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“Eagle’s Nest Camp is a child ’s world where the dream is the reality and the reality is the growth.”


Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains of

Western North Carolina, surrounded by lush rhododendron and towering pines, lies Eagle’s Nest Camp. Our 180-acre river valley campus serves as home to flowing streams, green meadows, miles of rugged trails, spring-fed lakes, and a diverse community of enthusiastic campers from across the country and the ocean. Since 1927, Eagle’s Nest campers have been inspired by mountain views, cooled by mid-day creek hikes, and ushered to sleep by a symphony of cicadas.

Eagle’s Nest Camp is a residential camp located outside of Brevard, North Carolina. We offer a variety of activities in our one, two, and three week long sessions for children who have finished kindergarten – 11th grade. Scholarships are available for families with need.

Eagle ’s Nest Camp

Rooted by intentional experiences

and connection to community Eagle’s Nest Camp encourages children to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to community. We place emphasis on developing the whole child in a compassionate, encouraging environment filled with activities that promote self-expression, personal growth, skill building and fun. Eagle’s Nest provides campers the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the core values of nature, friendship, and joyful living. At Eagle’s Nest children form meaningful friendships and learn what it means to truly belong. Eagle’s Nest provides a tight-knit, nurturing community of equality where campers are treated with respect, kindness, and compassion. They are valued for the unique people they are, and return to Eagle’s Nest year after year because Camp is a second home for them. We are open to

and embrace all spiritual practices and celebrate the differences that make our world so rich. Each camper understands that they are important to daily living at camp, helping them realize that in life each individual is a responsible and valuable part of the greater whole.

“You can be yourself and hang  out with friends and have fun.  You don’t have to pretend to be someone else when you’re with the people you really know and learn to love.“

» Zoe, Camper


Figure No. 1 : S’more

To make a s’more you roast a marshmallow over a campfire and then put it together with chocolate between two graham crackers. Some people like to take their time roasting the marshmallows until they’re golden brown. Others like to catch them on fire. Regardless of how you cook them, they always taste like summer.

Opportunities to Grow

An experience that fosters personal growth

and lasts a lifetime One of the things that makes Eagle’s Nest unique is that our program evolves as our campers grow. Campers can begin attending camp as soon as they have finished kindergarten and can continue to mature through our program until the summer after they’ve graduated from high school. They choose to attend a 1 – 3 week long overnight camp session. At our residential camp we offer a progression of programs that allow campers to grow at each developmental stage. Through Camp, Added Adventures, the Junior Counselor program, and Hante Adventures, young people can essentially “grow up” at Eagle’s Nest.

Added Adventures...

Offer older elementary and middle school aged campers the chance to leave camp for a short adventure, helping them stretch their comfort

zone, gain confidence, and expand their camp experience.

Hante Adventures...

Are extended wilderness and cultural adventures that give teens an exciting opportunity to discover the beauty of the wilderness and the strength and depth of their abilities. On Hante participants sleep under the stars, explore new cultures, challenge themselves, make strong friendships, and grow as individuals.

Junior Counselors...

Are a select group of students who has just completed the 10th and 11th grades and are chosen to participate in a program that sharpens their leadership skills and provides them with opportunities for community service.

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Growth Through Community

At ENC—you’re part of a bigger community &


something larger than yourself At Eagle’s Nest, we believe that engaging campers in a nurturing, inclusive environment provides opportunities for significant personal growth allowing them to be their best selves. By bringing together a diverse group of people, we are able to empower campers to open their eyes, hearts, and minds. In addition to the broad camp community, each camper is a part of three smaller, intentional communities: their table family, tribe, and cabin group.

“The campers can’t help but be positively influenced when they are surrounded by such kind and positive souls.“

» Dan, Camper’s Parent

Connection to Nature

At the heart of the Eagle’s Nest experience is a deep connection to nature and a strong belief in the transformative elements found in wilderness and adventure experiences. Campers are encouraged to forge personal relationships with the natural world through exploration of the magical forests on our campus and the trails and waterfalls in our nearby state and national forests. At Eagle’s Nest, the mountain breeze is our air-conditioning, a stream-fed lake is our swimming pool, and we are lulled to sleep each night by the songs of croaking bullfrogs. By leaving the accessories of the modern world behind, campers relax into a life that allows them to enjoy the simple wonders of being a child on an adventure in the summertime.

This is a canoe. We learn paddle strokes like the cross bow draw and “J� stroke on the lake and then head out onto the whitewater rivers surrounding camp. We use tandem (two person) canoes to practice communicating and working as part of a team.

Figure No. 2 : Canoe

This is basil, an herb that we grow in the garden at camp. It smells sweet and

Figure No. 3 : Basil

deliciously fresh. When the cooks blend it with olive oil, pine nuts and garlic it becomes a pesto topping for our pasta or a base on pizza.

Learning from the Land

A variety of nutritious vegetables & herbs

ripe from our garden We believe that nutritious foods are a cornerstone to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Since the 1970’s, campers have been enjoying delicious meals from our Whole Kitchen. Meals are made from scratch using natural and organically grown produce (including many vegetables from our garden), fruits, whole grains, unrefined sugar, as well as fresh meats and dairy products. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at each meal, and special diets can be accommodated upon request. To encourage responsibility to community and a simple understanding of where our food comes from, all campers participate in baking fresh bread and help with table setting and dish and pot washing.


The Eagle’s Nest garden-to-table program was initiated many years ago to foster a connection with the land, educate young people about the origins of food, and increase the sustainability of our Whole Kitchen. Since that time our garden has grown exponentially. We currently produce many varieties of lettuce, cabbage, squash, beans, onions, asparagus, potatoes, and tomatoes, all of which account for approximately 30% of the vegetables we eat during the summer months. We even have shiitake mushroom logs! All campers actively learn about gardening and composting and have the option to spend time working in the garden every day.

9 9

A day in the life of an

Eagle’s Nest Camper

6:15 a.m.

7:30 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

10:45 a.m.

The sun is starting

The sound of the

After cabin clean up

In second period

to burn through the

old bell wakes me

my Explorer’s class

gardening class we

mist in our river valley.

from the dream I

is collecting “swamp

harvested red potatoes.

By their cheerful songs

was having about

gas” from the fishing

It’s really fun to try to

we can tell that the

climbing at Looking

pond today. The gas is

find them in the dirt.

birds are very happy.

Glass. It’s a little

methane that is made

The kitchen staff is

An exciting day is ahead!

chilly, but the smell

when things decay.

going to use them to

of bacon cooking

We get to get in the

make hash browns.

helps me get out of

water and stomp

my cozy bed.

around near the cattails. It’s very muddy.

12:30 p.m.

2:30 p.m.

6:45 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

Lunch time! We’re

Afternoon classes

It’s Twilight, so I get

Goodnight Circle.

having tacos with

are starting. I’ve

to choose what activity

We all sing “Day is

fresh guacamole –

got horseback riding

I want to go to. Some

Done” before heading

my favorite! I can’t

3rd period. I’m hoping

of my cabin mates and

off to snack and the

wait for after lunch

to work on the wheel

I are going to go to

evening activity.

singing. I hope we

in 4th period ceramics.

free swim at the lake.

Tonight it’s a campfire

sing Sippin’ Cider

I love jumping off the

on Nature Hill.


diving board.

Camp Activities

Growing in independence and


acquiring skills

Ever wonder if you could climb a 100-foot cliff or paddle down a raging river? Eagle’s Nest campers don’t just wonder, they do it! Our activities promote community awareness, connection with nature, and a healthy and joyful lifestyle. Campers create their own schedules for the session with the assistance of the camp directors. Campers grow in independence by self selecting a well-balanced schedule of activities which include at least one wilderness, arts, and athletic activity. Each camper’s daily routine is slightly different, reflecting their own choices. Whether they are learning more about forest ecology, ceramics, or drama, or trying out horseback riding, whitewater paddling, or rock climbing, campers receive personalized, hands-on instruction.

Campers take 4 classes a day, choosing one class from each of the categories: wilderness, arts, athletics and special classes. See our list of activities on the next page.

“It’s really an amazing feeling to come here and have your own world. You feel connected to  something and you feel like you’re part of a bigger community and something larger, and you’re  working within that community.“

» Malcolm, Camper

This is a Bowline, a very strong knot that comes in handy around camp. On our cabin campouts, we learn how to tie Bowlines and use them to hang the tarps under which we sleep.

Figure No. 4 : Bowline

This is a banjo. Its twangy sound is a staple in Old-Time and Bluegrass

Figure No. 5 : Banjo

music of the Southern Appalachians. At camp, it’s played by campers and counselors in Strings ‘n Things class and in the lunchtime singing band.

Camp Activities

Endless opportunities

for fun and exploration Wilderness

Campcraft Rock Climbing Whitewater Canoeing Explorer’s Club Forest Magic

Native Lore Group Initiatives Fishing Gardening

Arts, Music & Drama

Arts and Crafts Ceramics Batik Basketry Drawing Earth Art Musical Production Improvisation

Yoga and Movement Guitar Strings and Things Songwriting Photography Woodworking Blacksmithing Green Woodworking


Horseback Riding Archery Swimming Soccer

15 15

Basketball Tennis Ultimate Frisbee Wide World of Sports

Special Activities

Building on the artistic and creative talents of our staff, Eagle’s Nest offers unique classes each session for campers who enjoy exploring new topics. Past special activities have included cooking, puppetry, African drumming and dancing, and “Wild and Crazy Kids.”

» F  or a list and descriptions of the

activities offered at Eagle’s Nest, please visit

The History of Eagle’s Nest Camp

For the betterment of human character


since 1927

Eagle’s nest camp was established in 1927 by educators interested in the development and education of the whole child. Their mission was to bring a diverse group of individuals together in the spirit of friendship, learning, and growth. Today, Eagle’s Nest operates as an independent, non-profit organization and continues to be rooted in the fundamental philosophies of experiential education, promotion of the natural world, and the betterment of human character. Our staff does an outstanding job of perpetuating the traditions and philosophies upon which Eagle’s Nest was founded. We take pride in the quality of the camp counselors who work at Eagle’s Nest. They are some of the most creative, hard working and kind people we know! In keeping with the fundamental idea of education for the whole child, a large percentage of our

summer staff members are in school studying education or have already established themselves as educators. Most importantly, they all have a deep love for working with young people.

“Eagle’s Nest Camp has been a part of my life for more years than I can count. It felt natural to send my four children to a place where they could  experience those same feelings. I can even imagine their children roasting marshmallows and splashing around in the swimming lake! “

» Cissy, Past Camper & Parent

in a nutshell...

21 3 of our staff were 50% Average age of our counselors


years on staff

Eagle’s Nest campers

40% of staff 4:1 campers are studying education

to each counselor

All staff members are certified in CPR & First Aid

at a minimum and have had at least a year of life experience beyond high school.

OVER 60%

of our campers return to camp every summer. Campers come from over 39 states & 11 countries.



Eagle’s nest camp is a program of the Eagle’s Nest Foundation, a non-profit organization chartered in 1950 whose mission is “Experiential education for young people promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.” There are three programs offered by the Foundation: » Eagle’s Nest Camp » Hante Adventures » The Outdoor Academy of the Southern Appalachians The Outdoor Academy is a SACS accredited semester school program for 10th grade students located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum offered in a small community and boarding environment. Students engage in hands-on, experiential learning to develop leadership skills and focused environmental ethics. Eagle’s Nest is an equal opportunity recreational/educational provider that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disabling condition, or sexual orientation. We include people of all abilities on an individual basis with regard to our wilderness programs on rugged terrain.

E N F. O R G / E AG L E S - N E ST- C A M P


(828) 877.4349 43 HART ROAD PISGAH FOREST, NC 28768


(336) 761.1040 P.O. BOX 5127 WINSTON-SALEM, NC 27113

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Eagle’s Nest Camp encourages children to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to community. We place empha...

2018 Eagle's Nest Camp Viewbook  

Eagle’s Nest Camp encourages children to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to community. We place empha...