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NEWSLETTER | APRIL 2014 We are absolutely over the moon with how our fundraising campaign has been going over the past few months. It’s so much better than we anticipated and we only have our family, friends and other supporters to thank for that – we couldn’t have done it without you! Now we’re 4 months into 2014 with only 76 days to go, the weeks truly seem to be flying by and before long we’ll be the ones doing the flying – all the way to Africa! It is coming around so quickly yet there is still so much to be done in preparation. We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve been up to so far this year, James, Joe, Chloe and Tom x

FULL SPEED AHEAD Since the clock struck 2014, the planning and organisation for both fundraising events and the expedition itself have gathered momentum. There has not been a moment when we have not had something – no matter how small – to be doing! One of the most important things we’ve been doing is making sure have all of the necessary travel vaccinations in time for July to ensure we stay fit and healthy during and after our visit! These vaccinations include Yellow Fever, meningitis and typhoid – and many more.

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At the end of March we began packing the equipment we are taking to Africa with us to work on The Meserani Project. We will have over 90kg of project gear to take with us which will include pens, pencils, clothing, footballs and medical supplies. If you have a spare pound or two, why not pop into the local pound-shop and pick up some pens to add to our ‘stock’? We need as many as we can get!

FUNDRAISING EVENTS In our last newsletter we announced we had raised a sum of £1,817 for The Meserani Project (Charity no. 1135670) so far. Now four months into 2014, we are pleased to say this total has risen...


Thu 26 Dec 2013 At the end of December last year, eight brave souls joined the four of us in taking on the infamous Boxing Day Dip. Thank you to Daniel McGowan, Ben Jefferson, Matthew Dodgson, Sophie Heward, Sophie Bowker, Steph Gibson, Chloe Crosby and Lynanne Henderson for taking part and helping to make the event a success. Cheers guys!


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Sat 15 Mar 2014 The response we received for this event was fantastic! It proved so popular during the lead up to the event that we had no choice but to sell tickets to make sure we got everyone in! The night included a raffle and tombola (HUGE thanks to those companies and individuals who kindly donated prizes) as well as a round of stand-up/sit-down bingo! Congratulations to Nicola Robinson who was crowned our bingo champion. Chloe did a sterling job of being quizmaster for the evening and the team to claim the jackpot food and drink hamper as they stormed ahead into 1st place was the mighty Jungle Mafia! Well done. Overall, it was a brilliant night enjoyed by all with many people asking us to host another quiz night in the future.


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Tue 25 Mar 2014 After the success of the sale James and his fellow English Education students (with help from Chloe and friend Sophie Heward) hosted at the University of Sunderland last year, it made sense to do it all over again!

A range of The Meserani Project’s infamous authentic African jewellery and handicrafts were on offer all day as well as some tasty homemade cakes and biscuits. Thank you to Caroline Ryder and Sarah Nelson for their baking skills. We raised a fantastic £187 overall with £70 of that sum being added to our total.


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Tue 22 Apr 2014 With performances from Mosin Ali, Sophie Heward, Matthew Dodgson and our very own Joe and Chloe, the night was a huge success! All performances were, as Louis Walsh would say, ‘world class’ and it was great to see so many people out to share a few drinks with us while enjoying some great local musical talent. Thank you to everyone who helped out to make the event a success and congratulations to our blind card winner, Holly Brettle!


We have raised an amazing

£2,554 for The Meserani Project so far! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

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BIG JOBS, BIG RESPONSIBILITIES Our trip to Africa is going to be jam-packed full of things to do – we’ll be lucky to get a moment to ourselves (I’m sure we can find to for a drink or two in Ma’s Bar at Meserani Snake Park though...). As well as spending a few days on safari amongst other more ‘touristy’ activities, we will also have a lot of work to do for The Meserani Project. For example, we have school fees to pay on our first day in Arusha, we have several further education pupils to kit out for the studies and we also have lots of equipment to pick up, pay for and deliver to schools! It’s going to be busy, busy, busy but a lot of fun at the same time – we’re sure of it!

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Currently struggling through my second year exams, and through the forest of revision notes I can see the glimmer of summer beginning to edge its way through. That means a few things: beer, festivals, barbeques, sun, and most importantly, Africa. I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now, the elation keeps creeping up on me in overwhelming bouts of excitement mixed with fear mixed with butterflies. The team are busy as always, raising money for The Meserani Project, with our most recent event the Mink Music Night, which was a huge success and a thoroughly enjoyable night for all involved. Keep checking in on us, there’s plenty more to come!

Joe x

Where can I even start?! We’ve been up to much since the last newsletter I can’t keep track! First of all I’d like to send out a massive thank you to everyone that came to our acoustic night at Mink earlier this month. It went down really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – not forgetting to mention helping us get closer to our £3,000 target at the same time! A huge thank you goes to Mosin Ali for performing for us too, his set was breathtaking. We’re currently planning our Kili Topping Challenge which should be a fun day! We need to get a lot of people involved to be able to accomplish this challenge so everyone get on board! The excitement to go on this trip is dramatically increasing every day, a part of me still can’t believe that I’m actually going to Kenya and Tanzania to see the people and schools I’ve heard so much about. It really is an opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot wait!

Chloe x Chloe x

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As I write this message, there are only 82 days between now and the day we fly to Africa – argh! I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel but we still have so much left to do that it seems like a rather long tunnel to be honest! I have no doubt though that due to our top notch team spirit we’ll get everything done just in time. As you have seen in this newsletter, we have been extremely busy with four fundraising events over the past few months, events which have taken our total raised to a mind-boggling £2,554! We can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support. Only two events left to go now and we’re hoping to get our biggest turnouts yet. As I write this I’m actually taking a break from writing an essay for uni (only 1000 words to go and a week to do it – I can do it!) with only a couple of weeks of my second year left. I’m so excited to get everything finished so I can relax for the summer! I’ve also got a one week placement in a Teesside primary school which I’m sure will be a totally different experience to the schools we’ll visit in Africa! I hope to see you all at the top of Roseberry Topping on 24 May! James x

Not long now getting excited but sick of being stabbed hundreds of times in the arm by needles, I’ve had a dead arm for ages but soon will be all over. I’ve really enjoyed the events that have gone ahead and really impressed by the money that has been raised. Dobson

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BACK TO SCHOOL We’re pleased to say we will be teaming up with a local Teesside primary school to raise some money for The Meserani Project! It will be great to get the kids involved in learning about what life is like for primary school pupils in Africa as well as writing letters and making a mural for us to take over to Meserani Chini Primary School in Tanzania. The mural will take pride of place on one of their classroom walls! Watch this space to find out more about how the pupils at Acklam Whin Primary School get on. Thank you to the staff at the school who have already shown keen interest and support in the project.

LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! In an attempt to boost sales of the swanky project t-shirts, The Meserani Project and ourselves will be running a competition to be launched over the coming weeks. It involves – a project t-shirt, a camera and you! Keep an eye out on social media for more info!


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SATURDAY 24 MAY 2014 8AM-6PM @ Roseberry Topping, Newton-under-Roseberry, North Yorkshire • Come and join us as we attempt to climb the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro without leaving the comfort of Teesside!


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Through collecting sponsorship for the Kili Topping Challenge, we aim to raise funds for the life-changing project. To date, over 100 pupils have been sponsored through the project to go to secondary school as well as the first Meserani Project cohort of students being sponsored to go on to further education. In addition, 3 primary schools have been rebuilt, furbished and supplied with educational materials, water tanks provided to two local boarding schools as well as the recent installation of solar power at Kipok Girls School in Tanzania.

We aim to climb the equivalent of the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania without even leaving Teesside. You can either donate to the project or collect sponsorship from family, friends etc. There are 4 ways you can take part: 

OPTION 1 - complete the challenge as an individual - complete the necessary number of climbs to cover the elevation of Mt. Kilimanajaro on your own

OPTION 2 - complete the challenge as a team - gather a group of friends, family etc. and complete the necessary number of climbs to cover the elevation of Mt. Kilimanjaro in a relay format

OPTION 3 - complete one leg of the 'general climb' - either on your own or in a group, complete a minimum of one leg of the challenge to contribute to the general event climb which will be taking place throughout the day i.e. for those who still wish to take part but are unable to complete the full distance

OPTION 4 - a journey of the mind - if climbing a mountain on a Saturday morning is not your cup of tea, why not do it in your head? After all, it's the thought that counts! Simply donate to The Meserani Project and you'll receive your very own certificate to certify your 'mental' climb instead: Donate £5 for a BRONZE award Donate £7.50 for a SILVER award Donate £10 for a GOLD award

The event is open to everyone so spread the word to family, friends and colleagues and help us create the best turn-out we can on the day!

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A culmination of all of our preparation, team spirit and excitement in one night where everyone is invited! We would like you to come down to the Longlands Club on Sat 14 June to celebrate with us on our final fundraising event for The Meserani Project before our trip to Africa. Disco, bar, raffle and pie and peas available on the night! Thanks for reading! Remember to follow us on Twitter @EAE_14, like us on Facebook and visit our website: All the best, James, Joe, Chloe & Tom x

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