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Africa Project By: Elizabeth Aaron

Info I learned • Influence of political and social conflict is prominent in these writings • Apartheid plays a major part of South African’s lives • The affects of apartheid are still being felt, and written about, today • Refugees see many terrible things, and still cannot return to their own country

Info I learned • Common themes in African literature are family, culture, religion, the past, personal beliefs, and political and social issues • For instance, in one of Achebe’s stories, a father frowned on a wife because she didn’t fit his idea of a proper wife and was from a different tribe • In South Africa, apartheid is a major theme in literature

Info I learned • Culture and the past play a part as they determine who to marry, where to live, what job to do, and even what religion to practice • There are also still tribes that follow the religion of the past and still worship their ancestors

Chinua Achebe • An Ibo writer • In 1990 he was in a car accident and paralyzed from the waist down • 16 November 1930-Present • Notable works are Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease, and Arrow of God

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie • 15 September 1977-Present • Raised in Achebe’s old house • Educated at the University of Nigeria and Eastern Connecticut State University • Divides her time between Nigeria and the US • The Thing Around Your Neck, Purple Hibiscus, and Half of a Yellow Sun are prominent works

Rais Neza Boneza • • • •

Refugee from the Congo Saw horrible things Has to write under another name Sees his works published under other peoples’ names, as they take it for their own

Lessons gained • That history is important to these people • That culture is important to these people • That being from different tribes can keep people from happily marrying one another because of tradition

Lessons gained • Tradition runs most of their lives • Political and social issues are important to these people • Religion plays apart of beliefs and the way things are run

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