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New School, New Stuffl By Seth Doyle


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By Rob Farmer

Mrs. Claassen teaches most of the high school math classes. When Eagle Nation asked her what started her interest in teaching, she said she actually received her major in psychology first, and hadn't been interested in teaching until after she graduated. When she started teaching her goal was simply to survive (the school was plagued by constant velociraptor attack); now she tries to build a connection with her students and to help them continue their education. When we asked her what she enjoyed about the teaching profession, she replied, "It's always interesting!" She loves teaching high school, likes learning the differences in every student, and likes the staff and administration. When we asked if she believes she had achieved all her goals, she said that she believes she can still improve. When asked how she felt about the changes in the school, she said she loves having so many new students. She enjoys watching sports, she likes the Florida Gators and the Broncos mainly because of Tim Tebow, who is her favorite player. She likes the North Carolina Tarheels for NCAA basketball (which is unfortunate, since clearly Syracuse is a superior team), and supported the USA national soccer team in the 2010 World Cup.

This year we have tons of new stuff! Included in our new facilities are the new kitchen, new sports league, new staff, and - of course - the new clubs that we are offering. The new kitchen is one of the best things that could have happened to this school. No more meals that are delivered, now we get meals prepared right in front of our eyes! Granted, these first few weeks are an exception, because they are still getting everything set up and ready. But, when that gets set up, we are going to have a spectacular time! Let's not forget the best thing of all: you can make your own club! These are one of the most important things in the school. Any student can start a new club. These clubs can look really good on a college application, so the more the better! Some great ideas are: an auto club for all you mechanics; an ultimate Frisbee club; or even a gaming club for all the garners in the school. All you have to do is grab five or more of your best buds, establish a good idea, and then see a teacher about it. Tada! Then you have yourself a club! So get out there, get motivated, and let's have another great year at our wonderful Berean Academy. VV'o\/

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Berean Academy Future Improvements by Brandon Crawford

BereanAcademy's future is looking good. Toward the future, Berean would .like to have outside lockers with a roof over them (like at Apache Middle School) within the next year or two. Berean Academy is also expecting separate buildings for middle and high school, while it looks like the elementary will need more classrooms; Now, for the future of Berean Academy Sports: Bereanis looking into having a baseball and softball team. Before getting the baseball and softball teams, Berean Acad~my is going to ask students if they prefer soccer or baseball, and that decides if Berean gets baseball or not.

New League! By Kiara Tillman

Coach Roth is excited. Berean is in a new league! What's the difference between the .old league and the new league? "We'll be playing bigger schools, We'll have better competition, and we'll be travelling more." What expectations does Coach have for the new league? "Well my expectations for my athletes are competition, to have fun,and mostly for the boys and girls team to grow as people. This year we are traveling to Lake Haavasu, Phoenix, and Valley View;" Are there any adjustments that need to be made to be in the new league? "There aren't really any adjustments that need to be made. I want my athletes to just go out there and be the best thalthey can be,and to just have fun." Thanks Coach! We're excited for you. Well, that's all for the. sports update. See you next week!


Deuling Debates A new school year means new rules. One of Berean's most notorious new rules is that teachers are required to walk all high school students to the cafeteria for lunch. Many people complain about this rule, but my colleague and I went to Mrs. Grisham and Miss Sexton to get the inside scoop. Nia Napper When I first heard about this rule my initial reaction was surprise; but the more I heard, the more I understood and agreed with this rule. It is meant to give order, and have kids behave like high school students. So, instead of getting trampled by the many students trying to get to lunch, there are students walking in line or two by twos. When I interviewed Mrs. Grisham, I discovered that this rule wasn't meant to belittle us, but to protect us. It puts an end to the shoving and fighting which plagued lunch time last year. Though many of us don't like being walked to lunch, this rule is being enforced and will hopefully stay enforced. If we, as a student body, can't walk from one building another without people getting hurt, then clearly we need supervision! Miranda Atchinson I think the teachers shouldn't have to walk high school students to the cafeteria. If this rule is necessary, what does that say about the student body? I'm disappointed in the behavior of high school students. How do you feel about teachers walking you to lunch? If you have a problem with it, then do something about it! Act like mature young adults and prove that you are mature enough to walk yourselves to the lunchroom!. f We definitely need to set an example for the lower grades, especially ~hcn it comes to the time between classes. We're all annoyed at the behavior in the hallway, but how can we expect m.iddl.e. schoo .to walk no.~ally from one class to the next [if our behavior means we need supervision? Let's make an effort to control our own behavior in the . hallway. We have to teach these middle schoolers how to act on this side of campus.

Ask Arwin,

by Arwin Apple

Dear Arwin, My teachers are SO MEAN! I don't have time to get ready in the morning, so I bring my stuff to school. I'm in first period, TRYING to do my hair and makeup, but my teacher won't let me! I can't walk around all day looking like a scrub! HELP! How can I get my teachers to let me look my best? No Scrubs at Berean Dear No Scrubs, You are a precious gift to the world, and your irmer beauty is so much more important than your outer beauty. You don't need makeup and a hair straightener to make you beautiful - you ARE beautiful. OR you could just get up earlier, so you have time to get ready for school. Sincerely, Arwin.




by Veronica Hill

Aries - Every tree in the school is plotting revenge against your friends. Taurus - Time-traveling cheese puffs want to use you to take over the world. Gemini - You will find great riches in your chocolate milk. Cancer - A pack of hungry shadow pencils are looking for you. Leo - Your day will be filled with cuddle bear hugs and butterfly kisses. Johnny Ayala - Beware of Pirates. Virgo - You will have homework. Libra - Tonight you can expect to find two alien shoes in your shower. Scorpio - Watch your step! Invisible cookie ninjas want to trip you. Sagittarious - There's a snake in your boot! No, seriously, go check. Capricorn -Avelociraptor will break into your class and steal you: Aquarius - You're very flammable today. Lucky you! Pisces - Nothing interesting will happen, sorry.



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-Trevor Smith

The first middle school volleyball game will be Valley View in Palominos On the so" of August. The first high school volleyball game will be on the Third of September at Lake Havasu City against Telesis Prep During the interview I asked Coach Roth what he thought about The team's newest opponent and he said," I feel that both teams are great teams and I think they will be good competition" I spoke to a member of the High school volleyball team Kiara Tillman and ask if she was excited for the new season. She said that she is very excited for the new season. I also asked what she was most excited for this season she told us that she was most excited to win games and tournaments.

Ask Arwin

Teacher of the Week Miranda Student council

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Student council results are in. For the freshman the president and the vice president, Shelby Hennis and Amy Higgs. Sophomore president and vice president, Jay Al-Obedi and Sam Portillo. Junior president and vice president, Jasmon Turner and Alex Homes. Senior president and vice president, Sharron Hanson and Orion Burner. I interviewed some of the winners to get some answers to various questions I had. I got their opinion on the newspaper and I'm glad to report that they approved, for example Sam Portillo thought this is a great idea to get more involved with the students here at Berean. 1iiIso attend~d th~IIleeting that takes place every Tuesday. F~pmmy路observ'\tion Tbelieve that weare going to have a fun school year. From the fundraisers like the Battle of the coins d~wn t6the~ake~ale,~.~pd'*~~lI.q~ivitie~ the dances and the movie nights Bereanis about to get a lot more interesting. So stick around and see what Berean Academy has to



Atchinson and Rob Farmer

-Nia Napper


! , 'II,

Today we're talking to Coach Roth! Coach is 32, and lived in Miami and as we know from his accent, New York. Coach claims that when he first moved here he thought the town was very small and our mall could be a bit bigger, but he wouldn't go back to New York because the weather here is nicer and the people are more polite. When it comes to Volleyball he says he's excited to be traveling around and he's hoping for the team to; Make new friends, see new parts of Arizona, to see how other people live, and about being the best they can be to try and win. And it's good for the girls to Iiscpach said "togetliwaY." Cpach Roth,' ,'wanted to become acoachbecause,he is ".. a very competitive 111ao,his father was' a" ,h~.&0YE!.S.~~~tt~f,.~d,.~710~.~~" , kon a kid' swhen;tl1ey apcomplish: something. Coach's Celebrity crush - or ..should 1




Hall Monitors - Rae-Lynn Berean Academy doesn't need hall monitors on duty. The fire cracker that was exploded in the (boys) restroom happened only one time. A student at Berean Academy says, "1 don't think that might happen again in the school this year. The hallway cameras are already up in the halls. So why do we need a hall monitor? The teachers are always standing out in the hallway to watch the students go to class anyway! If they want to put hall monitors up, they might as well put cameras everywhere in the building, maybe even the school restrooms if they have too!" Another student says, "1 think it's the teacher's job to be watching students in the hall. But it's also the student's job to make it to their classes without getting into trouble or being tardy. The hallway cameras already have sound effects, so why do we need hall monitors?" Do you think Berean Academy need hall monitors? Being tardy at- school lately? High school students should start heading to class earlier, so the middle school students can maybe start doing the same. That way this might not happen again. Some students at Berean are having trouble getting to class on time. Well having a hall monitor help get students to class on time? A middle school student says about all the pushing and shoving in the hallway, "A hall monitor might do the job to get students to class on time, but students will still stand around in the hallway, because they talk to their friends before getting to class." Students will still push and shove in the hallway even if we had a hall monitor.

Where's Arwin? What really grinds my gears! -Patrick Goenen Irritation is the topic today! When you're walking the hall towards your classroom and a group of middle schoolers or girls talking, decide to make a hallway width barricade and have made another decision to block out everything in existence around them except for the subject they are talking about. "Excuse me." "Excuse me." EXCUSE ME." A moment of silence with no response. Force is the next step by trucking through the mass and finally into class. Hey, that rhymed. No offence to the office, but in the middle of a lecture, the intercom comes on and nothing is said. An awkward silence is brought upon the class. The lecture begins and is interrupted yet again by a loud noise from the speaker bolted into the ceiling and nothing is said. Again, after the first experience we decide to move along but shortly after-no longer than 10 seconds-the sounds comes on again but a person is talking but there is a loud paging sound coming out so the words are being bleeped out making incomplete sentences and finally it's over. I'm telling you, grinds my gears. Also, in class jokes can be funny, but to a certain extent. Context and repetitiveness are the "annoying" factor in this situation. When one person makes a joke, yes it is funny. Then the next kid makes another one that isn't as comical but is left with an embarrassing silence. So, this person decides to redeem themselves by making another joke only to epically fail and dig their hole a little deeper and continue doing this until someone finally has the courage to change the topic for the person's sake. That is today's subject. Thank you for reading. (:

).-o\=i \\


Dear Eagle Nation, Just so you know I'm now on a beach in Hawaii for a short vacation with my cousin Tito Pineapple. We're having a great time surfing, seeing volcanoes and eating roast pig at luaus. Wish you were here -Arwin Apple

Yes Hall Monitors Brandon Crawford Berean Academy needs hall monitors on duty at all times. Recently on Monday August 23, a fire cracker was set off in the boy's bathroom.路 I was next to the bathroom when that happened, and 1 couldn't hear anything for a while. That is a huge reason why Berean Academy needs hall monitors that could check us before we go into the building. Berean Academy does not need any trouble what so ever. There is also pushing and shoving during passing period; a hall monitor can control that situation. A hall monitor control the groups that just stand in the middle of the hall way doing nothing to push them aside or just make them go to their classroom.

~ 禄>


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Eagle Nation

Where's Arwin? Dear Eagle Nation,

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This week I am in the Amazon Rainforest visiting my long lost cousin twice removed Maria Mango. After meeting up with her we went for a stroll and I almost got eaten by a gigantic two foot tall spider monkey he was humongous (compared to us). Wish you were here. -Arwin Apple


Homecoming and Spirit Week? -Kaity BorkIVanessa Avalos

High Schools strive to make sure students have fun at school. Homecoming dances and Spirit Week are a few main activities students enjoy participating in. However, disobeying the rules that are applied to these activities will affect the fun events. Having homecoming and Spirit Week is a coin-toss as of right now because of the behavior of the students last year. Will Hill states "Last year, Sports Day caused conflict between teams. As well as Class Color Day, the rules were not followed." Mr. Pettis disagrees with having Spirit Week because he mostly noticed that the involvement in school decreased; students didn't pay attention, the education was less of a priority when the students are out of uniform. Mr. Bennett would possibly consider Spirit Week ifthe students followed more rules. He thinks that it should be more structured to keep the students out of trouble and to proceed with fun school activities. Aside from Spirit Week, Homecoming is more than likely to occur during Basketball season. Rules were not broken for Homecoming; therefore, the school didn't cut that out of the fun events. Students think that Homecoming could be better this year. For example, more people could have attended and the music could have been better. With a new Student Council this year hopefully Homecoming will improve. In order to keep having fun school activities, we need to have better . behavior. It all depends on us!



Teacher of The week Today's teacher is Ms Camp! She grew up in Brockport, New York. She is 24 years old and enjoys long walks on the beach ... Not really, Actually Ms Camp enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, and hunting velociraptors. She is half Scottish and half Greek and as she would say OP A! Her ideal alien abduction is for them to come down peacefully and politely ask her if she will come with them. Also if she had a choice on where they were taking her she would choose Egypt. Her favorite movie is Inglourious Basterds and she takes pleasure in all types of music except for Scremo. If she could be related to any sesame street puppet she would choose Oscar the grouch because she wants to cheer him up :] her favorite children's show is SpongeBob. She also is really envious of Ms. Murray because she wants to switch bodies with her! Watch out Ms Murray she might take a hair sample. Ms Camp's most interesting class day was when Sam Portillo brought a DS to class and was playing it under the desk! Her biggest high school drama was at junior prom when she took her best friends ex! Could it be Ms Sexton's ex? The world may never know.

Ms. Munay's Class! S ·a~andGanay 11


...~ ....•VIl.O. .•!


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SP ri+ l

Ask Arwin Dear Arwin, I suffer from Emonia, and this manifests itself in my clothing; specifically skinny jeans. I am a man - don't doubt that. But my particular disease means that I am constantly made fun of for my "girl jeans. " Please help! What do I do? Sincerely, T-Money Dear T-Money, Well T-Money, as an Apple, I'm a big promoter of tolerance and acceptance. So what if you suffer from Emonia? If your friends were really your friends, they would accept you no matter what. They should celebrate your choice of wearing skinny jeans, especially because, when you're dressed like that, they look so much cooler in comparison. Stay Strong, T-Money! Sincerely, Arwin Apple

Dueling Debates Seth Doyle Personally I think that the people who want to change the driving age to eighteen are losing their minds. Children our age do not want to another two years just to get their license! We want to get it as soon as possible and we do not want to wait at all! A lot of people say that sixteen year olds are reckless and are just throwing their life away. But I think that is rubbish! I'm not going to lie sixteen year olds do have peer pressure - but they also have brains. They also care about their vehicles, they wouldn't just crash into another car for no reason like most people think they would do. Just ask any old person in this world. If you start driving at sixteen, you are going to be equally inexperienced as someone who starts driving at 18. So I think that the legal age to get your permit should be fourteen, and you should still get your license at sixteen. If you do this, then you have two years of experience in driving. Then you can go into the world and show all those naysayers that they are wrong and that you know how to drive and you won't crash into a tree for no reason!

Rob Farmer If you believe 16 year olds should be able to drive, then you're wrong! It seems that every time an accident occurs it involves a 16 or 17 year old. This issue can only be resolved if we increase the age of driving to 18. Why 1S? Because the law states that with the

age of 18 a person is an adult, which means that usually that person would be more responsible and would therefore be more careful on behind the wheel. The 16 year old drivers are usually very risky because they experience a lot of peer pressure, which may cause them to do something that they later regret. For example they could be running a red light while not wearing a seatbelt to impress their friends while they get into a head on collision and fly out of the windshield. I8-year-old drivers usually have more common sense and drive more responsibly. That's why I think that the driving age should be increased to the age of 18 years old.

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