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Vol. 2, Issue 11: Feb. 7, 2014

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“IKEA Job Interview” cartoon (page 1) Scholarship Opportunity (page 1) Career Services Events (page 2) Career Fairs (pages 3-4) “5 Leadership Myths That Introverts Should NOT Believe” (page 5) Internship Opportunities, Fellowships and Scholarships (pages 6-7) “The Outernet” cartoon (page 7) Student Summer Internships at UVA (page 8) Summer Educational Programs (page 9) Nestlé’s Diversity Leadership Program (page 10) Job Opportunities (pages 11-12, 14) The Leaders’ Institute (page 13) OCS Contact Information (page 14)

Scholarship Opportunity! This summer, several BC students will serve in church-related summer camps in VA, MD and PA for ten weeks and receive a $2,800 scholarship applied toward next year’s tuition expenses. In addition, the host camp will provide room and board and $20 a week (an additional $200) directly to the students! If interested, please contact Chaplain Robbie Miller at or at 828-5383 or contact Career Services for more information. Application deadline is March 1st.

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CONVO!! The Skills Gap–What Skills Job Seekers Have and What Skills Employers Need Tuesday, February 11  Noon  Cole Hall Henry G. Jackson, CPA, president and chief executive officer, Society for Human Resource Management

The "Skills Gap" – the divide between the skills job seekers have and the skills employers seek. A new statistic: Employers spend six seconds reading your resume. Are the skills that the employer needs for you to have clearly visible to them? Henry Jackson will help students understand what employers look for in their most qualified new hires. The more you understand what motivates employers, the more successful you will be in securing employment upon graduation.

The Skills Gap – How to Fill It Tuesday, Feb 11  3:00 pm  Bowman 109 Tuesday, Feb 11  7:00 pm  Bowman 109 You went to the Convo. Mr Jackson told you what employers are looking for in their new hires? So how do you get those skills? Fact is, you may already have them! So how do you demonstrate that you have what the employers are looking for? That is what this workshop is all about. VCU Graduate School Tour Thursday, February 13  VCU Campus, Richmond, VA – Free shuttle provided – all day event Thinking about Grad School? Take advantage of this great opportunity to tour the VCU Graduate School. Great for Juniors and Seniors, but all students and graduates are invited. Check out graduate programs and learn how to apply by speaking directly with current graduate students and program representatives. Lunch provided. Please contact career services to reserve your spot!

Internships, Networking, and Not Just a Summer Job Tuesday, Feb 18  6 pm  Boitnott Room

Stequita Cooper, Business Administration Senior, will talk about her amazing internship experience and what she learned about networking and using summer jobs to their best advantage. She will talk about what employers look for and how you can relate to their needs. Great advice for anyone planning to job search now or in the future!

Career and Service Day at EMU Wednesday 2/19  3:00–6:00 pm  University Commons Indoor Track

Join students from EMU, MBC, and BC for envisioning your journey on a day filled with opportunities to pursue your future career and service path. Network with businesses, community organizations and human services to discover opportunities for jobs, internships, community service, and volunteerism. A great event for gathering great information through networking.

Career Premiere Job Fair Thursday, February 20  11:00 am–3:00 pm  Green Ridge Recreation Center, Roanoke, VA One of the largest career fairs in Virginia for liberal arts graduates! Meet and network with employers across the state of Virginia. Discover great job opportunities and get started toward your career! Transportation Provided!! Register with the Office of Career Services. For more information x5692 and visit the website at

The full calendar of events is available at: Page 2

Teachers: Career Services Educators’ Expo Annual K-12 Job & Interview Fair at UVA Friday, February 14, 2014 Fair: 9am - 12noon Candidate interviews: Noon – 5:00 pm UVA's Newcomb Hall, UVA, Charlottesville, VA KFree admission and no advance registration. All majors & degrees sought. Math, Science & Spanish majors highly encouraged to attend. Web site:

Career & Service Day Fair at EMU Wednesday, February 19, 2014 3-6 p.m., University Commons, 2nd Floor, Indoor Track Visit with reps to learn about employment, internship, service, and grad school opportunities. It’s never too early to start networking with professionals.

Free Shuttle Provided! See list of over 40 organizations who attended in 2013.

Teachers: Annual Teacher Job Fair Fauquier County Public Schools Saturday, March 15, 2014 8:00 am – 1:00 pm Liberty High School - 6300 Independence Avenue, Bealeton, VA 22712 Interview with School Administrators. Must hold or be eligible for Virginia Teacher Licensure with appropriate endorsements. Required Online Application: Visit for more information. Contact Fauquier County Human Resources for questions 540-422-8300

Career Expo 2014 Thursday, April 3rd, 1 – 5 p.m. Plecker Center, Blue Ridge Community College Theme: Non-traditional Careers Look for more information forthcoming at For more information on any of the opportunities listed in this newsletter, please contact the Office of Career Services at!

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5 Leadership Myths That Introverts Should NOT Believe June 20, 2013 By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran on Career Rocketeer While it is true that being an introvert in our extroverted culture has its challenges, all too many people believe introverts simply can’t get ahead. Introverts can’t be leaders and managers because we like to keep to ourselves. That myth is untrue, as are a few other myths related to that one.

Myth #1: Introverts never reach important leadership positions. 

Reality: Some of our greatest world leaders are big-time introverts like: Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet. Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates. Let’s not leave Obama off this list. I don’t think I need to say more on this one.

Myth #2: Only the biggest schmoozers, loudest and fastest talkers are in charge. 

Reality: We certainly notice those people, but being noticed and being followed are two different things. We think because someone is the center of attention that is equal to people following them. People who are great leaders have vision and enroll others at a deeply personal level. If you have ever heard of quiet diplomacy, behind that is the introverted leader who is doing what they do best – Building relationships one at a time, getting to know and understand others while being able to lay out that vision.

Myth #3: Introverts don’t like to speak in public because they don’t want the attention. 

Reality: Introverts speak when they have a purpose or reason. If that purpose is to educate or inform a group, they will gladly get up in front and clearly deliver. Because introverts do spend time in their thoughts, they usually have quite a bit to say that is profound. Don’t mistake introverts’ silence as avoiding attention – they’re listening and processing. Don’t we all need a few more people to really listen? Wouldn’t it be great to have a boss who paid attention and listened?

Myth #4: Introverts don’t like people; and you can’t lead if you don’t like people. 

Reality: Really? Introverts like people as much as anyone. They don’t always feel a need to inject useless comments or talk for no reason. Granted, that can sometimes be mistaken for not liking people. It doesn’t mean they don’t like people and they certainly can lead people without ‘banter’. Introverts pay attention and listen to what others are saying, which means that they are keenly aware. The introvert leader will have plenty to say when the need arises.

Myth #5: Introverts are slow to make decisions. 

Reality: Decision-making is not the sole domain of extroverts. The speed of decision-making tends to align with other various factors, including the need to analyze information and gather inputs. While introverts may think through things a bit more than their counterparts they can whip through decisions as fast or as slow as the next person.

Understand that no one is 100% introvert or extrovert. We are a mix of both with a bigger dose of introvert. We are continually understanding more and more about this personality type along with strategies for adjusting to our environment. The most important thing to recognize, if you are an introvert, is if you have a goal and that goal is to lead – You can be a success.

Testing Read the full article:

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Internship Opportunities Congressman’s Office Interns: Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) seeks qualified college students or grads for the Chesapeake and Chesterfield District Offices. Great opportunity to learn first-hand about public service and the inner workings of congress. Send cover letter, short writing sample and resume to Management Training Internship : Enterprise Holdings. “At Enterprise, you won't be a glorified gopher getting coffee or filing all day. Our interns go at the same energized pace and take on the same challenges and responsibilities as our Sales Management Trainees.” Visit the WEBSITE for more information. Social Media Intern: SBW – Solutions for a Better World, Waynesboro. Responsible for managing all aspects of social media engagement for My Clean Kitchen ( Looking for a business or public relations major. Email with subject line “Attention: Social Media Internship”. Frontier Culture Museum: Staunton. Internships available in Interpretation/Education (assist in conducting school programs, summer camps, educational events), Historic Preservation (maintenance of historic buildings), Curatorial/Research & Collections (research projects), Marketing, and Livestock. Get an application from OCS. WTA Media Intern: Waynesboro Theater Alliance. Shoot and edit videos of performances, events, etc. and post to social media sites and company website. Research social media outlets and keep track of projects completed and video viewership. Small stipend for travel may be provided. Contact Mr. Clair Myers for more information. High Rocks Summer Internships: High Rocks Educational Corporation, Hillsboro, WV. All majors eligible but students who are interested in mentoring adolescent women, youth education, social justice, women’s issues, counseling, or Appalachian studies may be particularly interested. Visit for more info. Office of Science and Technology Policy Summer Internship Program: 90 day program providing educational enrichment, practical work experience, and network opportunities. Applications for the summer 2014 program are due by Friday, March 7. Visit the WEBSITE for more information or contact Rebecca Grimm Royall & Company Summer Internship: Richmond, VA. Seeking rising seniors (class of 2015) to help create opportunities for prospective college students and their families, learn how to plan and execute marketing campaigns, and potentially begin their careers at Royall & Company upon graduation. Applications and supporting materials are due by March 24. Learn more at See OCS for assistance. IT Internship: Shenandoah Valley Social Services, Verona office. Distributing and configuring approx.. 160 new Windows 7 machines. IT majors preferred. 10-12 weeks or until all computers are installed, starting immediately. Contact Sarah Wilcher at or 540-245-5889. P.J. Boatwright Golf Administration Internships: Virginia State Golf Association offering paid internships for 2014, starting no later than the first week of June. Applications due by March 7 – get your application from OCS! I.T. Students Wanted: Liventus, Inc. offering 3-6 month internships with provided housing in Northbrook, IL (northern suburbs of Chicago). MIS, Computer Science and I.T. majors preferred. Visit the WEBSITE for more info. Harrisonburg Turks Baseball Team Game Day Intern: Member of the 11-team Valley Baseball League (MayAugust). Looking for someone interested in Sports Management, Marketing, English/Journalism, Communication, or Business. Responsible for game day activities such as rosters, ticket sales, video creation/editing, and promos. Contact Matt Wease, Marketing Manager, at

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More Internship Opportunities Ciright Summer Internship Program: Software development company offering summer internships in their Liberty Valley, PA office. Ten weeks from June-August engaging in high-impact projects discovering the dynamic shift of the Internet, Internet of Things, and mobile applications. Submit resume and other relevant material to by March 17. Contact the office of Career Services for assistance with your application. Prison Fellowship Ministries Summer Internship Program: Multiple paid internships available (with local housing available) in marketing, business administration, events, journalism, liberal arts, public policy, criminal justice, research, political science, engineering, finance and information technology. Email cover letter and resume to Visit for more informoation.

Scholarship Opportunity! Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship – National Film Contest: Open to all full-time college undergrads in the U.S., this contest asks students to create short films to convince their peers to be careful on the road in order to prevent distracted driving. Videos are due March 17, 2014 and first prize is $5,000. Visit for details or contact the Office of Career Services for more information!

Graduate Internships and Fellowships Wildlife Rehabilitation Externships: The Wildlife Center of Virginia is a non-profit teaching and referral hospital for native wildlife. This externship provides an in-depth, hands-on experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Lasting 600 hours over a minimum of 12 weeks, externs will learn about wildlife husbandry, nutrition, handfeeding techniques for a variety of orphaned species, capture and restraint methods, wildlife laws, and release criteria. Email cover letter, resume and application to and contact OCS for assistance. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative–Washington, DC: The USTR is a federal government agency under the Executive Office of the President which is responsible for developing and coordinating U.S. trade with other countries. The intern program is a semester-long, volunteer program in which undergrad, graduate, and recently graduated students gain knowledge and experience in conducting U.S. trade policy. Contact OCS for more info.

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Summer Educational Programs

Des Moines University's Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars program - DMU Health P.A.S.S.- is a great way for promising college sophomores and juniors to prepare for and enhance their chances of getting into medical school and other health professions programs. Highlights of the program:       

Offered June 9-27, 2014, the program is high-quality, hands-on and FREE. Participants learn what it's like to be a student in a health sciences program. Students learn how to apply to graduate programs in health sciences, how to be a competitive applicant, and participate in mock interviews. DMU will cover the full costs of participants' meals, materials and accommodations at Drake West Village. A travel stipend is also included. Enrollment is limited to 12 students. Preference will be given to qualified applicants from populations under-represented in medicine and health care, including minority, low-income and/or first-generation college students. Students must have a minimum cumulative college grade point average of 3.0. Applications are due March 1, 2014 and are available here.

For all those pre-health juniors, seniors and soon-to-be post-baccalaureates, SAEP is an intensive, sixweek inter-professional academic enrichment program designed to enhance the academic preparation of individuals actively pursuing enrollment in a health professions school. Students may apply to one of four tracks (dentistry, medicine, pharmacy or physical therapy), which will determine their discipline specific concentration. Upon completion of the program, participants will have the tools that will help them to assess their strengths and weaknesses in regards to application into a health professions school. Participants are provided with housing and a stipend to cover program expenses. Full program details, as well as the program application can be accessed from our website: SAEP will take place on the MCV Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University from May 21- July 2, 2014. The application deadline is February 15, 2014! For more information on any of the opportunities listed in this newsletter, please contact the Office of Career Services at!

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Job Opportunities! Dynamic Aviation: Bridgewater, VA. Current openings include: Human Resources Assistant (LINK), Capture and Proposal Manager (LINK), Aircraft Records Clerk (LINK), Systems Operations Coordinator (LINK), Programmer Analyst (LINK), Configuration Management Specialist (LINK), and Logistics Clerk, AC Shop (LINK) KT Consulting: Patent Classifiers needed in the following fields: Biological / Biochem / Biomed, Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductor / PCB / Electrical Componenets, Chemical / Chemistry, Telecommunications / Film / Media Arts, Computer / Computer Systems / Hardware, Medical / Biomedical / Surgical Devices. Visit the WEBSITE. Worship Pastor: Park Valley Church. Organize and produce the weekend service. Mature, growing believer with a clear understanding of the Gospel preferred. Contact the Career Services office for more information. Reporter/Photojournalist: WHSV-TV. Experienced storyteller to gather and report news, shoot & edit video. Communications / Journalism degree or equivalent. Email resume, cover letter and reel to Sports Director/Digital Journalist: WHSV. Lead sports coverage on air, online and on-the-go. Shoot, edit, produce, and anchor. Heavy emphasis on digital/social media. Email resume & reel to Host: WSLS-TV. Host/produce daily entertainment program. Set up, produce and write feature stories, segments and live shots. Three years experience. Send link to reel and resume to Contact OCS for more info.

Did you know Agricultural Research Service has job postings country-wide? MD: Safety and Occupational Health Specialist – LINK PA: Industrial Equipment Mechanic – LINK DC: Administrator – LINK

WRIC TV: Richmond. Current openings: Account Contact Office of Career Services for more info! Executive, Executive Producer, News Photojournalist/Editor , Reporter , Anchor/Reporter , Digital Content Manager , Reporter/Video Journalist , News Producer . Email See OCS for help with your application, and visit Accounting Assistant: RiverRun Cabinetry. Degree in Accounting. Posting shipping documents, credit memos, sales invoices, researching inventory issues, maintaining spreadsheets and databases, and reviewing sales tax reports, among other duties. Submit resume, salary requirements and cover letter to Scheduler: BEAM Bros. Trucking Inc. Duties include calling drivers to assign routes and answer questions, giving proper directions, approving driver vacation requests and problem solving effectively. Must be available holidays. Complete the Non-Driver Application at and attach a resume and salary requirements. GPS Coordinator/Trainer: BEAM Bros. Trucking. Excel and Android knowledge preferred. Qualcomm knowledge a plus. Complete Non-Driver Application at and attach a resume and salary requirements. Contract Specialist: BEAM Bros. Trucking. Accounting degree or 2-5 years experience required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office. Attach resume and salary requirements to Non-Driver Application: Parks & Recreation Afterschool Program Supervisor – Part Time: Rockingham County. Plan a variety of activities for children in grades K-5, complete reports as needed, discipline children as needed, maintain proper care of buildings used. Must be available to work M-F 2:45pm-6pm. Email resume to English & History Assessment Specialist: Virginia Department of Education seeks a qualified individual to assist with the development of test items nad test forms for the Standards of Learning (SOL) English and history tests. 29 hours/week – no state benefits. Apply online at by January 27.

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More Job Opportunities! Department of Aging and Rehabilitiative Services: Current Openings: Server Administator-Fishersville (LINK), .NET Web Application Developer-Henrico (LINK), Speech Pathologist & Audiology Director-Fishersville (LINK), Police Sergeant-Fishersville (LINK) by 2/11, Disability Determination Analyst-Trainee by 2/28 (four positions) in Fairfax (LINK), Norfolk (LINK), Henrico (LINK), and Roanoke (LINK). QA Analyst: DWHSystems Inc. Hoboken, NJ. Gather and analyze business requirements for accounting and financial systems; conduct business process analysis, prepare business requirements documents; conduct gap analysis to cover deficiencies; design, develop, and implement financial applications using VB and C++. Email. Sales Management Trainee: Enterprise Holdings, Staunton VA. “Regardless of college major or professional experience, nearly 100% of our full-time employees start out in our Sales Management Training Program. This allows everyone to learn our business from the ground up.” Visit the WEBSITE for an application and more info. Part-Time HR Assistant: Truck Enterprises. 20 hours per week starting in May. Prepare payroll for all employees at all lcoations. Prepare tax deposits and reports. Stay informed on company policies and assist in pre-employment process. Assist with safety program. or visit the WEBSITE. Summer Forestry Aid: North River Ranger District–George Washington & Jefferson National Forests, Harrisonburg. Positions available for summer starting at $12.07/hour, full time. Maintenance and improvement at recreational facilities, to include garbage and litter pick-up, toilet cleaning, grass mowing, minor repair work. Must be willing to work in all types of weather and capable of hiking long distances. If interested, contact OCS for an application. Verizon Wireless: Positions include full-time and part-time Solutions Sales Specialists and Rep-Retail Sales in Tysons Corner, Fair Oaks Mall, Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Washington DC, and various locations in Maryland. See OCS for more information and watch this VIDEO. Two entry-level accounting positions available: Brown, Edwards & Company, Harrisonburg. Should have met the 150-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam in Virginia, or be on the track to receiving this requirement. Some travel involved. Information at and job descriptions at Send resume, cover letter and application to Jeff Smitt, CPA at Associate Director of Freshman & Sophomore Programs: Montclair State University, NJ. Provide leadership for the development and implementation of holisitic initiatives designed to promote the success and retention of students at MCS through orientation, welcome events, communication and marketing of the Center’s services to students, and peer leadership and peer advising programs. Starting date April 7, 2014. Contact OCS. Recruitment Coordinator: Christopher Newport University Center for Career Planning. Event planning skills to coordinate and promote career and grad school fairs, management of campus interview schedules, and interpersonal skills for building and nurturing relationships and advising students. Apply by February 11 HERE. I.T. Students Wanted: Liventus, Inc. offering full-time positions in application development, web development and information technology in Northbrook, IL (northern suburbs of Chicago). Visit the WEBSITE for more information. Writer/Producer (Marketing): WSLS 10. Responsible for writing, producing, editing and on-air promotions, including topical promos for all evening news broadcasts, image promos for on-air talent, and marketing and branding community involvement projects. Non-linear editing skills and at least 2 years’ experience in local TV. Contact OCS for more information on how to apply. For more information on any of the opportunities listed in this newsletter, please contact the Office of Career Services at!

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Even More Job Opportunities! Director of Brethren Disaster Ministries: Church of the Brethren – Elgin, IL. Part of the Global Mission and Service team in charge of informing and engaging Church constituents in BDM activities, maintaining ecumenical and interagency relationships to facilitate response to human need in the US, coordinating with BDM staff eo employ strategy and operations to facilitate the Church’s mission, providing sound financial budget management and initiating EDF grants for domestic response activities. Request an application packet from the Office of Human Resources at or 800-323-8039 ext. 367. Yard Monitor: BEAM Bros. Trucking. Full-time position in charge of checking load documentation, coordinating relays, monitoring trips in LoadTrek, performing follow-up and problem solving effectively. Complete the NonDriver Application at and attach resume and salary requirements. Summer Recreation Aids: The George Washington and Jefferson National Forest will soon be advertising summer positions on the Warm Springs/James River Ranger District. Great experience working with a federal resource management agency. Contact Matt Edwards at or call 540-962-2214.

Summer Camp Jobs! Equestrian Program Staff: O.A.T.S. – Overcoming Adversity Through Silence. Looking for summer staff to work June 15 – August 9, 2014 for $300/week. Program includes trail riding, horsemanship skill training, and instruction in horsemanship for a Boy Scout merit badge. Visit for more information or contact OCS. Summer Camp Counselors: Camp Courageous of Iowa – recreational and respite care facility for individuals with disabilities (intellectual and physical disabilities, head injuries, hearing or visual impairments, autism and other special needs). Camp runs May 18 through August 15, 2014, which includes staff training. Contact for more information.

Questions? Comments? We can help! Bridgewater College Office of Career Services Flory Hall Room 10/11 (Lower Level) Call 540-828-5357 to set up an appointment. Page 14

Eagle Landing Vol.2, Issue 11: Feb. 7, 2014  

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