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ÊBe`^_kËdXi\1JkXigcXp\iflk]fij\Xjfe 9pAljk`eBXe\ Jgfikj<[`kfi The Florida Gulf Coast University women’s basketball team suffered a major set back announcing guard Whitney Knight will miss the season. The sophomore injured her knee practicing last week. “I’m disappointed for Whitney because she showed up in better shape and was playing a lot better than this time last year,” FGCU head coach Karl Smesko said. “We were all excited about her development, but unfortunately it’s part of the game. These types of injuries happen too frequently.” Although it’s not official, Smesko believes that Knight tore her ACL and will be out for the year. Smesko says the team doctor will check her today. “We have a pretty good idea now of the severity of the injury, and she will likely be out for the year,” Smesko said. “The players we have now are going to have to do what

they do, and hopefully that will be enough for Eagles and said when she heard about Knight’s injury it hit her hard. us to be successful.” “When I found out I cried,” Chihil said. Former Eagle and basketball player “Everybody was sick. It Courtney Chihil knows was a huge hit, everybody what Knight is going seemed devastated.” through. She tore When Chihil tore her her ACL three times ACL Smesko took it hard including once in college. Efe\f]k_\ and he did the same with She says there is no Knight. reason to rush Knight to ]i\j_dXeXi\ “He cares about his get back on the court. N_`ke\pBe`^_k players like we’re his “What my doctors family,” Chihil said. “We told me was after three -Coach Smesko are all so far away from months you can start to Womans basketball coach home he becomes like a run,” Chihil said. “At 4-5 father figure to us. When months you can start I tore mine he told me it to take cuts and at six killed him to watch me months you can start to lay on the court and not do a light practice. It’s risky though because some people come get up and I know it killed him to learn about back early and their knee isn’t strong enough Whitney.” Rated as high as 19th nationally at and they tear it again.” Chihil was a four-year starter for the the guard position and 73rd overall in

the recruiting class of 2011 by ESPN’s HoopGurlz, Knight was coveted as FGCU’s biggest recruit thrived her freshman season. She played all 32 games making three starts and she averaged 17.1 minutes and 8.0 points. She finished the season ranked first on the team and second in the conference in blocks 1.7/game, which ranked second in the A-Sun and 68th in the nation. She also earned A-Sun All-Freshmen team honors and was named Newcomer of the Year at the team’s end of the year banquet. Smesko said Knight will redshirt this season and come back next year with three years of eligibility. This would give her a full year to have surgery and rehab her knee. “There is no need to rush her,” Chihil said. “Take time and get your strength back equal to your healthy leg.” FGCU not only loses their tallest player, but also its most pivotal.




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even though it may not be as much as those in a STEM-related field. Alison Dieppa, a professor in the Department of Communication and Philosophy, said majors such as English and communications are still worth it. “An English major can branch out into many different jobs. While they might not be getting the most pay, the skills you learn off of them are important for life. While technology based majors may get more pay, students should keep more of an open mind.” Dieppa said. Dieppa based her choice for a major upon her strengths. “I picked something I was good at and something I loved, rather than the paycheck,” she said.



say they will have their child change majors to earn more money. Some FGCU students are entering into STEM majors not because the pay is higher than average, but because they enjoy what they’re studying. Ilyse Kushner, a freshman majoring in nursing, is one example. “When I was picking my major, I didn’t even consider the pay. In fact, I believe nurses are underpaid,” Kushner said. “I picked this major off of a personal experience and decided to pursue my dream and not follow a paycheck.” Still, many non-STEM related majors, such as communication or humanities, make a respectable s a l a r y,



students who major in engineering earn a median salary of $75,000. On the opposite end, those who major in psychology and social work earn $42,000, according to the Center of Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University. Across the board, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn 84 percent more over their lifetime than those with a high school degree. Parents also play a role in urging their kids to major in STEM programs, hoping that they will make more money. According to a Fidelity Investments study, 42 percent of parents say they urged their child to pick a major based on pay and 16 percent of parents


Some majors pack more bang for the buck. That’s the conclusion of a recent Georgetown University study, which found significant variation in starting pays based on a student’s major -- with science,

technology, engineering and math degrees, or STEM, having the payouts. Some Florida Gulf Coast University students make sure to do their research before selecting a major. “I checked the pay first, and it was pretty high,” said FGCU sophomore Josh Williams, who is pursuing a degree in computer information systems. “I love computers, and the pay was not bad.” On the high end of the spectrum,


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SERVICE LEARNING K_\f]ÔZ`Xcjkl[\ekgif[lZ\[ e\njgXg\iXk=cfi`[X>lc]:fXjk Le`m\ij`kpj`eZ\(00.%

<[`kfi$`e$:_`\] D\^Xe?ffc`_Xe Business Manager M`Zkfi`X:lee`e^_Xd Advertising Manager B\cj\pDXibfm`Z_ Managing Editor D`b\I`ZZ` News Editor M\ife`ZXM\cX Production Manager <cc`fkKXpcfi Art Designer AXZbJXe[hl`jk Arts and Lifestyle Editor :_\cj\XJ\\c\p Media Editor IpXeCpee Sports Editor Aljk`eBXe\ Opinion Editor 8e[i\n=i`\[^\e Crime Editor :Xicp<ccjnfik_

Distribution Coordinator DXkk_\nFcjqXZb

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Senior Staff Af_eepPXe^ BXk`\<^Xe Af\cDfii`j IXZ_\cG\i\q :XifcJZ_e\`[\i DXe[`\IX`enXk\i A\]]i\p?Xlk


)*0$,0'$.00- 8[m\ik`j`e^ )*0$,0'$.0+, <[`kfi`Xc )*0$,0'$..() DX`eF]ÔZ\ <X^c\E\nj DZKXieX^_Xe?Xcc)(. (''*'=>:L9cm[%J =fikDp\ij#=cX%**0-. MISSION STATEMENT: Eagle News, the student media group at Florida Gulf Coast University, represents the diverse voices on campus with fairness. We select content for our publication and our website that is relevant to the student body, faculty and staff. Members are committed to reporting with accuracy and truth. Our purpose is to encourage conversations about issues that concern the on-campus community. Eagle News views every culture with equal respect and believes every person must be treated with dignity.

ABOUT US: Eagle News, founded in 1997, is the student newspaper at Florida Gulf Coast University. The newspaper is the only student produced publication on campus and is entirely student run. Eagle News is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters and monthly in the summer, with the exception of holiday breaks and examination periods. The print edition is free to students and can be found on campus and in the community at Gulf Coast Town Center, Germain Arena and Miromar Outlets.

<m\ekj Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association: Remove exotic plants and clear walking trails at the LaBelle Nature Park, 440 Fraser Avenue, LaBelle, FL. Come Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 am and stay till 1:00 pm. Free lunch provided. BYO gloves and pruning shears if you have them. If not, they will be provided. Email Margaret at Pushing DaiZies is the nonprofit organization that puts on ZombiCon, an annual zombiethemed charity event taking place in downtown Fort Myers October 19, 20 & 21. Multiple shifts are available during the day and night. If you haven’t checked out ZombiCon before, take a look at the website: Contact to be a part of this fun-filled event! Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation: Sign up right away to join the fun group of volunteers at the 3rd Annual Halloween Extravaganza held October 19-31, 2012 at Lakes Park. Ask for the “Head Scarecrow” Marsha Asp. Contact her at 239-851-6434 or email for details. Traditional, weird, wacky, creative displays are welcome. Lakes Park is a fantastic and beautiful state park located at 7330 Gladiolus Drive, Fort Myers. Delnor-Wiggins: Help out the Boo at the Zoo on Saturday, October 20 for 2 hours shifts or more. Available time is between 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Kids will be having a wildly good time celebrating Halloween in a safe environment. Volunteers will have the opportunity to share information about the park and the wonderful Friends of DelnorWiggins Group, as well as give out tons of candy. Contact Donna Young at to register. Habitat for Humanity: The event Mortgage Burning needs help from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm on October 23 at the Habitat Office. Set up tables and chairs, serve dinner and help tear down. Contact Paula Schenz, Director of Volunteers, at PaulaS@ or 239-6521684. H.E.L.P.: Do you live in Charlotte County? Have a hankering to hangout in a pumpkin patch? Then join H.E.L.P. at the Fall Festival Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Duties include assisting with the kids’ games, helping in the pumpkin patch, collecting emails from attendees, distributing information and more. Contact Elaine Oliver at or call 941625-4543. Bonita Springs YMCA: Interested in helping out at the upcoming Luau event? It’ll be held

POLICE BEAT Friday, Sept. 15 at 2:32 a.m.: An RA in North Lake Village requested an officer due to a group outside of building N. The RA had received noise complaints and the group would not disperse. The officer observed a person with a beer bottle and asked for ID. The suspect refused and became argumentative and belligerent. While the officer was escorting the suspect to his vehicle, the suspect pulled away and ran across the parking lot. The suspect was a minor and their parents were called. The subject was issued a trespass warning and also issued for possession. They were released to an older brother and taken off campus. Friday, Sept. 15 at 4:37 a.m.: An officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from a vehicle. Upon contact with the vehicle smoke could be seen and there a marijuana grinder and a large amount of loose leafy green substance. The occupants were asked to exit the vehicle. The car was searched and a grinder, two marijuana blunts and a small glass pipe were recovered from the passenger side. In the trunk two twelve packs of bud light, two large glass bongs, two small glass bongs, one small glass pipe, and a digital scale were recovered. This incident was turned over to the dean’s office.

Saturday, November 9 from 6:00 pm– 8:00 pm. They definitely need help with set-up, breakdown and everything in between. Contact Heather at your earliest convenience: or call 239221-7560.

:fccfhl`ld Estero Bay Preserve State Park: Come volunteer at the Estero Bay Preserve State Park. Location is by Corkscrew Road and US 41, not too far from FGCU. For more information, contact Scott Stimpson at scott. FGCU Food Forest: NO SERVICE-LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES OCTOBER 5th & 6th. Service-learning opportunities will resume October 12 & 13 at this student-run botanical garden which highlights tropical/subtropical edible species that grow well in South Florida and is right here on campus. Friday hours 8:00 am – 1:00 pm; Saturday hours 7:30 am - 11:00 am. Contact or Kelly Walsh at ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization): Help out with agricultural development. Fill out a volunteer application at www. For questions, contact Ruth at Koreshan State Park Historic Site: Students are welcome every Wednesday at 8:00 am. Simply show up on time at 3800 Corkscrew Road, the gate opens automatically at 8:00 am. Long pants, closed-toed shoes are required; they suggest water and gloves. Heartland Gardens: Did you know that FGCU alums started this nonprofit? They have a 1,700 square foot raised labyrinth and they’re landscaping the entire acre with edible plants. Help with your financial expertise, business background, economic background, bookkeeping and data entry skills, public relations or communications background, or assist with newsletters, e-blasts, or grant writing. Contact Andrea at or call 239-689-4249. Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium: Numerous opportunities. Contact info@ or call 239-275-3435. Naples Botanical Garden: Horticulture gardening starts at 8:00 am Monday through Friday and includes weeding, potting, moving plants, digging, raking, sweeping, clearing debris, etc. Wear closed-toed shoes. No shorts or tank tops. Bring water. Wear sunscreen. Bring work gloves if you have them. Looking especially for groups of students on Fridays. No last minute requests. Give 4-5 day lead time. If you commit, then can’t make it, give notice. Be on time. Email Sally Richardson at Monday, Sept. 17 at 6:15 a.m.: There was graffiti on the wall near the seating area at Starbucks. It was black spray paint saying “smoke weed er day.” This will be reported to work management for removal. Additional graffiti was found on the library windows and also the west side of Holmes Hall. Monday, Sept. 17 at 8:46 p.m.: A student called UPD stating that last week she had handprints all over her vehicle. This week when she got out of class she found a threating note referring to her Heat bumper sticker. There was no damage either week and she had no suspects to provide. She ended up calling to cancel the report when she was notified by her roommate that it was a prank. Sunday, Sept 23 at 12:03 a.m.: An RA from Biscayne hall called to report that there was an intoxicated subject in the lobby who was also throwing up. The subject kept saying that they wanted to go to bed. The RA requested UPDs assistance in checking on the welfare of the student. UPD called EMS who then transported the student to Gulf Coast Hospital. Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1:42 p.m.: A suspect was given a warning for illegal possession as a minor in the South Village garage B. He had a bottle of rum and nine cans of beer. The suspect had to pour out all of the alcohol and throw away the empty containers. Sunday,Sept.23at5:08p.m.:Lee County Sheriff’s Office made contact

Fe^f`e^Fggfikle`k`\j Interested in Politics? Will Bronson, Democrat Candidate for the U.S. Congress in FL’s 17th District Needs Volunteers. Conduct research and/orproducecampaignmaterialson campus (basics of movie making will be taught). See bronsonforcongress. com. Your contribution could be a valuable addition to your resume. Call Bob Bivona, 239-567-0565. Lee County School District Environmental Education: If you love being outside, engaging in environmentally themed concepts, working with young kids, or possibly integrating new technologies, then they need you. The exciting field trips are daily with times ranging from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, depending on the trip/ activity. Choose a day from Monday through Friday. Field trips are held monthly from October through May. Contact Jillian Meek at jillianrm@ Dr. Piper Center for Social Services: Two students needed. One to help with marketing/event planning and one with videography. Once a week would be great, but more often is welcome. Contact Kayla Pudlin at or call 239332-5346. Cypress Lake Middle School: The Robotics Coach needs engineering students to help the team build Lego robots and be mentors that can teach the teams about structure and design as well as general engineering information. Meet with the Lego League teams Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 8:30 am - 9:30 am and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:50 pm - 5:05 pm. Also meet one Friday night a month from 3:50 pm – 7:00 pm. Email Bente Brauer at Bonita Springs Middle School Center for the Arts: Tutors wanted. Help 7th or 8th graders with AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) who have the potential to go to college but need help in learning how to study, organize their notes and manage their time a little better. Tutors can teach the students how to solve the questions themselves and with peers. Must apply and write an essay to be considered and, upon approval, will be trained. AVID tutors are needed two days a week (Tues/ Thurs, or Mon/Wed at 1:00 pm and also 3:00 pm). Email Mary Ann Blackmon at maryabl@leeschools. net. FGCU students from all fields are invited to participate. Naples Zoo: Help with the planning stage of the Zoobilee, an annual fundraiser. This is a great way to get some hands-on experience and learn more about how a successful fundraiser is run. Our main area of need is for individuals who would be willing to go ask for donations for the silent auction - we would give you a list of businesses to stop by and ask with UPD stating they received a call regarding a possible suicidal student driving south bound on Ben Hill. The subject was located at Gulf Coast Town Center in the Northwest corner. The caller identified as a student resident of North Lake Village and the subject as her boyfriend, a nonstudent. The student was given a ride to recover her car and the subject was backer acted. The resident stated that the subject had been living with her for more than one week, possibly since August. Monday, Sept. 24 at 2:56 p.m.: UPD received a call stating an individual on the third floor of building R was banging on the door. The individual was threatening to damage a vehicle if the door was not opened. When the subject was questioned they said they were trying to get in touch with the resident. He admitted to banging on the door but not the threatening to damage a vehicle. Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 6:25 p.m.: Student called UPD and stated that she was walking through the green near the library where there were several preachers. The preachers had two year old children passing out pamphlets. The student did not feel this was safe for the small children because of the bikes passing through the green area. The officer talked to the preacher and said that their son cannot hand out pamphlets. They advised the preachers to contact the dean’s office about handing out things on campus. Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8:00 p.m.:

as well as our desired item(s). We are also looking for people who would be willing to pick up donations for the silent auction. Both areas offer flexible scheduling. Contact Jessica Deering at or 239-2625409 x136. FGCU Adaptive Services: They are looking for responsible students who would like to volunteer to tutor in a one-on-one setting. Please stop by the Adaptive Services office, first floor of Howard Hall, to get additional information regarding this opportunity and to fill out a Tutor Information Form. Tutors will receive service-learning hours for their assistance. If you have questions, please contact Barbara Fuentes at 239-590-7997 or at bfuentes@fgcu. edu. GulfCoastHumaneSociety:“Put your animal magnetism to work by volunteering.” Opportunities include kennel & cat room assistants, events team, veterinary clinic receptionist, administrative help, landscaping and more. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Fordiani, at kfordiani@gulfcoasthumanesociety. org or 239-332-0364 x301. Partners for Breast Cancer Care: Their mission is to save lives and reduce suffering. Come help by volunteering. Contact Barbara Farrell at barbara.farrell@floridagulfbank. com. Lee County Parks and Recreation: There are a ton of various places to enjoy outdoors. There’s Terry Park, Caloosahatchee Regional Park, Lakes Parks, Bowdich Park, Bunche Beach, Manatee Park, Veteran’s Park and more. Contact Volunteer Services at 239-432-2159 or email Harry Chapin Food Bank: Do you enjoy organizing food? Like knowing that those in need will benefit from your help? Contact the Volunteer Manager, Bedzaida Bryen, at bedzaidabryen@ or 239-3347007 x141. Abuse Counseling & Treatment (ACT): Second Act Thrift store needs help. The benefit of volunteering is a 50% discount. Contact Honora Jacobus at or 239-939-2553. Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida: Want to help kids? Select your choice from AfterSchool Program Mentor, Fundraising/ Marketing/PR, Facilitate Quality Life Center tours on FGCU campus, Arts (visual, performing, and fine arts), Computer Web and more. Contact Angela Pena at or 239-334-2797. Information is provided by the Service Learning department. All opportunities are pre-approved. You can find more opportunities on Facebook at “FGCU Service Learning.” A complainant called UPD stating that a student had fallen asleep in his class that was held in Lutgert. The complainant said the student was very groggy and incoherent. The officer made contact with the subject and escorted him back to his dorm in West Lake Village. The individual was highly intoxicated upon the officer’s arrival. He stated that he had a drinking problem and is now seeing CAPS. Thursday, Sept. 27 at 1:30 a.m.: A unit was on patrol in North Lake Village when the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the auxiliary lot where the buses park. The suspects in a vehicle pulled out of the lot when UPD approached. The officer followed the vehicle to garage B where the car parked between levels three and four. The officer pulled up next to the car but did not have to perform a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle admitted that all of the subjects were smoking marijuana in the bus lot and left as soon as they saw the officer. A small amount of marijuana and a grinder was found in the vehicle. This was turned over to judicial affairs. Friday, Sept. 29 at 12:54 a.m.: An RA requested assistance in South Village with a subject that was lying on the ground in the court yard area of Biscayne hall. The subject was intoxicated and had vomit all over him. EMS was notified and took the subject to Gulf Coast Hospital.



Gfk\ek`XcZ_Xe^\jZfd`e^kf ^\e\iXc$\[i\hl`i\d\ekj 9pBX_cXeIfj\eYcXkk JkX]]ni`k\i Legislators are hard at work towards formulating a more uniform general education curriculum in the state of Florida. The law, HB 7135, would require all Florida colleges and universities to mandate a general education program that consists of 30 hours. “The reason for this law is so that there is better ‘articulation’ between colleges and universities within Florida, and that means that it would make it easier for students to transfer between universities,” said Kris De Welde, Director of General Education

at FGCU. “Another reason is to streamline students’ education so that the majority of students are able to graduate within 120 (credit) hours.” This law would require general education in the state of Florida to consist of 10 courses in the following subjects: communications, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Fifteen of these hours would be selected by the student from a choice of up to five courses per category that must be offered at every school in the state of Florida. The individual school will have the freedom to determine the other 15 hours of classes.

FGCU currently requires 36 hours of general education to graduate. If the bill passes and becomes law, in fall of 2014 six of those hours would no longer be necessary. “The conversations have really only just begun,” De Welde said. “There are a lot of other aspects to the law.” De Welde has already recognized a flaw in the system that this law presents. She explains how engineering majors, for example, have little leeway in their elective options and, due to this, many of the prerequisites for the major come from their general education. If the bill passes, those students

would be required to take classes outside of their major, thus pushing them past the 120 hours needed to graduate. “This is against the intent of the law,” De Welde said. Another kink in the law is that it may dig into the school’s pocket. “If, for example, the state chooses a social science course that FGCU doesn’t offer, then we have to hire staff, we have to create the curriculum for that course and hire people to teach it.” While this legislation still needs to be further developed, De Welde says she is hoping to make everyone’s voice heard in order

to create the most prosperous version of this law. “I hope to generate conversations about alternative ways to structure our general education program,” De Welde said. “My goal is to seek as much input from students, and faculty and staff from across the campus on what we would like our general education program to look like.” De Welde hopes to begin the general education conversation on the FGCU campus in the near future through campus surveys, stakeholder forums, and Campus Community Town Halls.

Jkl[\ekfm\iZfd\j[`jfi[\i#dXb\jdlj`Z 9p:_i`jIfn\ :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i The average percussionist will tell you that mastering the skill of rhythm and beat can be quite a challenge, but for Valerie Baker, the difficulty curve is a little higher. Baker was born with an extremely rare condition known as Arthrogryposis. The disorder is characterized by multiple joint contractors found at birth and can cause severe muscle weakness and fibrosis. The causes of Arthrogryposis are still under question, but it is largely determined that the disorder is due to the fetus’s lack of movement while in the womb. Baker is a sophomore majoring in business marketing and is double minoring in music and advertisement. She has been playing percussion instruments such as drums and the xylophone since the fifth grade when her music teacher encouraged her to start playing. The condition mainly affects Baker’s hands and feet, but she says it has never stopped her from keeping a beat. “It’s all I’ve ever known; I’ve just adapted,” she said. “I just adapt what I see to what I can physically do.” Despite the challenges she

faces, Baker has become a successful musician, performing the music of well-regarded classical composers. “If there’s something she’s going to do, Val is going to get it done,” said professor Troy Jones of the Bower School of Music. “She takes it in stride. When you see that kind of approach that she takes, it’s just infectious and kind of permeates throughout the school.” Baker says she didn’t do it alone and had help along the way. “The professors and people here have been extremely supportive,” Baker said. Jones also said he wanted her to get the same treatment as any other student. “In accepting Val, we had to make sure that we could offer her the experiences she needed to be successful,” Jones said. But her dreams don’t end with just keeping time. Baker has big plans for her life after graduation. “I would love to join or create a business that combines helping people with disabilities and music,” she said. Jones doesn’t expect her to face any limitations. “She will be prepared to do what anybody else who goes through our degree program can do.”

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Become an Eagle News Ad Salesperson Contact our Advertising Manager, Kelsey Markovich, for more details at



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<X^c\E\nj`ek\im`\n\[ EXk_Xe@e^_XdXe[9fY 9lk\_fie]ifdk_\d\eËj jfZZ\ik\Xd%JZXek_\ HIZf[\Y\cfnn`k_pfli JdXikg_fe\kfm`\nk_\ Zc`g%

9p<X^c\E\njjkX]] Educating students, faculty and the community and living healthier lives: that is the goal for this year’s Terry Tempest Williams student dialogue. The discussion, taking place on Oct. 8, is hosted annually by the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education. The event, which has been occurring since 2004, is one that helps bring environmental issues to the forefront of conversation to not only teach students and the public about the importance of a sustainable future, but to spur action in those that may attend.

“We are hoping that students will gain an awareness of both the health and ethical implications of sustainable decision making in regards to food,” said Michael Saenz, a student assistant at the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education. This year’s dialogue is specifically geared toward health and wellness and is themed “Sustainable Food to Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul.” The discussion is aimed at informing attendees how eating sustainable food can help them in the different facets of their lives. “This year’s theme grew organically out of a concern

expressed by Student Assistants of the (Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education) about on campus food options and the lack of the resources and options necessary to make more sustainable decisions as consumers,” Saenz said. The discussion will address how sustainable food is connected to the Earth Charter, can reap health benefits and how attendees can consume and grow their own sustainable food while on a budget. Saenz expects students will be more aware about sustainability and will be better educated consumers after attending the discussion.

“We want to empower students as consumers to make positive changes in their diet and lifestyles and take away the resources necessary to do so,” Saenz said. “Attendees will also be exposed to new information on how to grow and procure their food and be given resources about local and sustainable farmers’ markets, restaurants and grocery stores.” The dialogue is set to take place Oct. 8 on the Cohen Center patio outside of Einstein’s and will begin with a networking session at 5 p.m. and the speaker panel at 6 p.m.

Fi`\ekXk`feC\X[\ii\Zil`kd\ekfg\e 9p<X^c\E\njjkX]] The Office of New Student Programs is currently seeking applicants for the positions of Orientation Leader and Parent Program Assistant for the 2013 Eagle View Orientation staff. Applicants must meet the minimum criteria: · Be a high school graduate · Be currently enrolled at FGCU with a minimum of 28 earned credit hours by May,

2013 · Be in good behavioral standing with the University · Have one year of continuous on-campus enrollment at FGCU by May, 2013 · Have an FGCU grade point average of 2.5 (first year students – high school GPA of 3.35 or above) · Write a quality essay In addition to the above qualifications, the Eagle View Orientation program is seeking mature, outgoing, enthusiastic


and reliable individuals to help new students and their families make a positive transition to FGCU. We are hopeful that our 2013 staff will show off the multiple layers of diversity at FGCU, so all who meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply. Direct all questions to orientation@fgcu. edu. Additional information is available in the Office of New Student Programs (229 McTarnaghan Hall), or online

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at http://studentservices.fgcu. edu/OL/become.html. Students must turn an application in by Monday, Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. to be considered for a position. Once applications are turned in, there is a mandatory meeting students must attend on Thursday, Nov. 1 at either 3:30 p.m. or 7 p.m., where more information about the positions will be discussed.

RESTAURANT INFO 10011 Estero Town Commons Place Estero, FL 33928 (239) 495-5387



WEEK in REVIEW 9p<X^c\E\njjkX]] California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation making California the first state to ban a controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight. Effective Jan. 1, mental health practitioners are prohibited from performing sexual orientation change efforts known as reparative or conversion therapy - for anyone under 18. The therapies “have no basis in science or medicine and they will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery,” Brown said in a statement. - On Sunday, the record for the world’s heaviest pumpkin was shattered for the second time in the past five days. Organizers at the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts said Ron Wallace of Greene, R.I., took the top honors at the fair and broke the world record with a pumpkin weighing in at 2,009 pounds. Just three days earlier, a pumpkin grown by Steve Geddes of Boscawen, N.H., weighed in at 1,843.50 pounds at the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire. Wallace’s massive pumpkin earned the man a $5,500 prize for first place and another $10,000 as a bonus for breaking the one-ton mark. - A suspected outbreak of a food-borne vomiting virus struck Germany this week. German health authorities say the number of children that have fallen ill with vomiting and diarrhea after eating food from school cafeterias and

daycare centres has risen from about 4,500 to 8,400. Authorities in Berlin and the surrounding eastern German states reported the new gastroenteritis cases Saturday, while laboratory investigations to determine the exact cause of the outbreak were still under way. Berlin’s health department says the sicknesses are moderate and most children recover within two days without requiring to be hospitalized. In Saxony state, at least 16 cases of norovirus, a mostly food- or water-borne illness, were proven, according to German news agency DAPD. The governmentaffiliated Robert Koch Institute said Friday that all facilities where the illness occurred likely received food from a single supplier. - A pair of alleged robbers bungled a burglary in Florida after their car got stuck in the mud. Matthew Swaggerty, 21, and Timothy Marrison, 20, are accused of stealing camera gear, phones and laptops from homes and cars in a Debary, Fla., neighborhood, say local police from Volusia County. Deputies used a victim’s stolen iPhone “phone finder” app to track the suspects. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the pair in their getaway car, a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro, which was stuck in the mud on the side of the road. The suspects had just stolen a shovel from a nearby home to dig their vehicle out, Volusia County sheriff’s spokesman Brandon Haught told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The stolen electronics—worth about $30,000—were found inside the car. Swaggerty and Marrison

         8Gg_fkf ?le[i\[jf]^XpdXii`X^\jlggfik\ijdXiZ_\[k_ifl^_JXe=iXeZ`jZfX]k\iXZflikfm\iklie\[:Xc`]fie`XËj ^XpdXii`X^\YXe%FeJle[Xp:Xc`]fie`XY\Zfd\k_\ÔijkjkXk\kfYXeXZfekifm\ij`Xc]fidf]gjpZ_fk_\iXgp X`d\[XkdXb`e^^Xpk\\eX^\ijjkiX`^_k%

confessed to the crime and are being held without bond at Volusia County Jail. In photos taken at the scene, police are seen laughing as a dejected Marrison sits on the ground next to the Camaro. “I’m laughing now,” Eileen Simoneau, one of the burglary victims, told the Orlando Sentinel. “But the sense of violation, knowing that they were in our home, is terrifying.” - On Tuesday, the Florida Supreme Court heard a Florida man’s bid to become the first illegal

immigrant to obtain a law license in the United States. The case met skepticism from most of the state’s Supreme Court justices as they heard oral arguments about whether an illegal immigrant can be granted a law license. Jose Godinez-Samperio came to the United States from Mexico at age 9. He has since graduated from college, earned a law degree and passed the Florida Bar. The Board of Bar Examiners has asked the Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on whether he can be denied a law license because of his immigration status.

Godinez-Samperio contends President Barack Obama has cleared that potential obstacle. Obama has issued a directive to protect immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, exempting them from deportation and granting temporary work permits for those who apply. It does not provide a path to citizenship. The Associated contributed to this report.


Opinion A6


C<KK<IJKFK?<<;@KFI1 8C\kk\ikfk_\<[`kfiZXeY\ jlYd`kk\[fec`e\Xk\X^c\e\nj%fi^ fiYp\dX`c`e^fe\f]k_\\[`kfijkf k_\c\]k%N_\epfljlYd`kXC\kk\i kfk_\<[`kfi#pflXi\^`m`e^<X^c\ E\njk_\i`^_kkfglYc`j_pfli jlYd`jj`fefec`e\Xe[`egi`ek% <X^c\E\nji\j\im\jk_\i`^_k

<[`kfi`Xc;\gXikd\ek D\^Xe?ffc`_Xe\[`kfi`eZ_`\]7\X^c\e\nj%fi^ <[`kfi$`e$:_`\] 8e[i\n=i`\[^\efg`e`fe7\X^c\e\nj%fi^ Fg`e`fe\[`kfi

kf\[`kjlYd`jj`fej]fiZcXi`kp# ^iXddXiXe[jkpc\%K_\i\`jef ^lXiXek\\k_XkXccjlYd`jj`fejn`cc Y\gi`ek\[%<[`kfi`Xcji\gi\j\ekk_\ dXafi`kpfg`e`fef]k_\<X^c\E\nj jkX]]#efke\Z\jjXi`cpk_\=>:L jkl[\ekYf[p%K_\\[`kfi`XcYfXi[ `jdXeX^\[Ypk_\Fg`e`fe\[`kfi Xe[k_\<[`kfi$`e$:_`\]%

JlYd`jj`fe^l`[\c`e\j1 $$*''nfi[jfic\jj $$Dljk`eZcl[\eXd\#^iX[\Xe[ dXafi $$C\kk\ijj_flc[]fZljfe`jjl\j iXk_\ik_Xeg\ijfeXc`k`\j $$@]pflic\kk\i`j`ei\jgfej\kfX gXik`ZlcXiXik`Zc\#gc\Xj\c`jkk_\ k`kc\Xe[[Xk\f]k_\Xik`Zc\%

:_\Xk`e^1N\[f :fddle`ZXk`feXe[ `kY\ZXlj\n\ZXe >\e[\iXm`kXcZcXjj 9pDXe[`\IX`enXk\i J\e`fijkX]]ni`k\i Cheating. Why do people cheat? According to a series of reports on National Public Radio last week: Because we can. A few weeks ago, Harvard University announced that it had started an internal investigation into a cheating scandal that included 125 students, some who were also student athletes. Many people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem stunned if you say that a jock gets extra help on a paper or a test, but where do we draw the line? Do you mind if the doctor about to perform surgery on your mother cheated on an exam to get the grade? What about if the professor you have giving you bad marks cheated? A few semesters ago, when this subject was broached during a discussion before class, a prominent history professor admitted to having cheated while in college. The professor said that it was their then-professorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fault because he or she did not change their exam. Another professor in a different department admitted when they were in Greek life, their house kept old exams, papers and other assignments. Researchers have found that we cheat because, well, we can. It has been proven that we cheat when no one is looking just as often as we do when it matters. But we will cheat to get a good score on a virtual Scrabble game faster than we will cheat on a test in class because Scrabble doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have implications in our lives. Over the summer, a young man of 14 withheld blank Scrabble tiles and was busted by a fellow player. That is something that most people take for granted â&#x20AC;&#x201D; that a fellow student will tell on you, even if you consider them trustworthy. Why? Because even though some of us do it, no one likes a cheater. How do professors and others go about confirming if you have cheated? They read. All they have to do is read what you write and compare it with your other work. If you buy a paper on the internet they will know, unless you buy everything from the same person for the whole semester, but who has that kind of money? And you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take what you get at face value. The Harvard students

didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t proof their copy of the takehome answers and left extraneous spaces where there shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have been. All of them. We all must willingly submit our papers to plagiarism software that reads and compares the writing to other papers in databases and from the Internet. They will find us out. Researchers also have found that we will take more time and waste more energy trying to get away with cheating than we might have used if we had done our assignment the first time. In speaking to a fellow FGCU student, who for obvious reasons wanted to be anonymous, they said they cheated on one assignment and regretted it so much that they had to go to confession. They arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even Catholic, but they claimed that was preferential to admitting to the teacher that they deceived them. Some professors care more about the potential cheaters than others do. Reference back to the professor who admitted impropriety during their college experience. They said if a person could cheat and get it by them then more power to them, but since their class is â&#x20AC;&#x153;cheatproof,â&#x20AC;? it would be impossible. Other teachers seem to ignore it altogether. The good grades and positive student evaluations look better than failed students. However, every syllabus that is written has a zero-tolerance cheating policy written into it. The university takes the possibility of cheating very seriously. Listed on the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website are the official definitions for cheating, as well as the disclaimer that if you help a person you are just as guilty. To save your friends and yourself a lot of frustration, just do your own work. It may be difficult and take you a lot of time to do it, but just think of the energy that you could save as well as the trip to confession and the embarrassing trial that could lead to your expulsion. Mandie is a senior majoring in secondary social science education. She is married with two children and is active in the suicide prevention field.


9p8c\oKfnej\e[ JkX]]ni`k\i

connect to other people who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t speak their language. Professor Norris, is funny and brilliant but able to break down concepts to a point where 20-somethings are able to Every semester comprehend them, and she really wants her in college, there is students to succeed. It would be shocking at least one class if a student left her class in a worse mood that is unforgettable than he or she came in with. An intellectual and makes students component and the â&#x20AC;&#x153;caring mentorâ&#x20AC;? component are what make a great professor, as well as the added bonus of a potluck in her excited about getting up session that many of us in the morning to go to B r e a k i n g final hope never ends. school. For Alex stereotypes and One student interviewed said it surprises her that Townsend, that class co m m u n i c at i n g classes like Communication is Communication & Gender are not taught at Gender with professor with others is and the high-school level, which is Kathy Norris. another sign Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s In the course very hard work sadly education system is failing to description, there are three main goals: To which often takes prepare students for the world they will one day enter. grow an intellectually close to a lifetime Imagine if more students curious and open, were required to take a class critically-thinking to master. like this one in high school, and self-reflexive or an interviewing class that communicator, to reach â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Alex Townsend Professor Norris also teaches a deeper understanding Staff writer or a class about checkbook of gender and become balancing, etc. more compassionate Members of our culture toward yourself and would be better able to fill everyone who crosses out a job application, open a bank account, your path. In the first month of this semester the manage that bank account, survive a job discussion has ranged from gender identity interview or even have the nerve talk to to relationships in the workplace, from a stranger at Starbucks while waiting for romantic relationships to abuse and from coffee and a bagel. Breaking stereotypes and gender stereotypes to how to break them. The students have also had the honor communicating with others is very hard of teaching chapters out of the book to the work that often takes close to a lifetime to class and creating activities to stimulate the master. This class with Kathy Norris will put students on the fast track to both and classâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thinking on each subject. Class members recently wrote three- will also make their lives professionally and to-five page papers about their life stories. personally much more successful than if Elements for part of the paper came from they took classes like cheese appreciation the struggle with gender identity, which for or Shakespearian improv. some of us was very revealing, but the paper also concerned how understanding the past Alex is a senior majoring in communication. can help people become more successful in His interests include reading, going to concerts, listening to music, swimming, bowling, going the future. This is the second time in my long to the movies and visiting his second home, college career that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had Professor Norris Starbucks. His career goal is to be a talk show as an instructor, and she is one of a kind, host and political columnist. unlike some professors who are too dry in their presentation and are sadly unable to



to the


:fddle`kp\]]fikn`cccffj\elg_fXi[\ijf]iXi\)$Y`ccj 9pMXe\jjX=\ieXe[\q Ale`fi#g_`cfjfg_p I am writing to generate support for the information you present in the article â&#x20AC;&#x153;Two-dollar bill myth leaves 1.2 billion dollars unused in system.â&#x20AC;? Having been a collector of various domestic and foreign currencies, I have seen the number of hoarders who keep $2 bills to themselves and out of the economy. It would definitely make a tremendous difference if

we all put those $2 bills back into our system, but the push for it is not strong enough; there needs to be a more focused initiative. It may be beneficial to focus efforts specifically on students by offering rewards that give them some incentive to dig out their dusty two dollar bills. Different organizations and departments could get involved. If a professor is willing, maybe bringing in a bill can yield extra credit. Perhaps Programming Board could give away free tickets

to an event if a student brings them a pair of bills, similar to them asking for pennies minted in specific years. I am sure with the help of various facets of the University, the initiative to get this form of currency back into our economy would be no problem. I appreciate that you are bringing this less-popular topic to light and hope that some form of initiative is taken to keep this topic in the minds of FGCU students.

Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s note: Eagle News originally published â&#x20AC;&#x153;Two-dollar bill myth leaves 1.2 billion dollars unused in systemâ&#x20AC;? on Sep. 21, 2011. 

8C\kk\ikfk_\<[`kfiZXeY\jlYd`kk\[ fec`e\Xk\X^c\e\nj%fi^fiYp\dX`c`e^ fg`e`fe7\X^c\e\nj%fi^%N_\epfl jlYd`kXC\kk\ikfk_\<[`kfi#pflXi\ ^`m`e^<X^c\E\njk_\i`^_kkfglYc`j_ pflijlYd`jj`fefec`e\Xe[`egi`ek% <X^c\E\nji\j\im\jk_\i`^_kkf\[`k jlYd`jj`fej]fiZcXi`kp#^iXddXiXe[ jkpc\%K_\i\`jef^lXiXek\\k_XkXcc jlYd`jj`fejn`ccY\gi`ek\[%<[`kfi`Xcj i\gi\j\ekk_\dXafi`kpfg`e`fef]k_\ <X^c\E\njjkX]]#efke\Z\jjXi`cpk_\ =>:Ljkl[\ekYf[p%K_\\[`kfi`XcYfXi[ `jdXeX^\[Ypk_\Fg`e`fe\[`kfiXe[k_\ <[`kfi$`e$:_`\]%



;feËkj\e[dfe\pkfZfleki`\jk_Xk]X`c kfjlggfik8d\i`ZXe`[\Xcjf]]i\\[fd 9pAXd\j9Xii\kk :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i

Why would the United States fund a government that directly contradicts America’s definition of freedom? Once again, we find the Obama administration helping itself to more taxpayer money. This time, $450 million was halted from being given to the Egyptian government. Judging by the turmoil taking place there, it is a good thing Republican Texas congresswoman Kay Granger “placed a hold on these funds.” The large sum is part of $1 billion in aid promised by the Obama administration to the transitioning Egyptian government after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. As the new Muslim

Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi has given unsettling statements that have brought many in Washington to question the intentions of the leadership. At his first address to the United Nations last week, Morsi spoke to the leaders of the world. “Egypt respects freedom of expression...not a freedom of expression that targets a specific religion or a specific culture,” Morsi said. It seems that the new president has something other than “freedom of expression” in mind when using such a phrase. The very definition of freedom, given by MeriamWebster’s Online Dictionary, is “liberation from...restraint or from the power of another....” The key word there is “liberation”, with

The free must be

willing to tolerate a different point of view, even



in ‘unacceptable’ or ‘obscene’ ways. –James Barrett Contributing writer

the root word “liberty.” This is of a concept Mr. Morsi wishes to suppress.

It is crystal clear how the Egyptian president feels about free speech, but what did our first president have to say on the subject? In a letter written to Sir Edward Newenham on June 22, 1792, George Washington warned about the dangers of religious conflict. “Religious controversies are always productive of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds than those which spring from any other cause,” Washington wrote. Washington understood that liberty would result in disagreements. How would conflict be avoided in a free society? Tolerance. The free must be willing to tolerate a different point of view, even if expressed in “unacceptable” or “obscene” ways.

This is a cornerstone of America. The First Amendment to the Constitution was written so that freedom of speech might be protected against government suppression. America has the distinct privilege of being able to reward nations with capital where assistance is requested. It is also the constitutional responsibility of our president to manage relations on behalf of the United States. Having failed to appropriate $450 million wisely, the opposing party kept money from funding an oppressive government. Thus, the truest of democracies proves again how freedom is conducted.


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Coffee Cup a quaint, comfy getaway 9p8lYi`\>\iY\i :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i If typical coffee shop chains are losing their appeal with their congested lines and over-crowded study spots, then I have uncovered your new addiction. Recently, I have found myself becoming aggravated with mainstream coffee chains such as Starbucks, with their never-ending lines, limited seating, and in-and-out atmosphere. Going to a coffee shop should be a relaxing experience that takes your stress away, rather than causing anxiety with their constant hustle and bustle. Here is my solution--visit the Coffee Cup. It is located just miles from FGCU right off of 41. The Coffee Cup is a quaint, family-owned coffee shop that brews up handcrafted beverages along with homemade breakfast and lunch. The atmosphere resembles an old coffee house one would find walking down the streets of Savannah, Georgia. Step inside the shop, and you feel a sense of comfort with the dark color tones, cherry wood floors and the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. Located to the left are four tables along with a computer bar to charge your laptop. Head to the back of the Coffee Cup and you’ll find two big, comfy chairs parallel to a couch, perfect for those long study days. Not to mention the reliable free WiFi! The Coffee Cup is notorious for their handcrafted beverages such as Choco-Mint Latte (latte with chocolate

sauce, mint and topped with homemade marshmallow), Red Eye (Coffee and Espresso), as well as a Salted Carmel Latte (Ginger spice with Carmel drizzle and whipped cream). Along with specialty drinks, the Coffee Cup also serves up frappes, espressos, teas, coffees, smoothies and much more. Their prices aren’t too shabby, ranging from $1.89 for a 16 oz. cup of joe to $4.49 for a 20 oz. frappe. While sipping your coffee, try the Coffee Cup’s homemade breakfast and lunch menu. They serve up egg sandwiches, muffins and assorted pastries for breakfast. Homemade daily for lunch, the Coffee Cup offers a soup of the day, salads and sandwiches made with premium Boar’s Head meat. It will be sure to make your mouth water. Also offered are daily specials, such as Cuban sandwiches and blue cheese pear salad. For the quality of the food, the prices are reasonably priced for college students. Made to order sandwiches are $4.99 and salads are a measly $3.99. Can’t make up your mind? For $7.79 try a soup and salad combo. Now is the time to venture past the typical coffee shop chains and to start calling the Coffee Cup your own exclusive coffee shop. Follow the Coffee Cup on Facebook and Twitter to hear about daily deals and frequent up-andcoming mic nights.

If you go: What: Coffee Cup Where: 15250 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33908 Contact: (239) 437-8478


Review k o o B y Weekl

The Fault in Our Stars Author: John Green 9p<k_Xe;\kkcX]] :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i John Green has done it once again: written another novel about the many questions of life that hits very close to home. Following in the big footprints of Looking for Alaska and less sucessful novels, The Fault in Our Stars, published in January of 2012, took the world by storm this year with a tragic coming of age story mixed with strong elements of romance and comedy resounding throughout. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the book’s main character and protagonist, is a teenager grappling with a thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is prescribed a miracle drug that gives her an undetermined amount of time to live. With no idea how much time she has left, Hazel makes the “mature” decision to recede into herself and save everyone the pain of loss by forsaking attachment. However, her life is turned upside down when she joins a support group and meets Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old boy who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at a very young age and lost his right leg to the disease. After the two become friends, Hazel finds herself faced with many questions about love, life, mortality and the importance and consequences of taking risks on people.

The rough urban setting of industrial Indianapolis starkly contrasts with stylized and romantic Amsterdam, setting the stage for a timeless story. Although the context of our modern era lends a connection to our current generation that is not often represented in literature, the two main characters and their relationship could be repeated in any age and have the same meteoric impact. Two lovers held apart, not by friends or family but by a force of nature, struck by similar sicknesses that link them in suffering but drive a wedge between them for fear of losing one another. Green has a very distinctive style, writing a very open but straightforward skeleton that draws forth the imagination and thoughts of the reader to consider the material and fill in the gaps with his or her own experiences and imagery. His words evoke feelings that allow us to read between the lines in every dialogue or description. Even as the book draws to a close, the only thing Green gives us is a direction. The rest is left to the individual audience.




ÊCffg\iËY\e[jYfk_k`d\Xe[\og\ZkXk`fej 9pAf\cDfii`j J\e`fijkX]]ni`k\i Joseph Gordon-Levitt has four movies coming out this year, all crime-related (though unfortunately, only one is Batmanrelated). Quite frankly, it’s a little annoying, but hopefully it means he’s out of his indie-romanticdramedy phase. Even better, although he is bordering on overexposed, he’s making pretty decent flicks, continuing the trend with “Looper.” “Looper” is about Joe (GordonLevitt), whose job title gives the film its name. He kills people sent back to his time, since forensics in the future are too advanced for the mob to get away with murder. Eventually, Joe’s own future self (Bruce Willis) comes back and attempts to kill the man who ordered his execution, before the guy can gain power. The production design deserves a standing ovation. There are so many nuances and details in fashion, technology, drugs, and city planning that it’s amazing. It’s similar to “Minority Report” in that way. Story-wise, the time travel aspect throws you for some kind

of circular formation. The viewer is always trying to guess which character becomes whichever other character 30 years into the future. In that regard, it’s a little bit of a letdown, considering almost none of the theories turn out correct (or at least confirmed in the movie itself), making you think that the web of people could have been a little more closely knit. The other problem is the fact that a staggering 10 percent of the population has telekinesis (the ability to move things with one’s mind). For a film that strives for realism, psychic powers for 900 million people in the world (estimated for 2044) is pretty ridiculous, by any reasoning. As far as the similarity between Joe’s present and future selves, the makeup used on Joseph GordonLevitt is stunning. It comes off as natural, making him look eerily like Bruce Willis. To be fair to GordonLevitt, it’s not just the makeup. While he portrays his usual carefree self in his scenes depicting day-to-day life, he transforms into the “Die Hard” star the minute the action gets rolling, completely nailing Bruce Willis’ look. You know the one I’m talking about.

For his part, Willis is pretty interesting in a role he hasn’t really played before (which I won’t spoil). Specifically, he pulls influence from his other time travel film, “12 Monkeys,” as he has trouble with his memories and how they change as he affects the timeline. Emily Blunt is also great as a homestead

mom, and Jeff Daniels plays a pretty likable guy (who’s also a vicious mobster). “Looper” is that kind of movie that you feel smart watching. It’s a puzzle that builds and builds, and you try the whole time to figure it out. The ending, however, cuts the Gordian Knot, rather than

piece everything together in an ingenious way. Some could say that simplifying everything away is just one more layer of messing with the audience’s mind, and they might have a point. So, “Looper” is good, but the ending is your cup of tea or it’s not. Fair warning.

Ê;i\[[ËXefk_\ijlZZ\jj]lcZfd`ZYffbklie\[dfm`\ 9p<mXeDXon\cc :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i 2012 has been an incredible year for comic book movies. “The Avengers,” “The Amazing Spiderman” and “The Dark Knight Rises” have all had incredible box office success and critical acclaim, making a grand total of more than $3 billion. Flying relatively under the radar this summer is “Dredd,” based on a lesser known comic series called “Judge Dredd.” “Dredd” is an amazing cinematic work to cap off an incredible year for the comic industry as well as a good summer for movies. Mega City One, one of the few overpopulated remainders of civilization in a post-apocalyptic cursed earth spanning from Washington to Boston, is a crimeinfested and drug-ruled chaotic metropolis. The only thing attempting to keep order in the city is an extremely powerful police group called the Judges, but even they can only deter a small amount of crime. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and his trainee, Anderson, (Olivia Thirlby) are trapped in a

particularly bad neighborhood of Mega City One and must hunt down the gang leader, Ma-Ma, (Lena Headley) who rules the area with an iron fist. Comparisons to the 1995 movie “Judge Dredd,” starring Sylvester Stallone, are inevitable. The Stallone movie had quite a lot of problems, the worst of which being Rob Schneider, and was a terrible film. “Judge Dredd” was a popular comic series with established characters and motifs, all of which the 1995 film decided to scrap in favor of clichéd action schlock complete with an annoying comic relief and a villain with confusing motivations. “Dredd,” however, takes us into the very creative world the comic book series created, without needing any previous knowledge. The incredible visuals turn the city, which could have easily looked like a rip-off of Coruscant from “Star Wars,” or some other generic urban sci-fi setting, into a realistic and dangerous looking city. The cinematography allows us to easily separate the emotional chaos of Mega City One and the stoic nature of order represented by the

Judges. Every aspect of the film makes us feel like we understand the lives and nature of Mega City One more. Just the visuals make every theme and socio-political idea within the movie very clear. Even with the presence and visibility of the movie’s themes, it is still extraordinary as an action flick. They most certainly do not hold back on violence, which is definitely good for a movie like this, while not being dominated by it. Lena Headley does incredibly well to portray an intimidating villain with no sense of remorse and clear motivation. Urban and Thirlby also play off each other very well as a young optimistic rookie and a jaded but persistent veteran, avoiding the possibility of drifting into “buddy cop” territory. “Dredd” is an amazing addition to the comic book genre that will continue to flourish because of recent box office hits. Because of the way Mega City One and the Judges are portrayed, there is infinite possibility and high potential for sequels. Unless you have a low threshold for violence, this is a must-see.

9`\Y\ij`Zbkn`Z\fejkX^\`e8i`qkflib`Zbf]] 9pk_\8jjfZ`Xk\[Gi\jj GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — It wasn’t just Justin Bieber’s fans who had “Bieber Fever” as the teen idol kicked off his national tour in suburban Phoenix. Video posted on KTVK-TV’s website shows the pop music star vomiting twice on stage Saturday night during his sold-out concert at the Arena in Glendale. He left the stage after each episode but returned and even did an encore. KTVK reports (http://bit. ly/W266wZ ) Bieber’s fans sang some of his songs while he was offstage and he later apologized for being sick. Bieber later tweeted “Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show !!!! Love u” He later added: “And .... Milk was a bad choice!” Bieber’s 45-city “Believe” tour

continues Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

G_fkfZflik\jp f]XjZ\c\Yi`[X\j% Ycf^jgfk%Zfd




Movies 9XY`\j#k\cc$XccYffbjXe[Z_\Xk`e^jZXe[Xcj of the Weekend 9p<X^c\E\njjkX]]

1. “Hotel Transylvania” $42.5 million

2. “Looper” $20.9 million

3. “End of Watch ” $7.9 million

4. “Trouble with the Curve” $7.3 million

5. “House at the End of the Street ” $7.1 million

These figures are courtesy of

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Brandon Bednar Junior Communication 1. “Colors” by Crossfade 2. “Ruff Rider’s Anthem” by DMX 3. “Awake and Alive” by Skillet 4. “Water” by Brad Paisley 5. “Smoke a Little Smoke” by Eric Church


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- Country singer Jason Aldean apologized to fans after pictures of him acting “inappropriately” surfaced. Aldean’s apology was prompted by photos that appeared to show him and former “American Idol” contestant Brittany Kerr together at a bar in Los Angeles last Wednesday. In one photo, they appear to kiss. “I wanted to talk to you directly, so you were hearing the truth from me and not just reading allegations made about my personal life on gossip websites,” Aldean wrote. “The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar. I left alone, caught the bus to our next show, and that’s the end of the story. I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys. I really appreciate being able to work through this privately with my family and for all your continued support.” Aldean is married with two children. A publicist says there will be no further comment. - People magazine reported Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman Saturday in Big Sur, Calif. Hathaway, 29, wore a custom Valentino gown for the ceremony. More than 100 guests were in attendance for the wedding weekend, which started Friday with a rehearsal dinner at the Ventana Inn and Spa. Hathaway and Shulman have been together for four years. The couple became engaged last November. - Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up about many of the secrets he kept from his wife,

Maria Shriver, as he promoted his new autobiography, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.” Among other confessions, he revealed to having a “hot affair” with actress Brigitte Nielsen. Schwarzenegger said his lifelong penchant for secrecy and ability to put his emotions “on deep freeze” led him to hide many things from Shriver, eventually causing the dissolution of their marriage. Schwarzenegger was the center of a major scandal last year when it surfaced that he had a secret child with the family’s housekeeper years ago. The scandal became tabloid news last year after he left office. Shriver confronted him during a January 2011 counseling session and he finally acknowledged the boy, Joseph, was his. Schwarzenegger says he kept the secret from his wife for years because he was worried “it would get out.” Throughout their strained 25-year marriage, Schwarzenegger says he did not want to tell Shriver about crucial life decisions such as major heart surgery and running for California governor because he feared she would overreact and tell her wellconnected family and friends. In the autobiography and in an interview airing Sunday on “60 Minutes,” the former California governor acknowledges that his inability to be honest with people has hurt those closest to him. “Total Recall” will officially be published Monday. - Actress Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman welcomed a baby girl, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, last Wednesday. The couple released a statement saying their firstborn is “healthy, happy and welcomed by the whole family.”


    G_fkfZflik\jpf]ep[X`cpe\nj%Zfd AXjfe8c[\XeXe[9i`kkXepB\iiY\ZXd\k_\Z\ek\if]jZXe[Xck_`j n\\bX]k\ig_fkfjXgg\Xi`e^kfj_fnk_\db`jj`e^`eXCfj8e^\c\jYXi jli]XZ\[%

M@;<F>8D<I<M@<N <oZ\cc\ekj`^_kjXe[jfle[j`eÊC`kkc\9`^GcXe\kËM`kX 9pAXZfYJk\`e\i JkX]]ni`k\i I have never played a “LittleBigPlanet” title in my life. Growing up, I was never a huge fan of the side-scrolling genre due to the fact that my first console was an N64. When Sony announced that “LittleBigPlanet” Vita had officially broken its original street date of Sept. 25, I couldn’t resist the urge to drive over to my local retailer and pick it up so I could dust off my Vita. After playing through it I think that it is safe for me to say that I have never been more in love with the “LittleBigPlanet” universe. This iteration of “LittleBigPlanet” takes our hero, Sackboy, to the vibrant planet of Carnivillia. As Sackboy begins to become acquainted with this wonderful world he runs into a puppet named Colonel Flounder. The marionette explains to Sackboy that a man named The Puppeteer, who lost his love for show business, is now sucking the joy out of all the puppets in Carnivillia to create an army of chaotic troublemakers called the Hollows. The story is exceptionally entertaining, and the love that Double Eleven put into the game is well apparent. There were many points where I could not stop laughing to myself because the tale being told was so ridiculous and out of control. From a gameplay aspect, “LittleBigPlanet” is a blast. Almost every level was a non-stop action packed joyride. Each level felt fresh and never left me feeling bored. Collecting items in “LittleBigPlanet” is extremely addictive. Prior to beginning a stage, the game provides the player with the exact amount of goodies and prizes that he or she has collected. The prizes in the game consist of items, such as stickers, music tracks and new articles of clothing to dress your Sackboy with. Going into each level I felt an obsessive need to collect

every item in the area so I could see what object I could put on sackboy next. Double Eleven did a wonderful job integrating the Vita’s touch controls into the game. They never took me out of the experience once. The only significant problem that I faced was the motion controls, which became dizzying at multiple points, thus forcing me to put my handheld down. Besides that, the rest of the controls were tight and the game handled fantastically. Some levels have special keys placed within them. Whenever a player collects a key a mini game is unlocked. Each mini game harks back to a specific retro title, which adds a sense of nostalgia. For example, an early mini game called Tower Builder plays like Tetris, while a later one named Flower Pop acts like a game of Snood. All of them are amusing and are thus functioning as good side distractions for those wanting to pass the time. In case the mini games weren’t enough for you, Double Eleven has also incorporated a mini arcade into the game. The arcade has five games: Retro Vector, Super Conductor, Orbit, Tapling and Stratoshpere. Each one is sleek, unique and provides hours of endless entertainment. As I played through the levels the musical score literally electrified me. It filled my ears with incredible and unforgettable tunes that I could not get out of my head. Even the menu’s main theme was entertaining and cute. Without the music, “LittleBigPlanet” Vita would have been half the game that it currently is. Stephen Fry has once again reprised his role as the narrator, and he sounds phenomenal. Every sound that emitted from his mouth was pure gold. The minute I heard his voice I felt welcome and safe as if I were in the comfort of my own home. The supporting characters sounded phenomenal as well and aided in supplying the story with a campy atmosphere.

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The sound effects are excellent. Sounds such as respawning at a spawn site, jumping, collecting bubbles and bouncing around on bounce mats all sound original and pride the game with a sound that distinguishes it from all the other side scrollers out there. Graphically, “LittleBigPlanet” looks outstanding for a portable title. Its graphics are on par with its console brethren. The cartoony and synthetic style that it presents itself with brings the game to life. It is cheerful, animated and is out of this world. Once the player has completed the single player campaign, he or she can go online, play on other people’s

maps, compete with others in mini games and play the single player campaign in co-op mode to attain more prizes. The player can also create 30 levels of his or her own for the world to see. Double Elven did an outstanding job when it came to handling such a large and important franchise. The graphics are splendid, the score is remarkable and the gameplay is addicting. I can’t wait to see what other projects Double Eleven takes on next.


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(312): My love will cover her like lulu lemon yoga pants. Casually supportive and always complimenting your ass. (732): So I’m at that stage in my life where I am stalking my stalker just to get laid


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(724): I think I’m goin to jail but either way I had a blast.


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After a very sluggish nonconference record, going 4-7, the FGCU volleyball team (9-7, 5-0 A-Sun) have turned things around and are currently riding a five game win streak that has them tied for first in the Atlantic Sun Conference standings. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There were two things that turned it around for us,â&#x20AC;? FGCU head coach Dave Nichols said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;First off we were playing really tough competition and secondly, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re finding a rhythm. We are improving in a lot of areas. Our servicing had been really shaky at the beginning of the season. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s much improved now. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re running a crisper offense and our defense is improving. We still have work to do but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve improved and we played a really tough schedule.â&#x20AC;? Through five conference games, the Eagles rank in the top five in the conference in six of seven categories. They are third in hitting percentage (.250), first in opponent hitting percentage (.139), first in assists (13.88 per set), first in kills (14.76 per set), fifth in blocks (1.94 per set), and second in digs (15.88). The only category they are not in the top five is service aces where they sit at sixth (1.06 per set). Nichols credits the recent success to the team finally coming together as a team. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a natural progression,â&#x20AC;? Nichols said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been going at it that long. We have a really short preseason in volleyball, only 15 days before our first match, compared to basketball where they have months to prepare for their conference games. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what we use our first three tournaments for. I know weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not going to be where we need

to be but you hope that at the end of that you are ready, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what happened when we went into conference play.â&#x20AC;? FGCU has swept four of five conference matches so far and has only lost two sets to Mercer. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC; The only other undefeated conference team, Lipscomb, has only two shutouts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being 5-0 feels good,â&#x20AC;? Nichols said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They take the top six and I figured 10 wins will get you in. Ultimately Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to win the tournament but right now our main goal is to make it.â&#x20AC;? Despite the success there are still improvements that need to be made. Sept. 21 at KSU* W 3-0 â&#x20AC;&#x153;We need to stay more consistent,â&#x20AC;? junior outside hitter Sept. 22 at Mercer* W 3-2 Christine Pinder said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had Sept. 25 v UNF W 3-0 a few rallies where we let the other team come back. We need Sept. 28 v ETSU * W 3-0 to not do that and stay up on our games.â&#x20AC;? Sept. 29 v USC Upstate* W 3-0 Pinder, a transfer from Central Florida Community College, leads the team in kills (124), kills per set (2.53) and is tied for first in aces (7). With the next two conference opponents, Jacksonville (1-3 A-Sun) and Stetson (0-5 A-Sun), Oct. 2 at Jacksonville* at the bottom of the standings, FGCU has a good shot of going 7-0 Oct. 6 at Stetson* in A-Sun play for the third time in school history. Oct. 9 v Bethune-Cookman â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe strongly in this *A-Sun Conference Match team,â&#x20AC;? Nichols said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I feel we are the team to beat in this conference. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t surprise me that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve won five in a row, but we need to work and we need to get better. But I expect that of us. I think weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a good team.â&#x20AC;?

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<X^c\jcffbkfZfek`el\n`ee`e^nXpj 9p8c\o9\Xm\ij JkX]]ni`k\i After four consecutive conference wins, one thing remains very clear: This year’s FGCU women’s soccer team is the team to beat. After two wins at home this weekend they remain unbeaten in conference games and are currently number one in conference standings (4-0-0). These standings are nothing new to the Lady Eagles who went 7-1-1 in conference games last

season that lead them to their first ever A-Sun championship win. So far this season, the team has yielded strong results as they move out of regular season games to their conference schedule. Coach Jim Blankenship has worked hard to stress the importance of conference wins. “The non-conference schedule was quite challenging and our team did very well. It’s a different mentality but I think the kids understand the importance of each one (conference games),”

Blankenship said. “ We made it a point to let them know the importance of when you start conference everybody goes back to 0-0.” As long as the Lady Eagles continue to produce results in conference games, it’s likely they will be on their way to another A-Sun conference title. With players like sophomore Shannen Wacker, who was named National and Conference Player of the week by College Sports Madness and the A-Sun Conference, it’s more

likely the team will end up in the conference title game. With five conference matches remaining, three at home, finishing the season strong is crucial if FGCU wants to host the A-Sun tournament for a second straight year. “The opportunity to play and get good results just makes the end that much easier,” Blankenship said. “Of course we would love to be the host team of the final four. We did that last year and we felt that was a big advantage for us and

that’s the goal for this year.” In the same position that the Lady Eagles we’re in last year, unbeaten in the conference with five games left, Blankenship knows they cant get ahead of themselves. “We can’t get too ahead of ourselves,” Blankenship said. “ We have to make sure that we continue to press forward and take advantage of the opportunities and the points on the line.”


a few that can have some big freshmen years.” With Knight out the game plan for FGCU as well as teams facing FGCU changes. No longer is there a triple-threat caliber player on the court. “It changes some of the things we can do offensively,” Smesko said. “We were going to use Whitney a lot, she’s definitely an extra point guard on the floor. She has a lot of advantages to whoever was guarding her. We’ll look a little bit different offensively but we’ll have to play to other peoples strength and get them the ball where they can do stuff with it.”


H8N`k_J\e`fi]finXi[ 9pK`XGi\\Z\ :feki`Ylk`e^ni`k\i Thomas Patterson, a Finance major from NewMarket, Ontario is finding his senior year at Florida Gulf Coast University to be busier than ever. Coming off of his best year to date, scoring 42 points last season, this FGCU DII hockey forward is looking to start the season off right against the Oakland Grizzlies this Friday. Eagle News got to talk to Patterson about the upcoming season. Eagle News: So, you’re a senior this year for the FGCU Eagles, why did you select FGCU as the organization you wanted to be a part of? Thomas Patterson: It was an exciting opportunity for me to play the game of hockey in a new, southern, location while pursuing my education in Florida. EN: With last season’s big win as the ACHA DII National

Title, every player must be on an emotional high right now. Where do you see the team going from here? TP: Last year was obviously an outstanding season. We had a number of veteran players that were able to cap their great FGCU hockey career’s with a championship. This year, we have many new faces that are excited to be on board in pursuit of another National Title. EN: The first game of the season is October 5th against the Oakland Grizzlies, what is your mindset going into the game? TP: These are two very important games for us to start the season. We want to start the year on the right note and play well on home ice. Oakland is a very proven team at the Division 1 level and we are excited to see how we stack up. EN: What do you consider your biggest strength on the ice? TP: My biggest strength on the ice would be my overall hockey sense and understanding of the

game. I have played for a number of great coaches in Canada and learned to pride myself on my overall work ethic. EN: Do you have any ideas to get more fans out to the rink on game days? TP: I think the quality of our team will consistently bring fans to the arena. Also, building relationships with other student organizations will help contribute to the overall support of all FGCU programs. EN: As a senior, where do you see yourself after you graduate? Is hockey still in the picture? TP: I certainly see athletics in my future. I am a golf fanatic among other sports and hope to be able to mix my Finance degree with the sports business world. Staying involved in hockey will also be a priority of mine.

She attacks the rim, shoots jumpers and plays shutdown defense. Now comes the daunting task of trying to replace such a valuable asset. “One thing Whitney brought to this team is if things didn’t execute well, she could still make a play,” Smesko said. “For some of our other players, we need to execute at a high level so we can get the kind of shots that we can win with. Just puts a premium to how well we can cut and screen and work together to create shots.” Smesko will need to rely on the seven true freshmen. That is the most ever in his 11 years at FGCU. “None of the freshman are Whitney Knight,” Smesko said. “Several of the freshmen are going to have to do what they do and do it better. There’s not going to be anyone who is going to fill Whitney’s position or Whitney’s role. They just need to play their game and I’m encouraged by some of them. There are quite


Graduate Studies Expo Explore Graduate Studies at FGCU Tuesday, October 2nd for programs in College of Arts & Sciences and Lutgert College of Business

Thursday, October 11th for programs in College of Health Professions & Social Work and College of Education

Cohen Center Room 214 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. RSVP: 239-590-7988 10501 FGCU Boulevard South Fort Myers, Florida 33965




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:fckj_\X[ZfXZ_:_lZbGX^Xef ]XZ\j_`jkfl^_\jkZ_Xcc\e^\p\k 9pAljk`eBXe\ Jgfikj\[`kfi The Indianapolis Colts have had a tumultuous last 12 months. They lost their franchise quarterback, Peyton Manning, to neck surgery, and eventually lost him to the Denver Broncos this offseason. They lost 14 of their 16 games last season. They cleared the coaching staff. They fired vice chairman Bill Polian and his son Chris the Colts’ general manager. But now they are faced with their toughest loss yet. Their head coach was diagnosed with leukemia Monday. Chuck Pagano became head coach this offseason and is already faced with a tougher task than anything he could face on the field. He is done with football for the year and he now faces the daunting reality of starting


chemotherapy. But he’s not alone. He has support of management, his players and his peers around the NFL. “I am optimistic. I feel with every fiber of my body and I know Chuck feels the same way that he can beat this thing,” general manager Jim Irsay said in a press conference Monday. It’ll be interesting to see what the Colts can do without their head coach. New Orleans is 0-4 without their head coach but the Colts now have a reason to win. The Colts support their coach so much that they are leading the light on in his office until he gets back. Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star called it “the light of hope.” Pagano will be back, but not this season. So for the next six months the Colts have offensive coordinator Bruce Arians take over as interim head coach. And when the time is right, Arians will go back to being offensive coordinator and Pagano will be back at the helm. He’ll be back and stronger than ever. Moving on. In case you missed it… Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports projected FGCU men’s basketball would finish second in the A-Sun this year behind Mercer. He

said in the article ‘the Eagles feature a more balanced attack headlined by returning guard Sherwood Brown and Iowa State transfer Eric McKnight.’ Brown was also named to his first team A-Sun... Did you see that now has personalized jerseys? In my opinion that’s one of the coolest things that any conference can do. Seeing your name on a authentic jersey for only $53 is pretty sweet. Not often can you find conferences that do that... Soccer forward Shannen Wacker is on a roll. She scored five goals this weekend, including FGCU’s sixth-ever hat trick in a 6-0 win v Northern Kentucky. She now leads the Eagles with 10 goals. She was named to the Weekly National Team of the Week by and named National and Conference Player of the Week by College Sports Madness and the Atlantic Sun Conference… Congrats to the swimming and diving

team as they finished third after the final day of the All-Florida Invitational at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center in Gainesville Sunday night. Highlights include freshman Julie LethEspensen getting a fourth place finish in the 200-yard breaststroke “A” final with a time 2:18.84 and In the 400yard freestyle relay, the team of senior Megan Wolfe, freshman Sara Hamilton Morgan and senior Eva Lehtonen took home a fourth place finish with a time 3:29.87… Congrats go out to C\k_$<jg\ej\e the men’s golf team. Led by freshman Edward Figueroa’s Miromar Lakes Golf Clubrecord eight-under 64, the FGCU men’s golf team capped the Cobra-PUMA Invitational with its third consecutive under-par round. The Eagles defended their title with a 19stroke win over the 15-team field.



<EG_fkf&IpXeCpee Jfg_fdfi\Afi[`M`m\jnfek_\j`e^c\jZfdg\k`k`fee\m\i[ifgg`e^Xj\k`ek_\j`e^c\j[iXnXe[cfj`e^fecp(/^Xd\jk_\\ek`i\n\\b\e[%M`m\j[\]\Xk\[k_\D`Xd`ËjM`ZkfiDXlq-$(# -$)#`ek_\ÔeXc%Vives is 8-2 on the season, with all eight wins in straight sets. Vives, a transfer from Southern California#nXjgXikf]k_\eXk`feXcZ_Xdg`fej_`gk\XdcXjkp\Xi%

=>:Ln`ej[flYc\jXe[j`e^c\jdX`e [iXnXk=>:L=Xcc@em`kXk`feXc 9pDXel\cEXmXiif JkX]]Ni`k\i Protecting the nest. The men’s tennis team did just that this past weekend in the FGCU Fall Invitational at the FGCU tennis complex, sweeping both the singles and doubles titles. “It means a lot. I want the guys taking a lot of pride in defending the nest,” FGCU men’s tennis head coach C.J. Weber said. “These are our courts, we train here every single day, we sweat on these courts, we bleed on these courts, and this was our first home match of the year and for us to come home with a championship in both events is huge.” Sophomore Jordi Vives won the singles competition never dropping a set in the singles draw and losing only 18 games the entire weekend. Vives defeated the Miami’s Victor Mauz 6-1, 6-2, in the final. “This tournament, I played really well and I’m excited with my game,” Vives said. Vives is 8-2 on the season, with all eight

wins in straight sets. Vives, a transfer from Southern California, was part of the national championship team last year. In doubles action, the Eagles were led by junior Lance Lvovsky and sophomore Tianyu Bao. The doubles duo came back Sept. 28 to beat Central Florida, then Bao and Lvovsky posted a pair of 8-5 wins against Florida Atlantic and another UCF doubles squad to advance to Sunday’s championship match. In the championship match, Bao and Lvovsky won 8-5 against Barry University’s combo of Leo Vivas and Eduardo Alfonzo. “This win means everything to us. This tournament has been a goal of Bao and I since the first day of practice,” Lyovsky said. “We both play well in doubles together and it’s very rewarding just knowing that all the hard work we’ve put in is showing here in competition. It makes us think of all times we come to practice and put all the effort in.” Bao added on the partnership, saying, “We have a really good chemistry going and it’s only our first match together and I feel

we played really good this weekend. Just imagine this being our first tournament together. I can’t wait for the season to progress and our partnership to get better.” Another Eagle with a strong performance this weekend was junior Dean Tsamas, who lost in the singles quarterfinals to Victor Mauz of Miami. Tsamas is having a strong fall season, going 6-3 in singles play. “Dean is playing really well this fall,” Weber said. “Could he have played better of course? But Dean is the definition of a competitor. He refuses to lose and our entire team could learn from that attitude. Dean will continue to have a great college career because he has that mentality.” This weekend is a turning point in the FGCU men’s tennis program under second year head coach C.J. Weber and defeating Florida Atlantic University, University of Central Florida, Barry University, and the University of Miami. “We are 1-year old since I took over the program, and I just told the guys, ‘If you look where the program is right now to one

year ago, you can’t even recognize how much progress we’ve made as a program?” Weber said. “That’s a testament to all the guys on the team. They believed in everything I was doing as a coach, they completely bought into everything I was saying and have made the sacrifice to become successful.” FGCU takes a few weeks off until returning to play in the ITA Southeast Regionals in Tallahassee. The ITA Southeast Regionals will run from Oct. 18-22. The Eagles’ confidence will be soaring into Tallahassee and Weber couldn’t be happier about it. “Our confidence is rising and that needs to continue,” Weber said. “The guys are feeling really good right now as they should, but at the same time, when we show up at our next practice we focus on getting one day better, and every day at practice we need to focus on getting better.”

Volume 11 Issue 6  

Volume 11 Issue 6

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