Communication Convergence

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Communication Convergence The tendency for different communication fields over time to apply a common range of methods. – Dr. Neil James

October 5, 2014, 1 to 5 pm VSO School of Music // 843 Seymour Street // Vancouver, BC

Event Program 1:00  Buffet lunch and networking 1:30  Welcome from event organizers What is communication convergence?

Cheryl Stephens // International Plain Language Day organizer Cheryl Stephens, a leader in the international plain language movement, co-founded International Plain Language Day in 2011. She has 25 years’ experience in plain-language work. She is a director of Community Plain Language Services Corp., a non-profit. She has also worked in law, legal communication and public information, social marketing, and adult education.

1:45  Perspectives on clear communication

As communicators, our role is to create clarity. How do you keep your skills and role relevant? How do you prove your value? What separates our professional fields? Representative professionals will present their perspectives on plain language and clear communication. (These may not be official positions of the organizations of which they are members.)

Frances Peck // Writer, editor, and educator Frances Peck is a writer and honorary certified professional editor, with regular teaching gigs at local colleges and universities. She is an expert in grammar and usage and the author of Peck’s English Pointers, an online collection of articles and quizzes. She is well-known across Canada through her workshops and presentations. Joe Goodwill // Editors’ Association of Canada, BC branch Joe Goodwill is a technical publisher for InfoMine, Canada, leading production of all digital and print products for their international technical conferences. His focus has been educational publishing, and his experience includes the position of senior editor for Oxford University Press. He is an accomplished webmaster and online publisher with comprehensive knowledge of social media.

Pam Drucker // Society for Technical Communication, Canada West Coast chapter Pam Drucker writes commercially for companies that need to explain workflows. Procedures include everything from hauling hazardous waste to religious study software to putting airplanes together. Pam’s lapel pin reads “Free the Verbs.” She served as president of the Society for Technical Communication, Canada West Coast chapter, from 2011 to 2012.

Heidi Turner // Professional Writers Association of Canada Heidi Turner, a writer and editor, is the regional director for PWAC British Columbia. She also offers consulting and training services in writing, editing, and public speaking. Her clients include online legal news organizations and a magazine for families of children with special needs. Iva Cheung // Editors’ Association of Canada, BC branch Iva Cheung is a certified professional editor interested in documenting the history of the plain-language movement and applying plain-language principles to improve health literacy. A winner of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, she holds a Master of Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University and is working on her PhD in knowledge translation.

2:45  Coffee break 3:00  What is the real-world demand on communicators?

What new skills and tools are the best communicators learning now? What knowledge and communications smart practices need to spread? How does social media affect our necessary skills mix? Katherine McManus // Community Plain Language Services Corp. Katherine McManus spent more than 20 years in postsecondary education, much of it focused on teaching academic writing and advocating for innovative approaches to teaching. She has a background in rhetorical theory, instructional design, and education technologies. She recently retired as director of the Writing and Communications program at Simon Fraser University and is currently working as an education design consultant. She is also a partner in IC Clear, an international consortium developing a professional certificate in clear communication. Elizabeth Rains // Managing editor Elizabeth Rains works as an editor and publishing consultant through her company, Cove Media. She has been a reporter for The Vancouver Sun and the editor of several consumer and trade magazines, and is the author of a parenting book. She has served in various editorial positions and is on the board of directors of The Capilano Review. Maureen Nicholson // Program Head, Professional Communication, Douglas College Maureen Nicholson is the Program Head, Professional Communication, at Douglas College and coordinates the postdegree diploma in professional communication. She is an editor by trade and has worked in most publication formats. She is a past president of the Editors’ Association of Canada, an honorary life member, and an honorary certified professional editor.

Christabelle Kux-Kardos // Welcoming-communities advocate Christabelle Kux-Kardos is the information and referral coordinator for the Sunshine Coast Community Resource Centre and a former regional literacy coordinator, municipal councillor, and school trustee. She uses a plain-language lens to help community experts, such as municipalities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, create more welcoming and accessible communities. Eric Jandciu // Strategist, Teaching and Learning Initiatives, Science Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of British Columbia Eric Jandciu is an accomplished science writer and editor with a strong research background. In addition to his university teaching experience, Eric has broad knowledge of academic and educational publishing, proposal writing, and copy editing. Eva Hompoth // Image management and social media consultant Eva Hompoth has been in the image management and training business for 20 years and has worked in Vancouver and Montreal. “Image is Power” is her business motto. Helping people emerge from shadow into the light is her passion. Her experience includes working as an instructor for fashion schools, a personal shopper, an event organizer, a business plan advisor, and a media strategist.

4:15  Moving forward

What challenges are we facing? Where do we go from here? Lisa Mighton // Director of Communications and Community Liaison, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, University of British Columbia

Lisa Mighton has worked extensively in communications strategy, media relations, and media production. She has worked as a communications and knowledge exchange specialist and as a film publicist for a number of years.

Paula LaBrie // Marketing communications professional Paula LaBrie is currently obtaining her Masters in Communications. Paula’s interest in communications began through theatre. The notion of connecting to a broad audience through expression and dialogue was intriguing to her, and she aspired to work in a field where she could continue to interact and connect with others. Cheryl Stephens // International Plain Language Day organizer

Celebrate clarity! International Plain Language Day is October 13.