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three decadent ways of devouring a standard staple

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A Note from the Publisher » So, alas, I feel like I can speak from some experience. As some of you already knew, I got engaged last year. After being fully immersed in the world of weddings for the last six years, I assumed I would be immune to all the wedding jitters and excitement of planning. But it seemed no sooner had the ring been placed on my finger, that a new Pinterest board was born. I had been bitten, and I rather secretly liked the idea of dreaming about my big day. This is not to mention that I had a couple of advantages in the process. Being that I’m so fluent in weddings of Kansas City, I knew all the best in the business. I knew who could carry out my vision, and make it even more amazing than I imagined. Fears of finding the wrong fit were a thing of the past. And over the years, I’d been presented with more ideas that I could even count, so there was no shortage of ways in which this could work.

Photo by Photos Edge

Christie Nordmeyer Publisher

Yet, despite these perks, as the months rolled on and the wedding day drew nearer, I could sense the stress setting in. I’m sure so many of you can relate. My elation gave way to obligations and family expectations. Just when I checked an item off on my list, I’d get a call about arranging a room block for traveling guests. And I had to consider all the children and their bedtimes. Or Aunt Martha’s dietary restrictions. And can we move up the time so people not wanting to stay overnight can get on the road plenty early? Simply put, I was becoming the stressed out bride that I swore I would never be. So, with a week before our summer vacation to the Colorado Rockies, we scrapped our wedding plans, and decided to exchange our vows in the crisp mountain air instead. You can read our full story in the following pages, but let’s suffice it to say, it ended up pretty perfect, and everything we really wanted it to be. Now, before you bail on your deposit, I’m certainly not saying that’s the answer for everyone! But, what I am saying, and I hope you take to heart throughout your planning process is this: at the end of the day, all that matters is that you’ve made this commitment with the one you love. Don’t succumb to the pressure of others. You’ll regret it. Do something that is unique to the two of you, not just what you’ve seen in past weddings. This is your life’s book, so write it the way you want. In fact, all you have to ask yourself is, “At the end of the day, if I were writing the story of my wedding, what would I want it to say?” Happy Reading! Christie Nordmeyer



She said: Yes Aaron & Allie

December 31, 2016

Photo by: Melissa & Beth Photography

Bryan & Paige Brandon & Sommer May 27, 2017

October 8, 2016

Photo by: Morgan Miller & Paul Andrews

Photo by: JSi Photography

Kevin & Abby May 20, 2017

Photo by: J. Morris Photography

Brandon & Krishelle Clint & Rebecca

September 30, 2016

May 27, 2017

Photo by: Matt Diamond Photography

Photo by:PondPhotography


to Kansas City's newly engaged couples! Derek & Alli

December 10, 2016

Photo by: Abundant Moments


To announce your engagement in our pages, visit our website at: eabride.com/submitmywedding

Peter & Erica

September 4, 2016

Photo by: Jana Marie Photography

They said: I Do Aaron & Allyson September 5, 2015

Photo by: Schaumburg Photography

Brian & Kelly Tucker & Allie April 30, 2016

April 16, 2016

Photo by: Pond Photography

Photo by: Melissa & Beth Photography

Zach & Kim June 25, 2016

Photo by: Andrea Nigh Photography

TJ & Christa Wesley & Nikki June 11, 2016

August 2015

Photo by: Abundant Moments

Photo by: Freeland Photography

Congratulations to Kansas City's glowing newlyweds! Jon & Rachel May 21, 2016

Photo by: Jana Marie Photography

To announce your wedding in our pages, visit our website at: eabride.com/submitmywedding

Mike & Jen May 14, 2016

Photo by: Paper Crane Photo



Trend Alert:


Ready in Rompers On the morning of every wedding you will find the ladies gathered together and thrilled to soon be glammed up for the day’s festivities. Each woman will find herself transformed from a morning mess to dressed to impress. And there is no better way to do that than to be outfitted with a mimosa in hand and your darling friends close by. It would be the perfect start to any day, but a wedding day in particularly. The objective of this time together is relaxation. The bride is amongst her friends getting ready for the biggest day in her life, and a photographer is a close snap away to capture the moment. Therefore, it should not be left for each girl to show up in her nighties, which sometimes resembles a horribly matched high school volleyball t-shirt with men’s boxer shorts. There is no shame in looking cute while becoming cute. At first, matching robes were all the craze, with each ladies monogrammed letters on the front. While better than the dress-your-self method, these quickly lost the popularity vote to vibrant kimonos. Found in every color imaginable, these flower-adorned beauties have been the hottest look in pampering photos over the last year. And while the pattern is still a hot commodity, the style of the robe has created some undesirable difficulties. You see, while the morning begins picture perfect in the robes, brides and bridesmaids alike found that they weren’t all that practical. From bending over to get items out of a bag, to leaning over the cabinet to obtain perfect mascara application, the robe would leave the bottom of the girls, well, a bit breezy. And possibly a bit indecent. And now that designers have caught wind of the impractically of wedding day robes, they have evolved their creations to the most adorable (and practical) alternative- a romper! 10

Some of our favorite rompers, including these four designs, are from Plum Pretty Sugar. They make online ordering easy by selling them in sets of the exact number you will need for your wedding. View these designs, and more at www.plumprettysugar.com.

In Case You Missed It: Is this Politically Correct?

With a tense race to the white house upon us, it isn’t too forward to say that you can see propaganda nearly everywhere. And now, regardless if you bleed blue or red, you now can display your political party proudly... on the top of your wedding cake. Jayne Williams Company has created these unique wedding cake toppers for political enthusiasts to proudly display their beloved party affiliation when celebrating their wedding (because there is no better time, right?). Undoubtedly, these unique and adorable Democrat and Republican figurines will be the talk of the reception this side of election. To declare your devotion, visit www.jwcaketops.com!

Budget Buster:

Flowers in Double Vision Every girl loves her fresh blooms, and envisioning your altar surrounded by every type of flower under the sun is certainly a blissful dream. However, as you meet with a florist and describe your floral vision, you soon come to the realization of the immense cost that can accrue as each flower arrangement is added to the invoice. This isn’t to say that you can’t still have your flowers and smell them too! You just have to get creative in using your floral decorations in more way than one. To get double use of your aisle arrangements, have plans to repurpose them as centerpieces or cocktail table accessories. Large flowing altar pieces can be cut from the arbor and used in the middle of the head table or sweetheart table as a cascading accessory. Even the beautifully arranged bridesmaid bouquets can be utilized as centerpieces, bar décor or a pop of color on the cake table.



Just Breathe

how to strengthen body & mind

Despite it being one of the happiest times in your life, stress is also synonymous with planning a wedding. And this is not to mention that no bride wants to walk down the aisle feeling anything less than fabulous. So, in this circumstance, when time is rarely on your side, we suggest killing two birds with one stone. That’s where yoga comes in to save the day. Developed in Northern India over 5,000 years ago, this ancient practice is multi-faceted to encompass mind, body, and soul. While calming the mind, it strengthens the soul, and slims the body. Yet, breathing is the MOST vital piece of this particular puzzle, and the only thing you really need to master in order to get started. So, thanks to the help of yoga extraordinaire, Lisa Ash, we’re breaking down the basics of breathing and some things you should know before you venture out on your own! 12

There are hundreds of different yoga poses and ‘types of yoga’ but the basic concept is the same: connect breath with mind and body. Most people think of yoga breathing as loud, energizing ujjayi breathing used in asana classes, but that’s only one type of yogic breathing. Many specific breathing techniques, known as Pranayama techniques, were developed years prior to the yoga poses practiced in classes today. Let’s start with techniques that are designed to calm the mind and activate the ‘resting’ side of your nervous system. These techniques are easily accessible and very powerful. They are simple and they can be done anywhere, you don’t have to be sitting on a yoga mat or in a special place.

From yoga extraordinaire Lisa: I am commonly asked, “What are the most basic breathing techniques that will help me manage stress?” One successful technique of breathing is called Sama Vritti. It is the process of matching the quality of duration of an inhale to your exhale. Your breath should be soft and inaudible. Count the inhale: 1, 2, 3, 4 and count your exhale: 4, 3, 2, 1. Continue for eight to ten rounds, and then take a moment to pause and see how your body has changed.

“Yoga is listening to the small sacred space between your inhale and your exhale where the divine resides and learning to fill that space with your movement until only the divine remains.” - L. Ash Another technique would be Drigha Breathing or “Complete Breathing”. It is perfect for before a stressful meeting, during a stressful situation, prior to bedtime, and in preparation for meditation. This technique is most comfortable and relaxing when you are lying down, but you can practice it anywhere. Imagine your body in three sections: belly, chest and throat. These are the places you will direct your attention to in order to fill it with breath. Here is the technique: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Inhale: Fill the bottom part of your diaphragm (belly) with breath Exhale: Empty Inhale: Fill the diaphragm and the chest Exhale: Empty the chest then empty the diaphragm Inhale: Fill diaphragm, chest, then throat with breath Exhale: Empty all three parts from top to bottom Repeat for a total of 10 rounds Return to normal breathing and notice how relaxed you feel

Read more about yoga on Lisa’s blog at http://lisaashyoga.com. Contact Lisa directly at ash.lisamarie@gmail.com or (816) 853-5714 to request her class schedule or schedule a private session.



Pretty in Peach


HAIR & MAKEUP Traci Morby

VEIL The Yellow Peony

GRAPHIC DESIGN & PAPER GOODS Yellowbrick Graphics MODEL, GROOM John Walter

GOWN & SUIT Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring

CAKE Sherri’s Cake Magic

RENTALS & STYLING Ultrapom Event Rentals

VENUE The Bowery

CATERING Above & Beyond Catering

MODEL, BRIDE Rachel Coker

MODEL, BRIDESMAID Beth Schirmer EABride.com









social. local.

The Bowery is the perfect event space to host your special day. This trendy, rustic location encompasses a picturesque outdoor ceremony site, a large patio space ideal for your reception, as well as comfortable indoor space to accommodate additional bar and hors d'oeuvre stations. We also include amenities such as access to a spacious bridal loft, on-site florist and decor options, and a state-of-the-art sound system. In addition, this venue is the home of Red Crow Brewing Company, providing a unique experience for you and your guests. Whether you are planning for vintage, modern, rustic, or anything in-between, we have you covered. Call or email us to receive your custom quote.

20559 S. Lone Elm Rd. Spring Hill, KS 66083







Forever Flowers

Do you believe in love at first sight? We sure do now! As soon as we saw these floral arrangements we were in awe of their remarkable beauty. When we took a closer, we were blown away even more as we realized that each bloom was in fact its own silk flower. These definitely aren’t the dust-filled silk flowers you see at grandma’s house. These vibrant, life-like flowers immediately left us breathless in belief that they weren’t real. It was the expertise of Emily Walters, of emmy-ray design studio, that contributed so brilliantly to the meticulous placement of each single stem. In our minds, she has given these silk flowers the life that they so closely portray. The playing field between real and silk flowers has now been leveled. While fresh flowers might smell pretty, they will wilt in comparison to the lasting beauty that a silk bridal arrangement can provide. A Bride deserves to hold on to her bouquet, not throw it away or shove it in a display box, but to take it home and admire it as a lovely token from the wedding day. 22




Styling and Art Direction: emmy-ray design studio Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals Florals: Afloral Paper Pieces: Little Yellow Leaf



Wednesday, August 3rd

Forever Begins Today...

Location: Kansas Grand Ballroom 8787 Reeder Rd Overland Park, KS Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Admission: Free

Join us for a tasting of our finest menu selections. Tour the property, sleeping rooms, and banquet event space. Secure your spot today. RSVP to 913-895-2764 or by email to dvaughn@kinseth.com.

Thursday, August 4th

Berg Open House Location: Berg Event Space 1525 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, MO Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm Admission: Free


August 6th - 8th

Mori Lee Fall Trunk Show

Location: Mia’s Bridal 2235 E. Kansas City Rd Olathe, KS

Featuring styles from the Mori Lee, Voyage, Blue and Juliette collections. Dress after gorgeous dress, Mori Lee continues to create award-winning designs that capture the essence of the modern bride. Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, our contemporary, their award-winning dresses and gowns suit every age and style. Call 913-764-9114 to schedule an appointment.

Friday, August 12th

Bridal Bash - Wichita

Location: Wichita Art Museum 1400 Museum Boulevard Wichita, KS Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm Admission: $50 Please join us for drinks, food & fun! Meet some of KC’ S EL IT E T R AV EL IN G B R IDA L S HOW Kansas City’s best wedding vendors. This event is open to Bash is an alternative to the typical bridal show all brides, grooms, and event planners. Free lot parking on R EA L P EO PBridal L E. R EA L LOV E. R EA L IN S P IR AT IO N . that offers engaged couples a unique opportunity in 16th Street between Grand Boulevard and McGee Street. exploring creative inspiration for their wedding! These tickets on sale | MY B R I DA L B AS H.CO M For more information, call 816-842-4488. couples will be able to taste the food and cake, touch the linens, see the impeccable designs and hear some of the best DJ’s as they turn up the tunes to create a fun atmosphere. Guests will get the opportunity to talk to the premier vendors in the area. This enables the couple to visualize their special day with all the elements put together under one roof.

7 .14.1 6



August 25th - 27th

Allure Fall Trunk Show Location: Mia’s Bridal 2235 E. Kansas City Rd Olathe, KS

Sunday, August 28th

Featuring styles from the Allure, Allure Couture, Romance and Womens collections. Captivate your audience wearing Allure Bridal’s latest creations. Having set the industry standard time and time again, quality and craftsmanship is never compromised. Each gown is hand sewn with attention and detail throughout. Intricate beading, brilliant colors and award winning styles are all part of the vision Allure puts into their work. Call 913-764-9114 to schedule an appointment.

Sunday, August 28th

Berry Acres Open House Location: Berry Acres 6825 MO-131 Odessa, MO Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm Admission: Free

It’s time again for a Berry Acres Open House! Come check out our property, vendors, catering, decor, & more! Hope to see you Sunday, August 28 from 3-6pm! Please RSVP at 816-797-7963.

KCBG Bridal Show in

Support of Cancer Patients Location: The Pavilion Event Space 14831 E. Hwy 40 Kansas City, MO Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Admission: $50 - $10

Come get to know the local vendors in your area that want to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams! We will be having a Quarter Auction of our Vendors Services to benefit a wedding for a local cancer patient. Love knows no limits! Help us celebrate that magic for a local couple going through so much! We will have prizes, makeovers, fashion show, food, and more!

October 13th - 15th

Beautiful with Curves Trunk Show Location: Mia’s Bridal 2235 E. Kansas City Rd Olathe, KS

Featuring styles from Julietta by Mori Lee and Bonny Unforgettable in sizes 18 & above. When Bonny Bridals first began in 1983, one of their missions was to make wedding dreams accessible to every person. Because of this, they created the award winning line designed with a woman’s figure in mind and to embrace every curve of our brides. Through decades of experience, they’ve been able to design gowns with carefully placed beading, innovative draping, and use of shape to help every body shine on her special day. Call 913-764-9114 to schedule an appointment.

For details on these events and many others, visit us online at www.eabride.com. EABride.com


Advice from the Aisle From the Bride:

From the Groom:

Looking back on the big day, I would advise newly engaged couples to splurge a little extra on photographers/videographers and a DJ. We knew that we would have the pictures and video for the rest of our lives and that they would be the lasting piece of evidence that truly captured the day. While this might sound like a stretch, we also wanted our reception to be a reflection of our personalities. Finding a professional DJ that can understand and run with your genres of likes and dislikes, is well worth the money. -Dani

Remember that this is your day; make it look how you want it to look and feel how you want it to feel. We had to make some tough decisions for our wedding day and we understood that we might upset some people. But we made our decisions, informed the people that those decisions affected in a loving yet matter of fact way, and didn’t back down from those decisions once they were made. Again, be respectful to friends and loved ones, but this is your day. -Austin

I would have planned more time for pictures. Everyone I worked with told me my itinerary looked great but when it came down to it I felt rushed during pictures. I would recommend blocking off plenty of time to get all the pictures you’ve been dreaming of. -Emily Since we wanted to get married relatively quickly, I felt rushed to secure all my vendors. In retrospect, I would have worried less about booking the first people we talked to. I could have taken my time to find all my vendors, all except makeup and hair! I would have booked those first! They book up fast! - Cassie Ask your caterer to pack away frood for you (the cocktail hour food, the main course, the cake... everything) because you’ll likely have absolutely no time to eat any of it. And trust me, you’ll be starving when you get back to the hotel at the end of the night. -Rebecca


We d d i n g W i s d o m f ro m N e w l y w e d s

You, as the couple, should address your guests during the reception. Both my wife and I said a little something, and our guests told us how much it meant to them because at so many weddings you only hear from the best man and the maid-of-honor. -Seth

From the Couple: Take it all in, and don’t stress. It will go by fast, so enjoy every moment with those sharing your day with you. -Chris & Jennifer What matters most is that you are marrying your soul mate. Don’t forget that as you will most definitely begin disagreeing on things. Believe us! Planning can get stressful so be sure to continue to spend time doing things you enjoy and may have done before you got engaged. Don’t let planning take over your entire relationship. -Israel & Emily

design your


If you’re lucky in love, come to Harrah’s North Kansas City where we specialize in fun, excitement and elegance all wrapped up into one. Our wedding services professionals will tailor your nuptials to you, making this the wedding of your dreams. Contact us at 816-889-4227 or MEET@caesars.com to start planning your romantic walk down the aisle.

High Quality Food & Service

our goal is to provide affordable, High quality food and service to make your event memorable. From buffets to plated dinners, we are able to create any menu to suit your taste.

Info@PlazaCatering.com 913•383•8800•www.PlazaCatering.com


The Kansas City Chiefs Event Team is dedicated to making your event a success. You will work with a professional staff that will coordinate all the details for your event, from building custom menus to event execution. View our event spaces and contact our Event Team today to request a proposal!


Located at Truman Sports Complex, off of Interstate 70 and Interstate 435. Only minutes away from luxury, full-service and limited-service hotels for overnight accommodations.



Facilities / Services » Over 20 great spaces — more than

» In-room state-of-the-art audio

» 360–degree views of the playing field

» New contemporary decor » Full-service catering through

72,000 square feet of flexible event and meeting space for up to 1,000 guests and skyline

» Fireside lounge seating » Custom bars » Unique themed rooms Special Event Reservations Tel: 816-920-4992 www.goarrowhead.com events@goarrowhead.com

Arrowhead Stadium One Arrowhead Drive Kansas City, Missouri 64129

and visual systems

Levy Restaurants

» Convenient escalator, elevator and street access to space

» Free parking

Dishing Up Chicken

Photography by Jana Marie & Studio PBJ Photography

Decadent Ways of Devouring a Standard Staple Reception catering is no longer as simple as a “chicken or beef� box on your RSVP card. While chicken is a standard staple at most wedding feasts, your poultry selection can be as varied as the amazing chefs who prepare it. From the marinade to the cooking technique, no two chicken dishes are quite the same. We went to three of our industry experts, and asked them to design a chicken plate that is bound to whet your appetite. EABride.com


Above & Beyond Catering Raspberry glazed grilled chicken thighs with pan roasted brussel sprouts, mixed root vegetables, red and purple potatoes and butternut squash.


delish! Catering Herb roasted airline chicken breast with butternut squash puree, crispy brussels sprouts, a red wine gastrique and micro greens.



Rosso of Hotel Sorella Vermouth roasted chicken accompanied by poached Romanesco, gold potato-artichoke hash, chevre, and a spinach cream.

ridesNov2014.indd 1

11/19/14 2:48 PM


You’re Invited.

Love Lens Photography

our name says it all. tasty, fresh, artfully prepared. Just the way you want it. We use all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on organic and local. From over-the-top elegant to just plain yummy, we cater to your every whim.

Celebrate your special day in sophisticated style at Hotel Sorella Country Club Plaza. We can accommodate small and large parties, day or evening. Choose from one of our versatile spaces. All you need to do now is set the date.

BridesNov2014.indd 1

food creations by Mary Berg 11/19/14 913.829.0133 www.delishcatering.net

2:48 PM



901 W. 48th Place www.hotelsorella-countryclubplaza.com 816.753.8800




Reception Songs




“Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

“I’ve Got A Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

“Over And Over Again” by Nathan Sykes

“Amazed” by Lonestar

“It Wong Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker

“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Mother/Son Dance

“Never Alone” by Jim Brickman

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Cake Cutting

“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

“Sugar Sugar” by The Archies

Bouquet Toss

“Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta

“Single Ladies” by Beyonce

“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke

“Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins

Grand Entrance First Dance Father/Daughter Dance

Garter Toss 38

weddings From traditionally elegant to simply modern our Hy-Vee wedding experts will help you every step of the way. Fresh flowers, luscious cake and delicious food create an ambiance that invites friends and family to enjoy your special day. To get started, call the catering coordinator for an appointment. We cannot wait to help make your day magical.

Blue Springs



Lee’s Summit

Lee’s Summit


625 W. 40 Hwy 816-224-4288 Catering: Wanda Brizendine

1525 E. 23rd St. 816-836-1177 Catering: Victoria Forbes

4545 S. Noland Rd. 816-478-6557 Catering: Brad Cottington

301 NE Rice Rd. 816-524-5760 Catering: Ryan Bryant

310 SW Ward Rd. 816-554-2200 Catering: Mike Moore

9400 E. 350 Hwy 816-358-9940 EABride.com Catering: Sam Horkman35



Determining what size of tent you will need for your wedding can be tricky. So we have enlisted the expertise of Andrea Estevez from Celebration Party Rentals to guide you through what tent size you should use for your estimated guest count. Whether you have one hundred guests or three hundred guests coming to witness your nuptials, we have a tent for you. Not only does a tent cover your guest tables, it is also needed to house the head table, dance floor, cake table, buffet, bar set-up, and the DJ. Keep in mind that it is always better to plan for more room than not enough. If your count falls close to capacity, chose the next size up to allow for a more comfortable evening.

50 ft


40 ft

100 guests

40 ft

30 ft

50 ft

200 guests

70 ft

150 guests

Once you have decided what size of tent you need, jump on www.celebratekc.com to use their free CAD tent design software. Within this program you can position all of your guests tables, determine the location of the dance floor, and situate your extra tables (head table, cake, DJ, etc.). Once you have finalized your design, save or print your layout to use during the duration of your planning. It is important to note that if the tent is to be staked into the ground (versus set up on concrete) all underground utilities must be marked by the One Call system (by dialing 811). If the landowner is present, they should also mark the location of any septic or sprinkler lines. Other decisions you will want to make when ordering a tent is determining which accessories you may need. These could include: sides to keep rain/wind out, air conditioning to cool the inside, or a heater to keep the bitterness out. You may also want to research decorating items such as lighting and draping.

40 ft

250 guests

40 ft

80 ft

300 guests

100 ft






Wedding Wise If there’s a venue you must have and are flexible on the wedding date, ask the venue what dates they are trying to fill. Hotels especially are more likely to work with you on minimums, menu prices, and room rates if you are date-flexible. - Beth Borghardt, Hotel Sorella

In-house catering can be a blessing, not a curse. This means you have a team that has all their own equipment on site, knows the location and its people, and has unlimited time & access to make your reception meal perfect!

- Bailey Grinde, Berry Acres

Asking a good friend or close relative to officiate your wedding ceremony can add an unforgettable personal touch to your day. Be certain, though, that they are comfortable speaking in front of others, that they will take the time to prepare memorable vows, rehearse them and that they have the proper credentials to legally perform their duty.

-Ron Ruth, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment 42

When you set out to find that perfect gown, of course it’s great to have an idea in mind of what you want. However, I encourage all brides to keep an open mind and try on things that might be outside the box of what you wanted. My mom insisted I try one on that I had no intention of liking, but once it was on, I realized it was the perfect dress for me! Sometimes, mom really is right! -Christie Nordmeyer, EA Bride

Wait to set your color choices in stone until you’ve selected a venue. While it’s great to get those pinterest boards popping with your favorite inspiration, hold off on making any big decisions when it comes to colors until you’ve seen the space. You might find that a more natural setting may call for a few pops of color and minimal decor versus what you originally had in mind. This could ultimately save you time and money! -Lindsey Haynes, The Bowery

If you wear eye wear, try to bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses (or the prescription for them) with you on your honeymoon in case you lose them. If you do wear contacts, take along a pair of regular glasses just in case you need them. Bring along your preferred contact cleaner products. Only 3 oz will be allowed in a carryon bag, but larger sizes can be put in your checked bag. -Robert Riesmeyer, Travel Benefits by Design

See each other for pictures before the wedding! If you get all these pictures out of the way, there will be more time for fun pictures, the pressure will be off (and the stress seriously does show on your face), and no one has to wait at the reception for you while the photographer is rushing to get all these couple pictures done. If you don’t see each other prior, at least do all separate shots possible and feed the guests something while they are waiting. -Debra Lawrence, Abundant Moments Photography

Congratulations on your engagement! The two of you decided to spend your life together, and this starts with your wedding day: the most important celebration of YOU and your partner. Look at your wedding, as you look at life…. You get one shot, so make it count, and make it YOURS. Know what makes YOU happy, know what will make this day special for YOU – and hire a venue with experience, so all you’ll need to do is show up, and say the most important two words of the day: I do! -Adrienn Massaglia, Harrah’s

What services does the venue provide as part of your package? Many reception sites provide complete packages: catering, cake, staff, tableware and linens, which can be helpful if you love what they offer. Other sites charge a simple rental fee for their space and leave the rest of the details up to you. To find the option that works best for your wedding, ask yourself how much you would like to personalize your celebration and what that will entail, or decide on a more all-inclusive approach. You’ll also want to ask about what is not included, but may still be available. - Lori Glazer, Town Pavilion

In most cases, a couple is relying on their parents to assist them in paying for the wedding. While this is very generous of them, it can cause some differences in opinion on what the money should be spent on. In my experience, it has gone much smoother for both parties if there is a sit-down meeting to discuss the plan for the wedding and the amount that will be contriubted to make it happen. The parents then write a check to the couple, who opens a seperate wedding checking account. This allows the couple to make the decisions on where to spend the money and the family doesn’t have to deal with the headache of vendor invoices and payment due dates.

Every couple should register for these solid, basic three items, 1) LeCreuset French oven, 2) 3 quart All Clad Stainless Steel Sauce pan and 3) Wusthof 8” cooks knife. You can prepare thousands of meals for years to come with these threeindespensible tools. Your kitchen will become the heart of your home. Let Pryde’s help you create the space that will bring a lifetime of memories. -Louise Meyers, Pryde’s Old Westport

Your wedding day is special and worth sharing with the world! Don’t hesitate to incorporate modern tools such as custom hashtags to help organize and brand your social media presence on your biggest day. Something we have been doing more and more for our clients is complete wedding branding services. How that looks on the production side of things is pulling in fonts and designs used in the invitations and incorporating them into the projected gobo’s, acrylic wrapped dance floors, touch screens, and custom borders around slideshows. We also work with brides who want to #hashtag their events and incorporate that tag into their gobo’s and designs too. Lastly we have a social media package that lets them use their custom hashtag to have their guests take pics throughout the day and night and those images immediately get added to a live and progressive slideshow, regardless of where they post the picture - Instagram, Facebook, and even Myspace! - Kris Nardini, Platinum Productions

-Britney Jones, Plush Productions EABride.com


Run Away With Me


In a day and age where it’s rare to run into your perfect mate on the street, I met mine on Match.com. I still remember where I was sitting when his first email came through my inbox. Many long written exchanges later, he finally mustered the courage to call me. It was July 11, 2012. I should have known from the ease of our emails that the conversation would flow so fluidly. We realized in this huge metropolis, we actually only lived about five minutes from each other. So, at 11:30pm, in a burst of spontaneous audacity, I suddenly suggested we just meet, right then and there. Before either of us had time to prepare, before any nerves could set in, and before we could build up ridiculous expectations that come with online dating. So, at midnight, there we sat, having ice cream at Steak and Shake, since it was the only place still open at that hour. We ended up talking in the parking lot until 2am, when he finally admitted he had to be back at work in 4 short hours. So, we left, having already set our next date for the following night. Each of us having already survived a broken marriage, we were both a little slow to just give our hearts away in those early days. So, we set the relationship on simmer, and let things develop gradually, neither of us fully believing we would really find our Happily Ever After. They say if you love something, set it free, and if it comes back, it was meant to be. So, about a year in, we took a 2 month relationship hiatus, or at least that’s what we attempted. Despite trying to date different people, neither of us could fully let the other go. All it proved to do was make us appreciate what we had that much more. It wasn’t long before we realized that although we originally thought neither of us were really what the other wanted, in the end, we were exactly what the other needed. Fast forward three years. It’s December, and we’re set to celebrate Bradley’s 40th birthday, but he had other ideas in mind. We were in Montego Bay, amidst turquoise waters, and utter serenity. Let’s suffice it to say, the ocean is my happy place, and I may have mentioned that a time… or twenty. So, in another burst of spontaneity, Bradley ran back to the room, and returned, with a ring in hand, asking me to be his forever. I, of course, agreed, and before the day was done, a Pinterest wedding planning page was born.

The Cast Photography: Photos Edge

Officiant & Video: Ron Ruth Weddings

Makeup: Erin Hernandez-Reisner

Floral Crown: Brenda’s Bridal Veils

Bouquet: Kelly Acock, Monarch Flower Co. Henna: Henna Being

Dress: Special Occasions

Ring Box: Rachael Salum, Sunflower Betty’s EABride.com



Going into this planning process, however, I had a unique advantage. Not only did I know the best pros in the business, I had also observed a bevy of brides before me walk down their own aisles. So, I knew who could carry out the day of my dreams, as well as knowing what I didn’t want to do. The most important thing to me was to enjoy this day. I’ve seen too many couples succumb to the stress that comes with the big wedding, and when it’s all said and done, they only recall bits and pieces of this important day. They worry the centerpieces won’t look right. They pour over seating charts. They feud with friends and family over who will stand up with them. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And hindsight, in it’s 20/20 splendor, showed me that all of that was utterly unimportant to me. I wanted him. I dreamed of a wedding that was only about us, and what we loved. And I wanted it in a way where we could declare our promises to each other, without expectation and obligation interceding. So, with only a couple of months before our planned big day, it hit me like a MAC truck. We were set to leave in one week for vacation in Colorado. So, in a final burst of spontaneous fervor, and with only one week to put everything in the works, we scrapped the original plan, and opted to elope in the Rocky Mountains. After all, he proposed to me in my happy place, so I wanted to marry him in his. Looking back, it was as though it was meant to be that way the entire time, and we just realized it in the 11th hour. We already had two of our best friends vacationing with us, so witnesses: check. Our photographers were coming for a couple of days to take our engagement photos, so photography: check. Special Occasions, Monarch Flower Co, and Brenda’s Bridal Veils all came together in the most amazing way to help rush the details and make it all work, even under the wire. All we needed now was a minister. So, without a moment’s hesitation, Ron Ruth graciously agreed to get ordained and hop on a jet plane to marry his first couple! The perfect ceremony spot we found happened to be at 11,000 feet, which coincidentally coincided with my favorite number. And I walked down the aisle to Ben Harper’s “Forever”, which happened to be the reason we were going to Colorado in the first place, to see his show at Red Rocks the evening prior. All I know is that it was absolutely the right thing for us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I got to spend the morning of my wedding nestled in a hammock hung in a grove of trees by our cabin. I know that Bradley has never looked more handsome than he did among the Aspen trees where we exchanged vows at the base of the mountain. And to top it off, our first adventure as man and wife was to Summit the top of Mt. Evans. We not only survived, we thrived, and I can’t wait to see what other mountains we will climb together in this new “forever.” Simply put, if I were creating our own love storybook, and had it to all over again, this is exactly how I’d want it written! EABride.com


“Promise to stay wild with me. We’ll seek and return and stay and find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim. We’ll know how to live. How to breathe magic into the mundane.” -Victoria Erickson







Wedding Bloopers

“ D i d t h a t re a l l y j u s t h a p p e n ? ”

Shoot! Where are my flowers?!

It’s All in the Name

I walked down the aisle and forgot my bouquet. Yep, I was so nervous and worried about making it down without tripping or falling over that I completely forgot my own flowers. Luckily my sister, the maid of honor, caught on and somehow magically had them delivered to the front without anyone noticing! I also lost my earrings the morning of, so I had no earrings in at all. Still haven’t found them. -Emily

The best blooper at our wedding was at the very end of the ceremony. I should first start by mentioning that as my Dad walked me down the aisle, he asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to be a McKee anymore. We laughed as he said I could still keep my McKee last name instead of taking my fiance’s, Miller. I assured my Dad that I was very happy to become a Miller, but would always be a McKee at heart.

A Nasty Good Late Night Snack

Well, at the end of the ceremony, we said our vows, did our thing, and Jared kissed me. But instead of being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Jared Miller, our pastor made a small blunder and pronounced us as Mr. and Mrs. Jared McKee. I had to lean back and whisper to him that it was supposed to be Miller as everyone kind of hushed. But we just went with it, I threw up my bouquet and yelled, “I WIN”. The pastor corrected it and we all just laughed hysterically the whole way down the aisle. Nothing breaks the formality ice like being given the wrong last name at your wedding. It truly was the best. -Julie

We left the reception in an Uber and felt like McDonald’s just sounded nasty good, so we asked the driver to go through the drive-thru. After ordering, we realized that neither one of us had any cash on us, so we asked our Uber driver if he would cover the meal and we would pay him back later. He graciously bought our midnight snack and we now have a paid in full, new Facebook friend. -Dani

A Midwest Meltdown in May Our only big hiccup was the weather. It was so hot! We had no idea it would be almost 90 degrees on May 7th. We had plans to take pictures outside at multiple locations, but it ended in a meltdown. Sweat was dripping down our faces during pictures which was less than ideal. I was so hot, and felt very unattractive. We ended up skipping the second location and went to the church early to cool off and freshen up. After that, we both felt much better. -Cassie


Summer to Winter in 24 Hours It was 80 degrees the entire week in March leading up to the wedding. On the actual wedding day a cold front took over and it was a high of 47 degrees! The wedding was beautiful, but it was absolutely freezing and by the end of the night, it was snowing. -Jennifer

memorable and simply unique!

Schedule your tour today. We would love to meet you! 13500 Nall Avenue Overland Park, KS 913-681-2165 Northbrook, IL

South Barrington, IL

Oak Brook, IL

Edina, MN


Georgetown, D.C.

Chicago, IL



One of the most popular gifts to be exchanged between a Bride and Groom on their wedding day is a watch. Some couples gift it for every-day use while others mean for it to be a timeless item that can be passed down for generations. Our readers have voted these watches to be at the top of their wedding gift wish list:





his MVMT Chrono www.mvmt.com $135





Behind the Wall $60 54



Michael Kors Darci www.nordstrom.com $250


Burberry Check-Etched Citizen Axiom www.citizenwatch.com www.bloomingdales.com $595 $375



A Cote $60

De Travers $60

Swatch watches win the award for the most vesitle color and pattern selection. www.store.swatch.com

Papagaye $60





Apple Watch www.apple.com $649


Samsung Gear S2 www.samsung.com $300

Pair your gift with a catchy, yet slightly cliche note: Motorola Moto 360 www.motorola.com $299

"This is to keep track of all of the good times to come." "Can't wait to see you at 4:00pm!" "I have enjoyed every minute this far and will love you until the end of time."

Pebble Time Round www.pebble.com $199



Backyard Wedding










With the ring glistening on your finger, you now have every desire to fulfill your childhood dreams of hosting a backyard wedding. You envision saying “I do” under a flower-adorned arbor with family and friends surrounding you and the lovely sounds of nature as the background orchestra of your big day. There is no doubt that the moment will be perfect, regardless of rain, heat, or humidity - at the end of the day you will be married to your best friend. Nonetheless, while the vision you have polished in your head is most certainly attainable, there are certain precautions that should to be taken into account to eliminate bumps in the wedding bliss road.


Rain Contingency Plan

The first item to consider when planning a backyard wedding is determining whether you have enough space to host your event. Start by compiling your guest list. Will there be enough room to set up your ceremony with aisled seating, the reception area with all the desired tables (head table, guest tables, cake, food, etc.), and parking for all that are attending?

While it is obvious that you are hoping for a perfectly sunny 72-degree day for your wedding, Midwest weather is not reliable. Insure that you have all precautions in place so that your wedding can happen rain or shine. Rent a tent on a contingency plan that you can have installed just days prior to the wedding if it is needed. And don’t forget to consider the consistency of the ground after a week of constant rain. Soggy ground can lead to heels sinking in the grass, table legs plummeting into the ground, and cars getting stuck in your parking area due to the lack of traction.

In determining this, you will need to consider the amount of “useable land” that you possess. Uneven or hilly property is nearly impossible to set a wedding on. Tables would be tilted with the likelihood of contents falling off, guest seating could be sloped making for a one-sided table conversation, and a tent with an uneven posture looks flimsy and awkward in photographs. Flat land is the best solution for ensuring that everything stands and remains firm in its spot. The square footage of flat land that you have access to is the amount that you should consider in determining if you have enough space to host your wedding.

Rentals The most obvious item on your checklist is to rent the tables, chairs, and linens needed to decorate the ceremony and reception area. However, you will also want to get prep tables for the caterer, bar back tables for the bartenders, and a separate table (to be hidden) from which your vendors can eat.


Electrical Capability Unless you plan to let crickets play your first dance, you are going to need to ensure that you have enough electricity to power your event. If you are pulling electricity from a building, ensure that you are hooking different vendors to separate breakers. If you are hosting the wedding where there isno power available, then you will need to rent generators (Honda generators are always the quietest).



In order to guide your guests efficiently to your wedding, you are going to want to organize the parking situation. Don’t leave this area of your wedding unattended assuming that your guests will figure it out on their own; you will have complete chaos as everyone pulls in three minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. To start this process, use Google to view an aerial view of your location and map off the best location for guests to park. Take a look at your guest list and get an idea of how many vehicles will be pulling into your event. When the time comes, create a sign leading to the designated area, use rope or cones to mark off restricted areas, and spray paint parking lines onto the grass.

Events produce trash, and quite a bit of it! It would be best to have a company set a dumpster (out of view of course) at your wedding location to hold the evening's garbage. Don’t forget to provide or rent trashcans and liners so that your catering staff has the right tools at hand.

Lighting If any part of your wedding will be taking place at dusk or after the sun goes down, you are going to need to consider adding a lighting component to your event. To determine the type of lighting you will need, you will want to check the time of sunset relative to the timing of your wedding events. If the sun sets before or during dinner, then you are going to need to arrange for more lighting than if darkness were to arrive around the time of dancing. You want everyone to be able to see each other, their food, and the special events (first dance, cake cutting, toasts) that will be taking place before the dance floor opens. Contact rental companies to review lighting options that can accent your theme. You may also think about illuminating pathways that guests will use away from the reception area, including a route to the restrooms or to their car. Don’t forget to consider how you will be powering all of these lights.

Portable Restrooms You can’t expect your guests to hold it all night long after enjoying cocktail hour. Portable restrooms are going to be a mandatory item on your checklist. On the elite side of restrooms are the lighted and air-conditioned trailers that make going to the bathroom in a field not all that bad. There is also the less-frilly option of the standard bathroom that you commonly see at ballgames, concerts, and constructions sites. You be the judge of your guest’s bathroom experience!

Ice & Coolers There is nothing better on a warm day than a refreshing drink. And your guests will feel the same after sitting in the sun at the ceremony. If you are responsible for providing ice for your wedding, then make sure you have someone designated to make a run the day-of and ample cooler space to store it. In this situation, it would be better to have too much than not enough, so make a plan for how much ice you will need and then add five more bags for good measure.

Bugs Critters are the worst component of any backyard wedding. You can only make the best effort to get rid of them, so have the ceremony and reception area sprayed the week before the wedding. Use citronella candles as much as you can in your decorations. And leave bug spray out for guests to use at their discretion.

Clean Up Crew Lastly, after the vows have been exchanged, the cake has been devoured, and the last guest has departed, your backyard will still be there the next morning with the evidence of a good time. Make arrangements prior to the wedding to how the space will be cleaned following the event. EABride.com


Where the setting

makes your occasion special.

Image by Freeland Photography

The Hilton President features the exquisite Congress Ballroom for your ceremony, custom menus for your wedding reception, flexible function spaces for your pre and post wedding activities and luxurious guest rooms for your out-of-town guests. For information about how we can help you have the wedding of your dreams, visit us on Facebook, on the web at presidentkansascity.hilton.com or call 816.303.1628.

1329 Baltimore Kansas City, Missouri 64

Soiree in the City


PHOTOGRAPHY & ASSISTING Jessica Roark, epagaFOTO VENUE Hotel Sorella

GOWN Emily Hart Bridal

WARDROBE STYLIST & EVENT PLANNER Kendra Taylor, Events of Elegance SUIT Tip Top Tux

CHINA & RENTALS West Elm Kansas City at the Country Club Plaza CATERER Rosso

MODEL, BRIDE Voices& / Haley Tyner

JEWELRY Ruback Fine Jewelry

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Two Turtles Paperie

MODEL, GROOM Voices& / Grant Knauff EABride.com









a day of celebration

photos: Christian Gideon Photography

a lifetime of memories

TOWN PAVILION ROTUNDA 1111 Main Street | Kansas City, Missouri

816.701.5038 | facebook.com/rotundaattownpavilion




the expert

By: Jennifer Woodson, Tip Top Tux

Q: We are wanting to buy the groom’s suit but don’t want

Q: We have groomsmen that are spread out over the

A: Absolutely! Usually the groom does something to set

A: There are several formalwear companies that work

all the groomsmen to have to buy it as well. Is there a way for the groom and groomsmen to match with a buy/rent combination?

himself apart from his groomsmen (i.e. he’s in light grey and his guys are in dark grey or he has ivory vest/tie and the groomsmen match the bridesmaids. Regardless of how you coordinate the tux or suit styles, there’s usually an option to purchase and/or rent. The convenient thing about renting is that it comes with nearly everything! When you purchase, you still have to find the tie/bowtie, shoes, shirt, pocket hanky, and cufflinks. When you rent, you are able to get all of these pieces packaged together.

Q: How far in advance should the menswear be rented?

entire United States. What is the best way to get all of the tuxes ordered and know that the correct items will be handed out at the time of the wedding?

within a measurement network. Tuxedofit.com is a great tool to use! It allows your guests to get fitted at a reputable formalwear store, and at a location that’s convenient for them. Often times brides think that because a company has locations nation-wide that they will get the best measurements, and that’s simply not true.

Q: We are having some debate on whether the men

should be in tuxes or suits at the wedding. What is the etiquette in making this decision?

A: Honor your dress! If you are wearing a formal gown,

your groom needs to look and feel as formal as you. Your wedding garments should compliment each other.

A: The sooner the better! The neat thing about registering for suits or tuxes early… specials! On average, most couples register their wedding party for tuxes six months to a year ahead.

www.tttux.com Overland Park - Zona Rosa - Lee's Summit - St. Joseph 66



Please be Seated You no longer have to fear that the boring banquet chairs at your venue will mess up the feng shui of your wedding day decor. Right here in Kansas City, there are infinite options of seating that you can utilize to enhance the beautiful theme that you have dreamed up. Some pieces you may find useful for the outdoor ceremony, others for the immaculate ballroom. Some are meant for just the two of you, in a charming engagement photo or as your sweetheart table. Wherever your chosen chair may find as its final resting place, it will be sure to hold up its duty of decoration. Vintage Gold Chairs from Brossie Belle $20 each

Wooden Benches from Colana Events $10 each

White Resin Folding Chair from AAA Party Rental $2.75 each


White Canal Couch from All Seasons Event Rental $250

Clear Ghost Chair from Ultrapom Event Rental $8 each

Gold Chiavari Chair from Celebration Party Rentals $8 each

Royalty Chairs from Be Seated $175 for the pair

Cross Back Vineyard Chair from Ultrapom Event Rental $9.50 each

Couples Loveseat from Be Seated $275 EABride.com



WeddingFail @patman_vs_robin

As we were leaving our wedding ceremony I tripped on my wife’s dress and dropped her


I love getting an email 2 months before my wedding that our venue is bankrupt and can’t host our wedding.

Might want to wear undergarments in your next wedding trip #dancefloorfail


Sitting in the rain waiting for the bride who was supposed to be here 30 mins ago.


When you see someone else made a grammatical error on their wedding announcements so you rush to make sure yours is on point.


My brother also my best man, his girlfriend went into labor the morning of my wedding!


At my bros wedding people kept confusing me for my brother… even our own family…we’re not even twins & he’s older by 5years


No part of a best man speech should include, “Adolf Hitler once said…”




On our wedding day I text my husband to ask him if he was nervous he replied “third times a charm”. I’m his second wife.


In the middle of our wedding the preacher stopped talking and stared at me. Finally he said “just say I do”




Society Pages





EABride.com 73

Ben & Cassie Musfeldt

CEREMONY VENUE Country Club Christian Church RECEPTION VENUE Hilton President

PHOTOGRAPHER Andrea Nigh Photography


OFFICIANT Dr. Meredith Holladay/Jonathan Davis

MENSWEAR Men’s Warehouse FLORIST Branches & Twigs

COORDINATOR Hitchen Planning & Floral CAKE Aces Cake Shop

GOWN Bridal Extraordinaire

HAIR Kat Collett

MAKEUP Tracey Wells/Mary Cuezze


RENTALS Platinum Productions




may 7, 2016

Ben & Cassie’s LOVE



kansas city, mo

Ben and I first met on the Plaza after the Plaza Art Fair. We share a mutual friend, and she had invited both of us out. I had heard about him many times before, but had never had the opportunity to meet him in person. That night, I remember thinking, “Why did I not know that Ben was so cute and fun?” A week later, he asked me out, and we never looked back. While dating we decided to train for the Chicago Marathon. We trained for months and were excited to run the race and have a little getaway at the same time. Ben was running for a personal best and I was running for completion over anything else. After I finished the race, I called Ben to track him down at the finish line. We eventually found each other in the sea of people. Immediately when we connected, Ben grabbed my hand and got down on one knee. Honestly, I blacked out, and don’t remember much of what he said. Later on, I even asked him what he had said to me while proposing and he replied, “Whatever you always dreamed of me saying.” Which was funny, because he definitely did not say that. I later teased with him, saying that if I knew I was getting a diamond at the end of the race, I would have been keeping up with the Kenyans at the front. I quickly learned throughout the wedding planning process that I’m a very visual person. I had a hard time verbally articulating the vision I had in my head. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Every meeting I had, I pulled up pictures of how I envisioned the ballroom. I loved the “Mr. & Mrs. Musfeldt” signs. I did research trying to find those signs. All the ones I kept finding were either too expensive to purchase or didn’t ship to Kansas City. I ended up finding them online, from Michaels. They were perfect, and a bargain! Branches & Twigs nailed all the floral and table settings! I was blown away with the entire look, and most importantly with the entire day!



special pieces My favorite personal touch was our late night menu. My dad passed away in January 2015, and he always teased me that we were going to have Wal-Mart fried chicken and macaroni to eat at my wedding. And, we did just that to honor him. Our late night menu was chicken strips with macaroni and cheese served on Great Value paper plates. Just they way he would have liked it. And, it was fabulous!



the groom’s


The post ceremony celebration was my favorite part of the day. The stress and anticipation of the day had melted away as soon as I kissed Cassie at the altar. We were ushered to a backroom to sign the marriage certificate and celebrate with our wedding party. Hugs, high fives, and chest bumps were aplenty. Shortly after we were to be announced leaving the church. I knew Cassie wanted the picture perfect rose petal celebration, and our friends did not disappoint. Walking down those steps with my bride made me the happiest man. 78

the bride’s


My favorite part of the day was the time before the reception started when Ben and I had some alone time. We got to go up to the ballroom and see the entire room decorated before everyone else. It was a nice moment alone, before the party got started. All in one instance Ben and I got to see our vision brought to life.

Isreal & Emily Garcia



CAKE BRIDESMAID DRESSES Nordstrom & J Crew Christina Taylor HAIR & MAKEUP COCKTAIL HOUR Jamie Miller Hair Parlour Pianist Vince Cook


GOWN MENSWEAR Altar Bridal- Anna Campbell Vintage Tailored Wear

INVITATIONS Garcia Squared Contemporary

CATERER Carmona Catering

FLORIST Cynthia Hilles

OFFICIANT FLAN BAR RECEPTION Joe Garcia Ann Pittman Zarate Maria Carmona Brian Hoseth


special pieces The Groom designed and made both the engagement ring and wedding bands himself. The couple designed and created their own “flower wall� altar and during the ceremony had readings in English and Spanish to represent the two cultures being intertwined and the two families joining together. A mariachi band played for the first dance, whom also played the night they got engaged, just one year prior. EABride.com



april 30, 2016

Isreal & Emily’s LOVE



kansas city, mo

Israel and Emily met where many of today’s couples quickly become acquainted, the World Wide Web. That’s right, a little website by the name of OK Cupid. The site had only given these two a 60% match, and when Isreal sent Emily his first message in March of 2014, she gave it a cold shoulder. She finally came around after receiving a second message and decided to respond. The two started to talk, text, and get to know one another. In mid-April Israel finally got the courage to ask Emily out on their first date. On April 19, 2014, Israel sent Emily two very long numbers in a text message. “He’s obviously a serial killer,” Emily’s friend Sarah spouted out as she quickly figured out what the numbers represented in his text message. They were geographic locations (latitude and longitude) of two places in which Israel had made dinner reservations. It was entirely up to Emily which place they would dine, and she of course picked her favorite, sushi. When Emily arrived Israel handed her a flower, instantly made her feel very comfortable, and the two became lost in conversation into the wee hours of the night. Over the next few months Israel continued to romance Emily in more ways than she knew to be possible. By July, Israel and Emily were head over heels for one another, and they both knew that what they shared was something very special. She knew that she had found her perfect fit, and Israel may have too as he started working on some “intense artwork” that he kept secret from Emily. He began contemplating what her ring might look like. On April 19, 2015 the couple celebrated their first anniversary. Isreal began the night by sending Emily on a scavenger hunt through the crossroads. He, of course, used several text messages filled with latitude and longitude coordinates as he had done the year before. She ended up at the same sushi joint where the two had dined on their first date. There Isreal stood in the parking lot smiling his gigantic grin. As they walked closer to the restaurant Emily realized it was closed. At that same moment Israel pulled out a key. He had decorated the outdoor patio with candles. They sat and enjoyed each others company and then Israel pulled out a box. Inside the box was his porcelain hand holding a diamond ring. Emily was shocked and screamed. She barely let him speak. To this day that moment is a blur to both Emily and Israel, but it was significant as it opened up a door to forever for the happy couple. One thing that drew Emily and Israel together from the start was the fact that both individuals loved art and were both very creative in so many ways. Israel, being an artist, and Emily being known for throwing a beautiful shower, party, or event, eagerly began planning their own dream wedding. They wanted a bohemian-vintage style, with a very casual feel. They wanted their guests to walk in and be taken back by the details the two worked hard creating. And that is exactly what happened. 82

the groom’s


Without a doubt the first look. We both had tears streaming down our faces, and were lost in each other for the moment. Emily tapped me on the shoulder and turning around to see my beautiful bride was by far the best part of my day!

the bride’s


The ceremony was perfect in every way. I loved walking down the aisle and seeing Israel smiling at me. There was something about that moment that was just indescribable. My sister was an amazing officiant and made it so perfect. We put a lot of thought into everything that day but the ceremony had so much more meaning to me. She made it so personal and the guests were just raving about what a beautiful ceremony it was in such a magical place. EABride.com


9 1 3 .6 2 0. 3 055 | W ED D I NG S BY H A NNA HKC @ G M A I L .CO M

W W W . W E D D I N G S BY H A N N A H KC . CO M

Austin & Dani Bloss

CEREMONY VENUE RECEPTION VENUE PHOTOGRAPHER Drexel Hall Cork Creative Christ Church Anglican MENSWEAR INVITATIONS Slabotsky’s Menswear & Tailoring The Write Design PRINTER DESSERT Polka Dotte Cookies Inkello

DJ All Ears DJ

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special pieces The getaway car belonged to the Groom’s parents. It was a 1974 sky blue, Volkswagen Super Beetle. The car originally belonged to his grandparents and then they sold it to his parents. Austin got the chance to drive it every once in a while in high school. Who would have ever guessed that he would one day be driving his bride away in that very same car.



june 4, 2016

Austin & Dani’s LOVE



kansas city, mo

Austin’s sister and Dani’s friend coached basketball together. They both had told Dani and Austin about the other. After a failed group dinner attempt, Austin ended up asking for Dani’s number from his sister. Moments later he called her and arranged for their first date to take place on May 8th, 2015. From the first stop on their date, they recognized that the conversation was very easy and that they made each other laugh. The whole night had become effortless. A few months later, Dani’s mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. While Dani was lying on the couch, trying to cope with the news, Austin got down on his knee to get eye level with her. He told Dani that he loved her and that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that together, they were going to get through this. He didn’t realize what he had said until he called his mom later and she told him, “Well, it sounds like you just proposed to her.” This was not THE proposal though. November 24th was just a normal Tuesday; that is until Austin decided he had waited long enough and stuffed the engagement ring in his pocket and headed over to Dani’s apartment on the Plaza. Along with the ring were the crumpled up reciepts from their first date. After a charming walk together, Dani and Austin made their way home and found themselves outside of her apartment, where they had first met. Austin handed the reciepts to Dani and asked her to take a look at them. At first glance she noticed nothing except the amounts. So he had to ask her to look closer. Upon realizing the significance, she let out a “Awwww!” Austin immediately took to a knee and handed his phone to Dani. On the screen was the verse Proverbs 18:22 displaying; “He who finds a wife finds a good thing. He obtains favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Austin had always called Dani his, “Good Thang,” and she had never known why, until now. After reading the verse, Austin asked Dani to be his wife. All the while, a car saw this happening and began honking their horn in encouragement. “What do you say?,” asked Austin. “Yes! Of course, yes!” Dani exclaimed. Dani’s roommate heard the commotion through their second floor balcony, threw open the sliding door, and asked, “What just happened?” Dani looked up and shouted, “We’re engaged!” Austin & Dani wanted their wedding day to be remembered as a day that was a total celebration of their relationship. The ceremony was phenomenal; from the music to the sermon to the exit. After the ceremony, everyone headed over to Drexel Hall where the newlyweds were announced and lead the way to the BBQ buffet. The food was great, the drinks flowed, and Austin & Dani danced the night away with family and friends.



the groom’s


My favorite part of the wedding was reading the note and opening the gift that Dani had given our photographer to give me before we saw each other for the first time.


the bride’s


My favorite part of the day was being announced as “Mr. & Mrs. Bloss” at our reception. We chose “Reflections” by Misterwives as our entrance song, and it was such an awesome feeling to see all our friends and family celebrating with us! We immediately made our way to the dance floor to start the party.

Chris Urnest & Jennifer Hensley

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special pieces My special piece was not an object, but a person. Before anything else on my wedding day, I wanted to see my Dad. My Dad has been one of my biggest fans my entire life, and just 7 months prior to our wedding he had been through an unexpected open heart surgery – a 7 way bypass (we didn’t even know there were that many valves – turns out there are 8). The last thing he said to me before he went in to the OR, was that he was getting strength to fight and recover so that he would be there to walk me down the aisle. That day wouldn’t have been the same without him, and I was so happy to have him give me away to Chris. EABride.com



march 19, 2016

Chris & Jennifer’s LOVE



kansas city, mo

Chris and I met in March 2013 while both attending a national healthcare conference with separate companies in New Orleans. The evening the conference ended, we both spent the night on the town – where else, but on Bourbon Street, each with our respective co-workers. I was at the bar waiting to get a beverage, and that’s when Chris saw an opening. He swooped in, and offered to buy me a drink. Instantly there was an attraction, a connection – but who has futuristic thoughts with a stranger they meet on Bourbon Street? We spent the night dancing and bar hopping around the town. Not thinking this would go anywhere, I put my work cell phone number in Chris’s phone with no expectation to hear from him. The next day was the day to head back home. I happened to get a text from Chris that same day, as I was on my way to the airport. At the time I was living in Atlanta and Chris was in Kansas City. Turns out, he was heading to the airport as well. We happened to meet up in the terminal before we took off – share the ‘get to know you facts’ and then went our separate ways. Turns out, this wasn’t something that was going to be left on Bourbon Street, this was going to be something special. For the next month we continued to text and talk on the phone. Ultimately Chris asked me to come visit him in Kansas City. Being a fan of Dateline, I know how these stories can go. However, with some persistence from him, and me letting all my friends in Atlanta know his number, address, etc. where I was going to be – I decided to book a flight. Moving forward, every other weekend we spent together. Me flying to KC and him making a trip down to Atlanta. After 4 months of dating, I packed my apartment and drove 11 hours to move here to KC and be with him. Chris and I had been dating for over 2 years, and I started bringing up the subject of ‘taking the next step’. I would ‘drag’ him to go ring shopping – changing my mind at every store we went in. Then I found it. He knew it. I knew it. Then about a month later, and several constant weekends of ring shopping round the city – we went back to look at the ring we both loved. It was gone! I was crying – asking the jeweler if they could get another – of course no, one of a kind pieces here. I was devastated. Fast forward 2 months – we were getting ready for the great Valentine’s Day holiday. I was finishing up in the bathroom – and Chris was persistent about leaving. As I walked out to the living room, he was standing there waiting all dolled up for dinner. We were going through our check-list of everything, then he grabbed my hands and got down on one knee. He pulled out a box with the most gorgeous ring I’d seen. It was the one we had both fallen in love with. Turns out he had gone back the next day to get the ring – and told the staff I was going to drag him back, and to play it cool. I was so elated and couldn’t stop crying – it was a beautiful moment. I wanted our wedding to be timeless and classic, with an elegant theme. The ceremony was flawless; the flowers, the scriptures, the homily – it was perfect, and sealed with a kiss. The rest of the evening we wined, dined and danced with our family and friends. 92

the groom’s


My favorite part of the wedding day was standing at the alter with my wife in front of all our friends and family making a forever promise to one another.

the bride’s


My favorite part of the wedding was getting to spend the most important day of our lives with our closest family and friends from all around the world. We don’t have the opportunity to see everyone very often, and being able to share such a magical day with them will be something I never forget.



Jared & Julie Miller



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special pieces Jared lost his younger brother, Jordan, just months before we were engaged. They were very close and I wanted Jared and his family to know that though Jordan was not able to be with us, he was not forgotten in everything that we did. I had a matching set of cufflinks made for Jared and his father to wear. Jared’s initial’s (JRM) was engraved on one link and Jordan’s initials (JMM) was engraved on the other.



september 12, 2015

Jared & Julie’s




lee’s summit, mo

The summer of 2013 was a life-changing season for me. I had lived in Kansas City since 2007 and recently ended a relationship. I found myself wondering if I needed a change of scenery, a fresh start in my new life. So, I planned to stay in Kansas City through the Fall and then move on to my new life somewhere else. Needless to say, that plan changed. A few weeks before my last day in KC, I was invited to an annual party on the plaza celebrating the start of the Plaza Art Fair. I happily abandoned my dull packing plan to join my friends. I threw on a fun dress and headed to the Stueve Siegel Hanson Plaza Art Fair Party. I had been enjoying the night socializing when I saw my neighbor Alex. He introduced me to his friend, Jared, and two girls they were with. I am a shy girl when it comes to guys, so I concluded that Jared was dating one of these girls, therefore making it easier for me to talk to him and act like a complete fool. Basically I was myself. The next morning, I woke to find a message in my Facebook inbox. It was from Jared. I glanced at my phone, and saw that I had a text. From Jared. I even looked at my Snapchat to see what funny things we had all posted through the night because it was kind of fuzzy. I saw that I had a new friend. Jared Miller. This guy really covers his bases. That week, I found out that Jared did not, in fact, have a girlfriend. He had been different than any guy I had ever dated, so initially I was confused about what intrigued me so much about him. Then one night we met friends for happy hour, and he asked if he could walk me home. We sat outside on the steps in front of my building, and talked until 3am. That was the night I was no longer confused about what drew me to him. He was funny, and dorky in the cutest way. He was intelligent and so passionate about his love for Kansas City. He was handsome and kind. He was the guy I didn’t know I needed. The one I had no idea I was looking for, and I met him at a time that I least expected it. It didn’t take me very long to know that this was a guy that I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. After making the decision to stay in KC and eight months later on Jared’s birthday, he forever changed our lives when he got down on one knee, told me he felt the exact same way, and asked me to be his wife. When I pictured our wedding day and what I would want it to be like, it was funny how I never had the details in my mind. I made a trip to Unity Village alone, and amongst its beauty, I just knew that we would have our wedding there. It would take place the following September. The month we met, and the month that now means so very much to us. EABride.com


the groom’s


The moment that most significantly impacted me was when I saw that Jennifer had a picture of my brother and I as children on her bouquet. The fact that the person I was marrying found time to make something this significant to me and my family be an integral part of her day, goes to show why she is simply the most beautiful person inside and out. 98 98

the bride’s


If I could pick out a moment that really caught me by surprise as one of the most emotional moments of the whole day, it would be when I had the First Look with my Dad. I didn’t even make it down the couple of steps before I saw his ear to ear grin crinkle, and slightly collapse as tears started to fall down his cheek. I lost it.