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BACK 2 SCHOOL TRENDS Ruskin students are slaying the hallways.



Kansas City Chief ’s player pays Ruskin football team a visit.

SUMMER OLYMPICS Recap of the 2017 Summer Olympics.

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POLICE BRUTALITY #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter



Homecoming, homecoming & more homecoming.


Theatre department starts auditions for fall play.

September - October 2016

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10 EAGLE’S EYE STAFF • Alesia Davis, Newspaper Editor and online co-editor • Jasmine Shelton, Online Editor and newspaper co-editor • Jada Burse, Yearbook Editor • SaRah Al-Basir, Yearbook Co-Editor • Aaliyah Wilcox, Business Manager • Naysha Boyd, Photo Editor • William White, Sports Reporter • Carlo Terrell, Sports Reporter • Sha’Ron Mitchell, Photographer • Ronnell Brown, Photographer • Angel Hudson, Reporter • Jazlynn Smith, Reporter • Marchelle Miller, Reporter • Malcolm Murphy, Photographer • Kameron Williams, Sports Reporter • Brandon Holley-Nelson, Sports Reporter • Maurice Stuckey, Photographer • Robyn King, Adviser • Visit us online at On the cover: Perfoming in the stands sophomores Bryana Carter, Naguib Nassir and Dashia Brown play for the fans at the football game. Photo Credit: Brianna Hull

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September - October 2016



BACK TO SCHOOL TRENDS by Jada Burse, Talon Yearbook Editor & Photos by Naysha Boyd, Photo Editor “You’re only sixteen, you don’t have a rep yet; no, you go to school to learn not for a fashion show!” Parents just don’t understand. A phrase we might know all too well comes from the hit 1990s song “Parents just don’t understand” by Will Smith. This years fashion has been very chic with all kinds of new trends starting up and old trends coming back. One new popular trend that is on the rise are “Dashikis,” originating from West Africa and other parts as well is a garment that covers up the top half

September - October 2016

of your body. Coming in all kinds of colors and designs the students of Ruskin have been finding new ways on how to rock this African style. “I like that it’s different and it’s a quick way to start a new trend around the school,” senior Jasmine Shelton said. Denim is jumping back into style from the 80s and 90s with all kinds of looks like overalls, high waisted jeans, jean jackets, and denim shirts. Not only are they coming back but students are

putting their own spin on things to make them more modern. “I just like the look of it, it’s unique,” junior Sha’Ron Mitchell said. “The look of it and texture is something that looks good on me.” Another style taking a major step

A&E into the world of fashion are gladiator sandals. The sandal that go up your calf is tearing up the hallways of Ruskin high school with the ladies strutting these sandals. Wearing them with dresses, rompers, and even shorts the possibilities are endless for the this fashion trend. The guys have been making more of a fashion forward statement this year. Wearing button down shirts seems to becoming more and more of a trend. Wearing the shirts with slacks to look more professional, or just wearing shorts and jeans to go for a more casual look. Either way the guys are looking good. “I like wearing button downs because it shows maturity and it’s a different look, and classy,” junior Brandon Holley-Nelson said. With all these different trends it’s hard for someone to keep up. One could only imagine what someone will come up with next.



Peters makes visit to ruskin


by Kameron Williams At the Friday night, Sept. 23, football home game, the Ruskin Eagles hosted the Raytown Bluejays and a special guest. The two schools were somewhat of a rival since they were only 10 minutes apart from one another. Both teams came in the game with a 1-5 record so it was all about who wanted the second win more. Ruskin with their only win over Oak Park and Raytown with their only win over Truman, this was a game for the ages. Going into the locker room after warming up the Golden Eagles were hype and ready to play. After head coach William Perkins speech to the team into the locker room

came a very surprising face. Lead in by Ruskin Principal Dawn Smith, Marcus Peters, the Kansas Chiefs cornerback, made a special pop up in the Eagles’ locker room. The players automatically were silent and looked at Peters in shock. “We have someone who would like to talk to you guys before we go out,” Perkins said. “I just wanted to come talk to you guys because I came from a school just like this,” Peters said. Connecting with the players Peters talked about how football was his only way out and how his dad made him better by coaching his high school team. Unlike

Marcus Peters, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback, visits with the Ruskin Eagles football team in the locker room before their game against Raytown. Photo Credit: Torrence Allen RHS

others Peters actually had a story that the players could relate. “ I just want you guys to go out there and have fun, regardless of what happens,” Peters said. During the game Peters stood on the sideline cheering on the Eagles. “Keep playing man,” said

Peters as the Eagles went down 7-0 in the first quarter. Throughout the game Peters gave tips to players and helped them during the game. Although the Eagles lost, Peters still cheered on the team until the clock read 0:00. “It was a good experience and his story motivated me to keep getting better,” said Shakespeare Williams a member of the Eagles football team. The Eagles later finished the regular season 2-7 winning their first homecoming game in 11 years.

September - October 2016




2016 Olympics recap

The Olympics rings on display for the district’s Convocation theme. Photo Credit: Robyn King

a basket full of gold by DuVonte’ Beard At the 2016 Summer Olympics USA won a total of 121 medals; 46 gold, 37 silver, and 38 bronze. Many gold medals were won by the United States Olympic competitors this summer. Two of the 121 golds were won by the men and women’s national basketball teams. Basketball has been one of USA’s strongest competitors when it comes to Olympic competition, winning consecutive gold medals over the span of the past several years. This summer, they continued their run of dominance to attain two additional gold medals for the United States. All eyes were on the United States Basketball National teams, but mainly on the men’s team. The men pulled through the summer with an undefeated record in OlymSeptember - October 2016

pic competition. Team USA were men amongst boys in exhibition play, gliding through the first few games of their summer competition. Group play brought forth a challenge to be accepted by the US men, facing tough opponents such as Australia, Serbia and France, only beating these teams by an average margin of a little over five points. Though they faced battles in group play, they came out on top in their group to set the tone for what was to come in the final rounds. Team USA won their quarterfinal game by 27 to jumpstart their way to another gold. The next game against Spain went a little different, with the USA only winning by a margin of six points. Kay Thompson led

Team USA with 22 points with help from their center DeAndre Jordan snagging 16 rebounds, tying a team record. After that was the gold medal game where they beat Serbia by a whopping thirty points.The US men went on to receive their gold medals, just as well as the US women’s national team.

The women weren’t the primary focus of US Olympic basketball, but they arguably dominated their opponents more than the US men’s team. Like the men, the women’s team routed an undefeated summer to continue their superiority over Olympic competition, winning by 37 points on average each game. Guard Diana Taurasi led the women’s national team in points averaging 15.6 points per game. Team USA also had three Olympic leaders in field goal percentage on their team being Breanna Stewart, Brittney Griner and Sylvia Fowles with her being the lowest of the three averaging 69 percent from the field. The Summer Olympics of 2016 went nothing short of great for the United States Olympians, representing their country with pride and dignity in the Olympic Games. The whole country watched and supported as the United States accomplished the results expected of them.

USA basketball team at Rio Olympics 2016. Photo Credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias via Wikimedia Commons


SPORTS by Carlo Terrell

by Brandon Holley-Nelson Team USA for the 2016 Olympics in track and field is back on top. The Olympics was hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over 11,000 athletes from across the world all came together and competed in a total of 28 sports, but it was one group that stood out, Team USA. Last year of 2015 they stood in third place to Kenya and Jamaica with only six gold

Simone Biles performing during at 2016 Olympics in Rio. Photo Credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias via Wikimedia Commons

medals. This year the USA

The Olympic sport with the most medals with a total count of 12 is women gymnastics. “I enjoyed watching the Olympics by far the most fun was women gymnastic,” sophomore Laurence Hudson said. By far the star on the team is Simone Biles. The 19 year old viral and Olympic sensation got gold in women’s Individual all around, women’s vault, and women’s floor exercise. “Simone (Biles) excited me the most, more than the men’s basketball dunks,” sophomore Marcus Park said. Coming behind her with silver in women’s individual all around, and floor exercise is the veteran of the team at age 22 years old is Aly Raisman. The name Gabby Doug-

gold medals and a overall of

las might sound really familiar because she was the hero of the 2012 summer Olympics. This year Douglas finished 3rd in women’s individual all around. The issue of Douglas being cyberbullied overshadowed her performance. All three medals in women’s individual allaround are occupied by US women. “I never seen that happened before I was shocked and amazed,” junior Tarek Montgomery said. The US Gymnastics women’s team also featured 16 year old Lauren Hernandez placed first in women’s team all around.

Track and Field group stands in first place with a total of 13 32 medals. In the women’s 4×400 relay 5x defending champs took the gold medal with a time of 3:19.06 beating Jamaica and Great Britain. Jamaica upset USA last year after leaving them with a defeat so it was a happy moment not to only beat Jamaica, but also come in first place. The USA’s women’s relay race was very successful after almost beating the world only 5 seconds apart. The women weren’t the only ones who managed to take the victory. The guys also took first earning a gold medal with time of 2:57.30 beating Jamaica & Bahamas.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry poses with Olympic gold medalist and track star Allyson Felix. Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State from United States via Wikimedia Commons the year of 2008 placed 15th in London, 2012 placed fifth, and in 2016 she placed first hosted in Rio. Her father was Michael Carter who won the men’s shot put with a silver medal while representing Team USA at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. Not only has Carter made improvements, but she now has set the new world record with a distance of 20.63. Sports is definitely something that isn’t new to this family. It doesn’t stop there, because in the women’s long jump Tianna Bartoletta took home the gold medal. She had a jump of 7.17m ( 23 ‘ 6 ¼). Bartoletta was close to beating the world record “7.23“ set by six time world champion for the US.

Three-time Olympian for the US Michelle Carter had an astonishing performance in the shot put event. Carter in

September - October 2016




one to remember by Kameron Williams The 2016 swimming Olympics was definitely one to remember, a lot of countries improved and the well known stars made a name for themselves. With the United States coming out on top above all other countries. Australia gave the U.S. a run for their money coming in second place overall. Michael Phelps a 6’4 swimmer from Towson, Maryland helped out the United States tremendously. “I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything,” said Phelps after winning the 200m with a time of 1:54.66 giving the U.S. a lot of points with that gold medal according to NBCOlympics. com. The United States had a lot of good highlights throughout the Olympics but they weren’t the only team that had great moments. Australia was a team that turned a lot of heads this year the women received 2nd place in the 4×100 medley relay with a time of 3:55. Australia lost by 2 seconds to the reigning 4×100 champions the United States women. Their 4×100 time set a new record this year doing something no other women’s Australian team has done. Bronte Campbell was a very big part of the women’s success this year, helping out the 4×100 team and getting September - October 2016

a bronze in the 100m women’s freestyle. “I learned my lessons very early on that it’s probably a good thing to be humble in victory as well as defeat,” said Campbell after the 100m freestyle according to This year’s swimming Olympics was unique for many reasons but one thing seemed to stand out the most. Gaurika Singh, 13 years old, was the youngest ever to compete in

the swimming Olympics. Standing at 5 feet and only 99 pounds Singh does not look like the average athlete. “It was amazing just looking up on that board and seeing my time,” said Singh according to Swimswam. com. Singh competed in the 100 meter backstroke and finished with a time of 1:08 even. Coming in first place out of the three in her heat. When she was at the deck getting ready

Olympian Michael Phelps swims his last Olympic lap in Rio. Photo Credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias via Wikimedia Common

Olympic Gold medalist Simone Manuel, first African American woman to win gold in swimming. Photo Credit: Chan-Fan via Wikimedia Common

to swim a lady said, “Sorry athletes only.” That’s how little Singh was compared to the other athletes. Although she did not medal Singh competed with the world’s best after surviving an earthquake in Nepal to becoming an 2016 Olympian.

Fireworks light the sky at the closing Olympics Ceremony. Photo Credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias via Wikimedia Commons

EAGLE’S EYE NEWS OPINION Sports and Race: Two Peas in a Pod


by Jasmine Shelton

The national anthem, the Arthur Williams said. theme song for America. That Douglas does not need to be one song that every Ameriseen as a disrespectful Amercan knows, the one song that ican, or seen as someone who begins every sporting event, a doesn’t represent the country song that was that she comes from. played 46 times “I think that the This national wasn’t at the Rio 2016 national anthem about an honest misOlympics. The it wasn’t seen as is a big deal and take, Olympics have a joke, or a story that that putting your was popular all of one always and will always be hand over your news cycle. This story a big deal. It’s was simply about heart during it is race. Douglas was not the coming together of the respectful thing the only athlete to all the world’s not show the “proper to do.” countries to respect” to the councompete for try by not putting her medals. In the United States hands over her heart, but she the most watched Olympic was the only athlete to be badSports, according to Topendgered and beaten down by the were gymnastics, news and on social media. track and field and swimming. Gold and silver shot put The 2016 Rio Summer athletes Ryan Crouser and John Olympics gave the world plenty Kovacs, both Caucasian men to talk about, from Michael were shown failing to put their Phelps winning five gold and hands over their hearts during one silver medal, to Ryan their medal presentation Locke’s run with Brazilian law, ceremony. These athletes were to Simone Biles winning four seen to be premier American gold and one bronze gymnastic athletes, their personal stories medals. One of the more inwere played in primetime. teresting stories was one about After their presentation of the three time gymnastic gold medals, it would be expected medalist Gabby Douglas. The that their names and faces story was about how Dougwould be all over the news las did not put her hand over and social media, but they her heart during the medal were not. This is not the only presentation of the gymnasexample of this discrimination tics team final. The story itself against Douglas. shows how shallow and picky 2nd Lt. of the Army Reserves Americans are about things Sam Kendricks’ pole vaultthat don’t necessarily matter. ing was a trending moment There are some Americans that on Facebook. Kendricks was believe that the national anrunning to complete an Olymthem is important and should pic vault when he heard the be respected. national anthem playing and “I think that the national stopped mid-run and stood anthem is a big deal and that stock still as the anthem finputting your hand over your ished. He stood stock still with heart during it is the respecthis hands on his side not over ful thing to do,” sophomore his heart, once again we have

Olympian Gabby Douglas makes the Gymnastics team for the second time. Photo Credit: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil via Wikimedia Commons a Caucasian male not paying it’s required. I don’t think that “proper respect” to their counGabby was in the wrong for try and having nothing happen not putting her hand over her to them. They weren’t called heart,” junior Kendra Sandunpatriotic, and their charers-Baskins said. “At least she acter wasn’t defaced. The one acknowledged that the anthem and only difference between was playing. I don’t think that these men and this young it’s a big deal anymore.” woman is race. The argument Gabby Douglas is an African over the national I don’t think American athlete that anthem has become made one simple misone that has been that Gabby was take, and had to suffer getting a lot of in the wrong for the consequences of traction,after the not putting her her actions because numerous African of the color of her hand over her skin. The basics of American deaths due to police this story is not about heart.” brutality. The mistakes, it’s about arguments all argue over the discrimination. idea of equality for all people “I don’t think that Gabby in this country. While some was wrong, especially if this people still believe that the country hasn’t given us what national anthem a symbol that we were promised,” junior Lena unites this country, others don’t Jackson said. “She accidentally think that standing at attention didn’t put her hand there, I will during the anthem is necessari- never put my hand over my ly required. heart and that’ll be on pur“I personally don’t think that pose.”

September - October 2016


EAGLE’S EYE NEWS OPINION Police bRutality Continues by SaRah Al-Basir

Click here to view the Black and Blue Mannequin Challenge

“Please don’t tell me this lord. Please Jesus, don’t tell me that he’s gone,” Diamond Reynolds pleaded with the lord while her boyfriend Philando Castile drew his last breath in the passenger seat. His white T-shirt covered in blood and he moans in so much pain and distress. July 6, Philando Castile was shot four times in his car, with his 4 year old daughter in the backseat. After an officer pulled him over for a broken tail light. Castile explained to the officer that he had a concealed weapon with a permit to carry it. While reaching for his license and registrations officer shot Castile four times in his chest, and abdomen area. After the police shot him, Castile’s girlfriend went immediately on Facebook live explaining the situation that had just occurred before her eyes. Castile’s death was a day after Alton Sterling, who was age 37, was outside of a Baton Rouge gas station selling CDs with the owner’s permission. Cops restrained Sterling to the ground not knowing any of the situation or that he had permission. After officers forced him to the ground one pulled out a gun and shot him twice in the chest. Bystanders caught all of it on video which was soon posted to social media so all eyes could see the tragedy that had taken place. July 7, a man from Kansas City ambushed officers, killed three and wounded three others. Gavin Long was a Grandview High School graduate who on his 29th birthday went

September - October 2016

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons on a killing rampage. He was a former marine who had spent time in Iraq and was discharged in 2010. These killings and so many more sparked national controversy such as #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, and with some recent cop killing over the summer the movement #BlueLivesMatter. “If I see a cop I’m nervous, your heart starts beating and you could be legit and everything, you could have your license, you could be fine but what we’ve seen recently people getting killed for doing the right thing,” student services Brian Harris said. With so many movements on social media so many people felt they needed to choose a side. “I felt like #AllLivesMatter was a push back to #BlackLivesMatter, the black community was having problems at the time, everyones lives matter,” Kimberly Barton said. The statement that everyone lives matter is true, but how

as society do we accept cops killing innocent black people, how can we turn a blind eye on police brutality? They try to convince us that our eyes didn’t see it right. That our eyes didn’t see a man by the name of Alton Sterling struggling on the floor, as a white policeman shot him more than once. Our eyes saw what happened and our ears heard the noise so when people say all lives matter yes that’s true, but all lives are not in danger, all lives are not a target, all lives are not scared

“I felt like #AllLivesMatter was a push back to #BlackLivesMatter.” to get pulled over, all lives are not scared when they’re doing something right and see a police officer. Officer Geronimo Yanez got placed on paid administrative leave and came back a week after the shooting, and killing of Philando Castile. Yanez got to go back home to his family

and friends, he got to see another day and wasn’t convicted of the murder instead he got paid to take a couple of days off. Castile didn’t have that choice his daughter and his fiance had to watch him take his last breaths in the front seat of his car. They had to go home without their father and boyfriend and a mother lost her son due to police brutality. But the world turned a blind eye, while the media turns the victim’s perception into a thug, and the killing “was not a true lost to society.” Every life that is lost due to police brutality is a lost to society. We’re living under unfair circumstances in a world where it is okay for a police to take an innocent life with no consequences. The police make a pledge to protect us, then put on a badge, blue suit and become higher than the law. If police make a pledge to protect then why are they causing so much harm. Due to recent mass shootings across America politicians have called for tougher guns laws such as a background check and mental background check to make it harder to get a gun. Although the second amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms these steps would help stop anyone from getting a gun and killing innocent people. Why can’t we do the same before we give someone a badge and call them a police officer.



by Kameron Williams & DuVonte’ Beard San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick struck controversy Aug. 26, 2016 when refusing to stand for the National Anthem during their home game against the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick remained seated on the bench while all others took part in honoring the United States during the anthem. Many critics instantly switched their attention to the 49ers quarterback for a story questioning as to why Kaepernick chose not to stand. Kaepernick went on to explain his reasoning as to why he made the decision not to stand. “I am not going to stand up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder,” Kaepernick said. With fans turning their backs on the 49ers quarterback Kaepernick continued to stand for what he believed in. “I am not looking for approval,” Kaepernick said, which meant a lot because some might have thought Kaepernick was not standing just to set himself apart from others. Actually having a valid reason, some fans accepted his opinion of this specific topic. Kaepernick obviously has a problem with the United States as a whole. 2016 was one of the first years that he

Students protest the Nation Anthem during Homecoming Pep Assembly. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy

did not participate in the Presidential election. To begin with Kaepernick was not a fan of either candidates this year. “To me it was embarrassing to watch; that these two are our candidates,” Kaepernick said. Many also criticized Kaepernick for this also but being a nation where expressing yourself is the right thing to do Kaepernick didn’t really worry about it. What most people might not think about is, Kaepernick is one of few professional athletes to express himself without worrying about the consequence. Kaepernick has nothing against the United States military, he is worried about all the black men getting killed and the cases being

Even though he voiced his opinion after the game when people asked, the knee Colin took said a million words.

what you believe in is the right thing to do. Kaepernick did not have to tell anyone how he felt because him kneeling said it all. Even though he voiced his opinion after the game when people asked, the knee Kaepernick took said a million words. Honestly Kaepernick did not have to say anything after the game if he didn’t feel the need to. Professional athletes are paid to do interviews but they are not paid to say anything specific. (Kameron Williams) My kneel at homecoming was inspired by Kaepernick. What he stands for when he does it at games is the same reason I took a kneel. I wanted to show support to the cause. The Black Lives Matter movement is important to me and I want to help show and raise awareness. (DuVonte’ Beard) September - October 2016

What he stands for when he does it at games is the same reason I took a kneel.

left alone. Being a superbowl contender a couple of years ago, Kaepernick knew what he was in for after making his big stand. Already having his reason, Kaepernick was ready for the series of questions he was going to have to answer. Kaepernick was a huge fan of Malcolm X , the man who fought for the black community before our time. “Don’t be throwing out any ballots. A ballot is like a bullet,” Malcolm X said in a speech on April 3, 1964. Malcolm X’s quote inspired Kaepernick in a very unique way, so unique that Kaepernick chose not to vote after he understood what it meant. In response to Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem, I think standing your ground on




HOMECOMING SPIRIT WEEK Monday - Character Crazy Day

Homecoming Queen candidate Aeriona Verge, Mahmood Balmarjah and senior Jada Warren dress as The Joker, Harley Quinn and El Diablo for Character Crazy Day. Photo Credit: Jada Burse “My favorite day of the week was Monday,” sophomore Ogetchi Idika said. “It was cool to see people dressed as movie characters and superheros.”

Tuesday - Disney Day Tuesday Disney Day: Senior Shadman Alam and juniors Yasmeen Tariq and Mohammed Ahmed dress up as characters from Aladdin for Disney Day. Photo Credit: Jada Burse “My favorite day was Disney Day,” senior SaRah Al-Basir said. “I love Disney.

September - October 2016




Wednesday - Nerds Vs Jock Day Seniors Antonique Holmes and Jada Warren come as nerds for Nerds vs. Jocks day. Photo Credit: Naysha Boyd “My favorite day of the week was nerds vs. jocks day,” senior Jada Burse said. “It was interesting to see what everybody was going to do.”

Thursday- 20th Century Throwback Thursday 20th century Throwback: Juniors Moriah Isenhower, Marshay Miller, Zadiyah Collis, Diamond Taylor, Lena Jackson, and Angel Hudson smile for a picture on 20th century throwback day. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy “My favorite spirit week day was Thursday because my best friend Dawn and I got to dress up together,” senior Mariaelena Gramajo said.

Friday - Olympic Day

Senior DuVonte’ Beard spins a basketball on his finger in honor of Olympic Day Friday. Photo Credit: Malcolm Murphy “I thought I’d win Olympic Day, so I went all out and wore a lot of my medals to represent an Olympic medalist,” Beard said.

September - October 2016



2016 Homecoming


CANDIDATES by Jasmine Shelton This years’ homecoming candidates come from a wide variety of areas in the building, which also increased the competition between the candidates. The sophomore prince candidates were Fabian Valtierra, Tyreese Taylor, Carlo Terrell and Jamal Wallace. Sophomore princess candidates were Kelly Menjivar, Destinee Brown, Sheila Titalangha and Karemah Hazziez. Junior prince candidates were Kalan Hooks, Shakespeare Williams, Juan Escamilla and Craig Hughes. Princess candidates were

Coriana Forshee, Shyna Darrington, Alawnna Duncan and Alexus Palmer. Senior King candidates were varsity football player Tayshon Wrench, Peter Nguyen, varsity soccer player Mahmood “Bany” Balmarjauy, John Lewis and Kevin Marett. Senior Queen candidates were drum major Briana Thornton, dancer Aeriona Verge, cheerleader LaShelle Austin, journalist Jasmine Shelton and fashion designer Kamryn Miller.

Seniors Aeriona Verge and Mahmood Balmarjah celebrate winning homecoming king and queen. Photo Credit: Brianna Hull


Sophomore Prince: Carlo Terrell Escorted by Kelly Menjivar

Sophomore Princess: Destinee Brown Escorted by Michael Lorthridge Junior Prince: Shakespeare Williams escorted by Raeyana West Junior Princess: Corianna Forshee Escorted by Brandon Ewing

Senior Queen: Aeriona Verge Senior King: Mahmood Balmarjah September - October 2016





North Kansas City came into Ruskin with a plan to spoil the party but they came to the wrong school. Ruskin High School walked on the field with ‘winning’ being the only option. For that reason senior quarterback Mark Anthony Robins had a field day. He bounced back from a struggling game to 6 of 9 passes for 245 yards. Don’t forget about his three touchdowns. “My line was giving me time and wide receivers, they made it easy for me,” Robins said. Junior Tyrell Rock carried most of the load in the receiving yards. Rock had 181 receiving yards and two The football team makes an entrance on the field to begin the game. Photo Credit: Brianna Hull touchdowns. “They just couldn't hold and refused to lose that field. All anyone could do pulled Robins third touchme, my quarterback was game,” Williams said. was look at the scoreboard down. The biggest drive of making great passes,” Rock The secondary decided and see Ruskin 19, North the game came with one said. they were going to have a Kansas City 14, making minute left in the game. Rock’s most notable catch fun homecoming dance history with a homecoming North Kansas City had a was a 72-yard touchdown in drive going and were at the making three straight stops. win since 2006. which he broke two tackles. The atmosphere was crazy Ruskin 35 yard line. Junior Shakespeare Williams as the fans stormed on the “Our defense stepped up

Golden eagle band is #1 by Jazlynn Smith

Golden Eagle Band plays during the football teams entrance. Photo Credit: Brianna Hull

The band placed first place at the annual Lincoln University Homecoming parade Oct. 8. The parade included the marching band/drumline, ROTC, dance team and flag corp. The contest consisted of three bands and several drills teams. “We worked hard,” junior Marshay Miller said. “The whole experience and performance was overall good even though we were thrown some loops.” “I am very proud that everyone could come together and get us this win,” band instructor Brent Wheeler said. September - October 2016

EAGLE’S EYE NEWS A&E 14 Sister Act In the Beginning by Naysha Boyd

School has begun and it’s time for a play. This fall the Ruskin Theatre Department puts on Sister Act. This particular play was released as a high school script at the end of last school year. The auditions were September 13. The cast list was attached on the call board two days later. “I felt happy, I actually did not know until I came to school on Friday, when I found out I felt excited because this was my first play,“ senior Mariaelena Gramajo said. The main character was junior Alwanna Duncan who plays Deloris. Some of the other cast members consist of senior Colin Thomas (Eddie), junior Monah Isenhour (Sister

Mary Lazarus), and senior Shelby Woodroof (Mother Superior). The show has closed rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The crew for the show has now been selected. Some of these members consist of junior Micheal Ricketts (stage manager), sophomore Cire’ Oliver (assistant stage manager), and senior Jada Warren (costume designer). Ruskin students check in for Sister Act auditions. Over 20 students This show is set to be tried out and each one made the cast. Photo Credit: Jada Burse performed November 17,18 and 19 at 7:00 pm. The show costs $7 to attend. Cast and Crew has worked hard to put this show together for everyone’s enjoyment. Come out and support these students.

Students dance to a Sister Act track for their auditions. Sister Act will be performed on Nov. 17, 18 and 19. Photo Credit: Jada Burse

Sophomore Zoe Pearsall sings to the judges for her audition. This show is being performed during the day and at 7pm. Photo Credit: Jada Burse

September - October 2016

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