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The new Journalism Magazine created by Mrs. Higgins 3rd hour Journalism class.

Table of Contents Spotlight Designers: Ashlyn Liska (2-3) -Bailey Knold(4) -Felicity Steines(5) -Addison Edwards(6) -Vanna Schoen(7) -Jacob Stouffer(8)

Sports Designers: -Tiffany Quinn(9) -Kolton Kopp(10) -Tiffany Smith(11)


Opinion Designers: -Addi Caraway(12) -Jess Schell(13)

This journalism class magazine edition is for students to have the opportunity to see what newspaper and yearbook is all about. This is a simulation of timelines and deadlines that real journalist have to go through. This semester we had learned about the journalism basics. This journism magizine is a culmination of skills that we have learned over the length of the class period. Thanks to Mrs. Higgins our journalism teacher; she is the one that gave us the opportunity to do this.

Review Designers: -Tarryn ODell(14) -Rachel McCluer(15)


t r a e H e u r T The : n o i p m a h of A C h c i c s a G a l Mikay Written by Bailey Knold Photo by Emily Vandel

Mikayla Gascich starts her junior year off in the lead From the time she had been able to walk, Junior Mikayla Gascich has always been a competitor. “Depending on who you talk to, I started playing sports at 2 when I was in dance,” Gascich said. But she didn’t just stop there. Dance was the gateway to her enjoying other physical activities. Gascich said that she has played in every sport she possibly can and enjoys every minute of it. “I do all sports even the extreme ones,” Gascich said She said that she tries practically everything she can with adult permission and has even done rock climbing. “I even dabble in a little MMA [mixed martial arts],” Gascich said. She enjoys playing sports no matter what happens. “ I have a heart condition and asthma so every time i play it kinda is a dangerous situation,” Gascich said. Even if it means she has to sit on the side lines until she recovers, Gascich is always dedicated. “From playing sports I have had a few injuries. I’ve shattered my nose and my hand so when I break a bone its kinda intense. I’ve also had a few concussions,” Gascich said. But injuries and health concerns don’t bother Gascich, as one of her friends can see. Sophomore Hannah Milks, a close friend of Gascich’s said that she has been playing sports since they first became friends in elementary school. “She’s also really smart on how she balances all of her activities. Mikayla always has really good grades, does really well in sports, and


Female players and cheerleaders are excited as they run into the start of their first game tonight. Junior Mikayla Gascich starts her basketball game on Liberty North’s Senior Night. Adrenaline was moving through all players, as they fought for the best best score possible.

as a friend is always there for you when you really need her,” Milks said. “I started playing actual sports when I was in 2nd grade,” Gascich said. She started playing basketball then, and says that it is still her favorite sport today. “ I played basketball last season [ Winter of 2014] and I was playing point guard,” Gascich said. But one thing that is commonly looked over in sports is the people you meet. “One of the best memories I have from playing sports is just traveling with my team when we went to a competition. It’s just something I’ll never forget,” Gascich said. Even though she has played any sport she can, every year for Liberty North since she was a Sophomore, Gascich does clubs and groups as well. “I am in a lot of service clubs so things like NHS, and being a student ambassador,” Gascich said. All of these interests show through in Gaschic’s personality as some people take notice. “Its hard to explain her in a word but I would say that Mikayla Gascich is a well rounded person altogether,” Milks said.

f o y r o t he S


Kayla Schulte

Kayla Schulte is a girl who seems shy and quiet, but is actually the complete opposite. Her friend Nick Rubinetti describes her as exciting and her teacher, Mrs. Campbell describes her as eclectic. Schulte lives with her mom and dad, who are both police officers. “Both my parents are police officers, which means I hardly see my dad,” Schulte said. Schultes friend, Rubinetti tells a few stories about them, and one of them was how they first met. It was at a school event, they got in a fight and ever since then they have been close friends. “We are good friends mainly because we love being around each other,” Rubinetti said, “One of my favorite memories with her was at a super bowl party at my house. It’s one of my favorites because she was having fun and raging about who was going to win.”

Written By: Felicity Steines Photos By: Felicity Steines

Schulte also has a favorite teacher and coach, Ashley Campbell, who she met at the beginining of the 2013 school year. Campbell’s first thought of Schulte was that she was quiet and shy, but as she got to know her, she found out she is sarcastic and funny. Schulte started out as a student in Mrs. Campbell’s class but got transferred out, but she still go to hang out with Mrs. Campbell at track meets because she is a track coach. “She always tries her hardest. Even in track, she will try her hardest even if she doesn’t beat someone,” Campbell said.

Ideas for workout stretches: ~Plank How it Works: 1. Lay on your stomach 2. Lift body up with arms but keep your elbows touching the ground ~Butterfly Stretch How it Works: 1. Sit down 2. Put soles of feet together 3. Lean forward ~Walking Lunges How it Works: 1. Take large step 2. Bend both legs till back knee is alined with your front ankle 3. Come up and then do with oppisite leg


Teacher spotlight:

Kurt Gates

Graduation typically marks the end of school for most people. For Liberty North’s Advanced Placement Government teacher, Kurt Gates this couldn’t be farther from the truth. School always has been and persists to stay a major part of his life. The thought of becoming a teacher sparked far before most children fathom their future career. I’ve always enjoyed school. I remember my 7th grade Social Studies teacher inspired me to think about being a teacher myself. This year marks my 18th year teaching and I’ve loved it. This job is fun, challenging, and family friendly,” Gates said. Not only does Gates teach AP Government, he also is Liberty North’s Model United Nations (MUN) advisor and devotedly works with students to reach their full potential. North’s MUN competes at the National level and the dedication Gates gives is vital. “Gates is very invested in our school. He cares very much about his kids. Also, he’s what I would call a life long learner because he is always trying to better himself and along with this better his students,” Liberty North Librarian Connie King said. Along with getting to see his students and fellow teachers each day at work, Gates’ wife is a teacher at Liberty North as well. “It’s great working with my wife. We’re able to carpool together and we share some of the same students in each of our classes. Eventually our daughter and son will be at North, so the whole family will be up here,” Gates said. A favorite trait among students and teachers is Gates

High school sweethearts Melissa Taylor and Kurt Gates attended Liberty North’s 2014 Prom night as chaperones, but also attented Papillion-LaVista High School Prom in Papillion NE in 1991. “Bring at the Liberty Noths prom night reminded me a lot of Melissa and I’s prom night. It was fun and exciting and we had a great time,” Gates said.


Written By: Jasmine Ramirez Photo courtesy of Kurt Gates

witty personality. “Gates is super funny and he is always joking around, it makes his class much more fun” senior Marcela Munoz said. King explained a similar character to Munoz’s description. ‘A word to describe Gates is humorous, he has a really funny, dry sense of humor” King said. Taking a look back at Gates own high school years, he had the normal school experience. “In high school I was pretty involved, I played tennis and basketball. I was a member of National Hono Society and DECA. It was the typical high school experience. Then I went to Texas Christian University and the University of Nebraska,” Gates said. From Gates’ past experiences he has important advice to high school seniors planning on going to college. “For those going to college, go to class. It’s as simple as that because the professor will lecture what will be on the test and the things in the book won’t be on the test as much as what the professor speaks of in class,” Gates said. As seniors graduate and move on, leaving high school behind the teachers will stay persistently teaching as each class leaves year after year. In ten years Gates sees himself still teaching at North. “Years from now I’ll happily be in my AP Government Learning Pod, still teaching students and possibly even having my own daughter in class,” Gates said.

Lindsey Anderson Student spotlight Devotion towards school and getting good grades are not as important to most high school students, but for Junior Lindsey Anderson, it’s her one of her top priorities. “I find myself very devoted in excelling at school, probably one of my biggest dreams would be to grow up and just have a job, because most people do not,” Anderson said. Anderson also cares about nature and how people treat the world “If I could change one thing about people, I would probably change how people treat the environment; people don’t really care about it as much as I think they should,” Anderson said. Anderson is very involved in school; not only does she achieve with her grades, she is also a member of the Liberty North high school band. Anderson’s friend, junior Stefanie Bowen says that Anderson is incredibly smart and is very good at band, and being amazing person to friends and others. “Lindsey excels at being a model student, and being asset to the band,” Bowen said. “Lindsey is

Written and photo by: Vanna Schoen

different than other students because she is a great person in many areas. Whether it’s academics, being a good friend, or playing the trombone she will never let you down.” Not only does Bowen agree that she excels, but her teacher Kurt Gates also agrees. “I would say Lindsey’s best quality is her conscientiousness when it comes to her work always very thorough as a student and consistently performing at a very high level,” Gates said. “She is one of my top students in all of my classes she understands the material very well and it comes easy to her but she also puts in hard work and effort with everything she does and performs at a very high level,” Gates said. Anderson is unsure of what job she has planned for the future, but Gates belives she has the tools to achieve. ”Lindsey can do pretty much whatever she wants to do in the future, she’s got the talent and ability and drive to do whatever she wants to do and become successful,” Gates said.

Anderson works hard in math class.“I find myself very devoted in school, probably my biggest dream would to be able to find a job and be sucessful”, Anderson said.


Spotlight: Ms. Robinson A look at how Ms. Jessica Robinson got where she is and how that affects her students today. Ms. Robinson wishes her students good luck as she passes out their final test of the year. The students needed this luck as they have be wrking for this test for the past month. “She greets us outside of the door everyday and gets us in a good positive mood” Junoir Moira Carder said.

Written and photo by: Jake Stouffer Some say that hard work pays off, and for Science teacher Jessica Robinson, it has. Robinson attended Missouri State University graduating with two degrees and is currently working on a third. “I’ve always had a lot of good teachers,” Robinson said. These good teachers arewhat ended up making Robinson want to be a teacher herself. She wanted to be the same way to her students as her teachers were to her. “I wanted to be an elementary teacher. When I got to college, I switched over,” Robinson said. After graduating from Missouri State, Robinson taught at Liberty High School for 7 years. Then in 2010 she made the switch to Liberty North and has taught here since then. What some may say sets Robinson apart from other teachers was that she was always there to help brighten up the room no matter how bad the students’ day may be going. “Ms. Robinson was the most outgoing teacher I have ever had”, “She always had a smile on her face and she had your back when you needed it” Junior/Former student Moira Carder said. But brightening up the students day wasn’t her only goal in the job. Of course teaching is her first priority, and in her case that is science. “Just to make sure that students have a basic understanding of science,” Robinson said. Robinson does make sure that students understand


the topic and encourages them to look into a science career. But at the same time she understands that students have different interests and she supports them in that decision. “She also cares about how you do and where you want to end up in life,” Carder said. Robinson had some great teachers growing up and she may have used that to shape how she teaches today. She understands how it is to be a student and how boring class may be so she tries to eliminate that in her classes. “Her class was always so fun because she knows what it’s like to be a student, and she makes the class fun” Carder said. One thing that Robinson didn’t have while being a student was a lot of technology much less a laptop to herself. “I think it’s great. I think they are very fortunate to have them” Robinson said. The technology itself has definitely been something that has changed our school system. The teachers have had to adapt and frankly so have the students. Thought the students are not quite there yet. “ I still think that some students are still using them for entertainment and not for education, but I like it.” Robinson said.

l l a b e s Ba Lives

Written and photos by- Tiffany Quinn

Blood, sweat, and a lot of hard work goes into making it a good season. Every high school sports team has a different way of getting ready for their games. Students on Liberty North High School’s baseball team have their own ways. “I just try to get in the zone,” Junior Brian Sharp said. Brian is only a junior and during high school he has been on varsity since he was a freshmen. Freshmen Bret Snider, who is on the freshmen team at Liberty North said that he just plays catch, stretches, and bats in the cages to prepare for a game. “I just kind of get focused and play the best I can,” Snider said. Sophomore Logan McCune who now plays on the JV baseball team at Liberty North said they just go through and do warm ups, and stretches at practice before a game. “Personally I like to listen to music on the way to a game.” McCune said. Although home games are not much different in the area they play then practice, away games are. “On the way to away game we

sit in the same seats because it’s baseball and its very superstitious,” Sharp said. All three of the boys say that as a team they have never really done anything before a game other then during practice they would run through what they would be doing at the next game, but they all have their own thing that they do. They do things like just listen to music or stretch and even playing a little catch. Everyone plays the game for different reasons, “I play because its fun and I like hanging out with the guys,” Sharp said. Sharp also plays football, and basketball. For a student who plays more then one sport, teachers help him out a lot. “School is somewhat hard I have to really keep track of everything I’m doing in school and stuff, but teachers understand that and help me out a lot,” Sharp said. Unlike Sharp, McCune and Snider do not play any other sports at Liberty North.

“I play baseball because I like it and you can have fun with your friends and stuff,” Snider said. People play baseball for different reasons. “It’s my favorite sport and I’ve played since I was little and I just really like playing it,” McCune said. Sharp, McCune, and Snider all play the same sports but they play for different reasons. Students at Liberty North do not really have a set way to get ready for their games, they just to out and practice hard and have fun.

Junior Brian Sharp is the third to bat at the home game aguinst Liberty High School. The game was on Tuesday May 13. “I play because it’s fun and I like hanging out with the guys,” Sharp said.


Girls soccer Fresh air with a sweet breeze, and freshly cut green grass all hints that spring is on its way. As the season rolls around, many student athletes begin preparing for their own season-it’s time for spring sports. As the temperatures rise, so does the competition out on the Liberty North girl’s soccer field. “The season is really intense, once the season starts we have games constantly. Some of the schools we play are really hard to beat, while others are a pretty easy win,” senior Faith Kauffman said. Kauffman has played soccer for three years at North, beginning at her sophomore year all the way up to her senior year. She has worked her way up the ladder each season. The first year Kauffman tried out, she was on C-team. Now to finish off her high school career, she is on Varsity. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that it was super hard to move up on teams, it helped that I played each season and just got better from practicing. C-team is very basic. The focus is mainly on you

Warming up before the game. Junior Ashley Rose kicks a pass to Junior Landry Sylvester before the game on Thursday, May 16.


Written by Jasmine Ramirez Photos by Hailey Wasser

improving as a player and learning the necessities to play the sport. It doesn’t really matter as much about winning in games,” Kauffman said. During Kauffman’s junior year she advanced to Junior Varsity. “My junior year I did a lot of learning. I started improving and really started to enjoy playing soccer. Now for my senior year I’m on Varsity and it’s really cool that I was able to work my way up. On Varsity the coaches expect much more. Winning is much more important and we get worked way harder than being on C-Team or JV; the coaches just expect more from us,” Kauffman said. Playing a sport is a major learning experience not only with skills on the field, but also the athlete as a person. “I think it’s important for people to play a sport. It helps form you into a more determined person. Playing really brings out your heart when you give it all you’ve got,” Kauffman said.

Juniors Sage Foley and Cailey Chase make small talk and strategize for the upcoming game against Grandview.

Cheer Insider Fury Athletics denies no one from following his or her dreams, not even if they have a disability. Fury Athletics has a team called the Rainbow Team that is specially dedicated to people with special needs and disabilities. They have their own team and go on competitions and get judged. The owner of Fury Athletics wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to become or do whatever he or she wanted, without having to worry about something uncontrollable, such as a disability. “Erin Heffron started Fury with a vision for anyone to become a part of the team. That’s why she dedicates the Rainbow Team to cheerleaders who have a disability.” Sophomore Maddie Mejia said. The Rainbow Team has grown so much within three seasons. After the first season, people started out they were really happy with doing cheer and word got around. “They started out with 7 team members in the beginning of season 1 and now in season 3 they’re at a total of 18 members,” Mejia said. Fury Athletics treats everyone the same. Even when being judged, everyone it is done equally. It’s really vital to make sure that everyone feels like they’re a big part of the team and that they are being treated equally. “They’re just like all the other Fury teams, they go

Written by: Tiffany Smith Photo courtesy of: Maddie Mejia.

on to a comp and the judges judge them normally. You can really tell that the judges want to give them constructive criticism to help them get better, as they do with everyone.” Mejia, said. Fury even helps raise money for The Rainbow Team to make sure they can get what they need for cheer if their family needs to focus on other expenses. “For fundraising we do all sorts of things like working at Royals games, selling things and playing games to raise money and were definitely happy to do it!” Sophomore Courtney Parker, Another member of Fury, said. The Rainbow Team tries to set an example for others in the Fury Family. They work so hard on all their stunts and routines. “The rainbows are a wonderful group because they teach you so much and they show that anything’s possible,” Mejia said.

The Rainbow team steps into the spotlight to receive their hard earned award for 2nd place in compition.


Opinion: Summer Struggles

Written by: Marcela Munoz Photo by: Addi Caraway

All your tests are over, the last day of school is finally here and you’re anxiously waiting for the bell to ring to sound the beginning of what you’ve been waiting for since August…Summer! But what does summer mean exactly? No

school? Sleeping in? Summer jobs? Tanner skin? It could be all of these and more but what kids don’t realize is that after the first couple weeks of summer are gone you spend your time idly and find yourself getting more and more bored of the routine schedule that you dreamed of all year long. What I’m trying to get at is the point that, yes, summer should be a break from learning and should be a time for fun but you need to be productive as well. A couple steps to be productive all summer long and to feel like you have accomplished something by the end of it could be:

1. Find a job! There’s no better way to meet new people and make some money than to get a summer job. You will get into a routine schedule that will help you maintain a productive day and with the job comes money to save or to spend on nights out with friends. You never know what the outcome will be unless you try! 2. Have a schedule! Yes it is very tempting to wake up at noon every day and play video games or spend the day on instagram and twitter and not do anything productive but you need to establish at least a routine of how you want to spend your summer. Wake up at a decent time, maybe around

9 and start a workout routine every morning to stay active and healthy. And lastly, 3. Be safe! From sunscreen to alcohol there are many choices that you will be making during the summer. Yes it’s okay to party and go out with friends but you need to always be careful with the kinds of activities you engage in and remember that every choice has a consequence. Enjoy summer and live it up but don’t jeopardize your health by making unwise decisions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best this summer and stay classy!

Staff Ed: Tattoos Tattoos can affect some one’s job opportunities. Many jobs don’t appreciate when tattoos are on the arms and legs, where they may be showing to customers looking more unprofessional. Even with a small one, an employer may see that as a sign not to hire you. Most people who get visible tattoos don’t look at the long term effects. So before you get tatted up keep your career in mind. Tattoos are stamped on for life. This is the most nerve racking topic when a person chooses and dedicates themselves to getting a tattoo; There is a realization that it will last not a day, a week, even a year, but for your lifetime. Now, if a person is one hundred and ten percent sure they want their tattoo, and have confidence that they will always want it, then it makes sense 12

to go ahead and suffer under the needle. For other people, their ink is a spur-of-the-moment decision, which does not make much sense considering they will have to look at it for life. Some tattoos are even chosen because they are trendy and only popular during that decade or time. The main problem is, why would you get a random mark on your body forever if it carries no significance. The least a tattoo can do is act as a symbol and carry deeper meaning. A tattoo should come with a heartfelt story and be unique. Just think before you get inked, do I really want this forever? Not only are tattoos risky for future employment opportunities and last forever, they are super costly and can really put a dent in your wallet. Depending on the tattoo artist and location of where

you get your tattoo the cost could be as little as $50 and could be as much as $600 dollars. With all the color and filling that you will get the total of a well done larger tattoo is too expensive. So say later on down the road you decide that you want to get rid of a tattoo done in your eagerness of getting one, how much will that be then? Well on average, a tattoo removal cost takes several sessions to complete and with each session is could be up to $500. The effects of removing a tattoo could leave you with permanent scars and bruises and it doesn’t guarantee that the tattoo will completely come off because tattoo ink is meant to be permanent. Just think, is the money worth the pain?

Keep your on” i t c e f f A f o y a “Public Displ ... Personal.

Opinion column Written By: Jessica Schell

We all see it. The “cutesy”, “lovey-dovey” couples who make their way down the school hallways holding hands and pecking cheeks. To some this personal display of affection might be seen as sweet, or admirable. But to those of us who are single, or just aren’t into that type of thing, we find your PDA to be quite disgusting. Like really. Your little “sneak-away” makeout session isn’t really that “snuck-away”. It’s a school. It was designed to avoid the little hidden crevices for a reason. But because of this design choice, we all see you. And GAG ALERT, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I could’ve happily carried on my life without watching your little “endearing embrace”. Oh, and for those couples who think it is socially acceptable to stop and hug one another in the middle of a large, people-filled hallway... you are sadly mistaken. You’re taking up valuable space, and making it awkward for all those whom must go around the pair of you. Please. Contain your “overwhelming love” for one another, and take your hugging elsewhere. And speaking of taking things elsewhere, your pictures and/or statuses pertaining to your “undying love” really shouldn’t be a thing. Period. They serve no purpose, other than to fill up my feed with awkward selfies and even more awkward captions. Honestly, I’ve learned to just stay off instagram on Wednesday nights to avoid the overflow of “Woman Crush Wednesday” postings. I know I speak for everyone when I say, no one cares. Your relationship is between you two, and only you two. Keep your love to yourselves, and I promise, everyone will thank you.

The best way to get a new pet is to adopt, and that’s what my family did. My family got our cats Binx and Willow on May 4, 2013. We hadn’t started the day with the intention of getting kittens, but when we saw them at a pet store we randomly visited we couldn’t pass them up. Binx is all black, and Willow is calico. I got Binx’s name from the movie Hocus Pocus, and Willows name we just thought was cute. At first we were only going to get Binx, but they were the only two left and we decided we couldn’t leave one alone or separate them. Now that we’ve had them for a while we’re really happy that we got both of them. They play together, and are super sweet. A few weird things they do though are that they both play fetch. Binx plays fetch with actual sticks, and Willow fetches only with Nerf darts. Another odd thing Willow does is when she goes outside, occasionally she somehow gets on the roof of our house and walks around meowing. But once she’s up there she can’t get down on her own, so to get her someone has to stand on a chair and grab her. We don’t actually know how she gets up there, but she does. In the mornings they will sometimes meow at our doors until we open them, and once we let them in all they do it walk around rubbing up against things, meowing and being super cute. Willow specifically likes to sleep on the shelves in my closet, and will cry to get in there daily. Binx on the other hand likes to sleep right by people’s faces, and will sometimes lick your face if he thinks you’re not paying enough attention to him. Overall they are some of the sweetest and best cats I have ever had. If your family is looking for a new cat or pet, check your local shelters.

Binx and Willow Life at Home With Two Cats.

Opinion column Written by: Addison Caraway


Student Reviews Written by: Kolton Kopp Recently my family and I went out to eat at the local Jose peppers in Liberty. This restaurant has a casual feel that makes the customer feel at ease. After several times of eating there, I have concluded that all of their food is very good. It is obvious that the chefs their take pride in their work. Taste and presentation is a top priority for the chefs at this establishment. The service is great, the workers are like well oiled machines. With a large staff they never get short handed and are always on top of things. Lets just say my drink stayed full and the check was ready before I was finished eating. This family friendly restaurant is a place I would recommend to all who are looking for a great meal. The bar brings a whole other vibe to the restaurant, not only is it a eating place but a social oasis. The only downside is that it is often packed because it is a very popular place. But if you don’t mind a short wait, then you will have a hard time finding a negative thing to say about this place. I personally know the artist that helped decorate the restaurant and I have to say he did a great job. The bright colors and bring warm feelings to the customer while also providing some scenery while eating. This is a place that would be could to bring your family for that night out. Equip with meals for the whole family to enjoy and great service this is a place I can see myself counting to spend my money at for a long time.

Written by: Tarryn O’Dell I am not usually a fan of polishing my nails by myself, but I can tell you that china Glaze nail polish is amazing. China Glaze polish is so smooth and easy to polish with. It is never sticky or clumpy like some leading brands. I love how shiny and glossy my nails look when they are dry. They also dry fast and easy. China Glaze has so many cute cool colors like blue, pink, yellow, or white and those are just the basic colors. They also have many more unique colors for whatever mood you are in. It is a breeze to match your nails to your outfits because China Glaze looks good with everything in your closet. It is a tough polish and does not chip or peel off. And when you’re ready to take it off, any nail polish remover works wonders because China Glaze comes off super easy. It will not stain your nails or skin. Then you can just apply the next color you want!


Written by: Ashlyn Liska Restaurant Review The best parts of Olive Garden and its authentic Italian cuisine Olive Garden is one place that I love to go, it is full of flavor and I do love some Italian food once in a while. Pasta, bread, salad are one of the things Olive Garden serves. It is my favorite place because their food is so good; there are different selections than just pasta, like pizza, or chicken. My favorite dish there is five cheese ziti al forno, it is full of flavor, rich in taste and it looks as good as it tastes. Their bread is a little on the salty side, but their service is great. Their salad and bread is served to you when you sit down, also the desserts are so yummy, my favorite is the Lemon Cream Cake. It is so delicious, the way the filling soothed my tongue with flavor and the crust melts on my tongue. Even though Olive Garden is my favorite place to go in eat, there are a few things that bug me. The noise there is one; everywhere you turn is noise, it is hard to even hear yourself talk. Another thing is that Olive Garden was a place to dress up, now people dress down in sweats and it is kind of unwelcoming. I am not saying there should be a dress code or anything, I just believe people should actually take the time and dress up for a place like that. Overall, I would give Olive Garden an 8 out of 10, it is still my favorite place to go and eat. I just have those little pet peeves that bother me when I go there. I would recommend anyone who wants to try something new to eat or just craving Italian food or even desserts.

Movie Review

The best parts and worst parts of World War Z.

Written By: Rachel McCluer

A fanatic tail of the modern day zombie is portrayed in the new World War Z. This film has an unexpected perspective of what it would be like to really have a zombie outbreak. Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt) is an ex-investigator for the United Nations, when a mysterious viral outbreak starts in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gerry immediately starts to get his family safety out of the city to a ship co-ran by Gerry’s exboss. Wail on board he meets a student from Harvard who is volunteering to send himself to what they think is the source of the outbreak. In order to keep his family safely on board, Gerry is forced to aid the young Harvard student in his travels. During their journey the young student accidentally shoots himself and Gerry is forced to pursue the only lead they have. The filmmakers did a great job at developing the characteristics of the zombie. Showing that zombies are attracted to sound, stay in a dormant state until they receive stimuli, and how it is a pathogen virus needing a HEALTHY live host to spread its deadly virus, helps develop the zombie theory very well. There were some small setbacks of the move such as the week beginning. Un-like most hit movie, World War Z starts off as the initial outbreak happens. This leaves the movie to an Indiana Jones, investigation-feeling movie. More week parts of the movie are things like the infection process. World War Z’s infection process is that of when you get bit is when it transforms you. Yet, when Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) gets blood from one of the zombies in his mouth his not transformed into a zombie. Traditional zombie movies state how infects your blood. If it is not a blood-to-blood infection, is it the saliva that infects you? Who knows? Besides the small infractions the movie was more than enjoyable with its heart racing, zombie scenes, that is perfect for any date night.


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