -Bob, Blade Sharpener

“Sometimes I just use one knife to make a sandwich; I don’t want to keep switching knives.” -Carla, Homemaker

User goals Contemporary cooks are using paring knives as omni-knives, they are no longer confined to their intended purposes. When using only one knife there’s less for the user to and deal with; it’s a smaller cognitive commitment to use and clean.

10 // Hutker

This knife is a submission for the Syracuse University Junior Prize Design Competition.


If the blade and handle are flush with each other, the user’s hand will hit the counter before finishing the cut.

Thin paring knife blades do not allow condiments to be scooped or spread well.

Wet cuts or ones that require a lot of force can be dangerous if the user’s hand is not protected from the blade.

Traditional paring knives are not designed to perform the rolls that contemporary users need them for. Hutker // 11


A simple knife that is easy to use, quick to clean, and can make almost any cut.

Existing Knife Market

There is a wide range of paring knife designs for a variety of specific tasks. There are few contemporary-looking designs. I drew inspiration from the elegant offset handles of the Christofle Recto Verso tableware.

12 // Hutker

Form Development

The inside offset of the blade emphasizes the simplicity of the knife being composed of only a blade and a handle.

Hutker // 13


The angle between the user’s hand and the cutting edge allows a more powerful cut, while also preventing the user’s knuckles from hitting the cutting surface.

14 // Hutker






Charcoal Gray Anodized Stainless Steel Wood Handle



4.5”Rivets Black Anodized

Curve protects fingers from slippage Thick blade to scoop condiments



Design Solution





0.5” Hutker // 15

3 RETREAT HOUSE Sustainable Summer Retreat


16 // Hutker




Win 2010 ner: B Unb SA u ilt Arch itect Awa ure rd

The retreat house is a competition entry for Hutker Architects in the Progressive Architecture Design Awards. This was a ‘concept 3’ pitch to a client that was never developed. I took the concept, developed it, and created a submission from it. We won one of the four top awards.

The site is located on the northern shore of Cape Cod; it looks out from atop a 160 foot drop to the sea. This summer house is built at the edge of the precipice. As Atlantic waves eat away at the bluff the house retreats inland.

Hutker // 17

The program of the house is a summer retreat for a retired businessman and his large extended family. My design focuses on flexibility in living spaces, allowing both immediate family and relatives to fill the program comfortably; the built-in furniture in the reclaimed boxcars can be reconfigured as family needs change over generations.

Boxcar Inserts








first grandchild born

empty nest

youngest child enters middle school

youngest child born


0’ 18 // Hutker




Closed for Winter

Open in Summer

As the house is pulled back from the bluff by large winches, the foundation materials are recycled backward to continue support of the house. Brise soleils and shutters double as decking in the summer months, and are designed to maximize passive solar gains as well as protect the summer retreat in the harsh winter months.

Hutker // 19

4 GreaseWick

Waste Grease Lamp

What do users do with waste kitchen greases and oils? 20 // Hutker

This lamp collects waste kitchen grease to upcycle it as an odorless oil lamp.

They throw them away. In the US alone, annual brown grease food waste is thought to be billions of gallons. In a 2009 study, the city of San Francisco found it produces 10 million gallons of grease per year. San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 2009

Small Scale Cooking Oil Waste

Waste oils produced at a large scale in factories or restaurants are often recycled and used to feed livestock, make soap, detergents, or bio-diesel fuel.

Domestic Uses (candles or fireplace starters) Reuse in Kitchen (lubricant or seasoning)


Impish Beadery, Pinterest

“I save bacon grease in a can to season my popcorn, but I end up throwing a lot of it away.” -Larry, 75

“I keep my bacon grease in a tin can next to the sink until it gets full. -Tom, 22 Then I throw it out.”

“Put aluminum foil in a bowl, pour the grease in. When it hardens, roll up the foil and throw it out!” Hutker // 21

Current Waste System

‘Common Knowledge’ recommends collecting waste grease in a disposable container until it cools, then throwing it in the trash.

How can we disrupt this system by creating value within it? A countertop vessel, which collects waste grease that it can use as fuel for light.

22 // Hutker



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New Market

Further soaps and candles are made from Our simple andupscale elegant candle will fill your home the waste of an restaurant.

with warm light and soothing scent. The FURTHER candle base is crafted from purified waste grease and features the same signature of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses found in our hand soap.

Traditional Concept

Traditional Kerosene lamps only work with fuels that are more purified than waste grease.

FURTHER HAND SOAP will not only leave your hands feeling squeaky clean, but will freshen your conscience and inspire your soul. PURCHASE NOW! FURTHER HAND SOAP completes a perfect sustainable circle. Read the complete story.

About Us

Contact Us Copyright Š 2011, Further. All rights reserved.

Few Alternatives

There are few standards for repurposing waste kitchen grease. Hutker // 23

A wax-impregnated wick is inserted into a wire frame. 24 // Hutker

The excess wick burns down to the surface of the waste grease, where it continues to burn.



Hutker // 25

Storing Mylar Lamp Shade is stored around ceramic vessel

26 // Hutker


Cork lid acts as base

Mylar Lamp Shade

Consumable Wick Wire frame Holds Shade and vessel Wire frame holds wick

Indents receive wire frame Ceramic Vessel

Compressed cork lid/base Hutker // 27

The GreaseWick lives in the kitchen, gradually collecting waste oils and greases. A lid covers the top to prevent any smells or drops from getting out. At any point the GreaseWick can turn into a lamp, a mylar light screen rests on the outer rim. The floating wick will burn until the fuel is exhausted.


OUTDOORS 28 // Hutker

Hutker // 29

5 Manufactured Stories Thesis Research

My research explores the value created in the relationship between object stories and their users.

How can we design unique, meaningful, and personal stories into manufactured products? 30 // Hutker

-Evan Hutker

Substances can be duplicated but history can not. We will always value and desire to be in contact with the essence of an original. The stories and provenance of an object create its essence, which consumes the physical nature of the object embodying those intangible concepts.

There are several spectra that can describe an object story; an object story can exist anywhere on these three axes. My goal is to encourage, preserve, and celebrate these rich, organic narratives. Hutker // 31

eric hoLzwArTh Leo wiegMAn


Leo wiegMAn


DAwn high 11.11.2011


DAwn high



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Object Stories are about Relationships

32 // Hutker



I collected personal stories about possessions with sentimental value; the kind of possessions that connect us to who we were and who we want ourselves to be. They embody the bond we share with another person through their provenance, which ultimately consumes its physical properties and existence.

There are 3 main plots to any Object story:

It contacted you significantly It contacted someone important to you It experienced a significant event OBJECT STORY ANALYSIS Dawn















Owned by Another Given by Another Inflection Point Owned for a Long Time

d W oo

ck Du

d W oo

l ar Pe

ic m ra Ce

ic m ra Ce



al Gl

et M d/

al et M

al et M

W oo





al et M

ld Go

al et M

al et M

M at






Used Frequently


Create a product that physically changes to record the stories of the people, places, and events that it has experienced. Hutker // 33

5+ Strata Cheese Set

Thesis Design Work

We Digitally capture our stories, sharing them online. 34 // Hutker

This work is a response to my research on object stories.

“this year people will upload over 70 billion photos to Facebook, suggesting around 20% of all photos this year will end up there.” (, 2011) “Young consumers catalog life events as they happen, and thus have built an ongoing, open archive of personal history: a store of digital memory.” (Cassandra report, 2012)

These documented stories no longer have a physical reference. Current Object Stories

Potential Object Stories Elements of Value Creation

How can we embed these digital memories into our physical objects? Hutker // 35

Cheese and Cracker Serving Set

The serving dish repeatedly contacts multiple users and events over its lifetime.

The 2010, $14 billion retail market for U.S. natural and specialty blended cheeses is expected to reach $17 billion by 2014. (Packaged Facts, 2010) 36 // Hutker

Hutker // 37

Individual ‘Jewels’ are added to record and represent specific object stories. We already record almost all of our experiences with ‘smart’ devices

Jewels wirelessly collect video, photos, audio, ect. created by all users and devices

Digital media storing Jewels are added by users. The buildup of these layers of stories creates a strata of memories.

Jewels become a physical and digital reminder of the object’s users and its provenance. 38 // Hutker

This media can be retrieved from Jewels later

Strata Cheese Set


The Wedding Sam’s Birthday


Grandma The Miskells

We preserve the essences and memories of others and ourselves in the objects that we touch. This system records the experiences that mark the strata of memories in our lives.


3 shades of Glass represent a 3 types of subjects of stories`. Various shades allow multiple jewels of the same type, Creating a visual display of the stories contained.

Roof Deck John’s House Hutker // 39

Made In America Label PRECIOUS OBJECTS, Made in America

Rising labor and shipping costs, decreasing automation costs, and issues of quality, communication, and turn around time, are driving manufacturing back to America. ‘Made in America’ is a trending subject, with blogs such as ‘A Continuous Lean’ championing American made goods.

Federal Trade Commission regulations Unqualified ‘Made In USA’ claim. Virtually all parts of the product are processed within the U.S. Final assembly occurs within the U.S. Negligible foreign content in final product.

With their emphasis on intelligent design and quality construction, ... the label Made in the U.S.A. is more meaningful than ever. (Fast Company, 2011) Two-thirds of voters believe manufacturing is central to our economic strength, and 57 percent believe manufacturing is... central to our economic strength.(AAM, 2010) companies—particularly the small to medium-size businesses... —are taking a long, hard look at the downsides of extending their supply chains to the other side of the planet. (Wired, 2011)

Object Life Cycle Sale Manufacture and Assembly Resource Acquisition and Refinement

Optimized Lifetime


Recycling of Wood/Metal Disposal of ceramics and electronics

40 // Hutker

Silicone Chip Production: CA

Sourcemap Stainless Steel // New York Digital Hardware // New York/California Red Oak // New York Ceramic // Ohio Glazes // Ohio Glass // Ohio All raw materials are gathered within the United States. All manufacturing of components occurs within New York State. Assembly and distribution happens in Syracuse. Hutker // 41

EVAN HUTKER I want to create things

that people care about. 508.274.4445

I’m a driven designer who loves the process of collaborating with others to create pure, elegant and meaningful designs. I come from a family of designers and I’m fueled by a desire to surround myself with good things and good people. 16 Sippewissett Rd. Falmouth, MA 02540

Education Work EXPERIENCE

Syracuse University Honors Program Tool. Inc. // Design Co-Op Bachelors of Industrial and Interaction Design, 2012 Minor in Entrepreneurship Summa Cum Laude (GPA: 3.9)

Practical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Suite Solidworks Photoview 360 Rhino Google Sketchup

Hand sketching Model making Woodworking Wacom Tablet Sketchbook Pro Corel Painter

About Me

Art & Design College Scholar (highest academic honor 2012) Arthur Pulos Award for Excellence in Thesis Work (2012) Renée Crown University Scholar (2012) Dean’s List (2007-2012) 3 time winner of the Golden Gnome Design Award Outstanding Designer in Industrial Design (2009) Syracuse University Abroad London Program (2011) BSA Unbuilt Architecture Award (2010) SU IDSA student chapter treasurer (2008-2012) 4th place international ROV competition (2007) Born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard 1 kg steak challenge (26 mins) Cheese fanatic Avid snow and water skier

Summer 2011: Product Design Consultancy, Marblehead, MA Designed a wide range of consumer products and point of purchase displays in a small team of designers for firms such as Staples and Wilson. Worked mainly on a Wacom tablet to generate concepts and develop them into final renderings.

Mechtronics Corp. // Design Co-Op

Summer 2010: Point of Purchase Display Design Consultancy, White Plains, NY Generated concepts and renderings for point of purchase displays for products made by Gillette, Duracell, Dr. Scholls, and P&G.

Rylaxing LCC // Design Consultant

2009 - 2011: Consumer Product Development, Syracuse, NY Redesigned the Rylaxing bed cushion to improve comfort and reduce production and shipping costs.

Hutker Architects // Design Co-Op

Summer 2009: Residential Architects, Falmouth, MA Developed content for HA’s book as well as designed and submitted a project to the BSA national design competition, and won one of four top awards.

Entrepreneurship in South // Consultant Summer 2009: Syracuse University Business Program, Capetown, South Africa Consulted disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the townships of South Africa with other students by developing bookkeeping, operational, marketing, and business strategies.

Hutker Portfolio  

Student work

Hutker Portfolio  

Student work