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Thank you to our loyal customers, dealers and investors... We hope you find the products you’re looking for! We’ve been adding new products, and continue to do so online ( check it out! Sign up for our e-mail mailing list and get the most up-to-date specials and deals. Sincerely, The EABCO Team 10/22 Barrels 37-40 10/22 Magazines 42-43 10/22 Muzzle Brake 39-40 10/22 Scope Mount 40 10/22 Stocks 38-43 10/22 Ruger 37-43 25 Round Feeder 42-43 97D Rifle 3-4 97D Riflescope 28 Accessories, Scope 23-33 Accuracy Barrels 6-8,14,36,39 Accuracy DVD 63 Accuracy Hinge Pin 21 Accurate Muzzleloader 19 Action Job 11 Action Tune-Up Kit 37 Adaptor, Bipod 45 Adjustable Hinge Pin 21 Aguila Ammo 42 Air Guns 54 Air Gun Scopes 31 Ammo 4,20,42,48-52 Ammo Belt Pouch 37 Ammo, Muzzleloader 20 Angora Wool Socks 62 Apparel 62 APV, Mueller 25 Army Socks 62 Baking Laquers 58 Ballistics, Software 26, 55 Barrel Break-In Tips 56 Barrels, Shotgun 13 Bases 32,33 Belt Pouch, Ammo 37 Benchrest 47 Benchrest, Follower 61 BF Pistol 5 Bifocals 47 Binoculars 22 Bipod Accessories 44-45 Bipod Adaptor 45 Bipod Butt-Pod 45 Bipod Mounts 45 Bipod Pod-Loc 45 Bolt Handle (10/22) 38 Books 49,62 Bore Paste 58 Bore Snake 59 Brass 4,48,51 Breech Plug 18 Brockman Brake 9 Brown 97D Rifle 3-4 Brown 97D Riflescope 28 Brushes, cleaning 59 Bullets 48,50,51 Bulls Bags 46-47 Bushing Dies 4,51-53 Bushnell Red-Dot 30 Butch’s Bore Shine 58 Butt-Pod, Bipod 45 Cases, Gun 17 Children’s Rifle 13 Chronograph, Chrony 55 Cleaning Products 19-20,56-59 Cleaning Tips 56 Clenzoil Cleaner 57 Competition Dies 53 Contender, TC 7,14 Cordura Holster 17 Custom Encore Barrels 6-8 Custom Services 9-11 Custom Shop, TC 6-8 CVA (PeepRib) 18 DC Delux Bullets 20 Dead Center Bullets 20 Decelerator, Encore 15 Dies, Reloading 4,51-53 DreamSeason ML Rifle 21 Ear Protection 63 Electronic Scale 54 Encore 6-8,12-21 Encore Barrels 6-8,12,13 see ProHunter XT Endeavor, TC Engraving/Etching 10-11 Extreme Elite Bullets 20 Flashlight 62 Follower, Benchrest 61 Forend, Contender 14-15 Forend, Encore 14-15


Forend, Laminate 16 Forend, Muzzleloader 14-15 Forend, Pistol 14-15 Forend, Shotgun 15 Formula 44/40 Blue 58 Frames, Contender 15 Frames, Encore 14 French Gray Service 11 G2/Contender, TC 7,14-15 Green Mountain barrels 38 Grips 15 Gun Care 56-59 Gun Cases 17 Gun Powder 49 Gunsmithing Tools 60 Handgun Holster 17, 22 Handgun Scope 30 Handy Rest NXT 46 Harris Bipod 44 Hawke Scopes 25-27, 30 Hicks Accurizer 34 Hinge Pin 21 Holsters, Handgun 17, 22 Hoppes #9 Solvent 58 Hornady Ammo 52 Hot Lips Mag Loader 42-43 Hot Lips Magazines 42-43 Hot Shot Mini TC Encore 13 Impact Muzzleloader Rifle 21 Install Services 11 Jag Set 60 Jags, Cleaning 59,60 JB Bore Cleaner 58 JP Howitzer Brake 9 JP Tactical Brake 10 J-Point Adaptor 29 J-Point Mount 29 J-Point Sight 29 KA-BAR Fighting Knife 60 Katahdin Barrels 12 Kepplinger Trigger 34 Keylock Magnum Mounts 10, 33 KG-12 Copper Remover 57 Kolpin Scopetector 17 Laminate Stocks 16, 36, 38 Lapua 48-49 Lead Sled 47 Lens Cover 23 Lens Pen 23 Limbsaver Recoil Pad 34 Loaded Ammo 4,20, 42,48-51 Locker Hinge Pin 21 Mag Release (10/22) 41 Magazine Followers 61 Magnetic Gun Caddy 62 Magnum Slimline Brake 10 Managed Recoil Ammo 52 Merit Aperature 18 Merit Eyeglass Attach 18 Mildot Scopes 26, 29, 31 Mounts Bipod 45 Mueller Scopes 25, 30,31 Muffs (protection) 63 Muzzle Brakes 10-11 Muzzleloader Accessories 18-21, 63 Muzzleloader Rifles 21 Muzzleloader Videos 63 Oil Rub Stocks 16 Omega Sights, PeepRib 18 OPS Tactical Brake 9 Order Form 35 Order Information 35 Pac-Lite Barrels 22 Pachmayr Decel 15 Package Deals 10 PeepRib Sight System 18 Peltor Hearing Protector 63 Pentax Scopes 24 Pod-Loc, Bipod 45 Powder Scale 54 Powder, Reloading 49 Pricing, Package Deals 10 Pro Hunter, TC 12-21 Pro Hunter XT, TC 12-21 Pro-Shot Cleaning 59 Protection, Ear 47 Recoil Pad 34 Redding Dies 52-53 Red-Dot Sights 29,30

Reloading 52-55 Reloading Books 49 Reloading Dies 4,51-53 Reloading Press 54 RifleBasix Triggers 61 Riflescopes 24-31 Rimfire Barrels 4,12-13,37-40 Rings 32-33 Rods, Cleaning 59 Ruger #1 34 Ruger 10/22 see 10/22 Ruger Mags 42-43 Ruger MKIII 22 Rusteprufe Cleaner 58 Sabots 19,52 Savage Accessories 36 Savage Rifle Barrels 36 Savage Stocks 36 Savage Trigger 63 Scale, Reloading 54 Scenar Bullets 48 Scirocco Bullets 50 Scope Accessories 23-33 Scope Mounts 29,32-33 ScopeRib III 5,14 Scopes 24-31 Scopes, Rifle 24-31 Scopes, Pistol 30 Scopes, Shotgun 30 Scopetector 17 Scope-EZE 23 ScopLEVEL 23 Screwdriver Set 60 Services, Etch & Engrave 11 Services, French Gray 11 Services, Installs 11 Shoot N-C Targets 47 Shooters Ridge (10/22) 37 Shooters Ridge (bipod) 44 Shooting Rest 46,47 Shop Services 11 Shotgun Accessories 13 Shotgun Barrels 13 Sierra Infinity 6 Software 55 Sights 5,10,18,29,30 Sights, Pistol/Shotgun 13,20 Slings 17 Slug Barrels 13 Sniper Manual 62 Socks 62 Software, Ballistics 55 Stick-On Bifocals 47 Stocks 14-16,36-40 Stocks, Contender/G2 15 Stocks, Encore 15 Stocks, Laminate 16,36,38 Stocks, Muzzleloader 14,16 Stocks, Ruger 10/22 37-40 Stocks, Savage 36 Stocks, Thumbhole 14-16,36-40 Sunshade 23 Swift Scopes 24 Tactical Bases (10/22) 40 Tactical Bases (Savage) 36 Tactical Bases/rings 32,36 Tactical Solutions 40-41 Tactical, Scopes 26,31 Targets 47 TC Accessories 12-15,17 TC Contender 7,14-15 TC Custom (EABCO) 8 TC Encore 6-8,12-15,17 TC Endeavor see ProHunter XT TC Gun Cases 17 TC ProHunter 6-8,12-15,17 Timney Trigger 41 Tools 60 Trigger Upgrades 34,41,61 Turkey Barrels 13 Ultimate Sniper Manual 62 Uncle Buds Bulls Bag 46 USP Bore Paste 58 Variflame 18 VihtaVuori Reloading Manual 49 VihtaVuori Reloading Powder 49 Warne Accessories 32 WGRS Peep Sight 18 Wipe-Out Cleaner 56 Wool Socks 62

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RIFLEMAN’S RIFLE We could call it the Ultimate Deer and Antelope Rifle if it weren’t for the fact that so many of our customers use it for varmint and target shooting, or just plinking at tin cans. Can you imagine that? A deer rifle you can shoot all day without getting a sore shoulder! The 97D is a small frame single shot rifle that's suitable for big game as well as small game and varmint hunting. It originally evolved from our World Champion long range silhouette pistol action. The 97D action itself is inherently accurate and simple... no vibration or stress inducing machinery hanging out into the forend. Onto this we fit an EABCO Accuracy Barrel, precision turned and threaded between centers at a rate that keeps stress and flex out. Barrels are snugged and sealed rather than torqued onto the frame... again, to minimize induced stress. Each chamber is individually reamed on-center and individually head spaced. We feel the crown is so critical to accuracy that we leave it until after the gun is finished... our 11 degree target crowns are cut last and left bright. This is our trademark BriteCrown™ finishing touch (Inset Above Left). STANDARD 97D RIFLE- The standard 97D Rifle is configured with our most popular, formerly custom options. It features a 24” blue barrel, French Gray Receiver, 2-Ring Keylock Magnum scope mount, and swivel studs. It weighs about 6.5 lbs. A right handed stock is standard but if you’re left handed, we can swap in our ambidextrous stock for an additional $60 (shop labor). These Standard Model 97D rifles are built in small production runs with a lot of individual attention and detailed fitting… They’re essentially custom rifles. Sometimes they’re in stock for immediate delivery. Other times you have to wait a little while for the next batch to be completed. CUSTOM MADE-TO-ORDER 97D RIFLE-- See next page.

97D STANDARD RIFLES 127-9765 Model 97D 6.5mm BRM 24” Rifle $999 127-9723 Model 97D 219 Don Wasp 24” Rifle $999 127-9760 Model 97D 6mm BRM 24” Rifle $999 127-9730 Model 97D 30-30 Win 24” Rifle $999 127-9717 Model 97D 17 HMR Rifle 24” $999


EABCO 6.5mm BRM Cartridges The same sectional density and velocity as the Swedish Mauser with Bench Rest Loading efficiency. Recoil is mild. Accuracy is Superb. One-Shot Performance on Game is Deadly Out to 300 Yards.

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6.5 BRM.. Ultimate Deer & AntelopE Cartridge

Even at 300 yds, the 6.5 BRM will break every bone it hits and penetrate completely for a reliable, devastating kill.

The 6.5mm BRM cartridge delivers HUGE Sectional Density out to 300 yards and beyond, with phenomenal accuracy and mild recoil. 127-650811 Loaded 6.5mm BRM 140gr (20) $29 127-262 Custom 6.5mm BRM Brass (100) $55 127-261 Custom 6.5mm BRM Reloading Dies $60

Designed to give big game hunting capacity to our small frame 97D Rifle, the 6.5mm BRM has exceeded all of our desires and 9 eexpectations. It hits hard, breaks bones, and penetrates completely through big deer-sized game. Accuracy and trajectory p make it easy to place your shots out to 300 yds. And, recoil is m mild enough that you can use the same big game load to shoot m prairie dogs all day long! p Why is it so good? The huge sectional density of the 6.5mm bullet and the superior WHACK of heavy bullets traveling at b medium rifle velocities. m

A 140gr bullet from the 6.5mm BRM is technically the same as a 190gr bullet from a 308 Winchester … Same sectional density, trajectory, and ~2,400 fps velocity. Zero the 6.5 for 200 yards and aim right on all the way out to 250 yards. At 300 yards, you just put the crosshairs on the backbone of an Antelope and you’ll hit dead center-body.

Custom Made-To-Order 97D™ Rifle Starting at $1,350 Delivery 6-12 mo. CUSTOM MADE-TO-ORDER 97D RIFLE Made to the same specifications as the standard rifle, only you get to choose the options! Made in heavy contour .810” barrel. Choose Your: 1. Caliber & Twist 2. Barrel Length 17”-26” 3. Barrel Finish- Factory Blue, Matte Blue or Stainless 4. Frame Finish- Factory Blue, Matte Blue or Stainless 5. Buttstock Transition- Black, Gold, Silver (anodize) 7. Accessories- Engraving, Scope Mounts, Gold Plated Trigger, Right/ambidextrous stock, Scope, Bipod, Swivel Studs, Sling, Ammo, Dies & Brass. Please call or visit our website for more information on Made-to-Order Rifles.

Available Rifling Twist Rates

The optimum rate of twist for a barrel depends on the particular cartridge, caliber, and bullet weight you are wanting to use. The twist rates we offer are listed below: 17 Cal - 1:9 20 Cal-1:12 .22 RF Cal - 1:16 .22 CF Cal - 1:7, 1:9, 1:12, 1:14 6mm/.243 - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 25 Cal- 1:10


6.5mm/.264 - 1:8 .270 Cal - 1:10 7mm/.284 - 1:9 30 Cal - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 338 Cal - 1:10 357 Cal - 1:14

97D CUSTOM RIFLE CHAMBERINGS 25-20 Winchester 17 HMR* 25-35 Winchester 17 HM2* 25-35 WinAckley Improved 17 Bumble Bee* 6mm BRM 17 Ackley Hornet* 6mm PPC EABCO 17 Ackley Bee* 6mm Donaldson Wasp 17 HeeBee* 6.5mm US 17 FireBall* 6.5mm BRM 17 Mach IV * 6.8 (.270)Rem SPC 17 Remington* 7mm TCU 20 Tactical 7mm US 204 Ruger 7mm BRM 22 Long Rifle Match 32 H&R Mag (.308) 22 Stinger 30-20 Match (.308) 22 Win Mag Rimfire 300-221 Remington 22 Hornet 300-221 Rimmed 22 K Hornet 30 Herrett 22 PPC EABCO 221 Remington Fireball 30-30 Winchester 30-30 Ackly Improved 222 Remington 300 BRM 222 Rem Mag 30-40 Krag (30 US) 218 Bee 38 Special 218 Mashburn Bee 357 Magnum 223 Remington 357 Maximum 223 Rem Ack. Imp. 219 Donaldson Wasp 357 Herrett 375 Winchester 224 BR Mag (BRM) 44 Rem Magnum

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Standard in 44 Mag, 22LR & 6.5mm BRM Falling Block Action... Opens w/o Breaking Small Frame Handgun, Points Naturally Superbly Accurate... Proven in IHMSA/NRA!


e build our Hunting and Competition BF Pistols with equal attention to quality and detail. Every gun is individually fitted and tuned during final assembly. There is no finer hunting handgun on the planet.

Accuracy and Power at Long Range - The BF is a small frame gun that feels and points comfortably like a handgun should. From the specially designed target grips to the carefully tuned trigger pull, it is designed for optimum handgun shootability. We use only airgauged, match grade barrels in these guns for best accuracy... Turned, threaded, and chambered on center. Then, finished with an 11º crown. The inherent accuracy of the BF action with this much barrel quality... is superb.

Standard BF Pistol I thought you might enjoy a picture of a great 6x6 elk bull taken with two shots (one shot would have done it) from my 6.5 BRM handgun and a load using 140 gr. Sierra Spitzers. A great bull taken with a great gun! I really enjoy toting this handgun and usually end up using it instead of my rifle, unless of course I am toting the 97D, also in 6.5 BRM. Keep up the good work and I will be placing another order as soon as I can decide on caliber and configuration. ~W.W.

“I am thrilled to be able to write you once again to tell you that one of your fantastic BF pistols has once again won the Production category at this year’s Australian National Championships (IHMSA sanctioned). ( October ‘09) It was the only Production gun to shoot a 40/40 during the competition. The caliber used was 7US with 150gr Sierra HPBT bullets. This gun has won several Australian Championships to date and is an absolute pleasure to compete with. Thank you all very much for building such a fine product, it is a credit to you all. ~B.W.


Our World Champion long range BF Hunting Handguns are now available in a standard, off the shelf model... Chambered in 6.5mm BRM, 44 Mag and 22LR... These handguns are made with the exact same quality and attention to detail of our Made-to-Order BF Pistols. The only difference is that we standardized them to include our most popular features, and we produce them in batches so they’ll be ready to ship when we receive your order. This saves a lot of money so your price is lower. That’s right it costs less and delivers faster! Standard model BF Hunting Handguns have a single shot, falling block action, Herrett target grips and forend, and include our 6-Screw, 3-Ring KeyLock Magnum scope mount. 6.5mm BRM, 22LR and 44 mag chamberings. (scope not included)

127-97B44 BF Classic Hunting Pistol 12" 44 Magnum $699- FFL required 127-97B65 BF Classic Hunting Pistol 15" 6.5mm BRM $699- FFL required 127-97B22LR BF Classic Hunting Pistol 10 3/4” 22LR $699 - FFL required

Made-To-Order BF Pistol When you order your BF Hunting Pistol, you can choose from several options: Chamber, barrel length, muzzle brake, finish, scope mounts, engraving, etc. It will be a one-of-akind heirloom you can pass on to your kids with pride. Current estimated delivery is 6-12 months. Prices begin with a basic, finished blue gun with no sights at $999. 50% Non-refundable deposit charged when ordering, balance due before shipping. Specify Chamber and Barrel length.

127-BFP Made-to-Order BF Pistol Blue, No Sights $999 -FFL required

ScopeRib III Sight System™ for Handgun Silhouette


he new ScopeRib III Sights for IHMSA and NRA Handgun Metallic Silhouette are an advancement over our famous ScopeRib I Sight System. Keylock scope base design with a precision handgun sight system that fits 10", 10¾", 12", 14", and even 15" TC Contender and G2 barrels, and BF Pistols. Features Include:

- Rear Sight Features 1/2 MOA precision click adjustments (1/2" per click at 100 yds). - Sharp, square sight notch in notch widths to suit your vision and application: .032, .062, .080 (most popular), and .100 (Narrow for Taco-Hold, Wider for Creedmoor and Standing Positions). - Mounts to factory 4-hole as well as custom 6-hole scope mounting screw holes. - Original "Bond" Hooded Front Sight: Adjustable post for width AND height. The ScopeRib III Sight System fits TC Contender and G2 barrels as well as BF Pistols. It includes the ScopeRib III rear base with precision adjustable sight AND the Bond hooded front with adjustable post. Order quick detachable See-Thru Rings separately. 127-080 ScopeRib III Silhouette Sight System $139.00

127-600 Extra Long Taco Hood $15 (pictured above)

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Standard Encore Accuracy Barrels™ by EABCO Why our Accuracy Barrels™...because we offer non-standard chamberings, different barrel lengths, contours and twist rates than what's offered elsewhere-But the REAL reason is to achieve a better potential for accuracy than mass production factory barrels... And, this is why we make our own EABCO Accuracy Barrels™. It’s not magic... just extra attention to the details that result in superior accuracy...

Precision Rifled Barrel Blank Contours Turned On-Center Precision Machined Underlug Proprietary Lug Weld Process Chambers Reamed On-Center Chambers to min. SAAMI Specs Finished with a BriteCrown™

Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly and Stainless steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002" (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements.

One at Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. Each chamber's headspace is checked and confirmed with gauges. True, center-to-center 11° target crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure. Chambers with Accuracy Potential - Cartridges that work well within the TC Encore's capability to handle pressure, bolt thrust, and extraction. It stands to reason that cartridges which operate on the outer edge of a gun's capability will have less accuracy potential than cartridges that operate closer to the gun's sweet spot. The TC Encore has superb potential for accuracy with the cartridges we chamber. We do not offer heavy magnums.

Just wanted to pass on a photo of a buck I shot in Alberta in Nov 2009. I purchased a 6.5 BRM custom barrel from you for my Thompson Pro Hunter. This buck dropped in his tracks with one shot at about 100 yards. I was using your custom loaded 6.5 BRM ammunition with 140 gr. bullet. WOW does it shoot!!!!!!!!!! Hunters in the camp were amazed at what that little round could do. Beats the pounding of a big magnum and it shoots more accurately too. From the bench to the stand, this is the most accurate hunting rifle I have ever owned, thanks for such a great product. pro p pr roduct ro duct. duc t. -Dean Dean Dean Opatz Op patz attz

Standard Encore Accuracy Barrels™ Off the shelf, quicker delivery of our most popular custom made Encore Accuracy Barrels™ is the good news. By doing these barrels in a standard configuration, we save on machinery set-ups and cut our costs. So, we can sell them to you for a lower price. These are the same quality and attention to detail as our built-to-order accuracy barrels... Just lower in price and available off-the shelf with little or no waiting! Length is 26”, Blue Finish, Heavy .810 Contour (Fits Factory Encore HEAVY forends as well as the Pro Hunter forends.) These “standard” model barrels get the exact same accuracy process at a reduced cost and faster off-the-shelf delivery! 127-AB204 Encore Accuracy Barrel 204 Ruger 1:12 $325 127-AB2049 Encore Accuracy Barrel 204 Ruger 1:9 $325 127-AB223 Encore Accuracy Barrel .223 Rem $325 127-AB225 Encore Accuracy Barrel 22-250 Ackley Imp $325 127-AB243 Encore Accuracy Barrel .243 Win $325 127-AB6BR Encore Accuracy Barrel 6mm BR Norma $325 127-AB264 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5 BRM $325 127-AB261 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5x47 Lapua $325 127-AB262 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5x55 Swede $325 127-AB260 Encore Accuracy Barrel 260 Rem $325 127-AB280 Encore Accuracy Barrel 280 Rem $325 127-AB308 Encore Accuracy Barrel .308 Win 1:10 $325 127-AB30808 Encore Accuracy Barrel .308 Win 1:8 $325 127-AB30812 Encore Accuracy Barrel 308 Win 1:12 $325

NEW! Standard Stainless Accuracy Barrel 127-AB264S Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5BRM $375


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!!Standard G2 / Contender


Accuracy Barrels™

Custom Made to Standard Length and Contour Configuration for Off-the-Shelf Quicker Delivery G2 Contender Accuracy Barrels fit the TC Contender and G2 Contender frames. Manufactured by E. Arthur Brown Company with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy. Length is 24”, non-tapered bull barrels are finished in Factory Blue. The .810 diameter fits the standard G2 Contender Rifle forends. Available in our popular 6mm BRM and 6.5mm BRM chamberings... “Big Game Performance in a Small Frame Rifle” 127-AC60 G2/ Contender Accuracy 6mm BRM $325 127-AC65 G2/ Contender Accuracy 6.5mm BRM $325

Se next e for M page Orde ade-Tor En barr core els

I’d just like to thank everyone at E. Arthur Brown. Great product at a great price, and great customer service too! The rifle I am shooting is a Thompson Center Encore equipped with a EABCO Custom Accuracy Barrel in 6.5 x 284 Norma scoped with a Nikon Monarch 4 - 16 bdc reticle. I use the eabco (Keylock) scope mount, cut -20 moa (which I modified myself). I love the mount, 3 scope rings and still room for a level. It will consistently shoot sub 1/2 moa groups at long ranges. I have to give credit to my ammo developer Brian, and Royce at EABCO who built the barrel. They have done a great job with the rifle. It is fun to shoot groups like that with a hunting rifle. I have enclosed pictures of two groups. One is a four shot group at 575 yds. measuring right at three inches. The other is a three shot group at 710yds measuring at 7”. (the mosquitos were bad). Thanks again,

Details of Each Particular Chambering - We've applied an accuracy rational that makes sense. Chambers are minimum SAAMI spec... they fit standard ammo but fit closely so as to align well with the bore... Here's more: 204 Ruger - Made with either 1:9 or 1:12 rifling twist to suit your preference. .223 Remington - Also a 1:12 twist. We're figuring nobody is deer hunting with this one so we made it to shoot best with varmint weight bullets of 40-50 grains. Our favorite factory loaded ammo is Winchester 45 grain JHP. .243 Winchester - Here we've opted for a faster 1:8 twist. Most standard .243s are done in a 1:10 twist that is not optimum for the most common factory loaded ammunition, which is 100 grain bullets. Our 1:8 twist makes factory ammo shoot very accurate. 6mm BR Norma - The 6BR was THE Benchrest favorite until 6mm PPC came along. But now, Benchrest competitions are going to longer dis-tances, and there is a resurgence in popularity of the 6mm BR using the heavier 100-105 gr. bullets and renamed to "6mm BR Norma". Our 6mm BR Norma barrels are throated for these long, heavy bullets and done in a 1:8 rifling twist especially to suit 100-105 gr match bullets. Really a fun, heavy hitting tack-driver. 6.5mm BRM - We do this one optimized for the BRM cartridge philosophy... heavy 140 grain bullets in a 1:8 twist that arrive on target with superb accuracy, very little recoil, and deadly impact. We have several links below for 6.5 BRM info... 6.5x47 Lapua - This exceptional 6.5mm cartridge won the 2007 NBRSA Nationals and set records doing it. Similar to 260 Rem-ington only with a sharper 30 degree shoulder and small rifle primer... 1:8 twist, as preferred by Benchrest competitors. 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser - The cartridge that popularized 6.5mm in the USA and inspired our own Bench Rest Magnums (BRMs). It is still about the most near perfect big game cartridge ever made. We do our chambers to minimum SAAMI specs and our barrels to 1:8 twist rifling... Optimal for the high BC, heavy sectional density 140 grain 6.5mm bullets. Mild recoiling but deadly on big game. 260 Remington - We apply the same heavy 140 grain bullet and 1:8 twist formula on this one. Basically a 6.5mm version of the .308 win cartridge case. Gives excellent efficiency of loading and the desired med-high velocity with heavy 140 grain bullets. 280 Remington - Basically a 7mm version of the 30-06 cartridge case, the 280 Remington gives efficient, med-high velocity perfor-mance with heavy 160 grain 7mm bullets. Having less recoil than 7mm Mag, the 280 Rem is easier to shoot well... It has been very popular as a made-to-order barrel. Done in 1:9 twist. .308 Winchester - We do this one in 1:10 twist which is capable of accuracy with bullets from 150-180gr. So, this barrel will work great for deer sized game and can handle elk by simply moving up to a tougher, heavier bullet. .308 1:12 Twist Barrels - In response to requests we've received from benchrest shooters, these 1:12 twist barrels are especially suited to the mid range 150-155gr bullets favored by match shooters.

Accuracy Proof Testing Service Our barrels will routinely shoot 5 shot groups into well under an inch or better when they're equipped with quality ammo, accurate telescopic sights, and good benchrest shooting technique. If you would like the added confidence of knowing that your new Encore Accuracy Barrel has been proven accurate, we now offer Accuracy Proof Testing Service. Order Accuracy Proof Testing and your barrel will be bench rest fired for accuracy at 100 yards and will be shipped with load data and proof target. This can get pretty expensive with custom wildcat brass... Call for details and price.

Bret Sabourin- MN

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Custom Encore Accuracy Barrels™ made by EABCO

Estimated delivery: 12-16 wks

EABCO manufactures these barrels l to your specifications. Made d to fit the TC Encore™, Pro Hunter™, Pro Hunter XT™and Endeavor™. Select your caliber below, choose your length, twist rate, contour and finish. Combine your Accuracy Barrel™ with a Keylock™ Magnum Scope Mount, muzzle break, engraving, stocks and save. See our package deal pricing on page 10

EABCO TC Encore Accuracy Rifle Barrels 17-26” Standard Taper 127--14 Factory Blue $375 127-15 Matte Blue $400 127-16 Brush Satin Stnls $435

17-26” Heavy Taper 127-24 Factory Blue $375 127-25 Matte Blue $400 127-26 Brushed Satin Stnls $435

17-26” Bull Barrel 127-34 Factory Blue $375 127-35 Matte Blue $400 127-36 Brushed Satin Stnls $435

*Note: Heavy fits factory HEAVY forends & ProHunter forends*

EABCO TC Encore Accuracy Pistol Barrels 9-15” Standard Taper 127-14 Factory Blue $375 127-15 Matte Blue $400 127-16 Brush Satin Stnls $435

9-15” Heavy Taper 127-24 Factory Blue $375 127-25 Matte Blue $400 127-26 Brushed Satin Stnls $435

9-15” Bull Barrel 127-34 Factory Blue $375 127-35 Matte Blue $400 127-36 Brushed Satin Stnls $435

*NOTE: Heavy fits factory HEAVY forends & ProHunter forends* Made by EABCO and are finished with no sights but drilled and tapped for standard Encore scope mounts. You get a higher quality barrel, in a much wider selection of chamberings, lengths, contours, and finishes. Approx. delivery 12-16 weeks.

How to Order:

1. Select your caliber 2. Select your contour- Standard, Heavy, Bull 3. Select your finish- Factory Blue, Matte Blue or Stainless 4. Select the length & Twist Rate 5.Add extras..package deals on custom features like scope mount, muzzle brake, action job, custom stocks, etc. Page 10. Available Rifling Twist Rates

The optimum rate of twist for a barrel depends on the particular cartridge, caliber, and bullet weight you are wanting to use. We offer the following twist rates: 17 Cal - 1:9 20 Cal-1:12; 1:9 .22 RF Cal - 1:16 .22 CF Cal - 1:7, 1:9, 1:12, 1:14 6mm/.243 - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 25 Cal- 1:10 6.5mm/.264 - 1:8 .270 Cal - 1:10 7mm/.284 - 1:9 30 Cal - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 338 Cal - 1:10 358 - 1:14

Available Chamberings 17 HM2 (Rimfire)* 17 HMR (Rimfire) * 17 Ackley Hornet * 17 Bumble Bee * 17 Hee Bee * 17 Fireball * 17 Mach IV* 17 Remington* 20 Tactical* 204 Ruger 22 LR Match (Rimfire) 22 Stinger 22 WMR (Rimfire) 22 Hornet 22 K Hornet 218 Bee 218 Mashburn Bee 221 Rem. Fireball 222 Remington 222 Rem Mag 223 Remington 223 Rem Ackley Imp. 22 PPC EABCO 219 Donaldson Wasp 224 BR Mag (BRM) 225 Winchester 22-250 Remington 22-250 Ackley Imp. 6mm PPC EABCO 6mm Don Wasp 6mm BR Norma 6mm BR Mag (BRM) 243 Winchester 243 Win. Ackley Imp. 25-20 Winchester 25-35 Winchester 25-35 Win Ack Imp.

257 Roberts 257 Rbrts Ackley Imp. 6.5mm US (Ult. Sil) 6.5mm BR Mag (BRM) 6.5 X 55 Swedish Mauser 260 Remington 6.5 x 47 Lapua 6.5 X 284 Norma 6.8 (.270) Rem. SPC 270 Winchester 7mm TCU 7mm US (Ult. Silhte) 7mm BR 7-30 Waters 7mm BR Mag (BRM) 7-08 Remington 7-08 Rem Ackley Imp. 280 Remington 30-20 Match Sil (308) 32 H&R Mag (308) 300/221 Remington 300/221 Rimmed 30 Herrett 30-30 Winchester 30-30 Win Ack. Imp. 300 BR Mag (BRM) 308 Winchester 308 Win Ackley Imp. 30-40 Krag Match 30-40 Krag (30 US) 30-40 Ackley Imp. 30-06 Match 30-06 Ackley Imp. 338-06 Ackley Imp. 35 Remington *17 & 20 cal- $30+

Other Chambers and Barrel Blanks We do not offer heavy magnum chambers. We get the accuracy we desire from our EABCO barrel blanks, we do not substitute others.


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Custom Muzzle Brakes

Delivery: Approx. 6 wks

ith an emphasis on accuracy, functionality, and value we offer a wide range of brakes to suit you! When accuracy is a priority, installation requires proper centering and the Perfect Crown. Note: This is a custom machining and Gunsmithing service... delivery is approximately 6 weeks. On-Center Threaded Brakes - Our muzzle brakes are all threaded on-center with the bore. This assures that the exit hole is aligned with the bullet path and that ignition gases affect the bullet equally on all sides... which is the best condition for accuracy. C-T-C 11º Target Crown - After the muzzle is threaded and before the brake is installed, we cut the crown. Our crowning system aligns the muzzle and the chamber between centers (C-T-C) to assure that a perfect crown is cut. This crown is inspected with a loupe to be sure it is perfect before the muzzle brake is installed. (Be sure to tell us your prefered overall barrel length.) No-Stress Mounting - Our muzzle brake threads are snug with no wobble... again to assure alignment and accuracy. Beyond this, we install them with a zero-torque method to be sure no stress is introduced into the barrel. Note: Add $20 for re-installation of Front Sight holes. Specify Over-All-Length. If not specified, brake adds to barrel length.

OPS Tactical & Varminter Muzzle Brake OPS Muzzle Brake for Tactical and Varmint Shooting

Originally developed for the military, the OPS Muzzle Brake is the result of extensive research into muzzle gases and the effects of redirecting them for recoil reduction and accuracy enhancement. Excellent for big game as well as varmint cartridges.

Recoil Reduction - The OPS Brake has a unique asymmetrical cupped primary baffle followed by a lateral secondary baffle. This results in recoil reduction of up to 70+% with virtually no “puff” back at the shooter… No Dust Blow Ups! Accuracy Enhancement - The speed of sound changes with temperature so that within the OPS Brake, your bullet travels through an envelope of subsonic gas that enhances stability...

Yes, that's pretty deep science. Rifles with theOPS break are extremely accurate. Stainless only. Fits muzzle diameters from .530-.950 inch. Adds approx. 2”. Recommended for: 17-44 Calibers

127-OPS Stainless OPS Brake Installed $189

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

JP Howitzer/Sherman Tank Muzzle Brake The JP Howitzer Muzzle Brake is radical looking but is honestly the most effective muzzle brake we’ve ever seen. We say it reduces recoil up to 100%* because in most cases a gun equipped with the JP Brake just stands still during recoil. The double baffle surface area of the JP captures forward moving gases to actually pull the gun forward. This counteracts the rearward motion of recoil or kick. Certainly it converts the heavy kicking kic magnums into joyful, down range projectors of power! And being rang able to watch the hits and misses ab when you’re prairie dog shooting, is w not only fun but a good marksmann sh ship aid. Without question, the most effective muzzle brake we’ve ever seen. effectiv approx. 1.75” to barrel length. Adds appro “ one word, WOW! They look perfect. After shooting a few “In rounds through my .300 Win Mag, I could not believe how little recoil was felt. I am very pleased with the (JP) muzzle brake. Several of my friends have also shot it and after feeling how little recoil, are sending more barrels your way. Great job, PF”

Brockman Muzzle Brake

Choose this muzzle brake for pretty much any .224-.45 caliber cartridge.

*Please Note: Different guns and different cartridges recoil differently. We once built a 15” Encore in 300 Win Mag with a JP Brake installed and the customer used it to shoot 80 round silhouette matches from the onehanded Creedmoor shooting position. In fact with the JP Brake installed, “Most” centerfire rifles will almost stand still when fired. However, some particularly vicious recoiling rifles (such as pencil barreled WSMs) will still have some recoil. How much will be relative to the cartridge, rifle, and shooter’s sensitivity. As stated above the JP Brake will give “Up To” 100% recoil reduction and without a doubt it is the most effective muzzle brake in the world. But for the customer who might think we’re over-promising on this, we have to state that you will still know the gun is going off and you will still feel recoil. We apologize for having to put these “Weasel Words” into this description.

135-JPE JP Muzzle Brake Blue Installed $169 135-JPES JP Muzzle Brake Stnls Installed $189

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

Ports Open & Close...

Noise Control - "Will it hurt my ears when I'm hunting?". All muzzle brakes redirect gas and sound to the sides rather than forward... which makes them all louder than shooting a gun with no muzzle brake. The Brockman Brake has the option of opening and closing the gas ports... Essentially turning the brake on or off without removing it. You can open the ports and enjoy the recoil reduction while working up loads, sighting in, and practicing. Then, just close the ports if you want to go hunting with normal muzzle noise. Same accuracy & sighting. Locked-In Precision - Muzzle Brakes are not like flash suppressors that can be just screwed on and off. Accuracy and recoil reduction require that they have very close and even clearance with the bullet (measured in thousandths). The Brockman Brake is precision threaded and rigidly installed with 11º target crown on center with the bore. Only the outer sleeve moves to open and close ports. Shoot Better with Less Recoil - Pendulum tested to reduce recoil by up to 47%, the Brockman Brake will make any rifle easier to shoot well. You’ll shoot better from a rest when your

rifle stops jumping around on the bags and you concentrate. You’ll shoot better off-hand when you practice with the brake and stop flinching and jerking the trigger. Adds approx. 1.75” to barrel.

013-001 Brockman Brake Blue Installed $189 013-002 Brockman Brake F.Gray Installed $189

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off! Physical Requirements - Calibers from .224 to .338, minimum muzzle diameter of .730”. Maximum .875”. The brake itself is .875” in diameter and our installation bevels at the rear to transition nicely to your barrel diameter.

--More brakes on next page!--

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Custom Muzzle Brakes (cont.) JP Tactical & Varminter Muzzle Brake Developed to comply with USPSA Limited Class competition rules, this new JP Tactical (and varmint) muzzle brake draws heavily from the dual baffle design of our JP “Howitzer” muzzle brake. The idea is that smaller cartridges like .223 Rem don’t need as much baffle area and so the size of the brake can be reduced without losing too much baffle effect. See a similar model made for Ruger 10/22 on page 39. We've been installing these on Encore barrels, Bolt Action rifles, and AR15 variants.

135-TVBS Tactical Varmint Brake Stnls $199 135-TVBB Tactical Varmint Brake Blue $199 *Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

Magnum Slimline Muzzle Brake These brakes feature a large expansion chamber that compresses muzzle gases so they’ll accelerate as they exit the ports. No ports on the bottom… no kicked up dust. Recoil is reduced approximately 42-45%... eliminates muzzle rise on chamberings up to 300 Win. Mag. Available in Blue or French Gray (FG) finish. Fits muzzle diameters from .655 to .850 inch and adds approximately 1 1/8” to barrel length.

127-SL2 Magnum Slimline Brake Installed $130 127-SL2S Magnum Slimline Brake French Gray Installed $140

*Purchase with barrel, or complete gun & take $10 off!

Package Pricing Buy more, Save more!

*Price Listed Reflects Discount

Purchase a Complete Gun or Barrel and save on these items. Take $10 off

Take $10 off

All Keylock Scope Mounts

All 10/22 Laminate Thumbhole Stocks With Purchase of 10/22 Barrel see page 38 for details

see page 33 for details With Purchase of Gun or Barrel

Take $10 off

Take $10 off

TC Action Job $65* (p. 11)

Timney 10/22 Trigger $139* Black 112-10221P (p. 41)

With Purchase of Gun or Frame

With Purchase of 10/22 Barrel

Take $10 off

Take $10 off

4-12x40mm 97D Riflescope $149* Peep-Rib™ Sight System $49* p. 28 With Purchase of Gun or Barrel P. 18 With Purchase of Gun or Barrel Take $10 off

With Purchase of Gun or Barrel

3-12x50mm Hawke AO IR Nite Eye Riflescope 019-3296 $189* P. 27

Take $10 off

With Purchase of Gun or Barrel


All Muzzlebrakes listed p. 9-10

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Custom Gunsmithing Services French Gray Finishing (approx 6 wks)

A soft looking, hard gray-metal finish which is superior to stainless steel in its corrosion resistance, wear ability, and operational "slickness". We prepare the exterior metal surface by blasting with a blend of very fine aluminum oxide and glass bead media. This base surface preparation is actually what causes the deep "French Gray" look after plating is complete. The actual French Gray surface is a two-part metal plating process that bonds to steel at the molecular level. The result is a hermetic seal that protects against corrosion while beautifying the firearm it’s applied to. We’ve done our French Gray Finish on all types of firearms from handguns to long guns. You can have it done all over or two-tone blue/gray!

714-100 Fr. Gray Finish Encore Frame $125 714-101 Fr. Gray Contender Frame $125* * On Contenders, we leave the hammer and trigger blue.

714-102 Fr. Gray Fin. T/C Barrel $125 714-103 Fr. Gray Finish M97D Rifle Receiver $125 714-104 Fr. Gray Fin. EABCO BF Pistol Receiver $125 714-105 Fr. Gray Revolver/Auto Pistol $175* 714-106 Fr. Gray Fin. Rifle or Shotgun $225*

* There may be additional charges depending on make or model. We will contact you for approval before proceeding, in that case.

Action Job (approx 2-3 wks)

You need a nice trigger to shoot your best, but... Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning of trigger mechanisms. Our TC "Action Job" puts the time and skill into tuning up your action to its optimum potential. We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by the parts molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws. If you don't already have a trigger over travel screw, we will install one. Results are safe, clean triggers of approximately 2.5 lbs. pull.

751-001 TC Encore - G2 Contender Action Job $75.00


Customize your gun with engraving. Our engraving is more accurately described as an “etching” process. A stencil is positioned over the steel surface and an electrochemical reaction lifts out the metal under the image. When the stencil is removed, a beautiful impression is left. Receiver Side Surfaces - We offer a choice of Ram’s Head, Antelope, Mule Deer, Elk, Prairie Dog or Buffalo etching for receiver sides. We can engrave in two sizes: Large is about an inch in diameter. Small is about 3/8ths inch in diameter (fits the flair flats of an Encore) Price is PER SIDE. Process may require refinishing afterwards. Silver on black imaging is doable on blued guns.

714-005 Engrave Ram’s Head $25 714-006 Engrave Buffalo $25 714-007 Engrave Elk $25 714-008 Engrave Deer $25 714-009 Engrave Antelope $25 714-010 Engrave Prairie Dog $25 Special Barrel Markings - Commemorate a special event by having a line of text etched into your barrel. Each line of text can be up to 35 letters long.

714-020 Engraved Line of Text $25 General Shop Services and Price List Regular Shop Rate is $65/hr Install Threaded Muzzle Brake $130/Cut and Re-Crown TC Barrel $60 Cut and Re-Crown other Barrels... Call Install Swivel Stud (each) $15 Drill and Tap Sight Holes... Call Re-Blueing...see prices for French Gray Install and Adjust Rifle Basix Trigger Assbly $65 Scope Install $25

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TC® Encore Barrels Thompson Center factory barrels available in a range of calibers and contours. Encore™, ProHunter™, Endeavor™ and ProHunter XT™ frames and barrels are interchangeable, the options are endless!

Encore 24” Barrels

Sporter barrels for the TC Encore, Pro Hunter and PH XT/Endeavor. 24” long and tapered to .725” at the muzzle. Use standard Encore forend. Includes sights.

BLUE Item # 207-1767 207-1758 207-1756 207-1760 207-1765 207-1762 207-1754 207-1768 207-1750 207-1752 207-1766 207-1685 207-1799

Price $283 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $257 $298 $304



Item # 22 Hornet -223 Rem 207-4917 22-250 207-4919 243 Win 207-4999 25-06 Rem 207-4911 270 Win 207-4226 7mm-08 207-4990 280 Rem 207-4213 308 Win 207-4992 30-06 207-4996 45/70 Govt 207-4995 22LR* 207-4278 17 HMR* --

Price -$291 $291 $291 $291 $293 $291 $290 $291 $291 $291 $323 --

Encore 26” Barrels

Varmint weight barrels that fit the TC Encore, ProHunter and ProHunter XT/Endeavor. 26” long, tapered to .810” at muzzle. Fits Heavy or Pro Hunter forend. No sights.


207-1775 207-1543 207-1557 207-1547 207-1503 207-1551 207-1505 207-1507 207-1553 207-4229



204 Ruger 223 Rem 22-250 25-06 6.8 Rem 7mm Mag 308 30-06 300 Win Mag 375 HH


STAINLESS 207-4907 207-4968 207-4998 207-4914 -207-4921 207-4934 207-4936 207-4923 --


ProHunter 15” Fluted Barrels

Pistol barrel is tapered to .710” at the muzzle. Includes sights, drilled and tapped for scope mount.

BLUE Item # -207-1948 ---207-1951 --207-1947 207-1958 207-1964 207-1965 --


Price -204 Ruger $267 223 Rem -22-250 -243 Win -270 Win $267 7mm-08 -308 Win -30-06 $267 25-06 $267 .338 Federal $315 22LR* $315 17 HMR* -30 TC

*Rimfire207-9864 Rimfire Base Black $15.95 207-9862 Rimfire Base Silver $16.95


STAINLESS Item # 207-1905 207-1907 207-1911 207-1913 207-1917 207-1929 207-1927 207-1919 207-1915 207-1904 207-1910 207-1914 207-1906

Price $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $302 $329 $329 $302

ProHunter 28” Fluted Barrels

Varmint/Sport Weight fit TC Encore, ProHunter, and PH XT/Endeavor. 28” long, tapered to .810” diameter at muzzle. Use Heavy or Pro Hunter forend. Sights not included.

BLUE Item # 207-4864 207-4866 207-4869 207-4877 207-4880 207-4871 207-4890 207-4874 207-4888 207-4897 207-4891 207-4895 207-4892 207-4893 207-4868 207-4883 207-4766 207-4799 207-4894 207-4796 207-4797 207-4799



Price $277 204 Ruger $277 223 Rem $277 .243 Win $277 25-06 $277 270 Win $277 7-08 $277 7mm Mag $277 .308 Win $277 30-06 $277 30 TC $277 300 Win Mag $277 .338 Federal $277 .338 Win Mag $277 .375 H&H $277 22-250 $277 280 Rem $277 35 Whelen $277 308 Marlin $295 416 Rigby w/mt $295 17 HMR* $295 22LR* $277 .308 Marlin

Item # 207-4801 207-4813 207-4817 204-4819 207-4823 207-4859 207-4857 207-4839 207-4831 207-4854 207-4833 207-4852 207-4847 207-4853 207-4805 207-4829 207-4767 207-4856 207-4855 207-4862 207-4860 207-4856

Price $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $310 $329 $329 $329 $310

ProHunter 20” Katahdin

Tapered to .850” diameter at muzzle. Rifle Barrels include sights, drilled and tapped for scope mount.

207-4812 Katahdin 20” 460 S&W fluted w/sights $298 207-4814 Katahdin 20” 500 S&W fluted w/sights $298 207-4804 Katahdin 20” 45-70 fluted w/sights $298

Encore 15” Barrels

Pistol barrel is tapered to .710” at the muzzle. Include sights, drilled and tapped for scope mount.

BLUE Item # -207-1710 207-1708 207-1716 207-1724 207-1706 207-1702 207-1704 207-1734 ---


Price -$249 $249 $249 $249 $249 $249 $249 $249 ---

204 Ruger 223 Rem 22-250 243 Win 270 Win 7mm-08 308 Win 30-06 45/70 Govt 460 S&W 22LR*

STAINLESS Item # 207-4930 207-4970 -207-4927 -207-4976 207-4978 --207-4944 207-1786

Price $284 $284 -$284 $284 $284 $284 --$284 $302

Encore Pistol Barrels 207-1528 207-1533 207-1732 207-1730 207-4929 207-4942

12” 12” 15” 15” 15” 15”

44 Mag 45/410 VR 45/410 SR* 500 S&W 45/410 VR* 500 S&W

Blue Blue Blue Blue Stnls Stnls

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome

$245 $298 $309 $295 $315 $302

Hot Shot for kids! ™

Get your kids started right with the new Hot Shot™ .22 caliber. With a Pro Hunter style, precision barrel and peep sight, plinking cans will be so much fun! Teach your kids the basics about accuracy, safety and sportsmanship, with their very own gun...just like Dad’s. Hot Shot features: “always on” style safety until hammer is cocked. Drilled and tapped for scope mount. Length: 30”, barrel length: 19”, weight: 3lbs. Must be shipped to FFL Dealer.

207-3400 Hot Shot Blued/Composite Black $199 207-3401 Hot Shot Blued/Composite Green Realtree Camo $229 207-3402 Hot Shot Blued/Composite Pink Realtree $229 207-3406 Hot Shot Blued/Composite Black $229 Special Edition: “One of 1000” (Limited Quantity) 207-3408 Hot Shot Blued/Composite Green Camo $239 Special Edition: “One of 1000” (Limited Quantity)

Muzzleloader Barrels ProHunter XT Muzzleloader Barrels

207-4750 207-4751


26” Blue 209x50 26” Stnls 209x50 26” Camo 209x50

Fluted PH XT 28” Stnls 209x50 Fluted PH XT 28” Blue 209x50

ProHunter Muzzleloader Barrels

$285 $318 $318

207-4932 207-4789 207-4800

See page 14 for ML forends, buttstocks; pages 16-21 for accessories & page 21 for ML rifles

Fluted PH 28” Stnls 209x50 Fluted PH 28” Blue 209x50 Fluted PH 20” Stnls 209x50

$417 $373

$412 $367 $412

*ProHunter & ProHunter have Speed Breech, but XT has ability to manualy turn it, ProHunter needs tool to turn breech plug. XT formerly Endeavor.

Encore ShotGun Barrels Screw-in Beaded Sights, Scopes & Mounts

The 207-1753 (A), 207-4211 (B) & 2076201(C) Encore Turkey barrels from TC have to be the most versatile single gun barrels in the world. It is a smoothbore 12 Ga. barrel that comes set up for turkey hunting with an extra full choke tube and adjustable fiber optic open sights.


207-6270 26” Smoothbore w/chokes 20 ga 207-4234 26” Rifled Bore 20 ga 207-6201 26” Smoothbore Turkey 20 ga 207-4239 24” Rifled 12 ga Slug 207-6206 24” Smoothbore Turkey 12 ga Scope Sighted Deer or Turkey System 207-1753 24” Smoothbore Turkey 12 ga Install our scope mount on any Hawke Deer 207-4211 26” Smoothbore VR 12 ga w/chk PASS shotgun scope (p. 25) and your barrel Note: ABOVE barrels include F/O Sights becomes a precision, crosshair aiming game getter. Hawke scopes have superb optics and durability with speed focus eyepiece and lifetime warranty.

Recommended Accessories

205-648M Swift 1.5-4.5 SRP Scope $169 029-02732 Mueller 2-7x32 Red Dot $139 146-913 Encore Screw-In Brass Bead Sight $12 019-3250 Hawke Deer PASS 3-9x40 Scope $135 207-9949 Encore 12 ga Scope Base $23 23-10042 Keylock Mag Rings Black (pair) $24.95 127-104 Encore Shotgun Forend Hardware $9.95

Blue Blue Camo Blue Camo Blue Blue

$341 $311 $354 $317 $354 $341 $384


207-4824 207-4822 207-4787 207-4788 Note: ABOVE

28” 12 ga Fluted Rifled Stnls $354 28” 20 ga Fluted Rifled Stnls $371 28” 12 ga Fluted Rifled Blue $317 28” 20 ga Fluted Rifled Blue $317 barrels use PH or Encore Shotgun Forends. Do not include sights. 207-9949 Weaver 12ga. Scope Base Blue $23 714-102 French Gray Finish $125


E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome


Frames, Forends & Buttstocks Muzzleloader Forends & Sets 207-7710 Composite 209x50/45 Forend 207-7149 Hardwoods HD Camo 209x50 Forend 207-7699 Hardwoods HD 12 ga Forend 207-7662 Walnut 209x50 Forend 207-7514 PH FlexTech Black Forend 207-7567 PH FlexTech Camo Forend 207-7592 ProHunter XT/ Endeavor AP Camo Forend 209-107 Gray Laminate ML Forend 209-127 Gray Laminate ML SET 209-137 Gray Laminate Thumbhole SET 209-207 Brown Laminate ML Forend 209-227 Brown Laminate ML SET 209-237 Brown Laminate Thumbhole Set 209-70504 Camo Laminate Thumbhole SET 209-70404 Camo Laminate ML Forend 127-107 ML Forend Hardware

$31 $54 $60 $54 $42 $62 $56 $44 $125 $189 $44 $125 $189 $189 $44 $9.95

Encore Pistol Frames 207-1876 207-1920 207-1806 207-1842 751-001

Pistol Frame-Stnls/Comp ProHunter Pistol Frame-Blue/Comp ProHunter Pistol Frame-Blue/Walnut Pistol Frame-Stnls/Rubber TC Encore Action Job & Trigger Tune

$373 $363 $354 $346 $75

Note: TC Frames are defined by their buttstock/grip & forend. The frame must be registered with the BATF as either a pistol or rifle. Frames cannot be purchased separately. ALL FRAMES MUST BE SHIPPED to a licenced FFL HOLDER.

ProHunter stocks, barrels , frames and forends are interchangable with standard Encore and PH XT/Endeavor!!

Encore Rifle Frames 207-1804 207-1803 207-1808 207-1918 207-1870 207-1875 207-1883 207-1885 207-6288 207-1887

Blue/Walnut Rifle Frame Stainless/Camo Rifle Frame Blue/Composite Rifle Frame Blue/Walnut ProHunter Rifle Frame Stainless/Composite ProHunter Stainless/Camo ProHunter Stnls/Camo Thumbhole ProHunter Stnls/Black Thumbhole ProHunter Stnls/Composite Rifle Frame Blue/Composite ProHunter Rifle

$384 $434 $363 $421 $422 $480 $480 $422 $376 $365


207-1803 207-1804 207-1806 207-1883 207-1870

/Contender Barrels & Accessories


G2 Barrels will fit on the Old Style Contender Frames. G2 Buttstocks and Grips will NOT fit on the Old Style Frames. 23” STAINLESS CALIBER Item # 207-4263 -207-4266 207-4271 207-4259 207-4273 207-4247 207-4261

Price $299 -$299 $299 $299 $299 $305 $299

223 Rem 6.8 Rem 30-30 Rem 45-70 Govt 204 Ruger 7-30 Waters 17 HMR 22LR Match

23” BLUE Item # 207-4224 207-4202 207-4228 207-4230 207-4246 -207-4210 207-4220

Price $244 $244 $244 $244 $244 -$256 $256

Above barrels do not include sights. 207-4048 207-4040 207-4042 207-4044


12” Blue 22 LR Match 12” Blue 357 Mag 12” Blue 44 Mag 12” Blue Rib & Int Choke 45/410

$256 $256 $256 $293

Item # --207-4203 --207-4205 207-4222 207-4251 207-4218


Price --$293 --$293 $293 $299 $299

14” BLUE Item # 207-4409 207-4418 207-4405 207-4513 207-4527 207-4502 207-4508 207-4462 207-4531

Price 22 Hornet $244 204 Ruger $244 223 Rem $244 6.8 Rem $244 7-30 Waters $244 30-30 Win $244 44 Mag $244 17 HMR $256 22LR Match $256 45-70 Gov. w/ --207-4107 $293 mzl tamer 45/410 Colt VR 207-4219 $335 207-4547 $293 & Inv Chk

Above barrels include sights. EABCO G2 Contender Accuracy Barrels 127-AC60 127-AC65

24” Blue 6mm BRM 24” Blue 6.5mm BRM

More details on page 7

127-080 ScopeRib III

Silhouette Sight System $139.00 The ScopeRib III incorporates our Keylock scope base design with a precision handgun sight system that fits 10”, 10¾”, 12”, 14”, and even 15” TC Contender and G2 barrels. Read more on page 5

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome

$325 $325

Encore Rifle Buttstocks 207-7706 Black Composite 207-7722 Walnut 207-7146 Realtree Camo 207-7248 Black Thumbhole Composite 207-7251 Thumbhole HD Camo 207-7803 Thumbhole Walnut 207-7879 ProHunter Flex Tech Black 207-7853 ProHunter FlexTech Camo 207-7881 PH Thumbhole Camo 207-7883 PH Thumbhole Black 207-7589 ProHunter XT/ Endeavor AP Camo 207-7544 Flex Tech Energy Burners


$60 $121 $104 $83 $127 $213 $91 $136 $136 $91 $140 $6.99

207-7251 207-7248 207-7146 207-7883


Shotgun forends

Encore Rifle Forends 207-7708 Composite 207-7701 Hardwoods Camo 24-26” 207-7660 Composite Hvy Katahdin 207-7656 Walnut Heavy 207-7704 Walnut 207-7571 ProHunter Camo 207-7673 Walnut Hvy Katahdin 207-7569 ProHunter Composite 207-7592 ProHunter XT/ Endeavor AP Camo FlexTech 127-108 Forend Screws- Replacement

Encore Pistol Grips & Forends 207-7720 207-7652 207-7654 207-7702


207-6011 207-6711 207-7683 207-7682 207-7593 207-7699 207-7687 207-7880 207-7664 207-6013 207-6713

$28 $50 $38 $56 $50 $58 $79 $37 $57 $3.95


Molded in checkering, finger grooves and medallions combine for a custom hunting handgun look. Decelerator material delivers greater control while softening recoil. Fits all TC Encore Calibers, Sling Swivel

$48 $31 $20 $43

Studs Included. 485-02433 Decelerator Forend Only $29

485-02442 Decelerator Grip Only $39 485-02441 Grip and Forend Set $64 207-7612

Original/Old Style tyle

207-7612 Walnut 10” Pistol Forend $46 207-7614 Walnut 12-14” Pistol Forend $46 207-7616 Walnut Forend-Tapered bls $56 207-7628 Composite Buttstock $60 207-7629 Composite Forend-Tapered bls $29 207-7626 Walnut Buttstock Old Style $157 207-7638 Composite 14” Pistol Forend $20 207-7639 Original Composite Rifle Bull Forend $34.95

G2 Contender

Grips, Buttstocks, Forends G2 Rubber Pistol Grip G2 Walnut Pistol Grip G2 Rubber Forend 12-14” G2 Walnut Forend 12-14” G2 Rifle Composite Forend* G2 Rifle Walnut Forend G2 Buttstock Composite G2 Buttstock Walnut

$40 $48 $23 $43 $28 $49 $60 $121

*207-7735 will not work on Old Style Contender Frame 207-7735




207-7626 207-7629


$49 $61 $60 $38 $58 $60 $38 $60 $60 $49 $61

Encore Decelerator

-See Page 16 for Laminated Stocks/Sets-

207-7755 207-7707 207-7730 207-7714 207-7735 207-7689 207-7733 207-7625

PH Composite 12ga Pro Hunter Camo 12 ga Hardwoods Camo 12 ga Composite 12 ga Walnut 12 ga Hardwoods Muzzleloader 12 ga Composite 20 ga Hardwoods Camo 20 ga Walnut 20 ga ProHunter Composite 20 ga ProHunter Camo 20 ga


Walnut Pistol Grip Rubber Pistol Grip Rubber Pistol Forend Walnut Pistol Forend

Buttstocks & Forends

207-7701 207-7704 207-7708 207-7880


207-7625 207 7 7770 07

7207 7755



207-8720 207-8750 207-8770

G2 Frames Includes Grip/Buttstock and Forend. Frames must be shipped to an FFL Dealer. 207-8700 Pistol Frame Blue/Walnut $364 207-8750 Pistol Frame Stnls/Black $369 207-8770 Rifle Frame Stnls/Black $376 207-8720 Rifle Frame Blue/Walnut $396

G2 and Original Contender Accessories 134-M988M Warne Scope Base Black $32.95 134-201M Warne Medium Rings Black-pair $27.95 134-201LM Warne Med QD Rings Black-pair $52.95 207-9893 Contender Weaver Scope Base Blue $12.95 207-9895 Contender Weaver Scope Base Silver $12.95 127-504 Keylock Magnum Scope Mount- blk $60 23-10042 Keylock Magnum Rings Black-pair $24.95 207-7992 Contender Combination Multi Tool $17 207-8009 Wrist Cartridge Carrier $16 758-200 JSI Mountain Handgun Sling $19.95 758-100 JSI Mountain Rifle Sling $12.95 207-7234 Contender .45 cal Ramrod Acc. Kit $10.50

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Encore Laminate Stocks & Forends Transform your TC Encore Rifle

Shown in camo, gray & brown (below)

The difference in appearance and handling is remarkable! Your eye lines up with the scope more naturaly, the rifle mounts and points more naturally... it’s a perfect fit!





Thumbhole Sets** Standard $189 209-238 -Muzzleloader* $189 209-237 209-70504 209-205 -Drop-In Fit: Thumbhole buttstocks are com- Muzzleloader *-LH $189 Heavy $189 209-236 209-70204 pletely inletted for the Encore frame. Simply Heavy-LH $189 209-204 -remove your original stock, slip this one on, and tighten the grip bolt. Standard Sets** $125 209-228 -Sold as individual buttstocks or in sets Standard Muzzleloader* $125 209-227 -with our custom laminate forends. Heavy $125 209-226 -Standard fits standard factory 24” barrels. Heavy fits heavy factory 26” & 28” Standard barrels. ML fits muzzleloader barrels but Thumbhole does NOT include the ML forend hardware. Thumbhole -LH

$89 $159 $159

Gray 209-138 209-137 209-105 209-136 209-104 209-128 209-127 209-126

Buttstocks 209-201 -209-101 209-202 209-70104 209-102 209-203 -209-103

Forends You can either use the hardware from Standard $44 209-208 -your existing forend or purchase it sepa- Muzzleloader* $44 209-207 209-70404 $44 209-206 209-70304 rately. Butt pad is fitted and installed. Heavy Bull $69 209-210 207-72004 209-71003 209-71004 Includes: grip bolt, forend screws and 20 ga. Slug/Shot* $44 12 ga. Slug/Shot* $44 209-71104 209-71104 forend swivel stud.* (Muzzleloader and *Muzzleloader or Shotgun Hardware not included. Shotgun forend hardware not included.)

209-108 209-107 209-106 209-110 209-71002 209-71103

127-107 Muzzleloader Hardware $9.95 127-104 Shotgun Hardware $9.95 **Sets include buttstock and forend

Oil-Rub Thumbhole Stock Set Sanded Smooth Oil Finished Drop-In Fit

Includes: Buttpad (fitted & installed), forend, grip bolt, forend screws and forend swivel stud. Bipod not included.

Drop-In Fit: Thumbhole stocks are completely inletted for the TC Encore frame. Simply remove your original stock and slip this one on. The forend is inletted for the “Heavy” TC Factory barrel contour, but will fit the narrower standard contour with a slight gap. The forend will NOT fit muzzleloader or shotgun barrels. TC Custom Shop Heavy contour requires special inletting because it is a little fatter than the factory heavy contour. Available in right hand only.

127-105 TC Encore Thumbhole Oil-Rub Stock Set $199


E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome

Custom Gun Cases

Protect your TC Encore or Contender

A. 207-7406 Accessory Pistol Case $29 Deluxe padded case to accommodate Encore or ConA tender pistol barrels. Fits pistol barrels up to 15” with forearm attached, as well as mounted scope. Black.

B. 207-7472 Standard Pistol Case $34.95 Holds scoped pistol plus additional pocket for scoped pistol barB rel. TC logo. Green with black accent.

C. 207-7404 Attache Pistol Case $44 Holds a scoped pistol and has two pockets to hold additional scoped pistol barrels. Fits C Thompson Center pistol barrels 10-16 1/4”. Embellished with TC logo. Green.

D. 207-7481 Pistol Case w/Extra Pouch $47 Specifically designed to fit the Encore handgun with scope. Side pouch holds one extra scoped pistol barrel. D Embellished with TC logo. Black.

E. 207-7478 Rifle Case w. Extra Barrel Pouch $61* F. 207-7412 Rifle Barrel Accessory Case $35



Encore Rifle Case w/ Extra Barrel Pouch is a full length soft case to accommodate the TC Encore rifle with our without scope. Side pouch holds one extra Encore barrel scoped or not. Great for taking your Encore system to the range or the next big hunt! Rugged construction and thoroughly padded to provide excellent protection. Embellished with the Thompson Center logo. Black.

Scopetector II Gun Cases

Specially Discounted Camo Rifle & Shotgun Scopetector® II Gun Cases While Supplies Last! Kolpin is discontinuing the best soft sided rifle cases in the industry! We bought up their remaining inventory and are offering them to you here at a tremendous savings. Fits rifles up to 46”. A. 131-20746 Scopetector II Rifle Case Black/Camo $49 $39 A B. 131-20652 Shotgun Mossy Oak Case $49 *NOTE: A single $5 Packaging Surcharge Adds to the Regular Shipping Chart charge due to special box requirements on any rifle cases.


Holsters & Cases for Hunting Handguns

Our Bandolier Scoped Handgun Holsters are designed to be worn cross-draw style. Holster comes with a padded shoulder strap and additional waist belt. Bandoliers come with a removable flap... you can use it or remove it to suit your needs. Available in black (shown) or camo. Bandolier Sizes as Follows: #3 - Scoped 5-6½" barrel medium and large double action revolvers and 4½-5½" barrel single action revolvers. #4 - Scoped 7-8½ inch barrel medium and large double action revolvers, 6-7½ inch barrel single action revolvers, and 10 inch barrel single shots (T/C and BF). #13 - Scoped 14-16 inch barrel single shots (T/C and BF), 10 inch barrel XP-100, and 9½-10¾ in barrel single and DA revolvers. Designed for large pistols like the Contender and Encore. Construction consists of thick water200-94036 Bandolier #3 RH Camo $49.95 proof foam padding, sandwiched between an outer shell of Cordura Nylon and an inner shell 200-95031 Bandolier #3 RH Black $49.95 of nonabrasive nylon. Cordura Nylon is ten times 200-94046 Bandolier #4 RH Camo $49.95 more scuff resistant than leather. Open top style, 200-95041 Bandolier #4 RH Black $49.95 may be worn as shoulder holsters or on the belt. Right hand only. 200-94136 Bandolier #13 RH Camo $49.95 207-9544 Fits 12-15” Contdr or Encore w/ Iron Sights $62

200-95131 Bandolier #13 RH Black


207-9546 Fits 12 -15” Contender or Encore w/ Scope $62

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TC® Encore & ProHunter Muzzleloaders ML forends, p. 14 ML barrels, p. 13 ML rifles, p. 21

Pictured: Brown Laminate Thumbhole Stock Set (p. 16), Harris S-Type Bipod equiped with S-Lever (p. 45), PeepRib Sight (see below), Swift Riflescope (p. 24, Keylock Magnum Scope Mount (p. 33), TC Muzzleloader Barrel (p. 13)

Variflame for 209x50 & .25 ACP Breech Plug

PeepRib® Muzzleloader Sight System

It is pretty much common knowledge that the 209X50 primer has potential for disrupting accuracy in muzzleloading rifles. The ignition blast upsets your loads and the amount of fouling just adds to the already existing problems that muzzleloader fouling presents to those who seek accuracy. The solution: use small rifle primers... Less primer blast and far cleaner ignition AND, it’s easy to convert your rifle with the following methods:

Advanced Sight System for Encore & Omega

Encore 25 ACP Breech Plugs - The original conversion method seats a small rifle primer in a 25 ACP cartridge case. These cases act as primer holders that fit a specially modified breech plug. Simply replace your breech plug with the 25 ACP Breech Plug (not for Pro Hunter or Endeavor/PH XT). Benefits: 1. Improved accuracy 2. Sealed ignition—you don’t get the usual smoky, cruddy fouling around the primer and breech 3. Re-usable—you will need cartridge loading tools or at least a 1/16th punch to decap used primers and a hand held priming tool to seat new primers.

VariFlame Primer Adaptors - An ingenious adaptor

that’s shaped just like a 209X50 primer, but seats small rifle primers instead. You can use these with any existing 209X50 breech plug. They are completely reusable and come with tools for punching out used primers and seating new ones.

017-VF1 VariFlame Adaptors w/Tools Kit $24 (Inc. 10 Adaptors + Decap and Seating Tools)

017-VF2 VariFlame Spare Adaptors (10) $15 017-0521 Encore 25 ACP Breech Plug Kit $59 (Inc. 25 ACP Plug and 12 ACP Cartridge Cases)

Merit Aperature: Adjustable Peep-Hole System

Open or Iron sights can be nearly as accurate as telescopic sights... if you can see them clearly. How Does the Merit work? Exactly like a camera aperture or the pupil of your eye. Using no lens, the Merit adjusts the size of its hole or B C aperture you're looking through, changing the amount of light admitted and lengthening or shortening the "focal length". You can see your A sight picture sharpen up as you turn the adjustment ring. With practice you will be able to aim more precisely! Styles for Rifle and Handgun Shooters - The Merit Eyeglass Attachment sticks to your eyeglass lens with a suction cup and helps you focus rifle as well as handgun sights. The Merit/Williams Aperture replaces the peep aperture in Williams aperture style rifle sights. Experience pinpoint accuracy with iron sights. A. 110-002 Merit/Williams Aperture $44.95 B. 716-63304 WGRS Encore/Omega Peep $34 C. 110-010 Merit Eyeglass Attachment $54.95



ur PeepRib® Aperture Sight for TC Encore, ProHunter, ProHunter XT, Endeavor, Triumph and Omega combines a precision aperture sight with a scope mounting base. You can position a riflescope on and off your gun without upsetting your aperture sight! It's great for using a scope to fine tune your handload accuracy and you can just remove the scope when hunting regulations don't allow it. The PeepRib® Aperture Sight itself is precision adjustable for windage and elevation and comes standard with a special High Definition Aperture for the clearest possible sight picture. An aperture sight (aka peep sight), mounted as close to your eye as possible, removes a huge amount of aiming error by simply increasing the sight radius (the distance between front and rear sights). Also, aiming error from rear sight light reflection is virtu ally eliminated with an aperture sight... so that the angle of the sun will not change your point of impact. Finally, the aperture itself improves the focus of your sight picture by funneling the light through a hole. (A camera will do much the same thing when you reduce the size of its aperture... the depth of field improves).

127-812 PeepRib Sight for Encore/Omega $59 127-812P PeepRib Pkg Deal $49(w/ barrel order) 127-813 PeepRib Sight for CVA Optima & Kodiak $59 127-814 Keylock CVA Scope Mount Base Black $39.95 Recommended Accessories... 23-10042 Keylock Rings Pair Black $24.95 110-002 Merit Adjustable Aperture $44.95 716-63304 Williams WGRS Peep Sight $34 205-676M Swift SRP 4-12x40mm Matte Scope $169

PeepRib Sight used with 97D Scope (p. 28) and Warne QuickDetach rings (p. 32) to easily remove the scope to use the sight.

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Want a 1” group at 50 yards..with Iron Sights? Try This...

The three influences on shooting accurately with a muzzleloader are: Your loading method, the accuracy of your load, and the precision of your sights. We’ve pursued all three until we got results that many would call extreme muzzleloader accuracy. Loading Method - The bore must be swabbed between shots for consistency and to avoid damaging bullets when loading, See and read our method below... Accurate Loads - Folks who know muzzleloader accuracy all recommend powder charges from 80-120 grains for best accuracy... Not the magnum 150 grain loads. In addition, flatter trajectories require smaller diameter bullets as found in sabots. Precision Sights - The PeepRib® sight (left & pg. 18) and WGRS are aperture sights that are far more precise than the standard buckhorn or leaf sights on most guns. (Loading Method and Accurate Loads are Expanded Upon Below)


If you want accuracy in a muzzleloader, you have to swab the bore between shots. However, the usual patched jag will often get stuck in the hard crusted fowling. Our wrapped, sub-caliber brush eliminates this problem and provides a consistent method of bore preparation for shot after shot accuracy.

1. Swab bore with a “Seasoning” patch 20x 2. Swab with a dry patch 20x 3. Load muzzleloader powder, bullet, and primer. 4. Repeat after each shot for superb accuracy.

For a 50 caliber bore, instead of a jag, use a 45 caliber bronze cleaning brush. Wrap a “Seasoning” Patch around the brush and scrub it down the bore all the way to the breech plug. Seasoning patches are impregnated with borebutter that loosens the crud while seasoning the bore surface. Scrub the ignition area at the bottom especially well until you can feel that you are scrubbing smooth, bare metal. Usually it’s about 20 strokes. Next, wrap a DRY cleaning patch around the brush and scrub the barrel like before... about 20 strokes. This method results in a clean, consistent barrel that also loads easily and consistently. And the brush/patch combination never sticks in the barrel.


velocity BC 50 yds 100 yds 150 yds 200 yds 1623 fps .210 +3.29” +4” 0.0” -9.87 For Deer, aim center out 150 yds; slight hold over out to 200 yds.

Recommended Cleaning Supplies (more on pages 56-59) 207-7003 Encore Seasoning Patches (100) $12.95 207-7037 Encore Dry Cleaning Patches (100) $3.95 207-9500 Bronze 45 Caliber Ramrod Brush $2.75 (this 10/32 thread fits TC ramrod threads for hunting use)

Recommendations - For practice shooting several shots at a shooting range, we recommend using a separate cleaning rod and brush for swabbing with a seasoning patch between shots.

715-26-22-26 Stainless Standard Cleaning Rod $22.00 715-45R Bronze 8/32 Bore Brush .45 Cal $1.60 (8/32 thread on this brush fits standard gun cleaning rods) Sabots Recommended - 250 gr. SST (right). It broke ribs on entry as well as exit, harvesting a 150+ lb. deer last Fall. For tougher game such as Elk, we recommend the 300 gr Bonded Shockwave... A tougher and heavier bullet. Be sure to order the ramrod tip to avoid deforming these pointed nosed bullets when loading.

The one hole group above was shot at 50 yards using a PeepRib® Iron Sight on a TC Encore 209X50 Muzzleloader. Pretty good aiming for iron sights, BUT... It wouldn’t be possible without an accurate load to begin with. Here’s the specific load we worked up to achieve this level of accuracy: The projectile is a Hornady 50 caliber sabot containing a 45 caliber 250 gr SST bullet. The charge is 90 grains of Pyrodex RS granular. Ignition is a Remington 209 primer. You might say the killing power of this load is equivalent to a 45-90 cartridge. Trajectory is practical for use out to 200 yards.

“I found your site in desperation, I was looking for info on why my t/c encore would not group solid at 100 to 150 yards, over the years I tried almost everything, bullets, different powder etc, I read your info on seasoning the barrel, what powder to use, bullet type and size, the locking pin, and the acp primer system, well this is the result after I bought your stuff and sighted and practiced with your advice, I shot this deer in 2007 Va. muzzleloader season at 168 yards, dead on the money, right through the heart, best deer I have gotten in my 40 plus years , many thanks, I have learned the hard way over the years trying to cut corners and that good equipment and advice equals great results.” - Yours truly, Larry Hepner

129-67272 SST 50 Cal Sabots 250 gr. (20) $11.95 207-8235 Bonded Core Shockwave 250gr. (15) $16.50 129-6684 Pointed Bullet 50 Cal. Ramrod Tip $3.95 (more on next page...)

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Muzzleloader Ammo High Ballistic Coefficients Plus Precision Equals Flatter Shooting Accuracy


truth you can rely on is that ALL bullets obey the laws of ballistics... Even muzzleloader bullets. These Precision Rifle saboted bullets give higher ballistic coefficients for their bullet weight and shoot flatter trajectories than conventional muzzleloader bullets. More importantly still, the extreme precision under which these bullets are manufactured results in superb accuracy. There’s a model to suit every hunter’s needs,.

The Extreme Elite™ Bullet repre-

sents the “very best value” in an alllead hunting and target bullet. It delivers outstanding accuracy with Encore and Omega 209X50 rifles. The 330 and 360 grain saboted bullets are optimum for the 1:28 TC rifling twist. Extreme Elite bullets have a continuous give and rebated boat-tail that enhance ballistic performance and put the Extreme Elite in a class all its own.

017-E24 Extreme Elite 240 gr. Bullets (12) $7.95 017-E26 Extreme Elite 260 gr. Bullets (12) $7.95 017-E30 Extreme Elite 300 gr. Bullets (12) $7.95 017-E33 Extreme Elite 330 gr.Bullets (12) $7.95 017-E36 Extreme Elite 360 gr. Bullets (12) $7.95 017-118 Dead Center 300 gr. Bullets (12) $11.95 017-125 Dead Center 340 gr. Bullets (12) 11.95 017-122 DC Duplex 175 gr. Bullets (12) $14.95 017-115 DC Duplex 195 gr. Bullets (12) $14.95 017-200 Dead Center 200 gr. Bullets (12) $11.95 017-240 Dead Center 240 gr. Bullets (12) $11.95 Package of 12 bullets includes seater and sabots to fit 50 caliber TC muzzleloaders

Muzzleloader Sabots


207-8206 Sure Fire .50cal 230gr. (qty 20) $6.99 207-8207 .50cal Bonded Shockwave 250gr $16 207-8208 Shockwave Super Glide 250gr Spire Point $12 207-8211 Shockwave Bonded .50cal, 300gr $16 207-8215 Shockwave Super Glide .50, 300gr$12.50 207-8230 Shockwave .50cal 300gr $11.50 207-8235 Shockwave Superglide 250 gr (15) $17 207-8236 Shockwave Sabots 250gr $19 207-8238 Shockwave 200gr $11 207-8244 Shockwave .45cal 200gr $11.50 207-8245 Shockwave Superglide $16 207-8246 Mag Express XTP .50 cal, 240gr $12 207-8246 207-8276 Swaged Round Balls .50cal $11.99 207-8277 Mag Express .50cal/.44cal (qty 50)$7.99 207-8281 .Mag Express.50cal/.45cal (qty 50) $7.99 207-8287 Mag Express XTP .54cal 250gr $14 207-8294 Mag Express XTP .50cal 300gr. $14 207-8296 Cheap Shot Hollowpointer .50cal $5.99

207-8215 207-8206 207-8276 207-8296


The Dead Center™ Bullet Muzzleloaders are limited in velocity by the physics of the gun and the limitations of the components. The only place left to increase performance is through bullet the Dead Center Bullet. Dead Centers are designed with extremely high ballistic coefficients (BC) which result in higher downrange velocities and therefore higher downrange energy on impact. In addition, the Dead Center is designed for shoot-through performance. The polymer tip and the cavity behind the polymer tip are constructed to dissipate most of the bullet’s energy while still gaining complete penetration. Velocities over 1800 fps with 100 gr. 777 - Use a 150-200 yard zero for dead aim.

Duplex Dead Center™ Bullet - Shoots a 35 caliber Dead Center bullet from your 50 caliber muzzleloader. A seemingly crazy idea that seats a high BC 35 caliber Dead Center bullet into a sabot-within-a-sabot. Available in 175 and 195 grain bullet weights, these lighter bullets shoot at velocities in excess of 2100 fps with 100-120 gr of Triple 7. Aim dead-on out to 200 yards, and hit fine at 250300 yds with a slight hold over. This is the bullet to choose when you’re hunting open country and can aim with a telescopic sight.

118-MLI-40 Muzzleloader Dry Box $19.95

With its water-resistant O-ring seal, this is ideal for storing & carrying black powder in a moisture-controlled environment. 15”x8.8”x9.4” Black. Top access, lid compartment, large handle, padlock tabs, heavy-duty handle.

Muzzleloader Accessories

207-7152 Field Powder Measure $6.75 207-7040 Adjustable Black Powder Measure $8.99 207-7102 Magnum Powder Measure $12 207-7222 U-View Powder Measure $14.50 207-7048 Hunter’s Black Powder Measure $13.99 207-7223 Pyrodex Powder Spout $2.99 207-7221 Black Powder Spout $3.99 207-7224 U-View Powder Flask $18.99 207-7503 Encore Barrel Tool $9.95 207-7727 Pro Hunter Breech Plug Wrench $14.99 207-7764 Breech Plug Wrench $9.99 207-7064 Nipple Wrench for #11/Musket Caps $5.99 207-7062 Wedge Pin Puller $10.99 207-7766 Deluxe B Plug Wrench $35.99 207-9424 In-Line Nipple Wrench $7.99 207-9622 Rugged Rod 26” $16.99 207-9686 Rugged Rod 28” $16.99 207-9144 Omega Rod 28” $16.99 207-9201 Universal Rugged Rod $15.50 207-7979 Encore 26” Power Rod $31.99 207-7977 Katahdin 20” Power Rod $31.99 207-7983 Pro Hunter/Omega 28” $31.99 207-7980 Universal Power Rod $25.99 207-9692 Rugged Rod Range Rod $26.99 207-7211 E-Z Tip™ ML Pivoting Extractor (see above) $15 207-7143 Presaturated Patches $5.99 207-7983 Power Rod 28” ProHunter $31.99 207-9041 TC #13 Bore Cleaning Solvent $5.95

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TC Muzzleloader Rifles NEW! TC Encore ProHunter™ XT 209x50 Muzzleloader Rifles 2 8 ” Fluted Barrel. Equipped with all the features of the ProHunter, plus the addition of the Speed Breech XT™, the breech plug that removes by hand... just a 90 degree turn and out. New Energy Burners™ included in each FlexTech stock to reduce shock and vibration up to 50%, reducing noise up to 20 decibels. Does not include scope. Must ship to FFL Dealer. 207-5722 Encore ProHunter XT™ 209x50 Muzzleloader Rifle Stainless/Composite $860 (above) 207-5724 Encore ProHunter XT™ 209x50 Muzzleloader Rifle Stainless/AP Camo $918 (below) 207-5724 NEW! TC Impact™ .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifle 26” blued barrel. The New T/C IMPACT delivers more... more features and more value. Utilizing a brand new break open hood design, the IMPACT provides easy access to the breech for both right and left-handed shooters. The IMPACT is also versatile with its 1” removable spacer in the stock, making it perfect for youth and adults. FFL not required.

207-6681 TC Impact™ 209x50 Muzzleloader Rifle Blue/Camo $299 207-6681

NEW! TC DreamSeason™ Omega™ Muzzleloader .50 Caliber Rifle 26” Fluted Barrel. FlexTech® stock with energy burners for reduced felt recoil, flat land fluted and T/C’s Power Rod®. FFL not required. 207-8697 TC DreamSeason™ Omega™ 209x50 Muzzleloader Rifle Stainless/Camo $499

Encore Hinge Pin...for ACCURACY

The original TC Encore barrel hinge pin rotates and drifts from side to side freely every time you open and close the action. This creates a potential for the lock-up to be slightly different with each shot. And, anything that is different from one shot to the next can change the point of impact. Our Encore Hinge Pins lock the position of the hinge pin so the action is exactly the same from one shot to the next! The TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin (A) actually tightens out any looseness in the fitting diameter of the hinge pin in the barrel to frame connection. It has a flange on one end and a collet on the other so it tightens up the fit and doesn’t move side to side. This pin locks to the frame and does not pivot with the barrel. Our original Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin (B) also locks the hinge pin to the frame so that only the barrel moves when you open the action. A Very popular… We’ve sold thousands of these! Both of these pins have the potential to improve your accuracy.

A. 207-7010 Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin $21 B. 017-0511 Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin $39 See pages 32-33 for mounts, rings & bases 207-7983 207-7979 207-7501 207-7069 207-7071 207-7165 207-7503 207-7504 207-7502


Forend Accuracy Tips… Unlike bolt action rifles, it is the frame or receiver that is Free-Floated out of contact with the forend. After installation, the Accuracy Hinge Pin sticks out and the wings of the forend need to be sanded a little to clear the new pin.

Rods-Slings-Cartridge Carriers

Power Rod 28” Pro Hunter $31.99 Power Rod 26” Encore ML $31.99 Pro Hunter Rifle Sling $28.00 Buttstock Cartridge Carrier Small 17 Rem-30/’30 $21.00 Buttstock Cartridge Carrier Med. 243-375 JDJ $21.00 Buttstock Cartridge Carrier Large 78 Rem-416 Rigby $21.00 Thompson Center Encore Barrel Removal Tool $9.95 Thompson Center Belt Pouch w/2 Speed Shots $15.99 TC Muzzleloader Rifle Sling w/2 Speed Shots $31.50

207-7502 207-7071

See for all availale TC accessories 207-7503


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Pac-Lite Pistol Barrels for the Ruger® Mk™ III

Matte 4.5” TE Pac-Lite Barrel, Matte Black Compensator, Integral Sight Scope Rib.

-Lightweight -Iron Sights Included -Threaded Muzzle -Free Combat Holster*

Nearly half the weight of the factory barrel, you will love converting your Ruger Mark III Pistol into a lightweight, easy packing tack driver with our new Pac-Lite “upper” barrel system. These threaded end barrels replace your factory barrel and receiver with lightweight anodized aluminum. The barrel is lined with precision button rifled steel with a 1:16” twist for superb accuracy. Includes adjustable iron sights and a threaded muzzle with thread protector. Use the threaded muzzle to install an accessory recoil compensator! (threads are 1/2 x 28). *Introductory Special--Free Combat Holster while supplies last. Barrels: 005-PL6TENFO4 Pac-Lite Mk III Barrel 6” OD Green TE (list $340) $279 005-PL45TENFO4 Pac-Lite Mk III Barrel 4.5” OD Grn TE (list $330) $269 005-PL45TENFO2 Pac-Lite Mk III Barrel 4.5” Matte TE (list $330) $269 Accessories: 005-PLCMP02 Pac-Lite Mk III Compensator Black Matte $37 005-PLINTSB01 Pac-Lite Integral Sight Scope Rib Matte $69 005-PLACCESSRL Pac-Lite Under Barrel Accessory Rail Installed* $59 (* Requires drilling and tapping... Included with your order)

Pac-Lite barrels fit MK™ I, II & III, 22/45™ |

Must be shipped to a FFL License dealer.

Advanced Binoculars


inoculars have come a long way since we were kids. Even the cheap ones we have today are far better than the binoculars of even 5-10 years ago. If you've been relying on an old set of binoculars, it might be time for a new pair... To understand the advances, read our Binoculars Tech Report on

Advanced Binoculars - Our selection has been refined to give you the latest technology, features, and reliability at the best possible price. We field test these binoculars on hunting trips, hikes, boating and fishing trips, and year-round bird watching. If we don't like a certain binocular, 007-65808 we won't sell it. That's why you don't see every make and model 205-828 advertised here. But, every binocular we have here is of superb quality. All you have to decide are the features and price you prefer. Some prices so low we can’t advertise them!! Check online or call! Item Number 007-62215 007-62216 007-62599 007-62486 007-62487 007-65807 007-65808 205-828 205-929G 205-930G 019-3778 019-3780


Prism Type Prism Coating Pentax Papilio 6.5x21 Porro BaK4 n/a* Pentax Papilio 8.5x21 Porro BaK4 n/a* Pentax DCF LV 9x28 Roof BaK4 Phase Pentax DCF NV 8x36 Roof BaK4 Phase Pentax DCF NV 10v36 Roof BaK4 Phase Pentax PCF WPII 8x40 Porro BaK4 n/a* Pentax PCF WPII 10x50 Porro BaK4 n/a* Swift 828 HHS 8.5x44 Roof BaK4 Phase Swift Ultra Lite 8x42 Roof BaK4 Phase Swift Ultra Lite 10x42 Roof BaK4 Phase Hawke Frontier ED 8x43 Roof BaK4 Phase Hawke Frontier ED 10x43 Roof BaK4 Phase

FOV 1000 yd 393 ft 315 ft 294 ft 342 ft 288 ft 330 ft 261 ft 336 ft 341 ft 314 ft 426 ft 340 ft

Eye Relief 15mm 15mm 18mm 16mm 17.5mm 20mm 20mm 19mm 19.5mm 16mm 16.6mm 15mm

Near Focus 1.6 ft 1.6 ft 9.9 ft 9.8 ft 9.8 ft 11.5 ft 18.2 ft 9 ft 6 ft 6 ft 6.6 ft 6.6 ft

Wt (oz) 10.2 10.2 12.9 22.6 22.6 28.2 34.2 23.4 22.0 24.0 26.2 26.2


$129 $149 $249 $219 $229 $159 $189 $349 $309 $319 $349 $359

* Phase Coating is for Roof Prism Binoculars... It is Not Needed on Porro Prism Binoculars


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Flip Open Lens Covers Flip Open Lens Covers- Lens covers keep fog, ice and dust from smudging up your scope lenses. When you are ready to shoot, flip open with a flick of your thumbs. Measure your scope & referece size chart below. 200-FE## Eye Piece $7.50 200-FO## Objective $7.50

Scope Sunshade



Flip Open Cover Chart: Eye Piece $7.50

This sunshades works like a 6” tube shade but they also hid lens glint so you won’t spook game with a lens reflection. Shades mount on your objective lens in a Flip Open lens cover. Requires a Flip Up Objective Lens Cover for proper installation. (see chart for size) Order Number 026-HC1 026-HC2 026-HC3 026-HC4 026-HC5 026-HC6

Butler Creek Flip Open Size 10,13,15 23,25,26,27 28,29,30,31 33,34 39,40,43 44,45,46,47,48

Price $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $17.95 $17.95

Lens Pen Scope Cleaner

Everybody should have a Lens Pen to clean their riflescopes. The unique cleaning tip has a dry cleaning compound that removes smudges better than optical cloth or tissue. Safe for lens coatings, too. A retractable brush is for removing dust and grit. Contains enough cleaning compound for up to 500 fingerprints! 021-7072 Lens Pen System $8.95

ScopLEVEL® Canting Shifts Zero even at 100 Yards

If you like making long shots, you know every little detail counts. The ScopLEVEL attaches to standard 1 inch scope tubes and folds down out of the way when you’re not using it. When you flip it up, you can actually see the bubble in the level when you’re lining up your shot in the scope eyepiece. Don’t miss another shot..

126-LEVELB ScopLEVEL Unit 1” $24 126-LEVEL30 ScopLEVEL Unit 30mm $31

Scope-EZE Cheek Rest

Blizzard Covers have tabs on both sides of the lid for easy opening. Blizzard lens made from “Optical Grade” polymers that achieve the most complete light transmittance of all see-thru covers. Call or check website for chart sizing information. 200-702XX Blizzard Cover $7.50

Buttstocks that were originally supplied with iron sight guns often are too low where your cheek rests to allow proper alignment of your eye to your scope. And often, even cheek rest equipped stocks don’t position the eye just right for evey shape and size of the human face. Our new Scope-EZE cheek rests come in heights from ¼ inch to 1-1/8th inch. Made from extra dense polymer foam rubber with a peel-off adhesive backing that creates a permanent installation. Make that stock work with your new scope! 204-750 Scope-EZE 1/4-3/4” Taper $35 204-900 Scope-EZE 5/8ths-1” Taper $35 204-925 Scope-EZE 7/8ths-1-1/4th” Taper $38 204-950 Scope-EZE 1-1/8th-1-1/2” Taper $38

Order Number Size (inches) Size (mm) 200-FE01 1.341 34.1 200-FE02 1.225 31.1 200-FE03 1.388 35.3 200-FE03A 1.300 33.0 200-FE05 1.432 36.4 200-FE07 1.457 37.0 200-FE09 1.468 37.3 200-FE09A 1.485 37.7 200-FE10 1.516 38.5 200-FE11 1.550 39.4 200-FE13 1.570 39.9 200-FE14 1.605 40.8 200-FE15 1.66x1.45 42.2x36.8 200-FE16 1.660 42.2 200-FE17 1.675 42.5 200-FE18 1.700 43.2 200-FE19 1.730 43.9 200-FE20 1.775 45.1 200-FE21 1.70x1.42 43.2x36.1

Flip Open Cover Chart: Objective $7.50 Order Number Size (inches) Size (mm) 200-FO01 1.00 25.4 200-FO02 1.221 31.0 200-FO02A 1.181 30.0 200-FO03 1.34 34.0 200-FO03A 1.300 33.0 200-FO04 1.095 27.8 200-FO05 1.387 35.2 200-FO07 1.429 36.3 200-FO09 1.485 37.7 200-FO10 1.500 38.1 200-FO11 1.54x1.34 39.1x34.0 200-FO12 1.76x1.53 44.7x38.9 200-FO13 1.530 38.9 200-FO15 1.558 39.6 200-FO17 1.612 40.9 200-FO19 1.646 41.8 200-FO20 1.700 43.2 200-FO21 1.735 44.1 200-FO23 1.760 44.7 200-FO25 1.800 45.7 200-FO26 1.820 46.2 200-FO27 1.840 49.7 200-FO28 1.890 48.0 200-FO29 1.919 48.7 200-FO30 1.960 49.8 200-FO31 1.998 50.7 200-FO33 2.043 51.9 200-FO34 2.100 53.3 200-FO39 2.220 56.4 200-FO40 2.250 57.2 200-FO43 2.310 58.7 200-FO44 2.360 59.9 200-FO45 2.410 61.2 200-FO46 2.430 61.7 200-FO47 2.461 62.5 200-FO48 2.500 63.5

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Swift SRP Rifle Scopes 205-668M

Superb Light Amplifying & Clarity


Swift Sports Optics SRP Riflescopes feature... • • • • • • •

Light Amplifying with proprietary new lense coating. 94-96% greater light ght transmission. 205-649M 205 649M Lengthened Eye Relief- most near 3” or better. Feature Low Profile Target Knobs with dust covers (on most models). Fully multicoated lenses with full saddle one-piece tube construction. 205205 2 0 05 5 669MSL 205-669MSL Feature Speed Focus eye piece for best reticle focus Lifetime Warranty Sur-Loc Includes free screw-on sunshade System ITEM #









$169 1.5-4.5x32mm 25-7ft

3.0/3.3 in 10.4 in

12.7 oz Matte





3.2/3.0 in 13.8 in

15.8 oz Matte





2.9/2.7 in 12.2 in

14.8 oz Matte





3.0/3.0 in 12 in

13 oz



3.0/3.0 in 12.4 in

15.4 oz Matte



3.0/3.0 in 12.4 in

15.4 oz Glossy

$179 3.5-10x44mm 35-11ft

3.7/3.1 in 12.6 in

15.2 oz Matte


2.8/2.8 in 15.4 in

21.4 oz Matte


3.0/3.0 in 15.5 in

18.7 oz Matte

205-674MSL $189 205-676M $169 205-676 $164 205-659M

205-669M $209 205-669MA $219 205-669MSL $229


6-18x44mm 6-18x44mm 6-18x44mm

Suits woods & open range hunting Suits woods. Bright, clear image in low woods hunting situations Superb for all around hunting situations. MSL version features Swift Sur-Lok hand lockable adjustment knob. Most popular: 4-12 suits woods to open range. Parallax adj. obj dials out error. Self-centering Quad reticle. Great all-around, esp. poor light. Mid-long range. Adj. parallax obj size matched to magnification range. MA target version features exposed target knobs. MSL version features SurLok hand lockable adjustment knob Woods & med. distance. Speed focus; selfcentered reticle. Great magnification and light gathering.




205-672M 205-677M

$215 $249


19-7 ft

3.0 in

15.8 in

20.9 oz Matte

Suits mid-long range shooting


18-5 ft

3.1/3.2 in 15.9 in

20.8 oz Matte

superb long distance target & hunting




13-4 ft

3.0/3.0 in 16.9 in

21.5 oz Matte

The best target & varmint scope. Holds brightness & clarity well.

205-685M 205-687M 205-688M

$167 3-9x40mm 39-13.5 ft 3.7-2.8in 12.4 in $214 4.5-14x44mm 255-8.5 ft 3.2/3.2 in 14.1 in $224 6-18x44mm 19.5-7 ft 2.8/2.8 in 15.4 in

20.5 oz Matte

Airgun shooting

21.5 oz Matte

Mildot range finder at 10x. Adj objective dials out parallax error from infinity to 10yds.


205-3908M $379 2.5-10x50mm ft 205-3909M $389


22.6 oz Matte

4.2-3.0 in 12.5 in

21.3 oz Matte

33.3-8.6 ft 4.1-3.0 in 13.8 in

23.6 oz Matte


Item #















Feature One-Piece 30mm Tubes with Full Saddle Construction Feature One-Piece 30mm Tubes with Full Saddle Construction

precision plex ballistic reticle, better pentabright lenses

First, the optics on them are excellent in brightness and clarity. Fully multicoated lenses throughout... The complete Pentax PentaBright optical system. Second, they come with a ballistic Precision Plex reticle for perfect aiming at specific shooting distances. Third, they have a Fast Focus Eyepiece so you can dial the reticle and image into crystal clear, razor sharp focus to suit your own unique eyesight. And finally, all of our Gameseeker Riflescopes are brand new-in-the-box and covered by the full, Pentax Worry Free Warranty.


FEATURES Features Circle Plus Reticle. Slug, turkey & muzzle loaders

Eye Relief

FOV-100 yds 27.33” 10.5ft 3” 33-12.1ft 34.63.0-3.4” 8.9ft 3.0-3.4” 24-6.2 ft

Prices so LOW...we can’t even advertise it!! Call to find out!





12.99” 14.8 oz


13.07” 18.2 oz 22.05 13.7” oz 13.94” 18.8 oz

1/4” 1/4”

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Fit the Deer Between the Brackets, use the Crosshair Between the Brackets to Aim...


imple and Fast - Don’t let the illustration put you off. You simply find the bracket that the deer fits between and aim with the crosshair in the middle of the bracket. In mere seconds... you have found the range and aimed accordingly without thinking about it! Three Ways to Bracket - body, head, and the white around the eye. No matter what part of the deer is sticking out of the brush, you will always have a bracket to find his range. Then, you just aim dead on with the crosshair in the center of that bracket. Simple, Fast, and Deadly... Chart or Program - The Deer PASS reticle is specifically programmable for your slug load with free BRC Software. Or you can use the preprogrammed chart that comes with the scope. 1” Tube.

Hawke Deer PASS SR/EV - The “SR” or Special Reticle version of this scope is a 3-9x40mm with side adjusting illuminated reticle. The optics are fully multicoated EV... Extended View wide angle. 1/4 MOA click target knobs with dust covers, Fast Focus Eye- piece, and durable onepiece tube construction. Waterproof, shockproof, fogproof.

019-3254 Hawke Deer PASS SR 3-9x40 (list $249) $225 Hawke Deer PASS MAP- The “MAP” or Multiple Aiming Point versions of this scope have

non-illuminated reticles. Features include: 1/4 MOA dust covered target knobs and fast focus eyepieces. The EV model is the deluxe Wide Angle version. Both are waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof.

019-3252 Hawke Deer PASS MAP EV 3-9x40 (list 199) $179 019-3250 Hawke Deer PASS MAP 3-9x40 (list $149) $135 Item # 019-3254 019-3252 019-3350

Description Reticle FOV-100 yds Eye Relief Length Weight 3-9x40 EV/IR SR 44.1-14.7’ 3” 12.1” 14.9oz 3-9x40 EV MAP 44.1-14.7’ 3” 12.1” 13.22 oz 3-9x40 MAP 36-12’ 3.5” 12.8” 13.93 oz

• • •

APV Riflescopes

All Purpose Variable Superb Clarity Brightness & Repeatability



ueller’s "All Purpose Variable" (APV) riflescope fits the all-around needs of woods and plains hunters as well as target shooters. The 4.5-14X magnification suits almost all hunting situations. The adjustable 40mm objective dials out all parallax aiming error, and the 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments have clean, definite, and repeatable click settings. Optically, the APV gives excellent edge-to-edge clarity and brightness because 029-A451440 Mueller APV Black $129 029-A451440S Mueller APV Silver $129 029-SS340 Mueller 40mm Sunshade Black $16.95 029-SS340S Mueller 40mm Sunshade Slvr $16.95 Description






the glass is top quality and fully multi-coated throughout. The 40mm objective is perfect for light gathering in the 4.5-14X magnification range. And target shooters will appreciate the repeatability of the windage and elevation settings. Hunters will appreciate the consistent point of impact regardless of the magnification setting.

The Mueller APV features a medium fine plex style reticle to give fast target acquisition with fine detail aiming at the crosshair. The parallax adjustment goes all the way down to 10 yards so you can use this scope at rimfire as well as centerfire distances. The one piece tube construction is nitrogen purged, waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. FOV100 yds Tube Dia. Length Weight Eye Relief 27-9”





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The Hawke Riflescope...

Europe’s #1- Available in the USA!

By Eben Brown t’s an unfamiliar name to most American hunters, but Hawke riflescopes offer the innovation and quality that American hunters demand. A partnership between a scope marketer, a 3X world champion, and a group of Japanese optical engineers... Hawke has gained a solid reputation in Europe. They own 50% of the scope market in England (UK) and dominate the rest of Europe, too. Read the entire Hawke Story at


SR Special Reticles - Three time World Champion field target shooter Nick Jenkinson designed the “SR” Special Reticle system that’s featured in Hawke SR riflescopes. He showed it to us at the 2007 Shot Show. An avid deer hunter, Nick explained how simple the Hawke SR riflescopes are in the most common as well as extreme hunting situations. Long and short distance shooting. Dusk, dawn or low light, and brush shooting situations. Waterproof, Fog proof, Shock Proof - The SR reticles themselves are glass etched, which is 10 times stronger than wire reticles, withstands magnum recoil and never fails. Hawke lenses are mounted to withstand recoil from both magnum centerfire and magnum spring airgun rifles... doubly reinforced. They’re filled and sealed with DRY nitrogen and orings to keep out moisture and retain absolute lens clarity. Additional Features - Hawke riflescopes have a fast focus eyepiece to easily focus the reticle to suit your eye. Positive and repeatable 1 / 4 MOA windage and elevation is due to precise machining of the mechanism as well as high tensile beryllium erector return springs. Lifetime Warranty.

Hawke Sidewinder 30 Riflescopes Programmable Illuminated Reticle - Side Focus Adjustable - Sniper Style Locking Target Knobs Side-focus parallax adjustable Hawke Sidewinder 30 Riflescopes are optically superb and packed with features. The one piece 30mm tube gives a wider adjustment range and features rigidly tough, coil spring support of the reticle and adjustment mechanism... You get absolute repeatability of windage and elevation at 1/4 MOA per click. Sniper style locking open target knobs are waterproof. The “Side-Focus” knob adjusts parallax from 10yds to infinity. The SR Reticle illuminates red, green (or black) with the rheostat incorporated into the side focus knob. Fully compatible with Hawke’s FREE BRC ballistic software at, You can download FREE Hawke BRC software to program the hit points and range finder on the SR6

or SR12 ballistic reticle at www. Pure crystal glass lenses, high resolution multi-coated throughout to give distortion free clarity and brightness. The fast-focus eyepiece assures a crystal clear reticle image. Solid, repeatable zero through zooms and adjustments. Waterproof, shock proof and fogproof - Hawke Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Sidewinder 30 Tacticals come with FREE screw-on metal lens covers, screw-on sunshade, an extra 2” oversize sidefocus knob and venier for fine tuning paralax and hard carrying case.

Sidewinder 30 & 30 Tactical Features • Side rheostat (Red/Green) • Coil erector spring • True View optics • Fast focus eyebell • All weather zoom ring 1/2 Mildot 10X 1/2 Mildot 20X • 30mm matt black mono tube • 1/4 M.O.A locking and resettable turret • All Calibre Recoil Rated • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof • Hawke Worldwide Warranty

Sidewinder 30s come with FREE Detachable 100mm Big Wheel side focus adjuster plus a FREE screwon Sunshade and Flip-Open Lens Covers

Item Number Description Reticle Eye Relief FOV-100 yds 3-12x50 SR6 4” 31-4 ft 019-4004 4-16x50 Mildot 4” 30-8 ft 019-4006 4-16x50 SR6 4” 30-8 ft 019-4008 6-24x56 SR12 3.6” 16-5 ft 019-4012 8-32x56 SR12 3.6” 14-4 ft 019-4016 4.5-14x42 Tactical 1/2 Mildot 10x 4” n/a 019-4022 6.5-20x42 Tactical 1/2 Mildot 20x 3.5” n/a 019-4026 8.5-25x42 Tactical 1/2 Mildot 20x 3.5” n/a 019-4030 10x42 Tactical 1/2 Mildot 10x 4” n/a 019-4034




Eyepiece Length Weight Price Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus

13.3” 14.9” 14.9” 16.4” 16.5” 14.6” 15.3” 16” 16”

23.4 oz 25.1 oz 25.1 oz 27.7 oz 27.9 oz 25.4 oz 27.5 oz 29.1 oz 29.1 oz

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$369 $379 $389 $399 $439 $389 $399 $429 $339

Hawke BallisticRiflescopes

EXTREME Discounts on last season scopes!*

Hawke ‘SR’ Reticle & Nite-Eye Green/Red Illuminated Center Reticle Item Number



019-3224 019-3226 019-3296 019-3297 019-3298

3-12x44mm AO 6-18x44 mm AO 3-12x50 mm AO IR Nite-Eye 4-16x50 mm AO IR Nite-Eye 6-24x50 AO IR Nite-Eye

Eye Relief SR6 3.5” SR12 3.5” SR6 3.5” SR6 3.5” SR6 3.5”

FOV 100 yds 41.5-10.3’ 22.3-7.4’ 42.6-12.4’ 33.4-8.3’ 21.9-5.4 ft

Eyepiece Length gth h Weight Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus Fast Focus

14.5” 15.3” 12.7” 14.3” 15.8”

19.5 oz 19.7 oz 22 oz 21.6 oz 22.9 oz

Pri Price rice $209 $129 $219 $139 $229 $199 $239 $199

$249 $199 awke SR Nite Eye Adjustable Objective (AO) Riflescopes have illuminated reticle (IR) ballistic plex type “Special Reticles” Reticle SR6 (SR) which allow you to aim right on at various distances. “Green/red” illumination means the reticle can be viewed black or illuminated in 5 brightness levels of red or green. Original SR Reticle scopes are just black. The oversized 50mm objective gives the Nite Eyes low-light capabilities. The SR Reticle works with Hawke BRC Software for calculating the aiming points with different cartridges. The software is available by Free Download. Equipped with the programmable SR Reticles, these scopes have excellent clarity and resolution. Lenses are fully multi-coated throughout for the best light gathering. Parallax adjustable objective, fast focus Reticle SR6 IR eyepiece, 1/4 MOA positive click windage and elevation with dust covers, and designed to work with all rifles from centerfire to airgun. Waterproof, fog proof and shock proof.


Reticle SR12

Hawke Endurance

Fast Focus Eye Piece Piece- Lo Low w Profile Target Knobs- Free Reticle Software... Hawke is discontinuing their superbly made Endurance line of riflescopes and we are offering H way below their original manufacturing cost. Available in MAP8 Ballistic, and 30/30 Plex tthem th h Reticles, R et these scopes feature superb optics with Fast Focus Eyepiece, Finger Adjustable Turrets, and One Piece Tube construction. Waterproof, fog proof, shock proof... These are brand new scopes in Pi packaging and under full warranty. Order Several! original packagi Hawke H awke Endurance MAP8 MA Riflescopes are equipped with a programmable MAP8 Reticle and, software points with different cartridges is available by Free Download. They ware for f calculating the aiming a also have expensive features: features 1” tube, low profile target knobs, fast focus eyepiece, positive 1/4 moa click adjustments, high tensile beryllium erector springs and superb optics! Hawke Endurance scopes feature broad band lens coatings to give optimum brightness without sacrificing clarity. Repeatability of zero is closely monitored due to the consistency requirements of the reticle software that calculates reticle points at all magnifications. Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. . Fully covered by the Hawke Limited Lifetime Warranty. Item # 019-3400 019-3414 019-3323 019-3325 019-3327

Price $119 $59 $119 $59 $99 $49 $109 $59 $119 $59

Description Matte Silver Matte Matte Matte

Eye Relief

FOV @ 1000 yds



Ballistic MAP8 3-9x40mm




15.3 oz

30/30 Plex 3-9x40mm 30/30 Plex 3-10x44mm 30/30 Plex 3.5-10x50mm

3.5” 3.5” 3.5”

42.6-14.1” 44.6-14.1” 33.4-11”

13.2” 13.1” 12.9”

15.3 oz 15.3 oz 16.4 oz

Hawke Eclipse 30 Side Focus Green/Red Illuminated Center Mildot Reticle

The Hawke Eclipse 30 Riflescopes are of exceptional quality for a reasonable price. Side focus paralax adjustable from 10yds to infinity, they feature a 30mm tube which gives the widest "Sweet Spot" in windage and elevation adjustments... Super repeatable due to heavy duty coil erector springs. A unique illuminated center dot Mildot reticle gives 5 levels of brightness in Red or Green... Or plain black! Eclipse 30 features a 50mm objective lens and fast focus eyepiece for a bright, crystal clear sight picture. We have 30mm Rings, and other accessories, too.

Item # 019-3271 019-3273


$225 $245


Eye Relief

Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 4-16x50mm Mildot Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 6-24x50mm Mildot

4.1” 3.8”

FOV @ 100 yds Length Weight 30.8-3.9’ 15.7-4.9’

14.2” 15.9”

26.9 oz 27.3 oz

019-3216 Hawke 44mm Screw-On Sunshade $12.95 019-3217 Hawke 50mm Screw-On Sunshade $12.95 (does not fit Endurance Model scopes) *Quantities Limited

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Brown 97D Riflescope 4-12x40mm Parallax Adjustable

The Brown 4-12x40mm 97D Riflescope has been years in development... See the complete story at We believe that 4-12x40mm PA is the Ultimate Rifleman’s Optic. This is because 4-12x40mm variable magnification is not over powered for close-in woods hunting, yet offers more than enough magnification and brightness for open range hunting. It makes for a reasonable size and weight (comparable to the very common 3-9x scopes). And the 4-12x40mm Parallax Adjustment (PA) can dial out optical aiming error the same as large, high powered benchrest competiton scopes. For more technical information on riflescopes, see our Free Riflescope Report at Basic Qualities - The Brown 97D 4-12x40mm Riflescope is strong on basics... Top quality crystal glass lenses, 100% fully multi-coated inside and out to give the clearest, brightest, edge-toedge distortion free image. Dead-Nutz repeatable and positive “click” windage and elevation adjustments of 1/4 inch per click. Universally popular and reliable Medium Fine Plex style reticle, fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof... and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Premium Qualities - We added low profile target knobs with screw-on covers to allow accurate, fingertip adjustments in the field or at the range. We added a Fast Focus eyepiece so you can keep your reticle focused crystal clear by just turning the eyepiece. And, we are throwing in a FREE 3” screw-on sunshade to reduce glare and glint. Free Shipping!

127-S97M Brown 97D Riflescope 4-12X40mm PA Matte Black $159.00 Recommended Accessories 021-7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System $8.95 127-P97M Polarized Lens Filter for 97D and Mueller APV Riflescopes $24.95 200-FE20 Flip-Open Lens Cover 20 for Riflescope Eyepiece by Butler Creek $7.50 200-FO34 Flip-Open Lens Cover 34 for Riflescope Objective by Butler Creek $7.50 23-10042 1” Keylock Rings $24.95

FOV 100 Eye Click at Tube Length Wt. yds Relief 100 yds dia. 4-12X40mm 10yds-Infinity 32-11" 3.5-3.25" 1/4" 1" 13.25" 18 oz Power



There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.

~Charles Dickens

Swift Sur-Lok Magnum SRP Riflescope- Locks Windage and Elevation to assure there is no shifting. SRP models have exceptional light gathering and clarity. Features low profile target knobs with dist covers. Speed Focus eye piece, medium fine QuadraPlex Reticle. Free Screw-On Sunshade. See page # for more Swift Scopes. 205-674MSL Swift Sur-Lok 3-9x40mm $189 205-669MSL Swift Sur-Loc 2-18x44mm $229

Pistol & Shotgun Scopes NEW!! Bushnell Trophy XTL

MULTI-X RETICLE-- 91% LIGHT TRANSMISSION -- FLIP OPEN CAPS INCLUDED Superb Eye Relief - The Bushnell 2-6X variables give the full scope field of view at full arm extension... even at the maximum 6X setting! 2X eye relief is also superb. Zero-Able Adjustments - 1/4 MOA click adjustments with finger tabs that can be zeroed. Fully sealed so you can leave the caps off and make adjustments with your fingers. Elite 3200 vs. Trophy - Coated, sealed, fogproof optics are featured in both. But the Elite 3200 features RainGuard® anti-fog multicoating with an extra lens to improve resolution, color correction, and minimize reflection. E3200 reticle assembly and inner tube surfaces are black anti-reflection coated. E3200s have beefed up internal construction. Trophy XLT comes with Butler Creek Flip-Open caps. Both E3200 and Trophy Handgun scopes carry the same Limited Lifetime Warranty.

203-732633 Trophy XLT 2-6X32mm Handgun Matte $179 2 203-732633S Trophy XLT 2-6X32mm Handgun Silver $179 20 2 0 203-322632M Elite 3200 2-6X Pistol Matte $279* 203-322632S Elite 3200 2-6X Pistol Silver $279* *see next page for details


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JPoint Mini Red-Dot Sight, Mounts & Accessories Less than an inch high and barely 1 inch wide by 1.6 inch long, these amazing JPoint sights provide a bright, red dot aiming system that’s as accurate as it is small. Improved electronics and optics result in a brighter, clearer dot. Very tough… Proven in combat by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan! The JPoint sight adjusts for windage and elevation with an advanced, two-screw system. It’s powered by the widely available CR2032 battery. Mount the JPoint to your firearm with one of several available mounting adaptors listed here.

135-JP4 JPoint 4 MOA Electronic Sight $269 Built by the same company that made the mounts for the original TASCO Optima 2000… Which became the JPoint sight you see to the right. These mounts are identical to the original aluminum mounts and produced ced to fit the JPoint. 104-SB20 S&W Series Autos $34 104-SB22 Glock 9mm, 40, 357 $34 104-SB23 Sig Autos $34 104-SB24 1911 Fixed Sight $34 104-SB26 Glock 10mm & 45 models $34 104-SB32 AR15/M16 See Thru $46 104-SB33 Ruger 10-22 Plain $34 104-SB34 Freedom Arms Revolver $34 104-SB39 H&K USP $34 104-SB40 Ruger Auto 22 Pistol $34 104-SB41 S&W Revolvers $34 104-SB42 Beretta 92/96 $34 104-SB43 Beretta Cougar $34 104-SB44 SW Sigma Series $34 104-SB45 Taurus Revolver $34

1911 Pattern Handguns 135-11 Standard 1911 Fixed Sight Mt. $34 135-BM Bomar BMCS Mt. $34 135-LPA Low LPA Mt. $34 135-KA Kimber Adj. Sight Mt. $34 General Applications 135-WP Weaver/Picatinny Base $54 135-SM1C Removable Mt for 1" Scope $69 135-SM30C Removable Mt for 30mm Scope $69 135-G Glock JP Mount $34 135-SIG SIG Arms pistols $34 210-AB23 Sig Arms 220, 225, 226 $18 135-NV Novak Type Sight Cut $34 135-GS Gunsmiths Blank Mount $24 Smith & Wesson Guns 135-SWR S&W Revolver Mt. $49 135-415 S&W Model 41 5.5” $34 135-417 S&W Model 41 7.5” $34 Ruger Handguns 135-RP Ruger P Series Pistol $34 Military 135-TANSN Fits Trijicon ACOG NSN $59 135-TAS Adapts 135-TA to All ACOGs $22 Accessories 135-LC Cleaner and Scratch Remover $2 135-JPCOVER Replacement JP Cover $9 135-GUARD Add-On Protective Wings $34 135-RS Rain Shield 135-SHIM Reversible one degree shim $4

Bushnell Elite Riflescopes - Bushnell Elite 4200 and 3200 riflescopes are the bright-

est in the world... Superb, distortion free lenses and Rainguard® multicoatings give you a bright, clear sight picture in all light conditions. And these scopes are Magnum Recoil Proof... The bodies are hammer forged titanium alloy and filled with dry nitrogen to insure 100% reliable Fog Proof, Waterproof, and Shockproof performance. The exclusive Rainguard® lens coating even keeps the external lens surfaces from fogging... you can’t fog them up by breathing or sweating vapors on them! Windage and elevation adjustments are dead-nutz 1/4 (or finer) minute of angle per click repeatable. Fully backed by Bushnell’s Elite® Bullet Proof Replacement Warranty... Elite 4200 Series Magnum Tested to 10,000 Rounds 375 H&H Field of View Click Value Item Number Finish Power Reticle Wt (oz.) Lnth (in.) Eye Relief Price (ft@100yds) (in@100 yds) 203-422104M Matte 2.5-10x40 Multi-X 41.5-10.8 16 13.5 3.3 .25 $419 203-422105M Matte 2.5-10x50 Multi-X 40.3-10.8 18 14.3 3.3 .25 $514 203-426242M Matte 6-24x40 Mil-Dot 18.0-6.0 20.2 16.9 3.3 .125 $506 203-428324M Matte 8-32x40 Multi-X 14.0-3.75 22 18 3.3 .125 $539 Elite 3200 Series Magnum Tested to 10,000 Rounds 375 H&H Field of View Click Value Item Number Finish Power Reticle Wt (oz.) Lnth (in.) Eye Relief Price (ft@100yds) (in@100 yds) 203-321040M Matte 10x40 Mil-Dot 11 15.5 11.7 3.5 .25 $199 203-322632M Matte 2-6x32 Multi-X 10-4 10 9 20 .25 $279 203-322632S Silver 2-6x32 Multi-X 10-4 10 9 20 .25 $279 203-323940S Silver 3-9x40 Multi-X 33.8-11.5 13 12.6 3.3 .25 $189 203-323944M Matte 3-9x40 Multi-X 33.8-11.5 13 12.6 3.3 .25 $189 203-323954M Matte 3-9x50 Multi-X 31.5-10 19 15.7 3.3 .25 $279 203-324124A Matte 4-12x40 Multi-X 26.9-9.0 15 13.2 3.3 .25 $296 203-325155M Matte 5-15x50 Multi-X 21.0-7.0 19 15.9 3.4 .25 $334 Pentax Pioneer II 4.5-14x42mm Plex Riflescope Same Magnum Construction but Lower Price (Comparable to Burris Fullfield II at $597!) Retaining all of the high buck features of the original Pentax Pioneer and Whitetailer scopes, but they sell for a fraction of the cost. They feature the same Magnum Recoil Coil Spring Erectors, PentaBright lenses and coatings, PentaPlex Reticle, and Parallax Adjustable Objective Lens. Fully covered by Pentax Worry-Free Warranty.

007-89731 Pentax Pioneer II 4.5-14x42mm PA Riflescope Matte (List $339) Our Price Only $199!

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Red Dot Riflescopes • • •



ueller may be the best high quality scope bargain, feature for feature, in the world. Optically, they’re made with the best Japanese glass, fully multi-coated with German lens coatings, and Lifetime Warranty. But the feature they’re most famous for are their unique reticles with Illuminated Red Dots. Pictured below, the dots are red when illuminated and black when the illumination is turned off. The crosshairs are always black. Functionally, the Mueller has very fine adjustments with repeatable clicks and comes with dust covered target knobs. The 2-7X model features a circle dot reticle with the circle covering 15” at 40 yards and the dot covering an inch at 100 yards. The 3-9X, 4-10X, and 4-16X models have a German #4 post reticle with light 1/8th MOA center dot. The 8.5-25X model has a very fine target style crosshairs with a 1/16th MOA center dot.


Item Number

029-02732 029-03940 029-31044 029-41650


2-7x32 Red Dot 3-9x40 Red Dot 3-10x44 Red Dot 4-16x50 Red Dot 8.5-25x50AO Red 029-82550 Dot (Matte) 8.5-25x50 AO 029-82550S Red Dot (Silver)


3-9x40, 3-10x44, 4-16x50

Dot Size Adj. Per 100 Yds Click

FOV 100 yds

Brightness Length Weight Eye Settings (in.) (oz) Relief


11 11 11 11

11.3 13 13.1 14.53

13.3 14 15.2 19.7

3.25” 3.25” 3.25” 3.25”






$149.95 $159.95 $159.95 $209.95 $229.95







1 MOA 1/8 MOA 1/8 MOA 1/8 MOA

1/4” 1/8” 1/8” 1/8”

47-18’ 39-13’ 40.8-12.8’ 30.6-7.5’

1/16 MOA


1/16 MOA


Ultra Dot Electronic Red Dot Sight

11 Brightness Settings, Rubber Eye Shade, Tube Extender, Polarizing Filter, Lens Covers, Battery, and Rings Included... Proven in Competition: In 1999 Team Ultra Dot captured six awards in the NRA civilian category from 1st to 19th place, won 4 top spots on overall competition... 1st, 5th, 6th and 10th spots! The Ultra Dot sight has developed a reputation for durability and backs it with a lifetime warranty and in-house service technician. Includes: The Ultra Dot comes in tube diameters of 1 inch or 30mm. These sights have a 4 MOA dot, 11 brightness settings, 1/2MOA windage and elevation adjustments, tube extender/sun shade, rubber eye shade, polarizing filter, and rings to fit a standard Weaver style scope base. It’s a heck of a sight package for a heck of a low price...Regular and four dot models in true 1" and 30mm tubes to fit standard scope rings. 132-ULDT0304B Ultra Dot (30mm) Black $169 132-ULDT000B Ultra Dot (1") Black $159 132-ULDT0304S Ultra Dot (30mm) Silver $169 132-ULDT000S Ultra Dot (1") Silver $159

Hawke Red Dot Scope Sight CLOSEOUT

Tough, Precision Red Dot Sight for ALL FIREARMS - Small, Clear Dot. Under Full Warranty, these Red Dot sights are Closeout Priced WAY below cost. They are excellent quality Red Dot Scopes. Suitable for use on all firearms from .22 through centerfire... Features include: 30mm Scope Complete with Extension Tube and 30mm Weaver Style Rings, Wide Field of View, Flexible Mounting Length, Fits Standard Weaver Style Bases, Small, Precise, Clear and Round 4 MOA Lighted Dot Reticle (4” at 100 yds), Eleven (11) Brightness Levels for easy to see dot from Dawn to Dusk.

019-3141 Hawke 30mm Red-Dot $39 (Limited Quantity) 203-730134 Bushnell 4-Reticle Sight $85

The changeable reticle makes this sight extremely versatile. With 11 levels of intensity, you can adjust the reticle brightness to match any light conditions from dusk to midday sunny. 1X non-magnified means there's no parallax error, it doesn't matter where the reticle appears in the scope. Unlimited eye relief for long guns or handguns. Sight features a 30mm tube and comes with free 30mm rings that mount to any standard Weaver style base. Covered by Bushnell's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Mount on handguns, rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders.

203-730132P Bushnell 1x32 MP Electronic Sight $169

Styled like the ACOG military scope but much more affordable. Features illuminated red/green T-dot reticles and 1x optics for fast target acquisition, even in low light. Built-in mount for Weaver or Picatinny-style bases... No Rings! Uses the common CR2032 battery you can buy anywhere. Matte Black finish. A terrific, zero parallax optic for quick target acquisition, point and shoot aiming. Supplemented by integral open sights on the top. Amberbright multicoated lens surfaces, nitrogen purged for fog proof, waterproof, shockproof performance.

203-730131 Bushnell Red Dot Matte $74

Unlimited Eye Relief, 11 Brightness Settings, 6 MOA Red Dot Size, Includes Weaver Style Rings, Includes Tube Extender/Shade, Includes Polarizing Filter, Includes Lens Covers. Uses common CR2032 Battery, Weaver compatible rings. Covered by Bushnell’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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Tactical Mildot Riflescopes

029-T41650 Mueller 4-16x50 AO Tacticle Mildot $219

Based on the proven optics of the Mueller 4-16x50mm scope, this model has a true Mildot range-finding reticle with illumination capability. Use the Mildots to determine the distance to your target without moving your eye from your sight picture. The center crosshair illuminates for low light use. Comes with free sunshade.

029-T852544 Mueller 8.5-25x44 AO Tacticle Mildot $164.95 8.5-25X Magnification is bright and clear. Superb glass and coatings inherent to Mueller riflescopes. Mildot Range Finding Reticle - A well proven range finding device that lets you accurately estimate distances while aiming through your rifle scope... never take your eye off the game you’re aiming at. Low Range Adjustable Objective allows you to dial out parallax error not only for long range shots but also close up. It’s adjustable from 15 yards to infinity... making this scope equally superb for rimfire 22 as well as long range centerfire rifle shooting. Comes with free sunshade.

029-T31044 Mueller Tac II 3-10x44 Mildot $289 Mueller Tac II Riflescope features all Japanese glass, coatings, mechanism and assembly with a 3-10X44mm Mildot reticle. Speed focus eyepiece, one piece tube, target knobs with dust covers. Featuring a Mildot reticle for range finding. This scope was used by EABCO in Fall of 2006 to range a Montana antelope at 237 yards and aim accordingly for a one shot kill.

NEW!! 029-T451440 Mueller APV Tactical APT 4.5-14x40 Mildot $169 Mueller took the popular APV riflescope, added a Mildot Reticle, 30mm Tube, and large exposed Target Knobs to create the Mueller APT Riflescopes. APT stands for All Purpose Tactical. Superb Clarity, Brightness and Repeatability! Mueller All-Purpose Tactical (APT) riflescope has 4.5-14X magnification with adjustable 40mm objective and the 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments have clean, definite, and repeatable click settings. With excellent edge-to-edge clarity and brightness, the APT gives fast range finding (distance estimation) with fine detail aiming at the crosshair. The parallax adjustment goes all the way down to 10 yards so you can use this scope at rimfire as well as centerfire distances. One piece tube construction is nitrogen purged, waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. Free Screw-On Sunshade included!

Tasco BPO Tactical Mildot Varmint

Features Adjustable Parallax (10 yds to infinity), Target Knob windage and elevation adjustments with dust covers, and variable power magnification (2.5-10X or 6-24X). The optics are bright, clear, and distortion free. All Brand New production and under Bushnell Warranty. The Mildot reticle is designed so you can range find distances without taking your eye away from sighting through the scope. Read the dots, know the distance, aim accordingly, and take the shot. If you know your trajectory and distance, you can aim exactly right to hit accurately no matter how far or close your shot is.

210-80436 Tasco BPO 2.5x10x42 Mildot Matte $74 210-80443 Tasco BPO 6-24x42 Mildot Matte $84 Swift SRP Mildot- see more info on page 24 205-687M Swift 4.5-14x44 Mildot Matte $214 205-688M Swift 6-18x44 Mildot Matte $224

Hawke Airmax® Airgun Riflescopes

Chest Height Mil Dots 5 2.5 1.66 1.25 1

Antelope Or Deer Distance 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds 500 yds

-Paralax Adjustable--Especially made for short distances...10yds minimum -Spring Gun Rated Our newest Airmax® riflescopes from Hawke are an exceptional value. Image clarity and brightness, resolving power, repeatability, and toughness... All the best qualities you want in a riflescope. The MAP6 reticle is designed to work with the Air Rifle’s trajectory for superb accuracy. Large open-top turret to dial different ranges. Strong mono-tube 1” body withstands heavy recoil. If you’re not familiar with Hawke scopes, see The Hawke Story on page 26. Hawke 019-3215 Airmax® riflescopes have dust covered target knobs with positive click, repeatable 1/4 MOA windage and elevation. A fast focus eyepiece lets you focus your reticle to suit your eye... sharp and clear. Dial out parallax error at all distances from 15 yards to infinity. 019-3217

019-3215 Hawke Airmax® 2-7x32mm AO $119 019-3217 Hawke Airmax® 3-9x40mm AO $129 019-3219 Hawke Airmax® 4-12x40mm AO $139


*See Mildots on page 26-27

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Scope Mounts with Alignment, rigidity, and strength… ...the Big Three requirements of a top quality scope mount. Our Warne Steel Scope Mounts do all that and look beautiful, too! Alignment - Manufactured by a well-proven and consistent forming process, Warne rings and bases are exactly the same from one production run to the next. Proper alignment is natural when parts are identical. And it results in less scope tension and better shooting accuracy. Rigidity - The design, material, and mass of Warne mounts combine to make a mount that’s as close to zero flex as is scientifically possible. This rigidity protects your scope while it enhances your shooting. Strength - Four screws and a wide surface area hold your scope into each Warne ring. Also on each ring, there’s a stainless steel recoil key that fits (like a glove) into a slot on the mounting base. Finally, the base(s) are mounted with tempered steel Torx® screws. Warne mounts are STRONG.

Warne Bases

These are complete two piece steel base sets for all the firearms listed. Encore, Contender, BF, and M97D use one piece. There a r e many more bases available… Please Call 800-950-9088.

Item #

M858/918M M858/918S M918/918M M918/918S M902/876M M902/876S M902/801M M902/801S *(1) M902/936M *(1) M902/936S *(2) M902/902M *(2) M902/902S M902/924M M902/924S M988M M988S M987M M987S


Fits Firearm


Matte Ruger 10/22 $19.95 French Gray Ruger 10/22 $22.95 Matte Browning A-Bolt (not WSSM) $19.95 French Gray Browning A-Bolt (not WSSM) Matte French Gray Matte French Gray Matte French Gray Matte Silver Matte French Gray Matte French Gray Matte French Gray

Remington 700 Remington 700 Remington Model 7 Remington Model 7 Savage Bolt Guns Savage Bolt Guns Savage Bolt Gun Savage Bolt Gun Win Model 70 WSM Win Model 70 WSM BF/M97D/Contender BF/M97D/Contender Thompson Encore Thompson Encore

$22.95 $19.95 $22.95 $19.95 $22.95 $19.95 $22.95 $19.95 $22.95 $19.95 $22.95 $32.95 $34.95 $32.95 $34.95

Warne Rings

A: Fixed Rings B:Quick Detach Simple but strong, both styles have a straight and rigid design. QDs keep zero mounted on/off.

Item Number

134-200M 134-200S 134-201M 134-201S 134-202M 134-202S 134-203M 134-203S 134-200LM 134-200LS 134-201LM 134-201LS 134-202LM 134-202LS 134-203LM 134-203LS 134-204LM 134-204LS 134-213M 134-213S 134-213LM 134-213LS 134-214M 134-214S 134-214LM 134-214LS 134-215M 134-215S 134-215LM 134-215LS 134-216M 134-216S 134-216LM 134-216LS 134-217LM 134-217LS





Ring Pair Ht Price


Low, Fixed 1”


French Gray

Low, Fixed 1”



Medium, Fixed 1”


French Gray

Medium, Fixed 1”



High, Fixed 1”


French Gray

High, Fixed 1”



Extra-High, Fixed 1”


French Gray

Extra-High, Fixed 1”



Low, QD 1”


French Gray

Low, QD1”



Medium, QD 1”


French Gray

Medium, QD 1”



High, QD 1”


French Gray

High, QD 1”



Extra High, QD1”


French Gray

Extra High, QD 1”



Ultra-High, QD 1”


French Gray

Ultra-High, QD 1”



Low, Fixed, 30mm



Low, Fixed, 30mm



Low, QD, 30mm



Low, QD, 30mm



Medium, Fixed, 30mm



Medium, Fixed, 30mm



Medium, QD, 30mm



Medium, QD, 30mm



High, Fixed, 30mm



High, Fixed, 30mm



High, QD, 30mm



High, QD, 30mm



Extra High, Fixed, 30mm



Extra HIgh, Fixed, 30mm



Extra High, QD, 30mm



Extra High, QD, 30mm



Ultra High, QD, 30mm



Ultra High, QD, 30mm


* 1) Savage Bolt Gun Pre-Accutrigger has Flat Rear & Round Front Base * 2) Savage Bolt Gun Accutrigger has Round Rear & Round Front Base

$27.95 $32.95 $27.95 $32.95 $27.95 $32.95 $50.95 $55.95 $52.95 $57.95 $52.95 $57.95 $52.95 $57.95 $78.95 $84.95 $78.95 $84.95 $37.95 $40.95 $66.95 $71.95 $37.95 $40.95 $66.95 $71.95 $37.95 $40.95 $66.95 $71.95 $50.95 $55.95 $92.95 $98.95 $92.95 $98.95

One Piece Warne Tactical Bases are built to true 1913 milspec Picatinny (Weaver style) dimensions. Machined from solid alloy Item # Fits Firearm Price steel bar stock 134-M666M $81 and thermally 134-M666M20MOA Savage SA Accu Tr $94 stress relieved $81 134-M667M Savage LA Accu Tr to maintain 134-M667M20MOA $94 dimensional $81 134-M668M stability and Savage Bolt SA 134-M668M20MOA $94 s t ra i gh t n e s s . 134-M669M $81 These are the Savage Bolt LA 134-M669M20MOA $94 most rugged, 134-M673M $81 straight, and Remington 700 SA 134-M673M20MOA $94 dimensionally 134-M674M $81 correct bases Remington 700 LA 134-M674M20MOA $94 on the market. 134-M675M $81 Available in Winchester 70 SA 134-M675M20MOA $94 standard or 20 134-M676M $81 MOA incline. Winchester 70 LA 134-M676M20MOA $94 134-M677M $81 Warne Tactical AR15 Rings & Adaptor Win 70 WSM 134-M677M20MOA $94 134-SMA Side Mount Adptr $16.95 134-217LM QD 30mm Matte $92.95 134-204LM QD RingsMatte $78.95 134-217LS 30mm Silver $98.95 134-M678M $81 Sako TRG 22 & 42 134-204LS QD Rings Silver $84.95 134-M678M20MOA $94

Warne Tactical Rings are also made to 1913 mil-spec Picatinny (Weaver style) dimensions. They feature a stainless steel recoil lug, Item Description Ring Pair t h r e e Number Ht Price torx style fas.375” $93 teners on top 134-601M Medium 1” .525” $93 and a multi-tool 134-602M High 1” .650” clamping nut 134-603M X-High 1” $93 .935” that works with 134-604M Ultra High 1” $93 a 65 in/lb torque 134-614M Medium 30mm .375” $99 wrench but, 134-615M High 30mm .525” $99 also fits a slot- 134-616M X-High 30mm .650” $99 ted screw driver, 134-617M Ultra High 30mm .935” $99 wrench, or pliers in an emergency. The Quick Detach system always returns to zero when removed and re-installed.


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E. Arthur Brown Company’s custom

Keylock Magnum Scope Mounts

Basic Fundamentals of our Custom Keylock Magnum Scope Mounts... 1. A Scope Mount MUST be straight. We do a lot of 3-Ring instals and out-of-line rings really show up under those circumstances. Experience has shown us that extruded rings and bases offer the straightest scope mounting solution. Extruded parts come out of the same die and they can’t help but be inline with each other. Our preferred rings, Keylock are extruded for straightness. 2. A Scope Base MUST be rigid. A base that shifts is not only bad for accuracy, but it is also bad for your scope. Our bases attach with SIX SCREWS (TC Contender, Encore, BF and M97D). They do not flex, shift or come off. Installation (drill and tap, Loc-tite) is free if you send in your barrel or gun with your complete scope mount order. 3. Scope Rings MUST hold tight. Our Keylock rings have an over-round ring top that cinches tight around the full circumference of the scope tube with FOUR screws per ring top. The rings clamp firmly to the scope base with oversized allen screws and a steel slot based locking bolt. Two Keylock Rings will hold a scope better than 3-4 conventional rings! 4. A Scope Should Be Well Supported. Optics should not be flex stressed. An extra long rifle scope may leave long sections of scope tube unsupported during recoil. A hunting handgun can slam terrific recoil into a pistol scope. In both cases, the addition of a 3rd ring to the mounting gives better suppport to your scope and enhances scope life and accuracy.

COMPLETE MOUNTS Includes Keylock Base & Rings

Item Finish Type Number 127-504 127-504S 127-503 127-503S 127-504E 127-504ES 127-503E 127-503ES

Black Silver Black Silver Black Silver Black Silver

2 Ring 2 Ring 3 Ring 3 Ring 2-Ring 2-Ring 3-Ring 3-Ring



Contender/BF/97D Contender/BF/97D Contender/BF/97D Contender/BF/97D Encore Encore Encore Encore

$60 $60 $70 $70 $60 $60 $70 $70

Purchase a barrel or gun at the same time as your Keylock Scope Mount and take $10 off the price listed here!* *Scope Mount includes both base and rings.

Keylock Base Only

127-808B Encore Base Black $39.95 127-808S Encore Base Silver $39.95 127-809B Contender Base Black $39.95 127-809S Contender Base Silver $39.95

Keylock Rings Only (pair)

Improved p Keylock yl Base for your Encore & Contender

•Full width slots for locking into our rings with more surface area •Repositioning of the slots for better strength and mounting convenience Designed to fit any Weaver or Picatinny style rings, this new base continues with our free 6-Screw drill and tap installation package... giving the strongest possible base attachment in the world.

23-10042 1” Rings Black $24.95 23-10043 1” Rings Silver $27.95 *Single Rings use 1/2 pair price Ring height: .492”

Weaver Bases 207-9899 207-9907 207-9949 207-9864 207-9862

Weaver Base Black Weaver Base Silver Weaver 12 ga Base Black Rimfire Base Black Rimfire Base Silver

$12.95 $12.95 $22.00 $15.95 $16.95

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Ruger #1 Single Shot


Hicks #1 Accurizer

This original Jeff Hicks design is now manufactured by EABCO. The Hicks Accurizer installs on the Forend/Mainspring hanger and adjusts tension against the barrel. This allows the shooter to fine tune the barrel harmonics of any Ruger #1 and find the accuracy sweet spot. Results can be dramatic depending upon the pre-existing harmonics and accuracy potential of your particular gun. Installation requires inletting space in the forend. You can do it yourself carefully with a Dremel and sanding drum (instructions are included). However, we offer this service for only $65 when you send in your rifle with your order.. 127-701 Hicks #1 Accurizer $59.95 127-702 Pkg Deal Install Hicks (reg $75) $65

Trigger & Hammer Upgrades

Trigger control and fast lock time are two huge components of accurate shooting. Moyers #1 Trigger Upgrade - Replaces the factory trigger and gives fine tuning of take-up, pull weight (min 2 lb), and overtravel. Gunsmith installation is recommended (see Package Deal Install Below). Mould’s #1 Speed Hammer - Replaces the factory hammer and gives faster lock time. Improves accuracy and minimizes vibration. Features a red “cocked” indicator. Gunsmith Install rec- Moyers #1 Trigger ommended. 577-001 Moyers #1 Trigger Upgrade SST $53 577-002 Moyers #1 Trigger Upgrade Blue $53 578-103 Moulds #1 Speed Hammer $59 127-703 Pkg Deal-Installation charge on M/M (reg $75) $65

Moulds #1 Hammer

#1 Single “Set” Trigger A nice, light “Set” trigger and standard hunting trigger all in one. The “Set” position occurs by pushing the trigger forward. Pull weight from the “Set” position is screw adjustable from 1-3 lbs. Pull weight from unset position depends on original sear/hammer relationship. No machining is required. Beautifully crafted and finished in Austria. 495-001 Kepplinger #1 Set Trigger $239 127-704 Package Deal Install Kepplinger (reg. $50) $40



Limbsaver Recoil Pads Do-It-Yourself or Have-It-Installed These pre-fitted recoil pads are made for do-it-yourself installation and feature 3-Step Recoil Reduction: Atmospheric Air Chambers, Decay Time Modification Cylinders, and a Proprietary NAVCOM™ shock absorbing body material. Sizes to fit most standard factory stocks as listed. We can also custom fit Limbsaver Recoil Pads to any rifle that has a wood stock (See Below). 024-10031 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for TC Encore/Omega Synthetic Stock $31.75 024-10030 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for TC Encore/Omega Wood Stock $31.75 024-10001 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Ruger #1 Wood Stock $31.75 024-10601 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Savage 110 and 10 Wood Stock $31.75 024-10003 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for H&R SB2-988 Laminated Stock $31.75 024-10201 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Mossberg 500 (Most Black Stocks) $35 024-10102 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Mossberg 500 AG Wood Stock $31.75 024-10002 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Mossberg 500 Youth Wood Stk $31.75 024-10401 Pre-fit Recoil Pad for Popular* Benelli Shotguns $31.75 * M-1 Field, Montifeltro, Super Black Eagle 12 ga, Sport 12 ga 024-10111 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad for Rem ADL/BDL Lg (4-15/16") $31.75 024-10112 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad for Rem ADL/BDL Sm (4-7/8") $31.75 024-10102 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad for Rem 870 Wingmaster Wood $31.75 024-10003 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad for Win 70, 94 (most models) Wood $31.75 Standard Installation (includes pad) $79 Installation includes selecting the right Limbsaver blank to fit your stock, grinding the sides to match your stock contour $79 for this service including the pad.


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avage g Rifle Barrels

Custom EABCO Accuracy Barrels, Mounts and Triggers Pictured is the Savage Model 12 with EABCO Accuracy Re-barrel. Scope mount, Thumbhole Stock (202-SV140) and Trigger are available at extra cost.

Rifle Basix Trigger can be set up for pull weights from 4 oz. to 3 lbs. See page 63 for more info.

It's easy to upgrade your Savage bolt action rifle to an EABCO Accuracy Barrel... In most cases we'll have your rifle finished within 1-2 weeks here at our shop. Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is CALIBER INSTALLED # UNINSTALLED # precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly steel alloys. 127-SV17RU Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge with- 17 Rem Fireball 1:10 127-SV17R in .0002 (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These .223 Rem 1:12 127-SV223 127-SV223U are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates 22-250 Ackley 1:12 127-SV225 127-SV225U we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements. .243 Win 1:8 127-SV243 127-SV243U One-at-a-Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center 6mm BR 1:8 127-SV6BR 127-SV6BRU barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keep260 Rem 1:8 127-SV260 127-SV260U ing the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the 6.5X47 Lapua 1:8 127-SV267 127-SV267U chamber with the bore. True, center-to-center 11° target 6.5-284 1:8 127-SV261 127-SV261U crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the 308 Win 1:12 127-SV308 127-SV308U barrel with perfectly even gas pressure. And during inBarrel Fitting Requirements stallation, each chamber's headspace is set correctly with Our Savage Accuracy Barrels fit all centerfire Savage bolt acions except short mags precise headspace gauges. Free installation is included. (WSMs) and Target Action. The barrel contour is varmint hunter weight, 26” long and Special Accuracy Barrels - Our .223 Remington is set tapering to just under .800” at the muzzle. Chromoly steel, blue finish. Remember up with 1:12 twist to give best accuracy with varmint bulto order a barrel that matches your existing bolt face. If you need to ask about this, please call. lets from 40-55 gr weight. Our .243 Win is a 1:8 twist so it will shoot off-the-shelf 100 gr ammo with superb accuThumbhole Laminated Stocks (above) racy. Same with our 6mm BR... 1:8 twist and throated for Features brown color laminate with gracefully carved cheek piece, 100-105 gr. long distance bullets. 260 Remington shoots a 6.5mm bullet. Our barrels have a 1:8 twist for the most thumbhole style grip and wide target style vented forend. The popular 140 gr bullets. And finally, our 308 Win barrel has forend is channeled to free float all barrels up to heavy contour (like a 1:12 twist... which is the preferred twist rate of match the factory model 12 FV as well as our EABCO Accuracy Barrels.) The forend is also vented to keep your barrel as cool as possible shooters and their favorite 150-155gr bullets. during extended shooting sessions. Right handed, fully inletted and finished in satin polyurethane with butt pad installed. “DropEABCO Savage Base In Fit”... Some fitting may be necessary but these are fully inletted Our new Savage and finished stocks. Sorry, they do not fit guns with removable box Tactical Varmint magazines or the new centerfeed fixed-in-stock mags. Made to fit One Piece Scope Mount fits Savage Rifles with rounded front guns with traditional follower magazines. Fits Short-Action only. and rear receiver tops. Precision machined from bar 202-SV140 EABCO Thumbhole Laminated Stock $189 stock, these mounts have several advantages... - Picatinny Precision Savage Barrel Nut Wrench - Enhanced Receiver Rigidity Designed for Savage 10 /110 series bolt action rifles. Also - Perfect One-Piece-Base Alignment fits for models 12, 16, etc. - Reasonable Price! Totally Stainless... So that Scratches and Dings Won't Rust. Fits Savage dual-round models, NOT the round/flat style. Two Wrench Heads-Fits Old Style & New Barrel Nuts. One-Piece Savage base, available in both short-action or Two Square Holes for 1/2" Socket End Breaker Bar... long action. Silver or Black. 127-SV90 Savage Barrel Nut Wrench $39.00

Installed Savage Barrels $289 Uninstalled Savage Barrels $259

127-908 EABCO Savage SA Scope Base Black $59 127-909 EABCO Savage SA Scope Base Silver $59 127-910 EABCO Savage LA Scope Base Black $59 127-911 EABCO Savage LA Scope Base Silver $59

Savage Tactical Scope Bases

134-M666M Short Action Accutrigger Rifles $81 134-M667M Long Action Accutrigger Rifles $81 134-M668M Short Action Original Rifles $81 134-M669M Long Action Original Rifles $81 Rings, see page 30-31

Standard Two-Piece Base Sets

Pre-AccuTrigger" means the receiver is FLAT at the rear and round at the front. "AccuTrigger" means the receiver is ROUND at the rear and round at the front. These are two piece bases that will fit either long or short action. But you need to look at the top of your receiver to be sure whether it is flat or round on top and order the right set of bases. ORDER 134-M902-902M Savage Bases AccuTrigger Matte $19.95 ORDER 134-M902-902S Savage Bases AccuTrigger Silver $22.95 ORDER 134-M902-936M Savage Bases Pre-AccuTrigger Matte $19.95 ORDER 134-M902-936S Savage Bases Pre-AccuTrigger Silver $22.95


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Shooters Ridge Barrels & Stocks

Ruger 10/22 BARRELS

Trick out your Ruger 10/22 with a custom barrel from Shooters Ridge. Available in either stainless or blued steel, these new barrels use the famous Bentz Match Chambers. That, combined with hydraulic carbide button pulled rifling, a 1:16 rifling twist, and a recessed target crown make these very accurate barrels... capable of 1/2" MOA groups at 50 yards (with match rimfire ammunition). Very well made barrels.

103-40432 10/22 Barrel 18"x.920 dia Blue $124 103-40433 10/22 Barrel 18"x.920 dia Stainless $144 103-40434 10/22 Barrel 18"x.920 dia Blue Fluted $159 103-40435 10/22 Barrel 18"x.920 dia Stnls Fluted $179


Introducing the new thumbhole stocks from Shooters Ridge. Custom built for superior fit, these stocks use computer enhanced designs and a steel pillar to provide the ultimate in accuracy and repeatability. The high cheek piece aligns your eye well for scope sighting. These are synthetic stocks... Weatherproof. They include a soft recoil pad and swivel studs. Designed to fit all target style .920 diameter barrels.

A. 103-40441 Black 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $99 B. 103-40444 Carbon Fiber 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $139 C. 103-40560 Digital Woodlands Camo 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $139 D. 103-40443 WildWeb™ 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $119 E. 103-40558 White/Mothwing™ 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $119 F. 103-40556 Blue/Realtree Hardwds HD® 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $119 G. 103-40442 Realtree® Hardwds HD® 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $119 H. 103-40445 Pink/Realtree Hardwds HD® 10/22 Thumbhole Stock $119 A B C D E F G H

201-548656 Legacy 10/22 Target Stock $149 The Legacy 10/22 stock features molded synthetic construction, with target adjustable buttpad and cheek piece. The butt pad adjusts for length of pull as well as up and down positioning on your shoulder. The cheek piece adjusts up and down to position your eye perfectly for sights or scope aiming. Attractive and functional thumbhole grip positions your hand for the most natural aiming and trigger control. Fits all of our .920" diameter target barrels.

ACTION TUNE-UP KITS Tuning up your action will enhance your accuracy as well as your ability to shoot well... Your marksmanship. Every little bit helps. Improve your lock time with a Hammer kit and Titanium Firing Pin. Improve your trigger performance with a Competition Sear Kit. Upgrade your bolt to just pull and release with the Rack and Roll Bolt Release. If you're mechanically inclined, you can install these yourself but we recommend our package deal installation service. Get our action tune components installed by EABCO for only $40.

713-001 Hammer Tune Kit $31.95 713-002 Competition Sear Kit $29.95 713-003 Hammer/Sear Pkg $54.95 181-005 R&R Bolt Release $12.95 127-169 Accuracy Firing Pin $19 713-105 Titanium Firing Pin $32 127-RP1 Pkg Deal EABCO Installation of above items (Reg $50) $40 118-ABP Ammo Belt Pouch $4.99

The strong snapping latch and full length mechanical hinge keep contents dry and secure. Simply pour ammo inside and clip to belt or pocket for quick, finger-tip access while hunting or target shooting.

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome


Laminated 10/22 Thumbhole Stocks

Stock: Brown Silhouette 209-11003 $149 Barrel: 10/22 Stnls Accuracy Barrel 127-184 $219

“Received the blue/gray stock today for my Ruger 10/22. It is amazing. Perfect in every way. Satin finish is flawless. Your service was great as well. Easy, quick, fast delivery and complete and detailed emails all the way thru order to tracking etc...”-C.M. eautifully shaped wood-grain laminate, with raised cheek piece and thumbhole. Inletted to fit 10/22s with the popular .920” diameter tar- get barrel. Easy installation with drop-in fitting of .920 barreled Ruger 10/22 actions. Package pricing applies with the purchase of any 10/22 barrel.


209-11002 Silhouette Gray RH $149 209-11002P Silhouette Gray Pkg $139 209-11007 Silhouette Blue RH $149 209-11007P Silhouette Blue Pkg $139

209-11003 Silhouette Brown RH $149 209-11003P Silhouette Brown Pkg $139 209-11004 Silhouette Camo RH $149 209-11004P Silhouette Camo Pkg $139

209-11005 Silhouette Burgandy RH $149 209-11005P Silhouette Burgandy Pkg $139

209-11001 Red/Gray Silhouette RH $149 209-11001P Red/Gray Sil Pkg $139

Green Mountain BarrelsGreen Mountain 10/22 Barrels are high grade target barrels with tight fitting bore/groove dimensions and close fitting target-style chambers. Available in three twist rates:

1:16 Twist - 20" fluted .920 dia. bull barrels with target chambers. Best for standard and hi velocity ammo. 1:9 Twist - Special Purpose Barrels. 20” fluted .920 dia. bull barrels with target chambers. Best suited for Subsonic ammo like Aguila Subsonic and 60gr Super Sniper. 1:18 Twist - Special Purpose Barrels. 20”

fluted .920 dia. bull barrels. Stinger stabilizes light hyper velocity 22LR ammo. 035-901522– Blue Fluted 10/22 Barrel .920”x20” 1:16 Twist $149 035-901523– Stainless Fluted 10/22 Barrel .920”x20” 1:16 Twist $164

035-901600– Blue Fluted SubSonic 10/22 Barrel .920”x20” 1:9 Twist $149 035-901610-Blue Fluted Stinger 10/22 Barrel .920x20” 1:18 Twist149

*See page 42 for Aguila Ammo

10/22 Oversized Bolt Handle This is a standard 10/22 weight oversized bolt handle assembly for your Ruger 10/22 to be used when firing 22LR ammunition. The oversized handle is big and round but adds no weight because it is hollow… Easier to grip and looks nicer too ! 127-178 Oversized 10/22 Bolt Handle $49.00


E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome

EABCO 10/22 Accuracy Barrels Precision drilled barrel blanks using the best Chromoly & Stainless steel alloys Threaded Ends (w/protectors) for Muzzle Brakes! Our EABCO Threaded Accuracy Barrels for the Ruger 10/22 are pre-threaded to fit the popular Tactical Solutions 10/22 Muzzle Brake. A custom thread protector is included so that your Accuracy Barrel will look beautiful with or without a muzzle brake installed. Accuracy Features - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly and Stainless steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002” (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in our standard 1:16 or subsonic 1:9 twist rates. True, center-to-center barrel contouring at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. True, center-to-center chamfer style crown to insure accuracy while protecting the crown from damage when cleaned from the muzzle end. 18” length, .920” diameter non-tapered, and threaded 1/2x28 TPI at the muzzle. Three models: Standard 1:16 rifling twist rate- blue or fluted stainless. Subsonic 1:9 “Fast Twist” rifling, we offer a plain blue barrel. All three barrels come with a matching custom thread protector (Order the Brake Separately below).

127-180 18” Blue .920 Accuracy 10/22 Barrel 1:16 Twist $169 127-182 18” Blue .920 Accuracy 10/22 Barrel 1:9 Fast-Twist $169 127-184 18” Stainless Fluted .920 Accuracy 10/22 Barrel 1:16 Twist $219 005-103 10/22 Muzzle Break Matte $37 005-106 10/22 Muzzle Break Silver $37

Exotic 10/22 Muzzle Weight

Delivery: Approx. 6 wks

The JP Tactical II Centerfire Muzzle Brake serves as an attention grabbing muzzle weight. Must be installed by EABCO on our EABCO 10/22 Threaded Accuracy™ Barrels (above). See p. 10 for more details on the JP Tactical (135TVBB) brake. Delivery: Approx. 6 wks. 135-920B JP Tactical II Muzzle Brake Blue $159 135-920S JP Tactical II Muzzle Brake Silver $159

M1 Carbine 10/22 Replica Stock for the

Ruger 10/22 with optional Sling, Oiler, and Military Style Sights. Convert your Ruger 10/22 to an M1 Carbine 10/22 Tribute Gun, also well suited to the Liberty Training Rifle and Appleseed Project. Includes buttstock, handguard, barrel band with front sling swivel. Sling & Oiler ordered separately. Drop-in fit stock requires no gunsmithing skills for installation. Use with standard factory sights or military style sights (below). Note: Fits standard 10/22 Carbine barrel, not .920 heavy barrels. 133-1022 M1 Replica 10/22 Stock $129 130-48S M1 Carbine Sling with Oiler $19 138-100 TechSights 100 for Ruger 10/22 $59 138-200 TechSights 200 for Ruger 10/22 $69 138-201 IRAS Insert Ready Aperture System $15 (for 200 Series Tech Sights)

138-202 .920 Barrel adaptor for front sight $15

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc | 800-950-9088 | | Dealers Welcome


Tactical Solutions


Our Tactical Solutions barrels and accessories for the Ruger 10/22 offer superb accuracy along with a unique style threaded muzzle utility. Combined with our EABCO camo laminated silhouette thumbhole stock and other accessories, they will turn your Ruger 10/22 into a whole new firearm, customized to your personal taste! Tactical 22LR Barrels- A premium Chromoly bore is sleeved in .920 diameter alu aluminum and fluted. This gives heavy barrel stiffness with reduced weight, but it ret retains a nice balance for aiming and shooting off-hand. The muzzle features an 11 degree target crown and has a threaded end (TE) for our removeable muzzle brakes. degr d Threads Thre Th d are 1/2x28 TPI. A screw-on thread protector covers the threads when you want to hunt or shoot without the muzzle brake. Available in Olive Drab (OD) or Matte Black finish.

005 005-001 0 Tactical 10/22 Barrel 16.5” Olive Drab, Threaded End $219 0 05 005-002 Tactical 10/22 Barrel 16.5” Matte Black, Threaded End $219 Tactical T acti Muzzle Brakes- Fit the Tactical 22LR barrels described above. These brakes feattur tu ture u urre a unique combination of lateral and forward porting that stabilizes the muzzle. It is ggreat gr reat for watching your hits on varmints as well as fast target acquisition during rapid fire comp com competition.

005-103 Tactical 10/22 Muzzle Brake Matte $37 005-106 Tactical 10/22 Muzzle Brake Silver $37 Ruger 10/22 Weaver Scope Base

The Weaver scope base for Ruger to the top of the receiver and gives ing rail systems. The top grooves fit The bottom grooves fit full size

10/22 rifles mounts actually two mounttypical rimfire rings. Weaver style rings.

Fusion 10/22 Rifle Stock

Fusion for your original factory tapered barrel. IntraFuse for your .920 dia heavy barrel.

753-48201 Weaver 10/22 Base Black $12.95 753-48009 Weaver 10/22 Base Stnls $12.95


A beautiful and strong mount for your Ruger 10/22... mounts on top of your 10/22 receiver with existing scope mount holes. Our KeyLock Magnum Rings™ are the best aligned because they’re made by extrusion. The rings feature 4-screw ring tops, and a steel interlocking cross-bolt.

127-525 Interlock 10/22 Mount Black $40 127-530 Interlock 10/22 Mount Silver $42 127-525-P Package Price Black Mount $35* 127-530-P Package Price Silver Mount $37* *If ordered with barrel or gun

Both Fusion & IntraFuse 10/22 stocks feature a military style collapsible buttstock and pistol grip… But that’s not all! The buttstock is adjustable for length of pull as well as cheek position. So you’ll be lined up right whether you use iron sights or scope. The pistol grip has a trapdoor compartment for emergency ammo, survival gear or misc. personal items. At the front of the Fusion stock, there are Weaver style accessory rails top and bottom (the bottom one has a cover over it). Mount a flashlight for night time rat shootin’. Mount a red dot scope for fast, “Scout scope” style sighting. You can even mount a laser sight if you like. Yes, the Fusion 10/22 Stock has a lot of fun built into it. Install it on your Ruger and it’s like having a totally different gun! Has front swivel stud capability using M4 adaptor.

036-63160 Fusion 10/22 Stock $109 036-63161 IntraFuse .920 10/22 Stock $119 719-M4BP Forend Bipod Adaptor $34 *Package Price when purchase with a barrel or gun


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Ruger 10/22 with Camo Laminate Silhouette Thumbhole Stock (p. 38), Tactical Olive Drab Threaded 22LR barrel, Tactical Muzzle Brake, Tactical Lever Action Mag Release, Oversize Bolt Handle Assembly (p. 38), Interlock 10/22 Scope Mount, Hawke 4-12 Riflescope (p. 25-27), and Harris S-Type Bipod equiped with Podloc (p. 44-45).

Lever Action Mag ReleaseThey pop back in with simirelease.

10/22 Magazines will leterally fall out when you press this lever action! lar ease. The Tactical lever replaces the original Ruger 10/22 magazine

005-102 Tactical 10/22 Lever Mag Release Olive Drab $34 005-101 Tactical 10/22 Lever Mag Release Matte Black $34

Tactical 15 MOA Scope Base- This Special-Purpose Tactical 15 MOA scope base extends the range of your Ruger 10/22 by putting 15 minutes of angle (inclination) into your scope mount. This enhances the elevation adjustment of your scope so that you can zero your Ruger 10/22 for longer distance shooting. But don’t worry... You’ll still be able to shoot normally at short distances. The 15 minutes of angle are negligible at short distances. This 15 MOA scope base works equally well with 22LR Ruger 10/22. Precision machined to meet Mil Spec Picatinny (Weaver style) dimensions. Finish: matte black. Four screws included. We recommend our Keylock or Warne rings on page #32-33.

005-104 Tactical 15 MOA Scope Base $29 Standard Tactical Scope Base- For those who like the Tactical base (above), but don’t want the 15 MOA inclination. Solid and straight, it gives a good and accurate base for mounting your scope. We recommend our Keylock or Warne rings on page 3031.

005-105 Tactical Scope Base $29 Oversized Bolt Handle- See page 38 for more details.

127-178 Oversized 10/22 Bolt Handle $49.00

Timney 10/22 Trigger

A single stage, drop-in 10/22 trigger that delivers a smooth, crisp breaking trigger

The Timney 10/22 Trigger system has arranged the sear and hammer mechanism differently and the result gives leverage and geometry that's far better suited to a consistent, clean breaking, and light pulling trigger. It's simple to install (instructions are included) and fits all Ruger 10/22 firearms! Two of the most difficult challenges to getting a good trigger on the Ruger 10/22 have to do with its limitations with regard to removing the "Play" or excess clearance in loose fitting parts and getting consistent square-ness in the sear engagement from shot to shot. The Timney 10/22 Trigger has removed those two challenges (and several others) by preassembling everything into a "Trigger Group" housing that's specifically designed for close fit and squareness.

Timney 10/22 Trigger is not trying to improve the original factory 10/22 trigger... It's REPLACING it with a completely different trigger, sear, and hammer design. It's the "Trigger Group" approach that makes this possible. The result is a single stage, dropin 10/22 trigger that delivers a smooth, crisp breaking trigger pull of approx. 2.5 lbs. Have it installed (112-TI) for $40.

112-10221 Timney 10/22 Trigger Black $144* 112-10222 Timney 10/22 Trigger Red $144 112-10224 Timney 10/22 Trigger Yellow $144 112-10223 Timney 10/22 Trigger Olive Drab $144 *Package Price: $139 with purchase of 10/22 barrel (112-10221P)

See Rifle Basix Triggers on page 61

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22LR Ammo From the world record fastest hyper-velocity ammo to the slowest and quietest plinker ammo, Aguila ammunition can turn your .22 LR into a most versatile firearm. 037-320 Aguila Interceptor 22 Ammo 40gr 50 rnds $6.49—At 1,470 fps, it’s 220 fps faster than standard 40gr high velocity 22 ammo... It’s almost into the hyper velocity category while still being full weight 40gr bullets!

037-297 Aguila SuperMaximum 22 Ammo 30gr 50 rnds $4.49—At 1,750 fps, it’s only 150 fps slower than 17HM2... And yet it is full caliber .22 LR

037-268 Aguila Subsonic HP 38gr 22 Ammo 50 rnds $3.99—Subsonic ammo shoots quieter because its slower velocity doesn’t break the sound barrier, and the “slow and heavy” bullet approach puts a TON of whack on small game!

037-112 Aguila SSS Super Sniper 60gr Subsonic 22 Ammo 50 rnds $5.49—Super Sniper bullets are extra heavy... in comparison, standard 22LR bullets are only 40gr.

037-129 Super Colibri Subsonic Yard Ammo 20gr. 50 rnds $3.99--We call it “Yard Ammo” because it is no louder nor powerful than many air rifles that you can shoot in your back yard. Velocity is subsonic and just about 590 fps.

Lapua 22LR Ammo: Consistent & Precise

115-420161 Lapua X-Act .22LR Ammo (50) $25 115-420162 Lapua Midas + .22LR Ammo (50) $18 115-420163 Lapua CENTER X .22LR Ammo (50) $10.99 115-420164 Lapua PISTOL KING .22LR Ammo (50) $10.99 115-420165 Lapua RAPID PISTOL OSP .22LR (50) $10.44 115-420166 Lapua POLAR BIATHLON .22LR ($50) $12.99

115-1000 SK 22LR Rifle Match Ammo 40gr. (50) $6.49 115-1010 SK 22LR Hi-Velocity Ammo 40gr. (50) $6.49 115-1020 SK 22 LR Hi-Velocity HP Ammo 40gr (50) $6.49 115-1030 SK 22LR Subsonic Ammo 40gr (50) $6.49 115-1040 SK 22LR Standard Plus Ammo 40gr (50) $4.95

CCI - Wolf - RWS Target Ammo

116-0033 CCI Green Tag Match 22 LR 40 gr. Std Subsonic Velocity 1070 fps (100) $17.00 116-0033B CCI Green Tag Match 22 LR 40 gr. Std Subsonic Velocity 1070 fps (500) $80.00 116-0038 CCI CB Long 22 Yard Ammo 29 gr. Low Noise Subsonic Velocity 710 (100) $11.95 116-0038B CCI CB Long 22 Yard Ammo 29 gr. Low Noise Subsonic Velocity 710 (500) $54.75 115-22ME Wolf Match Extra 22 LR Ammo 40 gr. Subsonic Velocity 1050 fps (50) $7.99 115-22MEB Wolf Match Extra 22 LR Ammo 40 gr. Subsonic Velocity 1050 fps (500) $71.00 117-2478 RWS Target Rifle 22LR Ammo 40 gr. Std Subsonic Velocity 1073 fps (50) $6.99 117-2478B RWS Target Rifle 22LR Ammo 40gr. Std Subsonic Velocity 1073 fps (500) $61.00 116-0045 CCI Select 22LR Semi-Auto Accuracy (100) $14.95 Please Note: Our Minimum Order on Ammunition is $15 (due to shipping requirements) - Feel Free to Mix and Match to reach the $15. Special 500+ Rounds Shipping Surcharge (Does NOT Apply to Orders of less than 500 rounds): Due to the heavy shipping weight of loaded ammunition, an additional charge of $5 per 500 round brick will be added on top of regular shipping chart charges. Ammo is non-retunable. Check local & state laws. Must be 18 yrs old to buy.

Double Stack Ruger 10/22 Magazine-30 Round

The double stack system fits more ammo into a smaller space. More compact than conventional 25 round 10/22 mags, these double stackers have been tested in-house and showed excellent reliability in both feed and function. ‘Jungle Clip’ configuration- side connectors that snap together. Please Note: We Cannot Ship Hi-Cap Mags to NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, and HI 103-40425 Double Stack Ruger 10/22 Mag 30 Round-Clear $24 ($22/qty of 2+)

Universal Magazine Loader

loads ammo into several brands of magazines. Compatible with Shooters Ridge 10/22 magazines, Black Dog 10/22 magazines, and Ruger Factory 10/22 magazines. 103-40430 Universal Ruger 10/22 Mag Loader $27

Black Dog 10/22 Drum- 50 Round Mag

Quality First, Price Second - Black Dog took the point of view of, “What would it take to make it work right, regardless of the cost?” It ended up costing a little more, but it works... It Really Works! Please Note: We Cannot Ship Hi-Cap Mags to NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, and HI Reliable Feed - Unlike other high capacity mags, the Drum spreads out the spring tension resulting in reliable feed for all 50 rounds of shooting. Easy to Load - No Magazine Loader Required. Simply press the slots to compress the magazine follower as you insert rounds of ammo. Easy to Clean. 005-50D Black Dog 10/22 Drum Mag-50 Round $59


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TriMag Clip Connects 3 factory mags into one! Turn your standard 10 round Ruger 10/22 magazines into 3-Mag highcapacity field units with this new TriMag 10/22 magazine Connector. The TriMag clip connects together three factory Ruger 10/22 magazines (order below) into one "jungle clip" type unit. It’s a very neat approach to high capacity magazine utility. 027-101 TriMag 10/22 Mag Connector $9.95

HOT LIPS™ MAG LOADER Load your Hot Lips or Steel Lips magazines in seconds! Dump a 50 rnd box of .22 LR ammo into the hopper, insert a magazine, and just crank until it's full! Recommended only for Hot Lips and Steel Lips in-line magazines. 200-24211 Hot Lips Loader $28

10/22 HOT LIPS™ & STEEL LIPS™ 25-ROUND MAGS Connects side-by-side with Connector Buttons

The famous Hot-Lips 25 Round Mags for the Ruger 10/22 are back! Use 'em one at a time or connect them side by side with the connector buttons. Feeds well with standard 22 Long Rifle ammo. Fill these magazines faster with our Magazine Speed Loader. (See Above) NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25-ROUND CLIPS TO CA, MA, NY, HI 200-400051 HOT Lips 25 Rnd 10/22 Mag 2 pack Clear $38 200-400101 HOT Lips 25 Rnd 10/22 Mag 2 pack Smoke $38 200-40005 HOT Lips 25 Round 10/22 Magazine Clear $19.95 200-40010 HOT Lips 25 Round 10/22 Mag Smoke $19.95 200-24101 STEEL Lips 25 Magazine Clear $29 200-24102 STEEL Lips 25 Magazine Smoke $29

10/22 STEEL LIPS™ 10-ROUND MAG FEEDER Steel Lips™ Connectable 10 Round 10/22 Magazines Precision cast and ground Stainless Steel headers and 10, 20, and 30 round clipped together capability have made the Steel Lips 10/22 magazine very popular with competition shooters. Each magazine holds 10 rounds of .22 LR ammo. 200-SL10CL Steel Lips 10/22 Magazine Clear $16.95


Ruger® Clear Rotary 10 Round 10/22 Magazines

These original Ruger factory magazines feed regular .22 ammo. And, you can always tell how many cartridges are inside because of the clear plastic housing. 015-90223 Ruger Clear 10/22 10 round Magazine $16 015-90005 Ruger Black 10/22 10 round Magazine $16

Tactical Innovations® Adjustable 10/22 Magazine - 25 Round

Adjust for Feed Angle, Feed Height, and Ejector Engagement Having feed problems with your Ruger 10/22? Try this!

Four adjustment screws at the top four corners. These screws are touch points where the magazine contacts your 10/22 receiver. By screwing these screws outward, you can custom fit the magazine for your rifle. You can remove the wiggle. You can set a better angle for feed. You can set the clearance with the bolt as well as the ejector engagement. All of these factors play a role in how reliable your magazine feeds. The TI25 Mag lets you fine tune them.

-Strong Steel Feed Lips -Rigid Glass-Fill Plastic Body -Built to Last

NOTE: CANNOT SHIP 25-ROUND CLIPS TO CA, MA, NY, HI 039-TI25 Adjustable 10/22 Mag 25 Round Clip $34

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Harris Bipod System

just makes sense to give yourself a solid rest when taking a shot at game. The Harris Bipod system goes with you and is ready for action when you are. It attaches to your forend using a swivel stud (you can still use Model 97D Rifle shown with your sling). Once attached, the bipod folds out of the way for easy carrying or 721-SBR Bipod and Pod-Loc. transport. Just unfold it when you’re ready to use it. The legs extend to various lengths independently to accommodate uneven terrain and establish a comfortable, level hold. Available in Original and Swivel (tilts side to side to Item Number Length Swivel Notches Price eliminate canting) to fit you perfectly. The Swivel model 721-SBR 6-9” Yes No $92 has adjustable friction to stay where you tilt it. Also 721-SBRM 6-9” Yes Notches $92 available with notches (designated stopping points 721-1A2BR 6-9” No No $64 along the legs to lock into 721-1A2BRM 6-9” No Notches $64 position). The 6-9” BR 721-SL 9-13” Yes No $92 models are popular with 721-SLM 9-13” Yes Notches $92 single shot handguns and 9-13” No No $64 bench level rifle shoot- 721-1A2L 9-13” No Notches $64 ers. The 9-13” models are 721-1A2LM 11-23” Yes No $107 the overall most popular 721-S25 11-23” No No $79 hunting rifle models. “H” 721-1A225 13-23” No No $64 Model has two-piece ex- 721-1A2H 13-27” Yes No $107 tendable legs, like shorter 721-S25C models. The “25” Models 721-1A225C 13-27” No No $79 have three-piece telescop- 200-2500 Sling Swivel Stud Set $3.95 ing legs.

shooters Ridge Bipod Clone Nearly Identical to the Harris Bipod


he Outers/SR rifle bipods look and function almost identically to the famous Harris Bipod models 1A2L and 1A2H (see Harris Bipods). The metal looks the same thickness. They weigh the same. They fold out of the way the same. The legs adjust and lock their length the same. There are some differences in the cosmetics of the screw heads, but otherwise they seem like the same thing. *Compatible with S-Lever #127-921 Item Number



Notches Price

103-40855S 103-40854 103-40853 103-40856S 103-40852 103-40857S

6-9” 6-9” 9-13” 9-13” 13.5-23 13.5-23

Pivot Fixed Fixed Pivot Fixed Pivot

No No No No No No

Caldwell Bipod Clones

Caldwell XLA Bipods are clones or copies of the original Harris Bipods. Available with pivoting or fixed base. “Notched” legs snap lock at full length or can be locked at each notch position in between.


Item Number



$79 $49 $49 $79 $49 $79

Notches Price

201-247142 6-9” Pivot Notches $49 201-379852 6-9” Fixed Notches $39 201-571429 9-13” Pivot Notches $49 201-403215 9-13” Fixed Notches $39 201-701417 13-23” Pivot Notches $49 201-591336 13-23” Fixed Notches $39 201-335235 14-30” Pivot/Tilt No $59 201-457855 8.75-12” Pivot/Tilt No $42 Just like the original Harris bipods, these XLA bipods attach to the swivel stud on your forend. *Compatible with S-Lever #127-920. The Prone (8.75-12”) & Sitting (14-30”) Model Bipods feature adjustable height, 18 degree adjustable tilt and 20 degree swivel left or right.

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Bipod Adaptors

Do not have a SWIVEL STUD? You may need a bipod adaptor... If you have a standard swivel stud on a forend, all of the bipods should attach with no additional hardware. Below are adaptors for special situations. 721-2- Flat Flange Adaptor $7.95- Allows mounting on hollow plastic forends. Works on Endeavor/ProHunter XT & ProHunter 721-2A- Round Flange Adaptor $7.95 - works well on Ruger M77 RP MK II plastic stock and others. 721-2R- Radiused Flange BP Adaptor $7.95 - Allows mounting on wood forends under tubular magazines or gas tubes. 721-3- Remington 4, 74, 7400 Adaptor $16.95 - Fits Remington semiauto models 4, 74, and 7400 and provides mounting stud for Bipod. 721-4- Universal Barrel Clamp $19.95 - Clamps to rifle barrels up to .812” dia and provides mounting stud for bipod. 721-5- AR15 Adaptor $9.95 - Fits Colt AR15 round handguard without alteration. Provides mounting stud for bipod. 721-6- European Rail Adaptor $7.95- For European sized (~3/8”) rail. 721-6A- USA Rail Adaptor $7.95 - For USA sized (~5/16”) rail. 721-7A- Angled Shim Spacer $3.95- For thin forends and schnabels. 7218- Remington XP 100 Stud $7.95 - For plastic stocks. Includes 7A spacer. Requires drilling. (not pictured) 721-9- Flat Bottom Adaptor $22 - Allows mounting Harris bipod to most flat bottom forends. 721-14- Ruger Mini 14 Adaptor $19.95 - Fits Mini 30 and Mini 14 standard and ranch but not series 180 or folding stock version. Provides mounting stud for bipod.

721-2 721-2A

721-2R 721-3

721-5 721-4 721-6 721-6A

721-7A 721-14


Bipod Pod-Loc™ & “S”-Lever™

The Harris “S”, Shooters Ridge ‘S” and Caldwell XLA pivot type bipods allow you to tilt or cant your rifle side to side to level your crosshairs. It’s a great system. However, the friction tensioning knob is hard to adjust with your fingers. The Pod-Loc™ Tension Lever and the “S”-Lever™ replaces the friction tension knob to give you much better control and leverage. Pictured right is the standard Harris S-type bipod. The Pod-Loc™ and “S” Lever™ can also be released and re-positioned after you’ve adjusted it. The Pod-Loc™ installs easily on all “S” type Harris bipods (sorry it does NOT fit our clone bipods). The “S”-Lever™ #920 fits Harris and Caldwell XLA swivel models, #921 fits the Shooters Ridge “S” models. Easy to Install - Photo instructions are included. 127-920 “S” Lever for Harris “S” Type & Caldwell XLA Pivot models $16.95 127-921 “S” Lever for Shooters Ridge Pivot models $16.95 012-001 Pod-Loc Tension Lever for Harris “S” Type $24 012-001P Pod-Loc Tension Lever $20 (when ordered with any Harris bipod!)

AR & M4 Bipod Mounts


Bipod with Pod-loc

719-M4BP Forend Harris BP Adaptor $34- Bipod adaptor for the Weaver (Picatinny) rail system on the forend of the M4 military rifle and similar set-ups. Very popular with the AR15 style shooters. 719-AR1- Stud $4.95- Use this swivel stud if you do not have the rail system. 719-AR2- Stud Installed $40

Adjustable Butt-Pods

720-ABP Original Adjustable Butt-Pod $49

Attaches to your rear swivel and screws up and down to adjust elevation while shooting from a bipod. The adjustment is so fine and rock solid! Watch your crosshairs move onto the target as you screw the Butt-Pod up or down. This will spoil you!

720-BT04 Locking Adjustable Butt-Pod $64

Just like the original, but the locking allows you to set the tension of the adjustment, giving an even steadier hold.

720-BT04QK Quick-Knob Adjustable Butt-Pod $87

Just like the origianl, but features a disengage button to quickly slide up and down the threads for rough positioning, re-engage the threads for fine positioning.

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Shooting Rest BULLS BAG Squeezes, Steadies & Dampens Movement & Recoil


hooting well from a sand bag rest isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be. There’s always an element of shooter induced tension as you pull or push to get the crosshairs on the bullseye. You don’t realize it until you shoot and the recoil moves your hold in whatever direction you were applying tension. The Bulls Bag Shooting Rest solves this dilemma.


Here’s How it Works: Four tubes filled with sand, connected in the middle lengthwise. You cradle your rifle or single shot handgun between the top two tubes and then spread the bottom two tubes. This squeezes the top two bags against your gun. The benefit is a weight transfer to your gun, deadening recoil. Your hold is steadied. Groups are tighter. Shots are more accurate. Pro-Series Model: Gives a higher gun rest position with longer legs (lower bags) for more squeezing leverage. 950-1501

950-1001 Field Bulls Bag 9.5” Tan/Suede $41 950-1501 Field Bulls Bag 9.5” Camo/Suede $48 950-1701 Field Bulls Bag 9.5” Black/Suede $48 950-1005 Bench Bulls Bag 15.5” Tan/Suede $48 950-1505 Bench Bulls Bag 15.5” Camo/Suede $58 950-1705 Bench Bulls Bag 15.5” Black/Suede $56 950-1801 Pro-Series Bulls Bag Camo/Suede $69 **Bags shipped without sand for shipping economy



Quick-Fill system makes filling the bulls bag easy!

Bargain Bulls Bags

xclusive no-slip, rubberized rest material that holds guns firmly in place without damaging finishes. The “Squeeze-Rest” action of a Bulls Bag actually transfers the bag weight to your firearm... Guns hold still during aiming and firing... Enhancing accuracy and reducing recoil! Uncle Bud’s Bulls Bags are shipped UNFILLED... Large, oversized fill spouts accept many types of fill material. We recommend clean sand because it is heavy and gives the full Bulls Bag advantage of weight-to-gun transfer. But, you can fill your Bulls Bag with lighter material like rice, bird seed, millet, etc... To make it easier to carry in the field. All Bulls Bags are made to the


Bulls Bags are made of Cordura with a Suede lined gun bed. All bags (excluding tan/ suede) come with strap.

same design of the original Uncle Bud’s Bulls Bags... Made by Uncle Bud’s. These are not copy-cats or clones.

950-16012 10” Field Bulls Bag Black $29 950-16014 10” Field Bulls Bag Camo $29 950-16022 15” Bench Bulls Bag Blck $39 950-16024 15” Bench Bulls Bag Camo $39 950-16012 (right) 950-16024 (left)

Handy Rest NXT

ictured right, the Handy Rest NXT is an extremely versatile front rest. It is designed with a full six feet of elevation adjustment at 100 yards, a front sling stud clearance groove, and is constructed of durable, lightweight materials. The intuitive design includes a removable handgun support attachment that easily converts this rifle rest into a handgun rest. The forend rest features a material that will not harm your valuable firearm yet also offers a steady shooting surface...Nice! 201-574662 Handy Rest NXT $22


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the lead sled dft shooting rest

combines recoil absorption with a steady rest and precision adjustments for windage and elevation. The dual trays are for sand or shot bags to add weight and mass to the rest. The rear Buttstock support transfers recoil to the heavy rest instead of your shoulder. The front bag incorporates wheel adjustable elevation with screw adjustable windage to get you exactly on target. And the dual frame (DFT) allows you to adjust the length of the rest to fit any rifle. These stout bags are designed to be placed in the shot tray of your Lead Sled or Lead Sled DFT and conveniently hold a 25 lb bag of lead shot. The durable handles make toting lead shot to the range a snap! 201-336647 Caldwell Lead Sled DFT Shooting Rest $190 201-428334 Lead Shot Carrier Bag $12 201-533117 Lead Shot Carrier 4-Pack $30

The Rock Benchrest & Bags


ictured with medium bag (included), the Rock is of heavy, 5½ lbs of cast iron, steel, and aluminum construction and features level-able foot adjustments, a bubble level, extra wide (and stable) stance, wide, 1” diameter steel center post with adjustment wheel. There’s even a forend stop for consistent repositioning of your rifle for each shot. The wide cradle accepts a variety of bags (sold below). Top quality features at a fair price! The rear bag positions your buttstock solidly while adjusting elevation by sliding it forward or back. The front bags fit the Rock™ cradle and come in three sizes for wide, medium, and narrow Sporter forends.

201-383774 The Rock Rest $74 (free medium bag) 201-391981 Narrow Bag $12 201-174122 Medium Bag $12 201-489585 Wide Bag $12 201-226645 Rear Bag $22 Rear

Wide, Narrow, Medium

Shoot-N-C Target Bulls

Many of you have asked about the colorful targets we're always showing when we picture groups. They're actually a stick-on 3" bulls-eye that's made to show a bright outer edge to bullet holes. It makes seeing your hits alot easier at 100 yards. You can stick them on plain paper, regular targets, or cardboard. There is only one brand of the stick-on bulls.. Shoot-N-C (3"), the non-stick-on brand of bulls are the InstaView. 004-34315 Shoot-N-C 3" 36 Targets $6.00 004-34375 Shoot-N-C 3" 240 Targets $17.50

Stick-On Reading Bifocals

Add close focus reading lenses to your glasses and see clearly up close!... They look and work like bifocals for a lot less money. And, you can even customize them to suit your special close focus needs perfectly! Just add water and these soft, flexible lenses stick to eyeglasses, sunglasses, shooting glasses, safety glasses,... you name it! They're easily removable without damaging your eyeglass lenses. And you can position them wherever you want... even trim them to a special size or shape.

030-125 030-150 030-175 030-200 030-250 030-300

Bifocals Bifocals Bifocals Bifocals Bifocals Bifocals

1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.50 3.00

Power Power Power Power Power Power

$13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95

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Match-Grade Brass

ade from the finest raw materials formulated by the World’s top brass mills, Lapua brass features just the right hardness, firmness, and molecular grain structure for optimum performance. By combining this material with tight dimensional tolerances and uniform case volumes, Lapua has won over the confidence of World Champion shooters. At the American Bench Rest Championships, 17 of the 20 top 13.5 Class shooters used Lapua brass. And, the top twenty 10.5 class shooters shot Lapua brass unanimously! (Note: This is Cartridge Brass - Not Prices change often, please check the web or call to verify. Loaded Ammo)

Item Number Description 810-4PH5001 810-4PH5002 810-4PH5003 810-4PH5013 810-4PH6009 810-4PH6012 810-4PH6010 810-4PH6020 810-4PH6030 810-4PH6046 810-4PH7217 810-4PH7068 810-4PH7074 810-4PH7215 810-4PH7226 810-4PH8068

Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua


22-250 Rem Brass (100) 222 Remington Brass (100) 223 Remington Brass (100) 220 Russian Brass (100) 243 Win Brass (100) 6.5x55 Brass (100) 6.5x47 Lapua Brass (100) 6.5 Grendel Brass (100) 6.5x284 Brass (100) 6mm BR Norma Brass (100) 308 Win Brass (100) 30-06 Brass (100) 7.62x39 Brass (100) 7.62x53R Brass (100) .308 Win Palma (100) .338 Mag Brass (100)


$62.50 $51.25 $51.25 $82.50 $75.00 $63.75 $93.75 $90.00 $107.50 $71.25 $62.50 $91.25 $47.50 $91.25 $68.75 $245.50*

Note: Orders of 500+ rounds, add $5 to shipping chart (*.338 Mag Brass is Charged an Extra $3/100 Shipping)

Scenar Bullets

older of the still unbeaten, still unmatched World Record perfect score of 600 points out of 600 points in UIT competition, the Lapua “Scenar” bullet is an extreme accuracy bullet at an affordable EABCO price. These bullets commonly shoot 5-shot groups as small as 1/2” at 300 meters... Excellent for Target and Varmint! Consistency and Efficiency: The two main things that contribute to the accuracy of a bullet. Lapua Scenars are subject to quality control standards that insure uniformity of wall thickness and core integrity as well as bullet to bullet weight. This means they launch at more consistent velocities and are well balanced for the high velocity spin they’ll take on from the rifling. The boat tail, long bearing surface, gentle ogive, and hollow point produce extremely good flying efficiency... Lapua Scenar bullets have high ballistic coefficients so they’ll fly further and flatter than less efficient bullet designs. See below for BCs and Recommended Twist Rates! Long range 6mm Scenars in 90 and 105 grain have astounding ballistic coefficients of .420 and .530! Try the 90 gr. in any 6mm/.243 with a 1:10 rifling twist (SAAMI for .243 Winchester is 1:10). Try the 105 gr in any 6mm/.243 with a 1:8 rifling twist (EABCO Standard .243 Encore Accuracy Barrel has a 1:8 twist!)

Item Number 810-4PL6047 810-4PL6045 810-4PL6032 810-4PL6033 810-4PL6018 810-CPL6018 810-4PL7073 810-CPL7073 810-4PL7071 810-4PL7069 810-CPL7069 810-4PL8013 810-4PL8017

Note: Orders of 500+ rounds, add $5 to shipping chart


Description Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua Lapua

.243/6mm 90 gr (100) .243/6mm 105 gr (100) 6.5mm 123 gr (100) 6.5mm 100 gr (100) 6.5mm 139 gr (100) 6.5mm 139gr MOLY (100) .308 155 gr (100) .308 185 gr MOLY (100) .308 185 gr (100) .308 167 gr (100) .308 167 MOLY (100) .338 300 gr (100) .338 250 gr (100)


.420 .530 .547 .444 .615 .615 .508 .508 .521 .470 .470 .810 .675


1:10 1:8 1:8 1:8 1:12 1:10



$36.25 $37.50 $35.00 $32.50 $35.00 $41.25 $36.25 $41.25 $35.00 $36.25 $41.25 $69.50 $65.50

Prices change often, please check the web or call to verify pricing.

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Lapua Rifle Ammo

Centerfire Ammunition at Discount Prices

Lapua Ammunition is made from Lapua components. That's the first reason why it is so accurate. The second reason is because Lapua is so good at manufacturing. We've been supplying Lapua brass, Lapua bullets, and VihtaVuori powder to accuracy loving

handloaders for years. Now this accuracy potential is available to non-handloaders. This Lapua factory manufactured ammunition is actually used by competitors to win major championships. That's a pretty huge endorsement because those champions want to win... And they usually won't trust anything but their own hand loads. You can read more about Lapua ammunition in the 13 page Lapua Ammo PDF online at

810-4315040 810-4316045 810-4316046 810-4316015 810-4316014 810-4316011 810-4316012 810-4316031 810-4316032 810-4316030 810-4317073 810-4317515 810-4317523 810-4317340 810-4318017 810-4318013 810-4318033

Lapua 223 Remington Ammo 55 gr. (20) $30.00 Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 90gr Scenar (20) $36.25 Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 105 gr Scenar (20) $37.50 Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 100 gr Scenar (20) $46.25 Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 108 gr Scenar (20) $48.75 Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 123 gr. Scenar (20) $48.75 Lapua 6.5x47 Ammo 139 gr Scenar (20) $50.00 Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 108 gr Scenar (20) $33.75 Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 123 gr Scenar (20) $33.75 Lapua 6.5x55 Swede Ammo 139 gr Scenar (20) $35.00 Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 155gr Scenar (20) $33.75 Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 167 gr Scenar (20) $35.00 Lapua 308 Winchester Ammo 185 gr. Scenar (20) $36.25 Lapua 308 Winchester 200 gr Subsonic (20) $41.25 Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 250gr Scenar (10) $51.25 Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 300gr Scenar (10) $52.50 Lapua Ammo 338 Lapua Mag 250gr Lock Base (10) $51.25 Order Online at or call 800-950-9088 Better Full Case Performance We ship your VihtaVuori powder order direct from the main warehouse in Wisconsin. Powder orders are usually Consistancy shipped within 7-10 days of receiving your order. Clean Burning and Accurate Metering

VihtaVuori Powder

Call or check for availability and details.

Call or see web for more details. Orders must be placed for 6 lbs. or more in 2 lb. increments (6, 8, 10 lbs, etc). Feel free to mix powder types to achieve these minimums.

VihtaVuori Reloading Manual 4th Edition

Complete How-To Manual Teaches Basic and Advanced Reloading and Gives Full Load Data. The Lapua manual includes load data and ballistics for most popular rifle and pistol cartridges. Includes detailed product information, reloading data, shooting application introductory. Reloading data for several popular rifle calibers, new and updated tables and charts containing information on Vihtavuori and Hodgdon Powders. Explanations of powder characteristics. Excellent manual. Gain knowledge on reloading and enjoy a good book. 424 pages. Hardcover. 810-LAPMAN Lapua Manual $37.95

Complete How-To Manual Teaches Basic and Advanced Reloading and Gives Full Load Data. VihtaVuori 4th Edition Reloading Manual: The VihtaVuori manual includes load data and ballistics for most popular rifle and pistol cartridges using Lapua brass and bullets loaded with VihtaVuori gun powders. A complete reloading reference, it also has extensive explanation of powder characteristics, bullets, and brass, complete Howto Hand Load instructions, and unit of measure conversions. A brief history of Lapua rounds this excellent manual into a fun reading experience, too... 283 pages, hardcover. (Note: This manual includes load data for 6.5x47 Lapua and 6.5284 Norma). Also included, FREE Lapua Reloading Guide. 810-VVMAN Vihta Vuori Manual 4th Ed. $37.95

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Berger Bullets are not just for competition target shooters. They make Match Grade bullets for hunters and varmint shooters too. The secret to Berger Bullets accuracy is the exclusive J4 bullet jacket. These jackets have a wall thickness that’s consistent to within .0003”... That’s 3/10,000ths of an inch. This is a big part of Berger Bullets overall consistency and why they’re able to achieve “Match Grade” accuracy from hunting and varmint bullets as well as target bullets. Another term you’ll see here is “VLD”. VLD means Very Low Drag... Bullets with high ballistic coefficient so they will fly with flatter Berger Match Varmint Bullets - Boxes of 100 trajectory and less wind deflection (see the vid- Number Description 1-4 5+ eos- 208-17308 Varmint .17 cal 25 gr (Box of 200) 45.83 42.48 23.87 22.13 208-20302 Varmint .20 cal 30 gr FB Berger Match Varmint Bullets - Designed specifical208-20303 Varmint .20 cal 35 gr FB 22.76 21.10 ly for the varmint hunter. The slightly larger opening Varmint .20 cal 40 gr BT 22.80 21.13 208-20304 in the nose allows the bullet to expand instantly cre23.95 22.20 ating the highest possible opportunity for an explo- 208-20305 Varmint .20cal 50gr. BT sive, one shot kill. The J4 Precision Jacket that we use 208-22303 Varmint .224 40 gr 23.53 21.81 has a thinner wall at the nose to assist in rapid expan- 208-22309 Varmint .224 52 gr 23.20 21.50 sion while it also has a base that is thick enough for 25.75 23.87 208-24321 Varmint .243/6mm 80 gr high velocity cartridges. Berger uses the same highgrade materials and techniques to make varmint bullets so you can expect the same tight groups you get from our target bullets. Berger Match Hunting Bullets - The VLD design incorporates a sharp nose that allows the bullet to penetrate up to 3 inches before it starts to expand. This delayed expansion results in a wound channel that is deep inside the vital area of any big game. After the bullet starts to expand it will shed 80% to 90% of its weight into the surrounding tissue traveling as deep as 18 inches. This results in a massive wound cavity that creates the greatest possible amount of tissue damage and hemraging within the vital area (organs). This massive and extensive wound cavity result in the animal dropping fast.

Berger Match Hunting Bullets - Boxes of 100 Number 208-24527 208-24528 208-25513 208-26503 208-26504 208-27502 208-28503 208-28501 208-30508 208-30510 208-30513

Description Hunting .243/6mm 95 gr VLD Hunting .243/6mm 105 gr VLD Hunting .257 115 gr VLD Hunting .264/6.5mm 130 gr VLD Hunting .264/6.5mm 140 gr VLD Hunting .277 140 gr VLD Hunting .284/7mm 140 gr VLD Hunting .284/7mm 168 gr VLD Hunting .308 155 gr VLD Hunting .308 168 gr VLD Hunting .308 185 gr VLD

1-4 29.86 29.89 37.68 36.75 36.72 37.87 41.93 41.74 41.00 41.83 43.88

5+ 27.68 27.71 34.93 34.06 34.04 35.10 38.86 38.69 38.00 38.40 40.67

Berger Match Target Bullets - Boxes of 100 Berger Match Target Bullets - Actually, ALL Berger Bullets are Match Grade, which means that they use the highest quality copper and lead available. The copper is made into the J4 Precision Jacket, which is recognized around the world as the bullet jacket with the best concentricity available (see above). All J4 Precision Jackets and bullets are made on one set of dies to insure that all of the bullets in each box are as consistent as possible, BECAUSE...

Consistency is the key to ultimate accuracy.

Number 208-22408 208-22418 208-22420 208-22422 208-22424 208-22426 208-24411 208-24427 208-24429 208-24431 208-24629 208-26403 208-26401 208-30414 208-30416 208-30410

Desciption Target .224 52 gr Target .224 70gr. VLD Target .224 73 grBT Target .224 80 gr VLD Target .224 82 gr BT Target .224 90 gr BT Target .243/6mm 68 gr Target .243/6mm 95 gr VLD Target .243/6mm 105gr VLD Target .243/6mm 108gr BT Target .243/6mm 105gr MOLY VLD Target .264/6.5mm 130 gr VLD Target .264/6.5mm 140 gr VLD Target .30 Cal 190gr. VLD Target .308 155.5 gr BT Full Bore Target .308 168 gr VLD

1-4 22.95 27.07 26.70 26.88 26.70 30.53 23.76 29.63 28.16 29.50 34.58 36.96 36.89 44.66 41.04 41.55

and Scirocco Bonded Core Swift Bullet Company A-Frame Hunting Bullets The A-Frame Bullet is Core Bonded, and expands very little because of the “A-

5+ 21.27 25.09 24.75 24.92 24.75 28.30 22.02 27.46 26.10 27.34 32.05 34.26 34.19 41.40 38.04 38.51

Frame” Concept. Penetrates tough skin, bone and cartilage, and is a favorite for moose, grizzly and even African Cats. The Scirocco Bonded Core Polymer Tip is a “Long Range Accuracy and Big Game Reliability” Bullet. The mushrooming core gives bullet high weight retention so it penetrates deeply. The special jacket design expands over wide range of velocities. With a High Ballistic Coefficient and polymer tip, this bullet has long range accuracy Call or go online to for a with flatter shooting. complete list of Scirocco & A-Frame Bullets!


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EABCO Custom Cartridge Brass Ammo & Dies


e got into making custom brass when we introduced the 7mmUS cartridge. Since 7mmUS is derived from the .219 Donaldson Wasp, it's only natural to also make the .219DW. 7-30 Waters and 30 Herrett. .375 Winchester we make up for our .375 Winchester Match as well as standard .375 Winchester guns. All of our brass is made from 30-30 Winchester bulk brass. It is formed and trimmed to length. You should expect to full length size it and some minor trimming might be in order. 7-30 and .375 and the BRMs are a little shorter than spec as we widen out the original 30-30 enough

127-222 224 BRM Brass (100) $55 127-242 6mm BRM Brass (100) $55 127-262 6.5mm BRM Brass (100) $55 127-282 7mm BRM Brass (100) $55 127-302 300 BRM Brass (100) $55 127-30H-30 Herrett Brass $55 127-219-.219 and 6mm Don Wasp Brass $55 127-730-7-30 Waters Brass $55 127-7US-7mm US Brass $55 127-375-375 Winchester Brass $55 127-221 224 BRM Reloading Dies $60 127-241 6mm BRM Reloading Dies $60

that it draws brass from the length. But, they are completely functional and accurate at the length provided. Bench Rest Magnum Brass and Dies - These cartridges were developed to give big game hunting performance to small frame firearms like the T/C Contender, EABCO BF Pistol, and EABCO Model 97D Rifle. The BR Magnum philosophy is described in detail in our free technical reports and page 4. Also Bench Rest Magnum load data is available...


127-261 6.5mm BRM Reloading Dies $60 127-281 7mm BRM Reloading Dies $60 127-301 300 BRM Reloading Dies $60 127-3040AI Custom 30-40 Ack Imp Dies $60 121-90554 Lee 30 Herrett Custom Dies $59 722-80403 Redding .219 Don Wasp Dies $84 722-80319 Redding 6mm PPC (USA) Dies $57 722-80318 Redding 22 PPC (USA) Dies $59 722-80230 Redding 7-30 Waters Dies $75 127-7UD 7mmUS Reloading Dies $60 722-80206 Redding .375 Winchester Dies $75 127-650811 Loaded 6.5 BRM Ammo(20) $29

127-30H---30 Herrett Brass $55/100 - Originally developed by Steve Herrett of Herretts Grips, the 30 Herrett is one of the first bottleneck hunting cartridges designed specifically for the short barrels of single shot handguns. Very efficient and accurate. Our brass is made from brand new Winchester 30-30 brass formed and shortened to 30 Herrett cartridge dimensions. 127-219---.219 and 6mm Donaldson Wasp Brass $55/100 - Originally derived from .219 Zipper, the .219 Donaldson Wasp was developed by Harvey Donaldson. It is often credited with being the "Godfather of Bench Rest Cartridges" because the case capacity and 30 degree shoulder have been carried over to the modern "BR" cartridges. Our brass is formed in four steps from brand new Remington 30-30 cases and then cut to length. This brass can also be formed into 6mm Wasp by full length sizing in a 6mm Wasp sizing die. 6mm PPC and 22 PPC Brass - These two cartridges have dominated international bench rest shooting on brass formed from Lapua 220 Russian. Both 6mm and 22 PPC are made by full length sizing the Lapua 220 Russian brass in the 6 or 22 PPC sizing die. After that, you load and fire-form to fill out the shoulder of the case. Lapua is consistent brass that shoots accurately. 127-730--- 7-30 Waters Brass $55/100 - Originally developed (by Ken Waters) as a faster and flatter shooting flat nose cartridge for Winchester lever action rifles, the 7-30 Waters has gained wider popularity among handloaders who shoot spitzer bullets in single shots. Our 7-30 Waters is made from brand new Winchester 30-30 brass with a full body and the shoulder in the correct position. 127-7US---7mm Ultimate Silhouette Brass $55/100- Originally developed as a rimmed handgun metallic silhouette cartridge for IHMSA competition in our BF Pistols. The 7mm US is the Bench Rest .219 Donaldson Wasp necked up to 7mm. Our 7mm US Brass is made from brand new 30-30 Winchester 30-30 brass. This brass can also be formed to 6.5mm US or 357 Herrett by just full length sizing in their respective sizing dies. 127-375---375 Winchester Brass $55/100 - Originally developed as a "Big Bore" cartridge for 30-30 style lever action rifles, the 375 Winchester has proven itself very versatile in single shot handguns and rifles. The availability of original ".375 Win" headstamped brass has been disappointing however. We make our 375 Winchester brass from readily available brand new Winchester 30-30 brass. Reload life depends on the pressure of your loads and the looseness of your chamber. Our BF Pistols and Model 97 Rifles are chambered to fit this brass and high performance rounds get plenty of reloads. 127-650811---Loaded 6.5mm BRM 140 gr. Ammo $29/20 - Custom loaded 6.5mm BRM ammo, 20 rounds in a re-usable plastic carrying case. EABCO Custom 6.5mm BRM Brass, loaded with VihtaVuori powder, Benchrest Primer, and Amax match grade hunting bullet. Yes... The best components yield the best accuracy. This ammunition fits and fires in the Model 97D Rifle as well as Custom TC Encore Accuracy Barrels. Shoot all you want... We’ll make more!

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Managed Recoil


emington's "Managed Recoil" ammunition has been selling so well that Federal has jumped on the bandwagon with their own "Low Recoil" ammo line. The success of this approach is not surprising to us at EABCO because we've been encouraging mild recoil ammo for years. Why? Accurate shot placement is more deadly than magnum velocity! A cartridge that you are comfortable shooting is a cartridge you will enjoy shooting and practicing with... you'll make great shots with it.

Remington Managed Recoil 023-L270W2 270 Win 115 grain $26.95 023-L7MM4 7mm Magnum 140 grain $34.95 023-L308W1 308 Win 125 grain $26.95 023-L30062 30-06 125 grain $26.95 023-L300W1 300 Magnum 150 grain $35.95 ** Prices are Per 20 Rounds **

Federal Low Recoil Ammo 022-3006LR1 30-06 165 grain $24 EABCO BRM Ammo 127-650811 6.5mm BRM 140 grain $29

What about trajectory? The truth is, pretty much any bottle necked cartridge with a pointed bullet can place shots accurately at 250-300 yards. Even flat or round noses are often good to 200yds and beyond. Cartridge

Velocity 50yd (fps) Fed 308 LR 2000 1.68 Fed 30-06 LR 2000 1.68 Rem 270 MR 2710 1.04 Rem 7mm Mag MR 2710 .94 Rem 308/30-06 MR 2660 1.18 Rem 300 Win Mag MR 2650 1.15 EABCO 6.5 BRM 2400 1.44

100yd 150yd 200yd 250yd 300yd Prices change often, please call! 2.32 2.32 2.25 2.08 2.46 2.4 2.75

0.0 0.0 1.97 1.81 2.14 2.09 2.32

-5.8 -5.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

-15.69 -15.69 -3.88 -3.51 -4.25 -4.1 -4.35

-30.36 -30.36 -9.94 -8.88 -10.93 -10.5 -10.9

As you can see, our EABCO BRM ammo gives a flatter trajectory with heavy bullets, PLUS it delivers exceptional accuracy! See page 51 to order.


Redding Accessories

722-67000 Redding T-7 Press with Primer Arm $281 722-99600 Optional Slide Bar Priming System $41 722-02000 Redding No 2 Master Scale $81 722-05000 Redding No 5 Powder Trickler $22 722-03000 Redding M3 Powder Measure $123 722-03313 Pistol Chamber for M3 Measure $34 722-03500 Redding 3BR Powder Measure $155 722-03331 Pistol Chamber for 3BR Measure $47 722-110 Redding Shellholder $8.00 722-21011 Redding Sizing Lube $5.00 (NOTE: Redding Measures are NOT FOR BLACK POWDER) 722-67000



Handload & Shoot .224 Caliber Bullets in .30 Caliber with Sabots ow you can handload your 30 caliber handgun or rifle to shoot hyper-velocity .224 caliber bullets! Fit the .224


bullets into our Sabots with the Sabot Bullet Seater die. Then load the sabots as you would any .308 caliber bullet. The Bullet seater die is required for consistent seating of bullets into the sabots… accuracy requires consistency! Shoot to 3,500 fps in a 30-30... 4,200 fps in a 30-06. Free Load Data included. Neck Flaring Die - Protect the base of sabots when seating them into your case mouths... you’ll get the best possible accuracy! Not required, but it makes it easier to seat your sabots without damaging bases. Order this flaring die separately below. Free On-Line Load Data

077-SABKIT Sabot Loader’s Starter Kit $19.90 (Includes 100 sabots & bullet seater) 077-90798 Sabot Neck Flaring Die $14.95 077-SAB .224/.30 Sabots (100) $9.95


077-SAB5 .224/.30 Sabots (500) $40 077-SNBS Sabot Bullet Seater Die $14.95



032-902 Deluxe 3-Die Sets $35/set- These sets consist of a full length sizing die, the Lee Collet neck sizing die, a bullet seating die, and a free shell holder. Available for the following cartridges: 22 Hornet, 222 Remington, 223 Remington, 22/250, 220 Swift, 243 Winchester, 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser, 25/06, 270 Winchester, 7mm Rem Mag, 308 Winchester, 30/06, 300 Win Mag, 30/30 Winchester, 303 British

032-901 Lee Precision Reloading Pacesetter Dies $30-32/set Excellent quality basic reloading die sets for hand loading most popular cartridges. Dies for the most popular cartridges include a Lee Factory Crimp Die along with a full length sizing die, bullet seater die, and shell holder... These are considered 3-Die Sets. Some sets do not include a free Factory Crimp Die. Those are considered 2-die sets. The overall basic Pacesetter 2-die set includes a full length resizing die, a bullet seater die that also crimps, and a free shellholder. Call for caliber item number!



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How to Order Redding Dies... 1. Select either Standard or Competition. Standard comes in either the Standard 2-Die Set or Deluxe 3-Die Set. Competition comes in Type S or Competition Dies. 2. Pick your Cartridge. Cartridges are listed by series/category according to their popularity. 3. Select the coordinating die number with your cartridge.

Standard Dies

deluxe die set

Standard Set: Includes 2 Dies-Sizer Die & Seater Die Deluxe Set: Includes 3 Dies- Sizer Die, Seater Die & Neck Die Series A, B, C, D: Series A is most popular die sets, Series D is least popular. Description Standard Set Deluxe Set Neck Die

Series A 722-801 $43 722-841 $67 722-811 $29

Series A

204 Ruger 221 Rem Fireball 22 Hornet 220 Swift 222 Remington 22-250 Remington 223 Remington 243 Winchester 243 WSSM 25 WSSM 25-06 Remington 6mm Remington 257 Roberts 260 Remington 6.5X55 Swedish 270 Winchester

Series B 722-802 722-842 722-812

270 WSM 7mm-08 Remington 7mm Rem Mag 7mmX57 Mauser 280 Remington 30-30 Winchester 30-06 Springfield 300 WSM 300 Win Mag 300 Weatherby Mag 300 Remington 308 Win/307 Win 8mmX57 Mauser 338 Win Mag 375 HH Mag

Series C

20 Tactical 219 Zipper 222 Rem Mag 225 Win 22-250 Imp 40° 22 Savage HP 6mm TCU 6mm/223 Rem (6x45) 6mm/284 Win 240 Weath Mag 243 Win Imp 40° 257 Roberts Imp 40° 6.5mm/06 A-Square 7-30 Waters 280 Rem Imp 40° 7mmX64 Brenneke 7.5x55 Swiss (K-31)

30-20 TC 30-40 Krag 30-06 Imp ° 30/338 Win Mag 30/378 Weath Mag 303 Savage 32 Remington 32 Win Spec. 338/06 A-Square 338 Lapua Mag 348 Winchester 35 Winchester 358 Norma Mag 9mmX57 Mauser 375 Rem Ultramag 416 Rem Mag


Series C 722-803 722-843 722-813

$59 $94 $40

$77 $121 $50

Series B

17 Remington 17 Rim Fireball 218 Bee 22 K Hornet 22 BR Rem 22 PPC USA 223 WSSM 6mm BR Rem 6mm PPC USA 25-20 Win 250 Savage 256 Win Mag 257 Weath Mag 264 Win Mag 6.5x284 WIn (Norma) 6.8 Rem SPC 270 Weath Mag 7mm BR Rem 7mm Rem SA UM 7mm WSM 7mm Rem Ultra Mag 7mm TCU

7mm STW 284 Win 7mm Weath. Mag 7.62X54Russian 30 TC 300 Savage 300 HH Mag 308 Norma Mag 300 Rem SA UM 303 British 308 Marlin Express 32-40 Win 325 WSM 338 Rem Ultra Mag 338 Federal 340 Weath. Mag 35 Whelen 350 Rem Mag 358 Win/356 Win 375 Ruger 45-70 Govt.

Series D 722-804 722-844 722-814

$87 $136 $57

Series D

17 Mach IV 219 Don Wasp 219 Don Wasp Short (Original) 223 Rem Imp 40° 224 Weath Mag 6mm Rem Imp 40° 25-35 Winchester 25 Remington 250 Savage Imp 40° 25/284 Winchester 25-06 Rem Imp 40° 5.7x28 6mm/22-250 Rem 6mm XC 6.5 Grendel 6.5mmX50 Jap 6.5mmX54 Mannlicher 6.5mmX57 Mauser 6.5mm Rem Mag 7mm/200 Weatherby

7mm-08 Rem Imp 40° 7mmX57 Imp 40° 7.65mmx53 Mauser (Belgian) 7.7mmx58 Japanese 300/221 Remington 30 Remington 30-30 Improved 40° 33 Winchester 338-06 Imp 40° 338-378 Weath Mag 35 Whelen Imp 40° 374/444 Marlin 375 HH Imp 40° 375 Weath Mag 378 Weath Mag 9.3mmX62 Mauser 9.3mmX74R 416 Weath Mag 460 Weath Mag 470 Nitro Express

Competition Dies

Competition & Bushing DiesPremium Die Sets for those reloaders who want to select the neck diameter after sizing. Bushings are sold separately. Competition Bushings and Seating dies feature alignment sleeves and micrometer adjustment stems. Bushings are available to size necks from .185-.365” in .001” increments. Category I, II, III- Category I is the most popular and Category III is least popular. Call for Category III listed calibers.


Type S Full Length Bush Die 722-771 Competition Seating Die 722-551 Type S Neck Sizer Bushing Die 722-711 Tempered Steel Bushing 722-731 Competition Bushing Neck Die 722-561 TiN Coated Bushing 722-761

$51 $99 $51 $13 $99 $22

Category I 204 Ruger 222 Remington 223 Remington 22-250 Remington 220 Swift, 6mm PPC USA 6mm BR Rem 243 Win 6mm Rem 25-06 Rem 260 Rem 6.5X55 Swedish

Category 2

17 Rem Fireball 17 Mach IV 17 Rem 22 Hornet 221 Rem competition 223 Rem Improved bushing 22 PPC USA neck die 22 BR Rem 22-250 Rem Im722-772 $63 proved 722-552 $118 223 WSSM 722-712 $63 243 WSSM 722-731 $13 243 Win Improved 722-562 $118 6mm Rem Improved 722-761 $22 6mm/284 Win


270 Win 7mm-08 Rem 280 Rem 7mm Rem Mag 308 Win 30-06 300 Rem SA UM 300 Win Mag 300 Weatherby Mag 300 Rem Ultra Mag 300 WSM

25 WSSM 6.5mm/284 Win (Norma) 6.5mm/06 (ASquare) 6.8mm Rem SPC 270 WSSM 7mm BR Rem 280 Rem Improved 7mm Rem SA UM 7mm WSM 7mm STW 7mm Rem Ultra Mag 338 Win Mag 338 Rem Ultra Mag

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CO2 Air Rifles 120-QB78 Standard QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Air Rifle $89.95 $79 The QB78 is a Chinese copy of the famous Crosman 160 Bolt Action CO2 pellet rifle that was discontinued several decades ago. The QB78s began appearing in Shotgun News ads a few years ago and for those of us who missed out on the Crosman 160, it was an exciting development!

Since then, they’ve gained quite following with shooting enthusiasts. Powerful enough for small game and pest control. More accurate than many of us can shoot. And built with blue steel and hardwood to give a solid sense of quality. Read more at our QB78 Home Page at

Factory specs of this remarkable QB78 Air Rifle: - Bolt Action CO2 Single Shot Pellet Rifle - Powered by 2 Standard 12 gm CO2 Powerlets - Practically Recoilless Firing - Velocity up to 650 fps with .177 Pellets - 2 Stage Trigger with Safety - Adjustable Sights - Grooved for Scope Mounting

AirgCuhecko n ac ut our cess ories www : .eab m 120-QB78D Deluxe QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Air Rifle $99.95 $89

The Deluxe QB78 has the same features as the Standard QB78 with the addition of a DELUXE Gold Tone Trigger and Bolt Handle, plus DELUXE Fiber Optic Sights.

120-AR2078 Thumbhole AR2078 Bolt Action CO2 Air Rifle $179 $169

Same features as the standard with the addition of an Adjustable Buttplate Thumbhole Stock, Adjustable Trigger, Match Grade Aperture Sights with Inserts, Bulk Fill Option, and a De-gassing Key System. These CO2 rifles are taken to a whole ‘nuther level! Aside from the sharp looking thumbhole stock, these rifles incorporate features See website for QB78 that make them even more pleasing to serious adult airgunners. The trigger adjusts for both pull and Accessories: travel. The bulk fill option means you get a separate tube cap to fill your gun from bulk CO2 sources QB78 Shop Manual (such as paintball, etc). The de-gassing key system lets you de-power the rifle... Let the CO2 out for Scope Accessories storage or whatever. The Match Aperture Sights are extremely precise, and include full set of inserts.

Factory specs of the AR2078: - Trigger Adjustable for Pull and Travel - Match Grade Aperture Sights with Inserts - Grooved Receiver for Solid Scope Mounting - Thumbhole Stock with Adjustable Butt Plate - De-Gassing Key System Note on airgun purchases: $20 Shipping charge. Ships UPS Ground Adult Signature Required. Must be 18+ years old to purchase.

Hawke Airgun Scopes p. 31 BKL Air Rifle Scope Mounts QB78 Oversized Bolt Handle XP Tune-Up Kit QB78 Muzzle Brakes QB78 2-Stage Trigger Kits QB78 2X Seal Kit QB78 Bulk CO2 Fill Kit Match Accurate Pellets Bipods p. 44 Cheek Rests p.23

Digital Reloading Scale at a Discount Price Our electronic scale weighs up to 775 grains of powder or bullet weight and is accurate to .1 grain. It features a stainless steel weighing tray, a backlit digital display, and push button zeroing. We include four (4) free anti-static weighing dishes for gun powder. First, put a weighing dish on the scale and press the zero button. Then fill the dish with powder and read the weight... The zero button automatically subtracts the weight of the weighing dish! If you use a powder trickler to bring powder charges up to weight, you'll love the digital display. As you trickle, you can watch as the weight goes up by increments of .1 grain, until you have trickled the exact weight of powder that you want to load. The scale itself is 3" X 4¾" with the tray measuring 2½" X 3½". The stainless steel weighing tray has a spill-proof lip and is protected by a detachable hard cover when not in use. We even include an anti-shock pad to set your scale on. We ship this scale pre-calibrated so you should never have to re-calibrate it. Even so, we include a 50 gram calibration weight just in case. Yes, in addition to GRAINs of weight, you can also weigh grams, ounces, troy ounces, carats, pounds, and even pennyweights.

Includes: 775 grain (.1 grain accurate) scale Stainless weighing tray Detachable hard cover Four (4) anti-static weighing dishes Anti-shock pad 50 gram calibration weight 011-JSX Electronic Powder Scale 775 grain $29 011-JS100X Electronic Powder Scale 1500 grain $32 Runs on three (3) AAA Batteries (Included) - No AC - 5 Year Warranty


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Chrony Chronograph


he Chrony measures Bullet Velocity... It’s a simple number that opens up a world of possibilities for rifle shooters. Knowing your actual, real velocity lets you calculate your actual, real trajectory. Use your Chrony to check the consistency of hand loads and/or factory ammunition. (Usually, ammo with the most consistent velocity from one shot to the next will be the most accurate). The Shooting Chrony includes all of the electronics and sky screens for reading velocities from 30 feet per second (fps) to 7000 fps. Just set it up on a tri-pod or bench 10 feet in front of you and fire thru the center of the V rods and sky screens. Standard models- Reads-out directly on the Chrony (see below). Master models- Reads-out onto a separate unit that sits with you on your shooting bench (see above). All models measure velocity equally well. F-1 and F-1 Master Chrony - Gives numbered shot velocities, velocity stays on display until you shoot again, has a jack for the Chrony printer, and upgrades to any of the more sophisticated Chrony models. For using ballistic software like Sierra Infinity V & V6, all you need is to measure your velocity and average it out with a calculator. The F-1 is the simplest and least expensive chronograph that gets that job done. Alpha and Alpha Master Chrony - All of the F-1 features PLUS 2-32 shot memory (one string). Alpha Chrony calculates high, low, average, extreme spread, and standard deviation. Retrieves and even edits individual shots and stats from memory.

Beta and Beta Master Chrony - All of the Alpha features PLUS 60 shot memory (6 strings) with stats for each string. Has retrievable memory after powering down.*We recommend you also buy Infinity V6 Ballistic Software (see below). Chrony LED Lamp - Use with all Chrony models for any light conditon! Comes ready to use. Includes 16” Wire-Rods, 120/240 VAC adaptor. Optional battery pack sold separately. Indoor Light Fixture - Use with all Chrony models. Plugs into 120v current. Comes ready to use with 6ft. cables, diffusers and wire rods. 221-TF1 Chrony F-1 Chronograph $78 221-TF1M Chrony F-1 Master Chronograph $96 221-TFA Chrony Alpha Chronograph $96 221-TFAM Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph $113 221-TFB Chrony Beta Chronograph $104 221-TFBM Chrony Beta Master Chronograph $126


221-CBP Chrony Ballistic Printer $78 221-CCC Chrony Carrying Case (chrony only) $29 221-CPC Chrony Printer & Chrony Carrying Case $32 NEW! 221-ILF Indoor Light Fixture $46 NEW! 221-LED Chrony LED Lamp $98 NEW! 221-BBP CLL Battery Pack for LED Lamp $49

Trajectory j y & Windrift Infinity V6 Ballistic Software Calculates Compatible with all Bullets • • •

Calculates Trajectories for all distances! Calculates Energy, Momentum & Velocity User-Friendly, easy to use

With this software, you’ll be able to calculate trajectories on your favorite factory ammunition and reloads. There’s even a Custom Bullet capability where you can enter non-standard bullet data. In addition, you’ll be able to calculate Point Blank Range, Up and Down Hill Trajectories, maximum range, vertical fire, and even do trajectory comparisons. Your trajectory parameters include metric or English units, increments, sight height, etc. Calculates exactly what your bullet will do coming out of exactly the gun and sight situation you’re firing it from. Available in the Sierra Infinity Software packaged alone, or the Sierra V6 Suite version which includes complete handgun and rifle reloading data on CD. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Win2K. System Requirement: Windows Operationg System 64 Megs of RAM 800x600 Screen Resolution Minimum IE6

220-0601 Sierra Infinity V6 Ballistic Software CD $36 220-0602 Sierra Infinity V6 Suite w/Load Manuals CD $59

60MB Hard Disk Space

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Barrel Break-In & Cleaning Tips Enhance the Accuracy of your Gun Barrel--Break it in Properly

by Eben Brown, E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc. ©2009 Brand new gun barrels will have microscopic burrs on the surface of the bore... They’re left over from the machining processes used to make the barrel and are completely normal. These burrs wear themselves smoother and smoother each time you fire your gun... It’s a process that old timers sometimes call “seasoning”, and when a barrel is fully seasoned, it will be shooting with its best accuracy and velocity. In recent years, the seasoning “process” has become more directly addressed and is popularly referred to as a “Break-In Procedure.” Now, there really is no exact Break-In Procedure that works the best for every caliber, cartridge, barrel, or bullet material... Certainly with regular firing and cleaning every gun barrel will eventually reach the optimum broken-in/seasoned condition. But, to make break-in or seasoning a purpose in itself requires an awareness for how well it is progressing and a wisdom to change your approach when results indicate a change is needed. In other words, Breaking-In is not a science but rather the art of a wise, skilled rifleman. And so to my mind “Seasoning” is a better term to describe what goes on as a bit of Rifle Wisdom. It is the intent of this article to provide you with the wisdom to properly season any rifle barrel. And even though there is no exact Break-In/Seasoning procedure, there IS a common purpose... Summed up by these two points: First, the rifled bore is broken in (seasoned) by the friction, pressure, and velocity of fired bullets against the bore surface. Simply put, this is accomplished by alternately firing and cleaning in a thoughtful, methodical way. Second, for the seasoning to to be most effective, the rifled bore surface must be clean... To allow consistent and direct contact with each fired bullet. In fact its the cleaning process that makes the seasoning procedure more or less effective depending on the caliber, cartridge, barrel,... And even the bullet material. USP Bore Paste for Break-In Cleaning - We’ve gravitated to USP Bore Paste as our first choice for a cleaning process during break-in or seasoning of any barrel. Being a softer-than steel abrasive substance, Bore Paste works like sand paper to remove any kind of fouling quickly and reliably. It removes carbon, lead, and copper equally well... Which makes it an excellent first choice cleaner for use in break-in/seasoning of all gun barrels. Wipe-Out Bore Foam Gun Cleaning Solvent - This used to be our first choice and we still recommend it highly for regular cleaning of carbon, lead and copper from gun barrels. Leave it in 15-30 minutes to dissolve most fouling. Leave it in overnight to dissolve the really difficult fouling. Sometimes break-in fouling is the difficult kind. KG 12 and KG Gun Cleaning Solvents - This is another option for cleaning your gun barrel. KG 12 can be very aggressive and quick in removing copper. Other KG solvents are excellent for carbon and lead removal. Different Results Require Different Cleaners - Sometimes Wipe-Out dissolves the best. Sometimes KG 12 dissolves the best. Whether it’s a different kind of copper, a harder lead, or what... Sometimes you have to switch to a different solvent or cleaning method to get the bore clean between break-in shooting sessions.

Different Calibers, Steels,... Different Break-In You’ll have to get a sense for how much break-in your barrel needs. Watch the amount of fowling on your patches and detect when it seems to become less prevalent and more consistent. For example, on Chromoly (blue) barrels we recommend fire once, clean once, fire once, clean once for 5-25 shots. Chromoly is more resistant to abrasion than stainless. So, on stainless we recommend fire once, clean once, fire once, clean once for only the first 5 shots. Likewise, small calibers tend to break in differently than larger calibers. So, watch the color of your patches to see a point where the amount of fowling between shots settles to a consistent amount then, go to the next step. Recommended Solvents... Chromoly Break-In- 5-25 one shot cycles, 2 threeAvoid harsh cleaners like ammonia. For serious copper removal, we shot cycles, and 1 five shot cycle. Stainless Break-In- 5 one shot cycles, 1 three shot recommend Wipe-Out bore foam followed by Butch’s for clean-up. For a mild abrasive/lapping action, we recommend USP Bore Paste... It’s especycles, and 1 five shot cycle. cially useful for breaking in barrels but also a great regular cleaner. For lubrication after all cleaning, we recommend Clenzoil... Which protects the metal and also helps to reduce fowling. customer raved about restoring a favorite gun to accuracy with Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Cleaner. He had cleaned the barrel thoroughly with brushes and solvents and it still wouldn’t shoot accurately. Then he tried Wipe-Out. The patch came out bright blue... which means lots of copper was embedded in his bore. After cleaning with Wipe-Out, the gun became accurate just like when it was new. Wipe-Out is different, but easy to use. Point the nozzle down the bore and squirt. The barrel instantly fills with expanding foam that penetrates every nook and cranny. Wait an hour and then just Wipe-Out the bore with a cleaning rod, tight fitting jag, and patch. No brushing! It’s odorless, yet dissolves copper, carbon, brass, bronze, and powder fouling. The patch color tells the tale... Blue is copper fouling. Gray/black is carbon and powder fouling. When the patch comes out colorless, the barrel is clean! No acid and no ammonia, Wipe-Out is gentle on rifle barrel steels... After cleaning with Wipe-Out, we recommend treating the bore with a good gun oil such as Clenzoil™... which also acts as a fouling retardent. If you like accuracy, you have to try WipeOut™... The 5 oz. can lasts a LONG time.

Wipe-Out Bore Foam


111-510 Wipe-Out Bore Foam $12.99 111-007 Wipe-Out Foam Applicator Spout $2.50

Wipe-Out Patch-Out

Foamless Concentrated Wipe-Out Chemical Removes Copper Fouling from the Rifle Bore

Patch-Out is Wipe-Out Bore Foam in a non-foaming liquid concentrate. It removes copper fouling even faster and more effectively because it is concentrated. You are probably familiar with our original Wipe-Out™ Bore Foam... Famous for its ability to safely dissolve copper fouling from your rifle barrel with a brushless foaming application method. It works SO well but can take an hour or longer. Well, the Wipe-Out foaming system consists of the active chemical plus the foaming agent... Patch-Out is straight chemical with no foaming agent... It is undiluted concentrate! Also try the Wipe-Out Accelerator, speeds up Patch-Out Liquid and Wipe-Out Foam.

111-810 Patch-Out Liquid Bore Cleaner 8 oz $12.99 111-800 Wipe Out Accelerator 8 oz $8.99


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KG Cleaning System Removes Heavy Copper Fouling in Minutes, Restores Accuracy to Rifles 014-D612 KG-12 Copper Remover 4 oz. $9.50 014-D604 KG-4 Gun Oil 2 oz. $5.50 014-D603 KG-3 Solvent/Degreaser 19 oz. $8.50 014-D602 KG-2 Bore Polish 4 oz. $11.50 014-D601 KG-1 Carbon Remover 4 oz $5.50 014-PKG KG 1,2,3,4 & 12 Pkg Deal $35.00

Harmless to Stainless or Blue Steel Gun Barrels KG contains no ammonia and will not harm gun barrel steel. Developed for military use, cleaning Howitzer barrels, it is extremely aggressive on copper. Since nickKG-12 Copper Remover for Rifles el plating usually has a copper under layer, we recomQuickly Removes Heavy Copper Fouling from Rifle Bore... mend you DO NOT use KG-12 on any nickel plated sur(Restores Accuracy to 204 Ruger, 22-250 and all others.) face, or get it on any nickel plated surface by accident.

Copper fouling destroys accuracy in high velocity rifles. New barrels that haven’t been broken in can be over-fouled with copper in as little as the first 10 shots... before a new rifle owner has even had a chance to finish sighting in, much less shoot groups. Extremely high velocity cartridges like 204 Ruger or 22-250 are notorious for copper fouling. Experienced 204 Ruger shooters and long range prairie dog hunters are known to clean the copper from their barrels every 20-50 shots to keep them accurate. Wipe Out Foam has been the most effective, yet gentle cleaner but it can take 1-12 hours of soaking to get out the copper when it gets especially heavy. Our new KG12 will remove HEAVY copper fouling in as little as 15-30 minutes! It’s a great tool for maintaining accuracy as well as barrel break-in.

KG-12 Copper Removal -

First of all, KG12 is totally aggressive on copper. Second, it Contains No Ammonia. It is a water based chemical that will not harm rifle barrel steels. (Use Caution around Nickel Plating - see below ). Third, apply KG-12 with a bore brush so you’ll get a sufficient and complete wetting of the bore... don’t let it evaporate, keep it wet for 5-15 minutes. Afterward, push a close fitting jag and patch through the bore and then inspect with a flashlight. Simply look into the muzzle and see if there are still some copper streaks. If there’s still copper, repeat the process. When there’s no more copper, flush with a couple patches of KG3 and follow with a patch of KG4 gun oil.

KG Barrel Break-In Procedure -

Usually barrel break-in procedures are to fire one or more shots, clean the barrel, fire one or more shots, clean the barrel, and so on until the polishing action of the fired bullets has worn-in the bore surfaces. However, the key ingredient of breaking in a barrel is a clean, un-coppered bore so the fired bullets can wear directly against bare steel as they travel down the bore. High velocity cartridges that foul the bore fast can make breaking in go slow by simply requiring so much waiting time to clean out the copper between shots. We’ve found that KG12 reduces the cleaning time to 15-30 minutes for even the heaviest copper fouling. And if you add KG-2 bore polish, you can increase the bore polishing effectiveness of each fired break-in shot. Fire a shot, clean with KG-12, swab with KG-2, and fire another shot. Repeat for 5-10 shots. Do not over do it on the KG-2... just swab enough to coat the inside barrel surfaces... we use a patch wrapped around a smaller caliber brush. Remember, a certain amount of copper fouling is normal. What breaking in a barrel does is increase the number of accurate shots you can take before having to clean out excessive copper fouling. KG12 is exceptional at removing any and all copper.

*Of course we recommend them all but you can order only what you need. For example, the instructions recommend flushing with KG-3 Solvent/Degreaser after cleaning with KG-12. You can sure use something else if you want to. Likewise, KG-1 is a superb carbon and powder fouling solvent for regular gun cleaning (We use it before cleaning with KG12) but you can sure use something else. Same with KG-4 gun oil. Order them all or order only what you need... KG is good stuff!

Clenzoil: The One Step Cleaner & Lube Cl Cle Clenzoil is a high quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventive for all firearms. It provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and lubricates all moving parts. We recpro ommend it in two scenarios: First as a lubricant and protectant after regular cleaning of your om firearms... (it works great as a bore treatment after cleaning with Wipe-Out™ because Clenzoil fire severely retards lead and copper fouling.) Second, as an all-around cleaner, lube, and protecsev tant when you’re out in the hunting fields... A bottle of Clenzoil and a Boresnake™ are all you tan need for a field cleaning kit! nee 003-001 Clenzoil Cleaner and Lube 8 oz. $12.95 00

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Butch’s Bore Shine We recommend Butch’s Bore Shine to clean gun barrels between shots during break-in periods and later for general rifle bore cleaning. It’s an excellent light copper removing solvent that works without abrasives. Just moisten a patch and push it through your gun barrel with a tight fitting jag. It’ll turn blue when there’s copper fouling. Repeat this until new patches don’t show blue anymore. Barrel Break-In Use - It’s never too late to break-in a barrel... even guns that have had many rounds fired through them can benefit. Use Butch’s Bore Shine with “Throat Emphasis Cleaning” as described above for best results. General Gun Barrel Cleaning - Butch’s Bore Shine is proven and highly recommended by shooters of expensive match grade gun barrels. The reason is that it gets the copper out without damaging the barrel. There are no abrasives or harsh chemicals in Butch’s formula.

008-2937 Butch’s Bore Shine 4 oz. $6.95 008-2941 Butch’s Bore Shine 16 oz. $19.95

USP Bore Paste

A non-embedding abrasive compound that works kind of like hand lapping, but it’s much easier and totally safe for your bore. The abrasive is a rare earth substance that is softer than steel but harder than copper. Here’s how it works... You wrap a cotton patch around a bronze bore brush that’s one size smaller than your bore. Saturate the patch with USP Cleaning oil and run it through your bore to pre-moisten the barrel fowling. Then, wrap a fresh patch around the brush and apply USP Bore Paste to it. This patch is run back and forth through the barrel 10-12 times. Finally, run through a clean patch with the USP cleaning oil and follow that with a dry patch to finish up. Use USP Oil or Clenzoil for storage. Available as a kit including a 2 oz tube of bore paste and 1 oz bottle of cleaning oil. 009-USP Bore Paste/Oil Kit $10.99


A neat rust protectant and cleaner. Wipe it on exterior surfaces and it dries to a thin “gel” layer that protects while giving a clean, deep look to metal finishes. For gun cleaning, you can use RustePrufe much like you’d use Hoppe’s bore solvent... a very good all around gun care product. The applicator kit has a jar and a Chamois cloth applicator. Or buy RustPrufe in 2 oz. Bottles and apply w/ a patch. 136-RPK RustePrufe Kit $6.95 136-RP2 RustePrufe (2 oz) $4.50

Hoppe’s #9 Bore Solvent It works and it won’t damage gun finishes! Hoppe’s dissolves lead and copper residue. Use it with a bronze brush and then a jag with patches. Or, fill the barrel and let it soak overnight. We’ve tried a lot of new fangled solvents and keep coming back to Hoppe’s #9 for just basic, reliable gun cleaning without damaging guns. 721-902 Hoppe’s #9 (2 oz.) $3.50

J-b Bore Cleaner This is a paste substance that’s marketed as a cleaner and accuracy enhancer. It works well with a jag and patch. 001-002 J-B Bore Cleaner (2oz) $10.95

Formula 44/40 Gun Blue This is the famous cold blue once manufactured by Numerich Arms. Definitely better than all other cold blues. Use for touch ups from major to minor... especially nice for blacking worn edges... And jimmied up screw heads. It’ll make your gun look and feel like new again! 440-002 44/40 Gun Blue 2 oz $10.95

Baking LacQuers A really neat way to put a durable finish on steel and aluminum. Spray on, let dry, then bake in your oven for about 1/2 hour. The resulting finish is consistent looking, hard wearing, and solvent resistant. Gloss or matte black, and matte clear... 6 oz. spray cans. 046-801 Matte Black Lacquer $15.95 046-802 Gloss Black Lacquer $15.95 046-803 Matte Clear Lacquer $15.95


Imperial Dry Neck Lube This is the easy way to apply dry neck lube to case necks. Simply dip the cartridge case neck into the ceramic media. The media consists of high density ceramic spheres that are pre-charged with Imperial Dry Neck Lube. This can be used with all cartridge cases including 17 cal. 722-07900 Application Media with Imperial Dry Neck Lube $7.00

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Pro-Shot Gun Cleaning Products Bench Rest Brushes, Jags, and Cleaning Rods - Those funny little slotted patch holders you grew up with just don’t clean as well as you need for really accurate shooting. Our Bench Rest Bronze bore brushes and brass jags combine with real cotton patches to leave your rifle bore SQUEEGY CLEAN! Bench Rest Bronze Bore Brushes 715-J38B .357 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-J375B .375 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-17R .17 Cal. Rifle $2.00 715-J10B 10mm/.40 Spear T $2.99 715-20R .20 Cal Brush $2.00 715-J41B .41 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-22R .22 Rimfire Rifle $1.60 715-J416B .416 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-22P .22 Rimfire Pistol $1.60 715-J44B .44 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-22CF .22 Centerfire Rifle $1.60 715-J45B .45 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-6R 6mm Rifle $1.60 715-J50B .50 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-6.5R 6.5mm Rifle $1.60 715-270R .270 Rifle $1.60 Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods* 715-7R 7mm Rifle $1.6 715-22-17 22½” .17 Cal. Rod $26.00* 715-30R .30 Rifle $1.60 715-32-17 32½” .17 Cal. Rod $26.00* 715-338R .338 Rifle $1.60 715-18-22U 18” Silhouette Rod $19.00* 715-35R .358 Rifle $1.60 715-26-22-26 26” Short Rifle Rod $22.00* 715-375R .375 Rifle $1.60 715-36-22-26 36” Rifle Rod $24.00* 715-416R .416 Rifle $1.60 715-42-22-26 42” Rifle Rod $26.00* 715-45R .45 Rifle $1.60 * Add’l Packaging for rod(s) is $5 per order. 715-50R .50 Rifle $1.75 100% Cotton Cleaning Patches 715-38P .357 Pistol $1.60 715-3-4-500 .17-.22 Cal. (500) $5.00 715-9P 9mm Pistol $1.60 715-3-4-1000 .17-.22 Cal. (1000) $9.50 715-10P 10mm Pistol $1.60 715-1300 .20 Cal Patches (300) $5.50 715-41P .41 Pistol $1.60 715-1600 .20 Cal Patches (600) $10.00 715-44P .44 Pistol $1.60 715-11-8-500 .22-270 Cal. (500) $6.50 715-45P .45 Pistol $1.60 715-11-8-1000 .22-.270 Cal. (1000)$11.00 715-50P .50 Pistol $1.75 715-1.5 6mm-7mm (300) $5.95 Solid Brass Cleaning Jags 715-1.5-600 6mm-7mm (600) $10.50 715-J17B .17 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-13-4-500 7mm-.38 Cal. (500) $7.50 715-J22-6B .22-6mm Spear Tip $2.99 715-13-4-1000 7mm-.38 Cal.(1000)$12.50 715-J6.5B 6.5 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-21-4-250 .38-.45 Cal. (250) $5.95 715-J20B .20 Cal Spear Tip $2.99 715-21-4-500 .38-.45 Cal. (500) $9.95 715-J25B .25 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-J270B .270 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 Muzzle Guard & Rod Stop 715-MG1 .22-.26 Cal Muzzle Guard $2.95 715-J7B 7mm Spear Tip $2.99 715-ST1 .22-.26 Cal Rod Stop $4.95 715-J30B .30 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-J8B 8mm Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 715-38ST .38/.357 Caliber $1.75 715-J338B .338 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99 See Page 17,56-59 for Muzzleloader Cleaning Info... 715-J35B .358 Cal. Spear Tip $2.99

he Bore Snake™ is an all-in-one bore cleaning tool that pulls through your barrel and cleans within seconds. A weighted brass drop-through cord easily slips through the barrel to get the Bore Snake™ started. Grab the end and pull the rest through. The “business end” of the Bore Snake™ has a large surface area (160x more floss than a whole patch) impregnated with bronze brushes and floss. One pass with the Bore Snake™ equals several passes with conven-


tional patches, brushes and jags.

Bore Snake™ for Rifles

Bore Snake™ for Pistols/Revolvers

755-24010 Bore Snake 17 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24011 Bore Snake .22, .223, 5.56mmCenterfire & Rimfire $14.49 755-24012 Bore Snake .243, 6mm Rifle 14.49 755-24013 Bore Snake .257-.264 Cal. Rifle $14.49 755-24014 Bore Snake 270/7mm Rifle $14.49 755-24015 Bore Snake 30 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24016 Bore Snk 8mm, .32 cal Rifle $14.49 755-24017 Bore Snk .338, 340 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24018 Bore Snk .357-.375 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24019 Bore Snake .458 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24020 Bore Snake .50-.54 Cal Rifle $14.49 755-24025 Bore Snake .204 Cal Rife $14.49

No assembly required. Lightweight and compact with no exposed metal to damage rifling or crown surfaces. Use with or without gun cleaning solvent. Wash and dry to restore to like-new condition.

755-24000 Bore Snake .22 Cal Pistol $13.79 755-24001 Bore Snake .30/.32 Cal Pstl $13.79 755-24002 Bore Snake 380, 9mm,.38, .357 $13.79 755-24003 Bore Snake 40/41 Cal Pstl $13.79 755-24004 Bore Snake 44/45 Cal Pstl $13.79

Bore Snake™ for Shotguns 755-24031 755-24032 755-24033 755-24034 755-24035 755-24036

Bore Snake Bore Snake 28 Bore Snake 20 Bore Snake 16 Bore Snake 12 Bore Snake 10

.410 Ga. Ga. Shotgun Ga. Shotgun Ga. Shotgun Ga. Shotgun Ga. Shotgun

$14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95

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Rifle Jag Set 12 Pc. One of the most effective tools to clean and lube a rifle bore is a jag wih a patch. A jag fits the bore tightly to scrub away fouling and wipe away excess solvent and lubricant. Jags screw into standard 8-32 thread (except the .17 cal 5-40 thread). This handy jag set comes with a convenient carrying case to keep jags easy to find and ready for use. We use these in our shop, and they are exceptionally effective! 201-749245 12 Pc Jag Set $14.95

Gunsmith Screwdrivers

Wheeler Gunsmith Screwdrivers have bits made from S2 tool steel that's hardened to 56-58 Rockwell "C". This means they'll break before they'll bend, twist or round off. And, they're specially ground to fit gun screws properly. This means you can work on your guns without damaging or messing up your screw heads. Available in three different sets to suit the needs of tinkerers, serious hobbyists, and professional smiths. These are fine tools you will be proud to own as well as use to work on your guns. 201-664507 Wheeler Space Saver Set $14.00 Includes 26 Bits, Magnetic hollow handle to carry bits along and these bits: Phillips, hex, and torx bits, a 2" long #2 Phillips bit which is ideal for recoil pad installation, and a hex-to-square conversion bit which allows you to use 1/4" square drive sockets and other attachments. 201-776737 Wheeler Basic-72 Piece Set $59.00 Wheeler's engineers measured the screws on over one hundred modern and antique firearms to make sure that this set has bits for every situation. Includes 54 Hollow-ground flat bits, two each of the very thinnest bits, which means you'll never be stuck in the middle of a job. There is a complete selection of Phillips, Allen, and Torx bits to cover scope rings, bases, recoil pads, etc. The bits range from .120"x.020" to .360"x.070". Also included, two handles made from comfortable overmolded plastic: regular & extra slim for those “close quarters”. Set comes in durable custom box that's ready for the bench or your range kit.

201-562194 Wheeler Professional-89 Piece Set $89.00 Everything in the 72-piece set PLUS these bits: Weaver/Ruger Scope Ring Clamp Bit, Redfield Windage Screw Bit, Leupold Windage Screw Bit, Mauser Stock Bolt Bit, Millet Rear Sight Adjustment Bit, 1911 Grip Screw Bushing Driver, Ruger/Colt SA Base Pin Latch Nut Bit, M1/M14/M1A Rear Sight Bit, .062", .093” & .118” Pin Punch, ch, Rem M870/1100/1187 Trigger Plate Pin Punch, 2 inch #2 Phillips Bit, Glock Replacement Front Sight Screw w Bit, S&W Rebound Spring Compressor Tool

® KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife Original 12" Black Bladed US Marine Corp WWII Issue Knife These modern production KA-BAR® knives are made to the same specifications as thee original. Blades are high carbon 1095 steel tempered to HRC 56-58 so they'll hold an edge dge while maintaining tensile strength. Handles are shaped from oval, stacked leatherr segments for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Pommels are made from a powdered metal process and hand guards are carbon steel. All of the metal surfaces are finished nished in powder coat matte black to give corrosion protection and eliminate glare. 725-212178 Original USMC KA-BAR Knife $59 725-212505 Mini KA-BAR Knife $59


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Benchrest Magazine Followers Convert your Bolt-Action Rifle Magazine for Single-Shot Loading

A Single Shot Follower... Why? - For best accuracy potential, bullet seating depth should be dictated by the length of your chamber, not your magazine. Our Benchrest Followers convert your bolt action rifle to a single shot with a perfectly shaped loading tray. It aligns each cartridge for straight in, smooth chambering with no limits on bullet seating depth. There's also no gouging, kinking, or denting of your carefully prepared hand loads... Or, deforming of the bullet tip.

Call or go online to find out which follower you need!

Installation is Easy - Insert the Benchrest Follower in

the magazine box from the bottom so that it will rest on top of the factory follower after closing the floor plate. Rifles with a blind magazine box or without a hinged floor plate require removing the barreled action from the stock... then putting it back together with the Benchrest Follower.

020-423 Savage Short Follower 020-424 Savage Medium Follower 020-426 Savage Long Follower 020-212 Rem Short Follower 020-213 Rem Medium Follower 020-214 Rem Long Follower 020-215 Rem SAUM Follower 020-216 Rem LAUM Follower 020-630 Win Short Follower 020-631 Win Med #1 Follower 020-632 Win Med #2 Follower 020-633 Win Long #1 Follower 020-634 Win WSM Follower 020-318 Ruger Short Follower 020-319 Ruger Med #1 Follower 020-320 Ruger Med #2 Follower 020-321 Rug Med MK Follower 020-322 Ruger Long Follower


ifle Basix Complete Trigger System

$11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11 $11


Savage Trigger #1 - Adjusts from 1-3 lbs and fits models 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 and 116. Long/short actions, left or right handed. This trigger will replace the standard trigger or the AccuTrigger™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Set screws adjust take-up, over travel, weight of pull, and safety engagement.

010-SAV1 Savage #1 Trigger Replacement Black $84 010-SAV1-S Savage #1 Trigger Replacement Silver $84 Savage Trigger #2 - Adjusts from 4 oz to 3 lbs and fits models 10, 11, 12, 110, 16, 111, 112, 114 and 116. Long/short actions, left or right handed. This advanced trigger replaces standard as well as AccuTriggers™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Set screws adjust take-up, over travel, and weight of pull. Comes with CD-ROM Video

010-SAV2 Savage #2 Advanced Replacement Trigger $146 010-SAV2-S Savage #2 Advanced Silver Trigger $146 Savage Sear "R" - Adjusts from 10 oz to 1.5 lbs. Replacement sear for Savage bolt action rimfire rifles and pistols. Fits models 501, 502, and 503, Mark I and II, Model 93 (.22, .22 Magnum, and New .17 HMR)

010-SAVR Savage "R" Rimfire Trigger Sear $84

Other Available Triggers

010-L1 Remington L-1 Hunting Trigger $109 010-L1-S Remington L-1 Silver Trigger $109 010-LV1 Remington LV-1 Varmint Trigger $119 010-LV1-S Remington LV-1 Silver Trigger $119 010-L3 Remington L-3 Target Trigger $137 010-L3-S Remington L-3 Silver Target Trigger $137 010-ERV3 Remington ERV Target/Varmint Trigger $137 010-ERV3-S Rem ERV Target/Varmint Silver Trigger $137 010-REMSAF Remington 700 Replacement Safety $33 010-REMSAF-S Remington 700 Silver Safety $33 010-RUMKII Ruger M77/MKII Trigger Black $86

010-RUMKII-S Ruger M77/MKII Trigger Silver $86 010-RUVT-S Ruger M77/MKII Varmint/Target Silver $86 010-RUR Ruger M77 Rimfire Trigger Black $84 010-RUR-S Ruger M77 Rimfire Trigger Silver $84 010-RUT Ruger Tang Sfty Models Rplmnt Sear $37 010-Win1 Winchester 70 Win-1 Replacement Blk $86 010-Win1-S Winchester 70 Win-1 Replacement Silver $86 010-Mar1 Marlin Mar-1 Replacement Trigger Black $84 010-Mar1-S Marlin Mar-1 Replacement Trigger Silver $84 010-MAR917 Marlin Mar-917 Replacement Black $84 010-MAR917-S Marlin Mar-917 Replacement Silver $84

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The Ultimate Sniper Manual Written as a training manual for military and police snipers, The Ultimate Sniper is also an excellent read for hunters and varmint shooters. It’s an extensive 453 page 8.5 X 11 Volume that explains bullets & ballistics, riflescope techniques, range and wind estimation, stalking and movement, basic and advanced sniper marksmanship techniques, camouflage, and more. Of special interest is the section on using Mil Dot reticle riflescopes in range finding and compensating for movement, wind, and shot angle. Extensively illustrated with photographs, drawings, charts, and graphs, this book is a “must have” for all self-respecting riflemen! 800-7041 The Ultimate Sniper Manual $45!

Magnetic Gun Caddy


The Magnet Gun Caddy is a magnetic gun holder or gun rack that holds fast to any steel surface... Like the side of your vehicle. It provides a way to lean your rifle or shotgun (unloaded) against your truck without it slipping and falling. Your gun barrel slips into the soft foam holder and the magnet gently holds it against your vehicle. Rifles with scopes hold sideways muzzle up. Shotguns hold as pictured left, muzzle up. Keep One in Your Glove Compartment! And when you're gearing up next to your vehicle, you'll always have a secure place to lean your rifle or shotgun. 038-001 Magnet Gun Caddy $9.95

US Army Socks

igh quality US Army socks, made to rigid military specifications. Color is olive drab. Woven 50% wool, 30% cotton, and 20% nylon, they have thick soles and breathable tops. Great for hunting or CUSHION SOLE- STRETCH other cold weather occupations. Top quality Mil Spec socks. MIL-S-48K & AMENDMENTS Hand 'em out to your buddies! Mix and match sizes to get the 6 pair minimum if you like. Each pair has the original "US Army" yellow and black wrap around label. ... Order Yours Today! Sizes: Medium (10.5-11.5), Large (12-13), X-large (14-15) 078-1213 US Army Socks, Six (6) Pairs $18 078-1213M US Army Socks, Medium $3 078-1213L US Army Socks, Large $3 078-1213XL US Army Socks, X-Large $3

Angora Wool Socks Made from 80% Merino wool, 15% angora wool and 5% nylon. Angora wool is the soft and cuddly fur that is shorn (shaved) from show rabbits. It is the lightest natural fiber known to man! And because the fibers are hollow, Angora wool is 8 times warmer than sheep wool. It has superior breathing and "wicking" properties as well... wicks moisture away from the skin to maintain its insulating properties... And stay warm!

Nordic Extreme Gray

The smooth Angora fiber is comfortable to wear next to the skin, but can actually be TOO WARM, unless it is properly blended with another fiber. Our Angora Wool socks are made of a special blend of Angora rabbit and premium Merino sheep wool. The resulting feel, warmth, and wicking make them comfortable for daily wear as well as outdoor activities! Warm, dry feet with comfortable socks!

Classic Angora Wool Socks 812-800T Angora Sock sz M Twist $15 812-802T Angora Sock sz L Twist $15 812-804T Angora Sock sz XL Twist $15 812-801 Angora Socks sz M Cream $15 812-803 Angora Socks sz L Cream $15 812-805 Angora Socks sz XL Cream $15 812-800 Angora Socks sz M Gray $15 812-802 Angora Socks sz L Gray $15 812-804 Angora Socks sz XL Gray $15

Nordic Extreme Angora Wool Socks (double yarn amount around foot)

812-0911T NE Sock sz M Twist $16.95 812-1013T NE Sock sz L Twist $16.95 812-1416T NE Sock sz XL Twist $16.95 812-0911C NE Socks sz M Cream $16.95 812-1013C NE Socks sz L Cream $16.95 812-1416C NE Socks sz XL Cream $16.95 812-0911G NE Socks sz M Gray $16.95 812-1013G NE Socks sz L Gray $16.95 812-1416G NE Socks sz XL Gray $16.95

Classic Twist Available in Men’s Large shoe size (9-12), Medium shoe size (6-9), and X-Large shoe size 13-15 with your choice of "Natural Cream", "Gray Heather", or “Twist colors. (Note: Womens size 6½-10 shoe fits the 6-9 sock. Womens size 10½12 shoe fits the 9-12 sock). Priced per pair.


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Muzzleloader Accuracy Videos & More...


mash Hit Video now has a sequel! We introduced Russell Lynch, a Nationally Distinguished Shooter and USMC Scout Sniper, and his “Maximizin’ Your Muzzleloader” DVD and it was an overwhelming success. And for good reason: It answers precisely and clearly, how to make your muzzleloader shoot with consistently good accuracy. Now you can get his second video, “Precision Fire Inlines.”

Video #1 Maximizin’ Your Muzzleloader was produced using a

stock TC Encore 209x50 muzzleloader. It directly addresses which powders work best, loose powder vs. pellets, and accurate charges. It directly addresses which bullets work best, conical vs. sabot vs. Powerbelt™, etc. It shows you cleaning techniques and tools that are best for accuracy. And it gives practical marksmanship tips from Russell’s extensive experience as a USMC Sniper and hunter.

034-001 Maximizin’ Your Muzzleloader DVD $16.95 Video #2 Precision Fire Inlines was

produced using a stock TC Omega 209x50 muzzleloader but with the intent of updating and expanding on the Encore information from Video #1. 2-Hour DVD. 034-002 Pre-

cision Fire Inlines DVD $16.95 Tactical SOS Multi-Function LED Survival Flashlight

Not only see in the dark, see the invisible, maintain night vision plus a laser!

75 Lumens White LED, 5 UV LEDs (black light), 1 Red Laser Pointer, Green LED Flash Mode, all in SOS mode. A professional quality, aircraft-grade aluminum flashlight with O-Ring water resistant body , aggressive self-defense face, rear tactical glow-inthe-dark button, magnetic base.

002-5520 CSI Quatro 75 Lumen $26

CSI Investigator Multi-Function LED Flashlights

30 LEDs, 5 Settings, 11 Modes; with White, UV, Green, Flashing, Laser Pointer, and Compass A professional quality, machined aluminum flashlight with O-Ring water resistant body and many features: 18 UltraBright LED White Light Main Flash (216,000 MCD). Click again and get a 450 yard laser pointer. Click the other side once and turn on 6 Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs... Click again and turn on 6 Green LEDs... Handy for keeping your night vision while walking to your 002-5075 deer stand in the dark. Green won't disturb most animals. 002-5075 CSI Investigator LED Flashlight $29

Tactical SOS Multi-Function LED Survival Flashlight

Self Defense Lens Crown, Bright White, Night Green, Flasher, and Auto SOS A professional quality, machined aluminum flashlight with O-Ring water resistant body and Tactical/Survival features: 8 UltraBright LED White Light Main Flash (96,000 MCD). 3 bright green LEDs... Handy for saving your night vision when walking to your deer stand. Designed to grasp in your fist with the switch button right under your thumb,with a sharp, jagged lens crown that can 002-5110 be used for striking.

002-5110 Tactical SOS LED Flashlight $16

CSI LED Mini Flashlight

A Pocket Flashlight made with a self-defense face, anodized aircraft grade aluminum body, water-resistant, rubber grip, rear glow-in-the-dark button. Colors vary. 002-5112 Tactical SOS LED Flashlight $8.95

Peltor Tactical Hearing Protectors A- 028-97044 Peltor Tactical 6 Muffs $69 Sale Price $59 (limited time!) B- 028-97043 Peltor Tactical 6 Behind-the-Head $69 Sale Price $59 (limited time!) A Each Ear has On/Off Volume Adjustment to Amplify Hearing while Blocking Noise! These Tactical 6 hearing protectors are uniquely designed to give shooters the best of both worlds: Protection from dangerous impulse noise such as gunfire, along with the distortion free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and conversation... not to mention rattle snake noises (are you listening prairie dog hunters?). The electronics are designed to limit amplified sounds B to 82dBA. Distortion-free amplification of low level sounds up to 19dB. Try the standard or the Behind-the-Head model! Requires 4AAA batteries (not included) C- 028-97070 Peltor Youth Muffs $18.95 The Junior earmuff is specifically designed for children, women and smaller head users. The smaller headband provides a better fit and thus more reliable attenuation. With liquid/ gel filled cushions these are comfortable for extended wear.



D- 028-97451 Peltor Tactical Sport Muffs $99.95 Tacticle sport uses electronics that respond at lightning speed and protect your hearing from loud impulse noises. Amplifying ambient sound so you can hear better, it gently activates and cuts off loud noises. With a jack for your cell phone, MP3 player or dog tracker, and auto shut off, these muffs are perfect for a day y at the range or in the field. Includes orange covers.

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Custom Standard Encore Accuracy Barrel™ $325 p. 6-8 NEW! Camo Laminate Stock Set $189 p.16


Custom Standard Model 97D 97D™ Rifle $999 p. 3-4 NEW! Custom-Made Contender Barrels $325 p.7 -Calibers: 6.5 BRM & 6 BRM

2011 Catalog  

2011 Hunting & Shooting Catalog

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