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Mezzanine Design

Mezzanine Design Implementation Eagle Steel Inc. provides quality mezzanine design solutions to utilize your warehouse space. A mezzanine flooring system is the perfect structure for unused areas or overhead spaces. A mezzanine structure can be used for different purposes. Here are some examples: •

Storage Area

Managerial or Supervisor Office

Lunch & Staff Room

Shipping and Packing Area

Order Pick Station

Observation Balcony

Additional Showroom for Goods & Products

Conference or Meeting Room

Client/Customer Receiving Area

Mezzanine levels do not only add convenience, but also enhance the aesthetic look of your workplace. Let Eagle Steel introduce you to remarkable warehouse space solutions!

Importance of Mezzanine Flooring Mezzanine floors are typically built in between main floors. Mezzanine decks, for example, are designed for concentrated loads. The decks are perfect for pallet racks and heavy duty shelving units. Mezzanine surfaces can also support full office structures and conveyor systems. There is quite a difference between a mezzanine structure and a storage platform. Your Eagle Steel consultant will assist you whether a storage platform or mezzanine flooring is more ideal for your warehouse. Implementing mezzanine designs in your warehouse can give a much organized appearance to your work environment. Here are some more benefits of mezzanine floors: •

Increase warehouse space


Avoid expansion or relocation costs

Lightweight steel structure, but guaranteed rigidity and durability

Flexible and multi-purpose

Our Mezzanine Design Process Eagle Steel always goes through a systematic process for every project to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Prompt Service Mezzanine flooring project begins with a consultation. All information about mezzanine design implementation will be discussed between the client and an Eagle Steel representative. You can also discuss with our expert other warehouse options you need, such as shelving system, safety guards, and more. We will then submit a full price quotation for your approval.

Advanced Design Material production will not begin until you’ve approved. Also, your Eagle Steel representative will conduct an on-site visit to check all specifications and sizes are correct. This is an important stage because we need to ensure accuracy before we start creating components for your mezzanine floors. An engineered drawing will be prepared using advanced Computer Assisted Design techniques. These stamped drawings always include all national and regional safety codes. This is especially important when constructing mezzanine floors inside a building. Standard safety regulations must be followed. Eagle Steel has the necessary know-how to construct mezzanine flooring that guarantees all government laws are being implemented.

Production & Finishing We employ highly qualified and certified welders to create bolts and components for your mezzanine project. At Eagle Steel, we always make sure to build premium grade products that are strong and durable. Each structure we manufacture is easy to install and erect. We offer four (4) standard enamel finishes: •


Safety Yellow



We also offer powder coating and galvanized finishes. Inform your Eagle Steel representative if you prefer to customize the colour finish of your mezzanine design.

Shipping & Installation Our manufactured materials are packaged securely to ensure safe shipping. Eagle Steel has established a strong partnership with international shipping companies. This guarantees that your products will get to you on schedule. Once the materials are ready, Eagle Steel experts will begin installation. All Eagle Steel experts have years of experience and extensive knowledge to deliver efficient and outstanding results. You can also trust us that your business operations and activities will not be disrupted during construction of your mezzanine flooring.

The Eagle Steel Solution Improve the workability factor in your workplace. Increasing warehouse space paves way to enormous benefits for your company and business. Your team members will feel comfortable and safe, which will lead to efficiency and dedication. Experts from Eagle Steel Inc. possess vast knowledge and years of experience that are needed to take on any warehouse project — whether it involves construction of mezzanine flooring or putting up shelving racks. You can depend on our professional representatives to meet your needs. Experience the Eagle Steel advantage by contacting us at (905) 672-7010.

Mezzanine design  
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