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Lender Co-marketing

Agenda ● Product overview ● Screenshots ● Pricing ● Finding agents to work with ● Helping agents get started with Premier Agent ● How to instruct a Premier Agent to invite you ● RESPA considerations

Product overview ● Lenders and agents can co-market through the Premier Agent program ● Key elements:  Agent chooses a lender and suggests a $ spend  Lender agrees to pay Zillow a monthly flat fee, and that amount is deducted

from Agent’s future monthly bills  Lender and agent share marketing space on Zillow on the following areas: o

Featured listings




Drip campaigns


Web site

 Lender also gets contacts from Zillow on Featured listings and Buyer’s Agent


Screenshots ● Agent co-marketing dashboard  Shows agent’s total spend (below: $2,717)  Shows lenders’ contribution (below 1 lender is spending $1,330)  Agent can add or remove a lender

Screenshots � Agent invites a lender  Agent specifies the contribution

Screenshots â—? Lender receives email invitation

Screenshots â—? Lender enters in billing information and completes the purchase

Screenshots â—? Lender reviews co-marketing dashboard

Screenshots â—? Lender is featured next to the agent across Zillow

Email lender receives when customer contacts them

Pricing ● Agent determines the lender’s contribution with certain limits:  1 lender can not contribute more than 50% of an agent’s spend  An agent can have up to 5 lenders  All lenders together can contribute up to 90% of an agent’s spend  The minimum amount a lender can contribute is $20/month

● An agent’s monthly spend varies significantly based on zip code (and

the # of zip codes they own)

 Average spend is $260/month. Range is $49/month to several

thousand/month.  Price based on a combination of factors include impressions, house values, and contact projections

How to create a Lender Profile on Zillow 1. Go to, in the right hand corner of the page click on the “Sign in” button. 2. This will pop up a “sign in” light box, click on “New Account”, enter in your email address and create a password. Make sure to check the box that you are a industry professional. 3. Choose “Mortgage Lender” in the drop down and fill out your first and last name, zip code and phone number.

How to edit your Profile 1. You are now signed in. To edit your profile go to “My Zillow” in the top right hand corner of your screen. You can also just enter 2. Click on the Edit button and click on profile (see screenshot below) 3. You should now choose a profile picture to upload. You should fill out other important contact information such as business name, address, facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc. We encourage you to also enter your NMLS #. Please make sure you list your service areas (city or states you can lender in) so that you appear in our directory. 4. Lastly, please go to your “About me section” ( to fill out a small paragraph about yourself or your business.

Finding agents to work with ● Search for Premier Agents in Zillow directory:   Find a Pro  Enter location  Click search icon.

Click on Agent’s name to go to their profile to contact.

Agents will have “Premier Agent” badge next to their name, or just “Agent” for non-PA’s.

Helping agents get started with Premier Agent ● Visit Zillow Advertising page: 

Call 1-888-957-2706 to speak with a Zillow Rep.

How to instruct a Premier Agent to invite you ● Have Premier Agent invite you from Lender Co-Marketing page:   Sign in  Agent Hub  Advertising  Lender Co-Marketing  Invite a Lender Now.

Input Lenders information (name, email, phone number and spend amount is required).

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