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Headmaster’s Circle – Gold Leader ($25,000 and up) Mr. Nathan Bernstein and Ms. Katharina Otto-Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Tully M. Friedman Mr. Roger D. Mack and Ms. Jenny B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Merriam Mr. James Richardson and Mr. Esmond Harmsworth

Headmaster’s Circle – Silver Leader ($15,000 - $24,999) Sarah L. Boles Stephen and Suzanne Chapman Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hoyt Mr. Christopher R. Larson and Ms. Julia A. Calhoun Mr. Joseph R. Zimmel

Headmaster’s Circle – Bronze Leader ($10,000 - $14,999) 2002 Philanthropic Fund EK of The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Bamford Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Cummings Ms. Maura FitzGerald and Mr. Allen Carney Mr. Ephraim Heller Mr. and Mrs. Tim Holiner Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Joseph Mr. Alan Katz and Ms. Jerry Simmons Mr. Jonathan Logan Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mellin Ms. Janie C. Whitney and Mr. A. B. Whitfield

1967 Society ($7,500 - $9,999) Mr. Arthur N. Langhaus and Ms. Kathy L. Marlin-Langhaus Mr. and Mrs. David W. Segal Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Wilson

Founder’s Circle ($5,000 - $7,499) Mr. and Mrs. Milton Altenberg Mr. Kenneth L. Arthur and Mr. Peter J. Hagan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cobb Mr. Kent S. Couillard Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Domino Mr. and Mrs. John J. Doran Ms. Donna L. Dubinsky and Dr. Leonard J. Shustek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fortin

Hafer Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Hebb Mr. William Hoover and Dr. Ingrid Thranov Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Judge Ms. Gwen R. Libstag Ms. Martha J. Nelson and Ms. Kristine K. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Picknelly Mr. Virgil Roberson and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Campbell Ms. Cara M. Rose Ms. Jill Schlesinger Miller Mrs. Allison M. Shure Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Sippl Ms. Wendy Svarre The Vera Cash Foundation, Inc. Ms. Marilyn A. Waller and Mr. Doron Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Wittmer

Benefactor’s Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. William A. Best and Ms. Lorraine M. Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Brecher Mr. Eduardo J. Cesarman Chalfont Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Clare Mr. Richard P. Flaster and Ms. Alice P. Mead Mr. Mark W. Friedman and Ms. Stacey A. Kinnamon Mr. Jonathan L. Greenblatt and Ms. Linda E. Adams The Howard Bayne Fund Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Lehr Bill and Holly Marklyn Dr. and Mrs. PJ McDonald Mr. and Mrs. David Merjan Mr. and Mrs. David M. Murphy Mr. Alfred Nardini Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. O'Day Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Riendeau Rollstone Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Mr. Nicholas C. Sproul '02 Mr. and Mrs. Richard St. Jean Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Svarre Mr. Robert Vieth and Ms. Amy Wrenn Vieth Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Zindrick

Hardwick Society ($1,000 - $2,499) Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Allen Ms. Candace Alsop Mr. Joseph W. Alsop and Dr. Christiane Alsop Mr. Alan Altman * Mr. John P. Amershadian and Ms. Denise Hanlon

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Eagle Hill School Compendium 2013  

The Compendium is a magazine published yearly by Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA.

Eagle Hill School Compendium 2013  

The Compendium is a magazine published yearly by Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA.