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d e v o r p Sincerely, p a Student Assembly


(From left to right starting from back standing): Daniel Goldberg, Ashely Pinkney, Adam Wolford, Roneal Desai, Erin Szulman, Adam Nicoletti, Greg Hoffman, Dara Brown, Philip Goldstein. (From left to right sitting): Stephen Breedon, Adam Gitlin, Natalie Raps, Melissa Lukasiewicz, John Mueller, Nate Treffeisen, Anisha Chopra, Mohit Gulrajani, John Rau, Ulysses Smith

Photography: Tina Chou project head/layout: erinn cawthon contributors: kristen macfarlane & danica gredona



I plan to focus on mental health, an issue that the S.A. could have addressed more thoroughly last Spring and Fall. I also want to enhance the S.A.’s ability to play a role in campus student life by actively reaching out to student organizations. I want to ensure that student organizations feel they are funded and treated fairly during the byline funding cycle this fall. I plan on assuming a larger role when it comes to advising representatives on their initiatives. The campaign was a lot of fun. I had the privilege of meeting a lot of new people. I look forward to working with the greater student body next year.

Adam Gitlin

Executive VP hometown: Nyc Major: ILR, 2013

Natalie Raps President hometown: Potomac, MD Major: government, 2012

In order to have an effective S.A. I want to make sure that the new (and returning) Representatives are all working as a cohesive unit and communicating before we take our seats in the Fall. With a strong and centralized student gov erning body we will be able to effectively serve all students and act as a unified voice when discussing issues with the administration. I am now focused on making the new web site a reality: work ing with student leaders and orga nizations (such as Slope Media) to help launch an online forum for the Cornell community.


I am so honored to be able to represent these amazing undergraduates as President next year.


- Natalie Raps

Adam Wolford

Gregory Hoffma n


or Wolf Adam

engineerinG hometown: fulton, NY Major: chemical engineering, 2014






r nB

Ulysses Smith

AAP hometown: Jacksonville, FL Major: Urban & REgional studies & Government, 2013

This year we have made some serious strides in AA&P in terms of revamping our advising structure, recruiting diverse faculty and staff, and fostering more communication between the three departments. This upcoming year, my focus will be on working with the advising team to launch a series of new programs to focus on retention of our students. We are already putting together a mentorship program that should be in full swing by the summer.

Stephen Breedon Hotel hometown: teaneck, nj Major: hotel, 2014

As the Hotel Representative, my main goal is to create transparency between the Hotel School, the Student Assembly, and the Student Body as a whole. My true duty as an SA member is to serve every member of the Cornell community. Other than issues involving the Hotel School, I plan to fight for resolutions that will encourage constructive dialogue about mental health issues, as well as the issues within the minority and Greek communities. I acknowledge the amount of time and dedication this will take and I am ready for the challenge.

I hope to bring a new voice to the engineering students. I want the SA to be a direct reflection of what the engineering students need and want. This will require an open forum amongst all the engineers and especially between the students and me. I want everyone and anyone to know that if there is any issue in the school they would like to see addressed of if there is an interesting idea they want to purpose to the SA I am all ears in listening to their ideas.

Gregory Hoffman

CALS hometown: Fort myers, FL Major: AEM, 2013

As the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences representative, I hope to promote a responsible allocation of funds to student organizations and continue to promote the positive sustainability efforts that have occured in CALS. I also want to always be open to the ideas of the students that I am here to represent. That being said I hope to be able to open up the lines of communication between students and the SA better than in the past, and look forward to hearing from the students that supported me in this election.

Erin Szulman

A&S hometown: port Washington, NY Major: gov. & Science and tech studies, 2012

Combined with my three years at Cornell, and my peripheral involvement with the SA thus far, I feel that I have a lot of great ideas that I'm ready to put into action. I want to increase opportunities for students to engage with faculty and staff in nonacademic settings. I also want to work with Natalie in fostering greater communication and collaboration between student groups. I'm happy the student body is confident in my ideas, and I'm excited to start working on them.

erin Szulman arts & Sciences

dara brown arts & Sciences

Dara Brown

A&S hometown: Raleigh, NC Major: gov. & Developmental sociology, 2013

As one of Cornell's Arts and Sciences Representatives, I feel as if special attention needs to be paid to reforming the college's academic requirements. Previous candidates have not taken the time to explore curriculum alternatives. However, I would like to devote more time towards investigating how we can alter these requirements so that they become less irksome for Arts students in the future.

jon rau Arts & Sciences

Jon Rau

A&S hometown: Allentown, PA Major: Economics, 2012

I thought the election this year was more competitive than in the past and I am honored to serve for a 3rd year as Arts and Sciences Representative. My future plans involve bringing the Campus Pub to fruition and working my hardest to set the Student Activity Fee prudently in the upcoming byline semester.


Minority-at-large hometown: atlanta, GA Major: communication, 2012

Roneal Desai

Nate Treffeisen

Words cannot express my gratitude. I am excited for the upcoming year, and look forward to making sure that the minority community is adequately represented, as well as working with SA to make sure that issues facing the minority community are resolved. While I am aware of some of the issues facing the minority community, I do not know them all and plan to work closely with BSU, CAPSU, LAL, and NASAC, in order to be made aware of them, so that they can be addressed and dealt with. Once again, I am ecstatic to get involved and be a representative for the minority community. - Ashley Pinkney

Roneal Desai

Minority-at-large hometown: los angeles, CA Major: ILR, 2013 As a minority representative, I definitely want to use the funding process to better unify the community--something that I don't think I was able to do to the extent I wished this last year. I feel as though we've fallen victim to over-programming (or at the very least a lack of communicative programming). Via the funding process, I want to encourage organizations such as ALANA and ISB to work more with the multicultural organizations on campus such as BSU, LAL, CAPSU, and NASAC by providing incentives to those groups of higher allocations based on the level of transparency they are able to establish with these (and other) organizations. It's definitely an honor to get elected to serve the student body for another year. Needless to say I'm esctatic about being re-elected and I am anxious to get back to work fulfilling the initiatives I agreed to tackle.

Nate Treffeisen

LGBTQ-At-Large hometown: New Rochelle, NY Major: CALS Biology, 2012 I have some pretty big plans for this position, probably the largest of which includes getting orientation to be mentioned on the application process of getting into Cornell. Two other Ivies do this, Dartmouth and Penn, and look to diversify their campus through this method. I really think this could be applied well to our campus not only provide statistics on the community, but also potentially lead to recruitment events that can strengthen the community before even arriving at Cornell. What is slightly different though is I hope to be able to bridge the divides within the LGBTQ community. This divide might not be initially apparent to all, but in the end we are all looking for equal rights and opportunities, so coming together, even if it it out of certain people's comfort zone (myself included sometimes), is important to getting things accomplished.

John Mueller

John Mueller

Undesignated at lare hometown: Belmar, NJ Major: Psychology, 2013

Daniel Goldberg

Anisha Chopra

Adam Nicoletti

Undesignated at lare hometown: Great Neck, NY Major: AEM, 2012

As a newly elected at-large representative, I'm very interested in pursuing three major goals: continuing to reform the SAFC guidelines, bringing a campus pub to Cornell, and ensuring the SA engages the student body. Through the campaign process, I've been fortunate to meet a lot of people in diverse communities and I gained a greater understanding of what the SA's role on campus should be. This year is going to be a groundbreaking year for the Student Assembly and I'm excited to work with each representative to foster an assembly that the student body will be proud of.

Daniel Goldberg

Undesignated at lare hometown: WEst Port, CT Major: biological engineering, 2014

Initially, I want to spread the word of Student Assembly. People kept asking me during campaign week, "what is Student Assembly?" This question is disconcerting. After all, a student government is meaningless if the student body doesn't know anything about it. Aside from public outreach, I plan to use my position as Undesignated At Large to listen to and propel any recommendations that would benefit the student body as a whole.

I believe that our primary goal should be to mend the SA's relationship with the student body-I think that unfortunately most students have formed, at best, an apathetic opinion of the SA. If we overcome this problem, the SA can truly become the unified voice of 14,000 students! How do we accomplish this? More comprehensive club outreach and greater SA-to-student dialogue!

Anisha Chopra

Undesignated at lare hometown: SIMI Valley, CA Major: government, 2013

All I can tell you is that I'm really excited about the SA-elect. Everyone has their own ideas for what they want accomplished next year, and I'm confident in the new SA's ability to come together and form one cohesive vision for the undergraduates at Cornell. My fellow At Large representatives are wonderful people to have on the Assembly, and working together we will be able to improve communication between the SA and the students we serve, and as a result improve the student experience on campus as well.

I plan on acting on the promises I made during the campaign. I will push for the reform of Cornell’s transportation system, as I believe it is ridiculous that there are students, who cannot get consistent bus services because of where they live on campus, and this should be changed. I also believe that in response to the new IFC regulations, the UA needs to take a look at Cornell, from an institutional standpoint, to see if Cornell has the infrastructure to handle the repercussions of the regulations. In such tumultuous times at Cornell, it is more important than ever that the UA serve as a bridge between the Cornell administration and the undergraduate community, and I will work hard to make this a reality.

Philip Goldstein

University Assembly at large hometown: kings park, NY Major: ilr, 2012

Melissa Lukasiewicz

University Assembly at large hometown: wheaton, IL Major: ilr, 2014

I plan to bring fresh ideas to the University Assembly. Because of my many past leadership experiences, I understand the responsibilities that come with being elected to this position that represents so many of my peers, and I plan to fulfill these responsibilities. I will make sure I act in the best interests of the undergraduate population when discussing issues the university assembly focuses on: judicial actions and code of conduct, campus welfare and diversity, and campus infrastructure.

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