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Love Will Find A Way

Knowing you may not have much time left is often a motivator to finally start living the life you’d always dreamed of. And that was the way it was for Colleen Fairchild. Ever since their days as high school sweethearts, Colleen would always manage to cross paths with David Henderson. Regardless of how long it had been since they’d run into each other, they always seemed to be able to pick up right where they’d left off. Many years passed, they married other people and started raising their own families. Without fail, the timing just never quite worked out. Fast forward to the end of 2013. Just after Christmas and right before she was to ring in the New Year, Colleen was given the devastating diagnosis of Terminal Lung Cancer. Not sure where to turn or who to talk to, she was fortunate to find solace in her old friend, David. He would call her faithfully every week to check on her progress. 12

Their bond grew stronger, until they could no longer deny the fact that they’d fallen head over heels back in love with one another. In fact, Colleen even says her favorite thing about David is, “Everything. He’s the most loving man I’ve ever known.” Then there’s David. He didn’t even have to say how much he loves her. It was evident as his entire face lit up whenever he laid eyes on her. According to him, he only wishes he would have reignited his pursuit of her much sooner, so as to have more time together. “She is my bestie, my first true love, my partner-in-crime, and my refuge. She is an amazing mother and grandmother, and hands down the most beautiful and caring person ever.

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