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97D RIFLE P. 5

RUGER 10/22 P. 30-43


SAVAGE P. 16-19


RUGER MK I, II, III, 22/45 P. 24-27



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EABCO PRODUCTS 97D Rifle, Standard & Custom Accuracy Barrels, Contender Accuracy Barrels, Encore Accuracy Barrels, Ruger 10/22 Accuracy Barrels, Savage Ammo, Brass & Dies Barrel Threading BF Pistol Bolt Face Conversion, Savage Brakes, muzzle Brass, Dies & Ammo Brown 97D Riflescope Custom Gunsmithing Etching/Engraving Keylock Scope Mounts Mounts, Keylock Mounts, Ruger #1 Slip-Over Mounts, Ruger 10/22 Keylock Muzzle Brakes PeepRib ML Sight System ScopeRib Sight System Single Shot Rifle, 97D

Ruger MK 22 Pistols Line

5 8-11 8-11 34 16 4, 49 7 4 16 6-7 4, 49 57 6-7 7 55 55 20 34 6-7 15 4 5

Ruger 10/22 Products

pages 30-43 Accessories Accuracy Barrels (EABCO) Aero Lightweight Barrels Aguila Ammo Ammo, 22 LR Barrels Barrel Pusher Tool Bipod Bolt Handle Carbon Fiber Barrels Choate Stock Compensator Dummy Stick M1 Carbine EABCO Barrels ER Shaw Barrels Finned Barrels Firing Pin Green Mountain Barrels Gun Case Hammer Tune Kit Hot Lips Clips & Loader Laminated Stock Lapua 22 Ammo M1 Carbine 10/22 Stock Magazines Magazine Loader Magazine Release Military Style Stocks Mount, Keylock for 10/22 Muzzle Brakes Receiver Reising Subgun Tribute Scope Base, Mount Shrouds, Aero Barrels Speed Loader HC Mags Stocks Swivel Studs Tactical Solutions Tech Sights Thumbhole Stock Timney Trigger Assembly Tommy Gun Trigger Assembly Universal Mag Loader Volquartsen X-Ring Receiver

30-43 34 35 43 43 34-39,42 41 44-45 34 39 32 38 31 34 36 37,42 41 35 41 41 30,32 34,38 43 37 30-32 32 34,38 32 41 6-7,38 40 36-37 38,41 35 33 33-38,42 34 38 37 34 40 42 39,40 32 39 40

Savage Products

pages 16-19 Accuracy Barrels (EABCO) Accessories, Savage Barrels Barrel Installation (Service) Barrel Nut Wrench Bases, Scope Mount Bolt Face Conversion (Service) Choate Stocks Forend Channeling (Service) Hogue Alum. Bed Block Stock Laminated Stocks Mounts, Scope Stocks Thumbhole Laminate Stock Triggers

16 16-19 16 18 17 19 16 16-18 18 18 17 19 16-18 17 19

Our new line for the MK I, II, III & 22/45 will make your pistol accurate..and awesome!

pages 24-27 Accessories Accurizing Kits Barrels, Uppers Bumper Pads Coco Bolo Grips Compensator Conversion Kits, Speed Strip Extended Mag Release Frames Grips Loader Lubricant, Loader Magazines Magazine Base Pad Magazine Ejector Magazine Release Magazine Speed Loader Mounts, Scope & Accessory Pac-Lite Barrels Rail Mounting System Rings Speed Strip Conversion Kits Uppers, Barreled Volquartsen

24-27 27 24-25 26-27 27 24 26 26 24 24-27 24,26,27 26 25,27 26 25 26 27 24 24 27 24 26 24-25 25,27

pages 46-53 Ammo, loaded AccuBond (Nosler) Bullets Barnes Bullets Berger Bullets Brass Brass Polish Brass Tumbler Bullets Case Trimmer (Forster) Competition Dies Corn Cob Tumbler Media Dies, Reloading EABCO Ammo, Brass Forster Dies & Accessories Lapua Ammo, Brass, Bullets Loaded Ammo Match-Grade Brass Nosler Bullets Redding Reloading Dies Sabots- 30 Cal Scenar Bullets (Lapua) Shoot N-C Target Bulls Tumbler Kits

46,49 48 48 47 46,48,49 49 49 46-48 52 51 49 49,50-52 4,49 52 46 46,49 46 48 50-51 51 46 48 49

Ammo, Bullets, Brass & Reloading

Optics, Scopes & Mounts | Bipods & Accessories

pages 54-63, 44-45 Accessories Airgun / Rimfire Scopes APV & APT, Mueller Base & Rings Bipods & Adaptors Brown 97D Riflescope Bushnell Trophy Scopes Butt-Pods Cheek Rests Hawke Scopes Handgun Scopes JPoint Red-Dot & Accessories Keylock Mounts & Rings Mounts & Rings Mueller Scopes Palm Size Red-Dot Scope Pistol Scopes Pod-Loc for Bipod Red-Dot Rifle Scopes S-Lever for Bipod Software, Hawke Ballistic Calc. Shotgun Scopes Sidewinder 30, Hawke Swift SRP Scopes Warne Rings & Mounts Weaver Kaspa Scopes

54-63 61 58 54-55 44-45 57 59 45 44 60-63 59 56 55 54-55 58-59 56 59 44 56,58 57-63 44 63 60,62 60 59 54 57

Many New Products! Thompson Center Products

(Encore, Pro Hunter, Contender, G2, Muzzle Loader, Dimension)

pages 8-15 Accuracy Barrels (EABCO) Barrels, Custom Barrels, Factory Barrels, Dimension Barrels, Muzzle Loader Barrels, Shotgun Choate Stocks Contender/G2 Dimension Rifles & Acc. Encore & Pro Hunter Forends & Stocks Frames Grips Hinge Pin, Encore Laminated Stocks & Forends Merit Aperture Mounts, Scope Muzzle Brakes, installed Muzzle Loading Accessories PeepRib ML Sight System Pistol Barrels Pistol Frames Pro Hunter & Encore Rifle Frames Rings, Scope Mount ScopeRib Sight System Stocks & Forends Turkey Barrels Weathershield Barrels WGRS Peep Sight


8-11 8-11 12 15 12 12 13 8-11 15 8-14 13-14 12 14 14 13 15 54-55 6-7 15 15 12 12 8-14 12 54-55 4 13-14 12 12 15

Timney & Rifle Basix page 22-23 Ruger - 10/22, various models Remington 700 & 870, 40X, 7, XR-100 AR15 Winchester Model 70 Mauser - Sportsman, Featherweight Mosin Nagant Weatherby Vanguard/Howa Savage CZ Ceska Zbrojavka Marlin

Ruger #1 and Reminton 700

page 20 Hicks #1 Accurizer Slip Over Scope Mount (NEW!) Reminton 700 Stocks Triggers p 22-23

AR- 15

page 28-29 AR22 - 22LR Conversion, Tactical Solutions AR-15 X-Form Magazines, Black Dog AR-15 50 Round Drum, Black Dog AR22 Maintence Kit for AR22 Conversion Triggers, p22

Redemption Muzzleloader page 15


BF PISTOL Falling Block Action Opens without Breaking Small Frame Handgun Points Naturally Superbly Accurate... Proven in IHMSA/NRA!

b for e w the s! k c e liber a Ch c om cust


he ScopeRib III Sights for IHMSA and NRA Handgun Metallic Silhouette are an advancement over our famous ScopeRib I Sight System. Keylock™ scope base design with a precision handgun sight system that fits 10", 10ž", 12", 14", and even 15" TC Contender and G2 barrels, and BF Pistols.

Features Include:

- Rear Sight Features 1/2 MOA precision click adjustments (1/2" per click at 100 yds). - Sharp, square sight notch in notch widths to suit your vision and application: .032, .062, .080 (most popular), and .100 (Narrow for Taco-Hold, Wider for Creedmoor and Standing Positions). - Mounts to factory 4-hole as well as custom 6-hole scope mounting screw holes. - Original "Bond" Hooded Front Sight: Adjustable post for width AND height. The ScopeRib III Sight System fits TC Contender and G2 barrels as well as BF Pistols. It includes the ScopeRib III rear base with precision adjustable sight AND the Bond hooded front with adjustable post. Order quick detachable See-Thru Rings separately.

127-080 ScopeRib III Silhouette Sight System $139.00 127-600 Extra Long Taco Hood $15


The 6.5mm BRM cartridge delivers HUGE Sectional Density out to 300 yards and beyond, with phenomenal accuracy and mild recoil. A 140gr bullet from the 6.5mm BRM is technically the same as a 190gr bullet from a 308 Winchester 127-650811 Loaded 6.5mm BRM 140gr (20) $39 127-262 Custom 6.5mm BRM Brass (100) $89 127-261 Custom 6.5mm BRM Reloading Dies $60 129-26332 Hornady 6.5 Bullet A-Max 140 gr. $29 129-397106 Seating Stem for 6.5 A-Max $9.95 127-T65 The 6.5mm T-Shirt- charcoal $20




RIFLEMAN’S RIFLE Ultimate Deer and Antelope Rifle


24” Heavy Contour Barrel French Gray Receiver 2-Ring Keylock Magnum Scope Mount Swivel Studs

New Feature! Drop-Down frame offers easier access to chamber. Standard on 17 calibers, available as a custom feature. The 97D is a small frame single-shot rifle that’s suitable for big game as well as small game and varmint hunting. 9-3-13 Sir, You built me a 97D chambered in a 22 Hornet. I recently tried the gun at the range. I was shooting at 200 yds, which is normally beyond the range of a Hornet. The results below. Thanks! BL

Usually these are in stock for immediate delivery. Other times you have to wait a little while for the next batch to be completed. Optional ambidextrous stock can be exchanged for $50. * Standard Stainless in 6.5 BRM only.


GunSmithing Services Action Job

(approx 2-3 wks)

You need a nice trigger to shoot your best, but... Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning of trigger mechanisms. Our TC "Action Job" puts the time and skill into tuning up your action to its optimum potential. We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by the parts molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws. If you don't already have a trigger over travel screw, we will install one. Results are safe, clean triggers of approximately 2.5-3 lbs. pull. 751-001 TC Encore - G2 Contender Action Job $75.00

Savage Bolt Face Conversion (approx 4-6 wks)

Convert from 458 Mag to 223 and anything in between! We will convert your bolt face and magazine to whatever chamber you want from our selection of EABCO or ER Shaw barrels. All parts included, original parts returned to you. 127-SBF Savage Bolt Face/Bolt Head Conversion $75

Custom Muzzle Brakes Delivery: Approx. 6-8 wks JP Howitzer Muzzle Brake The JP Howitzer Muzzle Brake is radical looking but is honestly the most effective muzzle brake we’ve ever seen. We say it reduces recoil up to 100%* because in most cases a gun equipped with the JP Brake just stands still during recoil. The double baffle surface area of the JP captures forward moving gases to actually pull the gun forward. This counteracts the rearward motion of recoil or kick. Certainly it converts the heavy kicking magnums into joyful, down range projectors of power! And being able to watch the hits and misses when you’re prairie dog shooting, is not only fun but a good marksmanship aid. Without question, the most effective muzzle brake we’ve ever seen.

*Please Note: Different guns and different cartridges recoil differently. We once built a 15” Encore in 300 Win Mag with a JP Brake installed and the customer used it to shoot 80 round silhouette matches from the one-handed Creedmoor shooting position. In fact with the JP Brake installed, “Most” centerfire rifles will almost stand still when fired. However, some particularly vicious recoiling rifles (such as pencil barreled WSMs) will still have some recoil. How much will be relative to the cartridge, rifle, and shooter’s sensitivity. As stated above the JP Brake will give “Up To” 100% recoil reduction and without a doubt it is the most effective muzzle brake in the world. But for the customer who might think we’re over-promising on this, we have to state that you will still know the gun is going off and you will still feel recoil.

Fits muzzle diameters from .530-1.000”. Adds approx. 1.75”. Recommended for: .224-.45 Calibers

135-JPE JP Muzzle Brake Blue Installed $169 135-JPES JP Muzzle Brake Stnls Installed $189

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

JP Tactical & Varmint Muzzle Brake Developed to comply with USPSA Limited Class competition rules, this new JP Tactical (and varmint) muzzle brake draws heavily from the dual baffle design of our JP Howitzer muzzle brake. The idea is that smaller cartridges like .223 Rem don’t need as much baffle area and so the size of the brake can be reduced without losing too much baffle effect. We've been installing these on Encore barrels, Bolt Action rifles, and AR15 variants. Fits Muzzle Diameter .530-1.000”. Adds approx. 2”. Recommended for: .224-45 cal.

135-TVBS Tactical Varmint Brake Stnls $199 135-TVBB Tactical Varmint Brake Blue $199



General Shop Services and Price List Regular Shop Rate is $65/hr Install Threaded Muzzle Brake $130/Cut and Re-Crown TC Barrel $60 Cut and Re-Crown other Barrels... Call Install Swivel Stud (each) $15 Drill and Tap Sight Holes... Call Re-Blueing and French Gray... Call Install and Adjust Rifle Basix Trigger Assbly $65 Scope Install $25


Customize your gun with engraving. Our engraving is more accurately described as an “etching” process. A stencil is positioned over the steel surface and an electrochemical reaction lifts out the metal under the image. When the stencil is removed, a beautiful impression is left. (approx 6-8 wks) Receiver Side Surfaces - We can engrave in two sizes: Large is about an inch in diameter. Small is about 3/8ths inch in diameter (fits the flair flats of an Encore) Price is PER SIDE. Process may require reIf you have your own muzzle brake, we can thread finishing afterwards. Silver on black imaging is the muzzle of your barrel to fit your brake. We need do-able on blued guns. to know the thread pitch (i.e. 1/2 x 28, 5/8 x 24, etc) 714-005 Engrave Ram’s Head $25 plus the length of the thread. If you send your brake 714-006 Engrave Buffalo $25 along with your barrel, we'll be happy to install it for you 714-007 Engrave Elk $25 at no additional charge. 714-008 Engrave Deer $25 714-009 Engrave Antelope $25 Service Notes: This service custom threads 714-010 Engrave Prairie Dog $25 and crowns the muzzle of your barrel (our 11° target crown) to the thread spec provided by you. Rebluing or other reSpecial Barrel Markings - Commemorate a special event by having a line of text etched into your finishing is not included. Also, it does not barrel. Each line of text can be up to 35 letters long. include a thread protector. 714-020 Engraved Line of Text $25 127-CMB Custom Barrel Threading $130

Barrel Threading

OPS Tactical & Varminter Muzzle Brake

OPS Muzzle Brake for Tactical and Varmint Shooting Originally developed for the military, the OPS Muzzle Brake is the result of extensive research into muzzle gases and the effects of redirecting them for recoil reduction and accuracy enhancement. Excellent for big game as well as varmint cartridges. Recoil Reduction - The OPS Brake has a unique asymmetrical cupped primary baffle followed by a lateral secondary baffle. This results in recoil reduction of up to 70+% with virtually no “puff” back at the shooter… No Dust Blow Ups! Accuracy Enhancement - The speed of sound changes with temperature so that within the OPS Brake, your bullet travels through an envelope of subsonic gas that enhances stability... Fits muzzle diameters from .530-.950 inch. Adds approx. 2”. 127-OPS Stainless OPS Brake Installed $199 Recommended for: 17-44 Calibers *Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

Magnum Slimline Muzzle Brake

These brakes feature a large expansion chamber that compresses muzzle gases so they’ll accelerate as they exit the ports. No ports on the bottom… no kicked up dust. Recoil is reduced approximately 42-45%... eliminates muzzle rise on chamberings up to 300 Win. Mag. Fits muzzle diameters from .655 to .850”. Adds approx. 1 1/8”. Recommended for:.224-45 calibers.

127-SL2 Magnum Slimline Brake Installed $130 127-SL2S Magnum Slimline Brake French Gray Installed $140

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

Brockman Muzzle Brake

Ports Open & Close...

Noise Control - "Will it hurt my ears when I'm hunting?" All muzzle brakes redirect gas and sound to the sides rather than forward... which makes them all louder than shooting a gun with no muzzle brake. The Brockman Brake has the option of opening and closing the gas ports... Essentially turning the brake on or off without removing it. You can open the ports and enjoy the recoil reduction while working up loads, sighting in, and practicing. Then, just close the ports if you want to go hunting with normal muzzle noise. Same accuracy & sighting. Locked-In Precision - Muzzle Brakes are not like flash suppressors that can be just screwed on and off. Accuracy and recoil reduction require that they have very close and even clearance with the bullet (measured in thousandths). The Brockman Brake is precision threaded and rigidly installed with 11º target crown on center with the bore. Only the outer sleeve moves to open and close ports. Shoot Better with Less Recoil - Pendulum tested to reduce recoil by up to 47%, the Brockman Brake will make any rifle easier to shoot well. You’ll shoot better from a rest when your rifle stops jumping around on the bags and you concentrate. You’ll shoot better off-hand when you practice with the brake and stop flinching and jerking the trigger. *Physical Requirements - The brake itself is .875” in diameter and our installation bevels at the rear to transition nicely to your barrel diameter. Fits muzzle diameters from .730”-.875”.* Adds approx. 1.75”. 013-001 Brockman Brake Blue Installed $189 013-002 Brockman Brake F.Gray Installed $189 Recommended for: .224-.338 Calibers. *Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!


STANDARD Off the shelf, quicker delivery of our most popular custom made TC Encore®, ProHunter® and G2/Contender® Accuracy Barrels™.


our Accuracy Barrels™...because we offer non-standard chamberings, different barrel lengths, contours and twist rates than what's offered elsewhere-But the REAL reason is to achieve a better potential for accuracy than mass production factory barrels... And, this is why we make our own EABCO Accuracy Barrels™. It’s not magic... just extra attention to the details that result in superior accuracy... Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly and Stainless steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002" (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements. One at a Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. Each chamber's headspace is checked and confirmed with gauges. True, centerto-center 11° target crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure. Chambers with Accuracy Potential - Cartridges that work well within the TC Encore's capability to handle pressure, bolt thrust, and extraction. It stands to reason that cartridges which operate on the outer edge of a gun's capability will have less accuracy potential than cartridges that operate closer to the gun's sweet spot. The TC Encore® has superb potential for accuracy with the cartridges we chamber. We do not offer heavy magnums.

Happy Customer I have a 6.5 BRM barrel from EABCO as well as your 280 Remington barrel. I decided to hunt with the 280 Rem. this past season. I used 160 gr Sierra game kings. I hunted SC, GA, PA and AL... I am happy to say I fired 7 shots from the 280 barrel on my Pro Hunter and the results were 7 one shot kills. 4 bucks and 3 does. Thanks EABCO, Jack Tilley SC



Shot this 5 shot group, 100yds. with the Encore I ordered from your shop this spring. 223 standard barrel, 55gr. Nosler ballistic tip boat tail. -MW

EABCO Standard Encore® Accuracy Barrels™ 26” Length, Heavy .810” (Pro Hunter) Contour

Item #

Off the shelf, quicker delivery of our most popular custom made Encore® Accuracy Barrels™. By doing these barrels in a standard configuration, we save on machinery set-ups and cut our costs. These are the same quality and attention to detail as our built-to-order accuracy barrels... Just lower in price and available off-the shelf with little or no waiting! *Fits Factory Encore Heavy Rifle Forends and Pro Hunter rifle forends.

127-AB204 127-AB17 127-AB17S 127-AB223 127-AB219 127-AB243 127-AB6BR 127-AB244 127-AB264 127-AB264S 127-AB261 127-AB262 127-AB260 127-AB260S 127-AB280 127-AB308 127-AB30812 127-AB35 127-AB35S


204 Ruger 17 Hornet 17 Hornet 223 Rem 219 Donaldson Wasp 243 Winchester 6mm BR Norma 6mm BRM 6.5mm BRM 6.5mm BRM 6.5x47 Lapua 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser 260 Remington 260 Remington 280 Remington 308 Winchester 308 Winchester 35 Whelen 35 Whelen

Standard G2/Contender® Accuracy Barrels™ Bull .810” Non-tapered Contour

Item #

127-AC60 127-AC65 127-ACP65


6mm BRM 24” 6.5mm BRM 24” 6.5mm BRM 14”

Finish Twist Price Blue Blue Blue

Details of Each Particular Chambering - We've applied an accuracy rational that makes sense. Chambers are minimum SAAMI spec... they fit standard ammo but fit closely so as to align well with the bore... Here's more: 17 Hornet - Made with the 1:9 rifling twist suitable for varmint hunting. 204 Ruger - Made with either 1:9 or 1:12 rifling twist to suit your preference. .223 Remington - Also a 1:12 twist. We're figuring nobody is deer hunting with this one so we made it to shoot best with varmint weight bullets of 40-50 grains. Our favorite factory loaded ammo is Winchester 45 grain JHP. .243 Winchester - Here we've opted for a faster 1:8 twist. Most standard .243s are done in a 1:10 twist that is not optimum for the most common factory loaded ammunition, which is 100 grain bullets. Our 1:8 twist makes factory ammo shoot very accurate. 6mm BR Norma - The 6BR was THE Benchrest favorite until 6mm PPC came along. But now, Benchrest competitions are going to longer distances, and there is a resurgence in popularity of the 6mm BR using the heavier 100-105 gr. bullets and renamed to "6mm BR Norma". Our 6mm BR Norma barrels are throated for these long, heavy bullets and are made in a 1:8 rifling twist especially to suit 100105 gr match bullets. Really a fun, heavy hitting tack-driver. 6.5mm BRM - We do this one optimized for the BRM cartridge philosophy... heavy 140 grain bullets in a 1:8 twist that arrive on target with superb accuracy, very little recoil, and deadly impact.

1:8 1:8 1:8

$325 $325 $325

Finish Twist Price Blue Blue Stainless Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Stainless Blue Blue Blue Stainless Blue Blue Blue Blue Stainless

1:12 1:9 1:9 1:12 1:12 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:10 1:12 1:14 1:14

$325 $325 $375 $325 $325 $325 $325 $325 $325 $375 $325 $325 $325 $375 $325 $325 $325 $325 $375

G2 Contender Accuracy Barrels fit the TC Contender and G2 Contender frames. Made with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy. Finished in Factory Blue. *Fits the standard G2 Contender Rifle forends or old style bull forends.

6.5x47 Lapua - This exceptional 6.5mm cartridge won the 2007 NBRSA Nationals and set records doing it. Similar to 260 Remington only with a sharper 30 degree shoulder and small rifle primer... 1:8 twist, as preferred by Benchrest competitors. 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser - The cartridge that popularized 6.5mm in the USA and inspired our own Bench Rest Magnums (BRMs). It is still about the most near perfect big game cartridge ever made. We cut our chambers to minimum SAAMI specs and our barrels to 1:8 twist rifling... Optimal for the high BC, heavy sectional density 140 grain 6.5mm bullets. Mild recoiling but deadly on big game. 260 Remington - We apply the same heavy 140 grain bullet and 1:8 twist formula on this one. Basically a 6.5mm version of the .308 win cartridge case. Gives excellent efficiency of loading and the desired med-high velocity with heavy 140 grain bullets. We have Lapua 260 58 280 Remington - Basically a 7mm version of the 30-06 cartridge case, the 280 Remington gives efficient, med-high velocity performance with heavy 160 grain 7mm bullets. Having less recoil than 7mm Mag, the 280 Rem is easier to shoot well... It has been very popular as a made-to-order barrel. Done in 1:9 twist. .308 Winchester - We do this one in 1:10 twist which is capable of accuracy with bullets from 150-180gr. So, this barrel will work great for deer sized game and can handle elk by simply moving up to a tougher, heavier bullet. .308 1:12 Twist Barrels - In response to requests we've received from benchrest shooters, these 1:12 twist barrels are especially suited to the mid range 150-155gr bullets favored by match shooters. See our custom brass, dies and


CUSTOM Custom made for your TC Encore®, ProHunter® and G2/Contender®

EABCO Custom Encore Rifle Barrels

Choose Standard Taper or Heavy (ProHunter), Length, Finish & Twist

17-26” Standard Taper

17-26” Heavy Taper

122-14 Factory Blue $375 122-24 Factory Blue $375 122-15 Matte Blue $400 122-25 Matte Blue $400 122-16 Brush Satin Stls $435 122-26 Brush Satin Stls $435 *Note: Heavy fits factory HEAVY forends & Pro Hunter forends*

EABCO Custom Encore Pistol Barrels

Choose Std. Taper or Hvy (ProHunter), Length, Finish & Twist

9-15” Standard Taper

9-15” Heavy Taper

122-14 Factory Blue $375 122-24 Factory Blue $375 122-15 Matte Blue $400 122-25 Matte Blue $400 122-16 Brush Satin Stls $435 122-26 Brush Satin Stls $435 *Note: Heavy fits factory HEAVY forends & Pro Hunter forends*

EABCO Custom Contender/G2 Rifle Barrels

Manufactured by E. Arthur Brown Company with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy.

Choose Tapered or Straight Bull, Length, Finish & Twist

17-26” Tapered

122-44 Factory Blue $375 122-45 Matte Blue $400 122-46 Brush Satin Stls $435

17-26” Straight Bull 122-64 Factory Blue $375 122-65 Matte Blue $400 122-66 Brush Satin Stls $435

381 Yard Shot

EABCO Custom Contender/G2 Pistol Barrels Choose Tapered or Straight Bull, Length, Finish & Twist

9-15” Tapered

122-44 Factory Blue $375 122-45 Matte Blue $400 122-46 Brush Satin Stls $435

9-15” Straight Bull

122-64 Factory Blue $375 122-65 Matte Blue $400 122-66 Brush Satin Stls $435

17 HMR Barrel To whom it may concern: I just received a .17HMR barrel you custom made for my Thompson Pro Hunter. I followed the break in procedure that was enclosed with the barrel. The barrel installed easily on the Pro Hunter frame as did the scope to the barrel. Your custom barrel shoots extremely accurate. The sales associates were exceptionally courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. The barrel arrived well ahead of schedule. You guys are great and I could not be happier. Thank you! JB, WA



The rifle is a Pro Hunter, and a EABCO Barrel in 243 win with your muzzle brake. Shot the antelope on Oct. 13, 2012 at 381 yards. Thanks! -RT

How to Order:

1. Select your caliber 2. Select your contourStandard, Heavy, Bull 3. Select your finish- Factory Blue, Matte Blue or Stainless 4. Select the length & Twist Rate 5. Add extras..package deals on custom features like a Keylock™ scope mount, muzzle brake, action job, custom stocks, etc.

Made by EABCO and finished with no sights but drilled and tapped for standard Encore® scope mounts. You get a higher quality barrel, in a much wider selection of chamberings, lengths, contours, and finishes. See page 8 for more details on our barrel making process. Approx. Delivery 6-12 months. $100 Deposit.

Caliber Group 6.5 Creedmore 6.5mm/264 6.5x284 Norma 6.5mm/264 6.5x47 Lapua^ 6.5mm/264 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser^ 6.5mm/264 6.5mm BR Mag (BRM)^ 6.5mm/264 6.5mm US (Ult. Silhouette) 6.5mm/264 270 Winchester .270 6.8 (.270) Rem. SPC .270 280 Remington^ 7mm/284 7-08 Rem Ackley Imp. 7mm/284 7-08 Remington 7mm/284 7-30 Waters 7mm/284 7mm BR 7mm/284 7mm BR Mag (BRM) 7mm/284 7mm TCU 7mm/284 7mm US (Ult. Silhouette) 7mm/284 300 AAC Blackout 30 cal 300/221 Remington 30 cal 300/221 Rimmed 30 cal 30 Herrett 30 cal 300 BR Mag (BRM) 30 cal 30-06 Ackley Imp 30 cal 30-06 Match 30 cal 30-20 Match Silh (308) 30 cal 30-30 Win Ackley Imp 30 cal 30-30 Winchester 30 cal 30-40 Ackley Imp 30 cal 30-40 Krag (30 US) 30 cal 30-40 Krag (Match) 30 cal 308 Win Ackley Imp 30 cal 308 Winchester^ 30 cal 32 H&R Mag (308) 30 cal 338-06 Ackley Imp 338 cal 35 Remington 35 cal 35 Whelen^ 35 cal 38 Special 35 cal 357 Herrett 35 cal 357 Mag 357 cal 357 Max 357 cal 375 Win 375 44 Mag* 44 cal 45/70 Govt 45 cal

Caliber Caliber Group 17 Ackley Bee* 17 CF 17 Ackley Hornet* 17 CF 17 Bumble Bee* 17 CF 17 Fireball* 17 CF 17 Hee Bee* 17 CF 17 HM2 (Rimfire)* 17 RF 17 HMR (Rimfire)* 17 RF 17 Hornet* 17 CF 17 Mach IV* 17 CF 17 Remington* 17 CF 20 Tactical* 20 cal 204 Ruger*^ 20 cal 22 LR Match (Rimfire) 22 RF 22 Stinger (Rimfire) 22 RF 22 WMR (Rimfire) 22 RF 5.7x28 FN 22 CF 218 Bee 22 CF 218 Mashburn Bee 22 CF 219 Donaldson Wasp^ 22 CF 22 Hornet 22 CF 22 K Hornet 22 CF 221 Rem. Fireball 22 CF 222 Rem Mag 22 CF 222 Remington 22 CF 22-250 Ackley Imp.^ 22 CF 22-250 Remington 22 CF 223 Rem. Ackley Imp. 22 CF 223 Remington^ 22 CF 224 BR Mag (BRM) 22 CF 225 Winchester^ 22 CF 22 PPC EABCO 22 CF 243 Win Ackley Imp 6mm/243 243 Winchester^ 6mm/243 6mm BR Mag^ 6mm/243 6mm BR Norma^ 6mm/243 6mm Donaldson Wasp 6mm/243 6mm PPC EABCO 6mm/243 25-06 Remington 25 cal 25-20 Winchester 25 cal 25-35 Win Ackley Imp 25 cal 25-35 Winchester 25 cal 257 Rbts Ackley Imp 25 cal 257 Roberts 25 cal 260 Remington^ 6.5mm/264 264 LBCAR (6.5 Grendel) 6.5mm/264


Encore / Contender E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C Encore Only Encore Only E&C E&C E&C E&C Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only E&C Encore Only E&C Encore Only Encore Only E&C E&C E&C Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only E&C

Encore / Contender Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only E&C E&C Encore Only E&C Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only E&C Encore Only E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C Encore Only Encore Only E&C E&C E&C Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only Encore Only E&C Encore Only E&C Encore Only E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C E&C

*17, 20 & 44 cal- add $30 ^ Available as standard barrel, see page 9

Other Chambers and Barrel Blanks

We do not offer heavy magnum chambers. We get the accuracy we desire from our EABCO barrel blanks, we do not substitute others.


Encore® & Pro Hunter Barrels A. Pro Hunter 15” Fluted Barrel- Includes sights & tapped for scope mount. B. Standard Encore 24” Barrels- Fits standard forend. Includes sights & tapped for scope mt. C. Pro Hunter 26” or 28” Barrels- Fluted. Fits Heavy or Pro Hunter forend. No sights included. 26” Pro 28” Pro Hunter 15” Std Blue 15” ProHunter 24” Std Blue Hunter with sights Fluted Stnls with sights Stnls Fluted with sights Weather shield® $275 $284 $339 $334 Fluted $269 Muzzle Diameter: .710” .710” .725” .810” .810” 204 Ruger -207-1905 --207-4801 223 Rem 207-1710 207-1907 207-1758 207-4748 207-4813 22-250 207-1708 -207-1756 207-4756 207-4805 243 Win 207-1716 207-1913 207-1760 -207-4817 25-06 Rem --207-1765 207-4746 204-4819 270 Win --207-1762 207-4754 207-4823 7mm-08 Rem 207-1706 207-1929 207-1754 -207-4859 7mm Rem Mag ---207-4752 207-4857 280 Rem --207-1768 -207-4829 .308 Win 207-1702 207-1927 207-1750 207-4755 207-4839 30-06 207-1704 207-1919 207-1752 207-4753 207-4831 300 Win Mag ---207-4749 207-4833 45-70 Govt -207-4804- 20” 207-1766 --$339 --207-4767 35 Whelen CALIBER

Pro Hunter Frame Assemblies (Swing Hammer, Engraved with Pro Hunter Effects, FlexTech Composite Buttstock/Grip & Forend)

207-1870 207-1875 207-1883 207-1885 207-1876

Stainless/Black Stainless/HW Camo Stnls/Camo Thumbhole Stnls/ Black Thumbhole Stainless/Black


Includes Frame, Buttstock and Forend Rifle Rifle Rifle Rifle Pistol

$459 $524 $524 $459 $407

Note: TC Frames are defined by their buttstock/grip & forend. The frame must be registered with the BATF as either a pistol or rifle. Frames cannot be purchased separately. Pistol Frames, Rifle Frames and Complete Pistols CANNOT be shipped to CA. Check your state laws for most up-to-date regulations. ALL FRAMES MUST BE SHIPPED to a licensed FFL HOLDER.

MANY more T/C Products Online!

Frame 207-1870

Encore® Muzzleloader Barrels Pro Hunter XT 209x50 Muzzleloader Barrels Fluted, features Speed Breech 207-4751 207-4750 207-4744

28” Blue 28” Stainless 26” Weathershield®

$412 $460 $309

Encore® Shotgun Barrels Standard Encore

Slug Barrels- Includes fiber optic sights 207-4234 26” Rifled 20 ga Blue $360 207-6201 26” Smoothbore Turkey 20 ga Camo $409 207-4239 24” Rifled 12 ga Blue $367 207-6206 24” Smoothbore Turkey 12 ga Camo $409


Pro Hunter

Slug Barrels - Fluted, Rifled, no sights 207-4822 28” Rifled 20ga Stnls $409 207-4788 28” Rifled 20ga Blue $352 207-4824 28” Rifled 12 ga Stnls $390 207-4787 28” Rifled 12 ga Blue $352


Laminate Encore & Pro Hunter Stocks & Sets Type

Price Brown


Thumbhole Sets (buttstock & forend) Standard $159 209-71203 209-71204 Standard-LH $159 209-71303 -Muzzleloader* $159 209-70803 209-70804 Muzzleloader *-LH $159 209-71803 209-71804 Heavy $159 209-70703 209-70704 Heavy-LH $159 209-71703 209-71704 Standard Sets (buttstock & forend) Heavy $159 209-70603 209-70604 Buttstocks Standard $119 209-70003 209-70004 Thumbhole $119 209-70103 209-70104 Thumbhole -LH $119 209-70203 209-70204 Standard Muzzleloader* Heavy Bull 20 ga. Slug/Shot* 12 ga. Slug/Shot*

$59 $59 $59 $89 $59 $59


209-70503 209-70403 209-70303 209-210 209-71003 209-71103

209-70504 209-70404 209-70304 209-72004 209-71004 209-71104

Gray 209-71202 209-71302 209-70802 209-71802 209-70702 209-71702


209-70002 209-70102 209-70202

209-70502 209-70402 209-70302 209-110 209-71002 209-71103

Pictured: Brown Standard Laminate Stock Set, EABCO Accuracy Barrel in 6.5 BRM (p.8), EABCO Brown 97D Riflescope (p. 57), EABCO Keylock Magnum Scope Mount (p. 55), TC ProHunter frame.

• Drop In Fit • Easy Installation • Fitted/Installed buttpad Standard Forends- fit factory 24” barrels Heavy Forends- fit factory 26’ & 28” (Pro Hunter) barrels

*Muzzleloader or Shotgun Hardware not included. 127-107 Muzzleloader Hardware $9.95 | 127-104 Shotgun Hardware $9.95

Choate Encore® Folding Stock This is our folding stock for the Encore rifle. It has a cast steel arm and housing with a 3/4 inch rubber butt pad. These stocks are made to take the beating of the magnum calibers that the Encore comes in. Available in stainless/composite and blue/composite... Forend not included. When folded it makes a very compact package for transport. ATF regulations apply.

317-090114 Choate Encore® Folding Buttstock Stainless $89 317-090108 Choate Encore ® Folding Buttstock Black $89

Choate Encore® M-4 Tactical Stock Compact and Collapsible... With Adjustable Length of Pull

A solid, military grade M-4 pistol grip and buttstock for the T/C Encore® and Pro Hunter. Over molded metal construction is rigid and tough. Attaches to your Encore® with a single grip bolt. This stock can adjust your length of pull from 12¾-16” (Great for young or small shooters as well as large or tall shooters). Two O-Ring sealed storage compartments can carry extra cartridges, batteries, survival gear, etc. Shock absorbing rubber recoil pad is checkered. A sling loop, slot, and swivel stud provide three different options for carrying.

317-090128 Choate Encore® M-4 Tactical Stock $119


Factory Stocks & Forends

for your Encore & ProHunter Encore- Walnut Rifle Forends 207-7704 207-7656 207-7673 207-7662 207-7664 207-7593

24” Encore Barrels 26” Heavy Encore Barrels Katahdin Carbine Barrels Encore Muzzleloader 209x50/45 20 ga. Encore Shotgun 12 ga Encore Shotgun

$50 $56 $79 $56 $60 $60

Encore- Composite Black Rifle Forends 207-7708 127-7661 207-7660 207-7710 207-7682 207-7687

Encore Buttstocks 207-7722 Walnut 207-7623 Walnut- Youth 207-7248 Composite Black - Thumbhole 207-7706 Composite Black 207-7251 Realtree Hardwds HD - Thumbhole 207-7146 Realtree Hardwoods HD

$131 $121 $83 $61 $123 $104

$28 $38 $38 $31 $38 $38

Encore- Realtree Hardwoods HD Rifle Forends 207-7701 207-7149 207-7567 207-7880 207-7683 207-7699

24” & 26” Encore Barrels Encore Muzzleloader 209x50/45 Encore PH Muzzleloader 209x50 20 ga. Encore Shotgun 12 ga Encore Shotgun 12 ga Muzzleloader

$50 $54 $62 $60 $60 $60

Pro Hunter Flextech Composite

Pro Hunter FlexTech Buttstocks 207-7881 Realtree Hardwoods - Thumbhole 207-7883 Composite Black - Thumbhole 207-7853 Realtree Hardwoods 207-7879 Composite Black

24” & 26” Encore Barrels 26” & 28” Heavy Encore Barrels Katahdin Barrels Encore Muzzleloader 209x50/45 20 ga. Encore Shotgun 12 ga Encore Shotgun

$136 $91 $136 $91

Rifle Forends 207-7569 Pro Hunter Barrels (Heavy 26” & 28”) 207-7514 Pro Hunter Muzzleloader 209x50 207-6013 20 ga. Pro Hunter Shotgun 207-6011 12 ga Pro Hunter Shotgun

$37 $42 $49 $49

Encore Pistol Grips & Forends 207-7720 207-7702 207-7652 207-7654 485-02433 485-02442 485-02441

Walnut Pistol Grip Walnut Pistol Forend Rubber Pistol Grip Rubber Pistol Forend Pachmayr Decelerator Forend Pachmayr Decelerator Grip Pachmayr Decelerator Set (Grip and Forend)

$48 $43 $31 $20 $25 $35 $53

Pro Hunter Flextech HD Camo Realtree Hardwoods HD Rifle Forends

207-7571 207-6713 207-6711 207-7592

Pro Hunter Barrels (Heavy) 20 ga. Pro Hunter Shotgun 12 ga Pro Hunter Shotgun Pro Hunter XT AP Camo

$60 $65 $65 $57

Hinge Pins for the Encore The original TC Encore barrel hinge pin rotates and drifts from side to side freely every time you open and close the action. This creates a potential for the lock-up to be slightly different with each shot. And, anything that is different from one shot to the next can change the point of impact. Our Encore® Hinge Pins lock the position of the hinge pin so the action is exactly the same from one shot to the next! A. Our original Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin also locks the hinge pin to the frame so that only the barrel moves when you open the action. Very popular… We’ve sold thousands of these!

B. The TC Encore® Adjustable Hinge Pin actually tightens out any looseness in the fitting diameter of the hinge pin in the barrel to frame connection. It has a flange on one end and a collet on the other so it tightens up the fit and doesn’t move side to side. This pin locks to the frame and does not pivot with the barrel. B Both of these pins have the potential to improve your accuracy.

A: 017-0511 Encore® Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin $39 B: 207-7010 Encore® Adjustable Hinge Pin $21




An advanced in-line muzzle loader from the former employees of Thompson Center Arms. The Redemption combines common sense, innovation, and the very best materials into a muzzle loading rifle that's optimized for accuracy.

214-1110 Classic Walnut $719 214-1120 Black Synthetic $534 214-1130 Camo Synthetic $574


ur PeepRib® Aperture Sight for TC Encore® has gotten so popular, we have expanded to fit many more Muzzleloaders!

It combines a precision aperture sight with a scope mounting base. You can position a riflescope on and off your gun without upsetting your aperture sight! It's great for using a scope to fine tune your handload accuracy and you can just remove the scope when hunting regulations don't allow it. The PeepRib® Aperture Sight itself is precision adjustable for windage and elevation and comes standard with a special High Definition Aperture for the clearest possible sight picture. An aperture sight (aka peep sight), mounted as close to your eye as possible, removes a huge amount of aiming error by simply increasing the sight radius (the distance between front and rear sights). Also, aiming error from rear sight light reflection is virtually eliminated with an aperture sight... so that the angle of the sun will not change your point of impact. Finally, the aperture itself improves the focus of your sight picture by funneling the light through a hole (like a camera).

127-812 Original PeepRib Sight $59

(fits Encore®, Omega, Pro Hunter, Triumph, Endeavor & ProHunterXT)

127-813 PeepRib Sight for CVA $59 (fits CVA, Optima, Kodiak, Accura & Wolf) 127-814 Keylock™ CVA Scope Mount Base Black $39.95 (fits CVA, Optima, Kodiak, Accura & Wolf) 127-815 PeepRib Sight for Traditions $59 (fits Traditions, Vortex & Pursuit) Recommended Accessories... 23-10042 Keylock™ Rings Pair Black $24.95 110-002 Merit Adjustable Aperture $44.95 716-63304 Williams WGRS Peep Sight $34 127-S97M Brown 97D 4-12x40mm Matte Scope $159

Merit Aperture: Adjustable Peep-Hole System Open or Iron sights can be nearly as accurate as telescopic sights... if you can see them clearly. How Does the Merit work? Exactly like a camera aperture or the pupil of your eye. Using no lens, the Merit adjusts the size of its hole or aperture you’re looking through, changing the amount of light admitted and lengthening or shortening the “focal length”. You can see your sight picture sharpen up as you turn the adjustment ring. With practice you will be able to aim more precisely! Styles for Rifle and Handgun Shooters - The Merit Eyeglass Attachment sticks to your eyeglass lens with a suction cup and helps you focus rifle as well as handgun sights. The Merit/ Williams Aperture replaces the peep aperture in Williams aperture style rifle sights. Experience pinpoint accuracy with iron sights. 2 1 3 1. 110-002 Merit/Williams Aperture $44.95 2. 716-63304 WGRS Encore/Omega Peep $34 3. 110-010 Merit Eyeglass Attachment $54.95



Choose your category... incl. Torque Wrench Kit Category A- 204 Ruger, 223 Rem Category B- 22-250, 243 Winchester, 7mm-08, 308 Winchester Category C- 270 Win, 30-06 Category D- 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag

$198 BARRELS $121 BOLT ASSEMBLIES $309 RECEIVER & STOCK Include Magazine Group

Left or Right Hand

Left or Right Hand



EABCO Accuracy Barrels

CALIBER 17 Rem Fireball 1:10 204 Ruger 1:12 .223 Rem 1:12 22-250 Ackley 1:12 .243 Win 1:8 6mm BR 1:8 260 Rem 1:8 6.5X47 Lapua 1:8 6.5 Creedmore 1:8 6.5-284 1:8 6.5x55 Swede 1:8 308 Win 1:12



127-SV17R 127-SV204 127-SV223 127-SV225 127-SV243 127-SV6BR 127-SV260 127-SV267 127-SV262 127-SV261 127-SV265 127-SV308


127-SV17RU 127-SV204U 127-SV223U 127-SV225U 127-SV243U 127-SV6BRU 127-SV260U 127-SV267U 127-SV262U 127-SV261U 127-SV265U 127-SV308U

Barrel Fitting Requirements

Our Savage Accuracy Barrels fit all centerfire Savage bolt actions except short mags (WSMs) and Target Action. The barrel contour is varmint hunter weight, 26” long and tapering to just under .800” at the muzzle. Chromoly steel, blue finish. Remember to order a barrel that matches your existing bolt face, or you can order our Bolt Face Conversion (see below). If you need to ask about this, please call.

Choate Tactical Savage Stock

Bedded, Free Floated, with Adjustable Spacer System

It's easy to upgrade your Savage bolt action rifle to an EABCO Accuracy Barrel... In most cases we'll have your rifle finished within 1-2 weeks here at our shop. Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002 (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements. One-at-a-Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. True, center-to-center 11° target crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure. And during installation, each chamber's headspace is set correctly with precise headspace gauges. Special Accuracy Barrels - Our .223 Remington is set up with 1:12 twist to give best accuracy with varmint bullets from 40-55 gr weight. Our .243 Win is a 1:8 twist so it will shoot off-the-shelf 100 gr ammo with superb accuracy. Same with our 6mm BR... 1:8 twist and throated for 100-105 gr. long distance bullets. 260 Remington shoots a 6.5mm bullet. Our barrels have a 1:8 twist for the most popular 140 gr bullets. And finally, our 308 Win barrel has a :12 twist... which is the preferred twist rate of match shooters and their favorite 150-155gr bullets.

The Tactical stock has a full length bedding block (see cutaway below), adjustable butt spacer system to adjust the length of pull, a rail and sliding swivel on bottom of forend to attach a bipod, and sling swivels on both sides. See barrel fitting requirements on next page.

317-250601 Savage Stock SA Detachable Mag 4.41” $199 317-250602 Savage Stock SA Centerfeed 4.41” $199 317-250612 Savage Stock SA Staggerfeed 4.27” $199 317-250614 Savage Stock Long Action 5.062” $199 317-250603 Savage Stock SA Detachable Mag 4.41” LH $199

Bolt Face Conversion Convert from 458 Mag to 223 and anything in between! We will convert your bolt face and magazine to whatever chamber you want from our selection of EABCO or ER Shaw barrels. All parts included, original parts returned to you. Allow 4-6 weeks for this service. 127-SBF Savage Bolt Face/Bolt Head Conversion $75



Choate Ultimate Sniper for Savage 10/110 Series

Fits Savage Short Action (SA) 10/11/12/14/16 and Long Action(LA) 110/111/116

See “Fitting Information” Below - Choate Ultimate Sniper Gun Stocks are like no 317-220601 Ultimate Sniper Stock Long Action 5.062” $189 317-250605 Ulitimate Sniper Stock SA Staggerfeed 4.27” $189 other rifle stocks ever made. The unique 317-220615 Ultimate Sniper Stock SA Centerfeed 4.410” $189 appearance catches your attention but it 317-220625 Ultimate Sniper Stock SA Centerfeed- LH $189 is much more than a sales gimmick. The internal construction is a combination of bench rest precision and battlefield durability... External Features..The wedge shaped forend is for push-pull elevation adjustment when shooting from a rest. The slots in the forend are for barrel cooling. Embedded in the wedge is a rail for attaching bipods, swivels, etc. The narrow part between the forend and the receiver is stippled for grip. It’s the balance point for one-hand carrying of your rifle. The nearly vertical pistol grip is the most comfortable grip position for prone (laying down) and bench rest shooting. The removable cheek rest comes in two different heights (included) and they have three mounting positions... so you can set up the stock to align your eye perfectly with your scope. On the bottom of the butt almost directly opposite of the cheek rest is an adjustable butt pod... It screws in or out to adjust elevation up and down. The butt pad is removable and accepts spacers to adjust your length of pull. Sling swivels are mounted on both sides of the forend and butt for flexibility when carrying Fits-All Barrel Channel or steadying your rifle with a sling. Finally, the skeletized butt allows a Since “free floating” of the barrel is pretwo hand hold when the forend is rested. (Note: This stock does NOT fit ferred on all bolt actions, Choate has set any models with bolt release in the trigger guard.). these stocks up to fit any barrel including

Savage Barrel Nut Wrench Designed for Savage 10 /110 series bolt action rifles. Also fits for models 12, 16, etc. Totally Stainless... So that Scratches and Dings Won't Rust. Two Wrench Heads-Fits Old Style & New Barrel Nuts. Two Square Holes for 1/2" Socket End Breaker Bar...

127-SV90 Savage Barrel Nut Wrench $39.00

the widest diameter bull barrels. Skinny barrels will have a wide gap between the barrel and the forend but they will shoot accurately from this stock. These stocks fits the Savage long actions (hole spacing of 5.062”) or short actions with or without accu-trigger. Short Actions choose the 4.27” screw spacing if you have a staggerfeed magazine (mag box stays with receiver when removing action). Choose the 4.41” screw spacing if you have the centerfeed magazine (mag stays with stock when removing action). Choose the Detach Mag if you have a new detachable mag rifle (spacing is 4.41”)

209-52004 Camo CF Laminate Stock $169 209-52003 Brown CF Laminate Stock $169

Savage Thumbhole Varmint Stock

Pillar Bedded Short Action 10/12/14/16 Designed for accuracy in structure as well as shootability, this graceful riflestock fits modern short action Savage Rifles. “Modern” Center Feed (CF) magazine and stock screw spacing of 4.41”. Fits rifles with or without the Accu-Trigger. (Older Stagger Feed magazine rifles with 4.27” screw spacing will NOT fit this stock). Stocks come with bedding pillars included and installed. Pillar bedding gives the most rigid, accuracy enhancing connection to riflestocks on bolt action rifles. Use your original trigger guard and mounting screws, as these are not included. Swivel studs included. Stock Channelled to Fit 12FV .800” Barrel Contour. Camo pictured at top left.


Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock This stock begins with some of the same features of the Choate Tactical stock: It has a full length bedding block, a rail on the bottom of the forend to attach a bipod, and sling swivels on both sides. From there, this Tactical Custom Package Savage stock adds a custom machined aluminum cheek piece of 6061 T6 with a .750 inch vertical height adjustment and a 3-way aluminum butt plate of 6061 T6. That can add up to 1.25 additional length of pull as well as horizontal adjustment of one inch up or down. A comfortable rubber butt pad finishes the butt plate nicely. Adjustment on the cheek piece is made with a rosette type knob. Adjustments to the 3-way butt plate are made with a 5/32 allen wrench. See barrel fitting requirements on page 17. 317-260601 Custom Stock SA Detachable Mag 4.41” $429 317-260602 Custom Stock SA Centerfeed 4.41” $429 317-260612 Custom Stock SA Staggerfeed 4.27” $429 317-260614 Custom Stock Long Action 5.062” $429

Hogue Full Length Aluminum Bed Block Stock The Hogue “OverMolded” process is usually applied to a rigid internal skeleton but THIS stock takes it up a notch... Hogue has designed it around a full length aluminum bedding block... The Ultimate in Accuracy! The aluminum “Bed Block” extends from the rear of the action all the way out the forend. It holds the action straight, rigid, and stress-free in the stock but Free-Floats the barrel over a stiff, stable forend section... The best for bench, bipod, sling, or off-hand accuracy.















Savage Barrel Installation Service

Our Skilled Gunsmiths can Headspace and Install Barrels & Channel Forends We’ll set up your headspace for the best accuracy and reliable ammunition fit and function. Then we’ll double check it with the best SAAMI spec Go/No-Go gauges. 127-SVBI Savage Barrel Installation $30


Forend Channeling - If you’re re-barreling with a barrel that is wider than your original, we can also channel your forend to fit the new barrel. 127-SVBC Savage Forend Channeling $65


Bases for your Savage Our new EABCO Savage Tactical Varmint One Piece Scope Mount fits Savage Rifles with rounded front and rear receiver tops. Precision machined from bar stock, these mounts have several advantages... 127-908 EABCO Savage SA Scope Base Black $59 - Picatinny Precision 127-909 EABCO Savage SA Scope Base Silver $59 - Enhanced Receiver Rigidity 127-910 EABCO Savage LA Scope Base Black $59 - Perfect One-Piece-Base Alignment 127-911 EABCO Savage LA Scope Base Silver $59 - Reasonable Price! Fits Savage dual-round models, NOT the round/flat style. One-Piece Savage base, available in both short-action or long action. Silver or Black.

Warne Two-Piece Savage Bases

Pre-AccuTrigger" means the receiver is FLAT at the rear and round at the front. "AccuTrigger" means the receiver is ROUND at the rear and round at the front. These are two piece bases that will fit either long or short action. But you need to look at the top of your receiver to be sure whether it is flat or round on top and order the right set of bases.

134-M902-902M Savage AccuTrigger Matte $19.95 134-M902-902S Savage AccuTrigger Silver $22.95 134-M902-936M Savage Pre-AccuTrigger Matte $19.95 134-M902-936S Savage Pre-AccuTrigger Silver $22.95

SAVAGE Triggers

by Rifle Basix Savage Trigger #1 - Adjusts from 1-3 lbs and fits models 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 and 116. Long/ short actions, left or right handed. This trigger will replace the standard trigger or the AccuTrigger™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Set screws adjust take-up, over travel, weight of pull, and safety engagement.

010-SAV1 Savage #1 Trigger Replacement Black $84 010-SAV1-S Savage #1 Trigger Replacement Silver $84 Savage Trigger #2 - Adjusts from 4 oz to 3 lbs and fits models 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 and 116. Long/short actions, left or right handed. This advanced trigger replaces standard as well as AccuTriggers™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Set screws adjust take-up, over travel, and weight of pull. Comes with CD-ROM Video

010-SAV2 Savage #2 Advanced Replacement Trigger $146 010-SAV2-S Savage #2 Advanced Silver Trigger $146 Savage Sear "R" - Adjusts from 10 oz to 1.5 lbs. Replacement sear for Savage bolt action rimfire rifles and pistols. Fits models 501, 502, and 503, Mark I and II, Model 93 (.22, .22 Magnum, and New .17 HMR)

010-SAVR Savage "R" Rimfire Trigger Sear $84

Warne Tactical Scope Bases

True Picatinny Mil-Spec Mounting Bases, Tough & Accurate.. Finished in Matte Black to match the Warne Tactical Rings as well as other matte black scope rings. These bases are built to true 1913 mil-spec Picatinny (Weaver Style) dimensions. Machined from solid alloy steel bar stock and thermally stress relieved to maintain dimensional stability and straightness.

134-M666M Short Action Accutrigger Rifles $81 134-M667M Long Action Accutrigger Rifles $81 134-M668M Short Action Original Rifles $81 134-M669M Long Action Original Rifles $81 Rings, see page 54-55

SAVAGE Triggers

by Timney Triggers Savage 10/111 Series: Fits Rifles made after 1977 (NonAccuTrigger), Adjustable from 1.5-4 lbs.

112-631 Blue $95 112-635 Nickel $105


Remington 700...stocks by Choate Choate Tactical Stock for Remington BDL & ADL

The Tactical stock has a full length bedding block (see cutaway pic), adjustable butt spacer system to adjust the length of pull, a rail and sliding swivel on bottom of forend to attach a bipod, and sling swivels on both sides. This stock comes in versions to fit Remington 700 BDL and ADL rifles in long action, short action, and even left or right hand models. Fits-All Barrel Channel - Since “free floating” of the barrel is preferred on all bolt actions, Choate has set this stock up to fit any barrel including the widest diameter bull barrels. Skinny barrels will have a wide gap between the barrel and the forend but they will shoot accurately from this stock.

317-250101 317-250102 317-250103 317-250104

Choate Remington 700 BDL Short Action Tactical RH Stock Choate Remington 700 BDL Short Action Tactical LH Stock Choate Remington 700 BDL Long Action Tactical RH Stock Choate Remington 700 BDL Long Action Tactical LH Stock

$199.00 $199.00 $199.00 $199.00

317-250105 317-250106 317-250107 317-250108

Choate Remington 700 ADL Short Action Tactical RH Stock Choate Remington 700 ADL Short Action Tactical LH Stock Choate Remington 700 ADL Long Action Tactical RH Stock Choate Remington 700 ADL Long Action Tactical LH Stock See page 22-23 for Rem 700 Triggers & page 54 for Bases

$199.00 $199.00 $199.00 $199.00

Ruger #1 Slip-Over Scope Mount

Slip-Over Scope Mount for Ruger #1 Weaver/Picatinny Style Base Slips Over Ruger No. 1 Rib Our new “Slip-Over” Ruger #1 scope mount solves the problem of aligning an after market scope base on a contoured barrel... It uses the factory pre-aligned rib as an alignment shim! Now you can have a precisely aligned Weaver/Picatinny style scope base on your Ruger Number One! Easy Installation. 127-816 Ruger #1 Slip-Over™ Scope Mount- Weaver/Picatinny Style $59

Ruger #1 Hicks Accurizer


This original design is now manufactured by EABCO. The Hicks Accurizer installs on the Forend/Mainspring hanger and adjusts tension against the barrel. This allows the shooter to fine tune the barrel harmonics of any Ruger #1 and find the accuracy sweet spot. Results can be dramatic depending upon the pre-existing harmonics and accuracy potential of your particular gun. Installation requires inletting space in the forend. You can do it yourself carefully with a Dremel and sanding drum (instructions are included), or send in your rlfle and we can do it.

127-701 Hicks #1 Accurizer $59.95

127-702 Installation of Hicks Accurizer $65


EABCO Shipping

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A Timney Trigger system is built from the ground up to be a superior trigger. Ruger 10/22 (see p. 40 for photo) Shoe Black Red Blue Yellow Green Silver

Silver Housing 112-10221C16 112-10222C16 112-10223C16 112-10224C16 112-10225C16 112-10226C16

Black Housing 112-10221C 112-10222C 112-10223C 112-10224C 112-10225C 112-10226C

$209 $209 $209 $209 $209 $209

Remington 870 Trigger Fix: Replacement of Sear and Spring. Also works on the Remington 1100, 7400, and 7600 long guns 112-870 Stnls $84 Remington 700 w/Safety: Adjustable 1.5-4lb. Right Hand (RH) 112-510 Blue $119 Right Hand (RH) 112-512 Nickel $129 Left Hand (LH) 112-511 Blue $119 Left Hand (LH) 112-516 Nickel $129 Rem 7 Tactical 112-515T Black $129 Straight Rem 700 112-517 Black $119 Straight Rem 700 112-51716 Nickel $129 Straight Rem 700 LH 112-518 Black $119 Straight Rem 700 LH 112-51816 Nickel $129 AR15: Replaces creepy two-stage triggers with a single stage that is smooth and crisp. AR15 Solid 3lb 112--667S Black $184 AR15 Skeleton 3lb 112-661S Black $233 AR15 Skeleton 4lb 112-664S Black $233 AR10 Solid 4lb 112-670 Black $224 Winchester Model 70: Adjustable 1.5-3.5 lb. New Win 70 MOA model is made to replace Win Model 70s made since 2008 that have the Win MOA trigger group. Adjustable from 1 - 3 lb. Plus an adjustment for over-travel. 112-401 Black $109 112-416 Nickel $119 Win 70 MOA 112-402 Black $119 Win 70 MOA 112-402S Nickel n 870

to Reming

Remin Reg, Tac gton 700 tical, Str aight


You have to have a good trigger pull if you want to shoot with the best accuracy. Unfortunately, /110 e 10 mass production riavag S fles don’t come with triggers capable of top accuracy. Winchester 70 You want a light, clean, and more consistent 5 AR1 leton pull? You need everything ke S , d i to be fit closer, straighter and Sol tighter. A Timney Trigger system is built so the sear surfaces mate squarely. Sears are sharper, straighter, and hardened so they’ll stay that way. And the parts are fit so that there’s no wobble or “play”. As a result, the sear surfaces mate exactly the same every time you cock your gun. This type of consistency allows a Timney Trigger to be adjusted with much more refinement for an exact pull weight, takeup, break, and over travel. You will shoot better when you replace your trigger with a Timney.

Download the Timney Instructions online at Ruger 77,7722: Adjustable 1.5-3.5 lb. Model 77 112-601 Blue $99 Model 77 112-60116 Nickel $105 Model 77 MkII 112-1100 Nickel $105 Model 77 MkII LH 112-1102 Nickel $105 Model 77/22 112-7722 Black $45 Mauser Sportsman: Adjustable 2-4 lbs. M98FN 112-101 Black $49 M98K 112-102 Black $49 M95-M96 112-103 Black $49 M91-M94 112-104 Black $49 M91-M94K 112-105 Black $49 Mauser Featherweight: Adjustable 1.5-4 lbs M98FN 112-201 Black $69 M98K 112-202 Black $69 Ma M95-M96 112-203 Black $69 use r M91-M94 112-204 Black $69 M91-M94K 112-205 Black $69 Mauser Featherweight Deluxe: Adjustable 1.5-4 lbs M98FN 112-301 Black $89 M98K 112-302 Black $89 M95-M96 112-303 Black $89 M91-M94 112-304 Black $89 M91-M94K 112-305 Black $89

Mosin Nagant



Black $89

Weatherby Vanguard/Howa: Adjustable 1.5-4 lb.


112-611 Black $105 112-61116 Nickel $115




Savage: Models 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 & 116.

Long & Short actions, left and right handed. Replaces standard trigger or AccuTrigger™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Set screws adjust take-up, over travel, weight of pull, and safety engagement. 010-SAV1 Adjustable from 1-3lbs. Black $84 010-SAV1-S Adjustable from 1-3lbs Silver $84 010-SAV2 Adjustable from 4oz-3lbs. Comes with CD-Rom Video Black $146 010-SAV2-S Adjustable from 4oz-3lbs. Comes with CD-Rom Video Silver $146 Replaces stock Accutrigger on current production bolt action rimBlack $84 010-SAVRAT fires. Fits Model 40 & Model 25 centerfires. Adj. pull 1.25-4lbs. Replaces stock Accutrigger on current production bolt action rim010-SAVRAT-S Silver $84 fires. Fits Model 40 & Model 25 centerfires. Adj. pull 1.25-4lbs. Adjustable from 10oz-1.5lbs. Replacement sear for Savage bolt Black $84 action rimfire rilfes and pistols. Fits models 501, 502, 503, 010-SAVR Mark I & II, Model 93 (.22, .22 Magnum and new .17 HMR)



CZ Ceska Zbrojovka

Replaces ‘set’ triggers on 527, 550 and 550 mag centerfires. Converts ‘set’ to single stage function. Adj. 12 oz-3lbs. Model 452

010-CZ527-S 010-CZ52-S

Winchester: Model 70 centerfires.







Replacement trigger uses the factory safety for Pre and Post 1964 models. Adjustable sear engagement, pull weight and overtravel. Adjustable from 12 oz-4lbs. *Will not replace the new Model 70 MAO OEM Trigger. 010-WIN1 Adjustable from 12 oz-4lbs. Black $86 010-WIN1-S Adjustable from 12 oz-4lbs. Silver $86 Remington: Model 700, 40X, Model 7, XR-100. Features aluminum housing with steel internal levers that are nickel plated. Guaranteed as long as they are in service. Trigger kits include right hand safety and bolt stop release. 010-REMSAF Factory duplicated safety kit for all 700 models Black $33 010-REM-SAF-S Factory duplicated safety kit for all 700 models Silver $33 010-L1 Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 1.5-3.5lbs Black $109 010-L1-S Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 1.5-3.5lbs Silver $109 010-LV1 Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 8oz-1.5lbs Black $119 010-LV1-S Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 8oz-1.5lbs Silver $119 010-ERV3 Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 4oz-1.25lbs Black $137 010-ERV3-S Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 4oz-1.25lbs Silver $137 010-L3 Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 2oz-6oz Black $137 010-L3-S Replaces Rem X-Mark Series Triggers. 2oz-6oz Silver $137

Weatherby Vanguard: Replacement triggers contain aluminum housing, A2 tool steel internal components and fully adjustable safeties. Vanguard, Legacy (Howa), Smith & Wesson 1500, Black 010-WTHBY1 Weatherby $112 early Mossberg 100 ATRs. Adj. 1.5-4lbs. Weatherby Vanguard, Legacy (Howa), Smith & Wesson 1500, 010-WTHBY1-S early Mossberg 100 ATRs. Adj. 1.5-4lbs. Silver $112 Black $120 010-WTHBYV (Varmint) Similar to WTHBY1 with adj. 12 oz-1.5lbs Silver $120 010-WTHBYV-S (Varmint) Similar to WTHBY1 with adj. 12 oz-1.5lbs Marlin: Adjustable 1.5-3.5 lb. Bolt Action Rimfire Models 15,25,25N, 781, 782, 283, 880, 010-MAR1 Black $84 882, 17, 17V, 17VS and 2000. Adj. pull 1-2.5 lbs. Bolt Action Rimfire Models 15,25,25N, 781, 782, 283, 880, 010-MAR1-S Silver $84 882, 17, 17V, 17VS and 2000. Adj. pull 1-2.5 lbs. Current production Rimfire models 917, 925, 980, 982, 983. 010-MAR917 Adj. 1-2.5lbs. Black $84 production Rimfire models 917, 925, 980, 982, 983. 010-MAR917S Current Silver $84 Adj. 1-2.5lbs. 010-R UR







010-MAR1 010-MAR917

Ruger ‘tang’ safety replacement sear Rimfire Models 77/22, 77/17, 77/44 and .22 Hornet. Adj. pull 1.5-2lbs. Rimfire Models 77/22, 77/17, 77/44 and .22 Hornet. Adj. pull 010-RUR-S 1.5-2lbs. Current Centerfire Models M77, MKII, Hawkeye. Adj. pull 14oz010-RUMKII 2lbs. Current Centerfire Models M77, MKII, Hawkeye. Adj. pull 14oz010-RUM-KII-S 2lbs. Two stage Varmint/Target Centerfire Models M77 and MKII. 010-RUVT-S Adj. pull 8oz-3lbs. 010-RUR
















Ruger MK .22 Pistols Pac-Lite Barrels: Convert your Ruger MK III Pistol into a lightweight, easy packing tack-

driver! These threaded end barrels replace your factory barrel and receiver with lightweight anodized aluminum. Lined with precision button-rifled steel with a 1:16 twist for superb accuracy! Includes adjustable iron sights and threaded muzzle with thread protector. Thread size 1/2x28. 005-PL6TENF-04 Pac-Lite MK III Barrel 6” Threaded End* OD Green $289 Matte Black $289 Pictured above right: 005-PL6TENF-02 Pac-Lite MK III Barrel 6” Threaded End* 005-PL45TENF-04 005-PL45TENF-04 Pac-Lite MK III Barrel 4.5” Threaded End* OD Green $279 Pictured above: 005-PL45TENF-02 Pac-Lite MK III Barrel 4.5” Threaded End* Matte Black $279 005-PL6TENF-04 Accessories for your Pac-Lite with OO5-PLCMP-02 005-PLCMP-02 Pac-Lite MK III Compensator MK and 22/45 Matte Black $37 Compensator. Below: 005-PLINTSB01 Pac-Lite Integral Sight Scope Rib Matte Black $69 005-PL45TENF-02 Pac-Lite Standard Scope Base Matte Black $30 with 005-PLSTDSB01 005-PLSTDSB01 005-PACCESSRL Pac-Lite Under Barrel Accessory Rail Installed# Matte Black $59 Std Scope Base 005-TRUTAC02 TruTac 1” Tactical Scope Rings Matte Black $34 005-201 Ruger MK III Combat Holster - Low Rise Matte Black $38 005-MSL Ruger MK and 22/45 Series Speed Loader Matte Black $16.95

*Pac-Lite Barrels must ship to a licensed FFL Dealer # Requires drilling and tapping... included with your order. Note: All Pac-Lite Barrels fit Ruger 22/45 & Ruger MK I, MK II and MK III pistols and use the original Ruger frame and bolt. Pac-Lite barrels cannot be shipped to CA or Wash DC.

005-MSL & 005-201

Ruger MK II, MKIII & 22/45 Frames Volquartsen Target Frame for Ruger MK II & III:

CNC machined from aluminum alloy. Complete frame includes: Accurizing Kit (includes Extended Bolt Release, CNC machined Target Trigger, wire EDM cut Target Hammer and Target Sear), Titanium Disconnector, Built-in Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector and Extended Safety. The VC Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25 lb trigger pull. The magazine disconnect has also been eliminated from this frame. No Grips.

140-VC3NF-B 140-VC3NF-G 140-VC3NF-S 140-VC3NF-R 140-VC3NF-BLUE

Complete Target Frame - Black - MK II, III, 22/45 Complete Target Frame - OD Grn - MK II, III, 22/45 Complete Target Frame - Silver - MK II, III, 22/45 Complete Target Frame - Red - MK II, III, 22/45 Complete Target Frame - Blue - MK II, III, 22/45

Volquartsen Aluminum Grips for Ruger 22/45: Now you can replace your factory 22/45 grips with precision machined and anodized grips from Volquartsen! Available in several colors: Silver, Black, Red, Blue, and OD Green. These aren’t “modified 1911” panels... They specifically designed for your 22/45 for a perfect fit and an improved “feel”. Remember, these grips only fit the 22/45s with replaceable grip panels. 140-VC3AG-B 140-VC3AG-S 140-VC3AG-R 140-VC3AG-Blue 140-VC3AG-G

Aluminum Grips - 22/45 - Black Aluminum Grips - 22/45 - Silver Aluminum Grips - 22/45 - Red Aluminum Grips - 22/45 - Blue Aluminum Grips - 22/45 - OD Green

$59 $59 $59 $59 $59

Ruger® Brand Scope Mount for Mk I, II, II, and 22/45 Pistols Genuine Ruger factory scope mount for your Ruger Mk I, II, III, and 22/45 Pistols. Fits the three screw hole pattern and mounts in front of the rear sight. Features a narrow “22 ring” groove on top of the standard Weaver/Picatinny compatible sides and slots.

015-90228 Ruger® Scope Mount $19.95



$359 $359 $359 $359 $359

Accuracy & Shooting Supplies

Volquartsen Laminated Target Grips for Ruger MK III: feature thumbrest, heelrest and finger grooves. Designed to give the shooter a relaxed, steadier hold. CNC machined from laminated wood. Includes extended bolt release, extended magazine release and four allen head screws. Available in several colors...Brown, Gray or Brown/Gray. Serious Bullseye Competitors and target shooters know that the slightest change in grip position can change your point of impact even when your sights and aiming eye are aligned the same from shot to shot. The purpose of these Target Grips is to position your hand in as close to the same place every time you pick up your gun... Improving your accuracy potential!. 140-VCTRG-3-R-B Brown Laminated Grips- MK III 140-VCTRG-3-R-BG Brown/Gray Laminated Grips- MK III 140-VCTRG-3-R-G Gray Laminated Grips MK III 140-VC3SL

$138 $138 $138



Volquartsen Accessories Ruger MK II, III & 22/45: 140-VC2AK-B 140-VC3AK-B 140-VC3ME 140-VC3SL


140-VC2HB 140-VC3TH-2 140-VC3TH-3

Accurizing Kit for MK II - Black $91 Accurizing Kit for MK III & 22/45 - Black $107 Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector - MK III $27 Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector - 22/45 $28 Picatinny Rail Mount System w/Target Sights - $235 MK II, III & 22/45 - Black Hammer Bushing - MK II $6.99 Target Hammer - MK II $39.99 Target Hammer - MK III & 22/45 $44.99

Volquartsen Volthane Grips for Ruger II & III: Designed to position your hand exactly the same everytime you grip the pistol, these grips are an aid to accuracy and consistency. Featuring a thumbrest, heelrest, and finger grooves, these grips allow for a relaxed, natural pointing, repeatable hold. The Volthane material itself is a comfortable, molded rubber material that’s impervious to sweat and moisture. It won’t warp and will remain beautiful for years of shooting. Bonus Accessories - The Mk II grips come with the Extended Bolt Release, Grip Screws, Washers and Allen Wrench. Mk III grips come with all of that PLUS an Extended Magazine Release... Yes, these grips are a major upgrade value! 140-VC2RG-R 140-VC2RG-L 140-VC3RG

Volthane Grip - Right Hand - MK II Volthane Grip - Left Hand - MK II Volthane Grip - Right Hand - MK III

$39.95 $39.95 $49.95

Volthane Grips shown above with Volquartsen LLV Barreled Upper.

Volquartsen LLV Barreled Upper for Ruger MK II & III: The LLV Barreled Upper has been completely redesigned for 2012.... Better balance, more versatility, and even better accuracy! A hard anodized CNC machined billet receiver is the foundation of the lightweight LLV setup. The complete barreled receiver (aka Upper) weighs under 15 oz! The receiver and barrel shroud are precision machined as one piece from aluminum alloy. An integral Picatinny Rail is machined into to top of the receiver. It is then fitted with a 6” precision stainless steel barrel that has been machine honed and lapped. The barrel has been contoured to reduce weight without sacrificing accuracy. The barrel features 1/2 × 28 threads on the muzzle end for adding a compensator or suppressor and comes standard with a thread protector. (Target sights are available at extra cost.) *Requires FFL, cannot ship to CA & NY.

Pictured with break (not 140-VC2LLV-B included.) 140-VC2LLV-TS-B

LLV Barreled Upper Ruger, MK II, III - no sights $299 LLV Barreled Upper-Ruger MK II, III - WITH sights $374


Majestic Arms, LTD. Ruger MK Speed Strip Conversion Kits...

Quick and Easy Disassembly of Ruger MK .22 Pistols Ruger MK Speed Strip Conversion Kits: Makes disassembly of your Ruger MK 22


Pistol easy and quick. No more busting fingernails and frustration with the original factory grip lever! With the Speed Strip Kit installed, disassembly is a simple process to unscrew the bolt stop pin and remove the bolt. See the video online!

006-SSI 006-SSB 006-SS32

Original Speed Strip Kit MK I & II Basic MK III Speed Strip Kit for all MKIII 3.2 Conversion kit for all MK I, II, III and 22/45

Accessories for your MK 22 Pistols

006-XBR 006-XMRI 006-XMIII 006-XM45 006-MBP 006-PIN 006-224501 006-224502 006-M2245T 006-MAG001 006-MAG002



Extended Bolt Release MK II, MK III Extended Magazine Release MK I, MK II Extended Magazine Release MK III Extended Magazine Release 22/45 Magazine Base Pad MK II, III Hi-Performance Firing Pin MK I, II, III and 22/45 Mag Base Bumper Pad for Ruger 22/45 Mags Mag Base Bumper Pad for Ruger 22/45 Mag (2 pk) 22/45 Magazine Bumper (2 pk) Universal Mag for Mk II and MK III Universal Mag for MK II and MK III (2 pk) includes base pad and loading tool Magazine Base Pad for MK II and MK III

$44 $44 $54


$23 $23 $29 $29 $16 $16 $22.95 $42.95 $34.95 $27.95 $51.95




Ultimate Clip Loader for Ruger MK II, III & 22/45 Speed load your Ruger MK II, III, and 22/45 Magazines in seconds! Load the hopper with up to 50 rounds of 22 ammo. Shake the loader to align the shells. Slip your magazine into the slot and watch it fill. See the video online!

230-2245A Ultimate Clip Loader- Amber $19.50 230-2245B Ultimate Clip Loader- Blue $19.50 230-2245G Ultimate Clip Loader- Green $19.50 230-2245C Ultimate Clip Loader- Clear $19.50

023-26610 Rem Oil Teflon Lubricant - 4oz. can $4.99

(recommended to maximize your Clip Loader ammo feed.)





Accurizing Kits (listed above)


Rail Mount System with Target Sights. Pictured on barrel; barrel not included. Features a mil-spec Picatinny style rail on both top and bottom for an efficient double mounting option for optic or other accessories. CNC machined from billed aluminum, attaches easily to MKII, III or 22/45 models with 5.5� bull barrels. $235

C3ME 140-V

MK II, III & 22/45 Complete drop-in kits provide a crisp, clean 2.25 lb trigger pull (pull may vary slightly due to factory frame variances). The kit includes an extended bolt release, target hammer, target sear, target trigger w/ overtravel screw, return trigger plunger spring and polished plunger. No stoning required.


Coco Bolo Grips

Ruger Mk II/III and 22/45 Pistols

Exotic Coco Bolo Wood with Beautiful Checkering Improve your grip and enhance the beauty of your Ruger Mk .22 Pistol with a new set of Coco Bolo grips. Available in Right Hand Thumbrest as well as Ambidextrous versions, these grips simply replace the removable grips that came on your gun. Does Not Fit Mk I Pistols.

006-AM45 Coco Bolo Grips Ambidextrous 22/45 $49 006-AMIII Coco Bolo Grips Ambidextrous Mk II, III $49 006- TR45 Coco Bolo Grips w/thumbrest 22/45 $49 006-TRIII Coco Bolo Grips w/thumbrest Mk II, III $49

Ruger Brand Magazines for MK I, II, III and 22/45 Pistols


Genuine Ruger factory magazines for your Ruger Mk I, II, III, and 22/45 Pistols. They’re all specific to the model of pistol you have so make sure to order the correct one.

015-90046 015-90231 015-90045 015-90229

015-90062 Ruger 9 Rnd Mag for MK I Pistol $25.95 015-90046 Ruger 10 Rnd Mag for MK II Pistol $25.95 015-90231 Ruger 10 Rnd Mag for MK III Pistol $25.95 015-90045 Ruger 10 Rnd Mag for MK II and 22/45 Pistol $25.95 015-90229 Ruger 10 Rnd Mag for MK III and 22/45 Pistol $25.95

Magazine Speed Loader for Ruger MK II, III and 22/45

Use this sturdy clasp to compress and hold the magazine follower spring while you drop in fresh rounds of 22 ammo. Precision machined by Tactical Solutions from 6061-T6 aluminum billet... Anodized finish. 005-MSL Mag Speed Loader $16.95


the AR22 .22LR n o i s r e v n co Tactical Solutions AR-22 conversions include: • • •

CNC machined bolt assembly with 416 stainless steel bolt Precision ground tool steel guide rails for strength & smooth, reliable functionality Forged charging handle with our tactical latch.

$575 005-ARLT Tactical Solutions AR-22 LT is the premier lightweight AR-15 .22LR convesion on the market. Features a 16.5” lightweight aluminum threaded end barrel* with a button rifled steel liner and Hogue® free float forend.


005-ARM4 Tactical Solutions AR-22 M4 is designed to give the look and feel of a center fire AR-15 M4 style rifle in a .22LR conversion. This conversion features a M4 style, 16.1” long barrel, mil-spec front sight post, and threaded end barrel with removable flash hider*. The AR-22 M4 is designed to use most mil-spec parts allowing the user to customize their rifle.

AR-22 Maintenance Kit for AR-22 Conversions Highly recommended for your AR-22 M4 and AR-22 LT conversion. Each kit includes a replacement firing pin, recoil spring, buffer, extractor dowel pin, and 2 e-clips.

005-ARMNT AR-22 Maintenance Kit $30



Black Do

g AR-15

X-Form M

These fit AR-22 LT, AR-22 M4, and several other AR15 Style 22 LR firearms (Call if your’s isn’t listed here). Available in your choice of smoke or black polycarbonate with your choice of Glass filled nylon or stainless steel feed lips! NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT,


HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park. CANNOT SHIP 10+ ROUND CLIPS TO NY


305-XF-10GF-SS Black w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-10SM-SS Smoke w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-10GF-NY Black w/ Nylon Lips $20 305-XF-10SM-NY Smoke w/ Nylon Lips $20


305-XF-15GF-SS Black w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-15SM-SS Smoke w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-15GF-NY Black w/ Nylon Lips $20 305-XF-15SM-NY Smoke w/ Nylon Lips $20


305-XF-25BL-SS Black w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-25SM-SS Smoke w/ Steel Lips $24 305-XF-25BL-NY Black w/ Nylon Lips $20 305-XF-25SM-NY Smoke w/ Nylon Lips $20

AR-15 .22LR Gen III 32 Rnd Mag 305-AR-SF-32RD $30

Black Dog AR-15 .22LR Gen III 32 Rnd Mag

Fits AR-22 LT, AR-22 M4, and several other AR15 Style 22 LR firearms (Does NOT work with Colt, Sig, DPMS, or S&W). Features steel feed lips, easy loading pull down thumb tab, easy disassembly for cleaning. Made of black polycarbonate with stainless steel feed lips. Holds 32 Rounds! Precaution-Thumb Pull Down Feature: Never use this feature without loading ammo into the magazine. Sliding the thumb assist down the magazine then releasing the thumb assist back to original position will most likely damage the internal pieces. This voids the warranty.NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND

CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

Black Dog AR-15 50 Rnd Drum

Black Dog Machine is a premier manufacture of high quality glass-filled polycarbonate .22LR magazines. Compatible with Tactical Solutions AR-22 Replacement Uppers, Cienter/Atchisson Conversion, Spikes Tactical Uppers, Kel-Tec PLR22, and Sig Sauer 522. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

305-AR1522-DRUM $80


Black Dog™ 10/22 Drum- 50 Round Mag

Quality First, Price Second - Black Dog took the point of view of, “What would it take to make it work right, regardless of the cost?” It ended up costing a little more, but it works... It Really Works! Reliable Feed - Unlike other high capacity mags, the Drum spreads out the spring tension resulting in reliable feed for all 50 rounds of shooting. Easy to Load - No Magazine Loader Required. Simply press the slots to compress the magazine follower as you insert rounds of ammo. Easy to Clean. *see our new AR22 50 Rnd drum conversion on page ##.

NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 50-ROUND DRUMS TO CA,CO, CT,MD,MA,NJ,NY,Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

Best Seller! 005-50D Black Dog 10/22 Drum Mag-50 Round $59

Black Dog™ 10/22 25 Round Mag

Made from glass filled polycarbonite for extra stiffness and surface hardness. Refined feed lips are shaped nearly identical to factory 10/22 magazines and give reliable feed in Ruger 10/22 firearms. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

005-501 Black Dog 10/22 25 Round Mag $19

Tactical Innovations® Adjustable 25

Having feed problems with your Ruger 10/22? Try this! Four adjustment screws at the top four corners. These screws are touch points where the magazine contacts your 10/22 receiver. By screwing these screws outward, you can custom fit the magazine for your rifle. You can remove the wiggle. You can set a better angle for feed. You can set the clearance with the bolt as well as the ejector engagement. All of these factors play a role in how reliable your magazine feeds. The TI25 Mag lets you fine tune them. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS

TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

Best Seller! 039-TI25 Adjustable 10/22 Mag 25 Round Clip $44

Hot Lips™ & Steel Lips™ Magazines

25 Round Banana Mags: Connect 2 or 3 side-by side!

The famous Hot-Lips 25 Round Mags for the Ruger 10/22 are back! Use ‘em one at a time or connect them side by side with the connector buttons. Feeds well with standard 22 Long Rifle ammo. Steel Lips™ models are just a little extra durable. Fill these magazines faster with our Magazine Speed Loader. (See pg. ##) NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI,

OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

200-40005 Hot Lips™ 25 Round 10/22 Magazine Clear $19.95 200-40010 Hot Lips™ 25 Round 10/22 Mag Smoke $19.95 200-24101 Steel Lips™ 25 Magazine Clear $24.95 200-24102 Steel Lips™ 25 Magazine Smoke $24.95



Ruger® Factory 10/22® 10 Round Mags These original Ruger factory magazines feed regular .22LR and 17HM2 ammunition. And, you can always tell how many cartridges are inside because of the clear plastic housing. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 10+ ROUND CLIPS TO NY

015-90223 Ruger® Clear 10/22 10 Round Magazine $19.95 015-90005 Ruger® Black 10/22 10 Round Magazine $19.95

TriMag Clip Connector

TriMag Clip Connects 3 factory mags into one! Turn your standard 10 round Ruger 10/22 magazines into 3-Mag high-capacity field units with this new TriMag 10/22 magazine Connector. The TriMag clip connects together three factory Ruger 10/22 magazines (order above) into one “jungle clip” type unit. It’s a very neat approach to high capacity magazine utility. Magazines not included.

027-101 TriMag 10/22 Mag Connector $9.95

Ruger® Factory 10/22 25 Round Mags

This genuine Ruger® factory magazine with Ruger® logo has been tested and has proven to feed as reliably as the standard BX-1 10-round Ruger® rotary magazine. BX-25 magazines will work with any factory original Ruger® 10/22® rifle, SR-22® rifle, and 22 Charger pistol. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD, MA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts, Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.

015-90361 Ruger® Black 10/22® 25 Round Magazine $29

Dummy Stick for your M1 Carbine 10/22

Attach to the base of the standard Ruger factory 10 round magazines (not included, order separately). They’re just for looks... They don’t add any magazine capacity. But, they sure give an authentic “Stick” magazine look. NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 10+ ROUND CLIPS TO NY 331-011 Dummy Stick Magazine $19

331-020 Dummy Stick Magazine for M1 Carbine $19

NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA,CO, CT, HI, OH, MD,MA,NJ,NY,Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts,Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.We cannot ship the 10 magazines to NY. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT, if you live in these locations. Restrictions may change.


Military Style 10/22 Stocks

Fusion for your original factory tapered barrel. IntraFuse for your .920” heavy barrel. Both Fusion & IntraFuse 10/22 stocks feature a military style collapsible buttstock and pistol grip… But that’s not all! The buttstock is adjustable for length of pull as well as cheek position. So you’ll be lined up right whether you use iron sights or scope. The pistol grip has a trapdoor compartment for emergency ammo, survival gear or misc. personal items. At the front of the Fusion stock, there are Weaver style accessory rails top and bottom (the bottom one has a cover over it). Mount a flashlight for night time rat shootin’. Mount a red dot scope for fast, “Scout scope” style sighting. You can even mount a laser sight if you like. Yes, the Fusion 10/22 Stock has a lot of fun built into it. Install it on your Ruger and it’s like having a totally different gun! Has front swivel stud capability using M4 adaptor.

036-63160 Fusion 10/22 Stock for factory contour barrel $87 036-63161 IntraFuse 10/22 Stock for .920”barrel $109 719-M4BP Forend Bipod Adaptor $34

Choate Telescoping M4 Tactical Stock for Ruger 10/22 A fully adjustable telescoping M4 style buttstock with pistol grip and hand guard... Made from metal and plastic just like original M4 stocks. In fact, the collapsible telescoping buttstock is a real M4 mechanism adapted to fit the Ruger 10/22. Length of Pull (LOP) adjusts from 12¼ to 15½ inches in approximately ¾” increments. Your 10/22 can now fit shooters of all sizes! Apple Seed/Liberty Rifle - The Choate M4 10/22 buttstock aligns your eye with factory iron sights as well as the Tech Sights precision peep system. The pistol grip, buttstock, and handguard create a profile that simulates the military M4 almost perfectly. And the sling mounting positions are the same as an M4, too. This stock is a great way to turn your Ruger 10/22 into an inexpensive M4 simulator and save money by shooting 22 LR rimfire ammo. What’s Included/What it Fits - The buttstock, pistol grip, and forend are one piece and include the handguard that attaches separately. This stock fits standard factory tapered barrels (does not fit .920 diameter barrels). Screws, barrel band, and misc hardware for attaching to your Ruger 10/22 are included. Not Included: Sling, Tech Sights, magazines.

317-070152 Choate Collapsible M4 Tactical 10/22 Stock $124

NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25+ ROUND CLIPS TO CA, CO, CT, HI, OH, MD,MA,NJ,NY,Washington D.C, Cities in IL: Aurora, Chicago, Chicago Hgts,Cicero, Franklin Park, Oak Park.We cannot ship the 10 magazines to NY. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT, if you live in these locations. Restrictions may change.



FEATURES: - Assembled with Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts - High Impact Resin Body (Disasmbles for Cleaning) - Stainless Steel Feed Lips (Durable and Reliable) - Re-Alignable Single Stack... Gives Reliable Feed - Thumb Assist Spring Knob... Aids Loading - Includes One Extra Stripper (Rib) Clip HC MAGS 10/22 STRIPER CLIP 45 RND MAG

25 + 20 Round Capacity Rapidly Reloads Stripper Clip Style This magazine feeds from a removable 25 round stripper clip that reloads stripper style from a row of 20 rounds that are held in a side pocket of the magazine. 25 + 20 = 45 Round Capacity. See more photos and a video on our website at HC Mags Info Page. 306-HC3R-22-MAG $39.95

SPEED LOADER FOR HC3R STRIPPER CLIPS Tray style shaker aligns 5 rows of 20 rounds for easy slide-on loading into HC Mag Stripper Clips. 306-HC3R-SPDLD-ACC $25.95 3-PACK OF EXTRA STRIPPER CLIPS These fit your HC Mags 10/22 Stripper Clip Magazine. Includes 3 strippers and 3 caps. 306-HC3R-CLP-ACC $12.95 6-PACK OF EXTRA STRIPPER CAPS (above) Caps keep your ammo from sliding out of the stripper clips. 306-HC3RCAP06-ACC $5.95

Universal Magazine Loader

Loader loads ammo into several brands of magazines. Compatible with Champion 10/22 magazines, Black Dog 10/22 magazines, and Ruger Factory 10/22 magazines. Can load up to 50 rounds at a time quick and accurately. Portable for in the field.

103-40430 Universal Ruger® 10/22® Magazine Loader $26

Hot Lips™ Magazine Loader Load your Hot Lips™ or Steel Lips™ magazines in seconds! Dump a 50 rnd box of .22 LR ammo into the hopper, insert a magazine, and just crank until it’s full! Recommended only for Hot Lips™ and Steel Lips™ in-line magazines.

200-24211 Hot Lips™Magazine Loader $28






EABCO 10/22 Accuracy Barrel -Threaded end (with protector) -18” length, .920” diameter

Made with the same precision & detail as our custom Encore Accuracy Barrels. 127-180 Standard Blue Finish 1:16 $169 127-182 Fast-Twist 1:9 Blue $169 127-184 Stainless Fluted 1:16 $219

Precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly and Stainless steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002” (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled.

Accessories Pictured Above:


Timney 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly $209 - is a complete replacement for the factory standard trigger module. Includes Timney Trigger mechanism plus lever action magazine release. Pre-assembled and adjusted to approx. 2.5 lbs. Available in Black, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red, Silver. Details page 40. Tactical Muzzle Break $34 - fits our EABCO Accuracy barrels and Tactical Solutions 10/22 barrels on page 34. Features a unique combination of lateral and forward porting to stabilize muzzle. Great for watching your hits on varmints as well as fast target acquisition during rapid fire competition. Available in matte black (005-103 $34) or silver (005-106 $37). Lever Action Mag Release $34 - helps your mags literally fall out when you pull, and pop back in with similar ease. Replaces original Ruger® 10/22 magazine release. Available in Black (005-102) or Olive Drab (005-101).

Laminated 10/22 Thumbhole Stocks Raised cheek piece

Inlett to fit .920” diameter barrel EASY Installation Purchase with any 10/22 barrel and save $10 209-11001 -Red $165 209-11002 - Gray $165 209-11003 - Brown $165 209-11004 - Camo $165 209-11005 - Burgundy $165 209-11007 - Blue $165 Tactical Scope Base available in standard or 15 MOA versions. Standard gives a solid, straight and accurate mount. 15 MOA puts 15 minutes of angle (inclination) into your mount, enhancing the elevation adjustment of your scope so that you can zero your 10/22 for longer distance shooting. 15 MOA are negligible at short distances, you’ll still be able to shoot normally. We recommend our Keylock™ or Warne® rings (not included). See page 54-55 or website for details. Keylock™ Scope Mount & Rings feature 4-screw ring tops, steel interlocking cross-bolt and clamp firmly with oversized allen screws. Details on page 54. Oversized Bolt Handle (127-178) $39 - replaces your factory bolt handle assembly. Easier to grip and looks nicer too! Adds no weight, because it is hollow! Swivel Stud for bipod. Available to order, or we can install for you. Screws into the stock. $3.95/$15 Install charge per stud. Bipods on page 44-45.


New! Green Mountain Performance Lightweight 10/22 Barrels

Green Mountain Aero Series Performance Lightweight Barrels and Shrouds for the Ruger 10/22 offer variety and personality to your rifle. Interchange colors to match your stocks. These Specialized Sporter Barrels are 416 guage stainless steel barrels, 16.5” length and can be accommodate the 15” Aero Shrouds or Aero Aluminum Special Project Tube. 1:16 twist, button rifled, thermo stress relieved, air guaged. Barrel weight 1.7#

035-901875 Aero Sporter Barrel for Shroud $149

Shrouds are ultralight aluminum and vented for a full float. 15” length, fits a .920” stock.

035-901721 Vented Shroud - Red $39 035-901722 Vented Shroud - Blue $39 035-901723 Vented Shroud - Gold $39 035-901724 Vented Shroud - Black $39 035-901725 Vented Shroud - Green $39 035-G50 Aluminum Special Project Tube $19.95

Green Mountain 10/22 Barrels

are high grade target barrels with tight fitting bore/groove dimensions and close fitting target-style chambers. Available in three twist rates:

1:16 Twist - 20" fluted .920 dia. bull barrels with target chambers. Best for standard and hi velocity ammo. 1:9 Twist - Special Purpose Barrels. 20” fluted .920 dia. bull barrels with target chambers. Best suited for Subsonic ammo like Aguila Subsonic and 60gr Super Sniper. 1:18 Twist - Special

Purpose Barrels. 20” fluted .920 dia. bull barrels. Stinger stabilizes light hyper velocity 22LR ammo.

035-901522– Blue Fluted 10/22 .920”x20” 1:16 Twist $129 035-901523– Stainless Fluted 10/22 .920”x20” 1:16 Twist $144 035-901600– Blue Fluted SubSonic 10/22 .920”x20” 1:9 Twist $129 035-901610-Blue Fluted Stinger 10/22 .920”x20” 1:18 Twist $149

209-11003 Brown Lam Stock


Hogue Overmolded Ruger 10/22 Stock

OverMolded Stocks are constructed by molding a super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced skeleton or “insert” that precisely fits the guns’ action. This rigid skeleton is then OverMolded with a durable but soft synthetic elastomer (rubber). During the heat and extreme pressure of injection molding the elastomer adheres chemically as well as mechanically to the skeleton, resulting in a permanent bond between the rubber and the insert. The super strong skeleton gives the stocks their strength, and the precise molded dimensions provide a perfect drop787-22000 Black - Factory Taper barrel $69.00 in fit of your rifle or shotgun. The state of the art elastomer material used on Hogue stocks won’t 787-22010 Black - .920 Bull Barrel $69.00 harden with age and is virtually impervious to all 787-22610 Camo Rubber - .920 Bull Barrel $89.00 oils and solvents found around firearms, provid787-22810 Ghillie Green - .920 Bull Barrel $89.00 ing years of dependable service

Airguaged Barrels Bentz-Style Target Chambers Match-Target Crowns Excellent barrels with extreme accuracy potential when replacing your Ruger® 10/22® Barrel. 18” Length, .920” diameter. Available in Factory Blue or Helical Fluted Stainless. Helical style is "Top-Of-The-Line" with E. R. Shaw's patented "helical" style fluting and match grade stainless steel on a match grade bore and Bentz chamber dimensions with the target crown. 040-RB01 Factory Blue 10/22 Barrel $99 040-RB02 Helical Fluted Stainless 10/22 Barrel $179



Reis 10/

Reising Sub Gun Style Ruger 10/22 Project

The short forend, finger grooves, and dull walnut stained finish give this stock the look and feel of the classic Reising Sub Machine Gun. Add a finned barrel, dummy stick magazine and sling to complete your own Reising 10/22 Tribute Gun. Channeled to fit up to .920 diameter barrel, this stock is inletted for a drop-in fit with your Ruger 10/22.

Finned Ruger 10/22 Barrel with Sights

Fits the Ruger 10/22 rifle. This 16” barrel is chambered for 22LR and features a 1:16 rifling twist to stabilize standard as well as high velocity 22LR ammunition. Diameter is .920” and requires a non-tapered .920” barrel channel in your stock. See our recommended stocks below... Sights - These barrels come with a receiver mounted rear peep sight and ringed front sight post. This front sight post is a little high for use with the rear sight that comes on our Tommy Gun Replica kits. If you install this barrel on one of those kits, you may need to shorten the front sight post.

035-901912 Finned Ruger 10/22 Barrel with Sights Matte Black .920” Dia. $219 035-901918 Finned Ruger 10/22 Barrel with Sights Stnls .920” Dia. $234 035-G66 Reising Sub Gun Style Ruger 10/22 Stock $119 200-13112 Sling Swivel Studs for 1” Sling $12.95 (Includes a 1/2” and 1” wood screw type swivel sud and two quick detach swivels to fit a 1” sling)

130-48G Cotton Sling, no oiler $14.95 331-011 Dummy Stick Conversion for Ruger 10/22 $19

sing Subgun /22 Tribute


Tactical Solutions Vantage RS™ 10/22 Stock

A versatile, ambidextrous laminated stock for the Ruger 10/22. The Vantage RS™ features a factory installed non-compression pillar bedding system for enhanced accuracy potential. Carefully engineered to work with the barrel’s harmonics, the Vantage RS™ is designed to fit 10/22® style actions with 0.920” diameter barrels and is perfectly inlet on CNC machines. The comb and forend heights were designed to give the shooter a superior line of sight for rifle scopes. Available in Slate Gray and Forest Camo laminated hardwood. Main Features: Hardwood Laminate Construction; Dimensioned for Scope Sights; Pillar Bedded for Accuracy; Front and Rear Swivel Studs.

005-0190 Vantage RS 10/22 Stock Slate Gray $174 005-0189 Vantage RS 10/22 Stock Forest Camo $174

Tactical 22LR Bar



Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Barrels Diamond Fluted Threaded Tension Barrels pictured with Silver Forward Blow Compensator. Available together or sold separately.

Item Number



140-VCTHM-C-22 140-VCTHM-C-1228-22 140-VCTHM-C-FBC-22 140-VCTHM-D-1228-22-B 140-VCTHM-D-1228-22-R 140-VCTHM-D-1228-22-G 140-VCTHM-D-1228-22-BL 140-VCTHM-D-FBC-22-B 140-VCTHM-D-FBC-22-R 140-VCTHM-D-FBC-22-G 140-VCTHM-D-FBC-22-BL 140-VC10FWC-1228-B 140-VC10FWC-1228-S 140-VC10AC-B 140-VC10AC-S 140-VC10BM-B

10/22 Carbon Fiber Barrel - Non Threaded 10/22 Carbon Fiber Barrel - 1/2x28 Threads 10/22 Carbon Fiber Barrel w/ Forward Blow Compensator 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel - 1/2x28 Thread - Black 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel - 1/2x28 Thread - Red 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel - 1/2x28 Thread - Green 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel - 1/2x28 Thread - Blue 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel w/ Forward Blow Compensator - Black 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel w/ Forward Blow Compensator - Red 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel w/ Forward Blow Compensator - Green 10/22 Diamond Fluted Barrel w/ Forward Blow Compensator - Blue 10/22 Forward Blow Compensator - 1/2x28 Thread - Black 10/22 Forward Blow Compensator - 1/2x28 Thread - Silver 10/22 Stabalization Accuracy Module - Black 10/22 Stabalization Accuracy Module - Silver 10/22 Barrel Mounted Scope Mount - Black

$269 $286 $366 $350 $350 $350 $350 $430 $430 $430 $430 $109 $109 $49 $49 $29

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber 10/22 Tension Barrels

Threaded, Tension Tuned Match Grade Barrels w/Optional Muzzle Brake The Volquartsen approach to making a lighter weight barrel for the Ruger 10/22 is unique... They use a tensioning system to enhance the accuracy and cooling characteristics. The stainless steel core of these barrels is referred to as “THM” for Taper Honed Match barrel and chamber. The bore and chamber dimensions vary no more than .0001” from breech to muzzle... That’s 1/10,000th of an inch. “Taper Honed” refers to the polish of the bore and the improved transition from the chamber to the bore. Dimensions are confirmed by digital measurements. The “core” of these barrels is a small diameter match grade barrel. Now, as diameters get smaller, the potential for vibration increases. So, Volquartsen reduces vibration by TENSIONING the core within a light weight carbon fiber sleeve. The result is a lighter barrel with the same stiffness and vibration deadening as a heavy match barrel... Quite a unique system.

Forward Blow Compensator (above); Stabilization Accuracy Module (left).

Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly The Trigger Guard 2000 is a Item Number Description Price complete CNC machined trigger guard equipped with precision 140-VCTP-1-10-B TG2000 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly - Black $229 TG2000 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly - Silver $229 EDM parts. It features an internal 140-VCTP-1-10-S pretravel adjustment that is set at the factory in order to greatly reduce pretravel usually found on the factory trigger guard. This new match trigger guard is CNC machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft aluminum. The hammer, sear and disconnector are precision wire EDM cut from A2 hardened tool steel with tolerances being held to +/- .0002” assuring every trigger let off to be extremely consistent. The CNC machined trigger is hard black anodized and equipped with an overtravel adjustment screw. The trigger is reset internally to eliminate any dragging or inconsistencies caused by a conventional trigger plunger. The TG2000 comes with custom Volquartsen springs. An automatic bolt release and an extended magazine release are also included. This trigger guard assembly is machined to give a superb, crisp trigger that will provide years of enjoyment to the shooter who demands the very best.


Ruger 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly A complete replacement for the factory standard plastic or metal trigger guard module. It contains a precise Timney Trigger mechanism, PLUS a lever action magazine release. The Timney 10/22 Trigger system is a single-stage, pre-assembled, tuned and adjusted group that comes with complete, photo illustrated instructions. All trigger sear surfaces are EDM cut, Teflon-Nickel coated, and deliver an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage, drop-in trigger. This is a “Trigger Group”... Pre-assembled and adjusted. Pull weight is approximately 2.5 lbs. See all our Timney Triggers on page 22. Black Housing

Silver Housing

Trigger Shoe Color









$209 $209
















X-Ring Replacement Receiver for Ruger 10/22




Includes Hardened Steel Bolt, Double Spring System, Integral Scope Mount

The X-Ring from Tactical Solutions. A precision machined rimfire receiver that fits everything that fits the Ruger 10/22 receiver. Use the X-Ring to replace your factory 10/22 Receiver, OR... Use it to build a completely new gun by combining it with 10/22 accessories! (Recommended trigger guard assemblies: Ruger and Volquartsen). Special Features -Machined from a solid block of 6061 T6 Billet, the X-Ring is held to extremely tight tolerances. The unique X-Ring Bolt has two recoil springs and guide rods... This gives an even tension to the bolt (factory 10/22 bolts have one off-center spring and rod on the side of the bolt). Note: Does not work with Timney Triggers. Integral Scope Mount and More - Picatinny/Weaver scope mounting base, a rear buffer pin, and a rear cleaning rod access hole. Includes Custom Bolt and Bolt Handle. Trigger group is not included. *Receivers must be shipped to an FFL Dealer

005-XR145102 X-Ring Receiver Matte Black $369 005-XR145204 X-Ring Receiver OD Green $369 005-XR178111 X-Ring Receiver Silver $369

REAR CHARGING RUGER 10/22 RECEIVER Features AR Style Rear Charging Handle

Possibly the most ingenious idea we’ve seen for the Ruger 10/22 is the “Rear Charging” 10/22 Receiver. It “Charges” or racks the bolt the same way an AR15 does. It’s a completely new receiver housing that uses your original bolt and trigger guard assembly. After racking the rear T-shaped charging handle backwards and letting it spring forward to chamber a round, it locks forward and stays there as you fire (It doesn’t cycle backwards with each shot). As you shoot, the bolt cycles back and forth but the rear charging handle doesn’t move and there’s no bolt handle cycling on the side either... It’s like a different firearm. How it Works - The Rear Charging 10/22 Receiver works with your original bolt and trigger guard assembly. It comes with a special replacement Bolt Spring Guide Rod Assembly that replaces your original Bolt Handle assembly. Simply disassemble your original receiver and reassemble into the new receiver. Integrated Scope Mount and More - In addition to the rear charging feature, this 10/22 receiver also has an integral Picatinny/Weaver scope mounting base, a rear buffer pin, and a rear cleaning rod access hole. Must Ship to Your Local FFL Dealer. Cannot ship to CA.

039-30135 Rear Charging Ruger 10/22 Receiver $199



Keylock 2-Ring Scope Mount for Ruger 10/22

Complete with Precision Weaver/Pictinny Base and Rings This is a complete scope mounting system for your Ruger 10/22. It includes our NEW Precision Machined Weaver/Picatinny base and two of our Keylock Magnum Rings. The rings fit standard one inch diameter scope tubes.

127-425 Keylock 2-Ring Scope Mount for Ruger 10/22 - Black $49 127-430 Keylock 2-Ring Scope Mount for Ruger 10/22 - Silver $49 127-817 Keylock Scope Base for Ruger 10/22 - Black $29 127-818 Keylock Scope Base for Ruger 10/22- Silver $29 *Keylock 1” Rings avaible separately on page 55. Ruger 10/22 Embroidered Gun Case

A padded black cordura 10/22 gun case with red trim, webbing handles, and Ruger 10/22 embroidery. Interior measures 39.5" x 8.25". Fits factory Ruger 10/22 rifles as well as M1 Carbine Tribute 10/22 rifles. DOES NOT FIT rifles with our 10/22 silhouette thumbhole stocks. If your 10/22 is decked out with a scope and thumbhole silhouette stock, we recommend the Scopetector Gun Case online. 045-275 Ruger 10/22 Gun Case $19.95

M1 Carbine Replica Gun Case

Original or Fleece Lined An M1 Carbine Replica Canvas Gun Case that fits the Ruger 10/22, M1 Carbine, and other rifles of similar dimensions (fits rifles up to 36” long). Available in the original canvas as was used in WWII and Korea. Also available in a fleece lined version that still looks authentic but gives better padding and protection. Well suited to the Liberty Training Rifle and Appleseed Project. 130-400 Unlined M1 Carbine Canvas Gun Case $29 130-40L Fleece lined M1 Carbine Canvas Gun Case $39 Tune up your action... to enhance your accuracy as well as your ability to shoot well... Your marksmanship. Every little bit helps. Improve your lock time with a Hammer kit and Titanium Firing Pin. Improve your trigger performance with a Competition Sear Kit. Upgrade your bolt to just pull and release with the Rack and Roll Bolt Release. If you're mechanically inclined, you can install these yourself but we recommend our package deal installation service. Get our action tune components installed by EABCO for only $40.

The 10/22® Hammer Tune Kit produces a lighter trigger pull with a faster lock time. The sear engagement surfaces are precision ground and vapor honed. The kit includes a new hammer, extra power hammer spring, two .004” shims and a new trigger return spring. The 10/22® Competition Sear Kit lightens the trigger pull and smooths the trigger return. Hand stoned engagement surfaces. Includes a new sear, extra power sear spring, and two .004” trigger shims. This Hammer and Sear package produces a trigger pull of 2.75 lbs +/- 4 oz. 713-001 Hammer Tune Kit $31.95 713-002 Competition Sear Kit $29.95 713-003 Hammer/Sear Pkg $54.95 713-105 Titanium Firing Pin $32 713-303 Titanium 10/22 Sharp Claw Extractor $9.99 Have them installed for $40 (127-RP1)

10/22 Barrel Pusher Tool

181-005 R&R Bolt Release $12.95 Designed to easily remove fac127-169 Accuracy Firing Pin $19 tory and aftermarket barrels We’re now offering a more precisely ma- from the receivers of Ruger® chined firing pin with a full sized impact 10/22® rifles. face... approximately 3 times the surface The 10/22® Barrel Pusher works with all available calibers area of the factory firing pin. 713-105 Titanium Firing Pin $32 including 17HMR, 17HM2, 22LR and 22WMR. The tool removes 127-RP1 Installation $40 the tightest barrel with no exertion and with no danger of marring or scratching the receiver.



316-BPT $42


Ruger 10/22 Tommy Gun Conversion Squad Leader 10/22 Gun Stock Conversion Kit - 331-014 $299

Includes replica receiver extention and hardware, peep sight (short), buttstock, rear pistol grip, and front forend. WWII Military Style. Squad forend fits factory tapered barrel (not .920” dia.)

Chicago 10/22 Gun Stock Conversion Kit - 331-013 $319

Includes replica receiver extention and hardware, peep sight (long), buttstock, rear pistol grip, front pistol grip and fake “Cutts Compensator”. Forend fits factory tapered barrel and our finned 10/22 barrels below.

Pistol 10/22 Gun Stock Conversion Kit 331-001P $249

(For Ruger Charger Pistols Only) Includes replica receiver extension, rear sight (adjustable for windage) and hardware with rear pistol grip and front forend.

“Finned” replacement barrels from Green Mountain

for Ruger 10/22 are reminiscent of the cooling finned barrels you’d see on the old Thompson Sub Machine Guns. Features a 1:16 rifling twist. .920” dia reuires a non-tapered stock. Length is 16”. These barrels come with a receiver mounted rear peep sight and ringed front sight post. This front sight post is a little high for use with the rear sight that comes on our Tommy Gun Replica kits. If you install this barrel on one of those kits, you may need to shorten the front sight post.

035-901912 Finned 10/22 Tommy Gun Barrel Blue $219 035-901918 Finned 10/22 Tommy Gun Barrel Stainless $234 039-80132 Heavy Duty Adjustable 10/22 Bolt Spring $3.50 039-30171 Clipped 10/22 Bolt Spring Guide Rod $9.99 039-30069 Skeletized 10/22 Bolt Handle Asmbly $39 039-80144 Allen Head Stnls 10/22 Stock Screw $4.99 039-00204 Adjustable 10/22 V-Block Black $18 039-00205 Adjustable 10/22 V-Block Stainless $18



10/22 AMMO

Item Number 037-320 037-297 037-268

Aguila Ammo

Aguila Interceptor- At 1,470 fps, it is 220 fps faster than standard 40gr. It’s almost into the hyper velocity category! Aguila SuperMaximum- At 1,750, it is only 150 fps slower than 17HM2, yet full caliber .22LR. Aguila Supersonic HP- Shoots quieter because it’s slower velocity. “Slow & Heavy” approach puts a TON of whack on small game.






50 rnds




50 rnds




50 rnds








Aguila SSS Super Sniper Subsonic- extra heavy weight.



Super Colibri Subsonic Yard Ammo- no louder or powerful than many air rifles, shoot it in your back yard!


Item Number

CCI / Wolf / RWS Ammo

50 rnds 50 rnds






CCI Green Tag Match Std. Subsonic


1070 fps





710 fps




CCI CB Long Yard Ammo- Low Noise Subsonic Wolf Match Extra Subsonic


1050 fps




Wolf Match Target Std Plus

40 gr

1050 fps



117-2478 1172132664 1172132494

RWS Target Rifle 22 LR Subsonic


1073 fps



RWS SubSonic Hollow Points


1030 fps



RWS High Velocity Hollow Points


1260 fps




CCI Select Semi-Auto Accuracy


1200 fps




CCI Quiet-22


710 fps




17HM2 Mach 2 Ammo


2100 fps



Item Number 115-420161

Lapua Ammo

Grains Velocity

Lapua X-Act 22LR


1073 fps





Price/ 500 $251.00


Lapua Midas+ 22LR


1073 fps







1073 fps







958 fps







909 fps




115-21087 115-21117 115-1020

SK 22LR Rifle Match SK 22LR Hi-Velocity SK 22LR Hi-Velocity HP

40gr 40gr 40gr

1050 fps 1263 fps 1263 fps

50 50 50

$8.36 $8.36 $8.36

$80.00 $80.00 $80.00


SK 22LR Subsonic


1033 fps





SK 22LR Standard Plus


1050 fps




Please Note: Ammo must ship UPS ground. Ammo is non-retunable. Check local & state laws. Cannot ship ammo to HI, AK, NY, CA Must be 21 yrs old to purchase.


Harris Bipod System The Original bipod System designed for a totally solid hold. The Harris Bipod system goes with you and is ready for action when you are. It attaches to your forend using a swivel stud (you can still use your sling). Once attached, the bipod folds out of the way for easy carrying or transport. Just unfold it when you’re ready to use it. The legs extend to various lengths independently to accommodate uneven terrain and establish a comfortable, level hold. Available in Original and Swivel (tilts side to side to eliminate canting) to fit you perfectly. The Swivel model has adjustable friction to stay where you tilt it. Also available with notches (designated stopping points along the legs to lock into position). The 6-9” BR models are popular with single shot handguns and bench level rifle shooters. The 9-13” models are the overall most popular hunting rifle models. “H” Model has two-piece extendable legs, like shorter models. The “25” Models have three-piece telescoping legs.

Model 97D Rifle, p. 4-5, Harris Bipod 721-SBR, S-Lever 127-920

Item Number Length 721-SBR 721-SBRM 721-1A2BR 721-1A2BRM 721-SL 721-SLM 721-1A2L 721-1A2LM 721-S25 721-1A225 721-1A2H 721-S25C 721-1A225C 200-2500


Notches Price

6-9” Yes No 6-9” Yes Notches 6-9” No No 6-9” No Notches 9-13” Yes No 9-13” Yes Notches 9-13” No No 9-13” No Notches 11-23” Yes No 11-23” No No 13-23” No No 13-27” Yes No 13-27” No No Sling Swivel Stud Set

$98 $98 $69 $69 $98 $98 $69 $69 $115 $86 $69 $115 $86 $3.95

Bipod Pod-Loc & S-Lever™

REPLACE THE FRICTION TENSION KNOB FOR BETTER CONTROL AND LEVERAGE The Harris “S”, and Caldwell XLA pivot type bipods allow you to tilt or cant your rifle side to side to level your crosshairs. It’s a great system. However, the friction tensioning knob is hard to adjust with your fingers. The Pod-Loc™ Tension Lever and the “S”-Lever™ replaces the friction tension knob to give you much better control and leverage. Pictured right is the standard Harris S-type bipod. The Pod-Loc™ and “S” Lever™ can also be released and re-positioned after you’ve adjusted it. The Pod-Loc™ installs easily on all “S” type Harris bipods (sorry it does NOT fit our clone bipods). The “S”-Lever™ #920 fits Harris and Caldwell XLA swivel models. Easy to Install - Photo instructions are included.

127-920 “S” Lever™ for Harris “S” Type & Caldwell XLA Pivot models $12.95 012-001 Pod-Loc™ Tension Lever for Harris “S” Type $24 012-001P Pod-Loc™ Tension Lever $20 (when ordered with any Harris bipod!)

Scope-EZE Cheek Rest

Buttstocks that were originally supplied with iron sight guns often are too low where your cheek rests to allow proper alignment of your eye to your scope. And often, even cheek rest equipped stocks don’t position the eye just right for evey shape and size of the human face. Our new Scope-EZE cheek rests come in heights from ¼ inch to 1-1/8th inch. Made from extra dense polymer foam rubber with a peel-off adhesive backing that creates a permanent installation. Make that stock work with your new scope! 204-750 Scope-EZE 1/4-3/4” Taper $35 204-900 Scope-EZE 5/8ths-1” Taper $37 204-925 Scope-EZE 7/8ths-1-1/4th” Taper $42 204-950 Scope-EZE 1-1/8th-1-1/2” Taper $47

Accu-Riser Cheek Rest

Standard Rifle Stocks are Cheeked for Iron Sites... Too Low for Scope Sighting Strap or Screw-On Fit, Adjustable Height. Positions your aiming eye higher for alignment with scope sights. Molded hard rubber cheek rest with two risers, 1/2” and 1” in height. Finished in flexible walnut, camo, or black to match most stock finishes closely. Attaches with 2 screws or velcro strap.

114-6000B Black $29 114-6000W Walnut $29 114-6000C Camo $29



Item Number



Notches Price

201-247142 201-379852 201-571429 201-403215 201-701417 201-591336 201-335235 201-457855

6-9” 6-9” 9-13” 9-13” 13-23” 13-23” 14-30” 8.75-12”

Pivot Fixed Pivot Fixed Pivot Fixed Pivot/Tilt Pivot/Tilt

Notches Notches Notches Notches Notches Notches No No

$47 $34 $49 $37 $49 $39 $59 $42

Champion bipods look and function almost identically to the famous Harris Bipod models. 1A2L

and 1A2H (see Harris Bipods). The metal looks the same thickness. They weigh the same. They fold out of the way the same. The legs adjust and lock their length the same. There are some differences in the cosmetics of the screw heads, but otherwise they seem like the same thing.

Available with pivoting or fixed base. “Notched” legs snap lock at full length or can be locked at each notch position in between. Just like the original Harris bipods, these XLA bipods attach to the swivel stud on your forend. *Compatible with S-Lever #127-920. The Prone (8.75-12”) & Sitting (14-30”) Model Bipods feature adjustable height, 18 degree adjustable tilt and 20 degree swivel left or right. Item Number Length P i vo t / Swivel 103-40855S 6-9” Pivot 103-40854 6-9” Fixed 103-40853 9-13” Fixed 103-40856S 9-13” Pivot 103-40852 13.5-23 Fixed 103-40857S 13.5-23 Pivot

Adjustable Butt-Pods

Notches Price $49 $39 $39 $49 $39 $49

No No No No No No

720-BT04 Locking Adjustable Butt-Pod $64

Just like the original, but the locking allows you to set the tension of the adjustment, giving an even steadier hold.

720-BT04QK Quick-Knob Adjustable Butt-Pod $87

Our most popular model, the quick-knob adjustable butt-pod but features a disengage button to quickly slide up and down the threads for rough positioning, re-engage the threads for fine positioning. Very quick and convenient.

Do not have a SWIVEL STUD? You may need a bipod adaptor...

If you have a standard swivel stud on a forend, all of the bipods should attach with no additional hardware. Below are adaptors for special situations.

721-2- Flat Flange Adaptor $7.95- Allows mounting on hollow plastic forends. Works on Endeavor/Pro Hunter XT & Pro Hunter 721-2A- Round Flange Adaptor $7.95 - works well on Ruger M77 RP MK II plastic stock and others. 721-2R- Radiused Flange BP Adaptor $7.95 - Allows mounting on wood forends under tubular magazines or gas tubes. 721-3- Remington 4, 74, 7400 Adaptor $16.95 - Fits Remington semiauto models 4, 74, and 7400 and provides mounting stud for Bipod. 721-4- Universal Barrel Clamp $19.95 - Clamps to rifle barrels up to .812” dia and provides mounting stud for bipod. 721-5- AR15 Adaptor $9.95 - Fits Colt AR15 round handguard without alteration. Provides mounting stud for bipod. 721-6- European Rail Adaptor $7.95- For European sized (~3/8”) rail. 721-6A- USA Rail Adaptor $7.95 - For USA sized (~5/16”) rail. 721-7A- Angled Shim Spacer $3.95- For thin forends and schnabels. 721-8- Remington XP 100 Stud $7.95 - For plastic stocks. Includes 7A spacer. Requires drilling. (not pictured) 721-9- Flat Bottom Adaptor $22 - Allows mounting Harris bipod to most flat bottom forends. 721-14- Ruger Mini 14 Adaptor $19.95 - Fits Mini 30 and Mini 14 standard and ranch but not series 180 or folding stock version. Provides mounting stud for bipod. 719-M4BP Forend Harris BP Adaport $34- M4 military rifle, AR15 style.

721-2 721-2A

721-2R 721-3

721-5 721-4 721-6 721-6A

721-7A 721-14



Match-Grade Brass


ade from the finest raw materials formulated by the World’s top brass mills, Lapua brass features just the right hardness, firmness, and molecular grain structure for optimum performance. By combining this material with tight dimensional tolerances and uniform case volumes, Lapua has won over the confidence of World Champion shooters. At the American Bench Rest Championships, 17 of the 20 top 13.5 Class shooters used Lapua brass. And, the top twenty 10.5 class shooters shot Lapua brass unanimously! (Note: This is Cartridge Brass Not Loaded Ammo)

Scenar Bullets

Item #



810-4PH5001 810-4PH5002 810-4PH5003 810-4PH5013 810-4PH6009 810-4PH6012 810-4PH6010 810-4PH6020 810-4PH6030 810-4PH6046 810-4PH6050 810-4PH7217 810-4PH7068 810-4PH7074 810-4PH7215 810-4PH7226 810-4PH8068

Lapua 22-250 Rem Brass (100) Lapua 222 Remington Brass (100) Lapua 223 Remington Brass (100) Lapua 220 Russian Brass (100) Lapua 243 Win Brass (100) Lapua 6.5x55 Brass (100) Lapua 6.5x47 Lapua Brass (100) Lapua 6.5 Grendel Brass (100) Lapua 6.5x284 Brass (100) Lapua 6mm BR Norma Brass (100) Lapua 260 Remington Brass (100) Lapua 308 Win Brass (100) Lapua 30-06 Brass (100) Lapua 7.62x39 Brass (100) Lapua 7.62x53R Brass (100) Lapua .308 Win Palma (100) Lapua .338 Mag Brass (100)

$103 $59 $59 $97 $96 $72 $110 $104 $121 $85 $106 $72 $115 $58 $115 $79 $259

Lapua “Scenar” bullets are an extreme accuracy bullet at an affordable EABCO Item # Description BC Twist Price price. These bullets commonly shoot 810-4PL5006 Lapua .224 55 gr Soft Point .202 1:12 $34 5-shot groups as small as 1/2” at 300 me810-4PL5011 Lapua .224 69 gr Scenar .341 1:9 $39 ters... Excellent for Target and Varmint! 810-4PL6050 Lapua .243/6mm 105 gr Scenar-L .472 1:8 $54 810-4PL6047 Lapua .243/6mm 90 gr (100) .420 1:10 $45 Consistency and Efficiency: The two main 810-4PL6045 Lapua .243/6mm 105 gr (100) .530 1:8 $45 things that contribute to the accuracy of a 810-4PL6032 Lapua 6.5mm 123 gr (100) .547 1:8 $43 bullet. They launch at more consistent ve810-4PL6033 Lapua 6.5mm 100 gr (100) .444 1:8 $42 locities and are well balanced for the high 810-4PL6018 Lapua 6.5mm 139 gr (100) .615 1:8 $43 810-4PL7073 Lapua .308 155 gr (100) .508 1:12 $45 velocity spin they’ll take on from the rifling. 810-4PL7071 Lapua .308 185 gr (100) .521 1:10 $45 The boat tail, long bearing surface, gentle 810-4PL7069 Lapua .308 167 gr (100) .470 1:10 $45 ogive, and hollow point produce extremely 810-4PL8013 Lapua .338 300 gr (100) .810 1:10 $85 810-4PL8017 Lapua .338 250 gr (100) .675 1:10$78 good flying efficiency... Lapua Scenar bullets have high ballistic coefficients so they’ll fly 1:12 further and flatter than less efficient bullet designs.

Lapua Rifle Ammo


Item #


810-4315011 810-4315011-50 810-4315040 810-4316011-50 810-4316012 810-4316012-50 810-4316014 810-4316015 810-4316030 810-4316030-50 810-4316031 810-4316031-50 810-4316032 810-4316032-50 810-4316045 810-4316045-50 810-4316046-50 810-4317073-50 810-4317515-50 810-4317523-50 810-4317340 810-4318013 810-4318017 810-4318033

Lapua 223 Remington Ammo 69 gr. (20) Lapua 223 Remington Ammo 69 gr. (50) Lapua 223 Remington Ammo 55 gr. (20) Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 123 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 139 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 139 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 108 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 100 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 139 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 139 gr Scenar (50) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 108 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 108 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 123 gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 123 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 90gr Scenar (20) Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 90 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 105 gr Scenar (50) Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 155gr Scenar (50) Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 167 gr Scenar (50) Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 185 gr. Scenar (50) Lapua 308 Winchester 200 gr Subsonic (20) Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 300gr Scenar (10 Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 250gr Scenar (10) Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 250gr Lock Base (10)

Price $39 $91.99 $39 $124 $62 $124 $62 $62 $42 $84 $42 $84 $42 $84 $46 $105.99 $92 $88 $99.99 $99.99 $52 $67 $62 $67


Lapua Ammunition is made from Lapua components. That's the first reason why it is so accurate. The second reason is because Lapua is so good at manufacturing. We've been supplying Lapua brass and Lapua bullets to accuracy loving handloaders for years. Now this accuracy potential is available to non-handloaders. This Lapua factory manufactured ammunition is actually used by competitors to win major championships. That's a pretty huge endorsement because those champions want to win... And they usually won't trust anything but their own hand loads. You can read more about Lapua ammunition in the 13 page Lapua Ammo PDF online at Note: Cannot be shipped to NY, MA, Wash DC, HI, AK, cities in CA: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco (see zipcode list), Montgomery county in MD. Must ship UPS Ground.

Berger Match Hunting Bullets Boxes of 100 Number 208-24527 208-24528 208-24570 208-25513 208-26503 208-26504 208-27502 208-27570 208-28501 208-28502 208-28503 208-28570 208-30508 208-30510 208-30512 208-30513 208-30570 208-30571 208-33554 208-33556


Hunting .243/6mm 95 gr VLD Hunting .243/6mm 105 gr VLD Classic Hunter Hybrid 6mm 95 gr Hunting .257 115 gr VLD Hunting .264/6.5mm 130 gr VLD Hunting .264/6.5mm 140 gr VLD Hunting .277 140 gr VLD Classic Hunter Hybrid 270 cal 130gr Hunting .284/7mm 168 gr VLD Hunting .284/7mm 180 gr VLD Hunting .284/7mm 140 gr VLD Classic Hunter Hybrid 7mm 168gr Hunting .308 155 gr VLD Hunting .308 168 gr VLD Hunting .308 175gr VLD Hunting .308 185 gr VLD Classic Hunter Hybrid 30 cal 168gr Classic Hunter Hybrid 30 cal 185gr Elite Hunter Hybrid 338 cal 250 gr Elite Hunter Hybrid 338 cal 300gr

Berger Match Target Bullets Boxes of 100

Number 208-22408 208-22418 208-22420 208-22422 208-22424 208-24411 208-24425 208-24427 208-24429 208-24431 208-24433 208-26401 208-26403 208-28401 208-28405 208-30410 208-30413 208-30415 208-30416 208-30419 208-30424 208-30425 208-30426 208-30427 208-30429 208-30430


Target .224 52 gr Target .224 70gr. VLD Target .224 73 grBT Target .224 80 gr VLD Target .224 82 gr BT Target .243/6mm 68 gr Target 6mm 90gr BT Target .243/6mm 95 gr VLD Target .243/6mm 105gr VLD Target .243/6mm 108gr BT Target .243/6mm Hybrid 105 gr BT Target .264/6.5mm 140 gr VLD Target .264/6.5mm 130 gr VLD Target 7mm 168 gr VLD Target 7mm 180 gr VLD Target .308 168 gr VLD Target .30 cal 185gr VLD Target .30 cal 210gr VLD Target .308 155.5 gr BT Full Bore Target 30 cal 210gr BT Long Range Target Hybrid 30 cal 185 gr Target Hybrid 30 cal 168 gr Target Hybrid 30 cal 155 gr Target Hybrid 30 cal 200 gr Target Hybrid 30 cal 215 gr Target Hybrid 30 cal 230 gr


$31 $31 $30 $39 $40 $40 $41 $40 $43 $44 $43 $42 $42 $43 $45 $45 $42 $44 $68 $70


$23 $27 $27 $27 $27 $24 $32 $32 $31 $32 $33 $41 $39 $43 $44 $43 $46 $47 $42 $47.95 $46 $45 $44 $47 $49 $49

Berger Match Hunting Bullets - The VLD design incorporates a sharp nose that allows the bullet to penetrate up to 3 inches before it starts to expand. This delayed expansion results in a wound channel that is deep inside the vital area of any big game. After the bullet starts to expand it will shed 80% to 90% of its weight into the surrounding tissue traveling as deep as 18 inches. This results in a massive wound cavity that creates the greatest possible amount of tissue damage and hemorrhaging within the vital area (organs). This massive and extensive wound cavity result in the animal dropping fast.

Berger Match Target Bullets - Actually, ALL Berger Bullets are Match Grade, which means that they use the highest quality copper and lead available. The copper is made into the J4 Precision Jacket, which is recognized around the world as the bullet jacket with the best concentricity available (see above). All J4 Precision Jackets and bullets are made on one set of dies to insure that all of the bullets in each box are as consistent as possible, BECAUSE... Consistency is the key to ULTIMATE Accuracy! Berger Match Varmint Bullets - Designed specifically for the varmint hunter. The slightly larger opening in the nose allows the bullet to expand instantly creating the highest possible opportunity for an explosive, one shot kill. The J4 Precision Jacket that we use has a thinner wall at the nose to assist in rapid expansion while it also has a base that is thick enough for high velocity cartridges. Berger uses the same high-grade materials and techniques to make varmint bullets so you can expect the same tight groups you get from our target bullets.

Berger Match Varmint Bullets Boxes of 100

Number 208-17308 208-20303 208-20304 208-22303 208-22309 208-22311 208-24321

Varmint .17 cal 25 gr (Box of 200) Varmint .20 cal 35 gr FB Varmint .20 cal 40 gr BT Varmint .224 40 gr Varmint .224 52 gr Varmint .22 cal 55gr. FB Varmint .243/6mm 80 gr


Number 208-33107 208-33109

Tactical Hybrid 338 cal 250gr Tactical Hybrid 338 cal 300 gr

Price $45 $23 $23 $24 $23 $23 $26

Berger Match OTM Tactical Hybrid Bullets Boxes of 100 Description


$68.95 $70

Attention: Please check your local and state laws before ordering ammunition. Federal law requires that you be at least 21 years of age to purchase Handgun and Rifle Ammunition. For Safety reasons ammunition is Not Returnable.


Shoot-N-C Target Bulls Barnes Varmint Grenade Bullets 315-22436 315-22486 315-24372 Many of you have asked about the colorful targets we're always showing when we picture groups. They're actually a stick-on 3" bulls-eye that's made to show a bright outer edge to bullet holes. It makes seeing your hits alot easier at 100 yards. You can stick them on plain paper, regular targets, or cardboard. There is only one brand of the stick-on bulls..Shoot-N-C (3"). Order yours today.

.224 cal 36gr VG (100) .224 cal 50gr VG (100) .243 cal 62gr VG (100)

17.49 20.99 21.49

Barnes Triple Shock X-Bullets

315-22443 315-22460 315-24341 315-25742 315-26442 315-27742 315-27744 315-30838 315-30841 004-34315 Shoot-N-C 3" 36 Targets $6.00 315-30843 004-34375 Shoot-N-C 3" 240 Targets $17.50 315-30844 315-30846

.224 cal 53gr TSX (50) 24.49 .224 cal 62gr TSX (50) 25.49 .243/6mm 85gr TSX (50) 27.49 .257 cal 100gr TSX (50) 28.49 .264/6.5mm 130gr TSX (50) 30.99 .277 cal 130gr TSX (50) 29.49 .277 cal 140gr TSX (50) 30.49 .308 cal 130gr TSX (50) 30.99 .308 cal 150gr TSX (50) 32.49 .308 cal 165gr TSX (50) 32.49 .308 cal 168gr TSX (50) 33.49 .308 cal 180gr TSX (50) 34.49

315-25734 315-26428 315-26430 315-28472 315-28474 315-30875 315-30878 315-30879

.257 cal 100gr TTSX (50) 30.49 .264/6.5mm 100gr TTSX (50) 30.49 .264/6.5mm 120gr TTSX (50) 31.49 .284 cal 120gr TTSX (50) 29.99 .284 cal 140gr TTSX (50) 31.49 .308 cal 150gr TTSX (50) 32.49 .308 cal 168gr TTSX (50) 33.49 .308 cal 180gr TTSX (50) 33.99

Barnes Tipped TSX Bullets

Bullets Ship for $10 Flat Rate *See Details Online

See more online! Bullets & Brass AccuBond Bonded Core Bullets • Signature White Polymer Tip • Tapered Copper-Alloy Gilding Metal Jacket • Lead-Alloy Core • Proprietary Bonding Process • Boat Tail Design


Item #



213-56357 213-53742 213-56902 213-57873 213-54987 213-59992 213-54932 213-56719 213-55602 213-54357 213-57287 213-54851 213-54425 213-50712 213-54413

6mm 25 Cal 6.5mm 6.5mm 270 Cal 7mm 7mm 30 Cal 30 Cal 338 Cal 338 Cal 338 Cal 35 Cal 35 Cal 375 Cal

90 gr 110 gr 130 gr 140 gr 130 gr 140 gr 160 gr 150 gr 165 gr 225 gr 250 gr 300 gr 200 gr 225 gr 260 gr


Price $24.99 $25.99 $27.49 $28.49 $27.49 $28.49 $29.49 $28.99 $29.49 $38.99 $40.49 $40.49 $40.49 $40.49 $41.49

EABCO Brass, Ammo & Dies A

ll of our brass is made from 30-30 Winchester bulk brass, formed and trimmed to length. Expect to full length size it; some minor trimming might be in order. 7-30 and .375 and the BRMs are a little shorter than spec as we widen out the original 30-30 enough that it draws brass from the length. But, they are completely functional and accurate at the length provided. Bench Rest Magnum Brass and Dies - These cartridges were developed to give big game hunting performance to small frame firearms like the T/C Contender, EABCO BF Pistol, and EABCO Model 97D Rifle. The BR Magnum philosophy is described in detail in our free technical reports online at

Brass - $89

(made from 30-30 Winchester bulk brass, Qty 100)

Berry's Model 400 Vibratory Tumbler is similar to much more expensive industrial grade parts and deburring tumblers. Kit #1 includes: Tumbler, Corn Cob Media, Brass Polish, Pan Sifter and Media Bucket.

224 BRM 6mm BRM 6.5mm BRM 7mm BRM 300 BRM 30 Herrett .219/6mm Don Wasp 7-30 Waters 7mm US 375 Winchester

Kit #2 includes: Tumbler, Corn Cob Media, Brass Polish and Rotary Sifter/ Separator.

Reloading Dies - $60 224 BRM 6mm BRM 6.5mm BRM 7mm BRM 300 BRM Custom 30-40 Ack Imp Lee 30 Herrett Custom 7mm US

Loaded Ammo - $39 6mm BRM 140 gr. (20) 6.5mm BRM 90 gr. (20)

301-96555 Model 400 Tumbler $49 301-439185 Brass Tumbler Kit #1 $64 301-995454 Brass Tumbler Kit #2 $79 301-547869 Rotary Sifter/Separator $24 301-119282 Pan Sifter/Separator $4.95 127-CCG Corn Cob Tumbling Media 6 lb $12 301-356231 Brass Polish 8 oz $8.95 Huge Tumbling Capacity - The Berry's Model 400 tumbles up to 1,000 pieces of 9mm brass, 600 of 45 ACP, 450 of .223 Remington, & 250 of 30-06. THREE YEAR WARRANTY on tumbler motor.


"Redding" is a name world renowned for precision, accuracy, and innovation in equipment for reloading ammunition. We offer all Redding products at a terrific discount. rd Set


Standard Dies Caliber

204 Ruger 221 Rem Fireball 22 Hornet 222 Remington 22-250 Remington 223 Remington 243 Winchester 257 Roberts 25-06 Remington 260 Remington 6.5X55 Swedish 270 Winchester 270 WSM 7mm-08 Remington 7mm Rem Mag 280 Remington 30-30 Winchester 30-06 Springfield 300 Win Mag 338 Win Mag 308 Win/307 Win 17 Remington 17 Rem Fireball 218 Bee 22 K Hornet 22 PPC USA 6mm BR USA 6mm PPC USA 6.5x284 WIn (Norma) 6.8 Rem SPC 30 TC 35 Whelen 7mm TCU 20 Tactical 222 Rem Mag 225 Win 22-250 Ack. Imp 257 Roberts Imp 7-30 Waters 30-20 TC 30-40 Krag 30-06 Ack. Imp 308 Marlin Express 338 Lapua Mag 35 Winchester 17 Mach IV 219 Don Wasp 25-35 Winchester 6.5 Grendel 6.5 Creedmoor 300/221 Remington 30-30 Ack. Imp

Tempered Steel Bushing


Neck Die Standard Set

Sizer & Seater Dies

722-80287 722-80101 722-80102 722-80109 722-80106 722-80111 722-80114 722-80125 722-80120 722-80531 722-80132 722-80135 722-80255 722-80139 722-80136 722-80142 722-80146 722-80148 722-80153 722-80163 722-80155 722-80217 722-80204 722-80200 722-80362 722-80318 722-80317 722-80319 722-80415 722-80259 722-80236 722-80215 722-80242 722-80660 722-80203 722-80239 722-80406 722-80322 722-80230 722-80254 722-80147 722-80324 722-80294 722-80594 722-80335 722-80504 722-80403 722-80221 722-80478 722-80446 722-80432 722-80431

Neck Sizer Bushing Die

Standard Set Price





Deluxe Set

Sizer, Seater & Neck Die

722-84287 722-84101 722-84102 722-84109 722-84106 722-84111 722-84114 722-84125 722-84120 722-84531 722-84132 722-84135 722-84255 722-84139 722-84136 722-84142 722-84146 722-84148 722-84153 722-84163 722-84155 722-84217 722-84204 722-84200 722-84362 722-84318 722-84317 722-84319 722-84415 722-84259 722-84236 722-84215 722-84242 722-84660 722-84203 722-84239 722-84406 722-84322 722-84230 722-84254 722-84147 722-84324 722-84294 722-84594 722-84335 722-84504 722-84403 722-84221 722-84478 722-84446 722-84432 722-84431

C1 Competition Seating Die


Delux e Set

Deluxe Set Price





Neck Die 722-81287 722-81101 722-81102 722-81109 722-81106 722-81111 722-81114 722-81125 722-81120 722-81531 722-81132 722-81135 722-81255 722-81139 722-81136 722-81142 722-81146 722-81148 722-81153 722-81163 722-81155 722-81217 722-81204 722-81200 722-81362 722-81318 722-81317 722-81319 722-81415 722-81259 722-81236 722-81215 722-81242 722-81660 722-81203 722-81239 722-81406 722-81322 722-81230 722-81254 722-81147 722-81324 722-81294 722-81594 722-81335 722-81504 722-81403 722-81221 722-81478 722-81446 722-81432 722-81431

C2 Competition Seating Die

Neck Die Price





TiN Coated Bushing

Competition Dies Competition & Bushing Dies- Premium Die Sets for those reloaders who want to select the neck diameter after sizing. Bushings are sold separately. Competition Bushings and Seating dies feature alignment sleeves and micrometer adjustment stems. Bushings are available to size necks from .185.365” in .001” increments. Category I, II, III- Category I is the most popular and Category III is least popular. Call for Category III listed calibers. Type S Full Type S Bushing Competition Competiton Caliber Length Bush Die Neck Die Seating Die Bushing Neck Die Category 1 Pricing 204 Ruger 222 Remington 22-250 Remington 223 Remington 220 Swift 6mm PPC USA 6mm BR Rem 243 Win 6mm Rem 25-06 Rem 260 Rem 6.5x55 Swedish 270 Win 7mm-08 Rem 280 Rem 7mm Rem Mag 308 Win 30-06 300 Rem SAUM 300 Win Mag 300 Weatherby Mag 300 Rem Ultra Mag 300 WSM Category 2 Pricing 17 Rem Fireball 17 Mach IV 17 Remington 22 Hornet 221 Remington 223 Rem Improved 22 PPC USA 22 BR Remington 22-250 Rem Imp 223 WSSM 243 WSSM 243 Win Imp 6mm Rem Imp 6mm/284 Win 25 WSSM 6.5mm/284 Win (Norma) 6.5mm/06 (A-Square) 6.8mm Rem SPC 270 WSSM 7mm BR Rem 280 Rem Imp 700 Rem SAUM 7mm WSM 7mm STW 7mm Rem Ultra Mag 338 Win Mag 338 Rem Ultra Mag


77287 77109 77106 77111 77107 77319 77317 77114 77115 77120 77531 77132 77135 77139 77142 77136 77155 77148 77275 77153 77252 77288 77223


77204 77504 77217 77102 77101 77907 77318 77316 77406 77295 77270 77420 77421 77414 77263 77415 77378 77259 77255 77241 77428 77280 77265 77544 77923 77163 77874


71287 71109 71106 71111 71107 71319 71317 71114 71115 71120 71531 71132 71135 71139 71142 71136 71155 71148 71275 71153 71252 71288 71223


71204 71504 71217 71102 71101 71907 71318 71316 71406 71295 71270 71420 71421 71414 71263 71415 71378 71259 71255 71241 71428 71280 71265 71544 71923 71163 71874


55287 55109 55106 55111 55107 55319 55317 55114 55115 55120 55531 55132 55135 55139 55142 55136 55155 55148 55275 55153 55252 55288 55223


55204 55504 55217 55102 55101 55907 55318 55316 55406 55295 55270 55420 55421 55414 55263 55415 55378 55259 55255 55241 55428 55280 55265 55544 55923 55163 55874


56287 56109 56106 56111 56107 56319 56317 56114 56115 56120 56531 56132 56135 56139 56142 56136 56155 56148 56275 56153 56252 56288 56223


56204 56504 56217 56102 56101 56907 56318 56316 56406 56295 56270 56420 56421 56414 56263 56415 56378 56259 56255 56241 56428 56280 56265 56544 56923 56163 56874

Accelerator Type Sabots for .30 Caliber Cartridges Now you can handload your 30 caliber handgun or rifle to shoot hyper-velocity .224 caliber bullets! Fit the .224 bullets into our Sabots with the Sabot Bullet Seater die. Then load the sabots as you would any .308 caliber bullet. The Bullet seater die is required for consistent seating of bullets into the sabots… accuracy requires consistency! Shoot to 3,500 fps in a 30-30... 4,200 fps in a 30-06. Free Load Data included. 077-SABKIT Sabot Loader’s Starter Kit $19.90 (Includes 100 sabots & bullet seater) 077-90798 Sabot Neck Flaring Die $14.95 077-SAB .224/.30 Sabots (100) $9.95



Reloading Dies & Accessories


Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets: Full Length Sizer and Straight Line Bench Rest Seater Dies

Innovative advantages of Forster "Bench Rest" 2-Die sets produce the best "glove fit" ammo with the straightest possible bullet seating. The Forster Full Length Resizing Die has an E-Z Out expander ball that can be adjusted upward to just below the die neck. This gives superior mechanical advantage for the neck expansion stroke. This system also has a Co-Ax washer system to correct any misalignment and prevent the neck from being pulled off center. The Forster Bench Rest seater die is specifically fit to the chamber. It fully aligns the bullet and the cartridge before the bullet is pressed into the cartridge neck. The alignment chamber fits the entire cartridge case... Forster was the first, and is still the best straight line Bench Rest seating die on the market. Straighter full length sizing and straighter bullet seating... These are the ingredients for loading accurate ammunition.

2 Die Sets- Full Length Sizer & Straight Line BR Seater Dies $73 (Reg. $99) 17 Remington 204 Ruger 22 Hornet 22 BR Rem 22 PPC 221 Fireball 222 Remington 222 Rem Mag 223 Remington 223 WSSM 224 Wby Mag 5.6x50 Rimmed 220 Swift 22-250 Rem 240 Wby Mag 243 Win 243 WSSM 6mm BR 6mm Dasher 6mm PPC 6mm Rem 6mm XC 6mm x45 6 x47 Lapua 25-06 Rem

304-004011 304-004021 304-004041 304-004051 304-004061 304-004071 304-004081 304-004091 304-004101 304-004111 304-006921 304-004121 304-004131 304-004141 304-006931 304-004171 304-004175 304-004181 304-004186 304-004201 304-004261 304-004265 304-004176 304-004221

25 WSSM 257 Wby Mag 257 Ackley 257 Roberts 260 Remington 6.5x47 Lapua 6.5 Grendel 6.5-284 6.5x57 Mauser 6.5x55 Swedish 6.5x55 SKAN 270 Win 270 WSM 270 Wby Mag 7mm-08 7x57 Mauser 7mm BR Rem 7mm Rem Mag 7mm RUM 7mm RSAUM 7mm WSM 7mm Wby Mag 280 Rem 284 Win 7.62x54R

304-004211 304-007071 304-022431 304-004241 304-004251 304-004255 304-004256 304-004281 304-004291 304-004311 304-004612 304-004331 304-004321 304-007161 304-004361 304-004381 304-018211 304-004401 304-004415 304-004418 304-004420 304-007231 304-004421 304-004425 304-004391

30-30 Win 300 Blackout 300 RUM 300 RSAUM 300 Norma Mag 300 Win Mag 300 WSM 300 Wby Mag 30-378 Wby Mag 303 British 308 Win 308 Nat Match 308 Small Base 30-06 325 WSM 8x57 Mauser 8x68S 338 Norma Mag 338 Win Mag 340 Wby Mag 338 Lapua Mag 375 H&H 375 RUM

304-004451 304-004453 304-004461 304-004465 304-004455 304-004471 304-004481 304-007361 304-007381 304-004491 304-004501 304-018331 304-018335 304-004521 304-004531 304-004561 304-022291 304-004575 304-004581 304-007371 304-004571 304-004651 304-004641

Forster’s Original Case Trimmer and Trimmer Kit The Original, Forster Case Trimmer works for most calibers with bullet diameters from .171” to .459”. It is actually a fine miniature lathe with a superior shell holder design based on a Brown & Sharpe type collet. Collets #1 through #4 fit our Original Case Trimmer and hold the rims of most rifle and pistol calibers within that range. The “Trimmer Kit” includes collets 1, 2 & 3 and pilots 22, 24, 25, 27, 28 & 30. The “Kit” is the most economical way to get into case trimming for most cartridges. Additional pilots and collets can be ordered separately. 304-CT1010 Forster Original Case Trimmer $64 304 304-CTK100 Forster Case Trimmer Kit $92 -CTC 304-CTC Original Case Trimmer Collets 1, 2, 3, 4 $9.95 each 304-DB1000 Forster Deburring Tool $17


See more Forster products online!


Looking for these products? Find them, and more, on our website! GUNSMITHING TOOLS & CLEANERS





Steel Scope Mounts with Alignment, Rigidity, and Strength…

Warne Rings

Warne Rings: Quick Detach and Standard, both styles have a straight and rigid design. QDs keep zero mounted on/off. Tactical rings are made to 1913 mil-spec Picatinny (Weaver Style) dimensions. They feature a stainless steel recoil lug, three torx style fasteners on top and a multi-tool clamping nut that works with a 65 in/lb torque wrench but, also fits a slotted screw driver, wrench, or pliers in an emergency. The Quick Detach system always returns to zero when removed and re-installed. Available in 1” or 30mm.



1” Rings Height

Low (.250”) Medium (.375”) High (.525”) Extra-High (.650”) Ultra-High (.935”)

30mm Rings Height

Low (.250”) Medium (.375”) High (.525”) Extra-High (.650”) Ultra-High (.935”)

Fixed Fixed Quick-Detach Quick-Detach Tactical/ Matte Black French Gray Matte Black French Gray Picatinny $27.95 $32.95 $52.95 $57.95 $93 134-200M 134-201M 134-202M 134-203M ($50.95)

134-200S 134-201S 134-202S 134-203S ($55.95)



134-200LM 134-201LM 134-202LM 134-203LM ($78.95) 134-204LM ($78.95)


134-213M 134-214M 134-215M 134-216M ($50.95)

134-213S 134-214S 134-215S 134-216S ($55.95)



134-213LM 134-214LM 134-215LM 134-216LM ($92.95) 134-217LM ($92.95)

134-603M 134-604M

Warne Maxima Bases: Two-piece steel base sets. (BF, M97D, Encore and Contender bases are one-piece.) Can’t find one? Call! 800-950-9088

French Gray $22.95


134-213LS 134-214LS 134-215LS 134-216LS ($98.95) 134-217LS ($98.95)

-134-614M 134-615M 134-616M 134-617M

One Piece Warne Tactical Bases

Fits Firearm

Ruger 10/22 Browning A-Bolt 134-M918-918M 134-M918-918S (not WSSM) 134-M902-876M 134-M902-876S Remington 700 134-M902-801M 134-M902-801S Remington Model 7 *(1) 134-M902-936M *(1) 134-M902-936S Savage Bolt Guns *(2) 134-M902-902M *(2) 134-M902-902S Savage Bolt Gun 134-M902-924M 134-M902-924S Win Model 70 WSM 134-M988M 134-M988S BF/M97D/ $32.95 $34.95 TC Contender 134-M987M $32.95 134-M987S $34.95 Thompson Encore


-134-601M 134-602M

Fixed Fixed Quick-Detach Quick-Detach Tactical/ Matte Black French Gray Matte Black French Gray Picatinny $37.95 $40.95 $66.95 $71.95 $99

Warne Bases

Matte $19.95

134-200LS 134-201LS 134-202LS 134-203LS ($84.95) 134-204LS ($84.95)

Alignment - Manufactured by a well-proven and consistent forming process, Warne rings and bases are exactly the same from one production run to the next. Proper alignment is natural when parts are identical. And it results in less scope tension and better shooting accuracy. Rigidity - The design, material, and mass of Warne mounts combine to make a mount that’s as close to zero flex as is scientifically possible. This rigidity protects your scope while it enhances your shooting. Strength - Four screws and a wide surface area hold your scope into each Warne ring. Also on each ring, there’s a stainless steel recoil key that fits (like a glove) into a slot on the mounting base. Finally, the base(s) are mounted with tempered steel Torx® screws. Warne mounts are STRONG.

are built to true 1913 mil-spec Picatinny (Weaver style) dimensions. Machined from solid alloy steel bar stock and thermally stress relieved to maintain dimensional stability and straightness. These are the most rugged, straight, and dimensionally correct bases on the market. Available in standard or 20 MOA incline.

Standard Tactical 20 MOA Tactical $81 $94 134-M666M 134-M667M 134-M668M 134-M669M 134-M673M 134-M674M 134-M675M 134-M676M 134-M677M 134-M678M


134-M666M20MOA 134-M667M20MOA 134-M668M20MOA 134-M669M20MOA 134-M673M20MOA 134-M674M20MOA 134-M675M20MOA 134-M676M20MOA 134-M677M20MOA 134-M678M20MOA

Fits Firearm

Savage SA Accu Tr Savage LA Accu Tr Savage Bolt SA Savage Bolt LA Remington 700 SA Remington 700 LA Winchester 70 SA Winchester 70 LA Win 70 WSM Sako TRG 22 & 42

E. Arthur Brown Company’s custom

Keylock™ Magnum Scope Mounts

Basic Fundamentals of our Custom Keylock™ Magnum Scope Mounts...





127-504 127-504S 2 Ring Contender/BF/97D 127-503 127-503S 3 Ring Contender/BF/97D 127-504E 127-504ES 2-Ring Encore 127-503E 127-503ES 3-Ring Encore

Price $60 $70 $60 $70

Mounts include base, rings and free installation.

Purchase a barrel or gun at the same time as your Keylock™ Scope Mount and take $10 off the price listed above!* Keylock™ 1” Rings Only (pair)

23-10042 Black $27.95 $29.95 slam terrific recoil into a pistol scope. In 23-10043 Silver both cases, the addition of a 3rd ring to the *Single rings use 1/2 pair price. mounting gives better suppport to your Ring Height: .492” scope and enhances scope life and accuracy.

Improved Keylock™ Base for your Encore® & Contender

•Full width slots for locking into our rings with more surface area •Repositioning of the slots for better strength and mounting convenience •Designed to fit any Weaver or Picatinny style rings, this base continues with our free 6-Screw drill and tap installation package... giving the strongest possible base attachment in the world. •Made of the same strong, light aluminum used on aircrafts

New! Keylock Mount for your Ruger 10/22 $49

Weaver Bases

207-9895 Contender Weaver Base Silver 207-9899 Encore Weaver Base Black 207-9907 Encore Weaver Base Silver 207-9949 Weaver 12 ga Base Black 207-9864 Rimfire Base Black 207-9862 Rimfire Base Silver 207-9895


$12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $23.00 $15.95 $16.95


JPOINT RED-DOT SIGHT, MOUNTS & ACCESSORIES Less than an inch high and barely 1 inch wide by 1.6 inch long, these amazing JPoint sights provide a bright, red dot aiming system that’s as accurate as it is small. Improved electronics and optics result in a brighter, clearer dot. Very tough… Proven in combat by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan! The JPoint sight adjusts for windage and elevation with an advanced, two-screw system. It’s powered by the widely available CR2032 battery. Mount the JPoint to your firearm with one of several available mounting adaptors listed here.

135-JP4 JPoint 4 MOA Electronic Sight $269 135-JP8 JPoint 8MOA Electronic Sight $269 Mounts made to fit the JPoint Sight 104-SB20 S&W Series Autos $34

104-SB22 Glock 9mm, 40, 357 $34 104-SB23 Sig Autos $34 104-SB24 1911 Fixed Sight $34

104-SB26 Glock 10mm & 45 models $34 104-SB33 Ruger 10-22 Plain $34 104-SB34 Freedom Arms Revolver $34 104-SB39 H&K USP $34

104-SB40 Ruger Auto 22 Pistol $34 104-SB41 S&W Revolvers $34 104-SB42 Beretta 92/96 $34 104-SB43 Beretta Cougar $34 104-SB44 SW Sigma Series $34 104-SB45 Taurus Revolver $34

1911 Pattern Handguns 135-11 Standard 1911 Fixed Sight Mt. $34 135-BM Bomar BMCS Mt. $34

General Applications 135-WP Weaver/Picatinny Base $54 135-SM1C Removable Mt for 1" Scope $69 135-SM30C Removable Mt for 30mm Scope $69 135-G Glock JP Mount $34 135-SIG SIG Arms pistols $34 210-AB23 Sig Arms 220, 225, 226 $18 135-NV Novak Type Sight Cut $34 135-GS Gunsmiths Blank Mount $24 Smith & Wesson® Guns 135-SWR S&W Revolver Mt. $49 Ruger Handguns 135-RP22 Ruger P Series Pistol $34 Military 135-TANSN Fits Trijicon ACOG NSN $59 135-TAS Adapts 135-TA to All ACOGs $22 Accessories 135-LC Cleaner and Scratch Remover $2 135-JPCOVER Replacement JP Cover $9 135-GUARD Add-On Protective Wings $34 135-RAIN Rain Shield 135-SHIM Reversible one degree shim $4

5 MOA Crystal Clear Red Dot 7 Levels of Dot Brightness, Finger Adjustable Waterproof, Fog Proof, Nitrogen Sealed 1/2 MOA Per Click Adjustments Rigid, Rugged, Durable Aluminum Body Popular CR2032 Battery (included) Integral, Low Profile Weaver Mount FREE Lens Covers

They’re completely sealed and internally reinforced for tough, reliable service, unlike the open construction of the JPoint. At 2¾” long, and just 2” above the scope base, the RD Mini Red Dot has all of the advantages of a full sized scope. Sealed, nitrogen filled construction is water and fog proof. Aluminum tube construction is durable and impact redsistant. Windage and elevation adjustments are simple screws that are protected by dust caps.


007-89704 Pentax Palm-Size Red Dot $89


4-12x40mm Parallax Adjustable

Brown 97D Riflescope Recommended Accessories 021-7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System Black $8.95 021-8227 Lens Pen Cleaning System Camo $8.95 127-P97M Polarized Lens Filter $24.95 200-FE20 Flip-Open Lens Cover #20 $7.50 200-FO34 Flip-Open Lens Cover #34 $7.50 23-10042 1” Keylock™ Rings $27.95

The Brown 4-12x40mm 97D Riflescope has been years in development... See the complete story at www. We believe that 4-12x40mm PA is the Ultimate Rifleman’s Optic. This is because 4-12x40mm variable magnification is not over powered for close-in woods hunting, yet offers more than enough magnification and brightness for open range hunting. It makes for a reasonable size and weight (comparable to the very common 3-9x scopes). And the 4-12x40mm Parallax Adjustment (PA) can dial out optical aiming error the same as large, high powered benchrest competiton scopes. For more technical information on riflescopes, see our Free Riflescope Report at Item No.




Basic Qualities - The Brown 97D 4-12x40mm Riflescope is strong on basics... Top quality crystal glass lenses, 100% fully multi-coated inside and out to give the clearest, brightest, edge-to-edge distortion free image. Dead-Nutz repeatable and positive “click” windage and elevation adjustments of 1/4 inch per click. Universally popular and reliable Medium Fine Plex style reticle, fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof... and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty! Premium Qualities - We added low profile target knobs with screw-on covers to allow accurate, fingertip adjustments in the field or at the range. We added a Fast Focus eyepiece so you can keep your reticle focused crystal clear by just turning the eyepiece. And, we are throwing in a FREE 3” screw-on sunshade to reduce glare and glint. Free Shipping!

FOV 100 Eye Click at Tube Length Wt. yds Relief 100 yds dia. 10yds-Infinity 32-11" 3.5-3.25" 1/4" 1" 13.25" 18 oz PA



KASPA RIFLESCOPES - Rigid One-Piece Tube Construction - Bright, Clear, Fully Multi-Coated Lenses - Nitrogen Purged, Fog Proof, Shock Proof - Crisp 1/4” MOA Click W&E Adjustments - Weaver Limited Lifetime Guarantee - Side Focus (SF) & Illuminated Reticle (IR)

753-849820 753-849810

753-849813 Tactical Ballistic X


Item No.


Tube Dia.

4-16x44mm SF Dual-X 4-16x44mm SF Ballistic-X

1” 1”

753-849810 753-849811

Tactical Mildot

Ballistic X

753-849813 1.5-6x32mm Ballistic-X IR


753-849815 2.5-10x50mm SF Mildot IR


753-849814 2.5-10x44mm SF Mildot IR 753-849820 3-12x44mm SF Ballistic-X IR

30mm 30mm

FOV 100 Eye Relief yds 24.7” 4.69-3.86” 24.7” 4.69-3.86” 65.5”




37.7” 31.4”

3.74-3.15” 3.74-3.74”

Click Value 1/4" 1/4”




13" 13”

15 oz 15 oz

$147 $147 $183


10.83” 16.5 oz



1/4” 1/4”

12.79 23.6 oz


12.99” 24.3 oz


25 oz




All Purpose Variable Superb Clarity Brightness & Repeatability

029-A451440 Mueller APV 1”Black $129 029-A451440S Mueller APV 1” Silver $129 029-T451440 Mueller APT Tactical 30mm Matte $169 029-SS340 Mueller 40mm Sunshade Black $16.95 029-SS340S Mueller 40mm Sunshade Slvr $16.95 * Pictured on the Model 97 Rifle with Keylock Scope Mount System


Excellent all-around scope Suitable for almost all hunting situations, with an extremely wide FOV Repeatable windage and elevation settings Outstanding Brightness & clarity Features: Medium Fine Plex Reticle, nitrogen purged monotube is waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof. Parallax goes down to 10 yards, suitable for rimfire and centerfire.

Parallax Adj./Click FOV100 yds Tube Dia. Length

4.5-14x40mm Adjustable 4.5-14x40mm Tactical Adjustable

1/4” 1/4”

27-9” 27-9”



1” 30mm

13.75” 13.75”


Eye Relief

17.5 23.0

3.5-3.25 n/a


ueller may be the best high quality scope bargain, feature for feature, in the world. Optically, they’re made M with the best Japanese glass, fully multi-coated with German lens coatings, and Lifetime Warranty. Pictured below, the dots are red when illuminated and black when the illumination is turned off. The crosshairs are always black. Functionally, the Mueller has very fine adjustments with repeatable clicks and comes with dust covered target knobs. The 2-7X model features a circle dot reticle with the circle covering 15” at 40 yards and the dot covering an inch at 100 yards. The 3-9X, 4-10X, and 4-16X models have a German #4 post reticle with light 1/8th MOA center dot. The 8.5-25X model has a very fine target style crosshairs with a 2-7x32 8.5-25x50 3-9x40, 3-10x44, 4-16x50 1/16th MOA center dot. Item Dot Size Adj. Per FOV Brightness Length Weight Eye Description Price Number 100 Yds Click 100 yds Settings (in.) (oz) Relief 029-02732 2-7x32 Red Dot 029-03940 3-9x40 Red Dot 029-41650 4-16x50 Red Dot 8.5-25x50AO Red 029-82550 Dot (Matte) 8.5-25x50 AO 029-82550S Red Dot (Silver)

1 MOA 1/8 MOA 1/8 MOA

1/4” 1/8” 1/8”

1/16 MOA


1/16 MOA


47-18’ 39-13’ 30.6-7.5’

11 11 11




029-T41650 Mueller 4-16x50 AO Tactical Mildot $219


11.3 13 14.53



Based on the proven optics of the Mueller 4-16x50mm scope, this model has a true Mildot range-finding reticle with illumination capability. Use the Mildots to determine the distance to your target without moving your eye from your sight picture. The center crosshair illuminates for low light use. Comes with free sunshade.

13.3 14 19.7



3.25” 3.25” 3.25”

$149 $159 $209 $239




029-T852544 Mueller 8.5-25x44 AO Tactical Mildot $164


Superb glass and coatings inherent to Mueller riflescopes. Mildot Range Finding Reticle - A well proven range finding device that lets you accurately estimate distances while aiming through your rifle scope... never take your eye off the game you’re aiming at. It’s adjustable from 15 yards to infinity... making this scope equally superb for rimfire 22 as well as long range centerfire rifle shooting. Comes with free sunshade.


Mueller 3-9X40 Hybrid with Extended 4.25” Eye Relief Mueller has taken this a step up with modern glass and coatings technology, positive click adjustments, and modernized zoom mechanism. The 4.25" Eye Relief is astounding... Magnum shooters will like this super extended eye relief! This NEW Mueller 3-9×40 Hybrid is an affordable, lightweight (only 12.5oz), effective, reliable scope with the brightness and clarity that will surpass anything in its class.. 029-3940EER Mueller 3-9x40 Hybrid Riflescope $129

Swift SRP Riflescopes feature... • • • • • •

Light Amplifying with proprietary new lense coating. 94-96% greater light transmission. Feature Low Profile Target Knobs with dust covers (on most models). Fully multicoated lenses with full saddle one-piece tube construction. Feature Speed Focus eye piece for best reticle focus Lifetime Warranty Includes free screw-on sunshade 205-669MSL


205-648M 205-649M




$169 1.5-4.5x32mm 25-7ft $224





3.0/3.3 in 10.4 in

3.2/3.0 in 13.8 in



12.7 oz Matte

15.8 oz Matte







2.9/2.7 in 12.2 in

14.8 oz Matte

205-674MSL $189 205-676M $169 205-676 $164



3.0/3.0 in 12.4 in

15.4 oz Matte






3.0/3.0 in 12 in

3.0/3.0 in 12.4 in

13 oz


15.4 oz Glossy

$179 3.5-10x44mm 35-11ft

3.7/3.1 in 12.6 in

15.2 oz Matte



2.8/2.8 in 15.4 in

21.4 oz Matte



3.0/3.0 in 15.5 in

18.7 oz Matte


18-5 ft

3.1/3.2 in 15.9 in

20.8 oz Matte 21.5 oz Matte

205-669M $209 205-669MA $219 205-669MSL $229

6-18x44mm 6-18x44mm



205-672M 205-677M

$215 $249



205-685M 205-687M 205-688M

$187 3-9x40mm 39-13.5 ft 3.7-2.8in 12.4 in $214 4.5-14x44mm 255-8.5 ft 3.2/3.2 in 14.1 in $224 6-18x44mm 19.5-7 ft 2.8/2.8 in 15.4 in



19-7 ft

13-4 ft

3.0 in

15.8 in

3.0/3.0 in 16.9 in

20.9 oz Matte

21.5 oz Matte

20.5 oz Matte

22.6 oz Matte

FEATURES Features Circle Plus Reticle. Slug, turkey & muzzle loaders

Suits woods & open range hunting

Suits woods. Bright, clear image in low woods hunting situations Superb for all around hunting situations. MSL version features Swift Sur-Lok hand lockable adjustment knob.

Most popular: 4-12 suits woods to open range. Parallax adj. obj dials out error.

Self-centering Quad reticle. Great all-around, esp. poor light. Mid-long range. Adj. parallax obj size matched to magnification range. MA target version features exposed target knobs. MSL version features SurLok hand lockable adjustment knob Woods & med. distance. Speed focus; selfcentered reticle. Great magnification and light gathering. Suits mid-long range shooting

superb long distance target & hunting

The best target & varmint scope. Holds brightness & clarity well.

Airgun shooting

Mildot range finder at 10x. Adj objective dials out parallax error from infinity to 10yds.

Bushnell Scopes

Fully multicoated optics ● 91% light transmission ● Free BC Lens Covers ● 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof ● Dry Nitrogen filled ● Fast Focus Eyepiece ● One piece tube construction ● 1/4 MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustments. DOA™ 250 Muzzle Loading Reticle - This Trophy XLT scope is equipped with the Bushnell DOA 250 style ballistic reticle... Design especially for muzzle loaders. 203-733960BP Trophy XLT 3-9x40 250 DOA™ Muzzle Loading Scope $153 203-734120 Trophy XLT 4-12x40 Multi-X Scope $173 203-734120B Trophy XLT 4-12x40 600 DOA Centerfire Scope $199 203-732633 Trophy XLT 2-6X32mmHandgun Scope Matte $196 203-732633S Trophy XLT 2-6X32mmHandgun Scope Silver $206


Hawke Sidewinder 30 IR Programmable Illuminated Reticle - Side Focus Adjustable - Sniper Style Locking Target Knobs Sidewinder 30 & 30 Tactical Features: • Side-focus parallax control • Dual Red/Green illuminated reticle • Locking ocular & high torque zoom ring 10X 1/2 Mil 20X 1/2 Mil • Fully multi-coated optics for max. clarity NEW! • 30mm mono-tube chassis for super strength • Exposed, locking and resettable sniper style turrets • Suitable for centerfire, rimfire, airgun & shotgun SR Pro • Nitrogen purged- waterproof & fogproof • Compatible with Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator • Hawke Worldwide Warranty

Sidewinder 30 Include FREE: Detachable 4” wheel adjuster, sunshade, CR2032 battery, lens caps, cloth and allen key. Sidewinder 30 Tacticals Include FREE: Detachable 2” wheel adjuster, batter, pointer, lens caps, cloth and allen key.

Item Number Description 3-12x50 019-4002 3-12x50 019-4005 4-16x50 019-4006 4-16x50 019-4009 6-24x56 019-4010 6-24x56 019-4013 8-32x56 019-4014 8-32x56 019-4017 4.5-14x42 Tactical 019-4022 6.5-20x42 Tactical 019-4026 8.5-25x42 Tactical 019-4030 10x42 Tactical 019-4034

Reticle 10x 1/2 Mil SR Pro 10x 1/2 Mil SR Pro 20x 1/2 Mil SR Pro 20x 1/2 Mil SR Pro 10x 1/2 Mil 20x 1/2 Mil 20x 1/2 Mil 10x 1/2 Mil

Eye Relief FOV-100 yds Length Weight 3.9” 3.9” 4” 4” 3.8” 3.8” 3.7” 3.7 4.5-3.5” 3.5” 3.5” 4”

33.5-9.2ft 33.5-9.2 ft 30-8 ft 22.9-6.6 ft 17-4.6 ft 17-4.6 ft 13.1-3.3 ft 13.1-3.3 ft 23-6.9 16.4-5.2 12.8-3.9 11.5

14.2” 14.2” 14.9” 14.6” 16” 16” 17.1” 17.1” 14.6” 15.3” 16” 14.6”

23.4 oz 23.4 oz 25.1 oz 25.1 oz 27.7 oz 27.7 oz 27.9 oz 27.9 oz 27.5 oz 27.5 oz 29.1 oz 25.4 oz


$429.99 $429.99 $449.99 $449.00 $479.99 $479.99 $499.99 $499.99 $449.99 $479.99 $499.99 $319.99

Hawke Slug/Shotgun Scope Simple, Fast & Deadly - Find the bracket that the deer fits between and aim with the crosshair in the middle of the bracket. In mere seconds... you have found the range and aimed accordingly without thinking about it! Chart or Program - The Deer PASS reticle is specifically programmable for your slug load with free BRC Software. Or you can use the pre-programmed chart that comes with the scope. 1” Tube.


Item # 019-3254

Description Reticle FOV-100 yds Eye Relief Length 3-9x40 Wide Angle IR SR 44.1-14.7’ 3” 12.1”


Weight 14.9oz

Price $199

Hawke Red Dot $42

019-3141 Hawke 30mm Red-Dot Scope Sight $42

Tough, Precision Red Dot Sight for ALL FIREARMS - Small, Clear Dot. Under Full Warranty, these Red Dot sights are Closeout Priced WAY below cost. They are excellent quality Red Dot Scopes. Suitable for use on all firearms from .22 through centerfire... Features include: 30mm Scope Complete with Extension Tube and 30mm Weaver Style Rings, Wide Field of View, Flexible Mounting Length, Fits Standard Weaver Style Bases, Small, Precise, Clear and Round 4 MOA Lighted Dot Reticle (4” at 100 yds), Eleven (11) Brightness Levels for easy to see dot from Dawn to Dusk.


Hawke Airgun/Rimfire Scopes Parallax Adjustable from 30ft. Programmable MAP Ballistic Reticle Spring Air Gun Shock Rating Fast Focus Eyepiece Special HD Lens Coating Excellent Light Transmission

Item Number 019-3004 019-3006 019-3013 019-5172 019-5173 019-5174 019-5175

Mildot IR HD




4x32 Sport HD 30/30 Mil Dot 3-9x40 PA Sport HD 30/30 Duplex HD 2-7x32 Sport HD IR Mil Dot 3-9x40 AO Airmax EV MAP 6 4-12x40 AO Airmax EV MAP 6 3-9x50AO AirmaxvEV MAP 6 4-12x50AO Airmax EV MAP 6

$49 $74 $109 $159 $169 $179 $189

Hawke Panorama EV - 20% Wider FOV

Extreme View optical system for 20% wider FOV Illuminated ½ Mil Dot reticle for improved accuracy Glass etched special ballistic reticle with multi-aim points Red / Blue illumination for better Night / Day use 1” mono tube construction to withstands heavy recoil Fully multi-coated optics Hawke BRC compatible - ‘Blueprint’ your rifle 10X 1/2 Mil


Item Number 019-5161 019-5162 019-5164 019-5165 019-5166 019-5167 019-5168 019-5169 019-5170 019-5171



3-9x50 4-12x40 3-9x40 3-9x50 4-12x40 4-12x50 3-9x40 3-9x50 4-12x40 4-12x50

10x 1/2 Mil 10x 1/2 Mil MAP 6A MAP 6A MAP 6A MAP 6A 10x 1/2 Mil 10x 1/2 Mil 10x 1/2 Mil 10x 1/2 Mil

Eye Relief FOV-100 yds Length Weight 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2”

44.1-14.7 ft 33-11 ft 44.1-14.7 ft 44.1-14.7 ft 33-11 ft 33-11 ft 44.1-14.7 ft 44.1-14.7 ft 33-11 ft 30.6-7.7ft

12.1” 12.5” 12.3” 12.3” 12.7” 12.7” 12.3” 12.3” 12.7” 12.7”

17.2 oz 15.5 oz 17 oz 19.3 oz 17.3 oz 19.6 oz 17 oz 19.3 oz 17.3 oz 19.6 oz


$209.99 $219.99 $209.99 $219.99 $229.99 $239.99 $209.99 $219.99 $229.99 $239.99


Prices Reduced! While Supplies Last!

Hawke Nite-Eye Digi IR SF

Good for Varmint & Target Shooters... designed for low light conditions.

Includes: Lens caps, lens cloth & CR2032 battery

• Red/blue digital illum. with auto shut-off • Fast focus eyebell & high torque zoom ring • Fully multi-coated optics for max. clarity • 1” mono-tube chassis for super strength • 1/4 MOA low profile ‘no snag’ fingertip turrets



• Suitable for centerfire, rimfire, airgun & shotgun • Nitrogen purged- waterproof & fogproof


• Compatible with Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator • Hawke Worldwide Warranty


Item #






Eye Relief 3.2”

FOV-100 Length Weight Price yds 36.7-9.2 ft 13.5” 21.8 oz $269 $189



SR 6


30.6-7.7 ft




SR 6


22.9-5.8 ft

13.4” 21.5 oz


Length Weight


21 oz $289


Hawke 1x32 Multi-Purpose SR

Muzzleloader | AR | Shotgun | Crossbow

• Dual red/green illumination settings • Glass etched no magnification 1x reticle • 1/2 MOA finger adjustable and resettable turrets • 1” mono-tube construction to withstand heavy recoil • Nitrogen purged - water, shock, fog proof • Hawke Worldwide Warranty


Item #






Eye Relief 3.7”

FOV-100 yds 95 ft.



9.4 oz


Hawke Eclipse 30 IR SF Green/Red Illuminated Center Mildot Reticle • Illuminated Center 5 levels of brightness.. • 30mm matte black tube with wide “Sweet Spot” • Side Focus Parallax Adjustable from 10yds-Infinity • Heavy Duty Coil Erector Springs Super Repeatability • Hawke Lifetime Limited Warranty Item #


019-3271 $279 019-3273 $299

Description Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 4-16x50mm Mildot Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 6-24x50mm Mildot

Add Screw-On Sunshade: 019-3216 Hawke 44mm $12.95 019-3217 Hawke 50mm $12.95

Eye Relief

FOV @ 100 yds






26.9 oz


Hawke Varmint SF



27.3 oz

Programmable “Half Mildot”

Compatible with Hawke’s Ballistic software.. FREE 1” matte black mono tube Fast-Focus Eyepiece Waterproof, Shockproof, Fogproof Covered by Hawke’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Item Number 019-5132 019-5133 019-5134 019-5135

Description 2.5-10x44 3-12x44 4-16x44 6-24x44

Eye Relief FOV-100 yds Length Weight 3.2” 3.2” 3.2” 3.2”

36.7-9.2 ft 30.6-7.7 ft 22.9-5.8 ft 15.3-3.8 ft

13.4” 13.4” 13.4” 13.4”

17.8 oz 17.8 oz 17.8 oz 18.4 oz


$179.99 $189.99 $199.99 $209.99

Hawke Ballistic Reticle Calculator App & Software Available on Android, iPhone, Windows Software & Mac OS X

With the Hawke BRC you can: Choose a preferred preset suitable for your caliber: Centerfire | Slug & Sabot | Rimfire | Crossbow Arrow Choose a preferred reticle Adjust the presets to metric or standard Change zero distances, muzzle velocity, magnification Change Ballistic Coefficient (BC) Plot your trajectory and find suitable aim points Carry out range finding calculations Take your information into the field Print trajectory graphs, reticle images and calculations. The BRC will save your settings for future use.

Use with ANY Hawke Scope!


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E. Arthur Brown Co, Inc. 2013-2014 Hunting Catalog  

Maker and Supplier of Accurate guns, barrels, riflescopes, reloading and more! Carrying products for Ruger 10/22, Ruger MK 22 Pistols, TC E...

E. Arthur Brown Co, Inc. 2013-2014 Hunting Catalog  

Maker and Supplier of Accurate guns, barrels, riflescopes, reloading and more! Carrying products for Ruger 10/22, Ruger MK 22 Pistols, TC E...

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