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Annual Report For the fiscal year ending February 28, 2013

Enhancing the Aviation Experience for Our Members EAA is a community of passionate aviation enthusiasts that promotes and supports recreational flying. Our mission is to grow participation in aviation by sharing the Spirit of Aviation. EAA serves the aviation community through programming that: > Inspires new participants > Enriches the participation experience This report provides an overview of what has been accomplished during this past fiscal year as well as an outlook to the future as EAA executes our mission and fulfills our vision of a vibrant and growing aviation community.

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6..............Growing Participation in Aviation

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EAA Annual Report | 3

Passing on our Love of Flight Our mission at EAA is to grow participation in aviation by sharing the Spirit of Aviation, and that means supporting all forms of personal aviation. Our goal is to pass on our love of flight to the next generation, and to anyone who has not experienced the freedom and personal satisfaction of private aviation. EAA’s fiscal year ended with a total of 181,098 members, an increase of 2.25% over last year, showing EAA continues to grow despite the increased challenges to personal and recreational flying. One of the foremost issues is the rapidly aging and shrinking pilot population. There are also regulatory constraints, increasing costs, and threats to airport and airspace access that must be addressed. If we cannot encourage and support new people to join us in the exciting world of personal aviation, all other issues shrink in significance. Though there are many media channels to use to communicate the thrill of flying, I believe nothing is as effective as actual hands-on experience. At EAA, we deploy all forms of techniques to interest and educate people, but our fundamental aviation teaching tool is to put as many people as possible in contact with real aircraft and real flying and the people who fly those aircraft. EAA brings the aviation experience to hundreds of thousands of people every year through our annual AirVenture convention at Oshkosh, the Young Eagles program, multi-media instruction on how to build and maintain aircraft, and our network of nearly 1,000 chapters. EAA’s Young Eagles program is far and away the most effective tool to sow the seeds of flight in the next generation. Since the program launched in 1992, EAA members have given more than 1.7 million youngsters an airplane ride. The program has worked. More than 7 percent of all new private pilots are former Young Eagles.

4 | Passing on our Love of Flight

While Young Eagles is EAA’s long-term strategy to grow aviation participation, a new program, Eagle Flights, is designed to recruit people of an age and resource level that makes them ready to become pilots now. Eagle Flights is a targeted program aimed at the person with the latent desire to fly but who is missing the personal contact that can ignite that smoldering interest into flight training and airplane ownership. Our largest tool for building and sustaining a passion for personal aviation is the annual AirVenture fly-in at Oshkosh. More than 500,000 aviation enthusiasts, pilots, airplane owners and those who dream of flying gather every year for a week of personal aviation immersion. AirVenture brings together those who are already airplane owners and pilots to exchange ideas and share their love of flight. This largest gathering of all things aviation gives anyone who attends the chance to be up close and personal with all types of aircraft and the people who build, restore and fly them. AirVenture is our greatest education effort because it shows anyone that they can be a part of personal aviation, too. To sustain and promote the personal aviation lifestyle EAA acts as both an advocate, and an information exchange. The number of pilots and airplane owners is such a small percentage of the overall population that it would be easy for our rights to be trampled by regulators. It is a core EAA mission to remain vigilant to prevent any unreasonable restraint on personal aviation and work to protect our right to fly. EAA uses its many and varied publications, both in print and online, to keep members informed of developments and to share the experiences of the entire range of people who fly. EAA media outlets are also a crucial link between members and the aviation industry that supplies the aircraft, parts and services needed to keep an airplane flying. The scope of personal aviation that EAA supports is so vast that it is impossible to create a label that defines our interests. EAA is not focused on what you fly, but in encouraging and helping you to fly and live out your dream. That’s why AirVenture is so large, our media outlets so many and so varied, and our number of local chapters so great. EAA enthusiastically welcomes anyone with an interest in flight. It is our mission to create programs and policies that pass on that passion for flight to others. EAA can only continue its mission with the support of our advertisers, sponsors, AirVenture exhibitors, members, volunteers, and most importantly our generous donors. Thank you for your support and for sharing your love of flight through EAA.

Jack J. Pelton EAA Chairman of the Board

EAA Annual Report | 5

Growing Participation in Aviation Pathways and Education EAA strives to grow participation in aviation by offering pathways to people of all ages and backgrounds. By inviting the public – both youth and adults – to experience flight, and offering assistance throughout the certification process, we ensure the future of aviation will progress. Young Eagles

EAA Eagle Flights

In 2012, a total of 79,253 Young Eagles were flown, surpassing the original goal of 78,000 flyers, and resulting in the most Young Eagles flown since 2006. As EAA’s Young Eagles celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012, more than 1.7 million Young Eagles have taken flight since the program’s inception. Five hundred fifty chapters held more than 1,600 Young Eagles rallies, contributing to the success of the program. For the third year in a row, EAA provided free membership and flight training ground school through Sporty’s Pilot Shop to students until their 19th birthday as part of the Young Eagles Flight Plan. EAA continues to award vouchers for first flight lessons to those who have completed the second phase of the Sporty’s course. Phillips 66 continues to be the named presenter of the Young Eagles program.

EAA launched the Eagle Flights program at AirVenture 2012 as a mentorship program. Eagle Flights are designed to recruit adults with the desire to fly and give them the personal contact they need into order to fulfill that desire. Chapters have embraced the program as it works to not only grow the pilot population, but also to assist them in recruiting new chapter members. Each participant in the Eagle Flight program is provided a six month membership in EAA and is asked by their Eagle Flight Pilot to join the respective chapter who offered the flight. Our chapters are without a doubt the right source to offer mentorship in all things aviation. Since its inception, just over 600 Eagle Flights have been given and EAA has set a goal of giving 1,000 Eagle Flights in the next year. Scholarships

Air Academy EAA’s Air Academy had another record-breaking year, with 377 students participating in the camp. Campers rated their overall experience an average of 4.6 out 5. Because of its high level of participant satisfaction and knack for keeping young people busy during the summer by giving them a chance to develop their passions and expand their horizons, MSN Money named the Air Academy program as one of 10 nationwide summer camps that are worth the money. The week-long camps inspire the next generation of aviators by introducing them to aviation by getting them in close contact with aircraft, experiencing flight and engaging in numerous other aviation activities. Additionally, the Air Academy Lodge, located on EAA’s grounds, hosts several educational programs throughout the year from various school, scouting and youth programs. The past fiscal year hosted overnight educational programs to nearly 725 students.

6 | Growing Participation in Aviation

EAA, with the help of many donors, continues to assist young people who are seeking opportunities to engage in aviation. These aspiring young achievers will become the next generation of aviators. To support their journey, our scholarship awards are given in these key areas: Air Academy scholarships that help young people from around the country attend our ACA accredited aviation camp, flight training scholarships that help young people pursue a pilot’s license, and post secondary awards that enable young people to pursue academic credentials. This last year, 41 young people received scholarships totaling $195,000. Of those, seven were flight training awards, seven were academic awards and nine were internships. Additionally, 5,618 Young Eagles were given free enrollment in EAA’s flight training ground school provided by Sporty’s, and 217 Young Eagles received a voucher to receive a first flight lesson at no charge.

Young Eagles program achievements in the past fiscal year include: > 6,778 student members > 5,819 students enrolled in the Sporty’s Next Step online flight training course > 245 completions of the Sporty’s Next Step program > 217 First Flight Lesson vouchers awarded > 35 Young Eagles enrolled in the Sporty’s Next Step program earned their private pilot’s license

2013 Goals: > Provide 78,000 Young Eagles their first flight. > Develop new ways to improve tracking the success of our youth programs. > Offer a new Sport Air Advanced Camp for Young Eagles, focusing on homebuilding techniques. > Produce videos showcasing aviation careers and incorporate their use into the Young Eagles program. > Develop Eagle Flights pathways to assist participants pursuing flight training.

EAA Annual Report | 7

Protecting the Aviation Lifestyle Advocacy and Safety EAA members receive aero-medical, legal, and advocacy support from our government advocacy and safety group located at EAA Headquarters and in Washington, D.C. The group, often partnering with other aviation associations, works to represent the EAA membership’s interests to the government and maintain and enhance the right to fly freely, safely, and affordably.

Medical Petition Mobilizes Membership

Petition Launch for Young Eagle Pilots

The medical petition launched in 2011 by EAA and AOPA asking to allow pilots to fly certain types of aircraft with a driver’s license in lieu of an FAA 3rd class medical certificate is under review by the FAA. Advocacy and Safety mobilized the EAA membership, and as of the end of last year the petition received more than 16,000 public comments – more than any other petition in FAA history. The petition proposes mandatory online aeromedical training that will teach pilots how to assess their fitness and ability to fly in lieu of the 3rd class medical certificate.

In 2012, EAA launched a petition asking for Young Eagle pilots to be exempt from restrictions regarding pilot reimbursement for fuel expenses. Without the exemption, pilots are not able to accept free fuel during Young Eagles flight experiences because it is considered reimbursement. The exemption also requested those pilots who fly adults enrolled in the new EAA Eagle Flights program be included. The petition remains under review with the FAA.

EAA Medical Council Works with FAA for CACI EAA’s Aeromedical Advisory Council worked with the FAA to develop and implement Certificates AME’s Can Issue (CACI). EAA proposed that applicants with arthritis, asthma, glaucoma, chronic hepatitis C, hypertension, hypothyroidism, migraines and chronic headaches, pre-diabetes, and renal cancer receive their medical certificates directly from their AME. Under this rule, the AME requires certain documentation, but that information does not have to be forwarded to the FAA. The resulting medical certificate is good for the same duration as general medical certificates, in most cases. Additional conditions are expected to be added to the CACI list in the coming year.

8 | Protecting the Aviation Lifestyle

Reducing GA Fatal Accidents EAA’s Advocacy and Safety department continued to play a prominent role in the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC), whose ultimate goal is to reduce the number of General Aviation fatal accidents. The GAJSC is the primary vehicle of government-industry cooperation, communication, and coordination on general aviation accident mitigation. EAA works to recommend and establish areas of special emphasis, as well as provide direction to the full range of accident mitigation efforts in the FAA Aviation Safety Program based on a constant review of general aviation accident trends. EAA also shares information on current happenings of the committee to its members through avenues such as e-Hotline.

2013 Goals: > Continue working with the FAA towards acceptance of the EAA/AOPA medical petition. > Continue committing resources to industry efforts aimed at finding an acceptable lead-free alternative to 100LL fuel. > Lift the Living History Flight Experiences moratorium related to Warbirds.

EAA Annual Report | 9

Enriching the Aviation Lifestyle Knowledge & Information EAAers turn to the organization for the latest, most up-to-date information on the aviation world as well as for support and tips to maintain and fly their aircraft safely and economically. Print Publications

TIG Welding: Chromoly Video Launched

Members continue to report that EAA Sport Aviation is the No. 1 benefit of EAA membership, and in true EAA fashion, we continue to improve the magazine. Sport Aviation continues to feature expanded coverage of the diverse EAA member interests and concerns as well as tell the stories of our member’s aviation experiences.

In April 2012, EAA launched a 90 minute DVD video titled TIG Welding: Chromoly. TIG welding is an increasingly popular choice for homebuilders. The video was created by EAA and features “Mr. TIG” Wyatt Swaim, and proved popular with EAA members, exceeding projected first year sales by 40%. The DVD marks a return to the production of original, feature-length how-to video content.

Digital Publications EAA’s main digital publication, e-Hotline, is sent out to over 100,000 recipients each week. Experimenter, our first true e-magazine, launched in 2012, focuses on the amateur aircraft builder and addresses topics of interest to current and future homebuilders. The Experimenter title has been applied to a variety of EAA publications over the years, including the original monthly magazine created by EAA Founder Paul Poberezny. Since its inception, the new e-publication has received more than 4 million page views. The digital edition of Sport Aviation is viewed by 25,000 members per month. Hints for Homebuilders Since its launch, EAA’s Hints for Homebuilders video series has been by far our most popular, single online offering. During the past fiscal year, EAA exceeded the 300 mark for featured hints and exceeded 3.1 million views for the life of the program. The popular video series focus is on sharing useful tips for homebuilders and the “hands-on” member. Issued approximately once a week, 50 Hints for Homebuilders were presented during the past fiscal year. Webinars The many ways EAA members can learn how to fly, build, and maintain aircraft safely is the main focus of our webinar program, which continues to grow in popularity. In the 53 webinars presented during the past fiscal year, 15,318 people attended the live events. Aircraft Spruce & Specilty Co., continues their support as the named presenter of the webinar program.

10 | Enriching the Aviation Lifestyle

Website and Social Media Work on the new EAA website continues with a planned launch date for early 2014. EAA’s websites had 13 million page views and over five million visitors in the last year. Our social media avenues continue to thrive, as we saw significant growth with our presences on Facebook with 67% growth in fans, Twitter with 39% growth in followers, EAA Forums with 38% growth in registered users, and YouTube with 92% growth in subscribers. EAA began expanding its social media reach with new channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn. EAA also began to “claim” itself and EAA AirVenture Museum on location-based sites such as Foursquare, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google, among others, allowing us to ensure accurate information and to read and respond to visitor reviews. 2012 also marked the first year EAA completed a formal Digital Media Strategy, ensuring our efforts reach a much larger audience. More than 18,600 new users connected with EAA across all our social media channels, and social media users interacted with us more than 300,000 times. EAA web content was viewed on Facebook more than 13 millon times in the last year, an impressive statistic. Regarding AirVenture 2012 alone, there were 10,500 #OSH12 tweets, more than 50,000 videos of the event posted to YouTube and Vimeo and more than 13,000 photos posted to Flickr.

EAA Annual Report | 11

EAA AirVenture Museum

Grassroots Pilot Tours

EAA AirVenture Museum welcomes about 125,000 people each year. Of that, 7,769 school-age youth experienced AirVenture Museum through group visits. In addition to installing the Christen Eagle exhibit in the Aerobatics Gallery, a World War II Nose Art exhibit opened in our rotating exhibit space. Many exhibits that have not been functional for quite some time were also repaired and restored to their exhibit standards. Toward the end of last year, we introduced a Museum Lecture Series, the first of which discussed Lady Be Good, a B-24D bomber that disappeared while it was on a mission over Naples, Italy; and the second which covered Jeff Skiles’ trip from Toronto to Switzerland in a rare Junkers JU-52 Tri-Motor. The first two sessions had great attendance and received strong reviews, thereby becoming the first in a series of lectures that will be held in the EAA AirVenture Museum over the next year.

The Grassroots Pilot Tours launched in 2011 continued throughout 2012 with EAA Chapter Program Managers and senior leader team members visiting 54 chapters and making appearances at 58 chapter events. An estimated 3,900 members attended these events where the EAA representatives discussed pertinent aviation issues and how EAA continues working to grow participation in aviation.

SportAir Workshops At the grassroots of EAA, for many members, is the desire to build and fly their own aircraft. EAA’s SportAir Workshops program provides the training and tools to do exactly that. With the enhanced curriculum developed in 2012, 62 SportAir Workshops were held, hosting a total of 804 participants. The average attendee satisfaction rate with the program is 4.6 out of 5. This year, SportAir Workshops are continuing their once-per-month schedule in areas around the country.

12 | Enriching the Aviation Lifestyle

Chapter Leaders Academy The academy continues to be an interactive workshop weekend focused on topics important to chapter leaders, including recruiting members, fundraising, public relations and EAA resources and programs. Last year, 46 chapter leaders attended two Chapter Leaders Academies, bringing the total to 491 since the program began. The academy is an important avenue for EAA to facilitate the sharing of best practices among chapter leaders.

2013 Goals: > An exhibit highlighting the aeronautical innovation of kit-built aircraft focusing on the Van’s original prototypes, RV-1, RV-3 and RV-4, will be dedicated at AirVenture 2013. > Continue presentations as part of our Museum Lecture Series with three presentations in fall 2013. > Present 50 webinars, approximately one each week. > Present 50 new Hints for Homebuilders, with a scheduled release of approximately one each week. > Production of a new feature-length “how-to” video. > Launch our new website. > Promote comparable growth on Facebook, Twitter and EAA Forums and push for more users on Instagram, Pinterest and our recently-launched Flipboard magazine. > Continue roll out and development of Chapter Video Magazine, launched in May 2013. > Investigate a Chapter Flying Club structure. > Create a new Chapter Handbook to support Chapter Leaders. > Create a program allowing chapters to own simulators. > Continue to focus on completing the Peter Burgher chapter challenge fund, which will enable new tools and resources for chapters.

EAA Annual Report | 13

Embracing the Diversity of Interests Communities While EAA was formed by a group of people interested in homebuilding aircraft, the organization quickly diversified to include enthusiasts who had interests in a wide variety of aviation. Today, EAA provides direct resources to Homebuilts and Ultralights and supports three special interest communities – Warbirds, Vintage, and Aerobatics.

Homebuilt Aircraft Council

EAA continues its status as the authoritative organization when it comes to homebuilt aircraft. EAA’s homebuilding community provides extensive resources to homebuilders for any type of aircraft, including our popular Hints for Homebuilders web video series designed to help people pursue their dreams of building their own aircraft in the safest possible manner. EAA’s Homebuilt Aircraft Council works to advocate for the safety of homebuilt aircraft on a daily basis. Ultralights Celebrate 30th Anniversary

2012 marked the 30th anniversary of the ultralight regulation FAR Part 103, which allows individuals to pursue recreational aviation in its purest form with minimal regulatory interference. Throughout the past 30 years, designers and kit manufacturers have continuously improved designs, making today’s ultralights fun, safe, and affordable flying vehicles.

14 | Embracing the Diversity of Interests

Vintage Aircraft Association Celebrates 40 Years with Redesign

In a year of several milestone celebrations throughout EAA and aviation, EAA’s Vintage Aircraft Association celebrated its 40th anniversary throughout the year with many milestones, including hosting the majority of the activities for the 75th anniversary of the Piper Cub in Oshkosh. VAA completed a total redesign of their flagship magazine, Vintage Airplane and their website, making it much more interactive and including a “Members Only” area which includes past issues of Vintage Airplane magazine. The group also launched their e-newsletter Vintage Air Mail. International Aerobatic Club Launches New Membership Campaign

The IAC launched a new website in 2012, making it easier for members to find information and interact with the site. The site includes an exclusive “Members Only” section where the latest information on IAC programs, events, government regulations, special member discounts, and more is available. The organization also launched a new membership program, Roll With Us, in which new members receive six months of free membership when they join. As part of the program, existing members receive six months of free membership when they bring in a new member.

2013 Goals: > Assess the recent realignment

of EAA Communities under the Chapters, Education, and Museum management team. > The Homebuilt Aircraft Council will aggressively work on new EAB safety initiatives.

EAA Annual Report | 15

Warbirds of America has Successful Year

In 2012, the Warbirds group completed an addition to Warbirds Alley on the AirVenture grounds, which allows for better aircraft display during their popular Warbirds in Review program. Additionally, the organization implemented the use of QR codes on display aircraft at AirVenture 2012, providing an easy and effective way for attendees to get more information about each warbird. Over 350 warbirds were on display throughout the week. Warbirds of America also worked with EAA in advocating on a variety of FAA issues, including a warbird aircraft inspection advisory circular.

16 | Embracing the Diversity of Interests

EAA Annual Report | 17

Leveraging AirVenture Development Celebrating 60 Years of the Fly-In In 2012, Oshkosh hosted the 60th EAA AirVenture, celebrating 60 years of Paul and Audrey Poberezny’s “do it yourself” motto and high standards of excellence that have made EAA AirVenture what it is today. The seeds they planted in today’s members, staff, and volunteers created the “World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration,” the largest event for EAA – and the aviation world – year after year. Honoring the Greatest Generation

Showcasing Success with the RV

AirVenture 2012 honored the Greatest Generation, particularly two groups of American aviators who made a huge difference in securing victory: The Doolittle Raiders and the Tuskegee Airmen. The day honoring the Greatest Generation included appearances by two of the five surviving Doolittle Raiders and members of the Tuskegee Airmen group, the nation’s first African-American fighter pilotgroup. The world’s only airworthy B-29, FIFI, offered flights to AirVenture attendees for the first time. Additional highlights included air show extravaganzas such as Tora! Tora! Tora!; a special screening of Red Tails, based on the Tuskegee Airmen; and the Old Glory Honor Flight, which gave nearly 100 World War II veterans the opportunity to visit memorials dedicated in their honor.

AirVenture 2012 celebrated 40 years of Van’s Aircraft founder Dick VanGrunsven’s continuous kit production and improvement to the homebuilding movement. The original RV-1 was handed over to EAA during AirVenture and is now on display in the EAA AirVenture Museum. The week saw several unique RV’s on display and special presentations highlighting the success of the RV. The “I Flew My Homebuilt” patch also featured the original RV-1. A special performance by Team RV, the world’s largest air show team that combines formation flying with aerobatics, capped off the week’s celebration of the aircraft.

75th Anniversary of the Piper Cub

AirVenture 2012 saw the largest mass arrival of Piper Cubs ever, all in an effort to honor the 75th anniversary of the iconic aircraft that started the general aviation movement. In addition to the Cubs 2 Oshkosh mass arrival, the anniversary was also celebrated through special programming, a picnic for pilots, Cub-themed air show performances, and special restoration awards offered only in 2012. The Piper Cub was also the chosen as the EAA Sweepstakes aircraft in 2012, in honor of the aviation icon.

18 | Leveraging AirVenture Development

Junkers JU 52 and Canadian Skyhawks Make First AirVenture Appearances

A rare Junkers JU 52 Tri-Motor made its first AirVenture appearance in 2012, courtesy of RIMOWA. The German aircraft first appeared in 1932 and provided passenger flights in Germany for more than three decades. The Junker appearing at AirVenture served as a Swiss military plane for just over four decades. AirVenture was one stop on the plane’s firstever North American tour. The Canadian Skyhawks, Canada’s only military parachute demonstration team, also made their first-ever appearance at AirVenture 2012. The group builds incredible formations in the sky by intentionally maneuvering two or more parachutes in close proximity to or in contact with one another during descent, which created a one-of-a-kind performance for AirVenture attendees.

EAA Annual Report | 19

Your support makes this possible...

...Thank You

The total philanthropic impact on EAA’s budget during 2012 was $5,175,000. Thank you to all of our donors, who gifted $4.2 million, and to our First Wing donors whose gifts over time resulted in $975,000 in endowment interest released in support of our programming during this past year. As you will see from the report below, individual giving, event revenue (after expenses), and corporate/foundation investment combine to deliver the balance of our funding. Philanthropic Gifts and Programs

Gathering of Eagles

EAA received over $700,000 in individual gifts in response to our direct mailings and appeals to support youth education and historic preservation programs that inspire the next generation of aviators and help young people achieve their aviation dreams. EAA distributed $195,000 in scholarships to youth, many of which are endowed. As previously noted, scholarships support enrollment in EAA education programs like our Air Academy aviation camp, flight training awards, and post secondary awards to facilitate academic achievement. Hops & Props, our annual fundraising event held in the winter at EAA AirVenture Museum, brought in $35,000 in funding in 2012. Gifts from corporations and foundations and restricted gifts supporting special programs make up the balance of our philanthropy. One such gift this year was the Christen Eagle II prototype exhibit made possible by the support of Frank Christensen who donated the aircraft, and donors Lew Shaw and John Dunham who supported the exhibit development. The exhibit was installed into the Aerobatics Gallery and unveiled at the 2012 Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet by Frank Christensen, homebuilt kit pioneer and creator of the Christen Eagle II.

The annual Gathering of Eagles fundraising event, presented by Cessna Aircraft Company, was attended by 1,080 supporters. After expenses, the event raised $2.15 million in support of EAA youth programs, including the Young Eagles Flight Plan and museum education programming. From the Young Eagles first flight experience and continuing throughout all facets of EAA’s youth education programs, our goal is to inspire the next generation to become pilots, engineers, astronauts, aerospace scientists, innovators, and the aviation pioneers of tomorrow. A key part of the night was the live auction, in which a spectacular, one-of-a-kind Mustang designed and donated by the Ford Motor Company was purchased for $370,000. The 2013 Red Tail Mustang was designed to honor the Tuskegee Airmen, and will forever feature the signatures of those Tuskegee Airmen who were present for the auction.

20 | Donor Investment Acheivements

EAA Annual Report | 21

Share the Spirit Sweepstakes and Young Eagles Raffle EAA’s annual Share the Spirit Sweepstakes, supporting youth initiatives and historical preservation, raised $359,000 and gave away a Piper Cub. The 2013 Sweepstakes program was launched as a special member recognition program to honor the 60th Anniversary of EAA and the 50th Anniversary of the Sweepstakes program. All members received entries as part of their renewal or purchase of a Lifetime membership. EAA thanks all our members for their support. Following the drawing of the special Membership Stearman in October 2013, the sweepstakes program will return to a fundraising effort, welcoming all entrants and donations of any amount. The Sweepstakes program was started in 1963 by EAA Chapter 22 located in Rockford, IL. Chapter 22 volunteers still support the execution of the Sweepstakes program, staffing the AirVenture Sweepstakes booth throughout the week. The Young Eagles Raffle, also taking place annually with the prize of a Ford Mustang, raised $89,100 in 2012 for the Young Eagles program. Donor Report EAA introduced a quarterly Donor Report to share our impact on a more regular basis. The report is a snapshot of quarterly results for youth education, museum programs, and flight history tours with an overall view of the financial progress of the organization. The document serves as a supplement to the yearly Annual Report, providing members with more timely information on progress and the investment of philanthropic support.

22 | Donor Investment Acheivements

First Wing, Memorial Wall and AirVenture Trees Twelve members were inducted into the First Wing during AirVenture 2012, an increase over five inductees the previous year. First Wing members are honored for their support and commitment to increase EAA’s endowed funds through their donation of $5,000 or more, or through a future commitment outlined in their will or estate plan. The annual Memorial Wall ceremony, held on the final day of AirVenture, celebrates the lives of those members who have “gone west,” and whose support and passion for aviation impacted the lives of those around them. Sixty-four aviation enthusiasts were remembered in 2012. The most recent addition to the AirVenture grounds are beautiful Autumn Blaze Maple Trees, which EAA members can purchase in their name or dedicate to loved ones. Seven trees were donated and planted on the grounds in 2012. Brown Arch and Compass Hill A popular meeting spot on the AirVenture grounds, the Brown Arch, continues to serve as a significant area of tribute for EAA members and AirVenture guests. Inscribed bricks are installed creating not only a useful plaza, but a wonderful place of rememberance that shares the personal messages of members and passionate Oshkosh attendees. Compass Hill serves as a long-standing landmark where aviation enthusiasts can be honored with their own brick, symbolizing their dedication to the spirit of aviation.

EAA Annual Report | 23


for your support and for sharing your love of flight through EAA. $250,000+ Bill and Debora Bachschmidt James and Jane Slattery $100,000-$249,999 The Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Cessna Aircraft Company David Lau John and Adrienne Mars Robert McCann in memory of James McCann Phillips 66 $50,000-$99,999 William Buerschinger Daher-Socata Global Aerospace Jeppesen Don and Nieves Jones Austin E. Knowlton Foundation Keith Kocourek Clay Lacy Sporty’s Pilot Shop Walton Family Foundation Inc. $20,000-$49,999 Stuart Auerbach and Marilyn O’Reagan Ted & Grace Bachhuber Foundation Inc. Foster and Lauren Bachschmidt August A. Busch III Charitable Trust Embraer FedEx John Fields Tracy Forrest Garmin International Michael and Wendy Graham Robert Hagedorn David Heggy Adam and April Jones Bradley Mottier Northrup Grumman Corporation Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Jack and Rose Pelton David and Andrea Robertson Donald and Stephanie Saunders John and Elizabeth Seibold Lewis and Janet Shaw Cyrus Sigari Richard Taylor Terry and Jan Turke Waste Management Inc. Williams International $10,000-$19,999 Louis and Sue Andrew Tom Ball Jon and Christie Callaghan Citation Jet Pilots

24 | Our Donors

Joe Clark Richard and Mary Compton Conoco Phillips James and Ann Cooling John Dunham Paul Ehlen Falcon Insurance David and Norene Farr David Fetter Norbert Fiedler C. Bruce and Marilyn Gambardella GE Aviation Charles and Lisa Gregg William and Gerry Griffith Kaye Guilette Estate of Albert P. Halluin Jeffrey and Martha Hamilton Michael and Marie Herman The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation Johnson Family Foundation Richard and Karen Kimberly David and Florence Kleine Robert Knebel Bruce McCaw Thomas McCormick In memory of Donald Nietz Grant Norwitz Parker Cleveland Wheels & Brakes Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation Pratt & Whitney Pratt & Whitney Canada Quest Aircraft Inc. Rimowa North America Inc. Alan and Jane Ritchie Cliff Robertson Ethics Foundation Jeannie Rose Safe Flight Instrument Corp. Dan and Caterina Schwinn Donald and Cynthia Smith SportairUSA Rich and Sue Sugden Richard Swenson Frederick and Barbara Clark Telling The James & Angela Thompson Foundation Gary and Lisa Turchin Ed Turley John and Lori Turner The Tyler Foundation Joe and Connie Whisenhunt Sarah Wilson Paul Wood

AOPA Debra Bapes Jeff Baum Richard and Adrienne Beattie Tim and Natalie Bergstrom Brent Blue Lorne Brett Tim Callahan Cirrus Aircraft Corp. Wyche and Rhonda Coleman Norm and Kathy DeWitt William Engel Bruce Fine Peggy & Steve Fossett Foundation ForeFlight Jerry and Lori Fussell GAMA Robert and Diane Gingell Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. Alan Harper Helicopter Association International (HAI) Greg and Suzanne Herrick Eric Hertz Doreen Hillard Honda Aircraft Company Jackson Walker LLP Jim and Cindy Janes Herb and Carol Jorgensen Karrels Foundation William and Beth Knighton The John E. Kuenzl Foundation Inc. Chris Langan Douglas Larson Marsh USA Inc. Phillip and Stephanie Martineau Steven McClellan Dave Metzler Norman Moyer NBAA Ed and Pat Noel Oregon Aero Inc. James Phillips Piaggio America Inc. Poly-Fiber Inc. James Robins Myrt Rose Skydance Productions Terry and Kim Slawinski Robert and Wendy Stallings William Stephens United Technologies Corporation John and Susy Vette Tyson Weihs W. Craig and Connie Willan Robert and Susan Wilson

$5,000-$9,999 Aircraft Spruce AirFleet Capital Inc. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

$2,500-$4,999 AeroShell Avfuel Corp. Centennial Communications LLC

Clifford P. Robertson III 2003-1 Charitable Trust Continental Motors Inc. Courtesy Aircraft Inc. Craig and Gigi Barto Bill and Becky Bryan Christopher Carlson Mark Clark Jonathan Cumpton EAA Chapter 1136 Inc. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University John Gaither Ken & Melissa Griffey Charles Hillman Mark Hoffman Charles Hood Nathan and Christa Houser IBM International Business Machines Corp. Rick King Dale and Patricia Klapmeier Ben and Audra Lee David and Kris Lenz Rodney and Kim Lewis Richard and Betty Meyer Ned Nedeltchv David O’Maley Ryan Family Charitable Foundation The Eleanor Sharpe Trust Agreement Mary Shortridge Sun ’n Fun Fly-In John and Nora Teipen George Weaver Kermit and Theresa Weeks Marc Wheeler Wreyford Family Foundation James Zimmerman $1,000-$2,499 Victor and Kathleen Abbey The Adikes Family Foundation Terri Alford Quinn Anderson Aspen Avionics Steve and Cindy Aughinbaugh Aviation Supplies & Academics Aylward Family Foundation Inc. Gary and Mary Baker Eric and Tamara Barto Sigrid Baumann Lisabeth Bender Shelly Bishop Jim Bohannon Joel Bonda Beau and Debra Bradley Scott Bukolt Peter Burmeister Laurence Christopher Jeff Clarke

Sydney Cohen Marvin Cole Collaborative Strategies Inc. Complete Oilfield Mgt. & Maint. Inc. dba Miles Cook Jeffrey Cornette Ann Criswell John Cronin Jean Davies Raymond Delhotal James Drake Debbie Dreher Rita Eaves Dean S. Edmonds Foundation Len Erickson Exxon/Mobil Debra Fanjoy Alan Farkas Emil Fischer Franklin Floyd Michael Flynn Donald Forslund Bill French The Frick Foundation Oleg Fridrik Bob Gibson Robert Gilmore David Glassmeyer John Goodloe Gayle Gorman-Freeman Richard and Pat Graham Alan Green Gary Gritt Michael Hackwith Lyle Harrison Virginia Hope Michael Howard Steve Hutchens Robert Johnston John Kang Michael Kaufman Pete and Nancy Kelley Jefferson Kirby J.I. Kislak Family Fund Terry Kohler Lynn Krogh Robert Kupon Dirk Leeward Bradley Lehman Daniel and Cate Majka Kenneth Malmstedt Linda Mars Bruce McGregor David Metzler Dennis Moore In memory of Ted Mosman Mark Neubauer NEV 2/11 Foundation Jodi Noah Evelyn Nye The David I. Oreck Foundation Oshkosh Rotary Southwest Pacific Aviation Museum The Pechet Foundation Piper Aircraft Inc. Joseph Polizzotto Thavakarani Ramakrishnan

Refugio Soaring Circle Thomas J. Rolfs Foundation Robert Rooman Jack Roush Robert Schaeberle Douglas Schleifer Kenneth Schmetter James Schwartzburg Ronald Scott John Seeler Louis Seno Randy Sherman Bruce Shipp South Dakota Pilots Association Southwest Bonanza Society Fred and Carol Stadler John Stahler John Stewman Bradley Storch Todd Suchardra William Talen Joe Terminella William Thacker True Venture Management LLC Joseph Trustey Garland Vaughan John Watkins Dianne White Oswald Wilson Alan and Marie Wolpert Michael Wright Charles Yie Mary Yoder Marty Yor Peter Zajkowski Zaun Memorial Foundation Ltd. David Zeller Herbert Zwahlen $500-$999 Aviation Supplies LLC Aviation Week Group Ashley Aydt Melissa Bardo David Barnhart Berks County Community Foundation Thomas Berry Gerald Boles Raymond Bottom Richard Box Dennis Brunotte David Campbell Robert Carmean Chris Carta Todd Ceman Peggy Chabrian Scott Cielewich Kim Clabots Commemorative Air ForceTora Group James Courtney Lee Davidson Janice Detrie Anthony Discipio Kevin Doering Jon Downey Lindsey Dreiling

James Dricken EAA Chapter 74, Inc. EAA Chapter 1401, Inc. EC Prop Rentals Inc. Robert Efroymson Kevin Egan David Elliott Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company Richard Fernalld John Fritsch Christine Gaither Charles Garrison The GE Foundation Rachel Goodstein Rex Gray Donald Green Greenaway Foundation John Guider Rod Halcomb Michael Hall Sharon Hallack Phillip Harper Joe Harr John Harrison James & Karen Hayman Family Fund James Hefelfinger Billy Henderson Henry Hill Christa Houser A Hugo James Hull Scott Hunt Irmscher Construction James and Nanci Irwin Derek Isbell Ruthie Jackson W Jackson David Johnson Virginia Jones Cliff Kaplan David Kent Kim Kramer Mary Krome John Ladley Walter Larkin Rachel Lee Hugh Leighty Annelise Lenz Mark Lohry Arthur Loring Carl Lueking Christian Martin Edwin Martin Debra McFarland Joseph McGeorge Mertojets, LLC Cookie Metzler Otto Meyer Richard Moen Don Moore Bill Nash Michael Nintzel Northwestern Mutual Foundation Volunteer Support Program Jeffrey Nottingham John Oleson

Henry Oliver Vaughn Olson Stephanie Othersen Juergen Otte Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program Darren and Lisa Pleasance Ken Polovitz Donald Prather Preston Parish Clay Presley Timothy Prudlow Frank Reeves W Ripley Pamela Ruben James Scheil Christopher Scherer Scott Schmidt Allan Schrader Donald Seibold Scott Seibold Justin Serbent Eugene Severn Glenn Sheehan Dixon Smith Gregory Sok Carol Spisak Scott Stevinson Donald and Gail Taylor Steven and Kris Taylor Kenneth Theis Tom Thinnes Pamela Thomas Eleanor Todd Jeff Tomlinson Eric Treland T.W. Machine Service, Inc. Romona Upfield Lucille Vernon Timothy Wagoner William Watson Ryan Wessley Benjamin West Samuel Wiltzius Ralph Wolstenholme Gilda Zillinger Ken Zink $250-$499 George Adams Aero Sport Power Robin Alexander Blane Ampthor Roger Aspegren Ken Auer Joseph Azzarello Eric Bagelmann Patrick Bailey Kevin Baines Teresa Baker Richard Barnett Victor Barrett Ben Bashinski Hobart Bates Kevin Bayusik Robert Bejna Jaime Bellmer Margaret Berdelman

EAA Annual Report | 25

Michael Bernaden Jeffrey Beswick Thomas Bey Melvin Bickling David Bier Richard Birkholz Red Hamilton and Marilyn Boese Jim Bohlen Nicole Borchert Gregory Bowlin Glenn Brasch Katharyne Brooks James Brothers Jack Cannata Walter Carey Fred Carnes Marshall Carter Sharon Checkosky Tom Clements Charles Coleman Dick Conner Nell Cook John Cooke Matthew Cooper James Corcoran Charles Corray John Couzelis Timothy and Susan Craft Howard Crook Dennis Cunneen Sye Davidson Annette Duplinsky EAA Chapter 43, Inc. EAA Chapter 186, Inc. EAA Chapter 309, Inc. EAA Chapter 735, Inc. EAA Chapter 770, Inc. Michael Eikenberry Michael Engel Aero English Robert Farrell Richard Fink Ana Fontes Frankard Foundation Allan Franowsky Richard Freed David French Charles Frinak Dwight Frye Robert Fulmer Earl Funk Delmar Gartner Kenneth Gates Wayne Gedutis Tia Gerner Joseph Giganti William Gratriex Glenna Graves Victoria Greenleaf Tom Grimes Thomas Grothe William Gunckel Richard Haddock Philip Hagenah Jennifer Hale Stan Hall Scott Halvorson Roger Hamilton

26 | Our Donors

Thomas Hansen Teri Haring Hugh Harris A Harrison Heidi Hasenfus Gerald Hawkins Robert Heaton Debbie Hersman Bruce Holmes Tim Holmes Scott Houge Mark Houser Karen Hungerford Kathleen Ilyin Jon Jacobs Chris Jarvis Magic Johnson Troy Johnson Mark Kaehny Frederick Kelch Karen Kelley Sarah Kelly Russ Kimmich Joel Klein Charles Kluenker Brian Knapczyk Ronald Knight Camille Knighton Wesley Koplitz Donald Koskinen Marsha Kremer Jason Lane Laura Langley Charles Largay Margaret Larson Patti Lautzenheiser LCPA Group LTD Scott Lear Kathy Letterman Fran Longway Elden Lorah Julian Lowe Carl Lumley Charles Lund Nick Luther Steve MacCabe Richard Mansfield Anthony Manzo David Marco James Martin Joseph Masessa Danica Mayhew Stacey Mazmanian Ron McCormick James Mcgrath Robert McGrath Brian Micheli Stephen Mikinka Shawn Monroe Brian Moore Michael Moore James Moss Jeffrey Nehring Evelyn Nicola John Nowicki Kristine Noyes Lisa Ostrem Steven and Judith Oxman

George Palmer Fredric Pearlman Kenneth Perich Gary Petersen Ron Pinzker Benjamin Place Sarah Pollesch Bruce Post Stacy Potter Grant Prellwitz Regis de Ramel David Randal Larry Rands Deborah Reinbold Patrick Reyes Robert Rigoni Aniceto Rivera Allen Roark Fawn Rogers Peter Rogers Rotary Club of Ocala-Sunset Florida Dan Roth Kelly Ruciniski Candace Rust Wesley Schmidt Alan Schmit David Schrage Elizabeth Schultz Richard Schultz William Schwalbach Kevin Selby Wilbur Sensing Kevin Severs Alan Shackleton William Shepard John Shipman Stuart Sibitzky Todd Simmons David Singstock Jason Smelcer James Smith Mark Smith Steven Smith James Smits Ronald Stanford Jeffrey Stark Helen Steenbergh Herb Stober David Stubben Jeffrey Sturges Jesse Stutts Charles Sundmacher Ctislav Sutnar Philip Sweet Thomas Swift Michael Swinney Joshua Taggart John Tait John Tate Steve Taylor Kim Theusch Scott Tiedeman Howard Tobin Joshua Tocko Daniel Traska Sharron Travis Twelve Step High Group Barry Valentine

Mark Van Tine Blaine Vander Wielen Matthew Virtanen Tom Voigts Owen Waggoner Robert Wangard Paul Warnlof Edward Warnock Frederick Watkins Eric Wegner Peter Welsh Carl West Douglas West Mary Wettstein Ken Whyte Robert Williams Karen Williamson Christopher Wilson Robert Wilson Gary Wollenzien Robert Wood Ryan Wubben Yankton Regional Aviation Assoc. IN KIND DONATIONS $50,000+ Bergstrom Ford Motor Company ICOM Keith Kocourek David Lau Motorola Riesterer & Schnell Sporty’s Pilot Shop $25,000-$49,999 AeroShell Lincoln Electric Sennheiser Southwest Airlines $10,000-$24,999 AeroLEDs Carrier Corporation Coolspace Flying High Coffee Ideal Crane Magnum Products Nikon Poly-Fiber Priceless Plane Products Salopek Golf Car & Equipment Tempest Verizon $5,000-$9,999 Honda Generators $1,000-$4,999 American Airlines GoPro Parker-Hannifin

Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. and EAA Aviaion Foundation, Inc.

Consolidated Statement of Activities Unrestricted

February 28,2013 Temporarily Permanently Restricted Restricted


February, 28 2012

9,297,213 5,752,480 4,949,681 1,717,464 2,013,427 2,621,887 2,636,096 4,556,213 1,174,611 1,035,542 586,997

9,362,658 5,770,872 5,931,196 381,462 2,257,524 2,505,610 2,578,064 4,171,897 1,246,472 1,713,208 720,920



7,986,537 11,058,016 6,946,470 4,946,189 1,796,855 1,513,442 69,293

7,784,544 9,393,665 7,037,165 7,349,192 1,864,286 1,905,424 1,192,297

Revenues, gains, and other support Admissions and registrations Membership dues and subscriptions Donations Investment Income (loss) Merchandise sales Advertising Sponsorship Rental income Commissions and royalties Donated services and property Other Assets released from restriction

9,297,213 5,752,480 1,247,761 873,364 2,013,427 2,621,887 2,636,096 4,556,213 1,174,611 1,035,542 586,997 3,971,889


Total Revenues, gains, and other support



Expenses Program expenses AirVenture expenses Publishing and member services Management and general Cost of merchandise Sales Fundraising Other

7,986,537 11,058,016 6,946,470 4,946,189 1,796,855 1,513,442 69,293

Total Expenses




Change in net assets






Beginning of year






End of year






3,599,330 778,792

102,590 65,308


Assets Current assets Pledges receivable less current portion Investments Property and equipment Less accumulated depreciation Net property and equipment Land Display aircraft Other assets Total assets Liabilities and net assets Current liabilities Gift annuity liability Deferred compensation Long-term debt Other long-term liabilities Unearned income less current portion Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total liabilities and net assets



Consolidated Statement of Financial Position



February 28, 2013 9,821,613 66,562 22,638,349 61,248,376 (35,225,744) 26,022,632

February 28, 2012 7,301,225 133,036 22,025,516 62,002,538 (34,497,349) 27,505,189

3,311,511 10,305,217 3,832,379 75,998,263

3,311,511 10,646,204 3,416,677 74,339,358

9,307,440 172,244 691,399 8,064,424 182,270 1,453,037

9,981,028 198,402 721,233 7,965,552 271,097 1,099,406

40,518,724 2,635,733 12,972,992 56,127,449 75,998,263

39,068,046 2,229,500 12,805,094 54,102,640 74,339,358

8 1


2 Revenues, Gains, and Other Support 1. Member Dues ...................15.4% 2. AirVenture ........................40.4% 3. Donations ..........................14.1% 4. Advertising ..........................7.2%

$36.3 Million

5. Program Fees ......................7.5% 6. Retail ....................................5.4% 7. Investment Income ............ 4.9% 8. Other ....................................5.1% 4





Expenses 1. Program Expenses ..........23.3% 2. AirVenture Expenses ......32.3% 3. Membership Services.....20.2% 4. Management & General....14.4%

This report was compiled from the audit of Experiemntal Aircraft Association and the EAA Aviation Foundation Inc. recently completed by Grant Thornton LLP. Copies of the complete audit report, including footnotes, are available at



$34.3 Million

5. Cost of Merchandise ........ 5.2% 6. Fundraising ......................... 4.4% 7. Other.................................... 0.2%

EAA Annual Report | 27

Our Business Partners

In addition to donors and volunteers, our business partners play an important role in the financial health of EAA. Sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers committed more than $10 million in 2012, an investment that helped support and fund educational programs and advocacy efforts. The support from business partners also allows EAA to keep its dues low and AirVenture admissions affordable


Gold Daher-Socata Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Garmin International The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Jeppesen Flying Magazine Riesterer & Schnell Sporty’s Pilot Shop Silver ICOM America Inc Piper Aircraft Inc Aviall Corporation Bendix/King by Honeywell Embraer Executive Aircraft Bose Corporation Motorola & Northway Communications Lancair International Inc AeroShell Poly-Fiber Inc ICON Aircraft Lincoln Electric Co Lycoming Engines Sennheiser Electronic Corp Tempest Plus Marketing Group Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aspen Avionics

28 | Our Business Partners

Bronze M&M’s Helicopter Association International GoPro Hamilton Watches Lightspeed Aviation FedEx Express Nikon Quest Aircraft, Inc Avidyne Corporation AERO Friedrichshafen Epic Aircraft, LLC GE Aviation Honda Generators Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation BRP/Rotax Patron Oshkosh Corporation Southwest Airlines Allianz Global Risks Insurance Aero Machining Service Aircraft Ground Handling Solutions Limited Auroa Helicopters Ltd, Classic Aviation New Zealand Ltd Composite Helicopter Mfg Ltd Duke Engines Ltd Falcomposite Ltd KiwiProps Limited, TracMap Pacific Aerospace Eastern Aviation Fuels, Inc Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Parker Cleveland Wheels & Brakes ForeFlight LLC DTC Duat Multiview Inc RED Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments Baron/XM WX Satellite Weather jetAVIVA American Airlines OMA SUD Cumulus Broadcasting

Supporter Goodyear Aircraft/Aviation Tires Starr Companies AeroLEDs LLC Pacific Coast Avionics AOPA Carrier Corporation Hamilton Sunstrand Pratt & Whitney Canada Advanced Radiant Systems Inc/COOLSPACE JP Instruments NATCA Priceless Aviation Products Magnum Power Products GAMA 5 Hour Energy Drink Flying High Coffee LLC Ideal Crane Wipaire Inc GES Exposition Services Karl’s Event Rental Salopek Golf Cart & Equipment Co. Sensor Systems Univair Aircraft Corporation

Our Volunteers

EAA could not successfully plan, coordinate or execute its programs, services and day-to-day operations without the dedication of volunteers. Nearly 4,800 people volunteered their time at AirVenture 2012, the EAA AirVenture Museum owes considerable gratitude to its 101 docents who help guide visitors through aviation’s history and Pioneer Airport continued to bring the “Golden Age” of aviation to life with the help of more than 50 volunteers. Volunteer Pilots who flew ten or more Young Eagles in 2012 Canada - Alberta Glenn Chong Bruce Heaton Allan Logan Jerry Mulder Russ Reiter Manitoba Alvin Hein Norm Leray Jill Oakes Mark Odegard Jerry Roehr Cornelius (Neil) Schmidt Thomas Stoyka Harry Wiebe John Wood Newfoundland Alastair Allan Ontario Douglas Anderson Leonce Arsenault Gaetan Bourgault Mark Briggs Mark Cadman Stewart Campbell Richard Carothers Saul Cartman William Chisholm Thomas Coulson Steve Dawson Mark Dineen Robert Franklin Michael Gamble Michael Geoffroy Hannu Halminen Ronald Haslam R Kimmett Claude Larue Yvon Lecours John Lucyk Ronald Martens Gordon Millar Jeff Page Eugene Puritch Doug Raine Lloyd Richards Paul Robinson Gavin Sargeant Doug Scott Jeff Smerek Prince Edward Island David Thomas South Africa James Wardle United States - Alaska Jim Bielefeld Wes Erb William Johnson

Ken Kokjer Richard Pulley Scott Sexton Edwin White Darren Young Alabama Don Bennett William Box Todd Brooks Leslie Brusse John Bundy William Castlen Eddie Cobern Richard Cox Brent Crock Hillis Cunliffe Brian Cunningham John Frerichs Anthony Hanson John Hicks Paul Jacobs James Locke Kenneth Miller Michael Mitchell Alfred Moore Jeffrey Parker Lloyd Probst Willem Put David Ramsey Jeffrey Spencer Michael Stout Bryan Tauchen John Ward Savannah Weaver Aaron Wypyszynski Arkansas Glenn Bell Ronald Berich Timothy Blansett James Blansett Ralph Blansett Jason Brooks Don Broussard David Brown Kerry Campbell Roger Cannell Jerry Chism Daniel Cossey Billy Downing Randy Fisher David Freppon Keith Greene Henry Gross J R Howard Mark Hutton Karl Kemp Richard McKinney Phillip Miller Larry Snyder Frank Sperandeo David Vaughan Larry Vognet Gerald Walker

Justin Walker Rob Young Arizona Steven Allen Jacob Allen David Amspoker Mike Andresen Allyn Auck Kenneth Bacon Jon Barber Dave Biddle Charles Brown Robert Brown John Condojani C David Cooley Keith Coombs Fred Cornutt Tony Cullen Michael Davis Charles Day Thomas E Dutton Walter Eastland Andrew Elliott Rick Fernau Karl Gross Jared Hatch Dan Heinemann George Hoover Dennis Huwe Steven Lewis Al Lindquist Doug Linville Ted Lipinski Jason Lord Richard McColley Blake McDonald Stephen McGuirk David McNeill Ross Miller Ron Monette Evan Mussemann Jon Nelson Mark Pierz Mark Pitts George Pohlman Larry Portouw Chuck Rosenfeld Leo Scherping Eugene Schmall George Sharp Otto Shill Ronald Smith Deanne Tawoda Alan Thieme Cliff Van Vleet David Walden Ron Ward Rich Wetherell California Armin Abusaidi Dick Adams Douglas Allen Ron Allen

John Alling Dave Anderson Ray Anderson Max Applegarth David Aronson Dana Baker Robert Baker Steven Baker Barry Bardack Philip Barnett Patrick Belanger Thomas Belisle Chris Berge Doug Betts Joe Biviano Michael Bodine Tom Brady Harry Brandt Vince Bruno Thomas Bucci John Buckham Paul Buenrostro William Bulfer Chas Butler Richard Campbell Terry Campbell Richard Capek Herb Carlson Joey Cheek Shay Chin Milton Ciarlariello Michael Clearman George Clover Craig Coffin Timothy Cone Larry Conley Drew Connelley Lynn Cook Richard Cooper Jerry Cortez Max Costanza Irvin Craig Barbara Crooker Chris Crumly David Cudney John Cumins Bob D’Ambrosio Carlo De La Fuente Laura Decker John DeCuir Drew Detsch Patrick Dirks Paul Donahue Barry Duble William Duda Michael Dufford Merrill Eastcott Richard Eastman Anthony Edwards Bruce Eisenhard Glenn Eldridge Buzz Elliott Kathleen Emerian Rick Emerian Donald Enns

John Ewins Robert Fairbourn Tim Farmer Larry Fernandes Douglas Ferry Bruce Filarsky Joseph Finnell John Fisher Russell Fisher Richard Foat Alex Fomin Vernon Fueston Alfred Gibbs Michael Golden Les Goldner Stephen Gonzales David Goodin John Gottschalk William Granch Tom Griffith Thomas Grossman Dave Grupenhagen Tom Hail Red Hamilton Eric Hansen Mike Hanson David Harmacek Woody Harris Thomas Hastings James Hayes David Hedgecock Michael Hedrick Eric Heigis William Heins Vincent Hewitt Frank Himmerich David Hinojosa Steve Holguin Harvard Holmes Carl Hopkins Robert Hornauer Tim Huckabay Patrick Hunt Vincent Huth Kim Ioanidis Greg Jacobs Ib Jensen Michael Jesch David Johnson Jason Johnson Sean Johnson Darrel Jones Thomas Jones Deane Judd Leon Kay Jack King David Kolstad James Ksenzulak John Lane Robert Lange Robert Leitch Bob Leuten Mike Lockhart Ruth Logan Dennis Lord

David Lunn James MacKnight Richard Mann Paul Marshall Edward Martell David Marten James Newell Martin John Mayhew Benjamin McCaul George Mcdaniel Michael McDonald Bruce McGowan Defrance McLemore Tom Meadows James Meeker Trevor Meeks Glen Melvin George Mendonca Charles Metz Bob Miller Robert Minkin Brian Moffet Todd Monson David Montgomery Robert Moore Philip Moradian Tom Morgan Dale Morris Gerald Muto Donald Myhra Scott Newman Pat Newton Gary Niva John Nogatch Gary Oberti Anne O’Brien Alvin Olson Andrew Pado Johnathon Parks Lou Pavesi Victor Penacho Gerald Perry Frederick Petersen Bill Peterson John Phelps Steven Powers Gerald Prendergast Ron Price George Pruitte Darrell Radford Raymond Redden Richard Reep Gary Reeves Jack Reichel William Reining Terry Richards Jim Rickey Thomas Ridderbush Edward Rij William Roberts Larry Roessler Benjamin Rolfe Keith Rose Brian Rosenthal Richard Rupe

EAA Annual Report | 29

Frank Russo Egisto Salvatori Leslie Sanders William Schirding Roger Schmidt Henry Schoell Vaughn Schultz Richard Sears Donald Shade Joel Shank Jerry Sickafoose Jose Rafael Sierra Jorgen Skovbjerg Michael Smith Thomas Smith Edward Smither Derrell Snider William Sommers Keith Spreuer Donald Springer Scott Stauter Stefan Steinberg Hans Steiner Gary Steube James Stimmell Ray Stits John Stoney Brian Stout Cecelia Stratford Gary Stucker Joel Sullivan John Summers Allen Teets Keith Thomassen Don Thompson James Thompson Ben Thomson Anthony Tiritilli Charles Topalian Charles Touton Robert Tucknott Delano Valek David Vanoni Robert Varga Jack Vautin Anastasia Vournas James Wallace Charles Walton Walter Wasowski Bob Weiss Russell Wells Andy Werback William Wheadon Charles White John White James Wilhelm Joel Williams Rhon Williams Daniel Wojdac Linton Wollen Jeanette Woods Loreen Wynja Richard Yee Howard Young Kurt Young Herbert Zuidema Wim Zwinkels Colorado Gregory Anderson John Artz Randy Bailey Richard Baker Theresa Bazacos

Robert Benda Noel Boykin Robert Brannan Levi Brown Adam Charles William Clothier Douglas Conger Don Crowley Herrill Davenport James Densmore Jer Eberhard Jerrold Friedman Tony Garrett R Godman James Grady Robert Greenlee James Gwin Paul Hahn Robert Hall William Hammond Hollis Henry William Kendall Lothar Klingmuller Gerald Knievel Myles Lee Lee Lesher Rod Lueck Rodney McLean Scott Mills Frank Niehus David Oscai Gene Patton Charles Phillips Burrall Sanders Scott Serani Erik Soderquist Charles Spaur Stanley Specht William Totten Jean-pierre Verdier Denis Walsh Darrel Watson Dwain Watson Stephanie Wells Boyce Wiltrout Sue Wolber Lee Wolford Gary Zilik Connecticut Richard Beebe Ronald Drachenberg Stephan Fraas William Jagoda Lee Kraus Dan McKeeman David Pepe Robert Pulford James Simmons Stephen Socolosky Richard Solan Francis Uliano Mike Zemsta Distric of Columbia William McNulty Roy Roberts Delaware Dan Gutierrez Nathan Hauser John Millar Florida Paul Adrien

30 | Thank You Volunteers

Charles Ahearn Jimmie Baker Karl Bambas Fay Barber Albert Barnes Jeff Bauer Dwight Bell David Berelsman John Berend Ronald Bernot Stephen Blank Bryan Blazie Richard Blondin Charles Booton James Brewer Alexander Brickler Ted Brousseau Robert Caime Alfredo Campos David Carlson Steve Carper William Carter Warren Cheatham Vic Chewning S James Chorvat II Louis Condas Leslie Conwell Ed D’Arcy Rodney Daulton Danny Deason Scott DeMasso David Dill George Domedion John Edwards Curt Eskew Charles Fleming Stephen Gatlin Steven Grasley Robert Grimes F Gunthorpe Elli Hagoel Joel Hargis David Hilton Alan Hoffberg Jack Howell Luis Hoyos John Hughes W. Robert Jackson James Janda Mark Jones Kenneth Jordan Robert Joye Michael Katz Martin Keller George Krajcsik Jerry Lee Patrick Lee David Lemon Warren Levin Greg Lewis Patrick Livezey Danny Livingston Frank Lorenz Reba Ludlow Jody MacKercher James McCarthy Donald McLendon Gerald Metcalf Arthur Mills III Joseph Morgan Patrick Murray Thomas Newman Donald Nix Dave Ohser

Johnathan Olson Ronald Owen Joe Owens William Packer Franklin Padilla Thomas Penrose Timothy Porter Peter Privitera Louis Quirch Donald Ritchie Arturo Rodriguez Eugene Rogers John Rousch Dave Row Ronald Rowars Patrick Saenen Elliott Schiffman Joshua Shackelford Richard Shafner Bill Siegel Franklin Silvis Daniel Skoda Dan Smith Donald Smith Curtis Snell Andy Solomon William Stuck Scott Sutor Frank Szachta Troy Techau Michael Teders Wayne Thomas Carl Traenkner Louis Turek Pieter vanSpronsen Van Vickers Tony Wagner Paul Walker Jeffrey Walston Linn Walters Hugh Ward Joshua Waters James Waymire Frederick Weaver John Weber W Weir Steve Weisher Robert Weseman Donald White Wayne White Donald Whiting David Wilson Thomas Wilson David Yachabach Tony Yacono Michael Zidziunas Georgia Samuel Baker David Balthaser John Bartholet E Beck William Bell Donald Brantley John Bratton Henry Brown Arthur Bruce Ralph Burr Ivy Cadle Jerry Cadle Wes Chapman Christopher Cook Jeff Culwell Barry Davis

Keith Donker Randy Epstein Robert Fleming Glenn Goode Nathan Griffin David Hall Richard Haney William Haney Duane Huff Fred Huppertz Philip Johnson Daniel Jones Bill Kaht Ernie Kelly John Kimmons Charles Lindsey Michael Mcelheny Richard McSpadden Brian Michael Mac Molnar John Morgan John Post Rex Puckett Billy Ragan Hugh Reid John Reitz Charles Roberts Harris Shingler Jerry Shingleton Kenneth Sines Mark Sorenson William Swatling Vic Syracuse Donald Taylor Paul Van Wagner George Wade John Walden III Tyler Wilds Hawaii David Lohmann Iowa Vahan Bedeian Todd Berger Keith Brandt Todd Buffington Steven Ciha Benny Davis Ronald Duer David Dunn Mark Ertz Clyde Evans Leroy Hassebroek Phil Higgins Shawn Hildreth Martin Hoel Brant Hollensbe David Hummel John Jaeger Matthew Jern David Kalwishky Larry Kephart James Knight Allen Kramer Mathieu Labs Stephen Lahner Greg Long Charles McDonald Daniel McGee David Miles Thomas Olson Rex Ott Richard Poppe

Robert Powers Gary Recker Steven Rezabek Chuck Rottinghaus Terrance Scherman Charles Schmied Richard Shepherd Norman Skinner James Smith Arnold Sperfslage William Strohman Timothy Swift Robert Thomas Ronald White Idaho Doyle Beck Nathaniel Cheshire Dale Cresap Edward Dickman S Ashley Glaza Henry Harper Roger King Michael Marquette Richard Monaghan James Morrow Austin Moses Leigh Orr James Otey Kenny Smith William Snyder Johnny Stewart Gary Tragesser James Wolper Illinois Wayne Babiak Rodger Baldwin Jeffrey Barnes Richard Barthel Keith Baumann Robert Bejna Larry Blazyk Kenneth Bohannon Gerald Borkowicz Bob Brutvan Thomas Buck Michael Coady Christopher Collins Frank Cosentino Victor Croswell Robert Cundiff Mark Cunningham Kim Curry David Dahlberg Leonard Danek Matthew Decraene Peter DeCraene Jeff Dickenson Louis Dieu Jeffrey Dingbaum John Dixson John Doerner Stephen Doonan Andrew Dow Leon Downing Allen Drozs John Durbin Elton Eisele Richard Ellis Gregory Erikson Rogers Faden Daniel Feldman Wesley Flannell

Neil Fotzler Curtis Fox Chuck Frost Charles Gibbs Edward Godfrey Linwood Gray Don Griffin Roger Groen Chris Hagen David Hampton Douglas Hearn Eugene Helmkamp Donald Hill Mark Hislop David Hrasch Tim Hunter Scott Ingoldsby Bill Ingram Bruce Jackson Charles Jansen Dennis Jarman Robert Johnson Lawrence Johnson Alan Kanabay Robert Kuhns Francis Lambasio Dale Lenear Glenn Linde Charles Lundsberg Ray Lynn Steve MacCabe Rose Ellen May Dan Mayworm Joseph McBride Robert McDaniel Tom McGonigle Wayne Meinhard Chris Merli Jeffrey Meyer Joseph Miller Mark Molle W Moore David Mullinax Rodney Mullinax Edward Myers Brian Neumeister Charles Newell Howard Norman James Oeffinger Rich Oleszczuk Bill Orrill John Patterson John Pawula Jack Poff Robert Porter Raymond Rakers Kenneth Rapier Hank Rappleyea David Read Keith Renfroe Ned Richer Allen Rickert Scott Ross Daniel Rubino Steve Russell Lyle Sandell Howard Schoenholz Dale Schultz Richard Searls Joseph Sener Alan Shackleton Ole Sindberg Larry Snyder Tom Solar

Richard Sommer Donald Speight Brian Spiro Brandon Stebbins John Steichen Craig Steurer Jack Stewart C David Stiff Charles Studer Neil Swartzbaugh John Taylor Christian Thomsen James Thurman Daniel Thurnau Jana Trofimchuck Charles Ventura Shelley Ventura Kent Walker Angus Watson John Werries Arzania Williams Lou Wipotnik Dennis Wisnosky David Wood Evan Youngblood Arnold Zimmerman Indiana Stanley Adkins Alfred Allina Michael Anderson Jerry Badger Braxton Baker Kenneth Barr Craig Bartscht Mark Beck Gary Berkshire Kurt Beuchel Michael Blombach Nick Boland Patrick Borton Daniel Boyle Chad Brezina William Brown Craig Brown Robert Butterfield Drew Chaplin Brian Crull Stephen Darnell Glenn Dee David Dewald Raymond Dosh Jack Eads Gary Earnhart Brandon Elliott Mike Elliott Glen Euler James Fisher William Foraker Tim Fox Rodney French David Gallion Richard Gaynor Alan Gluff Allan Grabeman Robert Grubb Michael Hall Brad Hartz William Harvey Mike Hayden Tim Helm Ralph Hill Drew Hoffman Jerry Hostetler

Jonathan Hubbell Edward Hutson Larry Jacobi Joshua Johnson Timothy Kaiser Robert Kartman Thomas Kieffer Michael King Jack Kleiss David Kovach Matthew Krinn Dane Larsen Daniel Leonard Ivy Logsdon Jerral Long Dennis Long Mark Mackenzie Gregory Mahler Daniel McElroy Rich Meyer Bradley Moore Brad Moore Cory Morgan Larry Morlock Thomas Morone Don Muhlnickel Jack Myers Walter Ney Scott Noble Lauren Otis Joel Pierce Harold Price Richard Quinnette Gregg Reinoehl David Remondini David Resler Phil Rich Marvin Robinson Rick Roller John Saalwaechter Bob Schmelz Fred Scott Ronald Siscoe Kevin Stahl Scott Stine Charles Surack Craig Swanson Ted Tahmisian Greg Tice Roger Tomey Lloyd Turner Robert Unsicker Perry Wainman Randy Weselmann Michael Williams James Wright Ronald Wright Kansas Bob Blanton Howard Boese Roger Brining Terry Chizek William Cotter Larry Deem Dustin Deines Ray Doerr Gary Doty Richard Duerksen Brent Edwards Robert Ellis Todd Francoeur Charles Harris Nick Hatcher

Fred Hetrick Tracy King David Law Randal Loder Steve Logue Jesse Luckie Mark Luckie Steve Lyddon Dick McLinden Rick Mentel Brandon Neff Hung Pham Doug Range Timothy Ruoff Richard Schenk Dr. Larry Shank Ralph Shields Mary Shortridge Harry Sieger Jimmie Smith Steve Stacey Darwin Steinle Gary Trimpe Steven Waltner Chad Wasinger Dale Weinhold Ronald Whitmer Marc Woods Kentucky Robert Allen Nick Anderson Richard Ardisson Dan Bell Howard Bennett Bradford Biggers Billy Bolin Michael Boyd Gary Cockrell James Combs Robert Craft Gordon Davis David Derrick Alex Derthick Matthew DeZee Charles Dickinson Rodney Douglas Don Drysdale Mark Farris James Fluty Ralph Fossett Michael Gray Geoffrey Hale Jack Holley Norman Houglan Michael Howard Douglas Jackson Gary Katz Dale Long Robert Lynch Adam Mabry Franklin Mackenzie Rusty MacSwords Paul McCauley Ashley Messenger Kathy Miller Dennie Morris Bob Morrison Keith Mountain Bill Nelson Mike Norton John Patterson David Rice Gene Roach

Joseph Sanchez John Schrecker Joe Schroeder Lowell Sharkey Brad Smith Pat Stallings Larry Sward Danny Walker Michael Warner Jim Wilson George Wyatt

Maine Gerald Bernier Dennis Bradley Charles Cianchette Randall Comber Michael Fendler Darrell Ferguson Alan Godburn Howard Margerison Allen Moulton Karl Pepin

Louisiana Jimmie Alexander Paul Borgatti James Corkern Chris Gonzales Cedric Grimes Lester Henderson Enoch Nicewarner Hollis O’Neal Robert Thomas Brod Veillon

Michigan Robert Allers John Amundson James Anderson Walter Ballauer Jeff Beckett Fred Benzie Matthew Besaw Nicholas Beyer David Buck Donald Carney Lewis Clark Larry Collins Douglas Conciatu Rod Cortright John Covert Steven Crum Edward Dembek Dan DeVillers Larry Downey John Dudock Peter Dugdale Gregory Durand Lee Foerster Gregory Forbes Mark Foster Richard Foster Mark French Mark Fullmer Dennis Glaeser Garrett Gokey Shachar Golan Joe Gores Arthur Green Stephen Greene William Greenley Charles Hagerman Daniel Hallack Alan Hartline David Hast Pat Healy Frederick Honhart Thomas Hoover Dorothy Hornsby David Houseman David James Lawrence Jensen Carl Johnson Alfred Joyal Gary Kahn Rick Karaschin John Kean Peter Kelly Theodore Kirkpatrick Phillip Knox Doug Koons David Kosters John Kreinbrink Linda Langrill Clifton Lewis Kevin Lewis Wally Loney

Massachusetts Nels Anderson Charles Bailey Daniel Bergeron David Bloomberg Steven Brousseau Alfred Dean Robert DiGiovanni Richard Dupee James Ellis Mark Estabrook Andy Goldstein Neil Harmon Russell Hume Clyde Kessel Stephen Mayotte Fred Moses Edward Murphy John Papp Bill Psaledakis Timothy Reynolds Perry Smith Douglas Stone Richard Sundell Peter Tuttle Harmen Van Der Velden David Wozniak Maryland Abdon Ackad John Attebury Curtis Berry Donald Byrne William Cloughley Loretta Cook Gary Daniel James Davis Egon Frech Edward Harvey Richard Kight Pam Lance David Mellinger Ronald Miller John Moody Jake Piercy Kevin Schehr John Tomasini Alan Wirth Bernard Wunder

EAA Annual Report | 31

Ernest Lutz Edward Lysogorski Robert Mahieu Robert Martin John Maxfield Stephen Mazar Chris McCollum James McDaniel Douglas McKenzie Donald Miller Carl Moore David Nellis Michael Nutt Jeff Ostrander Mark Otto Fredric Pearlman Bruce Peterson Rex Phelps James Pollick Dennis Powell Larry Putnam Fred Ray William Reed Wally Rojem George Roth David Ruiz Patrick Salow Robert Schallip Jerry Schmidt George Schoene Thomas Schroeder Douglas Shoup David Siegers Martin Siegwart Brian Smith George Smith Thomas Smith Aaron Snider Daniel Stanton Skipper Steffens Marc Stobbe Paul Sullivan Steven Taft Robert Taylor Bruce Tobin Al Todd Scott Trask Aaron Tuinstra Glen Turland Michael Valuet Kenneth Vandenbelt Glenn Vogel Kirk Warner Denis Weiss Steven Wellman Laurelle White Dale White Dan Wiese Tony Williams Dirk Wolf Teresa Wolski Michael Woodley Minnesota Michael Ackerman Robert Anderson Richard Ashbach John Barsness Dan Bergstrom Edwin Berniard Thomas Betts Michael Bibus Michael Borka Terry Cassett

Walter Christison Jeffrey Cookle Joseph Coraggio Harold Cotant Bernard Davey Rusty Eichorn Donald Eide Bob Foster Peter Gavin Michael Gavin Mark German Chad Geyen Brett Giefer Daniel Giossi Joseph Gmitter Richard Grabarkewitz James Gray Jerome Greuel Mark Haberer James Hanson Bill Hettling Mark Heule Roger Hoppe Mark Husnik William Irving Nicholas Jablonske Daniel Jennen David Jennen Gerald Kleene Chad Knutson Mark Kolesar Bill Kreul W Kupferschmidt Paul Liedl Joel Ludwigson Mark Lynch Raymond Majkrzak Curt Malecha Daniel Marrs Glenn Martig Joel McKinzie Patrick McLaughlin Allan Meuli Gerald Nauman Kyle Nelson Kent Nordell Bruce Olson Keith Olson Bert Overland Paul Pankratz John Poczekaj Randall Poore Mark Priglmeier Gary Rosch Larry Rosine Carl Rydeen Charles Sandager Rod Scheel John Schmidt Mike Schoen Paul Schwinghammer Dale Seitzer Stuart Selchow Jeffrey Sheridan Donald Shipp Richard Skagerberg Hugh Sontag William Steier Jay Stein William Stevenson Gary Stinar William Sugden Thomas Sullivan Dan Vigesaa

32 | Thank You Volunteers

David Walen Daniel Walker Dean Walker William Weinhold Joel Wensmann Gregory Wiens James Williamson Kurt Witbeck Missouri David Allsop Don Baker Kurt Bertram Stephen Bollinger James Bower Harold Bradsher Donald Bryan Ron Burnett Eve Cascella John Clayton Larry Conn Curt Cox Joseph Creason Gary Cummins Donald Daly Pat Donovan Michael Dooley Trent Duff John Fester William Florich Richard Gooch Bob Gurski Raymond Hamilton Brooke Haynes Tom Henderson Ken High Christopher Hope Mark Huebbe Nancy Inderweisen Kenneth Johnson Don Jonas Gerald Kaemmer Cliff King Doyle Leppin John Lesmeister Glen Lewis Wayne Litherland Mike Lochirco Hubert Looney E Lyden John McCoy John Moore Leslie Moore Bob Morgan Peter Mosca Lester Nelson William Newton Bernard Orman Donald Orr Paul Ownby Marvin Pitney Michael Reyes Jack Reynolds Thomas Richards Diana Richards Loy Rickman Joseph Sargent Gustav Schlegel Robert Schmitt Russell Schulz James Smith Gregory Starkel Jeff Stephenson Randy Stockwell

Jim Summerville Sam Swihart David Toliver Ronald Wade Dennis Walrath Jehd Webster Wallace White Jeanne Willerth Larry Young Mississippi Earl Botsay Mario Feola John Mitchell John Price Allen Ross Charles Stevens Mark Stevens Montana Bob Brunson Ronald Denowh Fred Habel Mike Hines Charles Jarecki Nels Jensen Steven Knopp Jeanne MacPherson John McCrorie Felix Moran Carmine Mowbray Mike Naegele Robert Seaman Daniel Skalsky Pete Smith North Carolina Andrew Baird Donald Bennett Steve Bonn Bradley Bormuth Ryan Bowman Douglas Brablec Ben Bradley Cecil Brown Barry Buchele Martha Bulluck David Bush Robert Cassell Harold Christmas Horace Conti Brian Cooker Fred Darnell Charles Davis Chip Davis Frank Dickens Bill Dobson Jeff Dukeman James Dukeman James Elliott William Epstein Robert Epting Dennis Faver Joseph Forbes Robert Fuller Mike Gaffney Laurence Gebler Bernard Gerstemeier Matt Giri Brett Hannaford Lee Harney Richard Harpster Michael Harris Barbara Harris-Para

Garry Hodges Ed Horgan Dennis Howard Bohdan Hugel David Johnson Michael Jones Robert Joyner Lane Kjellsen Kenny Koldsbaek Gary Koontz Stephen Larson Joseph Mancusi Kenneth Mcgee Kenneth Millsaps Larry Moll Peedie Montgomery Shelby Moore Jim Murray Clyde Murray Breck Neer Brandon Nesmith Jerry Pedley Charles Peterson Don Poitras Robert Preddy Anton Pretorius Perry Reed Amelia Reiheld Richard Rigsby Robert Rogers Ed Rosamond David Schneider Thomas Slater John Slatner Danny Sloop Elwin Smith James Smith Jon Smith Kevin Smith Jamie Swanson Mark Thoman Sledd Thomas Randy Utsey Greg Vaughn Richard Verdier Eric Wagner Ed Watters Eddie White Paul Wilder James Williams Robert Willis Alfred Wilson Gary Winkler Jared Yates North Dakota Joel Anderson Paul L Brusseau Wilbur Fisher Flint Kasowski Michael Klarenbeek Robert Miller Cooper Smith Jerry Smith Andrew Tibert Nebraska Gary Bartels Bruce Callahan Thomas Cecil Joshua Choitz John Cox Paul Duncan Jonathan Fuller

Edward Haffke Keith Harbour Rick Kirby Jerry Kohles Lanny Lambrecht Nicholas Linn Dale McClure Donald Meyer Scott Morgan Randy Neuharth Matt Olson Thomas Ostlund Tom Reigle David Roberts Carl Rump James Rush Neal Smith Richard Swetnam Brent Townsend Justin Trompke Thomas Trumble Dell Weber Roger Wess New Hampshire Peter Bruckner Michael Coleman Robert Di Meo Robert Donadio Drew Gillett Chris Landry Harlan Loken Kenneth Ortmann George Rose George Snell Townsend Thomas Burton Wadas New Jersey Brian Adkins Roy Baldassari David Baldwin Miles Barrett Mark Bolgar James Bordino William Breuer Jerry Cotter Frank Di Gennaro James Drake Gregory Dwyer Floyd Evans Terry Friedman Michael Friedman Roger Gordon Sean Gornell Jan Greenberg Joseph Gugel William Hamilton Craig Johnston Lawrence Kalb Michael Kerstetter Robert Lorber William McElwee Albert Miller E Moore Bob Palamara Michael Peters Ricardo Rico Jeffrey Ross Tim Scannevin Jack Schaible Stephen Schapiro Barnet Schmidt Thomas Smith

Michael Strand Arthur Templeton Richard Wedemeyer Traci White F Wuerker New Mexico Vernon Dudley Kevin Dunshee Will Fox Dan Friedman Chris Grotbeck Robert Henning Lloyd Hunt Robert Hurd Tim Kirkpatrick Dane Knowlton Rick Richter Michael Robinson Amy Ross Jeff Scott Roger Smith Chris Stagg Charles Swanberg William Taylor Emilio Verastegui Douglas Warwick Robert Waters Kurt Winker Arthur Woods Nevada Godfrey Anderson Glen Angus John Bertok Robert Dickinson Michael Fritz Charles Gerlach John Howitt John Katseanes Dennis Koehl Ken Kopec James LaMay Wendell Pea Michael Reynolds Robert Spielman Greg Stanley Dirk Zahtilla New York Jeff Bennett Art Beyer James Bush Thomas Cahill Thomas Clements Jim English Timothy Fallon Paolo Grassi John Haggerty Joseph Hayes John Hrubos Eric Hummel Norman Isler Katelynn Kearney William King David Lee Mark Mann Patrick Morris Gary Mulligan James Murphy H Newman William Papich William Pisarello David Reutter

Lee Rousselle Mark Sanford Douglas Sterling Deane Taber Andrew Tompkins Richard Walters Christopher Welsh Samuel Williams Robert Williams James Zambik Ohio Kenneth Adams Roland Bailey James Baldwin Michael Baldwin Arthur Barfield Michael Bednarek George Bockerstette Mike Booth Andrew Booth Jann Bowne Ralph Brandon Stephen Cechner Curtis Clark Timothy Conway William Corban Donald Cunningham Thomas Cunningham Joshua Curtis Gerald D’Agostino John Darst William David Ray Ebner Gary Ford Ronald Fuller Mike Gardner Glenn Geiger Jeffrey Gerken Steven Glass Theodore Green Gary Grochowski James Hammond Michael Harris William Hayes Debra Hendrichs George Henning William Hirzel Brian Hoot Richard Hunt Jerry Isbell Brian Janess David Johnson Duane Jones Van Jones Rick Joyner Ted Kellogg Michael Keysor Mackenzie Kiesel Anthony Kirk Alan Koch Delbert Kopp Paul Koziol Daniel LeClair Ryan Lindemann Joseph Lipovits Robert Luken Brian MacLeod Rick Martin Michael Massey Todd Mather Christine Mortine Albert Moyer Wayne Moyer

Richard Naves Robert Opper Everett Ours Tim Pinkerton Timothy Pond Brock Profit Paul Reidy Charlie Rhoads Fred Rhoda Phillip Riter Kenneth Rogner Donald Roth Lonnie Rush Michael Schnell Alan Sickinger Larry Sidle Donald Sieg Kim Strickland Ronald Sturgill Thomas Swigart William Von Gunten Ken Ward Alan Welch Richard Wetherald Jeffrey Wheeler George Willford Douglas Wright James Wurst Daun Yeagley Oklahoma David Ames Thomas Auerbach James Belcher Paul Blaser William Blunk Gale Braden Larry Brooks Heather Cannon Pat Cohenour Herb Driskill Thomas Egbert Mike Grimes Clinton Hager Lee Holmes Terry Joy Donald Kwasa Robert Merrell Glenn Miller James Putnam Stephen Schmitt Alvin Steinke William Thomason Bhrent Waddell Oregon Robert Armstrong Henry Bartle Daniel Benua Robert Berg J Bourgeois Robin Brooks Daniel Burns Gar Burroughs Gary Burroughs Kenneth Christopherson Gary Cleveland Orlin Culbertson William Dewey Christopher DiOrio Gary Dunfee Larry Durst Lloyd Edwards Greg Halverson

Greg Hughes Dennis Jackson Fred Krieg Jeff Kropf David Martin Lynn McDonald Steve Miller Harold Nelson Robert Norris George O’Leary Russel Paddock Bob Patterson Bruce Patton Steve Payne Raymond Peabody Debra Plymate Ronald Poe Chester Prior Keith Pugh Brady Rettkowski Mike Rhodes Tom Sampson Clifford Scheel Laird Smith Leon Smith Gary Sparks Ron Terhaar Roy Thoma David Waltman William Witt Pennsylvania Donald Adams Douglas Allen Donald Ball Bill Banks Richard Belon Gerry Blumfeldt Steve Bryk Richard Campbell Ric Carhart Erik Chuss Robert Collins Edwin Deacon Debra Deisher Steve Dershimer Craig Eaton James Estabrook Richard Ferretti Dave Glass Thomas Harry Larry Hart Andrew Hayter John Henderson Mark Hissey Sue Hostler Jeffrey Ivins William Kelsall Jack Kenneson Fredrick Kim Thomas Kitchen Geoffrey Knauth William Knepshield Dan Laurie Gary Leinberger Juliet Lindrooth Lawrence Malinconico Shawn Malone Frank Marshall Gregory McKnight Mike McNamara Keith Mcpherson John Merritt John Mininger

William Moore Brian Nelson Michael Neuman James O’Shea Keith Painton Daniel Pappert Eugene Poppel Charles Potts Timothy Ridley Eugene Salvatore Lawrence Schaefer Steve Schory Jeff Shay Gary Slatt Mark Smiley Richard Smith Carl Spirito John Thompson Jeffery Vaughan Edward Watson Dennis Williams Gary Wright Randall Zacherl George Zegiestowsky Rhode Island Charles Smith Graeme Smith South Carolina Charles Barnes Dennis Bassin Kim Bevier David Botkin Broadus Bowman Daniel Brown Robert Brown Sandra Brown Michael Butler Paul Carter Richard Cook Charles Craddock Douglas Decker Bryan Drayton Francis Drayton Daniel Drost A Folger Charles Foster Dale Frump Lee Gardner James Harrell Matthew Herring Bob Holliday Rick Morse David Nieves Dennis Perry Don Purcell Tom Roberts Tom Rogge Jeanne Rudick Maurice Scott Robert Stearns William Stidom Gregory Toppi R Watson South Dakota Alan Amdahl John Bartholomew Richard Belsaas George Bittner Steven Christensen Gene Ebneter James Eykamp

Steven Hamilton Jacob Hoffner David Howard Roger Huntley Austen Iverson Ron Keenihan John Lillevold David Parker Ronald Peterson Vernon VanDerhule Jay Williams Mark Yonke Tennessee Charles Allen Dan Allen Charles Boykin Barry Campbell Clay Cook Jerry Depew Douglas Eshelman Robert Gaines Michael Hathaway Daniel Helsper Howard Holmes Jerry Hope Charles Johnston James Jones Robert Kinney Jerry Kirby Jim McKay Gordon Meyer John Miller A Newman Gary Piper Ronald Poor Bill Price Donald Rickey Gene Rivera Sam Robinson Gunnar Roepke Michael Russell Brian Sutherland David Swindler Roger Taylor Texas Harry Andonian Marion Angel Jim Archer Andrew Brabson Jorge Briones Paul Burger Robert Caldwell Skip Caldwell Terry Cartwright Joe Christian Wayne Collins Sam Dance Marshall Dean Dave Dierker Gregory Dohrer Kenneth Dominy Byron Engle Mike Freeman Luke Garrett Jacob Geyman Donald Hackney John Harris Rickey Hendry Henry Hickman Dennis Irvine Robert Jaeckle Stanley Jensen

EAA Annual Report | 33

Steve Johnson Stephen Jones Bob Kaman Kent Knudsen Eric Koch Thomas Lang Robert Lannon Charles Lekron Ken Lifland James Livingston Mike Lout Don Lymbery Michael Lynch Gilberto Martinez Garnet McClure John McComas Michael Meadows Sanford Meyerson Clayton Miller Antonio Molinar Daniel Moore Edwin O’Quinn Thomas Paxson John Platt Blake Plattner Gary Potter David Rains Jeffrey Randall Donald Rogers John Schevers Mario Servin Steven Sewell Robert Snowden Andy Travnicek Donald Treadwell Robert Trumbull David Weber Steve West Dan Weyant Richard Williams Utah Dan Anderson Norman Anderson Ronald Apfelbaum Patrick Carroll William Cosgrove Timothy Felker Robert Froelich Lee Holloman Bruce Johnson Jerry Jorgensen Kenneth Kendall William Oberg Glen Olsen Matthew Pantone Ron Weixler Virginia John Andre Jeffery Arnold Allan Badrow Gregory Bamford Chris Berg Lowell Boaz Alain Borel Daniel Botzer Timothy Carey Jim Dall William Davis Doug Davis Louis DiPietro Richard Everroad Joseph Federico

David Fields Scott French Demetrios Gellios Sue Haas Ray Hoover Peter Huber Donald Jeffer David Keifer Richard Largent Michael Logan Richard Merrill Chaz Mott Andy Ozols Jerry Partlow Matthew Paxton Rick Rahim John Rupp Michael Stock Michael Sullivan Bobby Vaughan Thomas Ward Gary Wiley Jon Wyatt Vermont John Butterfield George Coy Bob Desmarais Thomas Edwards Braxton Freeman John Rahill Donald Taylor Washington Sanford Allen Monte Bauder Richard Bielawa William Capron Ed Cashmere David Cheney Douglas Cheney Jeff Dagle Ryland Davis Mick Dawson David Deaver Thomas Denchel John Dobson Jack Eastes Thomas Fisher James Fries Daniel Geittmann Donald Gibbard Bradley Goldman Stephen Gyuro Raymond Hatch Douglas Haughton Marian Heale Cannon Hill Stephen Hoesel D Hogan Jack Hohner James Janson Richard Jones Walter Jordan William Kalichman Steven Kalma Kevin Kelly Richard Kinnier Anthony Korn Dave Lucke Jeffrey Lustick Bob Martilla Dan Masys James McGauhey

34 | Thank You Volunteers

Tom McMahon David Mischke James Nagle David Neiser Erik Nelson Jeremy Noble Mark Norman Jack Ondracek Gregg Ortega Addison Pemberton George Perks James Polivka Andy Pomeroy Neal Powell Marvin Pugh Jeffrey Renfrow John Richardson Lenn Richter Karin Rodland John Roe Robert Schaper John Sheppard Frank Skorina Ian Smellie Rhys Spoor Frederick Stephens Brian Stubbs Mark Swalley Al Swierzy Michael Talley David Taylor Dennis Toepke Ola Vestad John Vornbrock Jerry Ward Andrew White Wisconsin Eric Abraham Betty Abraham Arden Adamson Alexander Adduci Charles Aldrian William Amorde Tim Ashe Diane Ballweg Rolf Berg Bryan Blazek Jim Bloedorn Leonard Boltz Rick Bowe Joseph Bowe Glen Brandt Sharon Brunzlick Robert Carew David Carlson Matthew Carlson John Clough Sydney Cohen Paul Coonen Kirby Crawford George Daubner Brian Dauck David DeGroot Wayne Duris Sean Dwyer Thomas Elliott Christal Engel Michael Felske Randall Finco Robert Frohmader Mike Gautsch Jeffrey Gentz Kenneth Gifford

Robert Gilbreath Dennis Gillespie Robert Gillette Phillip Graybar Daniel Green Theo Green Charles Haataja Richard Habenicht Patrick Halama Patrick Handel James Hantschel Charles Harrison Julianne Hartlaub Robert Harvey Donald Heath Carri Hoagland John Hohensee Glenn Ingram Jeffrey Jensen Dan Johnson Kenneth Johnson F Jorgenson Ken Kellner Ronald Kindschi Ralph Kisor Keith Klos William Knighton Edward Knutson Arden Krueger Lawrence Landucci Llewellyn Langland Richard Leitner John Leonard Terry Litts Kevin Loppnow David Lorman David Ludvigson Adam Marko Bruce Mathew Keith Mathews Michael McMahon Clay Mehnert Michael Melau Douglas Milius Robert Mischo Bruce Moe Michael Morgan Jim Nelson Joseph Norris Brian O’Lena Sheldon Olesen Douglas Osterberg Andrew Ovans Paul Paris Jack Perry James Pope Michael Pope Bruce Post Jeffrey Potocnik Laurie Probst Gary Reich Mark Ring James Rodrian Dave Rudd Bruce Rutter Dennis Schreiber Timothy Schuh Thomas Schuyler Allan Seierstad Mark Shaffer Adam Smith Gerald Smith Paul Spanbauer Fred Stadler

Bret Steffen Gordon Stelter Michael Stromberg Ric Swaningson Ernest Swanson Steven Swanson Lorne Thurier Alan Timmerman Anthony Van Kampen Robert Ward Skot Weidemann Alan White Eric Whyte Sherwood Williams Gerald Winch Michael Woods James Zainer Robert Zaretzke West Virginia Rick DeGroff Nicholas Dillon Christopher Elkins James Greer Nils Heinke Donald Judy Richard Judy Kevin Koury L Lake Zachary Martin Stephen Sterling Thomas Yanni Wyoming Lee Burns Ronald Kumor Mike Martin Robert Petersen EAA Technical Counselors Canada G. Denis Browne Roy Clemens Andy Cumming Jack Dueck Chris Falconar Frank Hofmann Ian Patrick Mark Pollock Jeff Seaborn Edward Slack John Van’t-Haaff Denmark Kai Christensen Henrik Gabs-Pedersen Jorgen Nielsen Iceland Kristjan Arnason Gudmundur Asgeirsson Italy Franco Bucci Eugenio Lanza di Casalanza Giovanni Martelli Korea Won bok Lee Sweden Staffan Ekstrom Nils Eyton

United States - Alaska Clifford Belleau James Bielefeld Richard Crisenbery James Cunnington John Davis Larry DePute Alabama David Aldous E. Jackie Bailey Sam Buchanan John Burgin Jeff Dennis Eugene Equi David Forgac Gary Harbert Charles Haynes Tommy Hope Daniel Horton James House III Carey Mills John Myers Mark Pickens Russell Sharp Jr John Shippey Michael Smith Jr. Arkansas Don Adamson Russ Amos Max Calkin William Canino Jimmy Cox Albert DeMarco Christopher Emerson Gary Green Sheril Helton Gary Hillis Charles Hooper Paul Jones David Kelm Wayne Larabee Tom Looker Larry Martin Frank Sperandeo Barry West Arizona Gilbert Alexander Clifford Beers James Berdick Otto Bischoff Gerald Breeyear Edward Daror Richard DeWitt Jeff Farrar Albert Gardner Robert Greco John Greissing Roger Heisdorffer Eldon Helmer Doug Henderson F. Gary Hertzler Jack Keegan Patrick Kelley Currie Lee Kelly McMullen Paul Merems Norman Radtke Wally Rennick Dean Rozeboom Leo Scherping Ronald Skites

Ronald Smith Chris Smith Charles Stark Michael Still Tim Swires Charles Valade Marvin Vanderpool Richard Warren James Wethington Eric Witherspoon John Youkey California Irwin Abrams Christopher Anderson James Ayers Steve Barnes Dr. C. Owen Bateson Clinton Bazzill Robert Belter Miles Bostic Marc Bourget Rod Bower David Bristol Jan Buttermore Milton Ciarlariello Kurt Colvin Harvey Costa Brian Dal Porto Martin Davidow David Dent Douglas Dodson Norman Douthit Charles Ducat Gregory Duda Arthur Froehlich Robert Gutteridge Russ Harmuth Brian Haynes Bob Hayos David Heal Kenneth Hetge Mathew Hlavac Wendell Hoatson Martin Hollmann Donald Holman Eugene Hubbard Steve Irving Gordon Jones William Judge Larry Keitel Charles Keyes Roland Koluvek Peter Krok Tom Kuklo Joseph Lacchia Fred LaForge Richard Lambert Rolland LaPelle Mike Laubach Scott Liefeld Bob Mackey Edward Martin Edward Martinson Ali Moghaddas Robert Mokry James Newman Wheeler North Peter Nuding Howard Owens Patrick Panzera David Prizio Don Prosser Alan Purdy

Gary Questa Kevin Quirk Jerrold Rice Thomas Rodgers Richard Rupe Fred Salvatori Rene Schoennauer Larry Severson John Shablow William Sherlock W. Robert Sinclair Jorgen Skovbjerg Owen Smith Gary Sobek Keith Spreuer Richard Stahlman Randy Stein Richard Stockton Stephen Stypinski Edwin Sullivan Anthony Terrigno Dennis Thomas John Thompson Mark Thorne Bruce Timpe Rolf Unternaehrer Mark Vodon James Warmkessel Jim Weir Andy Werbach Carl Weyl Jr Daniel Wojdac Marc Zeitlin Colorado David Biesemeier Fred Carter Dwight Chamberlain Patrick Claar James Elliott James Fowler Bobby Green Delvin Gregg John Halvorson George Hanna William Hannahan Ross Hauck John Lingwall John Linz Lowell Manary Frank Meyer Kent Paser Rick Raesz Arthur Schwarz Terry Sickler Robert Smith Richard Stout Jim Sutton Richard Sykes Patrick Townsend Bill Truax Robert Trumpfheller James Woolworth Connecticut Mark Cigal Charles Drake Larry Gagnon Joseph Gauthier David Jackson John Laroche David Pepe Gregory Prentiss Mark Scott

Thomas Veile Thomas Whelan Mike Zemsta Delaware George Garrison Daniel O’Donnell Florida Paul Adrien Victor Babyak Gunther Balz Michael Bauer Randy Berry Robert Berube Donald Black Michael Boswell Victor Boyce Morris Brown Stanley Buonagurio Kevin Campbell Andre Charvet George Chiodini Randy Clark Sherman Corning Odbert Cornwell James Daron Rodney Daulton Gino DiNucci Leonard Elmendorf Don Elrod Richard Epler Russell Faller Eddy Fernandez Robert Forrest Doug Francisco Joseph Friend Ron Galbraith Spencer Gould Louis Grabiec, Jr Thomas Hahn John Harlow Arnold Holmes Robert Jaeger Sam James Thomas Julian Michael Kelly Landis Ketner Gerard Kral Brian Kraut Jay Kurtz Daniel Landry Donald LaPointe Barry Marz Charles Mason Phillip Mckenzie Laurel McKone Charles Mosely Elymus Nase Bijan Neshat William Pagan Aramis Penton John Pereira William Perry Richard Phillips Keith Phillips Harley Pickett James Pierce C J Pucciariello Edmond Richards Kurt Rommel Talmadge Scott Kevin Sisti Roger Spane

Edwin Stewart Earle Swan Torello Tacchi Jeffrey Tennant Joseph Tierney Malcolm Warren Richard Weiss Wray Whiting G (Alan) Williams William Williams Duane Wright Rich Zeidman Michael Zidziunas Georgia Larry Bishop Kyle Boatright Russell Bone Judson Brandt Keith Bransky Gary Brossett Harold Coonley Vern Darley Larry Dickinson Glynn Frets Marl Halbrook Lynn Hall Bobbie Hennings Henry Herring James Hoak Duane Huff G. Michael Huffman Matthew Lazar Bill Leftwich Richard Marr Robert Matteson James McGowin Oscar Moffitt Ryan Newcomer Steve Newcomer Francis O’Shea Wayne Owens Al Patton David Posey Swaid Rahn Danny Rexroad Jere Rosser Clyde Schnars Ross Scroggs Bret Smith Donald Smith Jr Rocker Staton Edward Strickland Vic Syracuse Charles Wilson Hawaii Michael Parks Iowa Roger Bocox Robert Clark Terry Crouch Benny Davis Robert Gunther Marvin Hoppenworth William Kyle D. Michael Lewis Tom Olson Rex Ott Lester Risius Stuart Seely James Smith Ronald White David Zorychta

Idaho John Bakken Stanley Harrison John Hill James Huber James Jackson Sr. James Otey Peter Stewart James Tibbets Paul Tremblay Thomas Willis Illinois David Allgood Todd Ashcraft James Auman L. Tom Baker Mark Bauer Jack Bennett Dion Carr Jeremy Cox Steve Dietz Gerald Erickson P.J. Friddell Cy Galley Greg Heckman Eugene Helmkamp H. Mike Hepperlen Lewis Ihnen John Johnson Paul Kirik Colin Koebel Jeffrey Kohlert Richard Kosi Terry Ladage F. Ted Lambasio Robert Lasecki Ron Liebmann Joseph Lienau Allan Lurie John Milliman Bernard Nitz John Nowicki Terrence O’Neill Doug Partl Michael Perkins Theodore Ralph Carl Ritter Gene Selchow Nicholas Selig Dale Severs Alan Shackleton Bill Shain Kurt Shipman Ole Sindberg Samuel Sisk Shannon Stewart Neil Swartzbaugh Gerald Thornhill Richard Tichy James Vieaux George Wilts Indiana Boyd Birchler Alan Boushea Kevin Bower Richard Cains Wallace Clingan Robert Davis Martin Fall Lowell Farrand Roy Farris Michael Finney

Michael Foushee Vincent Frazier Richard Frisbie Glenn Gauger Mark Gilmore Keith Givens Troy Grover Bob Japundza Robert Kelly Robert Koehler Jeffrey Moore Michael Mossman Wayne Ray Gary Reynolds John Steere Marvin Stohler Charles Stottlemyer Joe Szewczyk Joel Walworth Larry Wheelock Michael Wonder James Wright Kansas Harry Bartel Robert Bowers Ray Doerr Kevin Drewelow Richard Friedman Douglas Haig Clifford Ives Edward Jones Ron Keplinger Donald Knutson Brandon Neff Kenneth Perkins Richard Roller Kenneth Smiley Marvin Story Matthew Wiechman Kentucky Wayne Autery Samuel Chambers Dan Checkoway Rodney Douglas Ronald Hill Thomas Jean Leo Krebs Randell Morris Ernest Patterson Gerhard Schubert James Sears Louisiana Ron Elliot Malcolm Hartman Hugh Hunton Randal McGee Neil Sidders Forrest Wilson Massachusetts Richard Desmond Charles Diggins Thomas Hassie Michael Kuehlmuss Willard Thorn Maryland Charlie Becker Gerard Blake Paul Brunks Edward Johnson

Doug Kelly Daniel McCaffery John McCarthy William Meserole John Raffensparger Roger Robinson Robert Scherer John Shepherd Jr. James Thomas Thomas Young Maine Barry Jameson Leo Leclair Bruce Patten Everett Perkins Edward Roy Peter Tranchell Peter Webb Michigan Robert Aardema Walter Ballauer Ross Barnett Daniel Bauman John Beattie Bruce Beckert Jack Brewer Terry Brokaw Samuel Coates Jim Dehlin Steven Derr James Dobben P. Bayard duPont Robert Edelstein Carl Franz Darwin Gibbs Richard Gordon Craig Griswold Steven Gunderson Joseph Haas Walter Hancook Michael Head Randall Hebron Nicholas Herman II Mert Hildebrant Robert Hunt Bill Landry Hank Markison Louis Nordell Joseph Phelan William Scott Jim Self Douglas Shoup Joseph Smokovitz Don Stewart Lance Talcott Roy Thelen Ted Travis Dennis Tyson Dan Valle Gary Van Farowe Richard Von Berg Ron Walters Denis Weiss Mark Yankovich Minnesota Donald Berndt Robert Busch Peter Denny Robert Eckstein Dean Griswold Michael Hilger

EAA Annual Report | 35

George Jevnager Robert Johnson David Kragnes Duane Kruse John Lambing Gaylen Lerohl Timothy Mahoney Mark Manning Mark Marino Walter Mount Rodney Roy William Schanks Joel Seela Ami Sela Gary Specketer Clarence Sutton Gary Underland Lee Van Deusen Matthew Walcott Roger Westerberg Dan Wilson Missouri Clinton Allen Dr. Richard Andres Dale Baldwin Frank Baldwin Berlin Batesel Mark Burrow Gale Derosier Roger Dubbert Rob Exendine Timothy Finley Rick Galati Earl Lawrence Gary Liming James Miller Jim Pickett Robert Rockford Chris Santschi Charlie Wirt Richard Wright Mississppi Donald Henry Lawrence Jenkins Burl Nelson Eric Newton Julian Smith Daniel Stewart Mickey Whittenburg Montana Karl Kruger Noel Simmons Clayton Wilhelm William Witt Thomas Wrobel North Carolina Kent Ashton Robert Cabaniss Lester Coonse Dale Ensing David Fortenbery Terrence Gardner Thomas Gregorski John Hardison Charles Harrison Pat Hayes William Johnson Espie Joyce Daniel McAlonan Dennis Millsap

Ryan Montague Ronald Murray James Olson George Orndorff James Paine Jack Phillips Vernon Pitts Wesley Robinson Robert Scott Stan Shimkus Winston Smith Henry Spicer George Tamvakis Lisa Turner John Wigney North Dakota David Slaybaugh Richard Starke Andrew Tibert Nebraska Robert Bounds Erick Corbridge Larry Geiger Thomas Henry Michael Howard Charles Jensen Jerry May Michael Schulz Todd Stapf New Hampshire Richard Blevens Robert DiMeo Archie Frangoudis Stephen Keen Eric Obssuth New Jersey Joseph Flood David Harmon James Hodges Victor Holmlund Stuart Hyde Jesse Knight Dorrance Lance Ernest McOdrum Matthew Miller Robert Newman Donald Osmundson John Panchesine Alex Pucciariello Adam Silverstein New Mexico Jimmie Akins George Applebay Richard Finch Will Fox James Holder Donald Jackson William Madden Michael Marker Will Mathews David Otero James Ross John Schaefer Emilio Verastegui III Nevada Robert Doughty D. Marc Knight Douglas Martin

36 | Thank You Volunteers

Burl Nunnelee Jake Porta Tracy Rhodes Lowell Ridge Jack Roberts Ronald Sutton Sebastian Trost Bart Welsh New York Daniel Baier Arthur Beyer Ralph Bowles Robert Brew Christopher Brown Charles Burtch Tony Castellano George Charnitski Robert Connolly Henry de la Rosa George Donaldson Jeff Dupier George Ezzo John Flanagan Richard France Arthur Goodemote Robert Grandinetti John Halunen Christopher Hansen David Jalanti Gregory Kesel William King Thomas Kravis Earl Luce Jr. James Martin Alan McKeen Ken Miller Bob Northrup Jeffrey Paris John Peck Jonathan Ross Larry Saupe Douglas Sterling Charles Tyler Martin VandeLinder William Volcko Steven Yuhasz Tom Zelie Ohio Clarence Aley James Baldwin Forrest Barber Bradley Burdue Jay Cavender Floyd Chamberlain Gary Collins Tim Connor Robert Curtis John Dyke Walter Edling Len Elder Keith Embree Wayne Forshey Keith Frank Rod Funk David Gallagher Donald Gray Richard Gray Gary Grimm Jeffrey Guy Louis Herman Roger Huff Pete Kodysh

Kevin Landers Paul Lutz Ronald Lutz Shawn Magrini Todd Mather Rodney McFarland Richard Meske Roger Messenger Brian Meyer Brent Owens Raymond Parker W Erich Pfalzer David Ross Craig Schneider Terry Schubert John See James Strock Darrell Todd Craig Weaver Oklahoma Darrell Boucher Jr Gale Braden Ron Decker Merle Helt Monte Jestes Gary Manning Clay McGuire Stephen Muehlberg David Snell Richard Vichich Roger White Craig Wilcox Oregon Wally Anderson Henry Bartle Daniel Benua Joe Blank David Botens Gary Brown Mark Cattell Allan Cleveland John Cox Alan Daniels Jerry Darrah Lawrence Davis Michael DeHate David Dunkelburg Gary Edwards Philip Groelz Ralph Hudson Gary Ludeke Butch Milani Brian Moentenich Ernest Moreno Thomas Phy Steven Porter Lynne Reinhart Randy Reinhofer Thomas Sampson Ken Schmitt Christopher Schulte Robert Severns Daniel Sprague Ed Storo Jake Thiessen Tom Turnbull Pennsylvania Raymond Bertles Donald Bierly James Cimino Warren Daugherty Jr

Dennis Downes James Eaton Kerry Fritz Richard Hall Dan Hall David Hardinger Gary Hartle Gary Hile Richard Horigan James Housel Gary Jasper Craig Lawler Charles Lotz John Lovingood Frank Macy Andrew Maitland Eaman Millhouse Charles Potts David Rogers Herb Rose Judson Rupert Eugene Salvatore Paul Schmidt Arthur Schwedler Richard Seman Gary Slatt Ronald Steber Dean Truax Vincent Villano Bryson Wagner Robert Wetzel John Yanacek Tom Yeager Laslo Zamolyi, Jr. Ralph Zinkham South Carolina Eric Barnhill P. Beck Eddie Booth Steve Corley Neil Deye William Fields Ken Harrill John Joye Roger Mann Benjamin Oliver Wayne Robinson Mark Spang James Wilson South Dakota David Cross Timothy Jones Ted Miller Allen Weis Tennessee Joe Brooks John DeYager Bob Dougherty Randy Hooper Richard Nadig Delton Perry Mark Phillips Gilbert Pierce Ronald Poor Thomas Smith James Summers Brian Sutherland Larry Swor David Teter Texas

Walter Aronow Mel Asberry Vance Atkinson Robert Barber Jimmy Bennett George Bourne Fred Boyd John Brecher Marvin Brott Will Chorley Don Christiansen William Collins William Doppelt Brian Douglas Paul Dye David Eby Carl Eldridge Thomas Ferraro David Forester Steven Formhals Danny Goggans Seth Hancock John Harlan Mark Haskin Robert Hasson Richard Hecker Lawrence Henney William Hesse William Hicks Michael Hoye Gary Hunter Richard Jankowski Merle Jenkins Mark Julicher Richard Keyt Douglas Knab Gary Krysztopik John Langston Richard Liles Lewis Mason Paul McReynolds Leonard Milholland Richard Moga Joseph Montamo Ken Morgan Darrell Morgan Ronald Morton Winfred Newsome Jim Odom Deene Ogden Chuck Olmsted Brent Onstott Scott Plischke True Putney Clarence Ranck Norman Rathje James Redmon Robert Reece Ted Reed Darrell Reiley Denny Renwick Kevin Ross Jeff Rowland Jose Ruiz Donald Schwanke George Scott Jr. Lorne Sharp Mike Singleton James Smisek Brian Sorensen Robert Stark Michael Stephan Robert Sudderth H. Martin Sutter

Edwin Torbett Robbie Vajdos Marco Van Den Bosch Jim Voss Joseph Ware Norris Warner Robert Whitlock Utah Corydon Bagley Michael Cosman Steve Eldredge Stephen Fabiszak Robert Johnson John Kerr Gordon Nichol Glen Olsen Todd Parker Rick Pewtress Myron Porter Allen Rydman Danny Sorensen Jonathan Tibbets Virginia Robert Barrows Jerry Bass Bobbi Boucher Robert Brooks Michael Davis Richard Halstead Ralph Hoover Richard Koehler Warwick Llewellyn Thurman Matthews Randy McCallister Robert Moreau Sydnor Newman Jr Russell Page Morris Pearson Jimmy Price R. Lee Ragsdale Claude Rich George Smith Vermont Marvin Bishop John Butterfield George Coy Edward Laframboise William Morelli Donald Nowakowski Washington William Abel LeRoy Blum Jeff Bongard Edwin Carlson James Cone Charlie Cotton James Davison Gerald Dixon Pete Dougherty Marc Drake Douglas Drees Ted Goble Donald Hall Craig Hamm Michael Henderson Russell Johnson Walter Jordan Brian Lee Jonathan Lee Randy Lervold

Daniel Masys Paul Messinger Bill Musselman David Nason Johnny Odom Thomas Osmundson Robert Packett Robert Potter Mike Robertson Marvin Scott Richard Simpson Harold Smith Jerry Sorrell Wayne Stafford George Steed Brian Stubbs Virgil Thovson Ronald Vandervort Charlie Walker William Wallace Wisconsin Douglas Apland Albert Barger Allan Bernette Timm Bogenhagen Glenn Botsford Gary Buettner Paul Buss Tracy Buttles Gene Calkins Richard Carter David Conrad Bonnie Eales Jensen Jason Edwards Lyle Forsgren Michael Gaffney David Gajafsky Richard Glick Roberta Hegy John Hopkins Tim Hoversten Raleigh Illgen Chad Jensen Scott Jones Dale Jorgensen Douglas Karis Patrick Keesler Fred Keip Jason Kreidler Dave LeVoy Bennett Ludtke Paul McAllister Larry Melau Joseph Norris Randy Novak Eric Paradis Richard Pedersen Jeff Point William Rewey George Rotter Mark Schroeder Joe Schumacher Ronald Scott Tom Seversen Jerome Shepard Edward Simpson Ralph Skorupa Herbert Statz Joshua Svenningsen Peter Tallarita William Tromblay Ron Wagner Michael Weeden

Joseph Weisbrod Alan White West Virginia Ernest Clay William Pancake Charles Pickering Jack Raun Lawrence Stahl Wyoming C. Brown H. Ronald Kempka Dave Shaw Raymond Snyder EAA Flight Advisors Argentina Angel Franceschini Canada Jack Dueck Robert Erdos Mike Langford Ronald MacEwen Bruce Olson Ian Patric Douglas Remoundos Ronald Smith John Van’t Haaff Denmark Kai Christensen Italy Eugenio Lanza Di Casalanza Marcello Uga Korea Won Bok Lee Portugal Dario Artilheiro United States - Alaska James Bielefeld Charles Hosack Alabama Edwin Banks William Castlen Jeff Dennis Eugene Equi David Forgac Tommy Hope Wayne Johnson Carey Mills Mark Pickens Russell Sharp John Shippey Tom Taylor Skipper Woodham Arkansas Max Calkin William Canino Gary Green Charles Hooper Wayne Larabee Tom Looker Frank Sperandeo III Kenneth Turner Steve Ware

Arizona Steven Allen Mike Andresen Edward Daror Jeff Farrar Howard Ginn Roger Heisdorffer Eldon Helmer Kimberly Jackson Eldon McDaniel Richard Petty Mark Rebholz George Sharp James Wethington California Irwin Abrams Gary Aldrich Thomas Allen James Ayers Lawrence Baker Raymond Beverly Miles Bostic David Bristol Ronald Caraway Brian Carpenter Milton Ciarlariello John Clark Richard Collier Harvey Costa Douglas Dodson, Jr. Rodney Dykhouse John Feemster Arthur Froehlich Irwin Fust William George Peter Grootendorst David Heal Raymond Hecker Donald Holman Robert Johnson Marlin Jones Donald Knight Rolland LaPelle Dale Machalleck John Mahany Ali Moghaddas Dave Morss Donald Myhra James Newman John Rausch Paul Reukauf Larry Severson Reuven Silberman Jorgen Skovbjerg Julian Steffenhagen C.J. Stephens Harold Stephens Richard Stockton Dean Thomas Al Turner James Warmkessel Barry Weber Will Whiteside Colorado Darrel Dilley Lindell Elfrink Charles Lemen William Mitchell Dennis Moss Rick Raesz Allen Tompkins

Connecticut Joe Gauthier Thomas Malek Joel Volovski Thomas Whelan Florida Paul Adrien Gunther Balz Gary Bean Randy Berry Kevin Campbell Leslie Conwell James Daron Ron Galbraith Thomas Hahn H James Hendricks Harry Herman, Jr. Thomas Irlbeck Michael Kelly Eddy Knapp Richard Low Don Marco Charles Mason Lawrence McClure Phillip McKenzie Bijan Neshat Aramis Penton Keith Phillips James Pierce C.J. Pucciariello Martin Sobel Michael Vaccaro Fred Weaver Richard Weiss Robert Woolley David Zeidler Michael Zidziunas William Zorc Georgia Judson Brandt Vernon Darley Marl Halbrook Robert Hamilton Truitt Harper, Jr. G. Michael Huffman James Lawrence William Leftwich Glenn Morrow Francis O’Shea Al Patton Gary Polizzotto Clyde Schnars Daniel Serrato Vic Syracuse Hawaii William Phillips Iowa Joel Buseman Robert Clark Erik Edgren Casey Hansen David Lammers Idaho Roger Dunham John Hill James Huber Jerry Waggoner Illinois Jim Auman

Jack Bennett Donald Cates Abbie Joanne Friddell P.J. Friddell Herbert Gottelt John Johnson Brian Kissinger F. Ted Lambasio Ron Liebmann Joseph Lienau John Musgrave Bernard Nitz Craig O’Mara Terrence O’Neill James Otey John Peck Mike Perkins Ted Sanders Scott Scheetz Nicholas Scholtes Nicholas Selig Ole Sindberg Samuel Sisk Neil Swartzbaugh Gerald Thornhill Paul Walker Daniel Walton Ronald Wright Indiana Craig Brown Lowell Farrand Michael Finney Glenn Gauger Zachary Grant Troy Grover Gregory Gruninger Floyd Hollandbeck Larry Jacobi Harold Price Wayne Ray David Stevens Michael Strzok Michael Wonder Kansas Anthony Hefel Douglas McMullin Kenneth Perkins Bud Pinkston James Price Jim Smith Marvin Story Kentucky Samuel Chambers Dan Checkoway Al Grajek Larry Harmon Leo Krebs Randell Morris James Poe James Sears Louisiana Darryl Christen Jessica Lowery Massachusetts Willard Thorn Maryland John Demyan Edward Johnson

Harry Kraemer Daniel Mccaffery John McCarthy William Posnett Robert Snyder Maine Charles Gabelmann John Miller Michael Watson Michigan John Amundson Walter Burr Ken Dannenberg Carl Franz Walter Hancook Patrick Howe Matthew Janson Timothy Kramer Kary Lucas Ernest Lutz Terry Lutz John Maxfield Steve Stasinos Don Stewart Robert Thoms Al Todd Dan Valle Jerry Zerbe

Darwin Jones Joseph Mancusi Guilford Mooring Brandon NeSmith George Orndorff III Gary Sigvaldsen Lisa Turner Nebraska Daniel Peterson Carroll Verhage New Hampshire Dino Vlahakis New Jersey Frank Fine Roger Gordon Henry Grenfell Kenneth Knopp Ronald Reinartz Lawrence Winchell Peter Zaccagnino

Minnesota Donald Berndt Sandra Christopher Donald Clobes Robert Eckstein Marvin Getten Theodore Kiebke Mark Manning Russell Marsolek David Nelson Ami Sela Gary Specketer Gary Underland Missouri Frank Baldwin LeRoy Cook Ron Dillard Mark Frankenbach Chester Hartley William Jagust Earl Lawrence Robert Rockford

New Mexico Keith Beasley Richard Finch Will Fox Robert Hicks, Jr. Michael Marker Richard Wynn Nevada Timothy Brill Jake Porta Tracy Rhodes Michael Smith Ronald Sutton New York Daniel Baier Robert Brew John Briggs Scott Jordan Greg Kesel Thomas Kravis James Martin Gerald McBurney Ken Miller John Morrow Douglas Sterling

Montana Jerry Campey F. Cliff Higgins Thomas Kuffel Felix Moran Noel Simmons

Ohio Gary Baker Forrest Barber Richard Gray Scott Hersha Don Mather Todd Mather Roger Messenger Brian Meyer Brent Owens David Page David Ross Terry Schubert John William See Wayne Sicard Craig Weaver

North Carolina Ken Barto Cecil Boyd Dale Ensing Pat Hayes

Oklahoma Donald Cox, Sr. Larry Eversmeyer Monte Jestes Mitchell Williams

Mississippi Joseph Fabian Frank Ingels Lawrence Jenkins Burl Nelson Mickey Whittenburg

EAA Annual Report | 37

Oregon Henry Bartle Joseph Blank Gary Brown Mike Danielle Michael DeHate Al Gerharter Gary Ludeke David Martin Butch Milani Ernest Moreno Gil Peterson Thomas Sampson Christopher Schulte Michael Seager Daniel Sprague Pennsylvania Robert Basinger Raymond Bertles Noel Dean Donald Dickmann David Dix Gary Hartle Gary Jasper Daniel Kurkjian Frank Macy Andrew Maitland Robert McMillin Arthur Schwedler Robert Staib Bryson Wagner John Yanacek South Carolina Daniel Allen Neil Deye Dale Ellis William Fields Ken Harrill Carroll Joye South Dakota Ernest Clark Ted Miller Tennessee Bob Dougherty Jerry Hope Charles Parish Robert Redmon Thomas Smith Larry Swor Texas Mel Asberry Vance Atkinson David Bertram George Bourne David Christman Brent Crabe Gary Davis Paul Dye James Eaton, Sr. David Eby Steven Formhals Danny Goggans Tom Hamblet Richard Hecker Larry Henney Michael Hoye Mark Julicher Ken Kennedy Gordon Lester Devon McCollough Michael McMains

Leonard Milholland Jeff Mountain Albert Muller Ronald O’Dea Deene Ogden John Riley Mike Singleton Dr. Robert Stark Richard Stephens Anthony Terrell Valerie Vaughn Jim Voss Stephen Wilson Utah Norman Anderson Douglas Benson Clifford Chaney Carlos Duenas Steve Guenard Virginia John Andre Richard Koehler R. Lee Ragsdale Claude Rich Thomas Tyndall Vermont Hobart Tomlinson Washington William Abel Robert Blahut LeRoy Blum James Cone Tom DeMarino Clifton Dyer Slate Erickson Gary Fasnacht Donald Hall Norman Howell Edward Kolano Brian Lee Jonathan Lee Randy Lervold Ross Mahon Johnny Odom Richard Pingrey Marvin Scott Richard Smith Tom Staggs James Triggs Ronald Vandervort Wisconsin Douglas Apland William Blank Timm Bogenhagen Gene Calkins Noel Clark Daniel Dudley Chad Jensen Dale Jorgensen Jason Kreidler Steven Krog John Monnett, Jr. Joseph Norris Neil Robinson Richard Rodencal Owen Russell Joe Schumacher Ron Scott Joshua Svenningsen Ron Wagner Robert Ward

38 | Thank You Volunteers

Michael Weeden Alan White West Virginia William Pancake Charles Pickering Wyoming Dave Shaw EAA AirVenture Museum Docents Ed Baar Bruce Baier Jane Barclay Jay Beck Julieanne Beck Delores Berger Elizabeth Brayton Richard Brayton Russell Brown Neale Caflisch Richard Campbell Russell Clegg Joan Corning John DeLong David Dille Joyce Dille Lorraine Eberle Raymond Ellingsen Heidi Evans Gary Fergot Paul Fergot Richard Gehrke Richard Haase Lee Hartrick Bob Havens Ellen Hofeldt Larry Hofeldt Ronald Kotschi Henry Krueger Beverly Labre James Labre Esther Langkau John Larson Tom Last Warren Lohry Lynn Mallonee Karen March Rae Miller Alex Moss Judy Nelson Rodney Nelson Jean Neubauer Char Nieland Helen Oelke Chester Possin Bob Royce Jean Rose Victor Rose Kathy Schaub Ken Schreiber John Sheehy Robert Shippee Jeff Shoemaker Jim Sonnleitner Joe Sonnleitner Robert Sonnleitner Sue Sonnleitner Ruth Staffeld Carl Stracka Gordon Stroub Merle Tellock James Thayer Paul Turner

Ruth Vorpahl Ross Wandschneider Gloria Wilson Jim Wilson Dong Wokosin Donna Wokosin Don Wolter Alton Ziebell Margaret Ziebell EAA Pioneer Airport Volunteers Hal Bryan Muffy Bryan Jim Casper Douglas Conciatu Jim Dufek Alden Frautschy HG Frautschy Jay Friddell Jeff Gentz Bill Hooten Serena Kamps Ken Kellner Jason Kelly Mary Kelly Orville Klitzke Bob Kupon David Lerlie Mary Ellen Lerlie Catherine Lute Karen March Ashley Messenger Peggy Messenger Elaine Nanke Lon Nanke Phil Myrkle Jeri Norris Joe Norris John Oberg Brenda Reese Curt Reese John Ross Ben Scola David Secor Carol Stadler Fred Stadler Michael Stromberg Margaret Viola Cody Welch Jackie Welch Randy Wilson Don Wokosin Donna Wokosin Linda Wokosin Mike Woods Bill Zierdt AME Pilot Advocate C. Kurt Alexander Robert Allen Bernard Asher David Bakken Albert J. Bazo John Beaman John Beasley William Billups William Blank Brent Blue Frederic Bongard Schiele Brewer Dwight Brown James Butler Thomas Carlstrom John Carr

David Coats Tim Cole Paul Collins Kelvin Contreary Phil Coussens Peter Culotta Robert Dalzell Dennis Deakins Andrew Doorey William Fast Larry Florman R. Thomas Fossett Douglas Fownes John Freitas John Garred, Jr. Richard Garrison Forrest Giles Robert Gordon David Grauman Kevin Green James Grote H. Dwight Hardy Randy Hassler John “Jack” Hastings James Hays Hunter Heath III Richard B. Hecker John Held Stephan Henderson David Hess Don Hodson David Hoffmann Charles Hoyt John Isbell Richard Jennings Daniel L. Johnson Robert H. Johnston William Jonakin Charles “Chuck” Jones H. James Jordan Mark Josel Jonathan R. Jowers Lawrence Judy George Jutila James R. Keene James Kimball Tim King H. Edward Klemptner Robert Kurrle Marlene Lambiaso Keith Landry Lawrence Lay Stephen Leonard Norman Lewis Jeffrey Liegner Michael Lischak Clee Lloyd Donald Majercik Robert Mc Andrew Alan Mekler Matthew Miriani Merrill Mirman Stanley Mohler Jeff Morgan Charles Neumann Charles Nicholson Jr. John Nordt James Nutt Gregory Ostrom John Owen William Page Havner Parish John Patterson James Pawlak

Dwaine Peetz Gregory Pinnell George Pipes T. Paul Rast Howard Reeve Thomas Rojewski William Rousseau Fred Ruefer Robert Ryan Gerald W. Saboe Erwin Samuelson Barry Sandman Steve Schauer John Sciarrino Daniel Serrato Randy Sherman Pierce Sherrill Barton Sickinger Francis Sincox Stephen R. Smith Todd Sorensen Russell Stankiewicz Roger Steuble Thomas Stolz Gordon Strom Richard Sugden Paul Terrell Christopher Unger Marion Wagnon Tom Werner EAA AeroMedical Council Richard Garrison John “Jack” Hastings Stephen Leonard Charles Nicholson John Owen Gregory Pinnell EAA Legal Advisory Council Pete Axelrod James E. Cooling Alan Farkas Pat Floyd Ronnie Gipson John “Jack” Harrington Paul Herbers Michael Pangia R. Patrick “Pat” Phillips Harry L. Riggs Michael F. Van Hoomissen Arthur Wasserman EAA Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Council Dan Grunloh Jim House John Hovan Carla Larsh Scott Severen Homebuilt Aircraft Council Gary Baker Joe Gauthier Randy Hooper Fred Keip Keith Phillips David Prizio Rick Weiss

EAA Foundation Directors Stuart Auerbach Richard Hansen Jon Jacobs Jack Pelton James Ray John Vette Thomas W. Wathen EAA President’s Council Stuart Auerbach William Bachschmidt Tracy Forrest Gregory Herrick Jon Jacobs Donald Jones James Mulva James Ray Hal Shevers Ron Tarrson Ward Timken Thomas Wathen EAA Board of Directors Louis J. Andrew, Jr. Stuart Auerbach Marc Ausman Doug Bartlett Richard Beattie Richard Beebe Harold Cannon Barry Davis Norm DeWitt Eileen Drake Jack Dueck Susan Dusenbury Mike Goulian Eric Gurley Dick Hansen Jack Harrington Rod Hightower Keith Kocourek Carla Larsh David Lau Dan Majka Phil Martineau Jack Pelton Jim Phillips Darren Pleasance Paul Poberezny Charlie Precourt Alan Ritchie Geoff Robison Ray Scholler Dan Schwinn Alan Shackleton Rand Siegfried Rick Siegfried Doug Sowder Don Taylor Fred Telling Kermit Weeks Rick Weiss

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EAA Annual Report  

For the Fiscal Year ending February 28, 2013

EAA Annual Report  

For the Fiscal Year ending February 28, 2013