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Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

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Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Did you know? Graduate school acceptance rates are typically available to the public. Weighing the pros and cons of different graduate schools can be tough. Looking at acceptance rates can give you an idea of how prestigious a school is, or your odds of getting in. Consulting a school’s website is generally the best way to go, but some do not publish acceptance rate data. Websites like U.S. News can sometimes fill the gaps.

Learn more at! is a grad school search engine with some unique search options. Worried your GPA isn’t up to par for grad school? Grad Trek allows you to search by minimum accepted GPA.

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Even after you graduate, you still have access to the Career Services Office! We can help you with your resume, your job search, interviewing, and lots more! Check out our website resources or give us a call for a consultation!

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

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Digital Marketing Intern—HRDL— Public Relations Intern—Cupcakes & Marketing & Development Waynesboro, VA Conversation—Remote, VA Intern—Heritage Wealth Intern-to-hire opportunity. Startup Girls mentoring non-profit seeking a Advisors—Richmond, VA looking for intern to work with cocreative individual with a great work Assist with development and founder directly to build the company’s ethic for a remote internship implementation of marketing, first inbound marketing strategy. position. Requires 20 hours per business development, and week and will last from public relations plans. Summer Intern—United Way— approximately June to early Temporary, paid internship that Harrisonburg, VA September. will be considered for full-time Work on a variety of projects employment. supporting staff in summer stewardship efforts to business Interior Design Intern—Gresham, partners and individual donors. Don’t see an Smith and Partners—Richmond, internship you’re VA Internships—Augusta Military Academy Seeking a talented entry-level interested in? Museum—Fort Defiance, VA Design / Interior Design intern Paid internship. Two positions You can create one! with “mad skills” using REVIT available. Assist in attaining Visit the Office of and with rendering experience accreditation from the American Career Services to preferably in the aviation or Alliance of Museums. Interns assist with find out how. healthcare design industries. day to day operations of a small Must have demonstrated museum: docent duties, collections experience using popular design care, PR, research, and more. software.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

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Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7


for Students and Alumni Contact The Office of Career Services for more information and how to apply! Email

Multiple Positions—City of Harrisonburg— Harrisonburg, VA      

Junior Technical Developer— Clarkston Technology Solutions— Roanoke, VA Multiple openings for entry level developer positions. Seeking recent college graduates with experience with SQL programming who are interested in working in a start-up culture.

Marketing / Sales Consultant— Sinclair Broadcast Group— Roanoke, VA

Development Marketing Manager—High Rocks Educational Corportation— Hillsboro, WV Lead organizational fundraisin and marketing, includes developing revenue through grants and private donations.

Operations and Administrative Assistant—James Madison University—Harrisonburg, VA

Seeking enthusiastic, motivated candidates who will meet or exceed revenue goals by designing creative client campaigns that drive desired business results.

Provide front line customer service, support professional staff, attend to project details, and maintain a welcoming environment for Community Service-Learning at JMU.

Resident Flex Counselor— Intercept Youth—Harrisonburg, VA

Volunteer Ops—AmeriCorps— Harrisonburg, VA

Part time openings in Harrisonburg and Full time in Staunton. Great opportunity to earn hours for QMHP clinical hours.

Be an integral part of the team. Advance the mission by building capacity and helping to lead new volunteer recruitment and fundraising

Basic Communicator Customer Service Emergency Communications Center Technician Lifeguard Police Officer Testing Engineer

Operations Management Trainee—XTRA Lease—Richmond, VA Entry level position. Looking for trainee to come in, learn business, and be promoted to an operations manager, this is a hands on position.

Chemical Engineer—Aerotek—Durham, NC Focus primarily as an Analytical Chemist, mostly performing routine analysis on a variety of samples (mostly gasses) and troubleshooting issues as they go.

Human Resources & Safety Manager—A Central Shenandoah Valley Food and Beverage Company—Shenandoah Valley, VA Primary responsibility for administering policies and programs relating to all aspects of health and safety, regulatory compliance, and Human Resources within the company at multiple company locations. Works with plant manager and employees at each location.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Development Associate—The Wildlife Center of Virginia— Waynesboro, VA Process contributions, communicate with donors, assist with special events, and manage several donor programs. Must have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Morning News Producer—WSET— Roanoke, VA Responsible for day to day production of weekday morning newscasts. Determine content and flow of newscasts, work with management and on-air staff to generate and write stories, and develop content for website.

Teaching Jobs—Southern Teachers—Multiple Locations

Fall 2018 Positions Available Interested in spending a year of service with LVC? The following positions are still available:

Searching for teacher candidates,  currently have over 1000 openings at  hundreds of private/independent, college prepatory, PreK-12 schools  all around the south.

Admin Assistant—James Madison  University—Harrisonburg, VA  Support the associate dean of academic affairs and en faculty within the business school. Assist with inquiries, solve problems, plan events, compile data, and more.

 

Benefits and Payroll Coordinator—  Rosetta Stone—Harrisonburg, VA Provide administrative assistance and support for benefits and payroll area on a variety of tasks including delivery of health and wellness plans, leave administration, time tracking and payroll auditing.

Data Specialist—Goodwill Industries—Radford, VA Provide data entry and coordination, track outcomes, and manage evaluative data. Also maintains employee records and referrals.

Didn’t see a job you were interested in? No problem! Let us help you find the perfect job opportunity. Email us at!

The Ministry of Caring—Teacher’s Aide Partnership 4 Kids—High School Case Manager Trinity Lutheran Church—Community Connector Erie Neighborhood House—Health & Leadership Programs Erie Neighborhood House—Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator Grace Lutheran Church—Community Outreach Associate La Clinica del Pueblo—Case Worker La Clinica del Pueblo—Volunteer Coordinator L’Arche, Greater Washington D.C.—Assistant/Care Giver Start an application here:!

Part Time and Seasonal Jobs! Summer Work Program—Virginia ABC—Richmond, VA 10 week summer program open to all majors. Gain real world skills in management, finance, budgeting, communication, PR, marketing, enforcement, HR, and more.

Farmhand—Private Farm— Plains, VA Seeking honest, reliable, and hardworking individual to help with all day to day farm operations. Seasonal part time or full time opportunities available.

Fiscal Technician—James Madison University—Harrisonburg, VA Provide fiscal administrative support to the UREC Business Operations team. Responsibility for tasks relating to student employee payroll, travel, reconciliations, budget and more.

Sales Associate—Sherwin-Williams— Harrisonburg, VA Support sales efforts at a Sherwin Williams paint store, servicing wholesale and retail customers. Assists customers in person and via telephone determining needs for products and services.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

8 Resume Proofreading Tips Freddie Tubbs via Vault

The most important part of writing a great resume is making sure it's clear, concise, and free of mistakes. Here are eight proofreading tips to ensure that your CV is of the highest quality.

1. Print your resume When something is on a screen we don't read it as closely as when it's on paper. Try printing out your resume so you can read it like you would a book. Print it double-spaced and use a highlighter and pen to make notes as you progress.

2. Read it out loud Reading out loud highlights problems that you might not notice otherwise. Maybe a sentence is too long, or a word is repeated too many times. By actually saying it out loud you'll notice these issues.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

3. Mix it up Try reading it backwards. Try printing it on colored paper. Try printing it in different formats. By seeing your resume presented differently you're more drawn to any errors. Don't just use one of these tricks: use them one after the other, or combine them.

4. Give it some time When we read something right after writing it, it can be difficult to be critical. Give your resume some time to mature and come back to it with a clear head. You'll be amazed by how many things you're ready to change after letting it cool off!

5. Customize it for the job Sure, the position you're applying for may be the same as others you've applied for. But that position means different things to different companies, and different hiring teams will list different requirements as most important. “Carefully read the job listing, or the company's mission statement, and rearrange your CV to highlight the features that will most impress the hiring team,� says Curtis Welch, a recruiting consultant at Uktopwriters.

6. Make sure it's properly structured Every few years there are changes in laws, best practices, and even styles that affect how your resume is perceived and read. Make sure you're aware of these changes and your resume is up to date.

7. Save and print in standard formats No matter what crazy fonts and colors you used as part of your proofreading process, make sure your resume is plain and professional when it's sent. Most hiring teams are incredibly put off by odd font choices, brightly colored letters, or the use of emojis.

8. Ask for a second opinion After a while it can be hard to be critical of something you created on your own. If you're looking at your resume and feel that it's perfect, get a friend, relative, or professional proofreader to look through it. A fresh pair of eyes might detect mistakes that you couldn't.

Freddie Tubbs is a career adviser at Bigassignments. He is a paper writer and proofreader at Revieweal writing blog and is a regular contributor to Australian help blog.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Know the STAR Interview Method Jean Juchnowicz via LinkedIn

Are you in the job market searching for a new job? Have you been contacted for an interview? Great! You need to know the S.T.A.R. Interview Method and behavioral interviewing which is a popular method of job interviewing. One method of behavioral interviewing is known as the S.T.A.R method; this is a technique used by an interviewer to evaluate your past behavior for the purpose of predicting your future performance in a similar situation. Answering behavioral questions well requires preparation so that your answers are thoughtful, specific, and organized. Assuming that you have done your homework about the company, and the job seems like an interesting opportunity, and now you just need to have a successful interview, understanding this technique will give you another tool in your career arsenal—knowledge is power. S.T.A.R. stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. Think of it as reaching for the stars…you have to practice interviewing to become a star, the one selected for the job. Rise above the other candidates! To explain this more:

Situation – A question might be: Think of a situation in which you were on a team that had a positive outcome for the company. Task - Describe the tasks that you performed that led to that outcome. Action - Specify what actions you took to complete the tasks and achieve your results as part of the team. Results - What results were achieved due to your actions?

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

Find out as much as you can about the position for which you are being interviewed and identify what skills are required to be successful in this position. Ask for the job description prior to the interview. Do you have some of the skills listed? Don’t be afraid to explain how your skills tie into the job requirements. Past accomplishments equal future success. You are your own best chief marketer. Be prepared to provide examples of occasions when results were positive and also examples where the outcomes were not as desired. Practice answers to these types of questions. Be specific and provide facts and figures when possible. Don’t fumble or be grasping for something to say. Be organized with your answers. Own the situation you are talking about and walk it through to the ending.

If you practice this strategy, you will gain confidence and be able to recognize when this method is being used by the interviewer and follow along providing the best answers. Situation     

Think of a situation in which you were involved that had a positive outcome. Task Describe the tasks involved in the situation. Action Specify what actions you took in the situation to complete the tasks and achieve your results.  Results What results followed due to your actions? Use the following guidelines to enable this effective strategy: 1. Analyze the position for which you are being interviewed and determine what skills are 2.




required. Evaluate and reflect upon your background to identify your skills and experiences related to the position. Think about your experiences and skills gained in class, internships, leadership positions, and activities and relate them to the skill sets required by the position for which you are interviewing. Identify three to five top selling points—attributes that set you apart from other candidates—and be sure to take the opportunity to point them out during the interview using “S.T.A.R. Stories.” Create brief “S.T.A.R. Stories” prior to the interview that demonstrates your teamwork abilities, initiative, planning, leadership, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Try to be as relevant as possible to the position. Be prepared to provide examples of occasions when results were different than expected. Practice your stories, but be careful not to memorize as you may forget nuances of your story when in a pressure situation. Reviewing them before your interview will give you

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

confidence in knowing you are prepared and will eliminate fumbling for words and awkward silences in the interview. 6. Be specific in your stories. Giving generalizations will not help the employer understand and evaluate your behavior and skills. Employers want to know what you did rather than what you would do in a given situation. 7. Quantify wherever possible. It is evidence of your achievements, accomplishments, and efforts. 8. Be honest! Omitting or embellishing parts of your story could lead to disaster if the interviewer discovers that the foundation of your story is weak. In using this strategy, you will be able to showcase your accomplishments, skills, and knowledge and show the employer what a S.T.A.R. you are! The following example shows how you might use the S.T.A.R. Method to answer this behavioral interview question. You indicated on your resume that leadership is one of your strengths. Please describe an experience in which you used your leadership abilities Situation: During my third year of college, I was elected Vice President for Professional Programs for my student association. The duties of the position included securing speakers for our meetings, advertising the programs to the campus community, introducing speakers, and evaluating each program. Task: Previous attendance at meetings had decreased substantially due to a decrease in the overall student population. The goal was to implement programs to address the professional development of our association and increase attendance by 25% compared to the prior year's figures. Action: I assembled a team to help with the program design and speaker selection. I developed a survey to determine the members' professional interests and ideas for possible speakers and topics. My team and I had each member complete the survey. Then we randomly selected members for a focus group interview. I had learned about this research technique in my marketing class and thought it would help us identify why attendance had dropped. Result: Because of the information we gathered from the surveys and interviews, we selected speakers for the entire year, produced a brochure describing each program and the featured speaker. Under my leadership, attendance increased 150% over the previous year.

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

BE A GIRLS ON THE RUN COACH! LIFE COMES AT GIRLS FAST: HELP THEM FIND THEIR PACE We're looking for outstanding volunteers to assist our growing number of local teams from September-November 2018! YOU can be part of a coaching team that helps girls activate their limitless potential & grow in confidence, joy, and strength! A GOTR Coach..... 

Believes in the inherent power within every girl

Wants to leave a lasting impact on the lives of girls & the community

Will receive training & support along the way

Does NOT have to be a runner!

Has the desire to help girls learn, grow & have fun! The Commitment: 

MUST possess a genuine desire to have a positive impact on girls

Be available & committed to your team (will be assigned based on schedules, etc) 1-2 days/week after school for the entire 10 week season (SeptemberNovember), including the 5k. 

Complete GOTR Coach Training, a background check, and be CPR/1st Aid certified For more information about Girls on the Run of the Shenandoah Valley, go to our website or contact Dia Russell

Click to watch a short video from GOTR coaches

Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7

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Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7 | May 12  
Eagle Landing | Vol 5 | Issue 7 | May 12