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East African Children’s Education Fund (“EACEF”) About Us

By the Numbers

Founded in 2007, EACEF is a multinational non-profit organization that partners with communities in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda to improve education standards

EACEF invests in one-time capital projects such as the construction of classrooms, libraries and other school facilities and leverages its international network of partners to implement locally-driven initiatives such as peer mentorship and school feeding programs that empower students, teachers and parents

$280,000+ Invested

2,500+ Students

Our Schools Kirimara (Kenya) – 170 Students

Chania (Kenya) – 150 students

Test Scores Up 7% Y-o-Y

Enrollment Up 60%+

COMPLETE Bisate (Rwanda) – 2,000 students


COMPLETE Shalom (Uganda) – 200 students

25% of Students Are Orphans



East African Children’s Education Fund (“EACEF”) The Spark

A Path Forward

In March of 2007, Andrew Sugrue, then 17 years old, traveled to Kenya on an endowed exchange program through The Westminster Schools.

From his time spent with students, teachers and parents at these schools, Andrew believed that a sustained partnership with the school community was a prerequisite for real improvement and that true success would only come when all of the major issues affecting student underperformance in schools were addressed in tandem rather than piecemeal.

In Kenya, Andrew came to know energetic young students yearning for the opportunity to succeed in school. Yet their enthusiasm for learning contrasted with an utter lack of education resources at public schools and by endemic social issues that trapped their communities in a perpetual state of poverty. Classrooms were dark and crumbling and what was deemed a library was simply a single shelf with four or five books under a leaky roof. Economic stagnation and inequitable land distribution forced parents into migrant labor and left them often unable to provide for their families. The scourge of HIV/AIDS left upwards of 25% of school-age children as orphans. The few children who managed to attend school were going hungry without a proper lunch, and their attention in the classroom suffered as a result. The students had few role models or mentors to help them with their studies and provide a source of inspiration in a seemingly hopeless situation.

From it’s first project building a $12,000 library at Kirimara Primary School in Kenya, EACEF quickly grew into a multinational organization that has invested over $280,000 in communities across Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Board of Directors 

Andrew G. Sugrue, Chairman

Joshua M. Ford

Debra Ann Gregory-Sugrue

Kimberly N. Hayez

Stewart L. Long

The Partners

As a result of these compounding issues, children in rural areas were at a significant disadvantage and had some of the lowest test scores and secondary school matriculation.



East African Children’s Education Fund (“EACEF”) Capital Projects Funded to Date

35 Classrooms

Current Infrastructure Needs at Shalom Junior School

3 Libraries

9 classrooms, a library, an art room and staff offices constructed to date

Kitchen / Dining Hall - $10,000

Sports Facilities / Fields - $2,000

2 Kitchens / Dining Halls FUNDRAISING Boys & Girls Dormitories - $22,000

FUNDRAISING Library / Art Room FF&E - $4,000

4 Schools

5 Water Tanks / Latrines



100% of all donations go directly to fund projects in Africa – all overhead costs are covered by EACEF’s Board of Directors


EACEF Fact Sheet 2014  
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