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04 EA Bride Christie Scott Publisher Nathan Fried Lead Designer

A Special thanks to our contributing writers and photographers: Laurel Austin of Living Moment Images, Freeland Photography, Phoenix Photography, Blixt Photography, Chris McVay, Irene Sparks, John Chladek, Angie Ripley, and Dan Long.

Matt Scott Chief Technology Officer Treasa Hershberger Sales Director Anne Kelly Acock Creative Director Nikki Kreisler Events Director Marci Curliss Associate Writer

EA Bride info@eabmag.com www.eabride.com Ph: 816.272.5143 Published Quarterly in September, December, March, and June. Printed in the USA by Harvest Graphics Advertising Inquiries: Email Sales@eabmag.com Copyright 2010 for EA Bride. All rights reserved. The views expressed in this magazine and through the advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of EA Bride Magazine. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited materials. EA Bride is not responsible for the return of any materials or artwork submitted. EA Bride shall have no liability for errors, omissions, or inadequacies in the information herein or the interpretations thereof. We have no liability for the infringement of copyright, and reserve the right to edit any and all submissions before publication. Any reproduction of any form without written consent is strictly prohibited. All requests can be sent to info@ eabmag.com.

Cover Shot: Model: Katie O'Hara Location: Lone Summit Estate Photography: Blixt Photography Hair & Makeup: Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 Dress & Jewelry: Bridal Extraordinaire Bouquet: Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral Opposite Page: “To die for dress� courtesy of B/E Boutique

Letter from the Publisher


fter years sifting through the dating scene, and kissing countless frogs, when a girl finally meets her Prince, people often wonder how she knew he was “The One.” They say that you just know when it happens, but that always seemed like such a vague notion to me... until I witnessed that moment myself. It was November 30th, 2007. I was lying in bed, reminiscing about the great date I had just been on. Although we hadn't been dating very long, like many hopeless romantics at heart, when you start to fall head over heels, you naturally find yourself imagining what the future might look like if he were with you in it. Well, whenever I'd imagined the day I would walk down the aisle and say “I do,” I could envision myself walking towards the man of my dreams, with guests surrounding us and the summer sun shining down. Yet, in each dream, the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle always ended up being faceless. I could always see someone there, yet I never quite knew who it would be... until that night in November. Suddenly, standing there, clear as day, I pictured Matt. The whole vision hit me like a Mack truck, and suddenly, under my breath, I mumbled, “Wow, he's the one. I'm going to marry that man.” And, alas, on June 19th, 2010, I did. Welcome to our engagement issue. The season is upon us again, as the winter months are most popular for bringing out the romantic in us all. The holidays are a time of commemorating the blessings in your life, and ringing in the new year with optimism for the future. That's why we have dedicated a large portion of this issue to celebrating the starting line for the road to wedded bliss. We are bringing you stories of some of our favorite proposals, and featuring a surprise popping of the question that we had the pleasure of taking part in. So, as you read through the following pages, we encourage you to remember your own moment. The way you felt when you realized you were getting married... The thrill of telling all your friends and family about it... The excitement and anxiety when you were faced with all the possibilities that go into planning your big day... Searching with your girlfriends for the perfect gown that brings tears to your eyes, and you just know when you see it, that it's the one... the cake tastings... the floral decisions... musical selections... and the list goes on. It's a time of endless decisions, but one that is over before you know it. So, savor it, and remember, at the end of the day, it's all about celebrating what you saw in each other during those first moments that may now seem like so long ago.

Christie Scott Publisher Christie@eabmag.com

06 by Christie Scott

Popping the Question: Creativity Counts 1) If you already live together, stick a letter

in the mailbox with a picture of you down on one knee with a ring. On the back, write “Will you marry me?” Then, when she thinks you aren't there, come out and recapture the picture by getting down on one knee in front of her.

2) For those willing to spend a little more,

put an engagement ad in the trailer's at your local movie theatre. Then take her to the movies and watch as she accepts your proposal!


nce you fall head-over-heels in love, and know you've met the perfect person for you, it becomes natural to wonder how the ultimate question will be popped. Will it be something romantic and secluded or a spectator sport with all of your closest friends and family bearing witness to it all? Regardless of how it all goes on the record, it's safe to say it is a story that will stick around in your memory for quite a while. So, we searched high and low to find you the best proposal ideas, and share some real-life reader remembrances, in hopes that if you haven't yet had your moment or if you know someone who is about to have theirs, you might just get a little inspired to create a story that will last a lifetime.


Make your own short movie with the proposal in it and then go under the guise of a popcorn and movie night. She'll think it's cute when she sees you made a movie, and then probably cry by the time she realizes why.


Freeze the ring inside an ice cube and then offer to mix her favorite cocktail. When she finds it, she'll look up just in time to see you down on one knee.


Lead a trail of chocolate kisses to where you'll be waiting. When she gets to you, you're on one knee, and say “Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you marry me?”


If you have the funds to take her on beachy vacation, consider using seashells


If going to some kind of theme party, get a magician to show up. While she thinks he's doing a standard “rabbit out of the hat” trick, she's be shocked when he pulls out a ring box instead.


When she gets home, have a room filled with balloons. Then, hand her a golden pin and tell her to begin popping. When she gets to the right one, a little cloth bag will come out with the ring inside. At which point, you'll already be down on one knee.

9) Arrange to have four boxes, all specially

wrapped, and varying in size, delivered to her throughout the day. Within each box will be a different word, all together which will say “Will-You-Marry-Me?”


If you know how to saddle up, consider renting a white horse, and if you want to really go all out, rent a knights costume. When you show up to her house, she'll no doubt realize you're her knight in shining armor.

11) Have a treasure hunt taking her to places that mean something special to the two of you, and give her hints along the way. When she gets to the final destination, you'll be there waiting to pop the question.

Favorite Proposals Past From Our Readers


t was my birthday - March 31st and around 2:30 I was sitting in my office andsaw a lady walking towards my office with 4 dozen roses- 2 red, 2-yellow (yellow roses have a special meaning to me as my Grandfather always gave my Grandmotheryellow roses before he passed away.) She soon brings in an additional 4 dozen roses and proceeds to tell me she is not complete- by this time people are beginning to gather around my office as I was full of beautiful roses. She brings an additional 4 dozen and tells me that each dozen contains a letter and I need to solve the puzzle. I pull each of the cards and lay them on my office floor and try to begin to collect my thoughts~ I was trying to look for the letters to spell "happy birthday or you mean everything to me" etc... until one of

my colleagues asked if I wanted assistance and begin to place the letters as: w-i-l-lu- m-a-r and as I realized what was being asked of me I looked up and my son came in carrying a rose, and behind him was my soon-to-be step-daughter carrying a rose. Behind her was Jim- who then got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. Everyone at work was in on it, and I had absolutely no clue what was going on. All in all, about 40 people were there to witness such a special moment in our lives.

-Shawn & Jim Thomas


e took a celebration vacation to Turkey a couple of months after Piotrs surgery. We went to Cappodocia and took a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the city. I had some idea that it would happen then but I wasn't sure.

A Look at Lone Summit

to spell “Marry Me” in the sand, so she can find it when you stroll by.

Popping the Question


Then, after we got way up in the sky and the sun had risen I turned around because I thought he had fallen due to the movement of the balloon but he was down on one knee. I cried and he stood back up to hug me and then whispered in my ear...will you marry me?

-Alea & Piotr


had originally told him not to ask me because I was afraid I wouldn't be ready, so I knew he was nervous about the right time to pop the question. We were actually fighting as he was studying for a military exam. I was only visiting him on deployment, and was telling him he needed to study instead of hanging out with me. Right when things were getting pretty heated, I looked at him and said, “Will you just marry me?” He immediately kissed me, and I knew exactly what his answer was. The next day, he called my parents and asked permission.

-Annie & Seth Budimlija


e planned a trip to Mexico with my family. I sent the ring ahead with my father, so I wouldn't take the chance of her finding it. My plan was to do it immediately when we got there, but she got burnt to a crisp the first two days and wouldn't go onto the beach with me. On day three, I finally got her to take a sunset walk along the water. We stopped for a minute, and so I hurried to get down on one knee. She was busy picking up seashells and started walking away from me. She turned around when she realized I wasn't there. When she saw me on one knee, she gasped and dropped everything she was carrying,

including her camera. I was so nervous I forgot to even open the ring box. I managed to get the proposal out, and before I could get the ring out, she said yes.

-Robert & Leah Prutsman


hen I decided to propose, I'd also been working on an electronics project for a while. When Carrie would ask me what I was working on, I'd always just say “Nunya” as in “Nunya business.” That's where project Nunya was born. Luckily she didn't ask questions. It also happened to be close to her birthday. So, for that I gave her a plane ticket to New Zealand. A few days before we left, I presented her with Project Nunya, which turned out to be a wooden box with a button, a display, and a combination lock. The first time she pressed the button, it said “Acquiring Signal” followed by “This is attempt 1 of 50” followed by “Distance to go: 11232.33 km.” She could run around with the box and watch the distance change, but after 60 seconds, the display turned off, requiring her to use another of her 50 chances to push the button. She took the box to New Zealand with us and upon arrival, the distance changed to 1029.39 km. Each time she took an attempt, she would write on the box to keep track. A week and a half into the trip, we took a three-day hike around Routeburn. Since the box only had about 40 km left, we took the box with us. Finally, when we got to Copper Lake, the box hit the zero mark and she had the combination to find the ring inside. As soon as she uncovered it, I proposed, and luckily, she said yes!

-Jay & Carrie Buffington

10 by Nikki Kreisler

Time on Your Side


ith six to nine months left before your wedding day, you are certain to have felt some of the pressures of throwing such an amazing event. You have reserved the venue, the caterer, the dj, and now comes the fun part. The details of the wedding allow your personality to radiate and make it unique. The Gown: As little girls, most of us were dreaming of how beautiful we would one day look walking down the aisle in our gorgeous wedding gown. All eyes are on you and this is the day you are a true princess. If only shopping for the dress was as easy as dreaming of the dress. The hunt for the dress is a momentous part of wedding planning. Therefore, refuse to stress and enjoy every minute. Bring friends, bring a camera, try on dresses that you would never even consider, make some memories. Once you have found the gown of your dreams, order it. It may be the gown some other princess has been dreaming of for the last fifteen years. Wedding gowns can take weeks, if not months, to get from the manufacturer followed by at least two fittings. This next part is very important. It is imperative to understand that there is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting the idea that the more expensive the dress, the more beautiful you look wearing it. Also, same as the man, stop shopping once you have

found The One. You look beautiful and the gown is beautiful. We promise. Pick Color, Decorations, Theme, Etc.: Whether it’s a color, a destination, daisies or hunting, it must reflect the style of the happy couple. This is how you set your day apart and let your personalities shine. Those hours we spent playing games of MASH are finally going to pay off. The color reflects in everything from the invitations to the flowers to the cake. Some things to consider when deciding the atmosphere of your big day are the venue, the season and especially your style. Don’t pick something just because it is the trendiest of trends this season. The pictures will be around long after the look dies.

Plan Transportation: There are no rules saying you must have a limo, or even a car for that matter. A helicopter, a horse-drawn carriage or a vintage car will certainly make for a grand arrival or an unforgettable exit to wedded bliss. These will also make for some great photo opportunities so have fun with it.

Let Out of Town Guests Know the Date: This may seem like a no-brainer but you need to be sure to give these guests plenty of notice to make travel arrangements. Additionally, this will require some help from you. Call hotels near the venue to inquire on discounts for reserving a block of rooms and/or be prepared with a list of hotels in a variety of price ranges. For guests flying in, offer to organize transportation to and from the airport as well as on the day of the wedding. If your guests are making a vacation out of the trip, put together a welcome bag. Things to include would be snacks, directions to the rehearsal, wedding/ reception and recommendations of your favorite local restaurants and attractions.

Six - Three Months ›› Book rehearsal date & venue ›› Order Cake ›› Save the date ›› Research Marriage License Requirements

Three Months - Wedding Bliss ›› Finalize menu ›› Order favors ›› Send event schedule & finalize to vendors ›› Mail invitations ›› Get marriage license ›› Final fitting ›› Re-confirm with vendors ›› Break in shoes ›› Have fun!!

Wedding Checklist

Order Invitations: Invitations are what makes all your hard work a reality. It is the chance to get your guests excited and know what to expect. Believe it or not, things such as the font can make quite the subliminal impact. A fancy font implies a fancy affair and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Married in Vegas and having a local reception? Send poker chips as bar vouchers. Going to the beach on your honeymoon? Invite your guests with a message in a bottle. If you opt for traditional invitations, the save-the-date cards are also a good way to express what kind of wedding or reception you‘ll be having.

Time on Your Side


Couples Corner Engaged Couple: Alea & Piotr Together: 2 years How long have you been together? Two years How did you meet? A: We met on an online language exchange site called italki. We were matched up as language partners and later connected on Facebook prompting a more in depth interest in each other. When did you realize he/she was the one? A: It was the second time I was in Poland that I realized I was in love with him, and I was pretty much sure I wanted to marry him after that. He was my best friend and we had to fight so strongly just to be together that we never took each other for granted. P: I knew after I had been hospitalized for some time over a very serious condition and she had come to be by my side, overseas, even when there was no guarantee they would let her back into the country. She had maxed out her visa. She was there for me every step of the way until I got better. To see how much she cared for me made me know that she was the one. What are you most looking forward to after marriage? P: To be with (Alea) and not long distance. To have our own nest, a place of our own.

What will you splurge on most for your wedding? A: We're splurging on the decor I think , if you can call it splurging at all. Were doing a destination wedding and as a wedding photographer/videographer, I have a very specific vision for how the day should look. It should be classic, beautiful and timeless. Piotr helps me by picking out which details he likes the best out of choices that fit the decor. I love that he's more involved. When do you plan to get married? A: We hope next spring. We have to wait on a marriage visa before we can set a date (Piotr is a citizen of Poland.) It's a trying time to try to plan a wedding with no date, but we are hopeful it will be soon, and the focus remains on the getting married part and not all the other stuff. It'll be a very small intimate ceremony at a country club outside of Las Vegas. The reception will be

at one of the Las Vegas nightclubs.

What is the hardest part about your relationship? A: We are both firstborn children, born independent leaders. We have a lot of goals and sometimes we can step on each other's toes with what we are both trying to accomplish. Thankfully, because of the distance, we have developed very forgiving hearts and dedicated communication skills.

What's the biggest difference now that you're married? L: The biggest difference now that we are married is getting used to saying my new last name, and having people call me by it. It still sounds weird. R: Having our finances combined. We have put a lot of planning and thought into what we are going to do moving forward. However, it is definitely a big change. What did you splurge the most for on your big day? L: We splurged the most on the food for the reception. We had V's Italian Restaurant

Newlyweds: Robert & Leah Prutsman Married: October 9, 2010 How long have you been together? L: April 1st will be five years since we started dating. But, I'm excited to start a wedding anniversary. How did you know he/she was the one? L: I knew Robert was the one because I can 100% be myself around him all the time, and it's been like that since the day we met. R: It sounds kind of corny, but it was love at first sight for me. I was mesmerized by her presence and became instantly infatuated. What was your favorite part of your wedding? L: The best part of our big day was when the doors opened up to the sanctuary and

cater our reception. It was amazing, and it was amazing, well worth the price!!! R: The honeymoon hands down. We went to Las Vegas and pulled out all the stops for our trip. It was important to make our visit a memorable one given the significance behind our stay there. It was EPIC!

Couples Corner

What is your favorite thing about each other? P: That she is so caring. A: That he genuinely loves me with all of his heart.

I set my eyes on my HUSBAND for the first time. He looked so handsome!


Couples Corner


What did you save the most on? L: We saved the most on the programs for the ceremony. We bought all the supplies and hand made them ourselves. R: I believe we saved the most money on the cake. We didn't go for anything super fancy. We just wanted something that looked elegant and tasted amazing... and from what I hear, we accomplished that goal. If you could do it over again, what would you have done differently? L: I would have done a better job mingling with our guests. I was having a really great time dancing, and would've done a better job thanking everyone for coming. R: Regis, I'd like to lock in: Hire a Wedding Planner. Final answer.

What's the biggest difference in your relationship now that you're married? S: We're more open with one another. N: The way we argue. You know you can't just walk away, so you better just work it out. What is the best thing about marriage? S: Having someone who is always there for you. N: The best part is knowing day in and day out, no matter how far apart you are, you're still a team.


Long-Term Love Shaun & Nikki Kreisler Married: July 16, 2005 What was the best thing about your wedding? S: The reception, and celebrating our marriage with all of our friends and family. N: The absolute best thing about our wedding was that it seemed everyone was having so much fun. Everyone had these great smiles. I love looking back at the pictures and seeing the guests so happy. Looking back on it, what would you have done differently? N: I would have tried to express our personalities more. Sometimes I feel like I had everyone else's wedding. S: I don't know that I would have done anything differently.

What is the hardest part about marriage? S: Not always just thinking about yourself. N: Learning how to live together. It takes a lot of work and compromise to merge separate lives into one that makes everyone happy. What piece of advice would you give other couples about to get hitched? S: Just have fun. N: Communicate and be considerate of each other. And laugh. A lot.



sandee astrachan sandee@stemsflowermarket.com www.stemsflowermarket.com 816 520 3911

image by epagaFOTO

Online Tools For Your Convenience Instant Quote Event Planner & Payment Options


Professional Disc Jockey Services Since 1994


(913) 963-7758


Nature Inspired with Rustic Desire...

...with greens, browns and a touch of winter white...

Layers of moss, Grapevine wreaths, Lotus Pods, Pinecones and Acorns… topped off with shiny green ornaments, Hydrangea, Oriental Lilies and Cymbidium Orchids…a Gardeners dream! Virtual Floral Design by Anne Kelly & Company www.annekellycompany.com

Moss pomanders of any size can be embellished with pods or fresh accents...then placed about or hung cleverly in a doorway inviting a stolen kiss. Virtual Floral Design by Anne Kelly & Company

Separated and stacked layers of cake mounded with trickling Cymbidium Orchids, Green Hydrangea and White Field Tulips help make this a one of a kind event inspiration and focal point that guests will talk about for months to come! Cake ~ Rita Stretch with Raspberry Rose Floral Design ~ Anne Kelly Acock/The Monarch Flower Co.

Burlap with Chocolate Velvet Trim ~ who knew rustic could be so elegant! 54” square topper and 96” round cover Nell Hills.

Nature Inspired Items…

Pinecones of all shapes and sizes are the most perfect and natural winter accessory for trees, mantles, buffets and centerpieces! Lotus Pods as well as any other natural rustic item can be dusted with sparkles adhered with spray glue or spray painted any color for additional texture and depth.


Traditional Red, White and Green is the Inspiration for this Holiday Scene‌

You’ll be Stunning in this killer red dress B/E Boutique www.bridalextraordinaire.com

Bling on the Holiday season wearing this go with anything bracelet B/E Boutique www.bridalextraordinaire.com Fresh elements can be added to any candelabra for a fabulous focal point. 3-arm silver candelabra ~ Nell Hills www.nellhills.com

Red Chargers set the stage for a scrumptious dinner

White Hydrangea with hanging green Amaranthus and pops of Red Cymbidium Orchids Virtual Floral Design by Anne Kelly & Company www.annekellycompany.com ~ Find us on Facebook

Display your desserts or use as a unique centerpiece! Nell Hills

Exquisite Cymbidium Orchids make a bold statement at the holidays Virtual Floral Design by Anne Kelly & Company www.annekellycompany. com

20 By John P. Chladek

Avoiding the Debt Snowball Eliminate Debt to Achieve Your Dreams


arriage isn’t always bliss and it’s even tougher when you’re in debt. You and your fiance’ need to make some choices now to ensure that your financial standing will match up with the dreams you want to achieve. Regardless of your situation or stage in life, ridding yourself of debt (or staying debt-free) is the only way to move toward a better future. Below is a debt elimination plan I recommend to my clients. The overarching concept here is that you have to be working as a team with your partner. Make it fun and enjoy the hardships in anticipation of a brighter future.

1. Setup your Debt Snowball and stick to it.

forget to celebrate small each time you pay something off.

Write down all your current debts in order of their balance, starting with the smallest balance first. Make sure to include credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgages, etc. If you have 2 balances that are similar, write down the one with the higher interest rate first. Otherwise, don’t worry about the interest rate of each item since we are mostly concerned with making progress quickly towards your goal of becoming debt free. Imagine the feeling you’ll have when you can cross off a credit card balance that’s been lingeringfor years. You'll be even more motivated to continue with the plan. Once you have the top item on your list paid off, cross it off and move down to the next debt. Add the amount of money that you were paying to the item you just paid off to the minimum payment of the next item. Continue this process until you have all your debts cleared. Don’t

2. Track your spending. There are several methods of doing this- see the resources box in this article. One mistake a lot of people make is that they assume they have cut their spending as much as possible. You’ll be surprised how much money you are spending on discretionary (i.e., wants, not needs) items, such as going out to eat at restaurants, entertainment, etc.

3. Objectively analyze your spending and cut back as much as you possibly can. What are some things you can eliminate? Would it be the end of the world if you didn’t have cable TV? How about reading the newspaper online for free instead of paying for the subscription? Do you need a smart phone or can you get by with a


4. Find ways to save money on the items you truly do need. Will your insurance company give you discounted rates if you have both your auto and home owners’ with them? Most will, so if you have your insurance with different companies, check to see if it makes sense to move all your policies under one. This is also a good time to review your deductibles on each policy to see if it makes sense to raise your deductible in order to have a

Couples Corner

conventional cell phone? Are you taking your lunch to work instead of going out to eat with co-workers? How about eating at home during the week with the exception of eating out on date night once a week? After you realize how much you can save by eliminating these nice, but not necessary, modern day luxuries, take that savings and pile it on to your debt snowball. It might be hard initially, but I promise, after 3 weeks you won’t miss these things and you’ll feel much better seeing your credit card balance shrinking.

lower premium payment. Another way to save is by seeing how low you can tolerate the thermostat during the winter months. There’s a lot of money to be saved if you can turn the heat down and wear more clothes, or go under a blanket instead. John P. Chladek, MBA, CFP® is the President of Chladek Wealth Management, LLC, a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping families and couples who are not yet retired realize their financial goals. For more information, visit http:// www.ChladekWealth.com or check out his blog at johnchladek.wordpress.com.


www.ChladekWealth.com •

Excel Debt Snowball template

Excel Monthly Expense template www.mint.com

Free and easy way to track your spending www.mvelopes.com

Paid service for proactively managing spending

Avoiding the Debt Snowball


the NeXt leVel? W hy Settle tAKe yOUR WeDDING tO It’s your day to celebrate and

the NeXt leVel we can help. From full service planning to day of coordination, It’s your day to celebrate and from guestbooks at the service to we can help. From full service toasting flutes at the reception, we planning to day of coordination, have what it takes to push your from guestbooks at the service to event from good to great. toasting flutes at the reception, we

have what it takes to push your event from good to great.

Next Level Weddings & Events

www.NextLevelWeddingsAndEvents.com • 913-850-8526 Mark Twain Tower • 106 W. 11th Street • Kansas City, MO 64105

24 by Christie Scott

In the Limelight A Business Profile Dana Thompsen


t the end of your elaborate bridal affair, most couples dream of jetsetting to some distant locale to begin their wedding day in some illustrious honeymoon hideaway. Yet, after scouring an endless amount of websites, and trying to compare amenities with locations and everything in between, you might find yourself closer to tears than your dream vacation. That's where Dana Thompsen comes into play. Owner of Thompsen Travel, Dana has created an entire business based around customizing the ideal destination weddings and honeymoons, anywhere around the world. She takes the guess-work out of deciding where to go and helps you have the honeymoon you'd always hoped for. We were able to catch up with Dana for a few minutes and find out more about her and her profession. What parts of travel do you specialize in? I have specialist certificates in luxury travel, as well as planning of destination wedding and honeymoons. Soon, I will be certified in Tahitian travel. What prompted you to get into this line of business? I absolutely love traveling, learning

about other places and their cultures, and planning trips. When I decided to become a travel advisor, it seemed very natural for me to get into the romantic side of the industry. (I confess – I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic!) What is your favorite part about planning vacations? I love how excited people get when we’re planning their vacations! I’m so energized by seeing that, and it makes my job incredibly easy! Any travel disasters? I’ve only had one “disaster” and it was on a honeymoon to Cancun – the couple arrived at their resort, but the resort had lost their reservation. They called my 24hour travel emergency line, and I was able to straighten everything out within a few minutes. The couple went on to enjoy the rest of their vacation, and they were very thankful they had someone they could call when they ran into trouble! What aspects of planning do you excel at? I work really hard to be sure everything is “just right.” I don’t want you to have a good time – I want you to have an incredible experience! I think the couples



I have worked with would agree that I did everything I could to make their honeymoon or destination wedding extra special – in a way that was personalized just for the two of them. I don’t do “cookie-cutter” packages. Every trip I plan is completely customized based on the needs and wants of the couple I’m working with. What surprises you most about your line of work? It’s probably the amount of diversity there is in terms of honeymoon requests. I’ve had couples ask for destinations literally all around the world: Chile, Egypt, an African safari, Thailand, China, and almost any other place imaginable! What would most people not realize about what you do? As a travel advisor, I do so much more than just “booking reservations” – that’s the old travel agent model. As a travel advisor, I can help you narrow down your possible destinations and find the perfect resort based on what your interests are, the types of activities you want to do, and the type of atmosphere you want. I can also assist you with planning the details of your honeymoon or destination wedding. Unlike online reservations, the

honeymoons that I put together include ALL of the necessary elements in one package price: air and hotel, of course, but also transfers between the airport and hotel or car rental, dining recommendations and their approximate price ranges, any activities or tours you may wish to book, and even things like spa treatments or special dinners! Finally, I have a 24-hour emergency line to call just in case you have any problems while traveling. You won’t find that with an online booking website! The bottom line is this: Many people think planning with a travel advisor costs more than booking over the Internet, but in reality the cost is the same – sometimes less – and you get so much more than “just a reservation” for that same price. What is something random people should know about you? I drink Starbucks lattes like they’re going out of style! Don’t be surprised if I say, “I’ll treat you to a drink at Starbucks and we’ll talk about your honeymoon!” My deep, dark secret: Getting that latte is really my special treat for the day! To contact Dana about your next vacation, visit www.Thompsentravel.com or call her at 816.820.6386.


Behind the Lens

n a day and age where it seems anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer, it is important to decipher which ones really have the talent to get the job right. When it's all said and done, your pictures are the tangible proof of your favorite memories. So, why trust something that important with anything less than the best? We've uncovered three local photographers with the skills and reputation to deliver high caliber images and capture the best of you and your day. Mike Freeland of Freeland photography and his highly-trained team are in the business of paying attention to details. They maximize everything from vibrant colors to the perfect setting. We featured him in the first issue, and after such amazing feedback, we couldn't wait to show off his work again. Yes... he's THAT good. John Phoenix and his wife, Lisa Catera, make up the next dynamite photo team. Working together for more than a decade, the duo is keen on keeping up with all the tricks of the trade. In fact, they pride themselves on the ability to memorialize the entire wedding planning process, from Engagement sessions to holiday photos, and up through the wedding day. Perhaps this is why they have a long list of clients who, year after year, continue coming back for more. Finally, Blixt Photography comes in as the new(er) kids on the block. Chad Hickman and Ryan Hill are partners who came together to deliver clean photography in a crisp, vibrant package. With state-of-the-art equipment, it is apparent the second they set up for a shoot that they mean business. And one look at the images they've turned out for brides and grooms past, and you know why you will not be disappointed.



Freeland Photography Courtney and Erik Dickerson



Phoenix Photography Kayla and Shane Pfannenstiel


Blixt Photography


Jessica and Lucas

38 By: Marci Curliss

Why Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style...


n the grand scheme of the wedding planning process, there are so many aspects to address. From photographers to caterers and everything in between, you may soon find yourself daunted by all the options. And, to make matters worse, many professionals have teamed up with others in an effort to promote one another and streamline your choices. While that seems harmless enough, unless you know the rhyme or reason behind the group, it's hard to understand the meaning and motives involved.

That's where Tie the Knot, Kansas City Style makes a leap ahead of the crowd. Created to be an advocate for the bride and groom, John Phoenix and Lisa Catera formed this team of professionals in an effort to connect couples to the best of the best in the wedding industry. Now, couples don't have to chance their big day to sub-par performance or worry that someone simply paid their way into being a recommended provider. Instead, to be a member of this matrimonial organization requires certain criteria to be met. This ensures that they are promoting only reputable companies who care about their clients. Not only this, but they have limited the number of participants, so as not to overwhelm an already stressed bride into making that many more decisions. Founded in 2002, John and Lisa did so after hearing about one nightmare too many from brides who got less than what they expected on a day that could not be recreated. A photographer who didn't show up or couldn't capture the moments that meant the most to them... A caterer who prepared the wrong food to feast on... A florist who provided less than fresh bouquets... That's when what started out as a small, yet successful referral network has now expanded into a large online presence and an entire team of dedicated professionals. Now, Tie The Knot, Kansas City Style is their way of assuring couples they have found the best Wedding vendors in the industry along with getting useful planning ideas, articles and tips, special offers, and upcoming events, too. To sum it up, the owners themselves couldn't have said it better. In their words, “We have a great passion for getting things accomplished properly for the bride and groom. We know how important the Wedding day is and how they have worked hard on the planning.  Our vendors are the best professionals in the KC wedding industry and we are assured they will do the best job for the couple anyone could possibly do.  It's all about the Modern Bride, it's all about getting it right for them!" At the end of the day, they have your best interest in mind, so you can walk confidently toward your future and trust that everything will be just fine. Begin your wedding vendor search at www.tietheknotkc.com and learn more today.


Real Life Insights Going Green Tip: To go green with your makeup, consider using Arbonne Cosmetics. The cosmetic line is mineral-infused, made without artificial dyes/fragrances, made without petroleumbased ingredients, and uses vegetable based dye on its product packaging. Courtney Pegue of Arbonne

Budget Buster: Don't buy vases and decor items for your wedding before you reserve your wedding date with a florist. Good Earth Floral and many other florists rent fabulous vases and decor items for much less than you can purchase them for and offer customized pieces that will reflect your style and vision to give you that cohesive look. It's those details that really help pull your wedding together and give it that "WOW" factor so your wedding looks as if it belongs in a magazine!! Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral Design

Seasoned Insights: Every day we told each other we loved each other. And even if we were mad, we wouldn't go to bed without a good night kiss and hug. We got in fights, but we'd always work it out, and refuse to go to bed mad. You have to do a lot of things together and enjoy being with each other. Otherwise, it just fades away. Learn to enjoy what your partner likes to do. Joanie & Delbert Aholt (Married 55 years)

Trend Alert: Costa Rica seems to be a new hotspot among honeymooners. Ranked as one of the worlds top 10 destinations, Costa Rica is the perfect place for you and that someone special. Share private time relaxing on a secluded beach, walk together across suspended bridges in a mystical cloud forest with beautiful wildlife visible through the mist, and scuba dive in clear waters among colorful creatures of the sea. Costa Rica vacations offer a peaceful oasis with pure beauty, exotic wildlife and countless options for adventure or relaxation. Hike rain forests, climb a volcano, traverse the jungle on a zip line or do nothing but relax in the comfort of your hotel. Whichever activities you choose, you'll find beauty in Costa Rica. Get close to nature while getting closer to one another. Dana Thompsen of Thompsen Travel

42 Anne Kelly Acock

Wedding Crashers The Crashers have struck again! ~ But in honor of our engagement issue, we decided to switch things up a little bit. This time in the form of a diamond ring and a ‘will you marry me?’

Engagement Crash EA Dream Team: Photography: Blixt Photography Hair and Makeup Styling: Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 Attire: Bridal Extraordinaire & B/E Boutique Location: Lone Summit Estate Limousine: Pech Limo Sweet Treats: Raspberry Rose Dinner: Plaza III


first met Lindsey when I decided to place my oldest son in Montessori school prior to kindergarten. Adam soon followed and both fit right in to our lives as if they had been there the whole time. Both are very hard workers and very generous, generally putting others before themselves. As any dedicated teacher, Lindsey very often purchases snacks and supplies for her classroom ~ spending her hard earned money on her students instead of herself. Lindsey and Adam first met in high school. Lindsey recalls one date in particular where Adam had invited her to a concert. She called to cancel the day of,

which left Adam a bit heart broken and forced to take a friend instead. When her mother questioned the decision, Lindsey reassuringly replied ‘Don’t worry Mom, I’m going to marry him someday.” Little did she know our plans for the proposal! Under the guise of a holiday photo shoot held at the gorgeous Lone Summit Estate, the EA Dream Team worked some magic. While Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 spun Lin’s locks into a work of art, Bridal Extraordinaire dressed the soon to be Groom in a dashing tux and provided Lindsey a stunning all occasion cocktail dress that was to be hers by days end. We

Bringing Bliss to a Higher Level...

Wedding Crashers

set the scene against a holiday tree with Lone Summit’s earthy rock fireplace flanked by a wonderful waterfall in the backdrop. Lindsey opened a series of gifts offered by her love, the third containing a love note telling her ‘she is beautiful’ in another language to prompt her to ask Adam the translation. As we gathered closer in suspense, Adam proceeded to explain the note and ask her if she would like to see her REAL present! Completely forgetting anyone else existed, Lindsey was completely intrigued with Adam’s query…and in what seemed to be the longest 5 seconds I have ever been witness to, he produced an impressive sparkler and asked her to marry him. To which she replied a stunned, ‘Are you serious?’, as she reached for the ring and then pulled back thinking it was all a delusion. As Blixt Photography captured the moments, the whole room held their breath until Lindsey realized this was no mirage. This, in fact, was the moment she had been dreaming of since high school! Promptly she answered with a ‘YES! Yes I will marry you!’ And with that, the room lit up with much laughter, clapping, sighs of relief and not a single dry eye. While Lindsey digested the stunning surprise, Robin with Lone Summit popped open some champagne and we all were treated to delectable cupcakes and hand made truffles by Raspberry Rose. And as I started to tell the soon to be bride that B/E Boutique was giving her the dress and that EA Bride purchased her shoes, jewelry and a new coat to match ~ Pech Limo pulled up to whisk the newly engaged couple to the best steak in town at Plaza III where the couples’ mothers met them later for coffee and dessert. Congratulations to Lindsey and Adam and a big humungous Thank You to all who participated. These are some very dedicated and hard working young adults who have great respect and appreciation for others. We are so thankful to be able to help them with part of their dream and appreciate all the support from our vendors that helped us honor Lindsey and Adam for all they do. p.s. I was told later by Lin’s mother that her feet still have not quite touched the ground.

Wedding Crashers

44 by Angie Ripley & Dan Long

Homeownership 101


o you want to buy a homeYou are not alone. This is often one of if not the top aspiration of many new couples. Well here are some basics you should know before entering into this process.

Know What a Mortgage Is A mortgage is a loan to finance the purchase of real estate, with specified payment periods and interest rates. The borrower (mortgagor) gives the lender (mortgagee) a lien on the property as collateral for the loan. Each month, the borrower pays a certain amount toward the interest on the loan and a certain amount toward the principal (the original amount borrowed). Check out our Mortgage Glossary at www.360KCrealty. com/MortgageGlossary for a more detailed list of mortgage definitions.

Know the Difference Between Conventional and FHA The main difference between an FHA and a Conventional Loan is that the credit qualifying criteria for a borrower is not as strict with FHA Loan financing, and the down payment or Equity requirements


46 are less. When comparing an FHA loan against a Conforming or a paper loan (Conventional), the FHA loan will generally have the least amount of money required to close and the lower payment. FHA loans are typically more lenient with the borrower who has had a few "credit problems" or those without a credit history. Currently the least amount of down payment needed for an FHA loan is 3.5% and the least amount needed for a Conventional Loan is 5%.

Know the Difference Between Fixed and Adjustable Rates Interest rates are usually the single biggest factor when choosing a mortgage. With a Fixed-Rate Mortgage your monthly mortgage payment remains the same for the entire life of the loan – allowing for predictability in your monthly housing costs. With an Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) your rate and monthly payment will fluctuate at specified times (in some cases, within a year, or after 10 years if you choose a 10/1 ARM). Usually, your ARM's interest rate will be tied to an economic index. When rates are high, your rate will be high. When they're low, yours will be low. If you're buying a home when interest rates are "historically low," try to get a fixed rate mortgage.

Know the Importance of a Mortgage Broker If you want the best mortgage for you but don't know where to start, speak with a Broker (someone who manages the bids from banks on your behalf), because they will shop the best loan for your situation. You usually don't pay brokers -- the bank does -- and they're a good resource for first-time

buyers. For more tips on finding the right mortgage broker go to www.360KCrealty. com/MortgageBrokers.

Know Your Tax Breaks Reflected in the house payment is your biggest tax break, your mortgage interest, and for most homeowners the bulk of that check goes toward interest. All of that interest is deductible, unless your home loan happens to be more than $1 million. Any home equity loan or line of credit is also deductible, again within IRS guidelines. Did you pay points to get a better rate on any of your various home loans? They offer a tax break, too. The only issue is exactly when you get to claim them. The other major deduction in connection with your home is property taxes. Seek the advice of your accountant to better understand how these will affect your filling.

Know How Your Friends and Family Can Gift You a Home This is especially important for all the Brides and Grooms out there. With Our New Home Registry you can actually allow your friends and family to gift you down payment money for your new home. The registry works like any other registry where your guests shower you with gifts to set your newfound relationship on the path of smooth sailing. With most loans gifted money is frowned upon at the least, Our New Home Registry is designed to eliminate those situations giving you more freedom to shop the best loan program for you. And because the Registry is founded by a select group of Mortgage and Real Estate professionals, this service is offered



at absolutely no cost to you (the happy couple) or your friends and family. For more information see the ad on page 6 or go to www.OurNewHomeRegistry.com Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) The type of mortgage that changes with the interest rates; monthly payments can fluctuate as determined by your lender, although it’s often subject to a cap Annual Percentage Rate (APR) The cost of a loan calculated by its yearly interest rate which includes the interest, points, mortgage insurance, and other fees associated with the loan Balloon Mortgage A borrower will get a low interest rate on a mortgage for an initial fixed period of time, anywhere from 5 to 10 years, and after that, the balance is due or is refinanced by the borrower Bridge Loan A short-term loan secured through the house that's being sold to be used toward the closing costs or construction of the new home that's being purchased (also called a Swing Loan) Closing Costs The fees not included in the price of a home that the buyer pays to cover the transfer of ownership at closing (sometimes you can cut a deal so the seller pays for these costs) Down Payment The cash you put down

out of pocket to buy a house -- not what you borrow through your mortgage loan Earnest Money Deposit The money offered to a seller to show you’re more serious than the next guy -- if your offer is accepted, it becomes part of the down payment; if the offer is rejected, it's returned; and if the buyer pulls out of the deal, it's forfeited Escrow A special account where your mortgage lender puts a portion of each monthly mortgage payment to cover expenses you’ll face, like property taxes, homeowners insurance, and mortgage insurance (even more money!) Fixed Rate Mortgage It's just how it sounds -- the interest rate and all terms of this mortgage (so therefore the payments) stay the same over the course of the loan Lock Interest rates fluctuate, so a lock is a guarantee by a mortgage lender promising that if you close the loan within a certain time frame, the rate won’t change Mortgage Insurance This benefits the lender, not you, and is required if you make a down payment of less than 20 percent of the purchase price; that way, the lender is protected if you default on your loan (oh, and you have to pay for it)

50 by Anne Kelly Acock

Design Challenge Tablescapes With just a small ribbon or artifact for inspiration, it's amazing what table designs can be created. All of these ladies certainly rose to the challenge.



hen I first met Meghan with Poppy Floral down at our local DWF Wholesale flower market I knew right away she was a creative thinker. While chatting over coffee ~ I also knew that I had given her the right challenge as her sweet face lit up like a 60 Watt bulb when I proceeded to pull a vintage doily out of a bag. I could tell her wheels were turning with delight‌and I couldn’t wait to see her tablescape. It did not disappoint in the least as Meghan is one of the freshest floral talents in Kansas City today.

Set in the serene comfort of Lone Summit, this vintage vibe fits right in.

Design Challenge

Designer: Poppy Floral www.poppyfloral.com Full service floral and event design Rental Items Silver Pintuck Linen, Silver Chiavari Chair, China, Napkins, Flatware and Glassware: Celebration Party Rentals, Inc. www.celebratekc.com 816-525-8568 Photography: Phoenix Photography www.phoenixphotoduo.com 913-677-1419 Design Challenge/Inspiration: Vintage, Doilies

Paper doilies are tucked into the edging and under the corners to soften a square tray and compliment the theme perfectly while white stock, Blue Curiosa roses and soft filler add color and depth to the center of the table.

Love notes written about and teabags tucked into vintage lace as favors add a perfect personal touch.

This lampshade made of sewn and folded just right paper doilies is an absolute show stopper! The look is complimented with a cluster of white hydrangea hung under the lighting that glows into the night.

Design Challenge


Designer: Alycia Nichols Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One Blog: www.tabletwentyone.wordpress. com Website: table21tablescapes@gmail.com 816-868-9842


aving worked in this industry for over 11 years I have known Alycia for some time now. She is a darling character, vibrant and energetic, focused and driven…and did I mention talented? When I gave her the challenge of Red and Teal I knew she was going shopping as soon as our conversation ended…and I was right!

Rental Items Red Pintuck Linen, Silver Chiavari Chairs Celebration Party Rentals, Inc. www.celebratekc.com ~ 816-525-8568 Photography: Phoenix Photography www.phoenixphotoduo.com 913-677-1419


Design Challenge/Inspiration: Red and Teal, Peacock Feathers

An intimate and cozy setting near Lone Summit’s beautiful stone fireplace, the waterfall adds a calming effect while the candles make the entire area glow.

Brighter red Charlotte roses still pop against the deeper red Pintuck linen from Celebration’s ~ especially when accented with a few peacock feathers and bling.

Mercury glass is an all around winner that reflects light without being too stark or contemporary. The peacock feathers add height and a majestic touch while the bling adds that extra special detail.

Alycia’s place setting is so pretty it’s hard to imagine actually using this for food! The layers here are so incredible…a square charger topped with an oversized snowflake and then a decorative plate with a multilayered napkin…and just look at that napkin ring, almost resembling an old broach. Gorgeous!!




Design Challenge


eather’s brain is an amazing ride. She has the roadmap to propped perfection inside her mind and it shows when I witnessed her tablescape complete. Armed with little more information than a black and white base and the intended re-use of the décor in a home setting, she brought wedded bliss to life in the form of damask, polka dots and tulle.

Heather hand picked the material and had tulle attached to the edge to create a one of a kind overlay that can be re-used for other special occasions at home. Old tin ceiling tiles were embellished on the corners with large pearls ~ recycled to create unique chargers. Yummy cupcake favors adorned with pearl pins to match rested in a keepsake jar fitted with tulle ribbon and a silhouette design of the couple created for Heather by her husband for a very special Mother’s Day. A custom silhouette design is the hottest thing we’ve seen on the market and one of Notting Hill’s signature items.

Simple loops of bear grass and Galex leaves in an old rustic box with pops of mini red cymbidium orchids are all the color this table needs to create an impact.

Old lampshades were dressed with polka dots resting on top of painted black candlesticks and battery operated candles ~ all can be re-used for home décor.

Designer: Heather Medley, Notting Hill Design Studio, www. nottinghilldesignstudio.com, 816-9162539

Floral Design: Anne Kelly Acock/The Monarch Flower Co.: 913-636-6961

Photography: Phoenix Photography, www.phoenixphotoduo.com 913-677-1419 Rental Items ~ Floor length cream linen, Black Chiavari Chairs, Celebration Party Rentals, Inc. www.celebratekc.com ~ 816-525-8568 Design Challenge/Inspiration: Black and White, Lampshades, Rustic

Design Challenge




shley and I met over email and became instant friends. I could tell she was cute as a button with style to boot even before I laid eyes on her. She impresses me further with her innately inborn ability to pop flowers together with style and grace as if it’s as easy as flipping a pancake. After offering her the challenge of old brooches and silver props, I knew the table would be pretty ~ but had no idea it would take my breath away.

Designer: Ashley Hotka Good Earth Floral Design Studio Website: www.GoodEarthFlowers. com email: GoodEarthFlowers@live. com 913-271-1013 Rental Items ~ Champagne Satin linen, Silver Chiavari Chairs, China, Flatware, Napkins, Lounge Furniture, Silver Trays Celebration Party Rentals, Inc. www.celebratekc.com ~ 816-5258568 Photography: Phoenix Photography www.phoenixphotoduo.com 913-677-1419 Blixt Photography www.blixtphoto.com 816-442-7389 Design Challenge/Inspiration:

Champagne and silver with plenty of Bling

Ashley cleverly bunched up and pinned the champagne overlay in sections to create a draped effect.

Whites & creams along with soft peaches into oranges played well off each other on the soft champagne while the silver and bling sparkle and shine.

Ashley tucked in old shoe clips here and there to create interest and keep the bling throughout the theme.

Design Challenge

Bling it on! From votive holders to vintage bracelets and broaches found at flea markets, this table definitely draws the eye and keeps the attention.

Photography: Blixt Sweet treats at each table are just another way to remind your guests how special they are. Raspberry Rose.

Design Challenge


Designer: Anne Kelly Acock The Monarch Flower Co. & Creative Director EA Bride Website: www.themonarchflower.com email: monarchflower@comcast.net 913-636-6961 Rental Items ~ Black Pintuck linen, Black Chiavari Chairs, China, Napkins Celebration Party Rentals, Inc. www.celebratekc.com ~ 816-525-8568



couldn’t very well give design challenges to 4 other girls and not take on one of my own! So I wanted to stretch myself by mixing a potted plant, a silver cake plateau and a whole bunch of grass and leaves to create a killer combo.

Photography: Phoenix Photography www.phoenixphotoduo.com 913-677-1419 Design Challenge/Inspiration: Holiday Garden Glam

What is the holiday to me? Presents, bling and all things green! So I decided to create some ‘fresh’ presents tied up with pretty ribbons, a few pomanders made from galex adorned with crystals and why not a few bases of bear grass, galex and bush ivy leaves, mini green daisies and spider mums ~ YUM!

A Green Cymbidium Orchid rests on top of a ribbon wrapped ‘fresh’ present made of white Football Mums.

I love succulents ~ and this String of Pearls truly fascinates me both with it’s hardiness and delicacy. Resting just on top of a tall footed vase and topped with Green Cymbidium Orchids makes it a true conversation piece.

Something special for the bride hung from her chair ~ a moss purse filled with spider mums, creamy garden roses and a few succulents smartly placed. Simple layers of green in various textures sat at each place setting while love notes in the shape of a leaf were attached with a bling pin for that final darling detail.

58 By: Irene Sparks

Ask Irene


rene Sparks is Kansas City's wedding and reception expert. She is the owner of Hawthorne House, an award winning, full-service wedding and reception facility located in Parkville, Missouri. Over the past 14 years she has advised thousands of brides, grooms, and their parents on creating the ideal wedding and reception while solving stressful etiquette problems. To view her wedding and reception facility, please visit www.thehawthornehouse.com. Question: I was raised by my mother and my stepfather and love my stepfather very much. My father has always been in my life and has provided both emotional and financial support throughout my life. I would like my stepfather to walk me down the aisle since I am closer to him than I am to my father. Is there another role I can offer my father at the wedding and reception to show him and our guests that I love and respect my father? Answer: First, I would like to say how much I respect you for knowing what you want and for your concern in doing it correctly. It is important that your father understand that he should show and express his happiness for you throughout the wedding and reception. This will show your guests that there are no hard feelings surrounding your decision to have your stepfather walk you down the aisle. I am sure your father is very grateful that you

were raised by a stepfather that you feel so much love for. This is the perfect time for your father to show his gratefulness to your stepfather by not feeling slighted or upset by your decision. Ask your father to join your mother and stepfather in the receiving line if you choose to have one. Save the father/daughter dance for your father which will show all of your guests just how lucky you are to have two very special fathers. You may also want to ask your father if he would like to offer a toast at the reception. Question: We have reserved a block of rooms at a hotel close to our reception venue for our out of town guests. We feel so honored that they are taking the time and incurring the necessary expenses to attend our wedding and reception. We would like to welcome our out of town guests with a note and small token of our appreciation for their efforts in making it to our wedding. Can you please offer us some ideas of what to put in their "welcome baskets"? Answer: While it is not necessary, it is very thoughtful of you to have a welcome gift in your guests' hotel rooms. It will bring smiles to their faces and will let these guests know just how grateful you are for their efforts. In a basket, along with a welcome note you may want to include brochures of things to do in the surrounding area. Try to make these things fit the person you are

giving them to. For example, if a particular guest enjoys museums you may want to include brochures on local museums, if another guests enjoys cooking you may want to include information on a favorite cooking store. If a "big game" is going to be televised find out which local sports bars will be showing the game and leave that information for your guests. You may also want to include items made locally such as candies, snacks, beer, soda, popcorn, soaps, etc. It is always fun to take home gifts from a new area. Have fun with it because your out of town guests will love it!

church and our reception venue, and we have had our save the date, wedding and reception invitations and our thank you notes printed. It would be very difficult to change our date, so we have decided to go ahead with our original plans. My best friend is planning a bridal party for me and has suggested that we combine a bridal and baby shower. It seems awkward to combine the two, but with the timing it does seem difficult to have two separate showers. Should I ask my best friend to forgo one of the showers or is it alright to ask friends to bring two separate gifts?

Question: My fiance and I are planning to be married this summer. I just found out I am pregnant with our first child and our due date is a couple of months prior to our wedding date. We have reserved our

Answer: Well, congratulations and congratulations! I understand that your best friend is trying to do what best friends do by having both a bridal shower and a baby shower for you. However, I do think


it would be best to ask your best friend to forgo one of the two showers. It would be too much to ask your friends to bring two separate presents to the same shower. Even though it would be more work for your best friend I would suggest she give you two separate showers. Or perhaps another close friend would be happy to host one of the showers. It is important to remember that family and friends that are invited to your showers and wedding will be purchasing bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts and baby shower gifts. This may be financially difficult for some of them. An alternative to the baby shower may be an invitation by you and your finance to your home after the baby is born, but before the wedding for a "meet and greet" party. This way your family and friends will get to meet your new baby and celebrate along with you. Question: My parents understand that I want the wedding of my dreams, but they have told me that they are giving me a

very strict budget and that it is important for me to stay within that budget. I totally understand their concerns and would not want to disappoint them in any way. I have narrowed my reception facility down to two places. Both are very nice. I would like to be creative when I choose my decorations for my reception room. It seems like most of the wedding receptions I attend all look the same. The first facility I am considering gives me a pretty blank page to work with when I decorate and this excites me. The second facility is beautiful and wouldn't need much to decorate the room. It is my feeling that I may go over budget if I pick the first facility, but I really love the idea of getting to have something unique to my tastes. The manager of the first facility said if I do most of the decorating myself I can keep the costs to a minimum. What are your thoughts? Answer: I commend you on wanting a unique style to your reception venue. However, remember that you have more to consider than just the decorations. The decorations should be about 10% of your budget and that includes flowers. So be realistic and crunch those numbers. All budgets are different. For example, ten percent of a $10,000 dollar budget only gives you $1,000 to work with for decorations including the flowers. This may not be enough. If your budget is $50,000, ten percent will allow you to spend $5,000 on the decorations and flowers and may be enough. Only you and your family know the answer to this question. You said that you didn't want to disappoint your parents. Do yourself a favor and go into this decision with a clear idea of the costs of decorations. Everyone will be happier in the end.


To Hold… …and to Have!

Four Sustainable Bouquets that will last a lifetime…

Something Old Carefully sewn and gathered pieces of old lace and doilies with a vintage handle to grasp make this beyond beautiful bouquet the ultimate keepsake. Designer: Meghan Perlow | Poppy Floral | www.poppyfloral.com Full service floral and event design

by Nikki Kriesler

Something New Made from floral seashells, brown sponge pods & Sola Gardenia haloed with white skeleton leaves, this super sweet rarity is just the perfect size to pack in your suitcase for that destination wedding! Designer: Sandee Astrachan | Freelance Floral Designer | Stems Flower Market www.stemsflowermarket.com | sandee@ stemsflowermarket.com | 816.520.3911

Photography: Chris McVay Website: www.mcvayphotography.com

To Hold…and to Have!


Something Borrowed Inspired by nature, this imaginary rustic accessory is a work of art. Supported by a twig handle and ringed with bark, it is piled high with dried Artichoke, various seed balls, Lotus Pods, green sponge pods, bleached Ocra, Sola Balls and Gardenia with a final embellishment of tiny quail eggs.

Something Bejeweled Old and New come together for this most fanciful nosegay filled with broaches, bling and all sorts of creatively crafty things. Designer: Ashley Hotka Good Earth Floral Design Studio Website: www.GoodEarthFlowers. com email: GoodEarthFlowers@live. com 913-271-1013

Designer: Anne Kelly Acock The Monarch Flower Co./Anne Kelly & Company ~ Floral Art www.themonarchflower.com email: monarchflower@comcast.net or annekellyco@gmail.com 913-636-6961


To Hold… …and to Have!

64 Anne Kelly Acock

A Look at Lone Summit Location: Lone Summit Estate 28701 E Lone Jack LS Road, Lees Summit, MO 64086 www.lonesummitranch.net ~ 816-697-2727 Photos by: Freeland Photography and Blixt Photography lounge area and accessories: Celebration Party Rentals Photo: Freeland Photography


one Summit Estate is one of those hidden gems located on Highway 50 on the outskirts of Lees Summit, Mo. Set on a rolling 650 acres of gorgeous countryside, you’ll know you are somewhere special as soon as you drive up the unforgettable tree lined driveway. This interview was especially fun for me as I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Robin, Lone Summit’s exceptional party planner and customer service extraordinaire, for many years now.

Q: What do you most love about your job? A: As far as I can tell I have the best job in the world. Who doesn’t love to plan parties and weddings? I get the privilege of connecting with brides and their families on one of the best days of their lives! I am most proud after an event when a bride tells me I made her day completely stress free so she could just enjoy everything. Q: What are your top 3 priorities when serving a client? A: 1 ~ to make the client feel at ease so they can just enjoy the process of planning and the event itself. 2 ~ ensure the client vision is executed. I want them to have the event of their dreams. 3 ~ and to not only meet expectations… but to exceed them! Q: What is Lone Summit’s specialty? A: Food and location. People book Lone Summit Estate for the setting. However, the number one comment after an event is how delicious the food is! It’s really the whole reason the owners started opening up their home for events in the first place. They love to share their

A Look at Lone Summit

Photo: Freeland Photography

passion of cooking with others.

Q: What do you want people to know about you? A: That we’re here! We have been doing events for over 25 years now and people still say to us, ‘I drive by this place all the time and I had no idea what you did. What a perfect place for an event!’ Photos: Blixt Photography

Q: What advice would you most want to give to a client? A: I think it’s really important that all your vendors see your vision. These are people you will be dealing with for the next several months to over a year. They will be surrounding you on your wedding day, and they will be in charge of executing your vision. It’s imperative you are all on the same page. Q: What fun and unique ideas have you seen for parties that you thought were interesting and unique? A: Recently Kelly from Monarch Flower Co. designed a ‘bulb buffet’ for a client here. It was a twist on a candy buffet ~ she had all these apothecary jars and footed vases filled with flower bulbs. It was the most creative idea I’d seen in a long time. Completely different than anything anyone had ever done. And honestly, the first time in 9 years I’ve been doing this job that every guest took their favor home with them! … such an amazing idea.

A Look at Lone Summit

Photography: Laurel Austin of Living Moment Images Hotel: The Q Hotel Attire: Bridal Extraordinaire Stylist: Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 Window Location: Imagery Boutique in Westport Fresh bouquet: Anne Kelly Acock Jeweled bouquet: Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral Transportation: Pech Limousine


Fashion City

n a metropolis as diverse as Kansas City, there is no need to stick to the confines of a studio. Dare to let nature be your backdrop. From standing out in the crowd, to mingling among the mannequins, inspiration can strike when you least expect it. Don't be afraid to hit the town next time you plan to make a photo debut, and let creativity overcome you...


Fashion City






Calendar of Events January 22, 2011

Gear up for the 1st annual “All that Glitters Gala”, the wedding fashion event of the year. A red-carpet, black-tie affair, this is a chance to unveil the latest gown trends for the upcoming year. Teaming up with Bridal Extraordinaire, you are in for a night of cocktails, entertainment, glitter, glamour and full-on fashion. This is something you definitely do not want to miss. Mark your calendars now. For more information, and to get tickets, please visit us at www.eabride.com. And feel good, knowing that proceeds are going to a couple of local charities, as just another way we are giving back to the community! Follow us on Facebook at EA Bride Magazine to get updates as they become available.





Jan 23, 12-5

The Big Reveal – KC’s Original Traveling Bridal Show Revealing Kansas City’s Premier Wedding Vendors Grab a drink and a bite to eat then hop in a limo and ride in style to visit some of KC’s most amazing event spaces and wedding vendors. As you make the rounds enjoy food/drinks, entertainment, amazing designer fashions, free giveaways, and a little pampering for you and your bridesmaids. When it’s all over we’ll bring you back to your first stop and give away thousands in door prizes. Tickets Are Limited For more info or to register www.BigRevealKC.co

Coming in April

Come one, come all to the RE-EVENT: Kansas City’s largest event consignment sale. Whether you have wedding décor to rid of, or need to stockpile for your big day, this three day mega sale is for you. Plus, there is going to be so much more, from education in terms of re-purposing things you want to keep from your wedding into things you actually use. Find us on Facebook at Re-Event or EA Bride Magaziine for details or updates as they become available.



78 by Anne Kelly Acock

Re-Design The Buffalo Check pattern here tolerates other busier patterns and still creates a nice bold statement for the head table. Each person in the wedding party received a monogrammed napkin made by Kathy as a keepsake.

Photos from Kathy Fernholz daughter’s wedding 2007 R&R Media

Two fabulous black and white floral patterns complimented each other along with a bold stripe design which allowed for some fun mixing and matching.

These towels in Kathy’s guest bath were used as a personal touch on the base of the church entrance wreaths!

The large print Buffalo Check has been re-invented as window coverings while one of the floral prints landed as a new covering for a wicker sofa in Kathy’s home.

I have long been an advocate of repurposing décor items for many things. In fact, if an item does not have more than one functional usage, it most likely will remain on the store shelf. So when I am witness to someone like my friend Kathy Fernholz turn her daughter’s wedding linens and other personal creations into a multitude of useful items and décor for her home, I get all a twitter and just have to share more on the subject. Kathy and her daughter cleverly selected a base of black and white ~ knowing that it is a very simple and yet classy statement and would go with anything selected for the event and also for the re-use of the material when recycling for home décor. This also allowed for four patterns to be mixed and matched ~ a large Buffalo Check, a bold Stripe and two Floral Prints. Kathy is an amazingly creative seamstress and stitched up a fitted cloth for the cake table, another for the gift table and overlays for each guest table. She also monogrammed napkins for the wedding party, created a custom monogrammed basket for cards

Scrap pieces of material can be cleverly redesigned into a custom binder covering.

Re-Design Article


Recognize this pattern? Kathy cleverly re-used even more material from her daughter’s wedding linens to recover this comfy chair in her living room.

and hand stitched and monogrammed make up bags for the Maids gifts! Amazing!

When I asked her if the cost and time ratio of making custom linens and being able to re-invent the material was worth it, she proclaimed, ‘Oh my yes! We’re doing the same thing for my other daughter’s wedding in October. I can’t wait to get my hands on the material!’ Other items that easily transition from event décor into the home include cake plates, pitchers, pots, lanterns, candlesticks, cloche, apothecary jars and even simple glass cylinders of all sizes. Take for example Heather Medley from Notting Hill Design Studio’s decor in our tablescape challenge section. Everything on the table can be reused for the home…everything!! Even the ceiling tiles used as chargers can be hung on a wall or placed perfectly on a book shelf. Heather states ‘I do believe “vintage” is HUGE right now...people are appreciating our history and finding something old and making it “new” or useful again ~ Repurposing is a great passion of mine.’ photos by: Chris McVay Photography www.mcvayphotography.com


ReDesign Article

80 Glass cylinders can be jazzed up for party tables using vellum and a satin ribbon with a rhinestone bouquet buckle ~ then re-purposed in the home as vases, candle holders and organizers in the bath, kitchen and office. photos by: Chris McVay Photography

‘Bling’ in many forms are reinvented here to dress up some otherwise dull pillows.

Some things from events however just need to be recycled on to the next person who will give it a new life, such as votive holders, funky vases not fitting in with your home décor, multiple candelabra and even too many table runners. Save these items for a brand new consignment sale happening this April at the Overland Park Convention Center called the Re-Event. Re-Event is for anyone and everyone who has had an event or having one. There will be new and used event décor items for sale and re-sale. It’s the perfect way to be green… and for those who are consigning to make some green! Find more information at www. thereevent.com and on Facebook. Contributor: Kathy Fernholz It’s A Stitch 913-484-1956


Brandon Malone & Shauna Cockman Brandon and Shauna knew they were meant for each other from the first time they met in June of 2009. Brandon is now on his second tour in Iraq as an avionics technician with the Kansas Army National Guard. His plans for the future are to continue earning his degree in engineering at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Shauna is a full-time student at Cleveland Chiropractic College earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Overland Park, KS. Shauna is a lifetime resident of the Kansas City area. Brandon proposed to Shauna while he was on mid tour leave in the Bahamas on September 25th during a moon lit walk on the beach. Brandon and Shauna's future plans are to stay in the Kansas City area and finish their schooling, begin careers, start a family, and enjoy every minute of it together.

Jeff Maxwell & Tara Taylor Jeff Maxwell and Tara Taylor of Wichita, KS were engaged November 3rd, 2010. After dating for two years, Jeff proposed on a secluded overlook in the Flint Hills, just in time to see the last pieces of the sun go down. I was too busy trying to pick flowers to notice he was on his knee behind me. After a simple, "Will you marry me?" I didn't hesitate for a second to say yes. I would be lucky for a lifetime to have a man like Jeff. He is always kind, a relentless worker and he loves my two children the same. My daughter Tayla (6) talks constantly about how, "Jeff will help you Mommy! He always helps you." My 2-year-old little boy, Tommy III, calls him "Yeff" and wraps his arms around Jeff’s leg every time he sees him. Jeff once said to me, "It's important to me to make you happy. I always want to protect you." We are excited about growing our family and planning for lots of future gatherings in our home together. We will be married in May of 2011!

LaSonia and Dave Epperson

June 20th, 2010

We met in 2007 while working together for the Police Department Our first date was Gojo's Japanese Steak House in the fall of that year. My favorite moment on the wedding day was Dave and I's first meeting. We agreed to see each other prior to the ceremony and it was great. 2nd favorite was a tie between the introduction while we walked down the stairwell and when we entered the tent. It was so nice to see our family and friends. The best decision we made was to have the event at Longview. It helped remove most of the stress a bride would have. Our favorite vendor was Freeland Photography. The pictures will continue to tell our story 30 years from now. Freeland photography was Amazing! After our first visit to the studio, we knew everything would be okay. Freeland takes pride in their work and understood the importance of telling our wedding story through photography. Thank you.


Stephanie Couch & Patrick Thompsen

September 26th 2010

Patrick and I met in October of 2007 through an online dating site. Our first date was at Olive Garden over our lunch break. We hit it off right away and began dating. About 6 months prior to our wedding on September 26, 2010, Patrick was offered a job in Dallas, Texas. Patrick proposed on Friday, June 18th on an amazing gondola ride in Irving, Texas. He popped the top of some sparkling apple cider and we began our ride. I was so excited and happy. The sun was setting over the lake and it was just beautiful. The sun set as we are riding through the canals. The gondola driver had pretty music playing and when the music stopped he would start singing. As we came to the end of the canal area, the gondola driver does a big 360 degree turn out into the lake. He says, "Ok Stephanie, Patrick has another surprise for you. If you look over the left side of the boat Patrick has left a piece of his heart in the water for you". I look over the left side and bobbing in the water right below my hand was a bottle with a scroll in it. I open the bottle and read the scroll and that’s when he asked me to marry him! I can remember as a small child, the amazement I had when my mom took me by the Hawthorne House. I can remember looking around and saying to my mom, "I will get married here someday.” After my proposal, I knew this was the wedding venue for me. Mom called Della the day after our engagement and she immediately worked with us to get everything set up. My wedding day was perfect. The sun was shining and the weather was cool. We had an afternoon wedding in the beautiful Hawthorne House Chapel. I thought, “Wow, this is all a dream come true.” All sorts of emotions filled my body. Before our ceremony began, our photographer had suggested to us that after we are announced at the beginning of the isle that Patrick should dip me for a neat photo. The crowd cheered and laughed. That picture ended up being one of my favorites and that event was one of the most memorable and unique things about my wedding. After the ceremony was over we gathered everyone, including guests, in the front yard of the Hawthorne House for a group photo. The reception was so much fun. The Hawthorne House DJ was so awesome. She had gotten to know my personality and picked the music to fit. She was so funny and personable. She made the reception very special. As we pulled away from the Hawthorne House after the wedding, all I could think of was that I got to be a princess for the day, and I knew that Patrick and I would live "Happily Ever After."

Jennifer and Joel Dreiling

September 4th 2010

Joel and I met 2006 in Naples Florida, and began a wonderful summer romance! Sadly, at the end of the summer, I had to go back to college in Ohio and he had to go back to school in Kansas. We still continued to date, trying our best to see each other once a month either in Kansas or Ohio and even traveled to Chicago a few times together to meet up half way! I graduated first and moved back home to Naples Florida. A few months later Joel moved down to live with me. On our 3-year anniversary, Joel surprised me with a trip to Chicago! As soon as we got there we took our little Yorkie, Mandy, for a walk in one of the parks. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and said, “I can’t walk one more mile in this city until I ask you to be my wife!” The second surprise he gave me was the next day at lunch. We walked into the West Inn Hotel restaurant and all of our family was there! He told them all months before and so they all flew out to celebrate with us! It was the most romantic and memorable engagement ever! We were married a few months ago on September 4th, 2010. We chose Kansas City, MO for our wedding because that is where Joel is from and where all his family is. Everyone on his side has been married in one of the four churches down town so I wanted to keep up his family tradition. We worked with Suzie Burns and she was just amazing! On our special day we did not have to lift a finger! Our Photographers were absolutely amazing! We chose Phoenix Photography, John Phoenix and Lisa Catera. We knew from the first day that we met them that they were going to be great and lots of fun! They captured every last moment and detail! Their own record was broken for most pictures taken at a wedding with a whopping 1400 shots and I love every one! For flowers we chose Dan Meiners. He just knew exactly what I wanted from day one. The flowers we chose were sweat peas, hydrangea lilies and garden roses. When I walked into the reception hall I was blown away! The room smelled so amazing and everything just popped and sparkled! The dance floor was rocking all night long! Joel and I’s favorite moment of the whole day was our get away. The one dream I had for my wedding was a rice toss. I found biodegradable heart shaped rice that melts in the rain, is safe for birds and is flat so no one will slip! All our guests grabbed a bag and as we came out they threw the rice! We then drove off into the night as Mr. and Mrs. Joel Dreiling in the Bentley my father rented for us!

86 Jacob & Lisa Mische

July 17, 2010

We have known each other since 5th grade, and actually happened to be each other’s first “boyfriend/girlfriend”. We had quite a few mutual friends, so we stayed in touch throughout the years. We began dating again after college, and we got engaged in 2009. We were vacationing in Vail, CO and he proposed in the mountains by a beautiful waterfall!!! Our wedding day was truly the happiest day of our life. I remember everyone telling us that the day will go by so quickly, and that is so very true! It seemed as though the morning flew by, and it was already time to walk down the aisle. I was so anxious to come down the aisle, but my favorite part of the day was to see my handsome groom for the first time as I came down the aisle with my Dad. The ceremony went great, and we went to a couple outdoor locations to take some pictures, and then proceeded to the reception. It was great to share our day with our closest friends and family! All of the vendors we used did an amazing job. I got my gown from Bridal Extraordinaire, and I was very pleased with the staff. They were very friendly and they definitely found my “perfect” gown. We used Phoenix Photography, and they made our day one that we will never forget. I think we probably got married on the hottest day of the year, but they still managed to do outdoor photos and they turned out wonderfully. John and Lisa were so personable, and we have so many great pictures to choose from! Overall, our day couldn’t have gone any better. All of the planning was well worth it, and we are enjoying married life!!!

Robin and Pete Kramer

September 3rd, 2010

Pete and I met through a mutual friend. We dated for a couple years before Pete proposed (in the car, on the way to Eureka Springs for my birthday weekend. He was too nervous to wait until we got down there.) Our wedding took place out at Red Fox Winery & Vineyard, out of Urich, MO, and was a smaller gathering of immediate family and very close friends. The next day we hosted a more inclusive reception at my sisters house, just north of Kansas City, with all family and friends. We loved having those two separate days and two completely opposite events. Our ceremony was about the commitment we were making to one another and those who will support us along the way. Our reception was a celebration, a party, with all those who love us and wish us well. My favorite part of the day was hearing Pete say his vows. I can't really describe why, just something about hearing his voice say those words to me. Even now it brings a smile to my face! Pete says his favorite part of the day was seeing me for the first time and how beautiful I looked. Freeland Photography was the first one I called! You are with this photographer all day long so it's important to get along with them because they, more than anyone else, are sharing every moment of this day with you. All our vendorsBerryGood Video, BerryGood Light & Sound (DJ's), Monarch Flowers, Celebrations Party Rental- are all more like friends then vendors to us. I'm lucky, I already knew who the best of the best are because I've seen them all in action! When it was over we could not thank them all enough (along with our families who put a TON of work in that weekend making it so special for us)! At the end of the day we just couldn't believe how perfect everything was! Not because everything went exactly as planned, it never does, but because we were surrounded by family and friends and you could feel all the love, joy, and happiness they shared for us. If we could do it all again we'd do it EXACTLY the same!


Words of the Wedding Wise Brides - as tempting as it might be to travel on your honeymoon with your new last name, don’t do it! Unless you are able to legally change your name, apply for and receive your new passport, drivers license, and other travel identification documents with your married name before you leave (which usually takes several weeks), then you must travel under your maiden name. If the last name on your airline ticket doesn’t match the last name on your identification (even if you show them a marriage certificate!) then you won’t even make it onto the flight. Although that would definitely make for a memorable honeymoon, I’m sure it’s not the type of memory you’ve always hoped for! By: Dana Thompsen of Thompsen Travel For long lasting lip color line the lip with a lip pencil the same color as your lipstick. Using the lip pencil fill in the lip, lightly blot any excess color and apply your lipstick. The lip pencil will help your lipstick last from the ceremony through the reception because it provides extra pigment. By: Courtney Pegue of Arbonne “I think the most important part of any wedding, is the photos after everything is done. It is very important that whomever creates the images for your wedding day takes the time to pull all of them into some image management software and make any necessary adjustments before they put them on a CD or DVD for you. This way, you can be assured that what you have is usable. Wedding images straight out of the camera can’t be used for (GREAT) enlargements. So if your professional wedding photographer is providing you a CD of any or all of your wedding photos be sure you have it in writing that they are fixed and ready for use. By: John Phoenix and Lisa Catera of Phoenix Photography Picking your menu can be one of the biggest impacts on your event – Have fun with it and don’t let yourself fall into the “same old, same old” rut of doing. Doing what you have always known reception menus to be from every other reception you have ever been to. Let your menu be a reflection of your personalities – there are several areas that you can theme to reflect your individuality - From custom cocktails, unique passed hors d’oeuvres, a themed dinner menu reflective of your honeymoon location – or a late night snack that relates to the location of the

proposal! The key is to make it distinctively yours – not what everyone expects! By: Alisa Breitenstein of Bonterra Catering & Events Did you know that the bride and groom are not supposed to raise their glasses during the toast? They are being toasted and should smile and give thanks. By: Irene Sparks of The Hawthorne House Trust the people you hire, and don’t worry about the small stuff. This is why you put your trust in them so you can enjoy your special day! By: Sharon Ko of Town Pavilion To make sure you get the venue that best fits your needs, try to delay choosing a firm date until you know your venue’s availability. Then don’t wait too long to book, as there are often others considering the same dates! By: Loose Mansion When researching wedding professionals, look for talented, creative vendors that understand your wedding vision and style. Most importantly, make sure you have a connection with them and like the professional you are working with. That way you can completely trust your wedding vendors and relax knowing you are in the hands of not only the best vendors, but also friends!! By: Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral Flowers, and your ceremony and reception décor, are one more element of the style you’ll create for your big day – and should complement your dress, colors, invitations, and location. Flowers and décor make one of the first impressions on your guests when they arrive and set the mood for the ceremony and



reception. So whether your aesthetic is traditional, modern, or fun and playful (or somewhere in between!), your flowers and décor should compliment your overall wedding theme. Work closely with your florist to ensure your flowers reflect your special look! By: Stems Flower Market Consider these things when choosing the DJ that’s right for you. Communication: Are they quick to respond to phone calls and emails?  Professionalism:  Do they care enough about their business to have an easy to navigate website, an extensive songlist and good equipment?   Unless you are working with a professional planner your DJ should act as your Coordinator and Emcee while still playing the tunes that will keep your guests dancing.  By: Jennifer Sinnett of Pro DJ KC Brides always want to look their best on their big day, so a budget for a reputable Make-Up Artist is well worth every penny. Be sure to do your research to make sure you have selected a MUA worth the time and money, and remember, you get what you pay for. By: Laurel Austin of Living Moment Images When comparing cake designers, check the serving guide as well as price per serving. A more realistic serving guide will yield the servings you expect and give you more cake for the money. By: Sherrie Ortiz of Sherrie’s Cake Magic Some of the best centerpieces are those that serve many purposes.  Maid’s bouquets and pew or chair arrangements can be re-used as table decor and then donated to a retirement home or hospital.  Your mother’s and grandmother’s silver trays & cake plates can lift items & pretty pitchers can hold flowers.  Hunt flea markets and re-sale boutiques to add to the re-designed collection and then re-use in your own home decor! By: Anne Kelly Acock of Anne Kelly Co. & Monarch Flower Co. Not all wedding photographers have a back up plan if they become sick on the day of your wedding. When booking your photographer, be sure to ask what options are in place or what they intend to do if they are unable to photograph your wedding. Blixt Photography has two dedicated lead photographers at every wedding insuring that if one becomes ill, the quality of your photography will not be affected. By: Blixt Photography If you are expecting young children at your reception, try setting up a couple of activity tables for them. It can be as simple as butcher paper and crayons or you can buy individual craft kits for each child. Try recruiting the older children

to “teach” the younger ones. By: Pat Shepard of The Gamber Center When ordering the size of your cake, it is important to know when you plan to cut the cake. If it is in line with dinner or immediately afterwards, you will want to have enough for everyone. However, if you wait until later, when everyone is dancing, many of your guests will have left, so you will likely not need as much. By: The Bridal Kitchen First and foremost, get out of debt. If your company has a 401k match, contribute only as much as they’ll match. All excess income should be put toward your debt snowball. By: John Chladek of Chladek Wealth Management “Enjoy yourself – without your wedding party!” When it comes to choosing chauffeured transportation, many couples try to cram as many people into one car to transport from church. If you absolutely need to transport everyone, maybe consider having two cars, one for the wedding party, and one for just the wedding couple. I have found that the short time spent just by themselves helps couples re-focus after the stressful part of the day is over, and enjoy the reception much better. It also gives them time to not forget that the wedding is also about bringing two people happily together. So go ahead, and indulge in getting that classic car. sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. By: Slawik Pech of Pech Limousine, Inc. It is not that tough to show a highlight of a few great shots from here and there. Make sure and ask to view complete wedding collections (from getting ready to reception) so you can see a photographer’s work from start to finish. Also seeing images of your specific ceremony and reception venue that were photographed

92 by your potential photography studio is critical. An outdoor summer venue does not take the same technical expertise that a dimly light ballroom does or a catholic sanctuary with 100 foot ceilings. By: Mike Freeland of Freeland Photography Your flowers are a reflection of you. More than you probably realize. Don’t just pick something you like from a magazine or website and ask your floral designer to duplicate it.  Sit down and have an actual conversation with your designer. Let them know your likes and dislikes, show pictures as examples, let them know if there are certain flowers or colors that you absolutely must have (or if there are any that remind you of an ex-boyfriend), and once you feel like your personality and point of view have been truly understood, allow your designer to create pieces that are a reflection of you. By: An Eclectic Stem Research pays. When someone decides it is time to sell their home, they interview several Realtors from different companies to determine which agent has the best marketing package for their home. However, when the decision to buy a home arises, home buyers usually end up with their Realtor through pure accident, many times by answering an ad. Do not underestimate the negotiating, financing, inspections, appraisal etc. All home buyers should research and interview several Realtors the same way that a home seller would. A great real estate agent comes laden with resources, is very professional and proactive, similar to a five star hotel concierge. By: Angie Ripley and Dan Long of 360 Realty Providing a photobooth for your guests can be one of the most memorable choices you will make for your reception. A photobooth is great entertainment for the evening and beyond. Your guests will go home with memories of the great time they had at your wedding and so will you! Ensure a wonderful event by choosing an experienced photobooth company with multiple photobooths. By: KC Photobooth A lot of brides feel as though a veil is their only option for hair decoration. Think outside of the box. Use antique brooches, buttons, pearls, or flowers to really express your personal style.” By: Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 Make sure you find professionals that have the experience to back up their credentials. You only have one day, so make sure you put it in the hands of people you can trust. By: Lone Summit Estate

94 Written by Anne Kelly Acock

The Finishing Touch

Photography by Amber Lanning Photography www.amberlanningphotography.com Clever options for corsages, boutonnieres, hair accessories and more handcrafted flowers by Janice Cielo.

Photography by Blixt This bee will definitely create a buzz ~ especially when paired with the stunning simplicity of a mini cymbidium orchid. Floral Design by Anne Kelly Acock (The Monarch Flower Co.)

Photography by Blixt

Kelly Jackson Photography

The Finishing Touch


Dare to wear the feather in your hair ~ Hair and Makeup Artistry by Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 Photography by Blixt

A Fiddlehead Fern peaks out from some garden herbs and individual blossoms of hydrangea here to create an earthy and unique combo. Floral Design by Anne Kelly Acock (The Monarch Flower Co.)

Kelly Jackson Photography A small picture and charms are attached to a bouquet handle in remembrance of the bride’s mother.

The Finishing Touch

96 by Nikki Kriesler

Wedding Checklist One Year or More Out ›› Choose both your ideal wedding date and a back-up date just in case ›› Determine budget and who will be buying ›› Identify how long your guest list will be ›› Figure out whether you want a formal or informal affair ›› Choose your wedding location and secure the date ›› Book your officiant and determine preparations necessary, such as counseling ›› Begin looking into reception locations and book it as soon as you know it's the one ›› If needed, interview and choose the right wedding consultant

9-12 Months Out ›› Start compiling contact details for everyone on the guest list ›› Arrange a meeting with families to get to know each other ›› Set up engagement photos ›› Arrange for accommodations to suit out-of-town guests ›› Reserve the place and time for your rehearsal dinner ›› Check marriage license requirements for your state, especially if you're doing a destination wedding ›› Research honeymoon options and destinations

›› Hunt down the perfect gown and schedule necessary fittings ›› Select all the roles to be played, from bridal party to guest book attendant ›› Book caterer, videographer, photographer, florist, entertainment, and decorator as needed ›› Finalize the color scheme for the reception ›› Scout out the bridal party wear, from tuxes to maids dresses ›› Select ushers (Rule of thumb: approximately one usher needed per 50 guests expected)

grooms parents honeymoon ›› Make and secure reservations and accomodations

2-3 Months Out ›› Choose readings and vows for ceremony ›› Mail out invitations ›› Plan out showers and bachelor parties ›› Finalize plans and deposits with service providers ›› Finalize ceremony details, such as music and scripture readings ›› Choose gifts for bridal party ›› Consult with stylist and arrange a trial run before the day of

One Month Before ›› Pick up wedding rings ›› Print programs and other personalized items, such as napkins, favors, etc. ›› Final fittings for couple and their party ›› Arrange to have gown picked up or delivered ›› Meet with photographer and offer a list of specific shots you want taken ›› Coordinate specific songs for each type of dance with the musical entertainment ›› Confirm rehearsal date and time with party ›› Prepare reception place cards if necessary ›› Arrange transportation from reception to hotel or airport ›› Confirm honeymoon arrangements and tickets and passport verification ›› Give caterer final guest count ›› Pack for the honeymoon

Wedding Checklist

4-6 Months Out ›› Finalize and edit guest list ›› Register for gifts ›› Help mothers coordinate and select their attire ›› Order invitations, thank you notes, and other stationary ›› Select and order wedding cake, grooms cake, and mints ›› Order any favors you plan to have at your reception ›› Schedule rehearsal at wedding site ›› Announce engagement in EA Bride expiration or ›› Check passport requirements if necessary ›› Plan out preservation of gown and bouquet options ›› Book hotel room for wedding night ›› Choose and book transportation for wedding day ›› Start planning rehearsal dinner with

Wedding Checklist

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EA Bride Magazine- Winter2011  

The Go-To Guide for Kansas City Couples... A modern twist on traditional and a dose of reality for planning your big day!

EA Bride Magazine- Winter2011  

The Go-To Guide for Kansas City Couples... A modern twist on traditional and a dose of reality for planning your big day!

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