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Road in Motion Weighbridge manufacturer, exporter EAGLE - WIM for Toll Plaza,Toll Roads & Bridge : The Vehicle weight , not the number of axles, determines wear and tear of roads. Toll authorities now use weight-based tolling, which relies on weigh-in-motion technology to determine the proper toll classification while keeping the traffic moving. Its rigid construction significantly improves scale reliability in heavy-duty operation and helps to archieve precise positioning into the road during installation thus redusing the installation costs. The Weighbridge is connected to traffic lights and signals horn to control vehicle movement. Video camera for vehicle detection and vehicle image capturing can be delivered as optional equipment. CLOSE COUPLED AXLES : The platform has been specifically designed to take all combinations of axles. Single axles, tandem and tri-axle combinations are easily weighed because the electronics can capture the weights of every axle individually. Close coupled axles with spring or air suspension are no problem to the weighbridge which will take individual axles of up to 30 Ton each.

Truck weigh in motion

Key Benefits : Instant check for road legal weight Fully unattended weighing operation

Weighs hundreds of vehicle daily Daily reporting measures vehicle productivity Automatic recording of weight and images of vehicle Gross weight, axle weights, numbers of axles can be recorded Data record can be stored for stored for future use or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the Server. DYNAMIC WEIGHING : In-motion (dynamic) weighing is an established feature of axle weighing and was originally developed by EAGLE in the early 1991s. It is the basis of the Single Axle system and today with modern, state of the art electronic circuits it provides the highest accuracy for weighing individual axles. As a vehicle drives over the weighbridge in low gear the axles are automatically recorded on the move. The electronics calculates the actual weight of each axle as it passes over the platform and immediately displays the weight. Automatic operation of the weighbridge allows a driver to weigh without the need for a specialist operator to be present. A unique electronic zeroing system ensures that the correct weight is achieved for each axle and that zero adjustment between weighing is not required. For more details please visit our website:

Doc 5 truck weigh in motion  
Doc 5 truck weigh in motion