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Mr. Ian M. Mitchell '05 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Munsey IV Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Nickerson Ms. Carol Novick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oppenheim Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Paltsios Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pangia Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Pawling Sr. * Mr. Simon M. Polakoff '10 Dr. and Mrs. Evan S. Rashkoff Ms. Shelley Redstone Ms. Denise J. Restauri and Mr. Lewis Dvorkin Mr. Marshall Robinson '03 Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. David Sabini Mr. Martin G. Schaefer Mr. Andrew J. Schneider '11 Mr. Daniel Schneider and Ms. Julie Kniznik Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Silva Mr. and Mrs. Abbye M. Silver Mr. Max A. Silver '06 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Ms. Sarah H. Smith '05 Mr. and Mrs. David Spath Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Sporn Mr. Gary R. Sporn '96 Mr. Nicholas C. Sproul '02 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sproul Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Stine Mr. Carl W. Stockwell '00 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stockwell Mr. Dirk van Luling Ms. Nan Waller Ms. Marilyn A. Waller and Mr. Doron Weinberg Mr. Bradley J. Weinstein '09 ** Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Westcott Mr. Mark R. Westcott '12 Mr. Ed Wollman and Ms. Jane A. Herrick Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Wolpert Ms. Alexandra M. Zappala '11 Mr. Benjamin E. Zorfas '12 Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Zorfas

Corporations and Foundations 2002 Philanthropic Fund EK of The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay American International Group, Inc. Anonymous Bank of America Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts Program Brown Electric Co. Camerata New England, Inc.

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Chalfont Foundation Chevron Humankind Program Citizens Charitable Foundation Davidowitz Foundation GE Foundation Gloria Levine & Harvey Levine Charitable Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Hafer Family Foundation The Howard Bayne Fund Industrial Cleaning Products Inc. Jenkins Inn and Restaurant Lamoureux Ford, Inc. Montauk Foundation Nal's Paint Center Inc. New York Life Foundation Pearson Education Pfizer Fondation Matching Gifts Program Quest Diagnostics RBS Citizens Financial Group Rollstone Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Vera Cash Foundation, Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation Yankee Engineering and Testing

Current Faculty and Staff Mr. and Mrs. William Aldrich Mrs. Jane Alwis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bachtold Dr. Ronald Baglio and Ms. Erin Wynne Mr. James M. Barkus Mr. Robert Begin Ms. Carol M. Belliveau Mr. Andre Bergeron Mr. Tyler Blais Ms. Pat Bock Mr. John Boelke Mrs. Kimberlee Bonica Mr. Matthew M. Botler '02 Mrs. Sharyn Buelow Mr. Harold Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Ian Callahan Ms. Keely E. Campbell '07 Ms. Marcella Comerford Dr. Nym Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Coughlin Mr. Roy R. Crevier Dr. E. J. Cronin Mr. Adam R. Davidowitz '03 Ms. Samantha DelSignore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donovan Ms. Louise P. Doud and Mr. Keith Ross Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Dykstra Ms. Marie Eddison Ms. Patricia S. Ehman

Eagle Hill School Compendium 2013  
Eagle Hill School Compendium 2013  

The Compendium is a magazine published yearly by Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA.