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Volume 4 Issue 2 September, 2013

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of food Pg. 5-6

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What’s the word on Selfies? Pg. 20 North or Kearney? Pick a side Pg. 30-31



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Table of Contents

Lifestyle {04} EAT THIS WHEN...

Working out? Staying awake? Going to bed? Here’s your fix.

{06} PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HAIR Straight, wavy, curly, dyed: see what other students recommend for haircare.

Student Life {08} ROCKIN’ THE TATTS North students show off their awesome ink.

{10} SIBLING RIVALRY AT NORTH Siblings face off in the most epic round-table discussion of the century.





Insidious 2, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Vines.


Read about the good, the bad and the Wanelo.

{ev} September 2013

North teens share how they juggle school, sports and work in life’s great balancing act.

Table of Contents



of Contents September 2013 Opinion

{20} LIKE IT, LOVE IT, HATE IT #selfiesareok #selfielove #ihateselfies


Three times the columns, three times the charm.


What motivates North athletes? Read about it here.


Every sport has rivals, and here among our teams, we share a common one.

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Our mission for the 20132014 school year is to create a quality magazine that informs our readers as well as provide a professional journalism experience for all members involved. The Eagle’s View is a public forum of student expression.



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September 2013


s e c i o Ch

04 Lifestyle


y h t l a He for a Healthy Story by: Baileigh Arant and Savannah Failer

What healthy food choices to make for every time of the day.

Pre/Post Workout Pre:


Dos 1. Greek yogurt is full of protein, low fat, and fiber to

Dos 1. Chocolate milk has double the carbohydrates and protein

help fuel the workout.

content which helps replenish tired muscles after a long vigorous workout.


Protein shakes help energize muscles, but make sure it has a good amount of healthy carbs too.

Don’ts 1. Fruit juices or drinks with high amounts of sugar

can cause stomach aches or diarrhea, which would not be beneficial during a workout.


French fries and other high fatty foods can slow down the body and possibly cause bloating. Fat is turned into energy at a much slower pace than carbs, causing the body to feel sluggish during the workout.


“Before I workout, I usually eat complex carbohydrates like pasta and noodles and stuff like that, so that during my workout, I have enough energy to get through it.”

Freshman Gage Thompson

2. Fruit Smoothies contain protein from yogurt which helps fill

the body up, while natural sugars from fruit provide necessary carbs for refueling. Make sure it is natural sugar not processed, and that it does not contain excessive amounts

Don’ts 1. Processed, sugar-packed foods such as donuts are cookies

slow down metabolism, and energy built up from exercising is reversed. Basically, the workout becomes less beneficial to the body.


Food containing high amounts of salt such as chips and butter lessen levels of potassium which is an electrolyte needed to prevent muscle cramping.


“After I workout, I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because they are relatively healthy and the peanut butter provides protein to rebuild muscle.”

Senior Bradley Hagen

{ev} September 2013


Before Bed Time Dos 1. Cherries

contain melatonin which can help with sleeping and don’t need it control the body’s internal clock.


Bananas have the natural muscle relaxants potassium and magnesium, which relaxes muscles and can help people sleep.


Turkey contains tryptophan, which is an essential nutrient to bodies, it can help people fall asleep easier.

Before Class


Dos 1. Such a simple thing like water can help keep people hydrated and alert in class.

2. Citrus fruits such as oranges are full of Vitamin C. Even the scent alone can help people be more alert.


Eggs are good because they are rich in choline. An egg can boost metabolism and help provide energy.

Don’ts 1. Any caffeinated drinks, especially coffee, are bad because

Don’ts 1. Foods with high fructose corn syrup, such as soda, contain

they contain caffeine and can keep people up all night.

no essential nutrients and are addictive.



Chicken or any type of protein is bad because digesting protein while sleeping is slow. Instead of focusing on sleeping, bodies focus more on digesting.


Spicy foods, just the same as protein, can disrupt sleep because of slow digestion.


“I’ve heard that before bed you are not supposed to eat bread because it has so many calories that you can’t burn off and it makes digesting harder.”

Junior Krystal Stotts


“I heard that you don’t want to eat any greasy foods or a lot of liquids before bed because they can disrupt sleep.”

Freshman Paige Woodbury

Greasy fast food also contain almost no essential nutrients and can make bodies feel more tired and less focused.


Highly processed foods such as Pop-Tarts or donuts contain low nutrients and artificial chemicals which do not help bodies stay alert and ready to work.


“I eat a lot of protein and breakfast bars because they are healthy and give me energy. I usually eat bars like NutriGrain in the morning before I go to school.”


Junior Jacob Ewing

“To help me stay awake in school I drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables. I make sure I eat cereal and at least one fruit for breakfast.”

Sophomore Katie Fuller

September 2013


Luscious Locks 6 Lifestyle

{Y}ou have heard it before: “I wish I had curly hair” or “I wish I had straight hair.” Fortunately, there are products to treat any hair type. A highly rated drugstore brand for straight hair is the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner duo. “It smells good and makes my hair smooth and shiny; they work well together,” sophomore Dasia Caraballo said. “Sometimes I straighten it whenever there are bumps or after I blow dry it. The Chi Iron Guard protects your hair while straightening it.” Caring for dyed hair is extremely important because the chemicals from the dye can easily dry out any hair type. “I don’t buy name brand names. I use Suave Professionals because it’s available to everyone,” sophomore MacKenzie Davis said. Another very important step in caring for dyed hair is conditioning. “I use lots of deep conditioners; all of them are deep conditioners. I have an Ion Professionals, Suave, and Tresemme Platinum. It keeps hair from falling out,” Davis said. People who have curly hair often have troubles dealing with frizzy hair. “I have to use stuff that is anti-frizz, otherwise it gets really frizzy,” junior Hannah Engleman said. “I recommend Anti-Frizz. I would die without it. When I dive, it dries out; I’m a diver,” Engelmann said. Many African-American girls may find that in order to have soft, silky hair, they have to use lots of conditioning treatments. “I wash it twice with Motions. I use a deep conditioner and a leave-in conditioner,” senior Kaila Stigler said. “Don’t put heat in your hair at all; maybe once a week, but it’s better to air dry.” Caring for wavy hair can be pretty similar to caring for curly hair, but wavy hair does not always need as many products to keep it under control. “I get out of the shower and I scrunch it with a towel, twist it like a turban, then I take it out after fifteen minutes, put lotion by L’oreal in it, then put mousse in it,” sophomore Anna Hink said.


Freshm an

Whitne y Wilso n

How to treat hair of all types.

{ev} September 2013

Written by Kala Hughes Photo by Olivia Brown

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Club Spotlight Triva and Treats


Written and Photos by: Keara O’Brien veryone has a niche, or academic recognition. something they do well. “Students can letter just like Some people excel in mathematics, a sporting event. We are 3 year some people love art and other conference champs and have won people are experts in history. But for every year since Liberty North Scholar Bowl kids they have to be opened. These last two years we experts in all these areas. have come in second at district “It is based on speed and accuracy tournaments,” Scholar Bowl coach When you are sitting there at a Mary Coogan said. competition and the questions are The Scholar Bowl covers many being read you have a few seconds different subjects that anyone could to buzz in to answer that question,” be interested in. Scholar Bowl coach Rosemary “Students have to answer Camp said. questions in all of the subject areas. The Liberty North Scholar Bowl Some of these subjects include sports, is a buzzer style jeopardy type event leisure, general, trivia, fine arts, that anyone can join. visual arts, science, math, languages, “This is not the kind of program communication arts and history,” where we make cuts or tryouts. If a Coogan said. student wants to be here, then we To get the word out the Scholar want them here. We want a place Bowl will be hosting a Trivia and where a student can feel connected to Treat night. Anyone can come to school and actively involved and we this event, even adults. During the really want to grow this particular Trivia and Trivia there will be program,” Camp said. treats available to purchase through Scholar Bowl is a great FCCLA. There will be prizes opportunity to expand social barriers associated with local merchants for and finally have a way to get the winning teams.


October 14 6:30 LNHS LMC


Teams of 4-6 players 100 Trivia Questions Prizes for winning team


$10 adults, $5 students w/ID


To reserve a table, contact LNHS Scholar Bowl at mcoogan@ 816-736-5533


Treats available for purchase from FCCLA


“We are three year conference champs and have won every year since Liberty North opened.”


{ ve } September 2013

p e e

8 Student Life

D n i k S tten Wri

rne l Wa chel



y: A

sb hoto

nia Kuz





eG rolin


by: M

Students discuss the meaning behind their tattoos

Micha Little Senior

{T}he tattoo on my back is from Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the

Dragon Tattoo.” In the books, the government of Sweden disregards the rights of one individual to make way for their own priorities, which I believe to be the worst crime a government can commit. My tattoo is there to commemorate those that have been cast aside by cruel government bodies,” Little said.

Sam Wratchford Junior

{I}t says life is beautiful in Italian; my grandpa said it all the time and

it resembles him. I got the birds just for fun. Once you get one tattoo, it makes you want to get another one,” Wratchford said.

{I}t is for my grandma who passed away from breast cancer. It has

‘gram gram’ on it, which is what I called her. I would get another one, I would get lyrics of a song that my dad would sing to me when I was little. The artist is a family friend and was happy with what he did and I liked it too,” Wolf said.

Aaron Dickey Senior


got it in Florida as a way to thank my mom for everything she has ever done for me,” Dickey said.

{ev} September 2013

Payton Wolf Senior

Total Bliss Massage Spa


20% off for any North student with I.D.


Mike Arant

Jeff Cessna

124 S. Forrest Ave. Liberty, MO 64068

Loan Officer

E-mail: t: 816.445.7770

c: 816.506.8383

f: 816.455.1232

851 NW 45TH ST. SUITE #206 KANSAS CITY, MO 64116

15% off candy bar drinks!

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10 Student Life Quentan Sanderford Sophomore

Ian Sanderford Senior

Written by: Olivia Prather

What is it like playing the same sport?

Ian: Well, I take basketball as seriously as I can, and a lot of the time I feel like Quentan doesn’t always take it seriously, which leads to fights. I hold him to a very high standard just like my brother and sister held me to a high standard.

What is it like being in high school together?

Ian: Although he’s probably the least appreciative kid ever when it comes to rides. When I tell him to meet me somewhere after school, I’ll be like ‘hurry up I have to be somewhere’ and 30 minutes later he’ll be strolling around staring at the walls. Quentan: Well, we’re definitely out of there before traffic hits. Ian: Nope, we hit traffic every day.

Do you compete in sports and at home?

Ian: We’re not close to the same level in sports, and it’s obvious that our parents still love him more than me. So there’s not really much competition going around.

Do you get compared to each other?

Ian: Everyone says we all look a lot a like. Quentan: Which isn’t true because I’m way better looking! Ian: Really? Because I feel like girls like a little taller, muscular, got a little bit of a tan going... Quentan: Dude you’re ugly. Ian: Are you kidding me?

Are you guys close?

Ian: Honestly we’re probably the closest out of all us. But all of us hate each other... It’s a love/hate relationship. We look after and take care of each other. We just push each other to do more, which sometimes that leads to fights.

Sibling The

Grizzle’s What is it like in your house?

Montana: No one’s ever really home. Trey has football. I have work. Dakota is usually with his friends. Trey: I come home and sleep.

Do you fight a lot?

Trey: I don’t see them enough to fight with them. Dakota: We’re pretty separate. Montana: Trey thinks he’s all that. Dakota and his girlfriend are attached at the hip. Trey: Dakota’s whipped.

Do your personalities clash?

Montana: Oh my gosh yeah! They are basically girls, they come in my room all the time asking me if their outfits look okay, which socks they should wear and if their hair looks okay. Man, they’re a hassle. Trey: I get stuck doing everything around the house.

Dakota, How do you like being the middle child?

Dakota: I guess I’ve learned a lot from my older siblings about what not to do and what to do. They’ve set a pretty good example. Montana: Dakota’s always kind of been like Trey’s mentor, since he’s the oldest boy in the family.

Trey Grizzle Freshman

Montana Grizzle Senior

Ian, do you feel pressured to set a good example for Quentan? Ian: Yeah and to show him what hard work and respecting your elders can get you. I’m going to let him live his life, though, I’m not going to control him or micromanage him like my older brother did to me.


Sanderford’s {} e


September 2013

Dakota Grizzle Junior

Rivalr y

Student Life

Photos by: Ariel Kuznia




Kailee Kyle Knudsen Knudsen Sophomore Senior How do your differences affect your relationship?

Kailee: He’s smarter, I’m more athletic. Kyle: Works well, because we kind of just avoid each other. We don’t have to compete for anything because we both do different stuff.

Do you get tired of taking your sister everywhere?

Kyle: Yes, because she’ll text me five minutes before she needs to go somewhere and I’ll be busy doing something and I’ll have to drop whatever I’m doing to take her places.

Have you become closer through this past year?

Kyle: Our whole family gets along, because it usually works better when we do. It’s less stress when we all get a long and cooperate. Kailee: We kind of all have to get along. We spend more time together now too.

Do you feel pressured to set a good example?

Kyle: Yes, but not a whole lot. I’m sure they’ll turn out fine.

Do you worry about your sister?

Kyle: Not so much at school, but with everything that’s gone on with my dad there were times where I was worried about her.

What is it like playing the same sport?

Sal: It’s fun. Paul: It’s pretty interesting. Not many people get the chance to do that. Most are either to young or too old to do that.

Do you compete a lot?

Paul: We kind of play different positions, but we do as much as we can.

Do you fight a lot?

Paul: Not as much, now that we’re older. Sal: We fight about stupid stuff.

What is it like in your house?

Sal: Pretty competitive. Paul: Lots of testosterone! Anthony: We got four people going four different ways pretty much the whole time.

Do you look up to your older siblings?

Anthony: They’re good at sports, so I like to be good at sports. It’s kind of like a family thing.

Do you feel obligated to set a good example for your siblings? Paul: Yes, I feel like I have to make sure that what I do is what I would want them to do.

Do you worry about your younger siblings?

Paul: A little bit, but I think they can take care of themselves for the most part.

Anthony Silvio Freshman

Sal Silvio Junior

Is there competition for anything between you two?

Kyle: Yeah, food. Kailee: Definitely food. Kyle: And number of trophies... they pretty much just hand them out at softball.



Paul Silvio Senior September 2013


12 A&E

A&E Reviews

An Insidious Sequel Review by Keara O’Brien | Photo courtesy of Blumhouse Productions

{A}fter seeing the first Insidious my

screaming and enough times to make me jump out of my seat so high that I spilled expectations for Insidious: Chapter Two over half my popcorn onto the floor were high. The Insidious movie was one of throughout the duration of the movie. the scariest movies I have seen without all I really loved the fact that the movie left the blood, guts, and death traps. It was just off right from where Insidious: Chapter about an old house and things that go bump One ended. That is a rare occurrence in the in the night. The Insidious movies follow horror film genre. the classic storyline of a haunted house such Some of the actions such as the classical as Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror. baby toys that mysteriously move and go off The director, James Wan himself, set high in the middle of the night, the piano playing expectations for the Insidious sequel. Wan itself, not to mention it only plays the has directed many great horror films such as wife’s song she wrote for the husband, and The Conjuring and Saw. the face of the ghostly woman that is seen The Insidious: Chapter Two overall was through the bathroom mirror are all very not a disappointment. It gave plenty of familiar in a horror movie and seemed a bit chances to let my throat go hoarse from

overplayed. Insidious: Chapter Two redeemed itself through the story plot because, despite the many surprises throughout the movie that would lead viewers to think otherwise, it ended up seemingly happy for the family. The special effects such as the way Wan deciphered the time travel theory through dreaming and the feeling of someone always watching the characters radiating throughout the movie gave me the chills. From the way Wan ended the movie I am counting on an Insidious: Chapter Three and have already made plans to see the upcoming horror movie.

Staff’s Favorite Vines: e

{v} September 2013

Jack and Jack: Nerd style vandalism

Frank McDonald: How to mess with someone driving

Comedian Chris: Father of the Year


Book vs. Series


Review by Danielle Camerlinck | Photo courtesy of HBO

{W}ith the TV show

skyrocketing, and the books flying off the shelf because of it, there is some tricky business between the two concerning the fans. The book was written by George R.R. Martin, the series was directed and created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, specifically for HBO. The series is based adapted on the first book, obviously called Game of Thrones, The Song of Ice and Fire. In basic terms, both the book and the TV show are about eight noble families that are fighting for the mythical land of Westeros. For the people who haven’t read it, each book has a way of tying together but still having its own unique and complex plotline that the reader will never guess what occurs in each chapter-especially at the end of each book. The book and the show being

almost completely different the two compliment each other quite well with the fans of the show, the book or both. The Game of Thrones TV show is a must see for its complex storyline and the way David Benioff and B.D. Weiss take from the book to make their own version of the story in a way to show the simple details in a bigger more meaningful way. The Game of Thrones book is a must read for the true story that Martin has intended to create; which is a fantasy, almost thriller like writing style that captures the reader in the story and inner lives of each character in the journey they take in trying to fight for Westeros. If you want my opinion, the book shows more detail along with the direct storyline. While the show stretches each book way out of bounds, thankfully it keeps to the plotline.

The Walking Dead Review and Photo By: Ariel Kuznia

As the seasons of “The Walking Dead” grow more popular, my interest grows along with it. The plot twists and turns through every episode and my mind crawls into a state of apocalyptic fantasy. Following every character and putting myself into their place, I can see how I would view the situations that were to come. One person I follow more than all of them is Daryl Dixon. He goes through more than any of them, from the loss of his brother in the first season to trying to find the little girl who isn’t even his in the second and so on. I mull over the options each and every character has to choose from and then see how their actions in the episode play out. Even though some of the director’s choices in makeup and acting are off at times, the overall theme of the TV series is well played. The sense of normalcy in the zombie-loving world is blown out of the water by this futuristic TV show. Any and all zombie movies have to step it up a notch to compete with the level of excitement “The Walking Dead” has achieved. The fun can continue as the new season approaches with more guessing games to unfold for the audience to enjoy. With hunks and hotties, mysteries and tricks, there is something for everyone to look forward too.

September 2013


14 A&E

A girl’s best friend and secret weapon when it comes to shopping for all the “essentials” in life. Review by: Keara O’Brien

{W}anelo’s mission is in the name. Want, Need, Love:

Many teenagers have a thing or two they personally think will improve the app. three things that make the app relatable to most mainstream “Its not really a favorite app of mine because it doesn’t keep teenagers. Wanelo is an online shopping app and website me entertained and I wish it was more organized,” junior that has all the latest trends in one convenient Haleigh Peek said. place. It is a diamond in the rough with future Wanelo is not just all the latest “I like that the app potential. trending clothes. It includes Wanelo has a variety “If I could pick one way to improve approximately 6 million items total. of things from clothes, the app Wanelo, I would make a dislike “I like that the app Wanelo has button to get rid of the products I’m not electronics, furniture, a variety of things, from clothes, really fond of,” sophomore Julie Falleri jewelry and phone electronics, furniture, jewelry and said. phone cases,” senior Sydnee Arnold cases.” Wanelo allows its user to choose and said. save items they like under different collections Wanelo has a long way to go, but with which they can name and that will stay on their profile for the help of loyal users with realistic feedback, the app should easy access. be on top soon. “I use the app Wanelo to make birthday and Christmas lists “If I could change one thing about Wanelo I would make and to get inspiration for friend’s gifts,” sophomore Kaylee everything free,” freshman Breanna McCormick said. Muchow said.


{ev} September 2013


A&E 15

A Month in {Review} The 2013-2014 school year is now in full swing. Freshman/sophomore orientation, Eagle Flight Night, the Flintlock Flyover ribbon cutting, , LINK training and laptop deployment have filled Liberty North with excitement over the last few weeks.

September 2013


16 InDepth

Balancing the

Scale Written by: Haley Hellner and Douglas Martin

e f i L l a i Soc

{ev} September 2013

Photos by: Caroline Gomez

Work Most high school students often have a lot on their plates, and the combination of school and work can stress students out.

l o o h c S

Top 5 Tips


Put it on paper: Clear your mind by writing everything down and keeping a schedule of everything going on

Take action and get things done. Set a deadline and reward yourself if you need motivation


Decide what needs to be done sooner rather than later, and put everything in order

Get some Zzz’s: Pulling an all-nighter will only leave you unable to think straight, so take a break and get some sleep

Give yourself a break: Forcing yourself to complete a dozen activities in a row will only fog your mind, so give yourself ten minute breaks every hour to grab a snack or chat with a friend


2013 Graduate Savanna Morrison

from the ‘13 Graduates “To balance everything out, you have to figure out your priorities first. There’s no way you can put the same amount of effort into everything you do, so if that means you only hang out with friends on the weekend then that’s what you do. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed or stressed, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”


2013 Graduate David Roelofsz

Information gathered from

Just do it:


“Time management and work overload are two entirely different things. Being involved in two things outside of school in college is considered good and keeps you on your toes. For others, those two things may be a sport and some other school event, but whatever they are, it’s important to remember priorities and manage them.” ee


September 2013 11 {

18 InDepth

Spencer Mapel



Athlete & Referee {B}

alancing school with extra-curricular activities can be a trial. For Ali Gates, every day is spent juggling time between school, volleyball, and work. “I play varsity volleyball for my high school and play on the club team. I am an outside for both, which means it is my job to end the play. I also ref kid’s volleyball in the area almost every weekend because I need a way to make money that works within my schedule, ” sophomore Ali Gates said. Outside of school, Ali plays for Club North, a competitive travel team in Kansas City. “When I am not playing for school, I spend almost every month of the year practicing and competing for nationals. We practice three times a week. Sometimes we form scrimmages against other teams to get more practice,” Gates said. Being busy can interfere with finding time to get homework done. It can be a test to accomplish it all. “At first it was really hard not having time to get everything done, but I have learned to balance out my time. Any chance I get I work on homework so I can get it done as soon as possible and have the weekend to work or do whatever I want,” Gates said.


esponsibility is a key factor in growing up; for most high school students responsibility means getting a part time job and worrying about college. For Spencer Mapel, responsibility means owning his own business as well. “I am the owner of my own mowing business. I do mowing, snow removal, and landscape,” senior Spencer Mapel said. Owning a business is a challenge for anyone, especially a high school student. Finding time for homework while balancing a work schedule can be difficult. “How much time I spend working depends on how busy I am. Because I am my own boss, I can stop whenever I need to and divide my work up between the days. If I have more homework one day, I can work less and pick back up the next day,” Mapel said. Stress levels are heightened because of school as it is. Working can definitely raise those levels to new heights. “Sometimes owning my own business is a lot of pressure, but I like it a lot better than working for somebody else. Working for someone else can be restricting. I can set my own hours and schedule this way,” Mapel said.

Business Owner e

{v} September 2013

Volleyball School

Ali Gates

Brian Sharp





Athlete & Worker {N}

ew to the high school experience, freshman Bailey Tobin already faces the challenge of being a good student, maintaining a job, and being on the cheer squad. “I have a part time job at Big Willie’s in Gladstone. I cheer, am on the Varsity squad, the competition team and I tumble outside of school as well,” freshman Bailey Tobin said. Dealing with so many out of school activities can affect one’s night and take up much time. “I probably spend about three to four hours a night on cheer and work. This keeps me very busy and can be a lot to handle, but I like it,” Tobin said. Almost everyone struggles with getting all of his or her work finished. It is even more difficult when having a job and being involved in a sport every night. “Getting homework done is hard, but I take it piece by piece and get it done. This is important to me because it comes before cheer and work. I enjoy cheering more than working but I still balance them both with school,” said Tobin.

{B}eing involved with sports all throughout the year

can be very stressful. Balancing football, basketball, and baseball with school can be a challenge. “Being in school is the most important to me, but sports are kind of added along with it. It is hard sometimes, but I know it is best for me. I enjoy playing football, basketball, and baseball, and I enjoy coming to school,” junior Brian Sharp said. With many commitments tearing him in different directions for his time, Sharp explains how he is able to deal with academics and sports and get everything done. “Sometimes it is definitely hard to get homework done when I have practice, but usually the coaches will understand, and they will get you home in time to do your homework. They know that school comes before athletics,” Sharp said. With having a packed schedule all the time, it is easy to get overwhelmed. “I like being busy. If I were not playing all these sports I would be sitting around doing nothing and I would get lazy, which I don’t want. Playing sports gives me something that I enjoy doing outside of school,” said Sharp.

3-Sport Athlete



BaileyTobin{v} September 2013


20 Opinion

the art of selfies

{H}ating selfies is a passion of mine; do not hate me too much. Taking

a picture of yourself looking like an idiot is fine with me, but dude, I do not want to see on Facebook or on your phone gallery that 9/10 pictures are selfies. I do not want to see bare chest or your duck face. Selfies should go away. I just want to see pictures of you and your buds having fun and looking into the camera with a smile or ‘in the moment’ pictures. Another thing about selfies, lets say it is a caption that says “new shoes,” but the picture is of you and not your shoes. Does that not seem a little odd? On Facebook, some people take selfies or show their stomach with the caption saying, “I’m fat,” or “I’m not hot for girls/guys” and then all these comments come up saying they are not. I just keep thinking, “ Why are you saying that you’re fat and unattractive? I can’t even be comfortable doing that.” All of those people who do that sort of thing are annoying if they do it constantly. Others see you everyday, and you can see yourself in a mirror. You do not need to post a picture of yourself to see what you look like.

Written by: Cailey Hagen

like it {A}s a whole, seflies are okay to me. They

are not my favorite, but they definitely are not the worst thing ever. Of course, there are a few downsides- unrestrained hashtags, dumb facial expressions, and excessive editing. these small negatives are not a exactly a deal-breaker. One of the many things I like about selfies is that you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of asking a friend or family member to take a picture of you. Also without having someone else in charge of the camera, you can take as many as you want without anyone getting irritated. However, you might be judged a little bit if you post the same selfie repeatedly. As long as you contain your hashtags, duckfaces, and editing, then keep calm and selfie on.

{ev} September 2013

Written by: Danielle Camerlinck

hate it

Written by: Emily Hunt

love it {S}elfies are literally everywhere. I even post

a couple every week. When Facebook was “in” a lot of girls posted these individual pictures of themselves, before the term “selfies” was coined. As Twitter and Instagram came around, those became the main sources of selfies now. I love when I scroll through Instagram looking at all the pictures from that previous night and I see a partying selfie. Girls like to post selfies based on days; I usually post a selfie Saturday or Sunday, but some girls like selfies everyday. I think selfies are a great way to show your personality and what mood you are in. I like to post selfies to say something about that picture, like a quote or just what I’m doing. So what if somebody posts 3 selfies a day? They like the attention they get, and how good it makes them feel. Basically, all I’m saying is, selfies are a way of life.


The Value of a Toothbrush Written by: Cortney Snyder | Photo by: Ariel Kuznia


{Y}ou’re on a first date; The first thing

you notice is that he/she is wearing something flattering, the second is the kind of food they order, and the last being the butterflies you get when they lean

in and whisper the “lets get out of here” code. All your senses are heightened due to the ambush of emotions, and they are almost strong enough to have you consider overlooking one little detail, their breath . Let’s be honest, from the moment you heard that intriguing sentence leave their lips, you wanted them to zip it and lock it. Needless to say, bad breath is a huge turn off. Which makes you ask yourself, has no one ever told them their breath reeks of last week’s cottage cheese? Surely the brownish yellowing would have been a clear physical sign. Instead though, they ignore it and make us physiologically scar them with a rejection to a goodnight kiss. We have all been in a similar situation, whether it is that kid next to us in class, that guy that has no sense of personal space in the office, or that friend that feels like nail polish is more important than toothpaste. Fact is, we over look and underuse our toothbrushes. But patience is a virtue, reply to their (possibly) innocent potent smell by politely holding your breath when you speak. Remember, if you insult or argue with them, you’re only making the conversation longer; thus impaling your nose hairs. Maybe not all of this is true; maybe that dog-breathed pre-teen next door really does brush his teeth. He just does not do it long enough or does not change or clean his toothbrush. (To read more visit http://www.

{T}oday, I feel an imperative need to address a very prevalent issue in today’s

society: Miley Cyrus. Oh yes, the former-Disney-soul-slave-turned-sex-slave (to her own ambitions). But I digress. I’m doing exactly what she and the rest of the media want me to do. In fact, we all are. We are talking about her. Watching her. Buying into it. Or not buying into it. We have all fallen under the Miley Cyrus curse. And though it pains me to bring it up, as is her ultimate goal, today I am here to shed a little light on this sketchy subject. Here seems to be the general consensus: Miley Cyrus has lost her mind. Though I agree, I am not here to rant about her insanity. Nor am I here to plead for her sanity. I am here to bring to your attention one very obvious fact: money. Everything—all of it, her whole dealio—is all about the money. In order to stay relevant, she had to do one of two things: stay a goody-goody Disney slave for the rest of her life, or go certifiably nuts. It’s the Britney Spears scenario all over again. And it’s worked, hasn’t it? Miley has certainly stayed relevant. She has certainly carved out a new face for herself. Armed with her limited arsenal of talent, she has given us something to remember her by. So I won’t feel sorry for her. I won’t be mad at her. Because whether she decides to drop off the face of the earth and then come back rehabilitated, strumming sad melodies on an acoustic guitar, saying she’s found Jesus, or continue to scare us with her music videos, at least she’s living the dream.

The Miley Cyrus Curse

Written by: Becca Saffier| Photo by: Ariel Kuznia e

{v } September 2013

22 Opinion

Senior Year Surpise

Written by: Madi Saunders | Photo by: Cortney Snyder

{I}t’s my senior year. Senior year, the time to enjoy spending time with

friends, and slack off. I have worked my butt off, taking every advanced course I could my high school career. When I found out that I only needed a .5 PE credit and another semester of Fine Arts, I requested all my core classes, and those two requirements. I still had a lot of holes in my schedule, so I decided to fill them with study halls, and creative writing. I thought creative writing was just going to be a nice relaxer for me, but it has allowed me to explore my creative style, and I absolutely love it. We wrote our first memoir, and I believe it is my best piece of writing yet. “The heat was rising, sweat dripped down my dad’s brow. Sweat pooled on the small of my back. My goal of the day: learn how to ride a bike. My dad pushed me down the sidewalk, while I peddled my new pink princess bike I had gotten six months ago for my birthday. The flowered spindles were turning as I sped up; I yelled at my dad to let go of the back of the seat. As he let go I went about a foot, and crashed hard onto the sidewalk. The rough cement cement scrapped my knee leaving a strawberry red circle. ‘Are you okay?’ My dad asked as he ran up beside me. ‘I am fine!’ I yelled back as I picked myself off and brushed off the dirt. So we tried it again. Time after time I would tell my dad to let go, but over and over again I fell off, leaving my skin bruised and sore. I threw down my bike with a sullen look on my face. ‘Let’s give it one last go,’ my dad said to me. (To read more visit http://www.

Got Health?

{ev} September 2013

Comic drawn by: Danielle Camerlinck


the school district block Q: Should websites when you are at home?


Staff Editorial

{I}magine going home from school, turning on your laptop, and attempting to log on to Facebook, but only getting the

horrible blue message that it’s blocked. This does not involve much imagination, because this is the harsh reality of the new computers. As the Eagle’s View Staff, we agree that the MacBooks should not have websites blocked at home. Although we do agree that while we are on school networks, websites such as Facebook and Pinetrest should be blocked; we should be able to access any and every website to further extend the use of our new technology at home. We agree with how certain social media websites could be considered a distraction to most students. However, at home, we feel as though it is just another way to spend our free time. The staff believes that social networking and other various sites are better off being blocked at school, due to them being a distraction to most of the students. What’s the point of having websites blocked at home when they do not cause a distraction to a teacher’s lesson? Of course, there are some websites that we should not be allowed to access on laptops distributed by the school, but we do not understand why potentially harmless websites such as, Tumblr and Reddit are blocked. Another point for believing that websites should not be blocked at home is that the district technology staff can see everything we do on the laptops. Therefore, why not just monitor the web traffic, and if they see a website that is deemed inappropriate for students to use, just block off that one website? The Eagle’s View Staff as a whole see the website blockers as an unnecessary form of monitoring our web usage, and should be something changed for the upcoming year.

What do

y o u think?

Should the school district block websites when you are at home?

“Blocks are intended to limit

“I think it is dumb because they

block websites that do not have anything bad, like Pinetrest and Netflix. We do not have to do school work at home, it is our free time. So they should just leave it alone.”

“I do not think that your school

computer should be used for social media because that is where a lot of cyber bullying happens.”

Communication Arts teacher

senior Allison Irwin


distractions in the classroom. I don’t get the point of blocking distractions at home. They can block inappropriate ones, but not the basic ones.”

senior Asad


{ve} September 2013

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{ev} September 2013

Homecoming Games




word scramble

Answer Key to word scramble: 1. Home 2.Win 3. welcome 4. Friends 5. Dance 6. Team 7. Victory 8. Defeat 9. Return 10. Sport 11. Dance 12. Party

September 2013


28 Sports

Pursuing a Every athlete has their own motivations that push them to achieve their goals.

{T} hink about being so close to the dream. Having goals within grasp, and then achieving those goals. All athletes have different motivations and goals, then achieving those goals. Each athlete has different goals, and different mottivations for reaching them. For rugby player Addie Paulson, it started out as just finding something to replace basketball. “I wanted to become more fit. It sounded fun to hit people and not get in trouble for it,” sophomore Addie Paulson said. From the field to the pool, Cole Roberts has been swimming for eleven years, went to state as a freshman and every year since. “I have swam for eleven years so it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. It’s given me a second family. William Jewell is actually trying to recruit me as well as the Coast Guard. Jewell is recruiting me because of my ability in swimming and my experience in dealing with a new team that I have here with north. The Coast Guard is trying to recruit me for my swimming ability,” senior Cole Roberts said. Each athlete has their own personal goals and team goals. “My primary goal is to be North’s first state champion. Hopefully my accomplishments will stick with my team. I hope I have left an impact on my team,” Roberts said. State is very important to every athelete, wheather it is just making it to state or winning state. “I want to win state again. I want my team to win state so we don’t lose our trophy.” Paulson said. Other athletes have different motivations for playing. “I like getting out and meeting new people, being a part of something I really enjoy,” sophomore tennis player Kammi Porter said. An athletes motivation is what helps them achieve their goals and do great things. “Swimming has given me a feeling of accomplishment. Winning. Dropping time. The friends I’ve made,” Roberts said.

{ev} September 2013


Written by Sarah Philpot Photos by Olivia Prather

h t n o Athleteof the M Female Athlete:

Sports Column by: Shelby Prather

Written by Shelby Prather Photos by Shelby Prather

Sam Malone

As the September female athlete of the month Yesenia Gomez has worked for excellence as the 2013 cross country season has started. “We went to St. Louis for an overnight meet and I dropped 25 seconds off of my PR. It was a great reward for my hardwork,” Gomez said. Gomez is starting to see sucess, due to her repectable work ethic. “She operates at a high level with everything, even though she doen’t always win the medals, the team wouldn’t be where it is without her,” varsity Cross Country Coach Mr. Chatlos said.

Technology Takeover


Male Athlete:

Yesenia Gomez Sport: Cross Country Year: Senior


Sport: Soccer Year: Sophomore Sam Malone is a first year varsity letterman for the Eagles Soccer team, he is also the top scorer for the team so far. “This being my first year on varsity, the competition is better and it is driving me to work harder and improve my skills,” Malone said. Malone has been an addition to the team that has helped them improve a great deal since the past season. “The season is going good, the team is communicating well and playing hard, which shows in our 4-1 record,” Malone said.

Day by day, everything seems the same. I follow the same routine, and many things in my life stay constant, but one thing is always changing and that is technology. Every single day new technology advancements are made. In the past month every student in the school has been given a MacBook Air, which has changed the way we learn at school. Most of these advancements are extremely helpful, and beneficial to our society. In one case I disagree with the advancements of technology and that is technology in sports. Sports are a way for students to get out of the classroom and avoid the glaring screen of a computer, but that is hard to do when coaches are forcing new technology on us. For the 2013 season, my softball team has purchased an iPad that helps us break down and analyze our swings. This just seems tedious to me. You learn from doing, not watching, so it is hard for me to sit in the dugout and watch me swing on a recording when it would be more beneficial to get in the cage and take some more swings. We are as a society turning more robotic and mechanical everyday; we do not even keep score in a book anymore, we do it digitally. I understand that the advancement of technology is unavoidable, but I think there is a place for computers, and that place is not on the courts, in the pool, or on the field. September 2013


30 Sports

Liberty North



In the four short years Liberty North has been a school, a fierce rivalry with Kearney has developed. Whether it is the opposing team, or the situation of the game, in sports some games hold more importance than others. For North, this game is Kearney. This rivalry is maybe most evident in football. “There is a large rivalry. We don’t like their style of play and the team itself,” junior KeAndre Pugh said. With a 39 to 35 loss last year, some players still taste the bitterness of the loss. “The loss last year hurts, but we will strive to avenge it this year,” senior Raul Garcia said. The game against Kearney is also the Homecoming game, which gives this years players extra motivation. “It’s going to be Homecoming so we will be more pumped and hyped for that game more than others,” Pugh said. Although the game is important, the Eagles plan to stay on their normal routine. “I don’t think we prepare differently we just go into it like another game, and we go into each game to win,” Pugh said.

Swim and Dive Tennis Swim and Dive is different when it comes to rivalries. Swim and Dive is set up as more of an individual sport and it becomes harder to form rivalries with teams, like Kearney. “We don’t really have rivalries because it’s just swim. It’s not a big deal because it is an individual event. It’s different than football and other team sports because you have teammates backing you up, where as in swimming it is more of an individual sport,” sophomore Dillon Erwin said.

{ev} September 2013

Hitting the tennis courts against Kearney would be very intimidating. Tennis girls have much to worry about playing Kearney. “Playing Kearney is a lot different than playing anybody else because we always try our hardest to win. We know we did our best even if we don’t win, but Kearney is always our biggest match of the season. We always try to prepare ourselves and know what shots they’ll hit. We know we have the skills to beat them definitely.” Junior Jordan Haferbier said.

Golf Kearney is very tough competition for Liberty North girls golf, considering they have one of the best golfers in the state. “They have a senior named Chandler Gallagher who shoots under par, so she is amazing for her age. In my opinion we have an overall better team, but there has never been a rivalry between us,” Senior Sarah Bonnot said.

y e n r a e K



Written by: Jaxson Freeman and Emily Hunt


Soccer also holds a large rivalry vs Kearney. “I have played with many of the kids through my club team. They are friends, but when it comes to the game, it becomes serious,” senior Alex Pohl said. The Eagles suffered two defeats against Kearney last year, which the Eagles plan to avenge this year. Kearney is very physical in the way they play. The Eagles plan to practice harder to prepare for the game.

Cross Country Softball Cross Country is also an individual sport, making it harder to form rivalries. “We have a rivalry at some level with Kearney; our rivalry is bigger with Platte County because they are our best competition,” junior Reid Walters said. “We still want to beat them, but our rivalry really is not as large as other sports.”

From volleyball to softball, the build up to play Kearney is totally different. Some softball girls would even say the pressure is a lot to deal with. “Kearney has always been tough competition. This year I think we put too much pressure on ourselves because a lot of people are expecting us to win.” Senior Makenzie Stapleton said.


Breathing in that stuffy gym air on the volleyball court, getting ready to play the team that if you lose to, you will not be able to live it down. The pressure is mounting; you hear the fans in the stands chanting for your team. Your team huddles up before the start of the game, you see the determined looks on your teammates faces, the desire to win is overwhelming. This can explain how our volleyball girls feel before hitting the court against Kearney “The rivalry with Kearney is really big. Every time we play them we know its going to be our toughest game. We go really hard. We practice everyday and warm up to play them every year.” Junior Lexi St. John said. Of course, the build up with volleyball is totally different than it is with Football. “I definitely think we are a little intimidated because we have seen them a lot, many times in the past, so it’s always like we have that fear of losing again, but every year is different, and every game is different, so we’ll see,” sophomore Maddy Gangai said. Since North and Kearney are relatively close, the chances of knowing girls who play on the other team is great. “I used to play club ball with their outside, but I don’t really have any personal conflicts with any of them,” Gangai said. Facing one’s biggest rival puts the girls to the test. The team takes every chance to better themselves to make sure they are well prepared for the game. “With Kearney we’re a lot more loud and we get more pumped and we practice that entire week to beat them at the game,” St. John said. With all that practice, the team becomes a family quicker, which helps the team atmosphere while playing. I”t’s one of those things where you have to know each other and your team really well,” St. John said.

September 2013



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