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Jkl[\ek>fm\ied\ek Peter Cuderman, student body president

The mission of Student Government is to provide an intellectual, social and cultural environment that maximizes student potential and enhances student success. The purpose of Student Government is to provide equal representation for all students at Florida Gulf Coast University. Students needs rather than institutional preference determine priorities for academic planning, policies, and programs. Student Government will serve as an institutional resource to further the development of the student as a contributing member of the community.

)'()@e`k`Xk`m\j ACTION IN STUDENT LIFE - Bring a Late Night Taco Bell/Pizza Hut to North Lake Village with delivery options - Establish a Student-Run Radio Station (Eagle Radio) through WGCU - Improve the Waterfront with Jet Skis and a Snack Bar - Fund Promotional Nights for Athletic Events - Contract an Hourly Car Rental Service for Students - Create a Self-Service Car Wash Facility on Campus - Increase Campus Safety Lighting w/ disability navigation ACTION IN ACADEMICS

- Maintain a 24-Hours Library during Midterms & Finals - Mount Student Printing Stations in Academic Buildings & Housing - Supply Free Blue Books, Green Books, & Scantrons - Provide $2.50 Eagle Dollars per Semester for Printing - Install Campus Storage Lockers ACTION IN THE FUTURE Begin Lobbying andFundraising for an Eagles Football Program & Stadium Complete Strategic Feasibility Plan for a Campus Bar & Grill - Construct a Veteran and Fallen Eagle’s Memorial - Support Programming Board Bringing ‘mtvU’ and their Installation of TVs throughout campus

<o\Zlk`m\9iXeZ_ The Executive Branch of Student Government is made up of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief of Staff, Student Body Treasurer, and nine Executive Cabinet Directors. The Student Body President and Vice President are elected by the Student Body, and then appoint the rest of the Executive

Cabinet. The Executive Cabinet works diligently to represent the students at Florida Gulf Coast University by providing programs, initiatives, and constantly advocating for students. The Executive Branch serves as the student voice through avenues such as diversity, sustainability, scholarship and leadership. The Executive Branch represents student opinions with the University Administration, Board of Trustees, as well as at the State Level, through the Florida Student Association.

C\^`jcXk`m\9iXeZ_ The Legislative Branch is made up of the Student Senate, a voting body of students that is elected or appointed in order to appropriate the Activity and Service Fees granted to Student Government by the general student body through tuition. During their weekly Senate meetings, the Student Senate passes bills into law. The Senate also serves as a forum for ideas and a place where students’ opinions and concerns can be heard. Led by the Senate Executive Committee, the Senate is the representative voice of the students.



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The Student Body Supreme Court is the official judicial branch for Student Government here at Florida Gulf Coast University. The Supreme Court’s primary role is to protect and maintain the integrity of the Student Government Constitution, and to make sure all members and branches of Student Government act within their powers allotted to them by the constitution. Comprised of a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices, the Supreme Court constantly strives to resolve disputes justly after conducting a hearing process that is fair, objective and unbiased for all involved. Each Justice is appointed by the Student Body President and approved by the Senate. Once appointed, a justice shall serve until their respective graduation date, if he or she desires to do so.

Senate Student senators are elected in the spring semester of every year. Student senators meet on Tuesday nights. Student senate reviews bills submitted by registered student organizations and allocate funds as they see fit. Senate uses funds from activities and service fees that are paid for by students through tuition. The Student Senate has their own set of bylaws to operate under and conduct business in and out of regular Senate meetings. The Senate has the power to change and create the Rules of Procedures based on effectiveness and the growth of Senate. The Rules of Procedures outlines everything from meeting decorum and powers to the legislative process Students are encouraged to come to senate meetings and learn how the process works. You can find a complete list of Senate agendas, bills and minutes at

SG Elections Students are elected into Student Government positions during the spring semester of every year. Students have the opportunity to get to know the candidates and cast their vote on a campus. In return, students who vote receive a “Get out of Jail Free” card, allowing students to waive any regular parking fine administered by University Police.

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College of Education Name of Dean: Dr. Marcia Greene Number of students in college: 1,301 Advising office main number: 590-7778 Advising office email:

Name of Dean: Dr. Donna Henry Number of students in college: 4,744 Advising office main number: 590-7196 Advising office email:

U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering Name of Dean: Dr. Susan M. Blanchard Number of students in the college: 650 Advising office main number: 590-1445 Advising office email:

College of Professional Studies Name of Dean: Tony Barringer Number of students in college: 2,015 Advising office main number: 590.7820

Lutgert College of Business Name of Dean: Hudson Rogers Number of students in the college: 2,500 Advising office main number: 590-7302

Health Professions & Social Work Name of Dean: Dr. Mitchell L. Cordova Number of students in the college: 2000 Advising office main number:590-7391 Advising office email:


College of Arts and Sciences





Organizations Politics, Culture, and History Club Pre-Medical Pre Professional Pre-Vet Animal Club Project DIY Project Potcake Psychology Club




Reach for the Stars Regulate Unite Listen Engage Speak Relay For Life Rock Climbing and Adventure Club Rotaract

S       =>:LIfkXiXZknXjXnXi[\[k_\)'((&)'()IJFf]k_\P\Xi%


A Step Above Perfection Accounting Society ACDA Ad Pros Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Psi Omega American Society of Civil Engineers American Water Resources Association Amnesty International Anime Club Anthropology Club Aquarium Science and Aquaculture Club Art Club Asian Culture Club Aspiring to Greatness Astronomy Club Autism Speaks U Florida Gulf Coast University


Bachelor of Social Work Student Association Badminton Club Baking Yumminess Biology Club Biomedical Engineering Society Black Student Alliance Business & Entrepreneur Club


Chabad of FGCU Chi Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Christian Campus Fellowship Circle K International Circle of Friends Club Cities of Refuge Club Manager's Association of America (CMAA) College Republicans Colleges Against Cancer Colony of Theta Tau Community Health Aid Development (CHAD) Computer Science Club Cooking club Creative Writing Club Cycling Club


Dance Marathon Delta Delta Delta Democrats Dominican Republic Outreach

Program Donate Life at FGCU


Eagle News EAGLES Dive Club Eagles Educate Eagles for ARC Eagles For Liberty Eagles for Life Eagles Swim Club Eco-Action Environmental Engineering Society


Feeding the Soul Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA Fencing Club Film Club Flavour Modeling Troupe Florida Engineering Society Florida Public Relations Association FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Food Foresters Forensic Pathology French Club Frisbee



InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma


Lambda Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Language Club Latin American Student Organization Latter-day Saint Student Association


ManUp! Brotherhood Masters of Social Work Student Association Mathematics Club Meditation Club Mock Trial Team Model United Nations Multicultural Greek Council Music Maniacs Music Theory and History Round Table Muslim Student Association

Gay Straight Alliance Gender Equality Organization Girls club Basket ball Global Medical Brigades Golden Key International Honour Society Golf Club Graduate Student Organization Gulf Coast House of Prayer




Haitian Student Organization Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc Hillel Hobby Game Club Human performance Student Association


Ignite Impact Christian Campus Fellowship Improv Club Interfraternity Council International Organization

National Pan-Hellenic Council National Society of Leadership and Success National Society of Minorities in Hospitality Newman Club Nursing Student Association Omicron Delta Kappa One Accord Order of Omega


Panhellenic Association PATCH Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Phi Eta Sigma Philosophy Club Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha PODER

Scholars Chapter SHAIP (Stockholders Associates Investment Program) She's the First* FGCU SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Sigma Chi Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Sociology Club South Florida Wildlife Association Special Equestrians Sports Medicine Club Student Abolitionist Movement Student Occupational Therapy Association Student Organization of Nurse Anesthesia Student Physical Therapy Association Students for Environmental Justice

Students Who Served, a Community for All


The Cake Cause The Chemistry Club The Dead Poet's Society The FGCU Colony of Theta Tau The Ladybug Project The Mangrove Review The Music Club To Write Love On Her Arms TOMS Campus Club Trying New Things Club


Undergraduate Business Association


Video Game Club Voices of Inspiration and Praise


WCOE Engineering & Computer Science Honor Society Women's Soccer


Young Americans for Liberty Young Life Youth For Ron Paul


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Zeta Tau Alpha



Why drive to work... when you can take the shuttle? Are you thinking about working during your time at Florida Gulf Coast University? Here are a few things to think about if you plan to work during you time at FGCU: Most employers, including FGCU, require an application, new hire paperwork, and I-9 documentation when you start a new job. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s break down 3 important steps to keep in mind. Step 1: Most employers now use an online application. The FGCU application is available at the FGCU website, http://jobs. The application site is called Selfmanaged Online Automated Resources, or SOAR. You can create an application for a position at FGCU and you view available jobs. If you are hired on campus you will need to print, sign, and bring this application to your â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting On-Boardâ&#x20AC;? session. Step 2: Attend some type of OnBoarding session once you are hired. At FGCU we have posted the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting OnBoard with HRâ&#x20AC;? schedule and new hire paperwork on our website at http://www. FGCU conducts â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting On-Board sessionsâ&#x20AC;? 5 days a week at varying times to accommodate different schedules. Student can attend any posted session once they are hired with FGCU; no appointment is necessary. The Human Resource Department is located in Modular 2, near parking garage 2 on campus. Step 3: This may be the most important

step with the process! You must bring the correct documentation to your â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting On-Board sessionâ&#x20AC;?. The Department of Homeland Security requires that all employees working in the US present documentation of eligibility to work in the U.S. on or before their first day of work. A list of appropriate I-9 documentation is included in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting On-Boardâ&#x20AC;? paperwork. Per the federal government, an employer must see original legal documents. Even though you may be concerned with losing valuable documents, and may not want to carry these with you, there are times when only the originals will do. In addition to these important documents direct deposit is strongly encouraged so remember to bring a voided check to attach to your direct deposit form. Direct deposit is the â&#x20AC;&#x153;green wayâ&#x20AC;? to go; it prevents the need to print thousands of checks each pay period and is the most convenient way to receive your pay. Now you are all set to maneuver through the new hire process. Remember although these steps are usually followed by all employers, each employee will have a different process to go through when hired. Please check with the HR office to ensure you are compliant with their process. Having a part time job while attending FGCU can offer onâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;the-job training and be a rewarding experience. And, of course, who canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use a few extra dollars? Preparing in advance for this process will provide smooth sailing when you get a job. If you have any question you can contact a member of the FGCU Human Resources Records Team at 590-1400.

~Human Resources

Ages 18+ Day, Evening & Saturday classes Custom schedules available Job assistance


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             (*!% % * $!  #$!%! !#%#!&'#*#'#$

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Offices Departments 


FGCU Bookstore

Testing Center

program, operates a lost-and-found program and is responsible for the enforment of campus parking regulations.

Your FGCU Bookstore offers a variety of resources to help you be successful here at FGCU. New, used, rental and digital textbooks are available in addition to a wide selection of FGCU Spirit merchandise! Enjoy your leisure time with general reading books, magazines, snacks, Coca Cola products and DVDs or video games. Use Eagle Dollars for your bookstore purchases when you present your Eagle ID card for payment. We also accept cash and all major credit cards. As the semester ends, we have your test taking supplies for final exams. Remember to turn in any textbooks you rented or be part of our book buyback program for any books you wish to sell. Create terrific academic projects with MS Office. Academic discounts on software and computers are available online and in our store. Visit www. to see these selections and order your course materials and merchandise for next semester. Get off to a great start next term... You can choose to pick up your books in the store or have them shipped to you. Please stop by the store in the Cohen Center or visit us online for more information. Welcome to FGCU!

For GRAD students (or soon-to-be), the FGCU Testing Center is a sponsor of on-campus review courses for Grad School Admission, the GRE & GMAT. For undergrads, we are a CLEP and DANTES site for earning college credit through testing. The Testing Center can also assist you with testing for courses you may be taking through other institutions. Please visit our website at

Office of Undergraduate Studies

(239) 590-1150

Office of Outreach Programs (239) 590-7836

The Office of Outreach Programs in McTarnaghan Hall includes the College Reach Out Program and the Scholars Program. Both programs seek to motivate and prepare educationally disadvantaged students in grades 4-12 in the five counties surrouding FGCU to pursue and successfully complete a post-secondary education by providing educational enrichment opportunities at no charge to the participants.

(239) 590-7955

Center for Academic Achievement (C.A.A.) (239) 590-7906

The CAA offers services and programs to foster academic success for FGCU students. These include our Student Success Workshops that focus on the development of college success skills such as time management, note-taking, reading comprehension, and other study skills. Students can schedule an individual academic coaching session with one of our Retention Coordinators. They can also attend peer tutoring in our Math & Science Walk-In Lab or participate in Supplemental Instruction, which are course-specific study sessions facilitated by a student SI leader. The CAA is located in Library 103, and additional information can be found at

University Police Department (U.P.D.) (239) 590-1900

The University Police and Safety Department is responsible for law enforcement, secruity, disaster planning and emergency response at FGCU. Police officers at FGCU have full law enforcement authority including arrest powers on all property owned or controlled by FGCU. UPD investigates all criminal activity on the University campus and provides emergency communication services around the clock. UPD also offers seminars/ presentations on various crime-related topics and a Rape Aggression Defense System

(239) 590-1094

Undergraduate Studies advances academic excellence and student success at FGCU. We support the mission of the university through promoting environmental sustainability, embracing diversity, nurturing community partnerships, encouraging civic engagement and service learning, and cultivating habits of lifelong learning. Several offices and programs are coordinated through Undergraduate Studies, including the Accelerated Collegiate Experience (ACE), the Center for Academic Achievement (CAA), the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SL/CE) , and the Writing Center. In addition, Undergraduate Studies supports the General Education Program and the University Colloquium: A Sustainable Future.

Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development (239) 590-7990

The Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development (MLD) houses three functional areas: Multicultural Student Services, Leadership Development and Student Government Support. Our office promotes academic, leadership and personal growth. MLD cultivates a campus-wide community that represents and celebrates diversity; empowers students to grow beyond their personal barriers, strengthen their understanding of diversity and social responsibility, and develop leadership skills, while fostering a sense of belonging. We hope to nurture a generation of ethical and knowledgeable leaders who contribute to the ever-changing global society.

Student Support Services (239) 590-1563

Student Support Services serves eligible first generation, low-income students and/ or students with a documented disability in need of support services. The program provides services such as college survival skills, tutoring, financial literacy, and access to technology. The program is funded through the U.S. Department of Education and FGCU.

Financial Aid & Scholarships (239) 590-7920

Located in McTarnaghan Hall Room 114 Open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Find very important information on our homepage: Grants, Scholarships, Workstudy & Student Loans are available: ›  K_\ =i\\ 8ggc`ZXk`fe ]fi =\[\iXc Jkl[\ek Aid (FAFSA) should be completed by our priority deadline of March 1st every year to maximize your award. ›K_\=fle[Xk`feJZ_fcXij_`g8ggc`ZXk`feZXe only be completed between November 15th and March 1st annually for the following year. This application and the FAFSA are required for First Generation Scholarship consideration. ›:_\Zbpfli>lcÕ`e\8ZZflek<X^c\<dX`c daily to avoid missing important emails regarding available aid, requirements & scholarship opportunities.

Writing Center (239) 590-7141

Writing Center services are available to assist students in improving their writing assignments for Florida Gulf Coast University courses. Writing Center Consultants help students develop their abilities by providing assistance with prewriting, writing, and revising strategies. Writing Consultants also work with students to facilitate improvement



in mechanics and documentation format. The FGCU Writing Center is located in Library West 202C. Thirty-minute Writing Center consultations are available on a walk-in basis. Please stop by this fall and/or visit our website at for more information about our services.

Outreach Programs, Student Government and Eagle News.

Office of ServiceLearning and Civic Engagement (239) 590-7015

Office of Student Conduct (239) 590-7900

The Office of Student Conduct is currently accepting applications for students to serve on the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Committees to earn service learning hours for reviewing violations of the Student Code of Conduct. If you are interested, please email The Student Code of Conduct is available online at: StudentConduct/

Computing Services (239) 590-1188

Support for personally owned computers is limited to assistance with configuring the computer to access FGCUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s network, assisting connecting to university resources, basic troubleshooting, and for students living on campus, anti-virus assistance. If you need assistance with your computer, printer or peripheral device, you may wish to consult the manufacturer. You might also check to see if your computer is still under its manufactures warranty. If your computer does not fall within a warranty, we suggest you contact a local repair center that has the appropriate experience or certification to make repairs.

The Dean of Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Office (239) 590-7900

Integral to the mission of Florida Gulf Coast University, the Dean of Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Office engages students in the University community through academic support, leadership development and involvement opportunities which promote global citizenship and appreciation of diverse perspectives. The offices within the Dean of Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Office include: Student Involvement, Multicultural and Leadership Development, Student Conduct, Student Support Services and

This office, located on the fourth floor of the Library, was created to carry out FGCUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission of promoting â&#x20AC;&#x153;public serviceâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;civic responsibility.â&#x20AC;? At FGCU, servicelearning is a graduation requirement. Entering freshmen complete an 80-hour servicelearning requirement; upper level transfer students complete a 40-hour requirement. In addition to independent service projects that students design themselves, there are over 100 classes that integrate service-learning experiences into the coursework. To learn about service-learning opportunities, visit our website at, page 2 of Eagle News, or our Facebook page. The necessary forms to document your hours are on our website. Get connected!

Office of the Registrar (239) 590-7980

Please stop by our office on the first floor of McTarnaghan or email us at for your registration and transcript needs. We will reply promptly to your eagle email. Eagle email is the standard method by which the Registrarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office communicates with students. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the majority of our forms are online and may be scanned or faxed to us at 239-590-7983. Go Eagles!

Feel free to stop by our office, Reed Hall 122, or visit our website: for more information.

Student Health Services (239) 590-7966

Student Health Services provides routine medical care for enrolled students. Appointments are required. Visits are free. Medications (including birth control), supplies, vaccines, and labs are available at very reasonable prices.

Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) (239) 590-7659

The Florida Public Archaeology Network is dedicated to the protection of cultural resources, both on land and underwater, and to involving the public in the study of their past. Regional centers around Florida serve as clearinghouses for information, institutions for learning and training, and headquarters for public participation in archaeology.

Library Services (239) 590-7610

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. Hours adjusted for holidays, exams, and intersession. (239) 590-7610: Information (239) 590-7630: Reference Desk (239) 590-7617: Computer Lab Help Desk Study, read, relax and meet at the Library. Your Eagle ID is your key to access online resources, check out materials, and reserve study rooms, each with computers and whiteboards. Visit Starbucks, then use one of the libraryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 150 computers to search the collection of more than 500,000 items and 300 online research databases with thousands of full-text articles from the best academic journals of the major disciplines.

International Services International Services provides overall leadership to Florida Gulf Coast University in developing, coordinating and promoting international education opportunities for students and professionals. The office also provides Study Abroad opportunities for all students, regardless of major, in destinations all over the world. Lastly, the office has volunteer opportunities, and a variety of cultural events open to all students, with the goal of broadening perspectives, and increasing global awareness and acceptance. At International Services, you will find a staff member who is ready to provide you with educational opportunities of a lifetime and to make your experience at FGCU all it can be!


FGCU Bookstore | Cohen Center | *Savings based on total North American textbook rental savings vs new book price. Individual store savings vary by location. See store for details.


Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.



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Campus Recreation

Aquatics Center

Everyone loves a little sun and a lot of fun and the Aquatics Center provides both! Whether you want to lay out, float on a raft, play some water basketball, jump on the diving boards, or swim some laps, the Aquatics Center is for YOU! The Aquatics Center is home to two pools, both of which are heated in the winter and chilled in the summer! The Aquatics Center isn’t just a place to swim and lay out. Our Aquatics Center offers a handful of different programs to participate. Sign up to get your Lifeguard certification, CPR and First Aid certification, or sign up for our swim lessons! The Aquatics Center is open 7 days a week. With our two pools, water basketball, and various programs, the Aquatics Center is sure to please any water enthusiast.


The FGCU Fitness Department offers students, faculty, and staff numerous programs and services in regards to your total health, fitness, and well-being. From free body fat analysis to personal training, we’ve got everything you need


Our Fitness Department offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment ranging from free weights to ellipticals to treadmills and much more! On top of our equipment, the Fitness Department also offers free group fitness class, such as Zumba, Hip-Hop dancing, yoga, and more! Another big part of the Fitness Department is our personal training. Students can train with our nationally certified personal trainers for free! Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we’ve got it, so come train with us!


Whether you enjoy running on a treadmill, laying under the sun, or playing a little pick-up basketball, Campus Recreation strives to offer diverse recreation opportunities for everyone at FGCU. We provide a variety of facilities to suit your on-campus recreation needs. If you like to swim, soak up the sun, or have fun out on the water, then our Aquatics Center and Waterfront are for you! Our Auxiliary Gym and the ROC offer you a great place to play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and participate in


and many more! Our Fitness Center is also home to our personal training and group fitness programs, and state-ofthe-art fitness equipment, and our Informal Rec department. No matter what activities you’re into, Campus Rec has the facility for you!



to help get you in shape. Our nationally certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors are ready to help you meet all of your health and fitness goals.

certain intramural sports! Campus Rec is also home to two Recreation fields. Our rec fields are used by intramurals and our sport clubs for flag football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby,

The goal of the Intramural Sports program is to provide the students, faculty, and staff of FGCU with the opportunity to participate in organized, competitive recreational sports regardless of athletic ability. Intramural Sports promotes sportsmanship and social growth through its various individual and team sports. Intramurals offers many different sports including: basketball, flagfootball, volleyball, soccer, dodge ball, and more! Intramurals sports are offered during each of the three semesters: fall, spring, and summer. On top of the normal sport seasons, our intramural department also holds various tournaments throughout the semester. Some of the tournaments include: GridIron flag football tournament, Madden NFL tournament, Soccer tournament, and many more. Whether you’re looking to compete for a coveted Intramural Mug, or looking to meet new

friends and stay in shape, our Intramural Sports are for you!

Outdoor Pursuits

The Outdoor Pursuits program is a division of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Campus Recreation department. “OP” is a student-centered program that strives to educate and enhance the collegiate experience through quality outdoor adventure experiences, educational clinics, and teambuilding initiatives. It is our hope to cultivate the lifelong commitment to healthy outdoor pursuits, environmental stewardship, and personal development. Every semester, Outdoor Pursuits plans several adventure trips that take participants all over the country! Our trips have taken students Rock Climbing, Skydiving, White Water Rafting, Backpacking, Sea Kayaking, and much, much more. Outdoor Pursuits also offers the Eagle Challenge Course, which is located at the Buckingham Center. This ropes course is free for all FGCU registered student groups/organizations.

Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs program aims to facilitate the growth of students on campus through hands-on experiences, and by providing an atmosphere that

encourages teamwork. This aim is facilitated by students taking the lead in the daily management of current clubs, as well as the development of new Sport Clubs and leadership positions within the Sport Clubs Council. As of Spring 2012, the Sport Clubs Office has 27 teams for current FGCU students to join including paintball, archery, badminton, and powerlifting. All Sport Clubs have open membership to FGCU students, regardless of skill, experience or gender.


The long awaited Waterfront is now open! The Waterfront is the prime place to toss around a frisbee, relax on the beach, or check out a sailboat, canoe, paddle board, or kayak! The new Waterfront has a new, state-ofthe-art, 2800 square foot building that serves as the new Waterfront headquarters. The activities included at the Waterfront include tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, sail boating, sun bathing, and swimming all at no cost to the student just bring your Eagle ID. Every other Friday, the waterfront will also be offering free paddleboard lessons. Additionally, light snacks and beverages are also available for purchase.



FGCU ATH Men’s Basketball Season: November-March Coach: Andy Enfield Key Players: Brett Comer, Sherwood Brown and Bernard Thompson Location: Alico Arena Story Line: In his first year as FGCU men’s basketball coach, Andy Enfield lead FGCU to their first ever Atlantic Sun Championship. Despite falling to Belmont in the championship game, things look promising for FGCU. With all five starters returning and only two players graduating, look for FGCU to return to the championship.

Women’s Basketball Season: November-March Coach: Karl Smesko Key Players: Sarah Hansen, Whitney Knight and Joyce Iamstrong. Location: Alico Arena Story Line: In their first season of postseason eligibility, the Eagles made it all the way to the first round of the NCAA tournament after going 29-2 (18-0 A-Sun) in the regular season. Next season head coach Karl Smekso will have to depend on returning players and a top-notch recruiting class after losing five players.

Volleyball Season: August-November Coach: Dave Nichols Key Players: Oliva Mesner, Gigi Meyer and Jill Hopper Location: Alico Arena Story Line: After a seven win season in 2010-2011, Dave Nichols and FGCU came out with an 18-win season in 2011. To end the season FGCU won five of its last eight and freshman Jill Hopper was named the A-Sun freshman of the year.

Swimming and Diving Season: September-March Coach: Neal Studd Key Players: Danielle Beaubrun, Maegan Butler and Emma Svensson. Location: FGCU Aquatics Center Story Line: After leading the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association (CCSA) Championship from start to finish, the FGCU swimming and diving team earned its fourth straight CCSA title. Also freshman Emma Svensson was the first FGCU swimmer to compete in the NCAA championships.

Men’s Soccer Season: August-November Coach: Bob Butehorn Key Players: Nathan Ingham, Cristian Raudales and Andres Navas Location: FGCU Soccer Complex Story Line: In their first ever A-Sun tournament, FGCU went 2-0 to clinch their first ever NCAA tournament bid. In the first round they fell just shy of a victory as they lost 1-0 to UCF in double overtime. Butehorn is preparing for fall as he scheduled three Major League Soccer teams and the U-17 US National team to face FGCU.

Women’s Soccer Season: August-November Coach: Jim Blankenship Key Players: Ashley Ciesielczyk, Melissa Arnold and Danielle LeRoy Location: FGCU Soccer Complex Story Line: After going 14-5-2 in their first season of postseason eligibility, coach Jim Blankenship lead FGCU to their first ever NCAA tournament appearance after winning the A-Sun. This season looks positive with a great recruiting class that includes Julia Roddar who has made 20 appearances for the Swedish National Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 teams.




HLETICS Baseball Season: February-May Coach: Dave Tollett Key Players: Brandon Bixler, Zack Tillery and Brandon Bednar Location: Swanson Stadium Story Line: After a season that didn’t live up to expectations, FGCU had some shining moments. They defeated #2 FSU and #6 Miami in the same week and also defeated #28 FAU. The season ends later this month with the A-Sun Tournament that is held in Deland, FL.

Softball Season: February-May Coach: David Deiros Key Players: Jessica Barnes, Amanda Josie and Chelsea Zgrabik. Location: FGCU Softball Complex Story Line: Dominant pitching has been key for FGCU this season. Shelby Morgan and Amanda Josie both have an ERA under 2.25. That has helped the Eagles to share the conference lead and clinch a spot in the A-Sun tournament that starts in May.

Men’s Tennis Season: September-April Coach: C.J. Weber Key Players: Tianyu Bao, Michael Beiler and Dean Tsamas Location: FGCU Tennis Complex Story Line: After having to win the last match of the regular season to clinch a spot in the A-Sun tournament, FGCU fell in the first round to three seed Stetson. Things look positive for the Eagles though, only one player on the team graduates and coach Weber has added freshmen Chris Perrigan and Dylan Gunning.

Women’s Tennis Season: September-April Coach: Jennifer Gabou Key Players: Morgan Bechtel, Bettina Botha and Sarah Means Location: FGCU Tennis Complex Story Line: After an impressive 6-3 record in the A-Sun FGCU fell in the second round of the A-Sun tournament to 2 seed ETSU. Next season looks positive with seven of eight players coming back and the addition of incoming freshmen Johanna Sterkel and is ranked 130 in the Open women’s rankings and is No. 29 in the under-18 list for Germany.

Men and Women’s Cross Country Season: September-April Coach: Cassandra Goodson Key Players: Alexander Schilling, Chris Rudloff, Shannon Compher and Gretchen MacMillan Story Line: The men and women’s’ teams finished a disappointing eighth and seventh place respectively in the A-Sun championship. For the men coach Goodson signed Aaron Rojas who was the 2011 Fort Myers News-Press Runner of the Year, holding a personal-best 5K time of 15:25.22.

Men and Women’s Golf Season: September-April Coach: Brent Jensen and Sarah Trew Key Players: Jack Hernandez, Brandon Pena and Briana Carlson Story Line: The men’s team finished fourth out of 10 at the A-Sun championship while the women’s finished seventh. The men lose three players and the girls lose just one going into the 2012 season.

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Greek Life @FGCU



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ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $100 MIROMAR OUTLETS GIFT CARD* >“i\_______________________________ “>ˆ\ _______________________________ *…œ˜iÊ Õ“LiÀ\ _______________________________ *Bring this ad to the Mall Office, Suite 199. All information is required in order to be eligible for the drawing. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older. View complete contest rules at Winner will be notified on 5/31/12.

INFO:Ê­ÓΙ®Ê™{n‡ÎÇÈÈÊUʈÀœ“>À"Õ̏iÌðVœ“ÊÊHOURS: œ˜`>ÞʇÊ->ÌÕÀ`>Þ\Ê£äÊ>°“°Ê̜ʙʫ°“°Ê-՘`>Þ\Ê££Ê>°“°Ê̜ÊÈÊ«°“°Ê LOCATION:Ê ‡Çx]Ê ÝˆÌÊ £ÓÎ]Ê œÀŽÃVÀiÜÊ ,œ>`ɈÀœ“>ÀÊ "Õ̏iÌÃÊ Û`°Ê ˜Ê ÃÌiÀœ]Ê LiÌÜii˜Ê >«iÃÊ EÊ œÀÌÊ ÞiÀà Copyright © 2012, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation.

FOLLOW US ON: 050212-1094



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Coconut Rd



When you want to store your belongings in an ultrafriendly, worry-free environment, Extra Space Storage® is the industry leader. We’re raising the standards of self storage with clean, green facilities and hi-tech operations. Come see why more and more customers are picking us as the safe and easy choice.



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Greek Life @FGCU



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Volume 10 Issue 30  

Volume 10 Issue 30

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