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Fall edition 2010



EA Wedding Crashers

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Wedding Tips

04 Christie Scott Publisher Nathan Fried Lead Designer

A Special thanks to our contributing writers and photographers: Laurel Austin of Living Moment Images, Freeland Photography, Chris McVay, Paulena Blalock of S. Sanders Photography, Michael Nolte, John Chladek, Angie Ripley, and Dan Long.

Matt Scott Chief Technology Officer Treasa Hershberger Sales Director Anne Kelly Acock Creative Director Marci Curliss Associate Writer Nikki Kriesler Associate Writer EA Bride info@eabmag.com www.eabmag.com Ph: 816.272.5143 Published Quarterly in September, December, March, and June. Printed in the USA by Harvest Graphics Advertising Inquiries: Email Sales@eabmag.com Copyright 2010 for EA Bride. All rights reserved. The views expressed in this magazine and through the advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of EA Bride Magazine. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited materials. EA Bride is not responsible for the return of any materials or artwork submitted. EA Bride shall have no liability for errors, omissions, or inadequacies in the information herein or the interpretations thereof. We have no liability for the infringement of copyright, and reserve the right to edit any and all submissions before publication. Any reproduction of any form without written consent is strictly prohibited. All requests can be sent to info@eabmag.com.

Cover Model: Kelly Hall of Lee's Summit, MO

Letter from the Publisher


s someone who's attempted to throw a wedding together and lived to tell about it, I can sympathize with your stress levels when it comes to the planning process. So many of the ideas I read about were great for coastal couples or it became daunting at best to understand who to use based on the plethora of options abounding. I knew there had to be a better way. My goal was to bring Kansas City a magazine that was centered around you. Our aim is to provide you with ideas that you can actually use, with reputable vendors you can actually access, and couples you may actually know. We're putting a modern twist on traditional so your big day will be anything but ordinary. That being said, I couldn't do all this alone. That's why I would love to dedicate this issue to several people who helped me make this happen. I would like to thank Nathan, who brought a business mind and phenomenal design skills to the table and, against his better judgement, agreed to partner with us anyway. I would also like to thank my partner-in-crime, Matt, who has endlessly supported me long after he was tired of hearing about my ideas. A special thanks goes out to my parents, who have proved that Entrepreneurship is in the blood and who constantly reminded me that anything is possible if you're willing to work for it. I want to thank my Granny, who encouraged my writing by listening mercilessly to all my childhood tales. To my mother and Shawn Thomas, who are the best role models for the kind of business woman I want to be, thank you both. To all my instructors who have inspired me along the way, two especially stand out, including Marc Russell with the journalistic wisdom he imparted on me, and Marilyn Stearns, who predicted I would become a writer one day. And to Anne Kelly Acock, who jumped on board in the middle of this roller coaster, your vision and inspiration has taken this project to a higher level, and I cannot wait to see how it develops from here. As for the rest of my family and friends who never doubted me, thank you. As a writer, I hope you enjoy everything you read in the following pages. But, as someone who constantly strives to do better, I would love to hear your feedback. Anything you would like to see in an upcoming issue, or any way you think we can improve upon what we've done, we'd love to hear it! Email us at feedback@eabmag.com with any and all comments. On that note, I hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we've enjoyed creating it! Warmest Regards, Christie Scott Publisher

06 by Nikki Kriesler

Time On Your Side


he man of your dreams proposes and you are headed down the road to happily ever after. Don’t get discouraged by the work ahead of you. With organization, a plan and a support team of friends and family, there isn’t a task or problem you won’t be able to handle. This should be one of the happiest times of your life, and with our help, it will be. Although this article will be an on-going piece, each issue will re-cap the checklist and include a preview of what to look forward to in the issue. Twelve - Nine Months before the Big Day Start wedding binder/folder: if you are an organized person you already know this binder will be your entire life over the next year. If you are unorganized, you should probably make fast friends with this little lifesaver. You are on a wild ride and no matter how much you think you know what you are getting into, you don’t. Scared? Don’t be. We are here to help! When picking a binder, anything as simple as an old school Trapper Keeper style will suffice. When you are at the caterer and the florist calls, you want to be able to give quick, correct answers. Determine budget: This is a crucial part of the process. The sooner you know your budget, the sooner you can make your dream wedding happen. Think about what is important to you to have on your

wedding day and make sure your budget allows for that. If the band is more important than the florals, allocate accordingly. Don’t get discouraged if your bottom line isn’t what you had hoped for and never give up. Where there is a will there is a way. Keep a bright attitude and get a price comparison on everything, Pick the wedding party: The suspense over this can be more intense than the Oscars. Pick the people and the size that work best for you. Sometimes, we just can’t have a 20 person wedding party. If anyone has hurt feelings, be sure to talk it out and explain why you made the decision you have. If you show that you care about the

photographer, the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker; you can’t start too soon on researching all the vendors you are going to need to make your wedding exactly what you dreamed. There are a wealth of options to brides and the more you know, the better. Talk to recent brides as well as brides that aren’t so newlywed to get recommendations. Make sure they have your date available. And if you haven’t started looking for a dress, remember the bridesmaids. Discuss Honeymoon Ideas: When this is all over, you are going to need a vacation like you never have before. Grab a cold drink, get cozy, and start talking about honeymoon destinations. This will surely be the first of many compromises to be made in your new life together. Nine-Six months ›› Order Dress ›› Pick color, decorations, theme, etc. ›› Order Invitations ›› Plan Transportation ›› Let out of town guests know the date Six - Three Months ›› Book rehearsal date & venue ›› Order Cake ›› Save the date ›› Research Marriage License Requirements Three Months – Wedded Bliss ›› Finalize menu ›› Order favors ›› Send event schedule & finalize to vendors ›› Mail invitations ›› Get marriage license ›› Final fitting ›› Re-confirm with vendors ›› Break in shoes ›› Take ANOTHER deep breath and Have fun!!

Time On Your Side

person, they are likely to be understanding and sympathetic. Start guest list: You can’t pick a venue or much else until you have a rough head count. And, word of warning, you will forget to invite someone. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get a ballpark idea and go for it. Reserve Date & Venue: This may seem like a no-brainer, but competition is steep. Some women book the hall before they book the man. Officiant: If you aren’t of an organized religion, one trend sweeping the nation is to have a friend or close family member become ordained. It’s easier than it sounds and it is a special way to keep even a large wedding feeling intimate. However, if you are looking to book the head of your church, be sure to give them plenty of advance notice, as some require you to take certain steps or specific classes before they will wed you. Start Researching: The dj, the

Time On Your Side

08 by Christie Scott

Reality Bytes


hoever said a wedding is just a wedding obviously never tied the knot. From color schemes to décor themes, every bride strives to make her big day uniquely hers. Yet, whether the couple opts for an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, most have compared themselves, at one time or another, to the “standard bride”. She is this illustrious creature who follows a standard budget, sends out a certain number of invites, and gets married on a typical date and time. So, we decided to gather the average statistics of the “Standard American Bride” so you can see just how you stack up. • In American culture, after an average 16 months of being engaged, the typical bride is around 25, while her groom averages two years older, at 27, before he walks down the aisle. • On average, american soil hosts weddings at a rate of over 6,000 per day, which is a more than two million each year. • After scouring all of their family and friends, couples generally boast a guest list of around 180 people. • Rule of thumb used to say that a groom should spend two months worth of his salary on a ring for his beloved, but statistics show grooms now spend an average of $1500 to get engaged. • Brides are all the buzz in June, as that is the most popular month to get hitched, followed by August, September and

October. It takes a daring bride to do the deed in January, as it seems the cold weather makes that the least likely month for marriage. • There are approximately 114,000 couples each year who opt to forgo the planning hassle and elope to the Vegas strip instead. • As the cost of weddings has increased by over 11% in the last two years, so has the size of the bridal party. In fact, studies show the couple usually has around 6 people on either side of them. • Brides should budget an easy grand for their wedding dress, as it seems the average amount spent on the gown is $800 and that is before alterations. • More and more brides appear to be honoring their surnames, as in today's world, only 60% are now taking their husband's name. • To end on a sentimental note, it appears 67% of women still wear the fragrance they wore on their wedding day, as scent often triggers the splendid memories of their special day. So, whether you're spending more or less, entertaining many or few, at the end of the day, the one thing that remains the same is uttering the words “I do.” Regardless of if you strive to fulfill the idealized American wedded dream, or want yours to be anything but traditional, you now have the figures to tell you where your big day fits in.


Couples Corner Engaged Couple: Dan Long & Lauren Longcoy Together: 2.5years How did you meet? (Her): We met in high school. I was the Cheerleader and Dan was the social butterfly (to put it mildly), so we didn’t hang out with the same crowd of people, however we did know of each other. Ten years after we graduated, friends of ours set us up on a “date” and we hit if off immediately. Two days after we went on our first date, he brought me homemade lunch to my work. I knew he was head over heels for me then. We’ve been together every single day since. What makes you two work? (Her): We are very much opposite, so we complement and balance each other well. We have common life goals which helps make our relationship easy. (Him): The techniques we utilize to remain compatible through time have much to do with patience & communication! We've learned that no matter what, we're not perfect nor ever will be. Never. So with that in mind, roles were systematically implemented (she is passive, I'm over reacting where she's understanding, I'm aggressive while she is loving and I need

love, etc.) so we could survive in the same house. How long did it take to realize he/she was the one? A few weeks. What do you plan to splurge on with the wedding? (Him): I would like to splurge during the wedding process on the actual reception (food, beer, DJ, cupcakes, etc) because a beautiful and simple ceremony at church will be perfect. My Love would like to splurge for the wedding by being on a romantic island

What has surprised you most in the planning process? (Her): How much Dan wants to be involved even though he said I get to decide everything.

Newlyweds Robbie & Michele Macken Married: December 19, 2009 Together: Best friends for 10 years, together for 3 (Robbie is currently deployed with the military) Favorite part of being together? Knowing that you have someone who will be there with you through all of life's ups and downs, no matter what. Favorite thing about being married? Although we haven't really gotten to experience married life since Robbie's been deployed, a big difference is that we now both understand what it means to put someone else before you in your life. passed out at the altar, I was so nervous. In retrospect, what is one thing you would have done differently for your wedding? I was really big on Robbie not seeing me until I was walking down the aisle, but I think we both would have liked to have had a moment with each other before the ceremony to calm our nerves. I almost

Any advice for other couples? Have a good wedding coordinator for your big day, someone who will answer all questions and handle any little problems so you can just enjoy your day. It made a huge difference!

Couples Corner

with sand between her toes.


Couples Corner


Long-Term Love: Jeremy & Jamie Suiter Married: Five years in July, 2010 What is the biggest difference in your relationship now? (Her): The way a marriage changes when you have children. You really have to 'work' on finding time to focus on yourselves as individuals and your marriage. (Him): Making decisions. When you are single you only have to worry about one person when it comes to decisions, when you are married it is now a joint decision, then you throw two kids on top of that and it is a decision that affects 4 people. What's the most surprising difference between dating and marriage? (Him): Figuring out what time frame we are on. When Jamie asks me to do something I have to ask her if we are on Jeremy-time or Jamie-time. If it is Jamietime, then it needs to be done now or five minutes ago. If it is Jeremy-time, than we have a few more days to worry about it. What do you remember most from your wedding day? (Her): l loved the private limo that Jeremy and I took from the church to the reception; it gave us time alone to talk and laugh and calm our nerves. I loved the wonderful and funny things our friends and family had to say during their toasts. My best friend "sneaked" into our hotel room and put candles and rose petals all over the floor and the bed; it was a wonderful, romantic surprise! If you could do it all over again, what would you have done differently? (Her): Aside from a few small snags ,the only major thing I would have changed

would have been where we went on our honeymoon. We started out in Orlando and had a wonderful time, then we flew (in a hurricane) to Cancun, Mexico, where we were not impressed. What is your favorite thing about your partner? (Her): I love Jeremy's love and loyalty to me and our family. (Him): The way we complement each other. Jamie takes care of a lot of the stuff that I don’t like to do and I like to think I take care of some of the stuff that she doesn’t like to do. Any advice for other couples? (Him): Communicate. Sometimes you have to have some tough talks and you have to be brutally honest. Don’t hold it in because, in time, it will become worse, in your mind. Also, for the women out there, we (males) cannot read your mind, so you have to tell us. Finally, find time for each other, yourself, and the family. When you are first engaged and married, you have all the time for each other, but you have to find time for each person individually, girls/ boys night outs, etc. Also, take advantage of the pre-baby time to just hang out and do nothing, rent a movie, watch TV, go for a walk, ride a bike, etc. because once those little humans show up, you can’t really get up and go at a moment’s notice.

14 by Michael J. Nolte

Why go (to) WHITE?


here are wedding trade shows, bridal trunk shows and a myriad of little promotional events all vying for the same customer….the bridesto-be. Along with the Internet wedding planning websites and all the “Weddings for dummies” type books now…..it’s an over-whelming overload of information for those newly-engaged. The reality shows on WE-TV only add to the hype of how important wedding planning should be. Gone are the days of just inviting friends to a celebration that is much like all the other weddings in the community. Replace the names of the bride and groom, bring in 150 guests to your home church, four bridesmaids, a cake and punch reception and 20 8x10’s later, you’re done. A week of honeymoon to Acapulco if you’re rich, or Lake of the Ozarks if you’re not , and married life begins. Now brides and grooms seek to have the wedding of “personal touches” in a setting like no one has ever seen before: hearing music, tasting food, smelling flowers and marveling at cakes they have never imagined. How do they find those premium vendors that share their vision for a wedding that isn’t mass produced? They attend WHITE…. As I enjoy my 30th year in the bridal

industry, I am newly excited about the changes and challenges that my brides bring into my salons and my life. Each year we invite them to join us for an afternoon of education and entertainment in an ambience not found at any other show. Over the years my stand-alone bridal show has morphed into a format that is sometimes imitated but never duplicated. It’s a rhythm of browsing, dining and learning that makes the show unique. When couples return from trade shows of 1,000 people and 100 plus pipe and drape booths, I see them dump the trick or treat style bags of coupons in the trash cans outside the convention centers. They are over-whelmed. Those shows work well for some vendors and obviously for some brides but for those that want something more intimate. WHITE is their show. WHITE 2011 will happen Sunday, February 6 at the InterContinental Hotel. The doors open at noon for Bellinis and browsing with vendors that are personally invited. A live band plays during this pleasant first impression as appetizers are enjoyed and the event becomes like one big party. The guests transition to a sit-down luncheon and the Wedding Planning 101

gowns that I have designed for the Michael Nolte Collection (sold through 40 stores in the U.S.) 2010’s show ended with the launch of a fabulous promotion in honor of my 30 years: 30% off of 30 items purchased within 30 days. Brides went crazy with that! I don’t know how I’ll top that for this coming year…but we will. The point of WHITE is making it not bigger…but better year after year.

Why go (to) White

seminar begins. Between scribbling notes on napkins, laughing and marveling at the slides of beautiful weddings, (and not-sobeautiful fashion faux pas) the attendees find themselves nodding with the realization of “I would have never thought of that!” Just when the guests think it can’t get any better, they then get the chance to break out in small groups to have mini-presentations with three vendors their choice. This bit of “musical chairs” is an informative (but never quite long enough) chance to get an insight into that product or service. The questions raised by the fellow attendees often create a camaraderie that carries back into the dining room where dessert is served and new friends are introduced to table mates. (It’s really an incredible atmosphere!) And then the long awaited piece of the afternoon….the runway show of gorgeous couture gowns for both brides and their attendants. Feedback cards tell me that one of the elements of the runway show people love the most is the extemporaneous commentary that comes with the modeling. (Most fashion shows are simply models walking to music…no detail, no interesting facts or points of interest to notice.) The finale of the show these past three years has been the unveiling of the newest

Why go to White?


A few of our favorite things...


t EA Bride, we have seen a mountain of ideas and ways people are putting their modern twist on traditional. Therefore, we’ve sifted through to find a couple of options that we really love. Each issue, we’ll bring you a select few of our favorite things that you can incorporate on your big day.

Shaded Outdoor Ceremony Sites: To keep guests cool, and the scene majestic... The Elms Resort courtesy of Epaga Foto.

Photobooths: I see them in nearly every wedding nowadays.   Kansas City’s wedding market has seen photobooths take off, going from one photobooth company a year ago to over a dozen today.  With this explosion of growth, you can expect a varying range of price and quality.  Pick a photobooth that matches your event.  For example, if you are planning to serve guests a plated dinner, you’ll want to choose a photobooth that is elegant.  If you are having a big party on New Year’s eve or Mardi Gras, use a company that provides props for fun and whimsy!  Also consider renting a booth that is big enough for a group of your closest friends. - Mike Freeland of Freeland Photography

Makeup with Staying Power: No one wants their makeup to quit before they do. - Arbonne

te things..

Contemporary Cakes That Make a Statement: Dare to do something different and serve a dessert that is just your style. -Sherries Cake Magic

favorite things...


The Hidden Gem


lanning your wedding typically begins with picking the date, and then picking the place. Whether you want a location to hold your ceremony, your reception, or both, the options seem endless and the ultimate decision can seem daunting at best. Yet, regardless of whether you’re looking to host a quaint soiree with 50 of your closest friends, or want to entertain a couple hundred, we’ve uncovered an unbelievable spot worth mentioning. The Gamber Center, located in the heart of Lee's Summit, MO, is a hidden gem all it's own. A state-of-the-art facility, it comes with all the amenities to make your event spectacular. However, it's the fine detail that makes this space stand out from the crowd. Once you enter this venue, you will notice a cozy sitting area complete with a fireplace to seal the deal on the ambiance. It only gets better as you turn towards the great hallway, where modern seating surrounds a baby grand piano that will greet guests or entertain those that want to step out for a change of tune. Eventually, you'll make your way through the french doors that open up to the Shenandoah Ballroom. With a huge dance floor in the middle of the room, and a staged area in the back, there's no worry of anyone missing out on the action during your big day. But, the amenities don't stop there. There is a full kitchen on the side of the ballroom to accommodate the most gourmet of meals. The sound sys-

tem is wired throughout the walls and has the capabilities of connecting to your own

system on the chance that you want to be your own DJ. A separate full-service bar is available for use just outside the other entrance. And the last door leads you to the majestic courtyard, complete with outdoor seating, fireplaces, and a beautiful gazebo to create a memorable ceremony. While the site is available for a 12 hour block of time on Saturdays, any other day of the week allows for as little as four hours at a time. Although you are renting the ballroom for the celebrations, you also get access to the entire facility with the bistro/bar area, kitchen, great hallway, and outdoor area. Additionally, the pricing is unbelievably competitive and includes the set-up and take-down of the ballroom tables to your specifications. Finally, they give you the option of renting linens in a variety of colors and you have the choice to bring in your own food or use someone from their preferred caterer list. And in the event that things don't quite go as planned, they offer an almost unheard of cancelation policy that includes 100% refund if it is at least 30 days out. So whether you're seeking a formal affair or are just wanting to relax and have a night to remember, this venue can transform into just about anything you envision. For more information on rates, or to schedule a tour, please call Pat Shepard at 816.969.1581. Don't wait, however, because we have a feeling that as soon as more word gets out about this Hidden Gem, any available openings will be filling fast!


Freeland Summer Features

ike Freeland, owner of Freeland Photography, is a leader in the industry of images. He, along with his fabulous team, know how to capture the moments of the day and showcase the couples as a whole. We wanted to feature three of the events they caught on film this summer. We thought such talented providers deserved their own showcase...


Brooke & Ted Grothe Married: June 19, 2010


e met in 2003 while working in Kansas City. We were both employed for Newell Rubbermaid and were right out of college. Ted did not know anyone in Kansas City, so he spent a lot of time with me and my college girlfriends hitting the social scene. We moved to Milwaukee in 2005 for work, and have been there ever since. We got married in Kansas City since that is where we met and my family and friends are in the area. My favorite moment on the wedding day was during our vows Ted was holding my hands and rubbing them with his fingers which helped keep the tears away! I also very much enjoyed being with the wedding party on the bus just after the ceremony because we were with the people who mean the most to us and we could just relax and have a good time and enjoy the moment. We loved all of our vendors, so to pick a favorite would be hard, but we LOVED Olive Events Catering, Nicole (Event Coordinator) was outstanding, she made sure everything went smoothly and was Ted and I's personal attendant all night at the reception. We also LOVED Freeland Photography and can't wait to see the images - the hard part will be deciding which ones we want! Mike and Tiffany were a great pair and having them with us all day was a great way to capture all the moments that we may have missed ourselves. One other big hit was the Photobooth we hired - Say Cheese - they did a great job of engaging the guests, creating a guestbook for us and getting crazy with their props! The only thing I would do differently would be to let the DJ know that the speeches could start as soon as every guest has gone through the buffet line as opposed to waiting until everyone is done eating – so we could get to the dancing faster! Needless to say, we had a great time!

24 Aimee & Michael Hannan Married: June 5, 2010


hile attending the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Aimee & Michael Hannan got to know each other through mutual friends. It wasn't long after that they began dating and have been happily together ever since. Finally, by 2009, Michael decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level, and began working on a surprise proposal, complete with a vintage inspired ring all of his own choosing. One thing led to another, and by July, he proposed, and they began envisioning all the wedding day detail that was ahead of them. Their wedding day soon turned into a wedding week of celebrations when their family and friends got involved. Their ceremony took place at Good Shepherd Catholic Church and the reception was held at the Grand Reserve. The especially remembered the delicious cake and the photographs taken by Freeland Photography. They felt quickly put at ease, even as the day is flying by, and felt tey got a multitude of shots. As Aimee said, “One of our favorite moments from the day was walking into the Reserve and feeling so excited and lucky that the entire place was filled with the beautiful smiles of family and friends. Later in the evening, we remember laughing as our grandmothers refused to leave the dance floor!�

26 Brittanie Bagby wed Jesse Baker Married: July 30, 2010


ace, lace and did I tell you I love lace?” was the answer to the question, “How do you envision your wedding?” when Brittanie Bagby was asked by her wedding planner, Michael Nolte. The juxtaposition of lace with rough surfaces was exactly the texture of the celebration that was enjoyed by friends of the Liberty, Missouri couple, Jesse Baker and Brittanie Bagby on July 30. With their background in vocal music and art, their brainstorming was coordinated long distance from Atlanta to Kansas City as they returned home during their six month engagement. Brittanie’s couture Cymbeline designer gown of French Chantilly lace was paired by a custom designed lace veil. The vintage feeling was continued with multiple strands of pearls. Though

the gown was an instant “click,” it took the owner and seamstress of Nolte’s Bridal, six versions of the veil to get it the way they knew it was best. Brittanie wanted a washed and faded feeling to all the elements of the wedding. The bridesmaids wore soft latte dresses and carried lavender, dusty rose and deep ivory bouquets. Jesse designed the invitations that were screened with a lace background and featured the couple’s initials in a design that echoed that of Brittanie’s engagement ring, which had been his mother’s. Musical talent, like Kansas City seldom hears, was imported for the 5:00 p.m. ceremony at St. James Catholic Church, in Liberty. Trumpet, strings, piano and organ all accompanied professional vocalists. The bride’s father played and sang for the seating of the mothers.

A canopy of lace covered the center aisle that was flanked by an oiled bronze candelabra. At the close of the ceremony, the couple was transported in a vintage Bentley to their reception site. The guests enjoyed three levels of their venue. Cocktails were served on the entry level and a sit-down dinner was eaten on the third floor. The dining room was enhanced with crystal chandeliers brought in from Brittanie’s grandmother’s attic and hurricane candles lined the window sills. Positioned in this room of old hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and simple clear glass were tables draped in latte satin and overlaid with ivory lace. Antique candelabras, ribbons of lace, zillions of candles and fresh arrangements of soft pink and ivory roses enhanced the tables. After a fun time of dancing to live music and lively toasts, the guests were invited to enjoy the downtown sky line at night by dancing to DJ on the rooftop terrace. Old fashioned paper lanterns were suspended over the dance floor

and created the perfect “summer in Kansas City” moonlit ambience. Freeland Photography was there to capture every amazing moment. As the clock struck midnight, the newlyweds were showered with popcorn (this movie theatre owning family’s traditional send-off.) Once on the sidewalk, the guests enjoyed the night air as the valets returned their cars. As they reflected on the soft impressions of this magical night they were draped in the images of soft, soft colors, open roses, vintage cars, beautiful old songs…. and of course lace.

Finding Your Sole Mate Finding Your Sole Mate

By Anne Kelly Acock


t is only recently that I have developed a profound fascination with shoes realizing their impact on an outfit. What once was just a boring brown knit dress can now be transformed into uber cuteness with a simple slip into supple suede sling backs sporting a fashionable buckle or bow. I am of course most recently in love with a designer by the name of Anyi Lu…have you met her fantastic designs? They are so fashionable and you simply wouldn’t believe the comfort…it’s like slipping your foot into a pillow! She


is a former ballroom dancer turned shoe designer and I’m in awe. You cannot find Anyi Lu just anywhere…and so enters my new friend Camille from E.G. Geller on the Plaza. Camille is a shoe expert with a 15 year background in Orthopedics. She’s cute as a button and really, and I mean REALLY, knows feet and shoes. I was very simply

‘You’re a lot prettier in the comfy shoes because you don’t have that nasty look on your face.’ Famous last words by boyfriend before offering a piggy back ride.

blown away by Camille’s vast knowledge while she spouted off the ins and outs of European comfort shoes and why my foot literally changes sizes due to pronation. ‘Pronating’ is where the foot flattens out when pressure is applied, thus some feet literally change size if you wear a flat versus

a heel. WOW! ‘So I’m not always a solid size 8?’ I questioned. She smiles and shakes her curly head as if she wishes everyone that walked through her doors already knew this information. Of course this prompts me to ask what else I do not already know in her fantastically fabulous world of shoes… …and here’s what this darling shoe expert had to say ~ Q: What do you love most about your job? A: I love the turn around of customer attitude. They walk in here with the attitude that they cannot achieve ‘The Pretty’ and ‘The Comfortable’…but after some conversation, correct sizing and trying on my suggestions, they leave with a big smile. Q: What is your specialty? A: Hand Made European Comfort Shoes. From Women’s styles by Thierry Rabotin & Anyi Lu to Men’s Mephisto’s ~ we carry a variety of shoes to fit all lifestyles from work clogs & casual boots to fancy pumps… We pride ourselves in understanding the correct footwear for the problem you have. We can save you hundreds of dollars by fitting you correctly. I see people all the time have shoes in their wardrobe that they do not wear due to lack of comfort and I think why not spend that money on something you’ll actually wear! Q: How long can someone expect to be in the store for a fitting? A: Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes…but a few hours is not unrealistic. People bring in outfits and we help them pick out the best shoe for both Style and Comfort…you really CAN have BOTH! Q: What else do you want people to know? A: Quality materials last longer and make

you feel better. Overall, quality is an incredible investment! She goes on to add that people do not give their feet enough respect. ‘There are hundreds of parts that work together in each foot that support all the weight of your body. To be exact there are 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles and tendons. Your feet are REALLY important to your overall well being. We should trust the

What’s Not: ›› Wobbling around on Stilettos ›› Hosiery with peep toes ›› Dark hosiery…period! …& becoming a victim of the 20 minute shoe. This is where you have sought out and purchased the most fabulous to die for pair of shoes to match that outfit for the wedding and cram your feet in, only to discover how excruciating they truly are and you take them off 20 minutes into the reception.) TACKY ALERT! Please, girls ~ pain is NOT HOT. Buy comfortable shoes and keep them on. The moral of this story ~ To Love, Honor and Respect thy feet…. It’s good for your sole. Story written by Anne Kelly Acock… …who, by the way, spent a little over an hour with Camille and walked out with 3 pair of shoes… smiling. Contributor: Camille Brecht with E.G. Geller 316 Ward Parkway (Plaza) Kansas City, MO 64112 (816) 931-0039 www.eggeller.com

Finding Your Sole Ma

Don’t be afraid of suede ~ The coloring of suede is actually deeper than other leathers and surprisingly easy to clean.

Europeans …and Canadians for that matter ~ they know the cold weather and they know walking!’ What’s Hot: ›› When the shoe changes the outfit ~ such as Neutral or all black clothing with funky or colorful shoes ›› White wedding dress with Red Patent shoes ›› Textured leathers or high shine leathers that are a treated suede ›› Pewter and bronze (they actually match a LOT of colors) ›› A shoe you will actually wear again!

Finding Your Sole Mate

32 by Marci Curliss

Believe it or Not Wedding Superstitions


our wedding can be one of the best and most stressful days of your life all at the same time. Throw in a bunch of crazy superstitions and traditions, and no wonder Bridezillas exist. Here are just a few to keep in mind when planning your big day and the events leading up to it. PROPOSAL/ENGAGEMENT In order to ensure the security of the marriage, women should only propose to their men during a leap year. The engagement ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein there lead directly to the heart. A woman should never marry a man whose surname starts with the same letter as hers: “To change the name and not the letter Is to change for the worst and not the better” Be careful with that ring purchase; it is considered bad luck to buy the engagement and wedding rings at the same time or to wear the wedding ring before the ceremony.

Even though Saturday is the most common day to be married, perhaps this old rhyme will change things: “Monday for wealth Tuesday for health Wednesday the best day of all Thursday for losses Friday for crosses Saturday for no luck at all” There’s also one for choosing the month: “Married when the year is new, he’ll be loving, kind and true. When February birds do mate, you wed nor dread your fate. If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you’ll know. Marry in April when you can, joy for maiden and for man. Marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day. Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you’ll go. Those who in July do wed, must labor for their daily bread. Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see. Marry in September’s shrine, your living will be rich and fine.

BRIDAL SHOWER The gift that is opened first should always be used first. All the bows and ribbons from the gifts should be saved and used as a “bow-quet” for the wedding rehearsal for good luck. But be careful with those bows and ribbons – it is said that every ribbon broken means a child to be born. WEDDING DAY The groom should never see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. And don’t forget the well-known verse when dressing a bride: “Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in your shoe” It is also considered bad luck for the bride to wear her entire outfit before the ceremony. Crazily enough, finding a spider in the wedding dress is considered good luck. The veil serves not only as a beautiful accessory but is also meant to disguise the bride from evil spirits. When leaving for the ceremony, the bride should have one last look in the mirror, but it is bad luck to go back for a second glance. The groom should arrive at the ceremony first for good luck.

Saying vows when the hour hand of the clock is pointing upwards means good luck, whereas saying them when the hour hand is pointing down means bad luck. In order to fight off all the bride’s other suitors, be sure to leave the groom’s right hand free during the ceremony by having the bride stand on his left. Watch those clumsy fingers – if a ring is dropped during the ceremony, the marriage is considered doomed. AFTER THE CEREMONY Rice and confetti should be thrown on the happy couple as they leave in order to ensure prosperity and fertility. Ward off more of those evil spirits by tying lots of tin cans and shoes to the back of the car that the couple will be leaving in. Traditionally, the single woman who catches the bride’s bouquet will be the next to marry, with the same tradition going for the men regarding the garter. The new bride must enter the home by the main door and must not trip or fall or it is considered bad luck. This is where the groom carrying the bride across the threshold comes into play. These are just a few of the most common traditions and superstitions based around weddings. Yet, they should be taken for just that... this is not “law”, nor should you let any of them stand a chance of crashing your ceremony. After all, there is no need for added stress on your happy day. So, take it with a grain of salt, throw that salt over your shoulder, and prepare to enjoy yourself immensely!

Wedding Superstitions

If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry. If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember. When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last.”

Believe it or Not

34 by Anne Kelly Acock

Faux Pas in Etiquette


eople always remember the bad things. Some mistakes are unavoidable such as Uncle Joe partaking in one too many and falling into the wedding cake. Some of the biggest, however, are created by the Bride and Groom themselves. That's why we're providing you with a list of the biggest mistakes to avoid:

›› ›› ›› ›› ››

›› ›› ›› ››

Asking for Cash as a Gift Improperly Addressing the Invitations Inviting Guests via phone or email Invite Guests to the Ceremony and not to the Reception (an invitation to




the ceremony automatically infers an invitation to a reception) Including Registry card in Invitation Not sending Hand-written Thank you notes Not sending Thank you Notes in a Timely Manner Asking Guests to Bring Something such as food or drink Not being clear about the start time of the reception Making reception guests wait for any reason: this list includes a long period of time between ceremony and reception, pictures run late, etc.. ~ Get guests to the reception as soon as possible. Asking a Bridesmaid or other female attendant to purchase an extremely expensive dress outside of her budget constraints. Interrupting dinner too many times with toasts and other activities ~ Making people stop and be quiet for more than a toast or two is a mistake.

And the number one faux pas of all time ›› Having a Cash Bar!! (As Kathy Fernholz, MOB, so lovingly explains it… ‘You would not invite someone to your home and not either serve them a drink or expect them to pay for it.’ The same should be true about receptions. Treat your guests as if they were in your home!)

38 by Christie Scott

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

Fall 2010 EA Dream Team: Anne Kelly Acock - fresh floral arrangements Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 - hair and makeup Chris McVay - Photography Paulena Blalock of S. Sanders Photography - Photography Shelley Kirkman - Thank you sign Michael Nolte - Jewelry Chateau Avalon - Honeymoon Stay


ira and David Harsh seem like the All-American couple in love. At first glance, these two young college students, active in their church, and obviously adored by family and friends alike, seem to have everything at their fingertips, and not a care in the world. But, upon closer inspection, it seems this couple has overcome some great obstacles to reach the point of happiness they carry with them today. After spending a year out of state with the organization New Frontiers, David returned from serving the homeless, feeling renewed and ready to take on anything that came his way. He and Kira had grand plans to get married and start their happily-ever-after. Yet, those plans were abruptly put on hold when he woke up one morning with his arm swollen twice it’s size, and blue. Many tests later revealed a massive blood clot that had to be removed. This also indicated a rare blood disorder that needed to be treated immediately. The road to recovery meant a year spent on blood thinners


Wedding Crashers


and removal of an entire muscle across his chest. Lovingly, Kira stayed by his side the entire time, acting as a main source of support while his strength was being tested. Fortunately, their bond persevered, and deepened as a result of this situation. Today, David has been given a clean bill of health. Although that is worth more than any amount of money, the truth is that this couple is starting their life with a mound of medical bills as a result. So, when it came time to planning the wedding of their dreams, the only thing they insisted upon having was each other, and their friends and family to celebrate with. So, on August 6, the day before their

ding Crashers

wedding, we showed up at their Rehearsal, with every intent of “crashing” their wedding... in a wonderful way. As they sat at the alter underneath the beautiful arbor Kira’s father made, Anne Kelly marched in with a fresh floral bridal bouquet she had made to replace the silk ones the couple planned on using. As Kira and David listened intently, we told them about all the wonderful wedding service providers who generously donated their time and talents to give this amazing couple a few well-deserved wedding upgrades. With two photographers, a florist, a stylist, a gown designer, a hotel, and a very creative family friend stepping up to the plate, the Harsh’s were able to transform an already beautiful day into something spectacular. Kira was positively glowing as she danced down the aisle to meet her groom and the expansive wedding party that awaited her. Truly a couple worth knowing and a ceremony worth remembering, this pair is an amazing example of true character, infectious personalities, and a love that will surely last a lifetime. And we are so proud to have been a part of their special day. If you know of a deserving couple who could use a few upgrades of their own, we want to know about it. Please send an email to crashers@eabmag.com with the date of their wedding and how they could use our help, as well as contact information for you so we can keep everything quiet until the big reveal.

Wedding Crashers


Real Life Insights Going Green Tip: Many paper products can be printed on recycled paper. We are using cute to-go sandwich boxes that are biodegradable with one of my events. Left over flowers can be given to family or friends or donated to a retirement community or hospital for enjoyment past the wedding day. Organic foods can be served and finding them from a local farmer’s market can be a fun touch. It is green and also supports our community. Kindra Browne, CWS CEO/Owner, Simple Elegance, LLC

Trend Alert: Many brides hope to glide down the aisle in a showstopping gown, complete with heavy beading and a train that cascades around her while she says her vows. Unfortunately, that same dress is not as practical when it comes time to dancing the night away at the reception. That's why many brides are bypassing the urge to bustle, and instead going for the gusto and getting two gowns. That way, they can have their magical moment and then get just a little more comfortable when it comes time to celebrate their new union.

Seasoned Insights: “You have to really know the person, not just love them. You have to know their idiosyncrasies, their passions, their dislikes. A lot of factors go into a successful marriage. There are no perfect marriages. There will be problems, but the solution is not divorce.” Jackie Skelton (married 52 years to Jim Skelton)

Budget Buster: As a bride you want the wedding of your dreams, but have to stay within a budget. When it comes to your choice for photography, remember that the price you pay up front is not always the price you will pay in the end. This first point of this being, if you end up with poor quality images from your wedding, it really doesn't matter how good of a deal you got when you initially hired that photography studio. So your first consideration should be quality. Secondly, many studios still have a business model based on shooting film (even if the photographer has never used a film camera). This means you have to buy everything a la carte' and the photographer will only give you a disc of your wedding images if you pay extra or wait at least 12 months. Requesting a custom package can generally save you 20%-30% by having everything priced together and gets you exactly what you want. This might initially put you at the higher end of your budget, but you will not have to allocate additional funds 6-12 months after your wedding just to get the disc of your wedding images or the album of your dreams. Mike Freeland President, Freeland Photography

44 by John P. Chladek

Money Talks:

4 Financial Topics to Discuss with Your Fiancé Now happily married.” Even though we’ve faced financial adversity- we’re still very much in love and just as excited for our future as we were three years ago. Here are the topics we made sure to discuss and agree upon before we were married. Please use them to create a dialogue with your fiancé. Frame your conversation with, “We both want to remain married despite any differences we have. How can we work through them to become stronger?”


hree years ago this past summer, my wife and I rode off into the sunset of marital bliss. Not knowing the path ahead, we were just in love- as many of you are. However, over the past three years, we’ve conquered several financial feats that have proven difficult for other couples: debt elimination, coordinating our spending habits, saving for a birth and baby gear, job loss, moving from two incomes to one, and choosing to open our own business. Frankly, reality is tough. No one ever said, “Mr. and Mrs. Chladek, this is how you handle your money and remain

Topic 1: How much debt will we have combined (not including our mortgage) when we marry? This is a biggie. Don’t point fingers or blame the other person. Instead, just face the reality at hand like an adult. My wife and I had different debt amounts when we got married. Although we were both working hard to pay it all off before we walked down the aisle, it didn’t happen that way. Once we combined incomes, we combined debts, forgave the other person, and worked hard together to pay it off quickly using the debt snowball method. Paying off your debts to start your financial life together is a great way to build a true sense of, “we’re tackling this world together.” It was the best thing we ever did and we recommend to everyone any hardship it took to get where we are today. We have fond memories

Topic 2: How will we track and dialogue about our expenses? Most likely one of you is a spender, and one is more of a saver. I always recommend combining bank accounts so that all of your financial cards are on the table regardless of your competing habits. We use an expenses spreadsheet to track monthly expenditures and see what we have left to spend once our bills are paid. We have two bank accounts: Billing and Spending. We deposit all paychecks and have all bills debited from the billing account. Then, I move the amount we have allotted to spend into our spending account. We do not spend more than we have, but have an emergency savings account in case something comes up. Topic 3: Who will pay the bills? Hint: Pick the person who is best at handling money. Another hint: Do not allow the person who handles the money to keep the other from making decisions, too. Handling the bills is just that. You will be the person who realizes if the gas bill is higher this month, where you’re at with your student loan payments, etc. Then, once you know, you’re responsible for keeping the other person informed. Topic 4: What are our short and long-term financial goals? Set these now, and work toward them. There are few things better for a marriage than working toward shared goals. Your short term goals will be things you’d like to accomplish within a year. Items such

as: Reducing debt by $10k, matching the company 401k contributions, saving for a nice vacation, and establishing a $1,000 emergency fund are excellent for shortterm goals. If you conquer a goal before the year is out, set another feasible one. Long-term goals include: wanting to retire at age 55, planning to save $80k for our future children’s college fund, determining to be debt free (including our mortgage) by 2013. At the end of the day, true love endures the honest truths of life. Facing the financial hardships head on, without blaming one another, is the best way to ensure a long happy life together. John P. Chladek, MBA, CFP® is the President of Chladek Wealth Management, LLC, a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm dedicated to helping families and married couples realize their financial goals.

Money Talks

of our Macaroni and Cheese dinners and Redbox movie dates.

Money Talks

46 by Michael Nolte

Expert Advice


ost brides spend their youth dreaming of the day they will get to say “I do.” Yet when that day approaches, many are left panicstricken, wondering how to organize and prioritize so that their wedding day is everything they ever envisioned. So, in an effort to provide you with some surefire advice from a seasoned pro, we went straight to the expert. Michael Nolte, an esteemed couture gown designer, has also planned amazing nuptials for countless couples over the last three decades. And over the years, he has compiled ten essential tips to keep your wedding amazing. Surprise at First Sight: The bride and groom should not see each other until that “walk down the aisle” moment happens authentically. It allows for that magical moment of the groom seeing his bride glide down the aisle, and I have never had a couple regret keeping that moment a surprise. Keep the Gown Under Wraps: Do not show your gown to anyone except the person buying it and the seamstress. Although you may be tempted to show it off ahead of time to 30 of your nearest and dearest, it behooves you to leave that element of surprise for the big day as well. It gives you a sort of celebrity status as everyone waits on pins and needles for the “big reveal.” Trust Your Professionals and Encourage them to do Their Best Work: Positive Reinforcement goes a long ways

when dealing with your chosen vendors. They have years of experience in their fields, and are more inclined to carry out your vision when appreciation is paramount. It allows you to relax as well, instead of micromanaging them, so you ensure your day is blissfully beautiful. Surprise Yourself: Don't view the ceremony venue until it's time to walk down the aisle. This is, after all, your big day. Save a bit of the magic and luster for yourself, so you get the opportunity to inhale the breathtaking ambience that is your ceremony site. Preserve Your Personal Space: Keep your dressing room as your private sanctuary, and limit access to just the wedding party. By decreasing the number of people inside, and increasing the ambiance by eliminating clutter and adding soothing music, it will ensure that you stay relaxed and calm before you embark on your “I do's.” Also, keeping clear liquids and protein on hand will keep you refreshed before your big debut. Redefine the Word “Crisis”: When I direct a wedding rehearsal, I always close with those words. In my opinion, nothing “goes wrong” at a wedding. Sometimes, however, things go differently than planned. And that's okay. The day is not about the minutia. Repeat that. “My day is not about the minutia.” Its amazing how calming it can be to say that out loud. Keep Your Veil On: If these tips were written in the form of questions I would ask

Limit the post-ceremony photo shoot to 20 minutes: To facilitate both an efficient shooting schedule and organized group shots, get organized yourself. Print out the sequence of shots in the order that they'll be taken and have someone “in charge” calling out these names as the groups need to be assembled. One thing that helps tremendously is to slide those needed for pictures into a hiding area as they recess. The guests go directly to the party, and the bridal party and family return to the alter. Hire a wedding planner: That said, there hasn't been a wedding yet that wouldn't benefit from the guidance of a professional wedding planner. Consider it a luxury you so deserve. You wouldn't go through a museum without a tour guide, so why waste money and time bumping into wedding-planning walls and fussing over minutia? A wedding planner is not only your organizer but also your “idea giver.” Choose someone you feel shares the same sense of what you believe to be “beautiful” and enjoy the collaboration.

Expert Advice

“How long do you want to feel like a bride?” The answer is “all day.” My next suggestion would be “then dress like a bride all day.” The only time a veil is not appropriate is when a bride has been married multiple times (beyond two.) Years from now, when your children look at waist-up photographs taken on your wedding day, they should be able to instantly know, “These are my parents on the day they were married.” What says that more clearly than your veil. Minimize the Number of Children in the Bridal Party: So often the magnitude of a wedding is overwhelming to a little one and he balks, cries, or acts like the preschooler he is. The bride and her father are left on their knees at the back of the church encouraging the toddler while his parent dangles a toy into the aisle and adults lean out of their pews gawking. And most of the time, the parents of the children are exhausted from racing to meet timelines, providing snacks, and keeping their child clean. They eventually end up asking themselves, “What happened to a nice evening out for us?”

Expert Advice


A Fairytale Unfolds Nearly every little girl dreams of the day, when she’s all grown up, that she will get to be a bride, and marry a Prince of her very own...

Location: Chateau Avalon Photography by Laurel Austin Wardrobe & Jewelry provided by Nolte’s Bridal Hair & Makeup by Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500

She tries to imagine what she will look like when her day comes, all dressed in white...

50 Will she envision herself as an elegant bride, with a look that is classic and timeless?



Or is fun and flirty more her style? A look that says I’m unpredictable and adventure awaits us...



by Nikki Kriesler

Girls Night


ome of the initial things a bride looks forward to once she’s engaged is registering for gifts, picking out a dress, her soonto-be wedded bliss. For her friends, it’s the bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are thought to have begun during the sexual revolution in the 1960s and didn’t really become main stream until most of us were toddlers. And it seems since then, we’ve felt we have some catching up to do. Gone are the days of opening risqué lingerie and watching your friends turn red. Today’s women have fewer inhibitions and live a little more on the wild side. Let‘s roll up our sleeves and celebrate the way our fore-mothers never thought possible.

great way to strengthen the bond that will be tested once our lives begin to change, which they undoubtedly do. So unite, sisters, and celebrate!! One way to make your bride feel the love is to plan a favorite things party. This can be incorporated whether going out or staying in. You’ve got to really know your bride for this one. Hit her favorite local hot spots, order her favorite foods, favorite drinks, play her favorite band on the jukebox. Nothing makes you feel more special than when someone cares enough to know exactly what you want. There aren’t many rules when it comes to planning a bachelorette party, but there are two that you must remember. Be safe and plan your transportation. Book a cab, a driver, a limo, or buy a bus pass. The other rule is to remember your bride while planning. Its okay to take her out of her comfort zone but it is her night. She needs to cut lose and have some fun. You want her to enjoy it, not run from it. Remember the gift registering I was talking about? Well the bridal shower is the first taste of what magical results a little scan gun can produce. One way to add a spin to the gift-giving is by adding a theme. Assign each guest a letter of the bride’s name and have the guest buy a gift that begins with that letter and open the gifts spelling out her name. You can use first, middle and you can even hyphenate her last name if you need. Some easy decoration ideas include cut-out letters, letter balloons and monogrammed foods. Themes can be as simple as colors or seasons or plain old wedded bliss. Once you come up with a theme, the possibilities are endless. A fun, interesting twist on the conventional bridal shower is to go out and play. Take your bride out for her favorite

Girls Night Out

It’s important to know your bride well when planning her party. You want her to be comfortable and enjoy herself. If she hasn’t already turned into a, shall we dare say “Bridezilla“, this should be a night where she gets to blow off steam and keep her on the happy track to her big day. The first thing you have to determine is whether to go out or stay in. Both options have their advantages. One simple way to spice up the traditional bar hopping party is by adding a scavenger hunt. Find a cute guy and have him practice walking down the aisle, ask five guys to write their philosophy of marriage on a napkin, and have a guy serenade you. There is only one rule: no felonies. If you want to get some exercise into your wild night out, pole dancing classes are a great way to do this. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. One of my new favorite ideas is a Guys Night Out, if you will. Think with a little testosterone on this one. Dinner at the 810 zone, go to a poker tournament or football game. Get loud! Guys never worry about what someone might think. I urge you to harness your inner-dude and hit the town! Sometimes, it’s nice to just stay in and enjoy an evening. But this doesn’t mean it has to be any boring party. There’s no reason the fun can’t come to you. How about throwing a Tupperware party alongside a passion party? Consider it onestop shopping. You can find ways to spice up any shindig. Add a theme, add a drag queen. Just don’t forget the fun! A classic slumber party is a great way to share advice, concerns, popcorn, and secrets. Remember when we were girls and we would stay up all night playing Truth or Dare, gossiping, talking about boys, dreaming about our futures? This is a


Girls Night Out


Girls Night


activity. Rent a pontoon for the day, go to the spa, and go to the zoo. Almost all locations have some space to accommodate a party. Enjoy the season you are in. Go skating in the winter. Visit a pumpkin patch in the fall. You can’t predict the weather so if you are planning an outdoor activity be sure to have a back up plan and never let them see you sweat. Life is full of little surprises and some of our favorite memories come from unplanned moments. It’s becoming more and more common to live together as a couple before getting married. The trouble is we then find ourselves registering for a new coffee maker because this one makes espresso. Even though we just bought a new coffee maker and we never drink espresso. An alternative and admittedly taboo idea is a mortgage registry, which can help young couples a great start to owning a home. It’s imperative to do extensive research on this. Your bank might be offering a program like this; be sure to get an interest bearing account. The etiquette on this is tricky. It might be construed as rude if you were to send this along with your invitations. Instead, allow the word to get out through friends and family and you should also have a traditional registry. People like to give gifts and your guests need to have options. What would a shower be without games? As cheesy as they can be sometimes, games are the best way to get to know the people you are celebrating with. So put on a smile, save the fancy cake for the big day and play the Cake Game by having each guest decorate a cupcake. Be sure to get all the necessary supplies and bake extra cupcakes. Have the guests vote on categories such as cutest, most elegant and most unique. Another new,

fun game is the Who Am I Game? Have each guest fill out a card with their favorite memory of the guest of honor. Have the bride read each aloud and try to guess the winner. The same rules could be applied with advice for the Bride. Bonus: this will be a nice keepsake for the bride. Small gifts make great prizes for the gifts. A lot of times the prizes won will be given to the bride, but she will be receiving plenty this day so feel free to celebrate your guests as well. The traditions started so many years ago did not actually begin as a way to celebrate the bride and groom, but rather a way to provide assistance so that the wedding itself can take place. What a great spin we’ve put on this over the last few generations. Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep revolutionizing the celebration of marriage so that someday our daughters and granddaughters will be kicking up their heels in ways we never thought possible?

                                                                                                                                              


An Exotic Staycation


estled just outside of the Legend's popular shopping district, the Chateau Avalon invites you to experience another world without ever stepping foot on a plane. Once you circle the breath-taking fountain and climb the stairs to the stone-front entrance you feel more like you're visiting a grand

mansion instead of a hotel. Upon entering, however, despite the grand staircase that directs you to a plethora of rooms, the first stop at the front desk feels more like an intimate Inn, where you know you'll be comfortable, taken care of, and steps away from paradise. The biggest issue you should encounter

during your stay is determining which room to rent. Forget your standard hotel room, where every room mimics the next. Each room is created with a various theme in mind. With 62 guest rooms and 23 unique themes, ranging in luxury options from the Presidential to a night in the Roman Dynasty. If however, adventure is more your style, consider anything from a Tahitian Tree House and Castaway Isle, to a Mayan Rainforest. Or for those who would like to travel back in time, the Camelot room comes complete with an iron knight guarding the drawbridge to the bedroom. Whatever your pleasure, you are sure to find it at Chateau Avalon. As if the rooms weren't enough, this majestic

getaway offers an extensive list of romantic extras. Choose from nine different packages, such as Spa Sensations or Ultimate Indulgence, and bask in all the treats of your choice. There is also the option to go a la carte and customize your own creation. With rose petal turndowns, flameless tealights, and embroidered bathrobes, it is no wonder a single stay here makes memories that last a lifetime. So, next time you need a break, forgo the airfare, endless lines at the airport, or even applying for a passport. Have a staycation instead. And for the true traveler, stay a little longer, and navigate through time and around the world without ever stepping foot outside.

60 by Christie Scott

In the Limelight A Business Profile Sherrie's Cake Magic Sherrie Ortiz


celebration is just not a celebration until you have stars in your eyes and cake in your belly. And anyone who's ever tasted this decadent dessert knows there is much more to making it great than just the frosting on the outside. The cake creator that stands out from the crowd is one who understands that what's on the inside counts just as much as the artistry on the outside. Sherrie Ortiz, owner of Sherrie's Cake Magic, is one of those culinary masterminds, and truly an icon in her industry. After 25 years in the business, she sets a standard for others to follow, and takes this responsibility very seriously. Three years ago, when she realized she was not reaping the benefits of her talents in the retail world, she opened her own business, where she specializes in wedding and sculpted cakes. We were lucky enough to catch up with Sherrie and find out just what influenced her cake career and what keeps her motivated to design each masterpiece. What made you decide to get into this business?

For the first 5 years, it was just a job and I liked it. It put me through college for my associates of arts degree. At ten years, it was still enjoyable, but I was not sure it was a career and yet I still didn't know what I wanted to do. At 15 years, it was definitely a career. At 18 years, I found more passion for the art of cake. That's when I discovered how much more there is to cake. At the 20th year, I started making plans to have my own shop. I now have a separate bakery that is a licensed and legal business in my home. What's your favorite thing about creating cake masterpieces? Working with the brides to get what they have in mind to reflect in the cake. Also, sugar flowers. Making all the individual flower petals is tedious work. But, when you start adding the colors and assembling them into a beautiful bouquet, it is just amazing. Any cake disasters in your career? My OWN wedding cake! It was 8 tiers total and the top two fell off. Never make your own wedding cake.

troop that I love spending time with and I help out with my sons Boy Scout troop. How do you keep up with the evolving world of wedding cake? I invest a lot into staying on top of what's new for cake decorating. Taking classes from the masters, and networking with

Where do you derive your inspiration? All over. Just like any creative person, an idea will hit you and it becomes an obsession until you can create it. In my mind, all I can think about is getting my hands on a pastry bag, or fondant. It could be a flower, a wall design, a pattern, a floor tile, textile patterns, wall paper designs, or swirls in the clouds. I carry note cards at all times just so I can jot down or draw out the idea. If you could do anything else, what would it be? Something creative. I have the best of both worlds. I work from my home. I tried a few years ago to go into a totally different field. Yet, the further away I got from doing cake, the worse I felt. This is my talent. This is my gift and it's what I must do. Outside of cake, what else defines you? Spending time with family, of course. I have been married for 18 years... we dated for 7 years before that. I had to make sure he was the one. I have two kids, a daughter that is 14 and a 12 year old son. I like to read and draw. I also have a Girl Scout

others in the industry. Technology is always advancing the cake industry, so it's important to keep learning. For more information or to contact Sherrie for your next event, visit her website at www.sherriescakemagic.com

In the Limelight

What surprises you most about making wedding cakes for couples? Some of the fun ideas they come up with. I LOVE to do themed wedding cakes. Receptions are the fun part of the day. I like to see couples really let go and do cakes that are not so formal. Surprises for the groom are great too. I've done Lego shaped cakes, baseballs, shotguns, golf... anything that he is into.

In the Limelight

62 by Angie Ripley & Dan Long

Living Happily Creating the Right Nest Ever After


ongratulations! you have made ÂŤTHEÂť commitment, so in comparison...choosing a home together should now be a breeze, a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Realistically

speaking, that is not always the case, but truly a great mind set to have! Purchasing a home is the first step to becoming fiscally responsible... together!

There may be multiple homes to sell, leases to consider, or little ones in the future which all play into the how, when, and where of the perfect real estate transaction for your new adventure. Dan Long and Angela Ripley, co-founders of 360 KC Realty, have always enjoyed the special role they share with "happy couples", maximizing their real estate goals with an uncanny approach and superior representation. The most popular definitions of a happy home are: ›› ‘a place where you feel safe and secure’ (69%) ›› ‘a place where you can relax’ (64%) ›› ‘a place where you can be yourself’ (57%). "Whether it is a combination of selling an existing home(s) and purchasing a new home that suits both parties needs, or working with the couple purchasing a home for the very first time, there are many possibilities to consider", says Dan. "We believe in taking our clients through the home buying process in such a (manner), as to not miss a single consideration." So, where is the right place in which to live "happily

ever after", or at least your "happily ever beginning"? Preface each question below with “Which home… : ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ››

Is closest to each one’s work location? Has the greatest amenities for both? Has the lowest property taxes? Has a higher market value? Needs the least amount of repairs? Would be easiest to sell? Is in a neighborhood where homes are selling fairly fast? Has access to the best schools, if there are children to be considered. Meets the needs of both individuals in the marriage? Would have the lowest balance/principle due? Is closest to relatives, or not?

Home Ownership at Record Highs: Even with the downturn in the economy over the last few years, home ownership in America is still at an all-time high today. According to statistics, prior to



World War II, less than 50% of Americans owned the homes they lived in. By 1960, the numbers had risen to 62.1%, and by late 2008, 68% of all Americans owned their homes. These home owners aren’t shy about moving either. According to the National Association of Realtors, most homeowners sell their first home within 5 years, and the second within 7 to 11 years. In fact, the average number of homes owned by a person is 4 over the course of a lifetime.

Not the Right Call for Everyone: "There are some incredibly good reasons to buy a home, such as tax benefits, equity, appreciation and savings but, simply put, home ownership isn’t for everyone", states Angie of 360 Realty Partners. "Home ownership is a responsibility, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly."

Some Reasons to Prolong Your Purchase: 1. If there is a likelihood that you will have to move within a year or two. When you factor in loan and closing costs, moving expenses, etc, a typical home can take a couple of years before it can be resold at a profit. 2. When you are in a sellers’ market. Real estate is like any other investment— there are better times than others to purchase. 3. When expenses are a major consideration or if there is excessive debt. Even with the mortgage payment not more than the rent, there are other costs to consider like homeowners insurance, property tax, yard mowing, landscaping, and maintenance. 4. If you hate doing maintenance. Upkeep like mowing the yard, shoveling

the snow, fixing a leaky roof, repairing a broken dishwasher, and cleaning the gutters are all responsibilities that come with home ownership.

Bridal Home Registry: "There is one option you should discuss prior to taking that walk down the aisle", says Dan, "and that is our bridal home registry, exclusive to 360 Realty". The day your friends and family gather to celebrate your union, shower you with love, blessings and...oh yes, wedding gifts, makes it the perfect opportunity to receive the gift of home ownership. No longer do traditional bridal gifts fill the same void they did for our parents. In many cases the bride or groom (or both) have already established living quarters, complete with toaster, blender and two sets of queen size sheets. By registering with our "gift of home ownership" Registry your friends and family will be extremely excited to know they will be

gifting you with an easier financial start and a lifetime of memories, by gifting you with down payment money for your very own home. (You might be very surprised by how much mom and dad are willing to contribute, knowing you will no longer be occupying the basement.) To discuss whether our Bridal Home Registry is a good fit on your special day call us at (816)875-4134 or visit us online at www.KChomeregistry.com. Both, Dan and Angie make a great first impression. They are likeable, fun, and very aggressive with your real estate goals. Dig a little deeper and you get a hefty dose of honesty, familiarity, and professionalism. With over twenty years of combined experience helping couples find the right home, they come with the over-arching mission to create a different kind of expectation. An experience where clients real estate objectives will flourish and expectations are surpassed.


Words of the Wedding Wise For most of us, planning a wedding is not second nature. But for a few seasoned professionals, they can do this in their sleep. Therefore, we went straight to the top, and asked all of our vendors involved with this issue to provide us with a Professional Tip in order to pave the way to getting hitched hassle-free and help you navigate to your nuptials without neglecting a thing! You should always taste the cake and know the product before committing to a decorator. Be sure you know exactly what your guests can expect when the day comes for the live tasting. By: The Bridal Kitchen (ad on p.09) Planning is very important – begin the process early and stick to your budget. Without a good plan, stress can influence your decisions and cause you to deviate from your budget – thus causing more stress. Planning is also key if you have a particular venue or date in mind. Certain dates like 10/10/10 are very popular so make those decisions early. Once the day arrives, anticipate something will go wrong and then you won’t be surprised and can enjoy the day with family and friends. By: Lacee Foster and Amanda Roberts, Wedding Specialists at the Elms Resort & Spa. (ad on p.57) Never keep secrets from your spouse - especially regarding money! Dishonesty has no place in a marriage. Tackling your financial issues head on or making decisions with the other person regarding how best to handle something makes a marriage stronger. Real financial independence is only achieved through owning the truth. By: John Chladek of Chladek Wealth Management (ad on p.73) Reality wedding shows are not “real” weddings! Keep in mind that the marriage of dollars and dreams are never correct on television. Adjust your expectations to match what you can afford. Don’t go into long-term debt for a wedding. Simply offer to your guests the nicest you can provide without ruining the event for you or your family. No “Bridezillas” in Kansas City …please! By: Michael Nolte of Nolte's Bridal (ad on p.28)

Many make the mistake of adding white flowers into an arrangement thinking it will soften and bring together the other colors when in fact white detracts from other colors and draws the eye more. Instead, try adding in a shade of green to bring the cohesion and not overpower other colors that you want to showcase. By: Anne Kelly Acock ~ (aka The Monarch Flower Company) When you choose a cake designer, visit about three before you make your decision. Compare serving guides and taste as well as skill and cost. Also, when you do decide, make sure you have everything in writing. Cake designers really should have a contract that spells out the responsibilities of that vendor. What happens if you have to reschedule or will you be compensated in the event of a major problem? If it's not in writing, you could be left hanging. By: Sherrie Ortiz of Sherrie's Cake Magic (ad on p.13) Create a youthful look and open the eyes in two ways. 1. By blending a small dab of sheer glow highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes and underneath the eyebrows. 2. Wear eyeliner on both the top and bottom or on the top only. Eyeliner on just the bottom drags the face down. By: Courtney Pegue of Arbonne (ad on p.35)


68 How many photographers are needed for a Kansas City wedding with a realistic budget? I believe most events can be fully captured with two. A male/female combination is preferable as this allows for different vantage points from each sex and avoids oddities in the dressing room. You might feel comfortable hiring a husband and wife team, but more times than not, one of them is the advanced photographer and the other is a novice. So make sure if you hire two photographers they are both equally qualified. Your final answer should be quality over quantity. By: Mike Freeland of Freeland Photography (ad on p.36) Be on time. Running late will only end up stressing you and your party out, and rush the photographer to make the shot. Remember that these shots will last a lifetime, so you want to devote ample time to capturing every one you can. By: Laurel Austin of Living Moment Images (ad on p.43) As a general rule, it is best to book your honeymoon 6 to 8 months in advance. Not only is this recommended to ensure that you can get the accommodations and room type that you request, but this is also typically when you'll find the best pricing. Destination weddings are best planned up to 1 year in advance. And don't forget passports - it is currently taking the full 6 weeks to process a passport, so don't put it off! By: Dana Thompsen of Thompsen Travel (ad on p.20) A good planner not only saves stress but can save money by helping create a vision of your dream and a plan to achieve it within budget by utilizing the right vendors and prioritizing what is important. As an example, my expertise on managing your RSVP process can help you arrive at a more accurate headcount, where, even twenty guests can save you hundreds of dollars on wedding costs! By: Geri Watts of Expressions by Geri (ad on p.73) When planning for your hair and makeup, always schedule a consultation at least a month in advance so you can get to know your stylist and make sure you get exactly what you want for your special day. By: Michelle Ferrel of Studio 500 (ad on p.69) Before you finalize any rental agreement, be sure to check with the venue on delivery and rental times. You don't want to have any surprise extra charges piled on in the event of after-hours drop-offs. It could save you substantially in the end. By: Celebration Party Rentals (ad on p.19)

Before purchasing or renting centerpieces and dÊcor, be sure to request event facility rules in regards to open flames and how dÊcor can be mounted to walls and doorways. And make sure when reserving the facility that your start time includes enough time for decorating and set up. By: The Gamber Center (ad on p.67) Be sure to visit your event facility during the day and the evening to test lighting – check for things like if the lights dim in the room where you will be holding your first dance; will guests be able to see what they are selecting from the buffet table; etc. Also, be sure to ask about room and parking capacities since guest lists tend to grow. By: Legacy Park (ad on p.63) You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding planned, but what happens when the weather does not cooperate? Why not book your event with the assurance that you will not have to worry about weather interference. By using the Lone Summit Estate you have indoor and outdoor venues to rely on. By: Judy Gibson of Lone Summit Estate (ad on p.76) Create a tradition of discussing your real estate goals as a couple, covering selling and purchasing as well as needed maintenance. Planning will help keep big housing repairs from being a big surprise, so when life throws you other surprises, they will be much easier to handle. By: Angie Ripley & Dan Long of 360 Realty (ad on p.59)

70 You know Birth Stones‌but do you know‌

Birth Flowers

January: Carnation Meaning: Fascination warmth and regard

February: Iris Meaning: Faith, wisdom, and hope

March: Daffodil Meaning: Rejuvenation,

April: Daisy Meaning: Innocence

May: Lily Meaning: Purity

June: Rose Meaning: Love and appreciation

July: Larkspur Meaning: Lightheartedness and levity

August: Gladiolus Meaning: Strength and sincerity

September: Aster Meaning: Daintiness, and also known as a symbol of love

October: Marigold Meaning: Affection

November: Chrysanthemum Meaning: Cheerfulness

December: Poinsettia Meaning: Success and good cheer


Magazine readership With magazine readership on

the rise... Announce YOUR engagement or wedding in our pages! Whether you want record of the huge rock on your ring finger or want to spill the romantic way he proposed, we can spread the word. Or, for those of you that have recently tied the knot, and have the priceless pics to prove it, now you can memorialize those moments for you and for those that didn't attend. Imagine a collection of your favorite photos creating a vivid collage around the personalized story of how you became a couple. Whether you want to fill a page or prefer an entire two page spread to share the love, we've got you covered. Email announcements@eabmag.com for more information or visit our website at www.eabmag.com to get started for our next issue.


EA Bride is interactive EA Bride is interactive and we want YOU involved!

We want models. If you or someone you know plans to get married in the next year and has what it takes to be on the cover of our next issue, let us know. Email cover@eabmag.com for information and let the nominations begin! We are on the search for another wedding to crash. If you know of a deserving couple who could use a few surprise upgrades on their big day, plant the bug in our ear. Email crashers@eabmag.com with your contact info, the story of the couple, and the day they say “I do.� If you have additional ideas or suggestions on things you'd like to see, we want to be privy. Email us at suggestions@ eabmag.com and let the creative juices flow. Find us on Facebook at EA Bride Magazine, to get more updates between issues and hear about all the exciting things we have in store!

Mission Statement Mission Statement


t EA Bride, our mission is to bring you a magazine for the Kansas City bridal industry that is unlike any you’ve seen before. We strive to make this a win-win situation for brides and businesses alike. This means bringing much more content for the couples getting married, and more exposure for the companies featured in our pages. We want to connect our brides with the very best vendors around, so when they are planning their perfect day, they know every company advertising with us is one with a stellar reputation and a history of being a top-tier provider. And for our readers, we know putting together your dream day can be daunting at best, so we’re bringing you all the tools to get you through to your “I do’s” and beyond. We know there is a lot more involved than just the big day, and we’ve got you covered. In honor of our first issue, we would like to take this time to extend a special thank you to the vendors who believed in our concept and took a chance on our launch issue. Your insight, superior skills, and willingness to take that risk is much appreciated, and we couldn’t have done this without you! We have so many things in store for EA Bride, and want you to know this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to see this magazine flourish and grow into something truly spectacular. Here is to the future, to helping brides prosper, to getting top-notch businesses more exposure, and to many more issues to come.

Profile for EA Bride

Ever After Magazine - Fall 2010  

EA Bride magazine, created for couples in the Kansas City Metropolitan area that were on their way to walking down the aisle of “Happily Eve...

Ever After Magazine - Fall 2010  

EA Bride magazine, created for couples in the Kansas City Metropolitan area that were on their way to walking down the aisle of “Happily Eve...

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