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Issue 4: Jan. 11, 2013

In this Issue:  “Staying Relevant” (page 2)  Job Opportunities and Teacher Job Fairs (page 3)  Internships and Fellowships (page 4-5)  Post-Graduate Fellowships, Featured Grad School Programs (page 6)  Featured Job Board: USDA (page 6)  College Central Network (page 7)  “How to ‘Neuromarket’ for a Job” (page 8)  OCS Contact Information (page 8)

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Staying Relevant As the year closes, this is a good time to identify how the occupational landscape may have shifted over the past few quarters. Are there trends that have developed? Has technology advanced? Are your skillsets proficient? Most importantly, what do you need to do to stay relevant in today’s workforce? To stay relevant, one should consider the following: Be Current Keep your resume and profiles up to date. Make it a point to update your resume and profiles after each major project or advancement in your education. When opportunity knocks, you should be prepared to seize the opportunity by promoting the new and improved you. Your resume and social profiles are your promotional tools. These tools tell suitors who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. Embrace Lifelong Learning Technology is always advancing and so should you. Seek out professional courses that will round out your skillsets. Learn the latest software applications that affect your industry. Attend webinars and seminars that will broaden your knowledge base. Network Engage others that are outside of your normal circle. Make it a goal to join or follow a new organization monthly. Attend lunch and learn events, mixers, or chamber of commerce events. Give Back Share your knowledge with others. Mentor someone that is getting started. Helping someone to get started may remind you of some lessons that you have not utilized in a while. You may also find that this exercise forces you to view your current situation through different lenses. Promote Transferable Skills Identify which of your skills are transferable and to which other industries. Industries change and evolve over time due to advances in technology and changes in the regulatory environment. Niche markets also arise due to unmet needs. Having a contingency plan and transferable skills can provide the ability to shift rapidly when necessary. In summary, take an account of today’s workforce. Be sure to identify what direction your sector is going in and position yourself accordingly to make a positive contribution. A proactive and passionate approach to advancing your industry will in turn advance your career Article courtesy of

Tips For The Job Seeker from the Office of Career Services Conduct a “company profile” search prior to your next interview. A search will provide a better understanding of the company’s culture, mission, and values. Completing this task will show initiative on your part and it provides a great way to get the interview started.

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Job Opportunities! Technical Sales Representative: The Specialty Group. Build and nurture relationships in the marketplace that generate window covering, lighting control, and solar shading projects for design, engineering, and installation. Assume existing book of business and cultivate new clients. Virginia and Maryland territory. General Technical Specialist. Protech Global Solutions. Install information technology hardware equipment and software applications; installation, configuration and maintenance of departmental servers; participation in ad hoc projects; maintenance and repair; documentation, record keeping, and inventory. Annapolis, MD at the USNA. Alleghany Highlands Community Services Job Openings: For detailed job descriptions, contact the OCS! Intellectual Disabilities: ● Direct Support Professional, Friendship Residence ● Direct Support Professional, In Home Residential ● Merryfield Supervisor (ICF/ID) Mental Health: ● Adult Psychiatrist ● Child and Family Services Therapist ● Emergency Services Clinician ● New Beginnings Program Manager ● New Beginnings – Residential Facility Technician WRIC TV: Clerical/Receptionist: Answer phone lines, greet visitors and assist managers with administrative tasks. Digital Account Executive – Outside Sales: Sell WRIC’s digital opportunities to local and regional businesses. Account Executive: Experienced energetic self-starter. Must possess motivation and desire to be the best and will be willing to develop new business and work in a challenging fast paced environment. Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired: Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Roanoke: LINK Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Fairfax: LINK Education Coordinator, Norfolk: LINK

Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Norfolk: LINK Computer Instructor, Henrico (Richmond): LINK

Manager Trainee. Enterprise: JOB LINK. Contact OCS for more details. General Manager. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp: For classical, jazz, NPR public radio station in Muskegon County, West Michigan. Position includes: serving as primary spokesperson of the station; developing annual budget; serving as lead fundraiser; overseeing delivery of quality programming. Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services: Placement Counselor, Norfolk LINK (Closing 1/17) Case Consultant, Roanoke LINK (Closing 1/18) Director, Behavioral Health Services, Fishersville LINK

VR Counselor, Fishersville LINK (Closing 1/17) Behavioral Program Coordinator, Fishersville LINK Housekeeping Worker (Evening), LINK (closing 1/11)

On-Campus Job! RecycleMania 2013 Stipend – Center for Sustainability. Looking for students to promote the RecycleMania competition on campus by increasing recycling participation, promoting school spirit, planning activities, and communication strategies to “help get the word out”. Contact the OCS or Teshome Molalenge for details!

Teacher Job Fairs Teacher Recruitment 2013 Job Fair! The Western Virginia Public Education Consortium is hosting its annual teacher job fair in Salem, VA on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2. Contact the OCS for more info!

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Internships and Fellowships! Spring and Summer 2013 The HIS Journalism Internship program offers interns the experience, mentoring, and knowledge necessary to make it in the journalism job market. We are looking for talented communicators with an interest in advancing freedom in society. Learn more at Application deadline: January 31. VSGA Internship in Golf Administration: The Virginia State Golf Association’s program designed to give an aspiring golf administrator a “hands-on” experience. The program consists of: two paid internships—a three-month internship and a 12-month internship, each to begin no later than June 1, 2013; Assist with tournament administration, junior golf, communications, course rating, handicapping, membership, the VIP program, and database management; Will be involved in Men’s, Women’s, Junior, and One-Day events. Application deadline is Friday, March 1, 2013. BC Center for Sustainability: Two Internships Available for Spring 2013! If interested, please contact Teshome Molalenge, Director for the Center of Sustainability: 540-828-5750 or Campus Waste Audit: A solid waste audit – help find out what waste an organization is producing so that you can find ways to reduce the waste or find ways to recycle or reuse it. Comprehensive Energy Audit – Campus Wide Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Matrix, unit Based: the intent of the audit is to provide Bridgewater College with baseline information that facilitates the development of a strategy to reduce overall energy and water consumption, and in the longer term, reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the college. Frontier Culture Museum Internships: The Frontier Culture Museum is currently accepting applications for unpaid internships throughout the year. Our museum is able to offer a wide range of internship opportunities throughout the museum. We are interested in dedicated students with majors in history, education, historic preservation, business and accounting, marketing, and agricultural and animal sciences. All interns must have completed at least one year of college before the start of the internship. For a listing of possible internship areas or application information, contact the Office of Career Services! Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance (HDR) is seeking an organizational management intern for the spring of 2013 who has a passion for economic & community development, business & administration, and non-profit organizations. This is the ideal opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience with a small non-profit, build a strong resume, and engage with local businesses and community members. Be prepared to become an active, contributing member of our small staff and to make a visual impact on downtown Harrisonburg and the community! NASA Announces STEM Summer Internship Program: Summer NIFS internship application open until March 15, 2013. Go to for a full listing of opportunities!

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Internships and Fellowships!


Spring and Summer 2013 Summer ORISE Fellowship Opportunity at CDC: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS), is seeking Summer ORISE Fellows to focus on public health issues related to the environment. Deadline January 13. The Hoch Summer Fellow Program (KSFP) offers paid experience at think tanks and non-profits across the country, a policy workshop in Washington, DC, and mentoring. Find out more about KSFP: Application deadline: January 31. The Wildlife Center of Virginia: Wildlife Rehabilitation Summer Externships provide students with in-depth, handson experience. Students will learn about animal husbandry, nutrition, hand-feeding techniques for a variety of orphaned species, capture and restraint methods, wildlife laws, and release criteria. Students are trained and supervised by Professional Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitators. Application deadline February 15! Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program (SULI) and Community College Internship Program (CCI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL): Scientific programs focus of materials, neutron sciences, energy, highperformance computing, systems biology and national security. Visit OUR PAGE to discover some exciting th reasons why ORNL offers a great internship experience! Application deadline January 10 . Des Moines University’s Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars program (Health P.A.S.S.) is a great way for promising college sophomores and juniors to prepare for and enhance their chances of getting into medical school and other health professions programs. The program is June 10-28, 2013. Application deadline March 1. Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) Camp, a nonprofit member organization dedicated to supporting the education, research, animal care, and sustainability mission of the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, is currently accepting applications for our residential camp at the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute located in Front Royal, VA. To learn more, visit: Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology – Sensing and Signaling Research Experience (REU): The BCMB Department at UT-Knoxville will once again offer a special REU program for undergraduates interested in hands-on scientific research experience. Program May 29-August 7. Application deadline Feb. 28. Camp Horizons Summer Camp Staff: Positions currently available: Creative Arts (guitar, dance, movie making, drama, arts & crafts, model rocketry, photography), Horseback (riding instruction, horsemanship), Outdoors (tubing, caving, rock climbing, canoeing, biking, high ropes, fishing/nature), Sports (basketball, archery, golf, volleyball, street hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, yoga), Aquatics/ Lifeguard (swim lessons, water polo, canoeing/kayaking), Support Staff (activity leads, head counselors), Internships (outdoor recreation, nursing, education).

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Post-Graduate Fellowships! The Global Health Corps Fellowship: a 1-year, paid fellowship with a non-profit organization or government institution focused on public health. We offer positions in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the US (Boston, DC, th Newark, New York), and Zambia. Application deadlines February 4 . Visit The Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice: The Villers Fellow works as a full-time policy analyst in Families USA’s Health Policy Department. The fellow’s principal responsibilities include conducting primary and secondary research on a range of health care issues and health reform topics –such as Medicaid, Medicare, the state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the private insurance market, and health care delivery system reforms—as well as writing and contributing to publications that are relevant to current health reform issues. For more info, visit or contact the OCS. Application deadline January 25. Lutheran Volunteer Corps is a community of faith that unites people to work for peace with justice. LVC matches volunteers with full-time positions in social justice organizations for one year in one of 14 US cities. th Application deadline January 14 !

Graduate School Programs Across the Desk of the OCS The Hayek Fund for Future Scholars will reimburse up to $300 in application fees, making it possible for promising students to apply to more PhD programs, increasing their chance of acceptance. Further details: Hampton University Graduate College – Spring 2013 Graduate Open House: Learn more about graduate program degree offerings, meet the Graduate Program Coordinators and Graduate Students, get information on financial aid, scholarships, and admissions. Visit for more information!

Sample Job Listings Include: Delaware: Student Trainee (Office Automation) Maryland: National Program Leader (Rangeland), National Program Leader (Food Science and Technology) Pennsylvania: Physical Science Technician Washington, DC Metro Area: Training Specialist GS-1712-12 Page 6

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Career Information for Proactive Job Seekers Good Phone Skills Are Critical To Your Job Search Phone interviews are not easier or less important than live interviews. In fact, phone skills in general, not just for interviews, are a key part of the job search process. Ignoring the importance of phone skills is a common job search mistake. In fact, some recruiters use a phone screen for every search and reserve live meetings for finalists only. Although the term "telephone tag" recalls a childhood game, phone interactions are not play. Here are some tips to maximize your telephone interactions. Read more

Safely Climb the Corporate Ladder: Shopping Tips for Healthy Office Footwear From surgeons to chefs, people who spend long hours standing at work take steps to ensure their feet stay healthy. Yet even people who sit in offices all day can benefit from the right footwear. If you don't work with heavy equipment or aren't on your feet a lot, you may think the most important thing to consider when choosing work shoes is how professional they look. But even if you're just walking from meeting to meeting or from the train station to your office, ... it's important to make good footwear choices, whatever your profession. Read more

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Find Their Pain! How to "Neuromarket" for a Job Christophe Morin, a researcher for the "world's first neuromarketing" agency has a job title that could also serve as a professional wrestling pseudonym: Chief Pain Officer. Except that his work at SalesBrain isn't about causing pain, it's about finding it—to sell the cure. Thus, instead of trying to sell the shiny or new, it's much more effective to focus on relieving a burden. This is excellent advice for a job seeker, who is of course his own product. It's tempting to tout a list of achievements or past successes, but resist the urge. Unless you can draw a strong, clear connection between your talents and the company's pain points, you'll likely get a "No." So how to get a yes? A few "neuromarketing" tips from Morin: 1." Don’t use the word “we” or start off your pitch with a corporate overview that lasts 10 minutes." Long windedness dilutes your message, and you don't want to stray far from your most effective subject: the company and its problems. As Morin notes, "Our brains are extremely self-centered, and we care most about our own survival." 2. Don't say "I was a leading" Anything Fancy jargon, technical anecdotes, lists of awards and skills—they're all just distractions. Painting a picture of yourself as walking corporate Advil is much more effective than droning on about your "self motivation." 3. Start Strong, Finish Strong The brain "recaps and stores" after a few moments of attention. It checks in if something seems interesting, then out to rest, then back in again--usually in time for your wrap up if you've given cues that it's coming. Thus, with cover letters and interviews alike, it's important to grab attention quickly and finish on a high note, with as little fluff in between as possible. --Cathy Vandewater, (Click HERE to read the full article)

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Eagle landing Issue 4: Jan.11, 2013  
Eagle landing Issue 4: Jan.11, 2013  

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