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The Attack Sentinel Volume 1 Issue 2 April 2011

PAO– SGT Chamberlaine Photographer—PFC Copeland Editor– CPT Leppert

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Attack 6 Sends Attack 7 Sends HHC A Co. B Co. D Co. E Co. Chaplain’s Corner Easter Celebration Patching Ceremony

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ATTACK 6 SENDS Attack 6 has prepared a special video on the TF Facebook page. It is a personal address to the family and friends of our great Soldiers. He would like to offer a warm invitation to the families and friends of TF Attack, to view his special message. The link is!/pages/EAGLE-ATTACK3-101-Aviation-Regiment/121845181161557


Well it has been a little over two months deployed and the time has just been racing by (for us:). The Task Force is doing great, from newly selected folks for promotion to our Soldiers competing at the Brigade level boards and winning (SGT Palmer and SPC Delerson). We have set off at a record pace and the Team is doing phenomenal, we all have reasons to be proud of our Team. Constantly I try and remind our Soldiers that this deployment is more like a marathon and not a sprint. The Team is truly working hard accomplishing our mission and improving the quality of life while at the same time pacing ourselves for the long haul. I would like to thank all the families for the unwavering support they are giving their Soldiers because the first few months are always the hardest. To all the agencies, groups, churches and loved ones that send care packages in support of our troops, thank you very much! The support letters and care packages are truly morale boosters, keep'em coming! We are still in the early stages of our task here and we still need the support you give to sustain our pace. Please continue to keep the Team in your prayers and may God continue to bless each of you. - CSM Green “Attack 7�

TERMINATORS We have all made it through another month and things are going very well. We are going to begin sending people home on leave soon and that is a great sign that we are chipping away at the time over here. I’m going to encourage all of you to take part in activities that make the time go by faster. One great program that we will be offering is Financial Peace University. It is a program that teaches good financial habits and is very informative on a wide range of financial subjects. Many marriages have difficulty with dealing with finances and this is a great way to meet financial goals and get on the same page with your spouse. Many of us are able to save quite a bit during a deployment and this program can help you focus on the goals you would like to reach. It is also something that the two of you can do together regardless of distance. Please continue to encourage your loved ones. They are doing a great job and it helps to get to hear it from you. Keep up the good work at home and thank you for all your support. Happy Easter! CPT Huffman

SGT Thomas and SPC Glover taking a break from all of that planning What a great looking crew!!

MSG Deeds dinner!!

Always smiling!

SPC Dass and SPC Hood drink that much needed coffee!


Greetings again to all the friends and families of the Killer Spades. Spring has sprung in TK! The birds are chirping and the wildflowers are blooming...well, there’s a lot more bats and the poppy season is in full swing...but it’s spring nonetheless. It’s warmed up quite a bit since we arrived and there have only been a handful of bad weather days. Everyone has settled into a routine more or less, and it’s business as usual with Alpha Company. Our pilots are flying around the clock and working with some excellent units in the process. Most of our new friends are Australian and I speak for all Killer Spades when I say we could not be happier to work with such an outstanding group of dedicated professionals. Speaking of professionals, the Killer Spade maintainers and test pilots have been working furiously to keep our birds in the air; a task they have executed to near perfection. Our crew chiefs are some of the best in the business and the quality of work shows it. We’ve still got a long road ahead of us before this deployment is over, but with the way things are rolling it will seem like an eternity for our enemy. Earlier this month Task Force Attack held a combat patch ceremony for all first time deployers in which commanders awarded their Soldiers with a Screaming Eagle patch on the right shoulder. The patch denotes wartime service with the 101 st Airborne Division and is worn with pride by these new recipients. Two Alpha Company Soldiers were also awarded Army Achievement Medals. SGT Dickson and SGT Harting were presented this award for their outstanding efforts during the aircraft build process in Kandahar which allowed the Killer Spades to quickly take over the fight here in our AO. Congratulations to these awardees. It’s not all work in TK, however we all manage to find ways to have a good time and there’s never a day where we don’t at least try. April 1, 2011 marked the first Alpha Company “Vest Day” where Soldiers wore their fashionable yet flame retardant combat vests to work. The festivities were such a hit that the first of every month is now officially Vest Day. SFC Brunney and his team of crew chiefs have totally remodeled their workspace by building walls, desks, entertainment areas, a massive deck with sunshade, and a smoke/break area complete with furniture. There is talk of a hot tub and grotto bar in the near future… Finally, all of the Killer Spades would like to say thank you to the FRG for the outstanding support of their Soldiers. Most recently we all received an Easter Basket which was quite a surprise. It’s very reassuring to know that our families are informed and taken care of on the home front. We always look forward to the packages, messages, and delicious treats, so keep them coming! Until next month… Killer Spade 26 David B. Stamps

Hello Kingsmen Family and Friends! Happy Easter! I hope this note finds you all well. It seems like only yesterday I was writing the first newsletter, but we now use the term “Afghanistan time” since the tempo is sooo fast, it makes three weeks seem like three days….which is a good thing! The last members of our Kingsmen Family have officially arrived: CW2 Gordon Sarazen and CW2 Jason Hodge have joined the fight and we are very happy to have the whole Kingsmen team on the ground as we attack the mission at full speed. The Spring season has arrived and while we desire nothing more than to be home with family and friends, we know that you keep us close to home in your thoughts and prayers. The weather has thankfully been kind so far, however, the temperatures are rapidly rising! The quality of life is great compared to other places we could be; we have great dining facilities, no more than two to a room, beds, mattresses, sufficient cooling/heating, and the best mission in Regional Command-South! All things considered, not too bad at all!

Soldiers do have access to MWR phones and computers, and may even have internet in their rooms if they are willing to pay the fees. Please be aware that during the common usage hours, the communication lines may be quite slow due to the volume of users, however, as always, please be patient and I am positive your Soldier will be able to get in touch with you! We are trying to ensure the net users understand that families want the ability to use Skype, which may mean they need to sacrifice streaming music, movies, and large downloads!

The Kingsmen have been receiving numerous letters and packages! There is nothing better than seeing the smile on our Soldier’s face when they are carrying a letter or package from home, although you may want to lay off on the Girl Scout cookies a bit or you might have some thicker Soldiers coming home! On a serious note, without the love, support, and positive attitude of those we’ve left behind, these deployments would be much more difficult, so please keep it up!

The Kingsmen continue a phenomenal track record of performance to date and are earning a great reputation from our Coalition partners for their professionalism and commitment to accomplishing the mission. Our crew chiefs have had their hands full keeping our helicopters flying, but they are

doing an outstanding job, by far the hardest workers I know!! We can definitely be considered the premier Air Assault Company in Regional Command South! The unit has continued to do extremely well in all it’s endeavors from flying as chase birds for MedEvac missions, to battlefield circulation and Tactical Air Assaults. I can honestly say I have never been more proud of a group of crew chiefs, door gunners, and pilots as I am of this group. We have had two helicopters go through a three week extensive Preventive Maintenance Inspection in order to ensure they are sustained for the fight (don’t worry, it’s normally scheduled work!) Special thanks to SPC David Thompson and SPC John Martinez for their outstanding work at Kandahar and FOB Wolverine while supervising the maintenance. We will always do our best to keep you informed since the families are the most integral part of the Kingsmen team that keep us going. Please let us know if there is anything you may need! Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers; honor us by living in peace and we will continue to serve you with pride and distinction!

Tiger Maintenance AIR ASSAULT!

April Birthdays: Got Maintenance?

1 April- PFC Miller 5 April- PV2 Sawaya 7 April– PFC Barnett 7 April SGT Pritchard 10 April– PFC Romberger

SSG Bullard getting his facial by the maintenance barber SPC Rosario.

April has been a busy month for the Soldiers in Tiger Maintenance. Between regular maintenance, Apache phases, and the daily grind of living in Afghanistan these Soldiers have done a great job of keeping their spirits high and getting the job done.

15 April– SPC Mason

SFC Wietzema on the TRIMAX fire extinguisher.

The Soldiers of Task Force Attack were given classes on the TRIMAX fire extinguisher. After the class the Soldiers were given the chance to use the extinguisher on the flightline.

22 April– SGT Gregory Tiger Maintenance working on one of the Apaches during a 250 hour inspection.

22 April– SPC Lavender 25 April– CW2 Carrillo 28 April– PV2 Aguilar

Is that a bird? No it’s a plane….C17! One of the big developments here at Tarin Kowt has been the runway completion this month. This allowed an Air Force C17 to arrive and pick up one of our beloved Blackhawks for transport down to Kandahar for scheduled maintenance. The mission of loading this Blackhawk was a team effort put forth by the Soldiers of Tiger Maintenance. The journey started from the hangar, towed off-road, across the active runway, to its final destination onto the C17. Great work on a job well done!!

We would like to give a warm welcome to one of our newest Tiger cubs. Elizabeth Miller born 25 March. Congrats SSG Miller!


1 APR PFC Ashby, Julienne 6 APR SGT Lewis, Justin 23 APR SPC Parker, Christopher 24 APR PV2 Newell, Christopher 30 APR Henderson, Jiles

Significant Events

SGT Palmer, Joanna won the Battalion NCO of the Qtr.

SPC Delerson, Brandon won Battalion Soldier of the Qtr. and Brigade Soldier of the Qtr.

2LT Foulkes, Jamillah promoted to 1LT

SPC Brandon Duenne and his wife Elizabeth welcomed Preston Duenne, 6lbs, 10ozs and 21in on 19 Apr 2011.

Commander’s Corner Echo Company continues to do well here in Multinational Base Tarin Kowt. Our Soldiers have done extremely well at our recent boards, both at the Battalion and Brigade level. It’s a great way to show the rest of the Brigade that we’re a highly motivated and professional group of Soldiers: true Warriors! R&R is starting and I hope you all have an enjoyable time. These Soldiers work hard while deployed and a little break is well deserved. We’ve posted some pictures on our BN Facebook page. Please be sure to go check it out! (do a search for Eagle Attack 3-101 Aviation Regiment) Also, we’ll be starting a new segment where we’ll answer questions. Please e-mail any questions you may have to our newly promoted 1LT Foulkes @ Who knows, maybe your question will appear in the next monthly newsletter!

WARRIORS, another great month down!!! E Company, 3-101 AVN REGT, was very busy this month. E Co. ended the month of March by participating in the traditional 101st Airborne Division Patch Ceremony signifying the wearing of the 101st patch on the right arm. Congratulations to SGT Joanna Palmer of Distro Platoon, for winning the Battalion NCO of the Quarter. SPC Brandon Delerson also of Distro Platoon, won the Battalion Soldier of the Quarter, then he went on to win Brigade Soldier of the Quarter. Maintenance Platoon Leader 2LT Jamillah Foulkes was pinned to 1LT by her husband 1SG David Foulkes who visited during his deployment. Everyone seems to being making good use of their time, by participating in everything from church activities; and playing in a variety of sports. Soldiers had the opportunity to attend a prayer breakfast lead by our Chaplin, CPT Cheney. The DFAC manager Greg Fleming provided the troops with a great atmosphere and a little jazz dining in celebration of Easter.

CHAPLAIN’S CORNER Spiritual Staying Power James 1:2-4: “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” It is just a fact of life: you and me will always encounter some measure of trouble. Adversity, whether it comes in the form of marital miscommunication, parenting challenges with a teen or a geographical separation due to a deployment is a natural part of military life. However, I believe God uses troubles and oftentimes uses them repeatedly to teach us about ourselves and even more importantly about His character. Moreover, God doesn‟t allow difficulties to come into our lives to zap us, but rather it is His intent for us to gain His perspective on the trials/troubles and develop spiritual staying power. How does the above scripture assist us in developing spiritual staying power? First, God wants you to have His divine perspective in your ATTITUDE. In other words, you are to consider a particular brand of trouble—whether that is an untimely death in your family or your car breaking down as you are trying to make an important meeting—with all joy. What is joy? Joy is a settled gladness that God is with me in whatever circumstance I go through. The Bible says of Jesus, “who for the JOY set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame” (Hebrews 12:2). Jesus faced the cruelty of the cross with unwavering resolve because He entrusted Himself to His Heavenly Father. Warren Wiersbe provides this insight about facing adversity, “Our values determines our evaluations. If we value comfort more than character, then trials will upset us. If we value the material and physical more than the spiritual, we will not be able to „count it all joy.‟ If we live only for the present and forget the future, the trials will make us bitter, not better.” Secondly, God wants you to have His divine perspective in your EXPERIENCE. Spiritual endurance or staying power means that you patiently remain under the pressure. In other words, spiritual staying power is developed by waiting on God to take you through and remove your troubles and to teach you from it. This invariably reveals what is going on in your heart, but more importantly it reveals the compassionate heart of God. We are praying for all of our Attack Strong Families to have spiritual staying power in the coming weeks and months. Trust God with whatever you are facing… TF ATK Religious Support Team: Chaplain Cheney PFC Jackson



April 2011 TF Attack Newsletter  
April 2011 TF Attack Newsletter  

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