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This is EAB! As industry leaders in manufacturing we meet and we learn, and every day we look at new technology, the development of materials and processing methods, different ways to optimise the flow and create smart working methods... The list goes on and represents both a challenge, but also the big appeal of pushing forward and being active participants in a company like EAB. Every day is different from the last. It has always been incredibly important for us that the first question we ask ourselves before making any decision is: Is this EAB? Does this align with our values and what we want to deliver? Asking the question is easy, but we often have thought it through a couple of times when it comes to answering. Maybe we can add or change something to make it EAB? And how do we do that? The answer always takes time and sometimes it will happen that we lose speed on our journey forward. But it’s that question and that answer that makes EAB, well, EAB. We want to stand by what we do and what we produce, from products to environmental impact, 100%. This applies to the smallest of the small and the biggest of the big, which we will describe on the following pages with some pictures and a few words - though it can also be summed up in just three words... Built to last.

A big thank you to all of you for choosing to work with us and for us in so many different ways. Sven-Gunnar Andersson

Per-Åke Andersson


Built to last.


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A perfect collaboration

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Built to last.

Three words which say more than a thousand pictures Words you want to hear when you’re a customer looking to make a big investment. Words that give you security when choosing a place to work. Words with crucial significance. Words that make a promise. The Swedish version of Built to last was written for the first time in 1996 together with EAB’s logo. The point was to communicate clearly what it was we stood for and what we were promising. A short, concise message telling you what you can expect when you do business with us. Either working with us, or for us. After being used so frequently, the phrase soon became synonymous with EAB. It took on a sort of intangible value which is what you want and what you need to protect in the best way imaginable. It is unique to us.

In 2016, the Swedish version of EAB. Built to last. was registered as a trade mark. But we wanted even more. Our goal was to ”own” the phrase ’Det håller.’ in all the classes that relate to our business, products and services, so that no-one else could claim to what we had built and what we had created content for. Not possible, PRV, the Swedish Patent and Trade Mark Office, told us. We didn’t give up. Our customers confirmed that ’Built to last.’ was synonymous with EAB and had been for many years. A mountain of correspondence between EAB and PRV followed. And it was worth it. We got both the rights and a little ®. On 12 December 2018, the Swedish version of, ’Built to last.’ was approved as a registered trade mark of EAB. EAB now owns this phrase Built to last in all classes relating to our business and the sectors we work in.

A little R with a lot of significance.

Built to last.


Why it’s built to last. Now and for the future.


Lots of people are talking about sustainability right now, which is hardly surprising given how quickly we’re using up the earth’s resources. At EAB, we have been talking about sustainability for decades with our Built to last. customer promise. (Read more about how the Swedish version of ’Built to last’ is now a registered trade mark on p. 3 of in the magazine). The phrase embodies several different things, not least of all relations and promises, but also the sustainability of our products and the details in our constructions that make our products built to last. Now and for many, many years to come. We can really go into detail about why we’re built to last. In order to really make it clear to everyone HOW we’re built to last, we developed the Engineering Principles™ concept which provides detailed descriptions and explanations of the principles, laws and rules that we always follow when constructing and fabricating our storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. This is a way for us to explain why EAB’s products are different, and how we can guarantee sustainability. Simply put, we work out the exact weight our products can handle and also look at external conditions such as earthquake risk or other factors that we need to take into account. In other words, our constructions are experts and know the exact quantity of steel that’s needed to support certain weights, under various different conditions. This is of course about safety, but also makes the solutions an excellent investment in terms of costs. And last but not least, it creates sustainable solutions built to last for many years to come. And the many of us who live in today’s consumer society should be thinking about creating and buying things that are built to last. Not just for one lifetime, but for several. 4


SAFETY IS KEY Safety is always our top priority, so our products must always be sturdy. Otherwise, what will happen if you calculate the wrong load capacity on a pallet rack that maybe is holding millions of items, for example? It could be a minor catastrophe. This is what our engineers specialise in working out, ensuring that something like that can never happen.


ECONOMICAL WITH MATERIALS We never use more steel or raw materials than we need to. We calculate exactly what is required to ensure our solutions keep going. Years to come.


COST-EFFECTIVE Since our solutions are built to last, they offer lots of cost benefits. You don’t need to replace our solutions, they’re built to last over time.

It can never be green enough We are always striving to find new angles to strengthen our Built to last. promise. We want our customers to take it as a given that our products and promises are built to last when the sender is EAB. And the environment we will live in in the future is being created today. We are a responsible company and employer, which is why we must set a good example. We therefore want to make sure that we make our business as environmentally-friendly as possible. Relying on renewable energy sources feels very much like a step in the right direction.

50% less emissions from solvents thanks to waterbased paints. We only use electricity that comes from origin labeled hydro-energy.




We have gone from 70 ton of waste per year to 4.9, a reduction of 93%.





4001 ISO 1

We use biogas, a completely new type of renewable fuel made from biomass.

50% 1600 ton/year

Thanks to improved environmental work, we have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 1,600 ton per year. With our patented RadioshuttleTM system, you can increase the volume utilisation rate in the warehouse, which saves both energy and money since multiple items can be stored in existing areas.

Our steel is 99% recyclable.

Our environmental work follows and is certified according to ISO 14001. 5



STEFAN KJELLSTRÖM Service & Support RadioshuttleTM, EAB We mostly have shuttles that just keep running year after year, where customers are calling us and asking ”Will we ever need service?” because their machines have been running flawlessly for 20 years. This makes it clear that they are built to last, and for many, many years.” ”We have the same thoughts as we continuously work on improving and updating Radioshuttle™ - so that it’s built to last. Not just in terms of materials and technology, but with an eye on the environmental aspect as well.”

LOUISE MAGNUSSON Marketing Coordinator, EAB ”Built to last is an integral part of how EAB acts in different situations. The company takes social responsibility, not just environmentally-speaking, but also with respect to creating a pleasant and safe workplace in a healthy work environment where employees feel good and have the chance to grow.” ”In the work we do and the marketing materials we put out, we strive to live sustainable and try to emitdiate that feeling of Built to last.”

JESPER LINDROTH Steel building mounter, EAB ”Built to last was one of those things the experienced EAB’ers were using a lot when I started with EAB and it soon rubbed off on us newcomers. Not just the expression, but the meaning itself, that things really are built to last when we work the way we work.”


”For me, Built to last. stands for knowledge, experience and safety. Knowledge that comes from colleagues and customers, experience that comes from our own experiences, and safety with EAB behind you at all times. It stands for the ”us” that makes it Built to last.”



ARNE SVENSSON Production Manager, NCC ”I first came across EAB in 1981. We have been collaborating ever since. We have always had a good and sustainable collaboration, and EAB is a classic in itself. They’re quick and reliable in their communication, you get things on time, and you get to work with wonderful people. EAB is also well ahead of the game in terms of the environment, they have their things togheter, and you know that you’re getting quality in everything.

GREG MCCAMIS Radioshuttle™ customer – Manitoba, Canada ”Our factory in Manitoba produces around 600 ton of potato products every day, corresponding to more than 136,000 ton per year. These quantities mean that we’re delivering around 600 pallets to the factory every day, and sending just as many back out. The pallets often weigh over 1000 kg and they’re used in our freezer warehouse which has a constant temperature of -20ºC. Every single pallet used in our freezer warehouse is handled using Radioshuttle™ from EAB. And the operation here runs day and night, seven days a week without stopping. So Radioshuttle™ really has to work. Right from the start, when we built our factory in 2002, we invested in Radioshuttle™ which has just completed its 17th year and is still fully operational. That tells you everything about how the system keeps going. It’s absolutely amazing.”

HANS SAMUELSSON Dairy Farmer, Kalset, Skeppshult ”I am very happy with our doors from EAB, they’re solid doors that continues to last, and it’s extra special having doors that are manufactured locally.” The Kalset Farm became an Arla Eco Farm in 2017. This is most obvious from the fact that the cows get a lot of their food from pasturage or grass. They have also invested in a biogas facility to get the most out of their resources.



”A perfect collaboration” Daniel Wellington has been a wellknown name for most people for many years now. The company was only founded in 2011 but a lot has happened in those eight years. Since its start, it has relocated four times and having started the business in a cellar, it has just moved its warehouse business to a new warehouse in Uppsala measuring 5,000 m2.

”Being able to rely on your supplier is an absolute must, and we have a great deal of faith in EAB” 8

Björn Jonsson, Saleperson, EAB ”Daniel Wellington is a new customer for EAB and of course a very exciting one. They quickly grew out of their old set-up and it’s really great that we’ve been able to accompany them on this journey. It’s a giving collaboration with an open and transparent dialogue - quite simply a collaboration that runs like clock.”

History I Daniel Wellington Filip Tysander began his company in 2011 after randomly meeting with a British gentleman who he thought had an impeccable and breezy style. The man had taste to match his vintage watches with old, worn-out NATO straps. What the man’s name was? Daniel Wellington.

From the left: Joakim Frisk, Warehouse Manager DW, Björn Jonsson, Saleperson EAB and Dennis Guerrero, Logistics Manager DW

Today, Daniel Wellington has a total of 14 warehouses at locations around the world. The new warehouse in Uppsala supplies watches to customers in Sweden and many parts of Europe. EAB delivered pallet racks for around 1,500 pallets, bumpers, and a number of conveyors for the new warehouse.

Maria Andersson, Director of Logistics, Daniel Wellington ”Having compared various alternatives, we went for EAB as our supplier both because they were able to meet our needs for a short delivery time, and because of their reputation for delivering quality in everything they do. I had experience with EAB from before and got good recommendations from other EAB customers. Being able to rely on your supplier is an absolute must, and we have a great deal of faith in EAB. That EAB is also a Swedish company with local production is of course also a plus.”


Johan Wahlgren


”An amazing collaboration right from the start” ”The collaboration has been amazing right from the start. Everything from quotes to drawings, to installation and contact with sales staff at EAB, everything has worked brilliantly. I would recommend EAB to others without hesitation,” says Dennis Guerrero, Logistics Manager at Daniel Wellington.



Focus on Radioshuttle in Germany TM

Our Radioshuttle™ brand is growing the world over and has started to become an oft-heard name in the logistics industry. From 19-21 February 2019, EAB presented Radioshuttle™ at the LogiMat logistics expo in Stuttgart, Germany. EAB Storage System (EAB’s subsidiary in the Netherlands) was responsible for the Radioshuttle™ show and got support from EAB’s marketing team in Sweden. The installation had a great location just inside the entrance to one of the smaller event halls. Radioshuttle™ ran back and forth continuously in the installation and attracted a lot of attention from visitors. Visitors were also attracted by EAB Racing Team’s* motorcycle

FACTS I RADIOSHUTTLETM Radioshuttle™ is a unique and patented system for automatic large-volume handling of pallets, which EAB was the first to develop and launch on the market. Read more about Radioshuttle™ at

which was strategically placed at the edge of the installation. The motorcycle was branded with both EAB and Radioshuttle™ and even that got a lot of attention. Emma Ohliw, Marketing Manager, EAB ”We are very happy with this year’s LogiMat. Right from the first hour of the first day of the expo, there was a big crowd at the installation and our Radioshuttle™ drew both attention and curiosity. As well as meeting new customers, our presence at the expo was also a way to build our brand, and meet our fantastic collaboration partners, and was of course also a good occasion to see what’s happening in our industry.”

*Read more about the EAB Racing Team on page 31.

FACTS I LOGIMAT The three-day expo is the largest intra-logistics meeting place with international significance. The expo is located at the heart of Europe, at Messe Stuttgart, just next to Stuttgart International Airport. The logistics expo is in its 17th consecutive year and has grown both bigger and more interesting with every year. The 2019 expo brought in 61,740 visitors from countries around the world with 11 exhibitions from 1,624 companies from 42 different countries.


EAB is helping Oatly to deliver products with minimal environmental impact Oatly exists for one reason and one reason only. They want to make it easy to people to eat and drink in a way that makes them feel good whilst at the same time not having to worry about using up the planet’s resources. In the 90s, researchers made the revolutionary discovery that natural enzymes can convert fibre-rich oats into nutritious liquid food, perfectly suited to humans. Today, Oatly sells everything from different types of oat drinks and oat yoghurts, to ice cream (made from oats of course). Production, warehouses and the head offices are located in Landskrona.


Because of its products, Oatly has warehouses that include refrigeration and freezer warehouses so they obviously need warehouse solutions that work in these temperature ranges. Right at the start, Oatly purchased EAB pallet rackings through EAB’s distributor Hyllbörsen. After being satisfied with that solution from EAB, it didn’t require much of a leap for Oatly to choose the same supplier for a system that could help them free up more space in the warehouse, space which they absolutely needed. That’s when they chose Radioshuttle™ from EAB. The fact that Radioshuttle™ had documented experience working in different temperature ranges was both a requirement and a massive plus for Oatly, as well as one of the reasons why Radioshuttle™ in particular was the choice.

Curt Ekblom

Magnus Ullerås, Project Manager and Salesperson, EAB; ”We have been working hard with Oatly for 10 years and they are a wonderful and exciting customer. This year, we have designed, planned and installed both pallet rackings and Radioshuttle™. Oatly has some 3,000 pallet rackings supplied by EAB and has also been using our patented Radioshuttle™ system for many years now. They are still very happy, which of course says a lot and is a real joy to hear.”

Magnus Olin, Warehouse Manager at Oatly ”EAB has always worked incredibly well and we are very happy with them and their solutions. Their Radioshuttle™ system is helping us free up loads of space, which is amazing and makes our everyday lives so much easier. EAB has succeeded in developing solutions built to last. Every year, I wish for two more Radioshuttles™ under the Christmas tree, so we’ll see what Santa Claus brings this year.”



In February 2019, EAB acquired Wica System A/S in Denmark, making it EAB’s sixth subsidiary. Wica, like EAB, was a family business and Steen Kjaerulff, owner and CEO at the time, has now handed over the reins to EAB. The acquisition will provide lots of access to the international EAB family which, since earlier also includes subsidiaries in Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada and Czechia. Per-Åke Andersson, CEO of EAB; ”Our collaboration with Wica goes back many years and we see great potential in the company and on the Danish market for storage equipment and doors. A guiding principle in our efforts is working towards a sustainable EAB and being able to grab bigger market shares on the international market.” A sustainable concept Wica previously supplied and installed storage equipment and industrial doors from EAB


to customers across the country. The company was founded in 1983 and was owned by the Kjaerulff family from the beginning. Mikael Pernefors, Responsible for EAB in Denmark EAB Denmark currently has six full-time employees providing services mainly in sales and purchasing. All employees of Wica have continued to work with the company, but are now employees of EAB. Former CEO Steen Kjaerulff has left as a result of the change in ownership and is now working with other companies he was previously involved in. Mikael Pernefors, Export Manager at EAB, has taken on responsibility for EAB in Denmark.

EAB is growing across the sea

The new offices are located on Stiftsvej in Vejle.

Steen Kjaerulff, former Owner and CEO of Wica ”We have had a relationship with EAB for many years, working as a reseller for them since the 80s. Therefore it feels really good to hand over the reins to EAB, a stable and growing family company. It promises a longterm and sustainable strategy.” New locations At time of writing, EAB Denmark has just moved from Wica’s old offices in Hedensted to a new location in Vejle. The relocation will be a new start for EAB’s Danish subsidiary, which now operates under the name EAB Lagerindretning A/S.



12-year-old Radioshuttle moving fish in Fredrikshavn TM

Radioshuttle™ moves pallets containing all sorts of items the world over. This time, we’re looking at Danish customer Amanda Seafoods, a fish cannery with freezer warehouses in Fredrikshavn. It is now 12 years since the cannery bought its first Radioshuttle™ from EAB and the shuttle is still going strong.

EAB’s first installation for Amanda Seafoods was for their freezer warehouses where they initially didn’t have any pallet rackings, using high stacked pallets instead. This mean they weren’t making full use of their storage capacity and it was also a risky way of storing pallets. Verner Olesen, Head of Technology, Amanda Seafoods ”Radioshuttle™ is really stable. We have never had any problems. It doesn’t need much service because nothing on the pallet rackings gets damaged since the truck never touches the racking itself.” Happy with the investment Today, Amanda Seafoods is very happy with its investment in Radioshuttle™, and in fact have invested in two further installations over the years: a refrigerated goods warehouse for 200 pallets, and recently a finished goods warehouse for 300 pallets.


”With Radioshuttle™, we suddenly fit 600 pallets into the same space we had before, and we were able to stack them high in a safe manner and utilise 100% of our warehouse. This is incredibly important in a freezer warehouse since it is very expensive to run,” explains Verner. Jes Hedelund Boelt, Salesperson at EAB Lagerindretning A/S ”Businesses often end up in these situations where it’s hard to position the pallet racks as tightly as they’d like. You need space to get in with traditional forklifts and there’s often a limit on how high you can stack pallets. Because it can be built up high without any extra space between the rows of pallet rackings, Radioshuttle™ massively increases

capacity. At the same time, our customers get excellent operational safety and relatively few repairs since the truck no longer manoeuvres along the pallet rack rows,” explains Jes. ”Another thing that you always hear when you’re talking about investments in warehouses is how quickly the return of investment is. With Radioshuttle™, you generally recoup your investment in under two years, which is what makes our system so incredibly interesting for businesses,” concludes Jes. EAB Lagerindretning A/S has so far delivered 25,000 pallet rackings to customers in Denmark.

ABOUT AMANDA SEAFOODS The fish cannery was founded in 1916 and today focuses on taste, quality and sustainability. The cannery was one of the first pro ducers of canned fish in Denmark. In January 2017, Amanda Seafoods became part of the Nordic seafood group, Insula.




EAB RACKET CENTER A MODERN LIFT FOR A HEALTHIER SMÅLANDSSTENAR In line with Built to last. EAB strives for a healthy society and is right there where it happens. Smålandsstenar’s tennis club (STK) relies on the modern racket game of padel tennis and during 2019 is building what will be Sweden’s finest tennis facility, the EAB Racket Center. Per-Åke Andersson, CEO, EAB ”As a trend-setting company in construction, we have a lot of social responsibility and we want to be associated with safety and sustainability, for both people and society. Health and well-being can be achieved with a good and healthy work environment, but this also means that we should be seen encouraging local organisations and sports clubs of all kinds, and that we encourage our employees to do the same.”

27-ton frame EAB, which has the honour of being the main sponsor of the racket centre, is also providing the frame for the construction. We have delivered frames, roofs and walls that were fitted in under three weeks. The frame alone weighs 27 tonnes and the building contains 118 sandwich elements and five frameworks. As well as steel, EAB has provided four window sections, two doors, garage hinge doors and a fully-glazed entrance.

Padel and tennis The new racket centre is a reconstruction and expansion of STK’s current tennis hall. Three padel courts will complement the two new tennis courts in the indoor facility, whilst the four existing tennis courts will remain outdoors. New fresh and modern common areas are also being built, including changing rooms, a sauna, and a lounge. The new racket centre is expected to be ready for play in autumn 2019.

”For us, Smålandsstenar is an incredibly important part of our business. This is where our roots and our culture lie. That’s why we are choosing to support the development of Smålandsstenar. Team spirit and responsibility for your team are a requirement for success, whether the ”game” is on the padel court, the ice hockey rink, or a construction site. It’s an amazing feeling that EAB gets to be a part of this area and a part of such important work,” says Per-Åke Andersson.



Good collaboration in car business A steel frame has long been a winning concept for many car dealers, not least because of its excellent architectural properties. For many years, EAB has been providing frames for sales floors, workshops and tyre warehouses to a number of car makers from the south of Sweden to Sundsvall in the north. One customer that keeps coming back is BilMånsson. BilMånsson i Halland AB was founded in 2007 and at the same time acquired the Ford dealership in Halmstad. FordStore BilMånsson quickly became the fastest-growing Ford dealership in Sweden. In 2012, BilMånsson set their sights on the Flygstaden shopping centre in Halmstad and commissioned EAB to build them a new, ecosmart facility. This new facility was subsequently named ”Sweden’s most eco-smart car facility.” BilMånsson is growing quickly and continuously. Recently, they opened their doors in Bredasten, Värnamo, also with the help of



EAB. The new locations in Värnamo cover 2,500 m2 and EAB supplied and installed steel frames, roofing sheets and wall elements. The locations were constructed in collaboration with GBJ Bygg AB. But the collaboration between BilMånsson and EAB doesn’t stop there. At time of writing, we have also just finished installing a 1,000 m2 car wash with a tyre hotel next to the Värnamo facility. Here, EAB is responsible not just for the steel frame, roofing sheets and wall elements, but also for two machine-operated folding doors. There’s plenty going on in Halmstad, too, where work was begun on the reconstruction and expansion of existing facilities in spring 2019. Thanks to this project, BilMånsson will be able to increase its range and become a dealer for both Jaguar and Land Rover. EAB will be providing steel frames, roofing sheets and staircases here. A mezzanine will also be constructed to provide more space for the range of products. BilMånsson, and its owner Clas Månsson, is a regular customer and collaboration partner. EAB thanks them for their trust and looks forward to continuing the collaboration.




A sustainable workplace is growing in Båstad Beslag Design is building its new home in the best location in Båstad, right by the new train station, a place that was carefully chosen. The architect-designed building, aiming to be Bjäre’s best workplace, will definiately generate curiosity in Båstad. Focus on sustainability Sustainability has been given high priority and employees will be able to get to and from the workplace by train or bus, and there is even a place to charge electric cars. The building will also be heated and cooled using

geothermal and solar energy. The architecture will let a lot of light in and will create a pleasant working environment. The project is just right for us at EAB since we share Beslag Design’s approach to sustainability. We will provide and install steel frames, roofing sheets and wall elements for the 2,400 m2 area. We will also provide various other finishing touches such as staircases and railings. The project will be carried out in collaboration with MMB in Båstad and will be completed in December 2019.

ABOUT BESLAG DESIGN Beslag Design is an industry-leading sales company with 45 years of experience in furnishings and interior design products. Their range comprises exclusive collections of furnishings and fittings for both private homes and the public sphere. The company is family-owned, like EAB, and was founded in 1972. 22


EAB aims high EAB is proud to have been entrusted with providing steel to the municipality of Borås, in cooperation with Skanska, for the rebuilding of Borås City Theater. The rebuilding consisted in replacing the existing stage technology and raising the ceiling with the aim of improving the working environment. For this, EAB has supplied and assembled the steel frame, sheet metal for the roof and beams and stairs. 1,800 welded steel components One particular feature of the project is the number of components, totalling around 1,800 welded components designed and manufactured in our production facility in Smålandsstenar. Around 80 tonnes of steel were used, and the delivery includes, amongst other things, four lattice structures, the largest of which is 4.3 metres high and weighs 5.5 tonnes.

Malin Candell, Business Unit Director, EAB Steel Buildings ”It was a challenging project, with a lot of coordination on the drawing board, in production and at the mounting stage. No straight lines anywhere, and many unique parts.” It should be added that in order to protect the inside of the building throughout the construction process, we built a provisional roof, which was then replaced with a new roof opened up one truss at a time.


”All projects have their challenges an pleased with how EAB has contributed to go EAB DOORS & STORAGE EQUIPMENT

Loyal customer in a beautiful landscape Norway has always been known for its beautiful nature and EAB is constantly expanding its deliveries to various environments. This time, we provided and installed doors and storage equipment to Bygger’n Eid in Norway. Bygger’n, part of E.A. Smith, is one of Norway’s largest providers of construction materials. Over the years, they have become a loyal customer of EAB Lagerteknikk A/S, and since concluding an agreement in 2013 we have provided storage equipment to around 60 of their shops. Bygger’n pla-


ces great emphasis on quality and flexibility, good use of warehouse space, and good exposure to raw materials. Today, E.A. Smith and Bygger’n buy most of their storage equipment from EAB. Rolf Christian Moen, Regional Manager, Bygger’n ”Bygger’n has worked with EAB for many years and we are very happy with the collaboration, from the early project phases through to the finished installation. All projects have their challenges and we at Bygger’n are very pleased with how EAB has contributed to good solutions.” Conversion of existing shop EAB has provided and installed folding doors and an outdoor canopy for storing timber, roofing sheets and pallets. The canopy, just like the colours on the doors, was produced according to the specifications of Bygger’n. Delivery and installation of the doors and storage equipment took place in connection with a big conversion of an existing shop.

nd we are very ood solutions.” A very satisfied Remy Kongsvoll, Space Officer at Bygger’n Eid, Remy Kongsvoll


Frank Mandal, Sales Manager, EAB Lagertenikk A/S ”We collaborate closely with the customer and contribute with project management in storage equipment and warehouse layout. The layout and solution are developed and drawn with our own 3D design program, Configura, with which we can easily establish a storage solution in cooperation with the customer.”

--> Bygger’n is a concept that E.A. Smith developed during the 90s. --> Bygger’n currently has around 100 construction material shops and EAB has been involved in 60 of them. --> Over the past few years, Bygger’n has seen a far greater increase in turnover than the rest of the industry. --> EAB has also provided storage equipment to one of E. A. Smith’s other concepts, Smith Stål.



Now and for future generations Kalset is a family farm located just outside of Smålandsstenar that is now in its fourth generation and being run by dairy farmer Hans Samuelsson and his wife. The dairy farm was established in 1882 and we at EAB are proud to have been entrusted with providing and installing doors for this wonderful local farm. Rationalization Kalset has 230 cows, with each cow currently providing 11,000 litres of milk every year - in 1970 each cow gave 3,500 litres of milk. This improvement is down to identifying and continuing the best genes. Harvesting is also performed at least three times a year, not once a year as previously, and more harvesting means more nutritious grass. Hans Samuelsson, Dairy Farmer, Kalset ”Over the last 50 years, we have seen a rationalization; up until 1970 there were 168 dairy farmers in the region. Those 168 farmers got 2,500 ton of milk per year from 750 cows. We are now the only farm remaining and last year we produced 2,400 tonnes of milk from 230 cows. That means that, 50 years later, we are producing as much milk as 168 farms did back then.”


Good to have local doors In total, Kalset has 16 EAB folding doors, side hung doors and normal doors. Some of these doors are painted blue to match the existing colour details on the farm and to create symmetry when looking at the farm from outside. ”I am very happy with our doors from EAB, they’re solid doors that are built to last, and it’s extra special having doors that are manufactured locally,” says Hans. Thinking about sustainability The farm became an Arla Eco Farm in 2017. This is most obvious from the fact that the cows get a lot of their food from pasturage or grass. They have also invested in a biogas facility to get the most out of their resources. ”We have a biogas facility that works like the stomach of a cow. Manure is heated up to 40ºC and methane builds up quickly. We then siphon off the gas into two combustion engines which in turn drive our generator, which provides energy to the entire farm,” concludes Hans. Did you know? • • • •

Every cow produces on average 33 litres per day. The cows at Kalset are milked three times a day. Around 230 calves are born at Kalset every year. A female can have her first calf by the age of two. On average, every cow will have three calves in her lifetime, though some can have up to ten. • Today, Swedes consume on average 1 litre of milk per person per day. Milk with our meals has decreased in popularity but we still get dairy into us through cheese, butter, yoghurt etc. • Kalset has six full-time employees including Hans and his wife.


Steel is finding new ways In his day, EAB’s founder Erik Andersson was known as EAB’s blacksmith. EAB is following in his footsteps and continuously developing its knowledge of forging, and this is now being felt in the restaurant industry. Madame Brasserie & Café on the new Gummifabriken site in Värnamo is currently the place for locals to meet. We are proud to say that EAB got to be a part of the start-up, supplying a sliding door and interior made in steel. Sliding doors - a sustainable design feature The inside of the restaurant has an industrial look with modern touches. The nine-metre-long sliding door is black in colour and is fully glazed in a specially designed check pattern with five rows of glass. The sliding door is both an attractive design feature and functions as a divider within the restaurant. EAB also provided and installed an access door in the same style as the sliding door. Annica Palmgren, CEO, Madame Brasserie & Café ”We’re delighted with our interior design, and visitors have been extremely positive about the look and feel that we’ve created”

EAB also provided and installed interior in steel for the restaurant’s bar. Corten steel was sprayed with salt-water spray to give it a rusty industrial feel. This was then completed with moss green details. Lars-Göran Fahlén, Salesperson, EAB ”We’re delighted with the partnership. It’s been great putting our flexibility and versatility to the test in producing our doors. Supplying to a different type of environment from the one we’re used to has also been a really interesting learning curve for us.” Thorough and sustainable with EAB The main reason EAB was chosen as a supplier was the steel components that we could supply and the desire to use local suppliers. The collaboration and project have gone well. ”When we chose EAB, we knew that everything would be done properly. We got excellent support throughout the project, and we’re delighted with the holistic solution that EAB has provided,” concludes Annica Palmgren.


EAB @WORK Hillevi Moberg discusses what it’s like working with HR questions at EAB. -> Hi Hillevi, how are you today?

-> What does an HR Manager actually

I’m well, thank you. I just had an introduction with one of the new welders who’s starting work with us. Everyone who starts at EAB, regardless of their role, gets to go through a comprehensive introduction programme and HR plays an active part. This can include giving the new employees practical details they should be familiar with, taking a tour around our facilities, and talking about our company values. Having been involved in the recruitment of employees, it’s always great to get the opportunity to sit down with new colleagues and properly listen to their expectations and ideas.

do? As HR manager, my role is largely to support the managers in our organisation whenever they come to me with staff-related questions. This could be anything from recruitment to issues of work environment, or procedures for people joining, leaving or getting sick. The role is both operative and strategic, and it’s just that sort of mix that I find very stimulating! My area of contact is the entire company since I have contact with lots of our colleagues, but above all our managers. Then I also have lots of contact with external partners such as schools, communities, and trade and industry. -> What’s it like working as HR Manager at EAB? It’s really exciting, varied and enjoyable. Not least because of all the fantastic colleagues we have here. EAB is a company with a lot going on and being a part of this helps me to develop. We are expanding and making investments, we have a spirit of entrepreneurship and belief in the future, which is great!

Hillevi Moberg, HR-Manager, EAB 28

”Here, there are opportunities for loads of talented individuals, no matter what path you want to take in life.”

Oliver Andersson

-> How do you motivate employees at EAB? Through participation and engagement, as well as a positive attitude. I feel that if we as leaders are active and engaged, this will rub off on our employees. -> What does EAB’s company culture look like? We have a familial company structure which is based on lots of warmth. We’re all very close to one another, despite there being 250 of us employed here. We work in a problem solving manner which I feel goes hand in hand with our entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to break new ground. -> What do you feel are the most important issues for you to promote right now? Securing competences. It’s a big concept that’s about both the active recruitment we run, but also looking at how we can be an attractive employer. From my perspective, this issue also

goes together with finding current employees who want to develop and take new steps in the organisation. -> How do you work to bring new skills to EAB (and the region)? For us, it’s important to be in contact with schools but also society at large. I think it’s crucial that industry and the community actively cooperate to make the location and community an attractive place to live and work. Every year, we bring kids from schools, college students and teachers to give them an insight into our business. With us, they get the opportunity to see inside the industry and learn about the different professions. I hope that students will leave with the knowledge that a company like EAB is made up of lots of different types of professionals and people with all sorts of backgrounds. I want them to understand that there are opportunities within the industry for loads of talented individuals, no matter what path you want to take in life.

EAB is investing in development and education, which is part of our objective to be an attractive workplace and to maintain a high and balanced level of competence. This goes hand in hand with our promise that every customer should be a happy customer, and every employee a happy employee. We would like to congratulate Jens and Niklas who have recently completed their training with us to become ”Certified Salespersons”. 29


At EAB, we are proud of our employees and we would like to invite you to step into our world and meet some of them. We therefore decided to present some of our colleagues so that others can get an insight into what it’s like to work at EAB and what opportunities we offer. Over a few intensive days, the film crew got to meet Dennis, Martin, Malin and Henrik, following them around their everyday work.

See the final films by scanning the QR code.


Lars Nilsson

EAB RACING TEAM EAB Racing Team was founded in 2007 by Ferry Schoenmakers, Head of EAB Storage Systems in the Netherlands. The inspiration for the team came about as early as 2006 when Ferry sponsored a young motorcyclist. He caught the racing bug and a year later it was time to set up the EAB Racing Team.

”EAB has managed to become a really well-known name in the racing world.”

has a top speed of 285 kph, has over 130 bhp and a 566 cc engine. The team also rode the full season of the 2017-2018 Championship, though that was with former rider Anthony West, himself a former MotoGP rider. The World Supersport Championship consists of twelve rounds that are ridden in various parts of the world, including Australia, Spain, Italy and Argentina. Follow the team’s journey on Facebook by searching for EAB Racing Team

The team has had a lot of success over the years, including European Championship titles and plenty of second and third-place finishes. This year, EAB Racing Team is competing for a full season in the World Supersport Championship with Glenn van Straalen riding a Kawasaki ZX-6R. The bike, which


”We have a big social responsibility - both for society and for people” For EAB, providing necessary resources and getting involved in different projects and aid organisations comes naturally. Amongst other things, money is constantly being donated to organisations such as the Swedish Foundation for Kidney Patients, the Proliv Väst Prostate Cancer Association, and Team Rynkeby. For many years, we have also been involved in a collaboration with the Östhjälpen second hand shop. A collaboration with enthusiasts EAB is helping out Östhjälpen, an organisation that runs a home for disabled people in Hateg, Romania. Right now, Östhjälpen is building a retirement home for elderly people who can’t look after themselves and who don’t have any relatives to support them. For this project, EAB has the privilege of helping by contributing the shelving that the company needs, amongst other things. Östhjälpen started its work in 1990 when it opened its first home for severely disabled and abandoned children. They part-finance their work through a second-hand shop in Jonsered, just outside Gothenburg. But they also receive additional help and support from companies, for example.

EAB wants to help create opportunities for the association to continue to live and grow. ”By providing sponsorship, we can help create better opportunities for the association to continue to live and grow. In return, we will get energy and the privilege of being part of a community and a team through good times and bad. Because team spirit and responsibility for your team are a requirement for success, whether the ”game” is on the football pitch, the ice hockey rink, or out on a construction site. Since EAB is continuing to grow, we also need a constant supply of new employees and it’s not exactly uncommon to find these new abilities being supported by EAB for the first time in a sports setting,” says Per-Åke Andersson, CEO, EAB.








EABs approach to sustainability is also reflected on the tennis court. This year, we are sponsoring the Skistar Swedish Open for the 19th year running. Our version of sustainability is opening up new possibilities for us to leave a ”green” footprint no matter the field we’re playing on. At this year’s tennis event, guests will be inspired by speakers and tennis celebs who are guaranteed to offer a new dimension on what you can achieve if you’re properly focused and really believe in what you do. How sustainability goes hand in hand with persistence, and that a unique success concept can never be copied should in fact be plenty motivating.

25 Ground was broken November 25 2016.


In 1988, EAB moved to a new location in the Södra Industriområdet near Nissastigen. The size of the facility that was built back then was 17,000 m2. Since then, EAB has expanded no fewer than 35 times and our facilities currently measure 55,000 m2. After three years of planning, digging and building, our latest addition was completed at the start of 2019. With increased storage space, a larger space for recieving goods, and container loading all under one roof, we are now ready more than ever for the future. Our addition has not just resulted in an increase in space, it’s also seen our number of employees increase and our knowledge grow.

Per-Åke Andersson, CEO, EAB

”There are lots of ways to establish a trade mark. I would argue that at EAB we have done this in the form of a ’massive 13,500 m2 advertising campaign’ - a building that says more than a thousand words and that has become a symbol of our willingness to continue growing, our belief in the future, and the strength of ’Made in Sweden’.”


250 trucks of contrete were delivered for the new build’s floor. These held 10,620 m3 of concrete to create 10,800 m2 of floor.

Joel Hong & Max Petersson


Before moving into our facilities, it was of course time to celebrate with a big party. On a Saturday at the end of March, our owners, all our employees, and the contractors who had been involved in the construction all gathered together to inaugurate the new 13,500 m2. A big occasion and a night to remember.


The first EAB building was located in the Ă–stra IndustriomrĂĽdet and measured 159 m2

Made in Smålandsstenar. Works worldwide. With Denmark as the latest addition to our subsidiaries, we are now present in seven countries across the globe. Our products are therefore represented around the world and we have an active collaboration with companies and partners in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America (green region).

EAB Norway EAB Denmark

EAB Finland EAB Sweden

EAB Holland EAB North America

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