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Volume 4 Issue 5 February 2014

Why You’re Still Single!

im? H t x e IT d l u o Sh Page 8


Top Songs of 2013

# The Eagle Olympics Love in Hi g Scho h o Page l 16



New Vending Machines: Yes Plz or No Way? Page 25

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Lifestyle {04} WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE How to avoid the habits that keep your potential significant other away.

{06} COFFEE VS. TEA What side are you on?

Student Life {08} SHOULD I TEXT HIM/HER? Can’t decide whether you should make the first move or not? There is help!


How students are kicking those bad habits and getting their grades up.

{10} STUDENT SPOTLIGHT See what senior Beth Hemenway has accomplished.

InDepth {16} SHOW WHAT YOU LOVE From animals to art, students show what they’re passionate about.

16 A&E

{13} TOP HITS OF 2013

Hold on to your iPods: we’ve got our top songs of last year.

{14} UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDER What’s new in TV, music, and movies: mark your calenders.


of Contents February 2014

Opinion {22} LIKE IT, LOVE IT, HATE IT

Is The Bachelor underwhelming or as good as ever?



The ever-so-clever editors share their opinions.

Sports {28} POST-SEASON EXPECTATIONS Eagle athletes prepare going into the post-season


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Our mission for the 20132014 school year is to create a quality magazine that informs our readers as well as provide a professional journalism experience for all members involved. The Eagle’s View is a public forum of student expression.


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Caroline Gomez Ariel Kuznia Olivia Prather

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Katelen Permenter

Libery North students compete in our own mini-Olympics.

Eagle’s View Staff

Jessica Hilburn Hailey Wasser Baileigh Arant Ally Payne Emily Hunt Alex Kampman Danielle Camerlinck Douglas Martin Madi Eklund Olivia Brown Savannah Failer Dylan Morgan Claire DeVry Keara O’Brien Jaxson Freeman Madi Saunders Hannah Richardson Cailey Hagen Taylor Thompson Shelby Prather Sarah Philpot Rachael Wigand

Section Editors


4 Lifestyle






“I we hate The answer to all of your loneliness a i wh r r t w Photos by: Olivia Brown | Quotes by: Baileigh Arant and Hailey Wasser ole atc hen ou he gu tfit t s ys .” ho dr es ess . It nic jus e bu tr tt uin he st n he

What the Girls Say About Guys

“It is nasty when guys don’t wear any deodorant or cologne because then they smell gross.”

t eo r e s st ot.” y u n g en e I’m h it w meon e t a so “I h to be me

{ev} February 2014

e em



xp de



ha s y gu r.” n i he ha w ss ial o gr fac s ’ t “I uch m


o et

“I lik like an e to whe d l ha n au ng a g gh o ir wi ut w l lik e th me ith h s to .” er, han an g o d h ut an wi g o th u t me wi as th m my uch fa as mi I ly,

With V just a alentin e c you a ouple we ’s day c o e r scoop e still sing ks, love is ming up i n le i anyo as to why ! Here is n the air a nes e ye th you have the inside nd is sea son. not caugh t


irl en g



What the Guys Say About Girls


er re v


y ush


dy nee



lo in a


m d co


“I don’t like liars. I don’t like girls who I can’t trust or use guys for food, and I don’t like cheaters.”

“If re they sp ’re ec m t f ean or the to th “W ms eir elv pa he es. ren n ” ts th an eir dd br on ea ’t h th av e st in ks .” All quotes were kept anonymous to protect the identities of our sources.

February 2014



e e ff Co vs.

6 Lifestyle

Learn the benefits of both coffee and tea

Written by: Taylor Thompson | Photos by: Caroline Gomez


tarbucks has made coffee one of the most popular drinks of Tea has a significant role in our past but is another popular item in our time. On top of the many benefits it provides, such as a our generation. While it also offers warmth and a calming effect on great way to stay alert during late night study sessions and waking the nerves, tea is popular because it is easy to make and there are a up early for school, it also heats up the variety of flavors to try. body and calms the nerves. “I love to “I definitely prefer drink tea when coffee. I enjoy it it is cold out because it gives because it me a warm, warms me up cozy feeling and and helps me to helps me to be relax. I also love comfortable,” the fact that there Mrs. Hittner said. are so many different Some students flavors you can try- if drink multiple cups you get bored with one, of coffee everyday you can just move on to the next,” because the caffeine sophomore Jessica Edlin said. helps you stay alert On top of the many varieties available, and focused when you tea is a popular option because of all the are tired. different toppings and ingredients you can “I bring a canister of coffee to school put into it so that it suits what you need with me, which adds up to about 3 cups. and want. My advisory has a coffee machine, so on “I prefer tea because it tastes really good. I days that we have advisory, I make myself usually put fruit in my tea which makes it even a cup there as well. On most days, I end better,” sophomore Bryce Zirjacks said. up drinking about 6 cups a day,” sophomore Tea provides a refreshing wake up before school Daniel Hart said. as well as a nice pick-me-up after a long day. North’s coffee shop is a very popular spot in the There are certain types of tea that help remedy aches and mornings for teachers, because the students working there supply pains and soothe headaches which is another reason why tea is such cups of coffee directly to classrooms. a popular drink choice in today’s society. “I work for Gateway and we deliver coffee every morning to a small “I don’t really have a preference; I like both coffee and tea. They portion of the teachers in the school, but I know that most of the keep me awake and alert for school,” Bartlett said. teachers here bring their own coffee from home,” senior Shelby Bartlett said.



{ev} February 2014

Other Creamers Just milk Plain Black





Survey taken from 249 responses.






What is Love?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I have come to realize love is often confused with materialistic items. Few have known what love really is. Instead of focusing on what love is, many feel love is a card or candy. It is not jewelry or clothes; it is not money or power. This leads us to the million-dollar question; what is love? While candy, clothes, jewelry, and money are wonderful, they are simply benefits of love. Love is an unconditional commitment. It is what everyone seems to be looking for. Everyone wants someone to believe in them. Everyone wants someone to be there for him or her. Yet many are settling for less than that. They are settling for someone who will give them the materialistic items everyone wishes for on Valentine’s Day. I was among those who thought that love was about what one could give you; however, after several heartbreaks, I realize that this is not true. Each day it is a new challenge. Each day you have to fight for each other and choose each other over and over again. In the end, love wins. Love always wins.

Lifestyle Column by: Katelen Permenter Whether single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day should be an enjoyable holiday. It should be spent with those you love, no matter if that is with friends or with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Most importantly, one should remember that love is what the holiday should be centered around, not items that can be bought. Call me crazy, but I guess I just love love.

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Feburary 2014


8 Student Life


Written by: Dylan Morgan Photo By: Caroline Gomez

Senior Beth Hemenway


igh school can be difficult. Balancing school, sports, friends, relationships, and family is enough to make any teenager stress. One student that has done an excellent job of balancing school and extracurricular activities is senior Beth Hemenway. Hemenway became the first student in Liberty North orchestra history to earn All-State honors. Hemenway describes the process she went to earn that award, “I play the viola which is basically just a bigger violin. Well, first you have to


{v } Feburary 2014

audition to be All-District. We auditioned at Liberty High School this year. If you make All-District (you have audition to be District) you can audition to be All-State. The process was complicated this year because it was cancelled for weather reasons, so they just kept pushing it back until eventually cancelling it all together. So this year we actually had to send in a recording of the audition music instead of actually going and auditioning. So I sent in my recording to the judges, and I’m not sure exactly how they score it but I guess I did well enough,” Hemenway said.

In addition to the title of All-State violist, Hemenway also travelled to a resort in Missouri to prepare for a concert. “There are fourteen chairs and two alternates and I was one of the fourteen chairs selected to be All-State for Missouri. Saturday, January 25 we had a concert. I left Wednesday and rehearsed up through Saturday. Rehearsal days were long,” Hemenway said. Not only is Hemenway involved in the school orchestra, she is also first chair in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, an active member of FCA, National Honors Society, Executive Treasurer in Student Council, and a four-year Cross Country runner. While some students would cringe at the thought of juggling all of these activities, Hemenway insists that she enjoys it. “I love being involved in extracurricular activities, I mean everybody says they don’t like to be busy, but really they do, it’s better than being bored. Extracurricular activities have taught me to be committed and focused to what I do. It has helped me set goals and manage my time and at the same time it has just given me a better high school experience,” Hemenway said. Hemenway plans on keeping busy in college, studying Biology and going through medical school with aspirations of being a doctor. “I want to go in the medical field because I want to help people and give back,” Hemenway said. Hemenway has shown to be a hard working and conscientious student, with professional motivation, she has a bright future ahead of her.

“It’s been really rewarding, I enjoy everything I do, I really do.”

k c a Kids b ome

Student Life



Written by Keara O’Brien | Photos by Caroline Gomez


hat failing grade from last semester is not going to go away by itself, and getting the desired grade will take a non-stop grind until school ends. Students share their experiences with high school so far and what they are going to do to step up their game for second semester. “High school is a shock to your system and wakes you up. I am going to try to work way harder this semester because I know what is expected of me now. I did not do as well as I hoped for the first semester because I was absent a lot and did not really take studying seriously,” sophomore Kaylee Muchow said. For some, switching over from junior high to high school has been quite a transition, especially with extracurricular activities. “The hardest thing about keeping your grades up is when you have sports, clubs and other activities taking up most of your time you do not always get enough time to fit everything to school in your schedule. I need to work on focusing on school whenever I get a free moment. Whether I have a five minute break after practice or an hour before dinner, I am going to focus on school. I need to make sure I turn in all my homework on time. I plan on making flashcards and retaking tests to improve my grades this semester,” sophomore Addie Paulson said. Keeping up with grades is hard enough; when one grade goes down, it can be a struggle to pull it back up. “It feels like if I am doing bad in one class, I do bad in all my classes. I need to start working harder to finish things on time and to not have any missing assignments. The goal I have for myself is to finish the second semester with a higher GPA than first semester. I am going to meet my goal by honestly just trying more in class. I am going to ask questions in class when I do not understand something, actually study for tests and finish all my homework,” sophomore David Overby said. There are numerous ways for students to pull those grades up, such as creating goals such as finishing all homework before getting on Twitter, getting a 4.0 GPA or not getting any C’s. “This semester, three goals I have for myself include getting all A’s, having no zeros in the grade book and passing all my tests and quizzes.The strategies I am going to try to use are taking time on all my homework and taking notes that I will be able to look back on,” sophomore Noah Lambert said. Using multiple strategies at the same time will also help you stay on top of things. “The strategies I use are: taking time on all my homework, taking notes that I will be able to look back on, making flash cards, and asking for help when I do not understand something,” sophomore Kayla Thomas said.

“First semester I usually start off a little slow and then second semester I kind of pick it up because I know I need to work harder and that I have expectations for the effort I need to put into my classes,” junior Hannah Engelman said.

Feburary 2014


10 Student Life

Should I Text... Written by: Madi Eklund

Him? Yes

Did he give you his number?

How long ago did he give it to you?

More than a day ago: Go ahead and say hey!

Less than a day ago: Wait a little but linger to send the first text, you do not want to seem too excited.

Have you already texted him today?

Did he reply in a reasonable time?

{ev} Feburary 2014

I would think twice about texting him; make sure he wants to talk to you before you decide to text him first.





Everything is all good here, keep texting!

Maybe he is busy or does not want to text right now, be patient.

No If you want to send the first text, you can try, but do not wait up!

Student Life


If you find yourself contemplating if you should text someone or not, take yourself through this flowchart for advice on when to text them

Her? Did she text you first?

Yes Are you interested in her?


No Your choice to reply or not.

No Some girls wait for the boy to text them first, so you can try and send the first text. Do not be too upset when your inbox is empty though.

Reply! Fast!

Yes Wait until tomorrow or the next day to text her.

Did you and her recently hang out?


You should try to set something up with her and a group of friends so you can hang out with her first. Feburary 2014


12 A&E

A&E Reviews

Divergent Review and Photo By: Kala Hughes Divergent, the book my friends Each district has a different skill practically had to beg me to read, that they make sure to perfect actually really opened my eyes. This during training. is by far my new favorite book. Later on, the day comes for each After getting past the first few citizen to attend the choosing chapters, I really got hooked. I ceremony where they take a test that always end up staying awake way determines their skill level needed later than I had planned while for self-defense. After taking her reading this book. skills test, Tris discovers something Some people say that the main extremely dangerous about herself. character, Tris, is the new Katniss The best part of the book is Everdeen. In a way, I agree. watching the mysterious relationship Both characters are spontaneous between Tris and the mentor, Zero, and brave, and are the rebels of bloom. This forbidden love brings the society. out my inner stereotypical-teen The district in which Tris and her girl sappiness. family live in is called Abnegation. Along with romance and mystery,

there are many suspenseful, and even scary scenes in the book. The fights in the book are really unfair and brutal, but I guess that is what makes the book so interesting to everyone. Divergent has many different aspects in it that can interest anyone, and I think that’s why it’s so popular. I am super excited for the movie, which comes out in the end of March and I hope to experience as much drama and excitement as I did in the book.

Staff Vine’s e

{v} February 2014

Jack and Jack: Our Generation Businessmen

daz_black: The Word Bae

Josh Peck: Rap Outtakes



Top Songs of 2013 Review By: Danielle Camerlinck

1. “Demons” Imagine Dragons

“I love ‘Demons’ because it is an alternative to all the pop and techno music, they are also the band that made my favorite 2012 songs, ‘Radioactive’,” senior Dallas Camerlinck said.

2. “Wake me up!” Avicii

6. “Cups” Anna Kendrick

“I like the movie, and the song is awesome!” freshman Bailey Crouse.

7.“Get Lucky” Daft Punk

“I like “Get Lucky” because it’s very catchy and it’s cheesy upbeat. “I love the song ‘Wake me up’ because it gives me a good feeling fun And it makes me want to dance,” senior Ian Sanderford said. to dance to anywhere!” sophomore Lauren Wilson said.

8. “We can’t stop” Miley Cyrus

3. “Timber” Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

“I like Miley Cyrus’ song, “We can’t stop” because it has a hot “ I like the song ‘Timber’ because it’s got a good rhythm, and a fun beat. And it makes me happy,” senior Olivia Atkinson said. song to dance to by myself,” sophomore Tiffany Bohnenkemper said.

9. “Royals” Lorde

4. “Counting Stars” OneRepublic

“‘Counting Stars’ is a good song for it’s meaning of the song while also being motivational. It’s a fun song to listen to!”freshman Anthony Silvio said.

5. “Blurred lines” Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell and T.J.

“I like ‘Royals’ because it’s fun to sing along to and has a good rhythm. It gives me motivation to be awesome!” senior Alex Tegeler said.

10. “Roar” Katy Perry

“It’s empowering because it encourages people to not give up,” English teacher Katie Mitchell said.

“I like the video because it’s weird,” senior Chelsey Purcell.

I, Frankenstein Review By: Hannah Richardson My life is basically the equivalent of Candy Land. I am the sweet, innocent girl prancing through Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain. Though, watching “I, Frankenstein” is like being stuck in Licorice Castle with Lord Licorice holding me hostage. This thriller of a movie came to my surprise when I saw some pretty terrible acting skills along with some almost humorous animations. The 200-year-old creature, Adam (Aaron Eckhart) holds the key to the fate of humanity, and surprise surprise, everyone and their dogs are after it- and him. Demons, Gargoyles, and princes of darkness fulfill their

hopes and dreams of finding Dr. Frankenstein’s sacred creation. Although, many deaths later, Adam is eventually able to find himself through the horrific image others had always perceived him as, ending the plot of this gory film. I always knew those ugly monsters had nothing on Eckhart’s muscular, tan body. This was no love struck romantic comedy; in fact it was the complete opposite. Only those who enjoy plenty of darkness and slimy snot coming out of the nose of what looked like a tree with eyes would enjoy themselves watching this movie.

February 2014



{ev} February 2014 1



National Carrot Cake Day




(@11:35 pm NBC with new host Jimmy Fallon)

TV Show: The Tonight Show


Story by: Savannah Failer

Tues. 4



World Nutella Day

(Rated PG-13) (ABC Family @9) Book: Fates by: Lanie Bross Book: Three by: Kristen Simmons

18 Book: Asylum by: Susan Vaught

25 TV Show: Glee



TV Show: Twisted Movie: RoboCop







Concert: 2 Chainz


February Events Calendar Sun. 2

Event: WWE Live


(The Sprint Center)

TV Show: The



(FOX @8pm)

(The Midland) TV Show: Scandal (ABC @10pm)



Movie: The Monument’s Men

(Rated PG-13)


Sticky Bun Day


Tale (Rated PG-13) & Vampire’s Academy

Movie: Winter’s


Concert: Bring Me the Horizon (The


(Doors open @7pm)

Musical: Peter Pan

14 A&E

Musical: Peter

Pan (Doors open Walking Dead @2pm and @7pm) (Comes back on AMC @9/8c)

15 Concert: Lady

Antebellum (The Sprint Center)


TV Show: The Voice (NBC @8pm)

Book: Fire & Flood by: Victoria Scott

Happy Valentine’s Day! SWIM + TENNIS + FITNESS



Tennis: 8 Outdoor & 5 Indoor Courts Instruction For All Ages Swimming: 25-Meter, 8-Lane Competition Pool Swim Lessons - Beginner to Advanced Fitness: Fully Equipped Workout Room Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training


I.C.E All-Stars Cheer/ Tumble/ Trampoline 951 Sutton Place Liberty, Mo 816-792-4372

Create your own designs on our wensite, Email us your ideas or come in and let us crearte something for you.

202 N 291 Hwy, Liberty, MO 64068 (816) 792-2428

16 InDepth

My Valenti


Show you



Valen tine’s d a For so me stu y is all abo d u their r elatio ents, that is t showing lo nsh ve. th passio n in lif ip, and for e love of e. others , it is t heir

{ev} February 2014



s r e t t e L 4 in love Story by: Emily Hunt

gle and Nate Angle

Photos by: Megan Fo

miles away? Or

ebody from 3,000 {E}ver imagine lovingis som r movie/ in the Military, like the popula

missing somebody who Dear ts have been having their own book Dear John? Some studen Nate dsay Marven’s boyfriend Senior John moments. Sophomore Lin training. Angle is heading into Military a 16 week ple of months, something like “I know he’ll be gone for a cou s back for goe a week or a weekend, then period. Then he comes back for s I think,” ends on how his training goe dep t jus all it s, nth mo re mo 8 7 to Marven said. them for so long it will be crucial for Since the couple will be apart Fogle, is vid Crow, dating Senior Megan to keep in contact. Senior Da y. attending the Air Force academ ek over weeks over the summer, a we “School is a 4 year process. 3 time. ristmas and that’s all the leave thanksgiving, and two over Ch I will t be letters, after basic training jus l wil it ng ini tra ic bas g rin Du on I might and depending on my squadr get my laptop and I can email Crow said. have my phone and texting, ” Military training, has different Angle, who is attending basic use. requirements of his technology weeks. ’t have any technology for 10 “At first when I am gone I can d have It’ and regular calls and texting. After that I can use FaceTime s the ually talk which is later toward to be after training when we act night,” Angle said. , of long periods without talking The couples face the hardship for communication. depending on writing letters Florida ause I am going to college in “It definitely won’t be easy bec to talk . It will suck not being to and the Academy is in Colorado last but the good thing is it won’t him at all when he is in basic, each ail em to e and after basic, be abl forever. We can write letters, y the nd the family visiting weeke other. I’ll be able to see him on him r that I will only be able to see have after basic, and then afte to go nts wa he at I really think it’s gre freshman year during breaks. on him t hard for it – I fully suppor there and he has worked super it,” Fogle said.


February 2014


18 InDepth

facebook Update Status

Keeping the Connection

Story by: Jessica Hilburn

Photos by: Mersaid Ottley, Julia Ledford, and Angel Williams

Mersaidi Ottley is in a relationship with Cody Capwell Jealousy is a problem in some relationships but it has the potential to build

trust between the people. “We have learned that we both get really jealous. We have to be very trustworthy of one another to make our relationship work,” senior Mersaidi Ottley said. Although not being with the one you love can be difficult, it can also strengthen the relationship and can be a good thing. “We have very few visits, but there is more communication between us,” Mersaidi said.

Julia Ledford is in a relationship with Grant Marrow

Having faith in the one you love through difficult times can be the best gift a person can give to their partner. “It’s not hard. What keeps us together is knowing that we can trust each other and that it will never change. Our trust has gotten stronger through the obstacles,” freshman Julia Ledford said. Sometimes planning for the future can help a couple hold onto the hopes of them being together one day. “I’m going to move in with him after high school, and we plan to get jobs together,” Ledford said. Although it is not easy having distance between love, it is always worth it in the long run.



Posted 6 hours ago

Angel Williams is in a relationship with Jr. Neaveill

{ev} February February 2014 2014

Relationships have the chance to grow stronger when the people in the relationship get more alone time rather than being together all the time. “The relationship only kind of works if you get to visit face-to-face, Facetime, or Skype,” sophomore Angel Williams said. Every relationship has its struggles but these problems must be worked through. “It gets hard because of arguing and making assumptions,” Williams said. The stress of the distance between the couple causes problems to arise, and the couple must have the strength to get through it. “It’s hard to keep communication up and to keep each others trust,” Williams said.



Posted 8 hours ago



Passionate People


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Story by: Haley Hellner

Photos by: Ariel Kuznia and Olivia Prather I guess I have inherited it; I have liked art forever,” {A}s February approaches and love finds its senior Hannah Pritchett said. way into the air, people everywhere start to think There is a whole array of different activities people of different ways to celebrate with the one they love. Having a deep passion for something is what love most. But not everyone’s love is a person. For makes a person who they are. numerous people, the something they love most is a “Acting and Improv is an outlet for me because deep-rooted passion. I am off the walls crazy and outgoing. It is a kind “I feel like my passion for animals has no end. of release of that. It’s really fun just to go out on Animals all have their own personalities, just like stage and be weird, and be who you want to be,” humans, except animals are even more interesting sophomore Tyler Carpenter said. because you have to pay attention to their Everyone has an interest of some sort, but some mannerisms and things you do that they do or do people have a passion so central to the person they not like. Animals are very important to me because are it influences a lot of what they do. without them, nature and the way life works “Music is important to me because it is a way to wouldn’t be as beautiful or intricate,” junior Chelsea express myself, and my feelings and allows me to be Douglas said. creative. Writing music is almost therapeutic because A person’s passion can also follow them further I can think through a situation in my life and write into life, acting as a career choice rather than just about it, which is a good way for me to vent so that a hobby. I don’t bottle things up. Music is something that “My sister and I want to open our own boutique will always be constant. No matter what crazy and when we are older. That would be my dream job. I am in AP Studio Art, Photography II, and a Sewing unexpected things are thrown at me, it is always going to be there to listen to, play, and create,” senior Independent Study but drawing and painting are Elisa Parker said. my favorite things. My dad is really good at art so



Posted 2 hours ago February February 2014 2014


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Jeff Cessna

124 S. Forrest Ave. Liberty, MO 64068




f: 816.455.1232

15% off candy bar


Winter Olympics


Word Search


Try your hand at our Olympic word search, and Sudoku is back, just for you avid Sudoku fans!

February 2014


22 Opinion


You Accept This Rose?

{I} am not sure about anyone else, but lately, my Twitter feed every

Monday night has been nothing but “The Bachelor.” I am not going to lie, Juan Pablo’s accent is pretty dreamy, but personally, I think he deserves better. The show is just a competition between girls who are giving their hearts to Juan, when in reality, he can only choose one. Although the show is “romantic” and “interesting,” I have a hard time watching it because it presents unrealistic expectations of love. Love is not a competition! If someone really loves you, they will push away anyone else interested and focus on you. However, the bachelor admittedly spends time with over twenty girls and gets personal with them, which, personally, I think is ridiculous. I have a hard time watching “The Bachelor.” I understand how people may Written by: Kala Hughes think the show is romantic and sweet, but in reality, it is all fake. Some of the acting on the show is kind of lame, and it is also very cheesy. The girls on “The Bachelor” are constantly having catfights about ridiculous, worthless things that do not even matter. If I were on the show, I would certainly not tolerate that nonsense, nor would I want our date to be videotaped and broadcasted to millions of people around the world!

Written by: Baileigh Arant

love it

{I}seriously love The Bachelor! It is my latest

obsession. I have been a huge fan of Juan Pablo ever since he was on The Bachelorette with Desiree last year. I was so devastated when he got sent home earlier in the season. I cried for the next week. When I found out that he was going to be the next Bachelor, my entire life was made. Meeting all the psychotic girls who think they are in love with Juan Pablo is hilarious, and then when they get sent home they will not stop crying, claiming that they know Juan Pablo was exactly who they were looking for. NEWSFLASH! YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIM! All of the drama on the show is what makes it the best thing ever! If you do not like this show, then you are clearly delusional. Everyone who claims to hate “The Bachelor” does not have a heart.

{ ev} February2014

hate it

Written by: Hannah Richardson

like it

{S}taring into the eyes of the usual hunk of a man which is “The Bachelor,” I see drama waiting to happen. If it is not the true love that seemingly sparks the hearts of nearly every girl in the room, it is most definitely the fact that there are over 20 women totally convinced they will be the one to make it all the way. Ditsy girls with some pretty terrible acting skills are always promised, and those oh-so-predictable catfights and make out sessions seem to take up about 99% of the show. I say put that tongue away and give me what I want to see, which is obviously Juan Pablo’s ripped abs. His abs are the one thing that keeps me coming back for more, not the scripted love. I am still awaiting the day when someone comes out to say they are the mastermind behind the craziness that makes up “The Bachelor,” but until that day I will continue to watch, in awe of what goes on in the small minds of those pretty faces.


My Mini Me

Written by: Cortney Snyder


{T}hree years ago, I found out the meaning of love in

a deeper perspective. This kind of love is not learned, not created and definitely not exchangeable. This extraordinary love is for my three-year-old niece, Elizabeth. She holds a very special place in my heart and has taught me more than the majority of adults could. But my loving relationship with my niece did not start out that way. When my sister came home pregnant with Lizzie, she was barely 17 years old. Though things between us are now alright, it was unnatural for me to watch my teenage sister walk around with an alien-like human inside of her; and mixed with the feeling of betrayal I felt when she ran away, I soon became disturbed with the idea of her having a child. Thus, to take revenge on my sister, I thoroughly ignored her existence. Which included the refusal to touch her stomach when Lizzie would kick. I wanted to make it very clear that I disapproved of every decision my sister made, and by doing so; I was punishing my pre-existent little niece. Little did I know, in the long run I was just hurting myself. I look back at all the anger I had toward my sister and I think to myself, that I wish I had touched her belly. I wish I could have felt Lizzie kick, I wish I would have just naturally fell in love with my niece like everyone seemed to. Yet I did not. Which I am not very good at expressing emotions other than anger, but my niece has showed me how to recognize other emotions, and how to express them before I miss my chance. Now my little niece and I are like two of a kind; she is sassy, funny and loves horses. She always asks me to go riding and to go see “her pony.” The love I know for my niece is like no other, and I feel very special to be the aunt I am.

{S}o, this month, I turn 17. In terms of milestones, there is not really much

to say. It is kind of the mellow middle child of the teen years. You are not really eligible for anything, you are in between the big 16 and the even bigger 18, and you are still right smack in the middle of high school. But when I stop to consider it, it is a really laid-back time in one’s life. I was going to write this article on how I want to stay 16 and how time passes so quickly, blah blah blah, but now I would like to take the time to sing the praises of 17, the middle teen age. I am sure I am inviting ridicule when I say that I like being a teenager. Sure, it is a rocky road, but it is supposed to be. How else do we learn if we do not make mistakes? And what better time to make mistakes than when you are a teenager, when you are learning how to be accountable instead of actually expected to be accountable? It’s a pretty good deal. And age 17 says, “You’ve got some time. Chill out.” Even though it might incrementally slap you with reality the closer you get to turning 18; that is just how it goes. But hey, imagine if you had to jump from 16 (getting your license, getting your first job, maybe starting to date) straight into being 18 and being a legal adult and all that. It would be pretty overwhelming. Being 17 allows you a year to transition from a blossomed teenager to a blooming young adult. Even though the song goes, “You are sixteen, going on seventeen, baby, it is time to think”, I think it’s also time to chill.

So You Are 16...

Written by: Becca Saffier| Photo by: Caroline Gomez e

{v} February 2014

24 Opinion

This I Believe

Written by: Madi Saunders | Photo by: Connie Saunders

{I}believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I joined the football

team, where I met amazing people. I believe I joined newspaper, where I grew closer to my best friends, all for a greater purpose. I also believe my grandfather’s death occurred for a reason. My grandfather was the strongest man I ever knew. I remember as a little girl going to my papa’s house and spending all day over there. We watched TV, sat on the porch and talked, and then we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches my grandma would make. Sometimes, I would even go to work with them at the high school to help them clean desks and chalkboards. I grew up this way, and I became a Papa’s girl. He went into the hospital shortly after his 74th birthday; I was only eight or nine at the time. It was the last time I could really intake his comforting smell. As his health decreased, the number of machines supporting his life increased. I was too young to visit my papa anymore, and had to wait in a plain waiting room. One night, my parents sat me down and told me Papa had gone to Heaven. I never got to say goodbye to my hero. When I was younger, I believed that not saying goodbye made it even more difficult to move on than it already was. Now, I realize, if I had said goodbye, in my innocence, I would have seen his death as a final conclusion of a happy story. Without saying a final goodbye, I still believe my grandpa is with me throughout my life. I believe my papa’s death occurred to make me a stronger person, and to make me appreciate time I have with the people I love. I believe without his influence, my family might have fallen apart, and I might not try so hard to be a good person. I still think now and then about how my grandpa will not be able to watch me walk down the aisle, and watch me grow up into an adult, but it is comforting to know, that because of his impact, I have become a person he would be proud of.

DoStatistics you like the new vending machines? from poll on Eagle’s View Online


No, I want the old ones back 1 2


4 5


7 8




No, they are too expensive 9%

Yes, they are healthier e

Poll out of 22 people

{ v} February2014


the new vending machines Q: Are good or bad? Staff Editorial What do


y o u think?

{W}ith school lunch prices soaring,

students turned to the vending machines as a source of lunch. The old vending machines were filled with chips and unhealthy pops. The school district swapped them out in favor of healthier snacks and all diet pop. As an Eagle’s View staff we do not like the new and “improved” vending machines. First of all, the new prices are ridiculous. If we wanted to pay 85 cents for a bag of air with a few chips we would go to the store for a bigger bag. At Wal-Mart, a two liter bottle of pop is only a buck, so why do we have to pay $1.75 for a little bottle. If students want to be healthy, let them make that choice; do not make the choice for them. If students get on a healthy kick they can eat a school lunch. It is what Michelle Obama wanted. Students who wanted a little extra salty or sweet snack during the day are turned away by the diet pop and healthy snacks. The school should allow students to make the choice of what goes into their bodies. If they want to be healthy, they will make that choice. If they want to be unhealthy, let them. The only improvement is the fact one of the vending machines takes debit cards.

“Soda is bad for you in general, so I would like to see more water, healthy drinks, and milk, so students can get substantive calories instead of empty.”

Communication Arts teacher Kimberly Brownlee

“I do not really use the new vending machines. They are too expensive and I do not think people will use them


Jason Brooks

Marry Me?

“I do not mind them because I do not really buy from them anyway, but they are really expensive so I have not bought anything yet.”

Comic drawn by: Danielle Camerlinck


Amanda Bonnot

{ve} Febraury 2014

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28 Sports

Post Season Potential

Eagle athletes work hard while preparing for the post season Written by: Jaxson Freeman| Photos by: Olivia Prather

Women's Basketball

Men's Basketball With an 8-6 record so far, the men’s basketball team has had a solid season, but with the previous two season ending at the state tournament this team has high expectations. “Everyone’s goals are the same in that we want to win districts and go to state,” Junior Luke Jackson said. The team looks to improve their year so far and finish the season strong. “I expect us to be way above five hundred we are striving to meet the expectations of our previous seasons,” Jackson said.

Winning district championship last year, the girls look to match their past success. The girls basketball team has had a rocky start to their season, but the girls look to turn their season around. “Our goals for the end of the season are to become stronger as a team and to keep working to improve our game. Our ending goal is working to compete for another district championship,” Sophomore Annie Woody said. Losing two all conference players to college, is one hurdle the girls have to persevere from.


North wrestling's season is coming to a close quickly. Wrestling has posted a great season so far with a record of 279-323 in team points. “We want to post a record of above five hundred as a team, and exceed what we have done so far. We have had some tough matches so far, but with those matches will help us get further in the matches,” Junior Michael Thorne said. The team has less than five matches to achieve that goal. Postseason is different for wrestling as they send individuals to state rather than go as a team. “We expect to send 3 wrestlers to state this year.,” Senior Daylan Clawson said.

Swim & Dive

With a slight disappointment at state last year, this years girls swim and dive team has something to prove. “Last year we were going into the end of season thinking conference is ours for the taking, but I think that this is our year instead. I really think we can take conference and qualify more girls for state,” said Junior Alberta Engelman. Like wrestling, qualifying for state is individually instead of as team. How far they go is dependent on them and their commitment and work. “Diving and swimming are very mental and physical sports, you have to know you can do it before you do, and I really think this is our year,” Engelman said. “This year I'm stronger, better, and ready. I want to be the first girl swimmer/diver to be All-State,” Engelman said.

{ev} February 2014

Athlete he of t

h t n Mo


Written by Shelby Prather Photos by Olivia Prather

Female Athlete:

Male Athlete:

Zoe Albon

Brinkley Jolly

Sport: Basketball Year: Senior

Zoe Albon is the only senior on the girls basketball team. She has stepped up as a leader, and is hoping for good results as the girls head into the post season. “We are working hard at practice, and the work we put in will start to show in games soon. We’re hoping to get some wins before the district tournament starts,” Albon said. With Albon leading the team, the girls are excited to get a chance at defending their distrct champion title.


Sport: Basketball Year: Senior

This season Brinkley Jolly has stepped up and become a big leader for the boys basketball team. He also has many accomplisments from his Eagle athletic career. “Brinkley Jolly is a great candidate for this honor. He is the first player in our program to score 1,000 points, was named to the All-Tournament Team at William Jewell, and was named to the CW Stessman All-Tournament Team,” Coach McCabe said.


Step up the Spirit Sports Column by: Shelby Prather

absolutely love my school. I think Liberty North is the best place to go to school in the entire country. We have a lively atmosphere, exceptional teachers, and the best building in the Kansas City area. Along with this, we have athletic programs that reach their top potential, but lately we are lacking one thing: school spirit. The boys basketball team lost a group of good boys this past year, and when they left so did the support for the program. Recently, the boys competed in the Stessman Tournament at Liberty. Out of the three games they played, the biggest student section we could get was three little rows. The boys have a winning record, and are about to head into the final stretch of their season. The team is excited to see what they can accomplish and the rest of the student body should be too. The girls team gets treated even worse. Those girls work hard, and they would appreciate if someone would recognize that. Liberty North is a school you should be proud to attend. A school where athletics are something we take pride in, but this year our school spirit is ultimately pretty pathetic. As the winter sports season comes to a close and the spring season begins I give you one challenge; step up the spirit.

February 2014


Olympics LN 30 Sports


Eagles from all diferent grade levels came together to compete in the first ever LN Olympics

s the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia gets started, the Eagle’s View decided to host their very own Olympics. The competition included four events with a chosen boy and girl from each grade to compete. The events included the following: Free-throw challenge, chicken sling-shot toss, basketball bowling, and relay races. A point system was put in place determined by the results. The winner would receive three points, runner-up two points, third place one point and last place received none. The game composed of a men’s section and a female’s section.


The Eagle Olympians

Grade Freshman


Chase Chambers


Ryan Sprugel


Sean Wooten


Tyler Funk



Julia Muchow Emily Dumit Jade Shoup Kourtney Oehm

Free Throw Contest:



The first event was the classic free-throw challenge. The participants had thirty seconds to make as many free-throws as they could. Sweeping the event was the juniors: Sean and Jade both won their divisions and put their class in an early lead.

Chicken Sling-Shot:


{ev} February 2014

Winners: Jade & Chase


I really liked the chicken slingshot one cause it’s something I’ve never done before and it was really fun slinging them across the gym,” freshman Chase Chambers said

Winners: Jade & Sean



Written by Douglas Martin and Cailey Hagen | Photos by Olivia Prather


Basketball Bowling:


The third event was basketball bowling. This event included ten bowling pins set up on one side of the gym and the representatives on the other. Each had two opportunities to roll, or kick, the basketball across the court and knock down as many pins as they could. Leading the way for the boys was senior Tyler Funk with a solid score of seven. In the girls division senior Kourtney Oehm got the job done and the seniors came away with two solid victories.

Winners: Kourtney & Tyler


Scooter Races:


“It was definitely challenging, I mean I got a good quad workout, freshened up on my basketball skills, and learned how to shoot a chicken. Overall, it was a good experience,� junior Jade Shoup said.

Winners: Juila & Tyler

2014 Champions: Sean & Jade

Results: Grade Fr. So. Jr. Sr.

Gold Silver Bronze Total


0 3 3

0 3 3 2

5 1 1 1

7 4 7 6 February 2014


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