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What Is Included

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Smart ABDO® Overview

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Warnings How To Fit Your Pistol / Testing Your Firearm Adjusting ABDO for Left Hand Placement Adjusting Barrel Pin for Condition 1 Register Your ABDO®

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Using ABDO® Controls Online

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Smart ABDO® Box

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App Features

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Device Features

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Updating Your Device

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Read this manual in its entirety to prevent damage and/or injury when using your Smart ABDO® for the first time. 2

FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS, this owner’s manual contains important warnings, instructions and safety procedures which must be understood BEFORE using the Smart ABDO®. Read the ENTIRE MANUAL and if you do not understand any part of it or the operation of your ABDO®, stop and seek professional instruction. Record the serial number of your Smart ABDO® device:

_____________________ _____________________ ________ Sel l er a nd Pu rc h as e Da t e

_____________________ _____________________ ________ Seria l N u mber

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend you carry your Smart ABDO® device without anything located inside of it until you become more familiar with its functions and controls! We also recommend you fully charge your Smart ABDO® prior to use and always make sure the Power button is switched to ON when charging.

** If battery is fully depleted, ABDO® may require up to 10 minutes of charging prior to powering on. During this time the unit will remain unresponsive. **



1 2 What Is Included

Every Smart ABDO® device comes with one cable (1), one foam piece (2), and one manual card (3).

1 – Charging Cable. Every Smart ABDO® includes a charging cable (colors may vary). Your ABDO’s charging port is located near the bottom center of the device. For best results, we recommend using a Samsung® S7, iPhone® 8+, or newer charging brick. Other Fast Adaptive chargers may work as well. Note: Do not try to charge your Smart ABDO® device from your laptop.

2 – Foam Piece. Your device also comes with a small foam piece. This is to help with the positioning of your pistol inside the Smart ABDO®. The back side can be peeled off to reveal a sticky adhesive. Stick it along the inside of your Smart ABDO® to keep your pistol in place and to avoid rattling.

3 – Manual Card. Lastly, your ABDO® device comes with a double sided manual card. Listed is a website URL used to locate the online user manual, along with company information on the rear side. 4

Smart ABDO ÂŽ Overview

Opening Latch Indicator Lights Button to illuminate lights Buttons used for PIN Access and different ABDOÂŽ functions

Industrial Outer Shell

Hard Reset Button

Charging Port 5

Barrel Pin


Cable Port

Power Switch Battery Holder

Airplane Mode Switch


FO LLO WI N G T HE SE SAFE T Y RU LE S C AN SAVE YO U R LI FE O R T HE LIFE O F SO M EO N E E LSE Before handling any firearm, make sure you know the safety procedures and most importantly, keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

Before handling a firearm, read, understand and follow the instructions in the firearm manual. Always keep the manual with the firearm. If you lend, give or sell the firearm, be sure the manual goes with it. If there is anything you do not understand, seek advice from someone qualified in safe handling of firearms. You must ALWAYS obey the following warnings, instructions and safety procedures:


Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.


Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it.

2. 3. 5. 6.

Firearms should be unloaded and secured when not actually in use. Don’t rely on your firearm’s safety.

Use only proper ammunition matching the precise caliber of your specific firearm. If your firearm fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, handle with care.


Always wear ear and eye protection when shooting.


Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of your firearm.

8. 9.


Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting.

Don’t alter or modify your firearm and have it serviced regularly. Shoot sober!

LEAD WARNING: The ABDO® does not contain any lead; however, it can hold a firearm that may have been exposed to lead or lead compounds known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive toxicity, and other serious physical injury. Those who discharge a firearm, stand near someone who discharges a firearm or clean firearms are hereby warned of the dangers presented by lead and lead compounds and should take protective health measures. Avoid exposure to lead while handling a firearm and wash your hands after contact. Proper air ventilation is absolutely necessary when shooting indoors.

Get competent firearms instruction in safe handling before using your firearm or ABDO®. Please ask your dealer for names of qualified instructors near you. All guns are extremely dangerous if carelessly handled or used. Remember that the firearm user is the primary “safety” and that reliance on any mechanical safety device should never replace safe handling procedures. A Firearm WILL FIRE if a cartridge is in the chamber and the trigger is pulled while the safety is disengaged. 7

NEVER assume any gun is unloaded. Before handling, check to make sure the chamber is empty.

Test your gun’s operation and safeties only at a shooting range while the firearm is pointed in a safe direction. Be careful with ALL ammunition. Even “blank” cartridges are deadly at close range due to the muzzle blast. Make sure your ammunition is new and in good clean condition. Do NOT oil or grease ammunition as this may damage the cartridge primer. Do NOT tamper with or alter the standard factory ammunition. Never drop your gun. If you do drop it, unload it and check it for proper function before using it again. Do NOT alter or modify your gun. Don’t try to change your gun’s trigger pull, because it may affect sear engagement and thereby cause accidental firing. FOLLOWING THESE SAFETY RULES CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF SOMEONE ELSE

Teach children: 1. NOT to touch guns, bullets, cartridges, shells, flares or any explosive device and 2. That if they discover such a dangerous item or weapon, they must immediately report its location to their parents, school teacher or police.

Remember a firearm has the capability of taking your life or the life of someone else. Be careful with your firearm - an accident is almost always the result of not following basic safety rules. Never place a loaded handgun in the ABDO® without first testing in an unloaded condition. (Double check to make sure the chamber is empty) Your handgun rests on the barrel pin for quick access. DO NOT ALTER YOUR ABDO® PORTABLE SAFE TO ACCEPT A PRODUCT IT WAS NOT DESIGNED TO CARRY, INCLUDING ANY SAFETY DEVICE INCORPORATED IN ANY ABDO® PRODUCT TO ACCOMMODATE HANDGUNS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR WHICH THE ABDO® PRODUCT WAS NOT DESIGNED OR INTENDED. CARRY “CONDITION” OF FIREARM

Carrying any handgun with a live cartridge in the chamber immediately in front of the firing pin may cause an accidental discharge. NEVER CARRY A FIREARM IN YOUR ABDO® WITH A ROUND / CARTRIDGE IN THE CHAMBER, UNLESS YOU HAVE ADJUSTED THE BARREL PIN SO THAT THE PISTOL RESTS ON THE END OF THE BARREL NOT ON THE PIN. SEE ADJUSTING BARREL PIN FOR CONDITION 1 (ROUND IN CHAMBER) IN THIS MANUAL!! It is the user’s responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded. Do not attempt to cock a handgun while it is in the ABDO®. For information on how to safely carry your particular handgun, please refer to your handgun manufacturer’s safety and instruction manual. Always make sure your firearm has 8

been properly fitted to the ABDO® before use. See fitting your firearm to Smart ABDO® section on page 10. ALWAYS FOLLOW STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL LAWS REGARDING FIREARMS, STORAGE, CARRY, USE, AND OWNERSHIP.

Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility that requires constant awareness. It is your responsibility to exercise extreme caution during any situation where another individual may attempt to take away your handgun. Law enforcement officers in particular should be familiar with the departmental tactical and procedural guidelines regarding the use and carrying of firearms in close proximity to potentially dangerous individuals

Warnings, Safety and Consumer Information... Read Immediately GUNS ARE DANGEROUS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GUN SAFETY AND GUN RETENTION. Guns can cause SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Keep guns out of reach of children and anyone that should not have access to one. LOCK UP all guns when you are not using them. DO NOT depend on your holster to keep your gun from an unauthorized person. NEVER handle any gun unless you have passed an appropriate, accredited firearm safety course, and know how to safely handle the gun. Make sure you have the right holster for your gun. Be extra careful when you put a gun into your holster, and when you remove a gun from your holster. Keep any gun pointed in a safe direction regardless of whether you think it is unloaded. ABDO® WORDS: ABDO® FIREARM STORAGE ... BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR FIREARM IN THE ABDO®, make sure it is the right model and size for your firearm. If you use the wrong ABDO®, you may cause the gun to fire accidentally, or you may not be able to draw the gun from the ABDO®.

USE AN UNLOADED GUN to check your ABDO® for proper fit and function. Do not put a LOADED gun in the ABDO® until you know the ABDO® DOES NOT INTERFERE with: (a) safety features; (b) control buttons or levers; (c) sights; (d) magazine release button; (e) cylinder latch; (f) trigger, etc. If the ABDO® interferes with any of these, YOU HAVE THE WRONG ABDO®! ALWAYS FOLLOW STATE, FEDERAL AND LOCAL LAWS REGARDING FIREARMS, STORAGE, CARRY, USE, AND OWNERSHIP.

EAA Corp makes no representations and disclaims any responsibility, expressed or implied, with respect to the manner or consequences of product use. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded and shall not apply to the product sold. Determination of fitness or suitability of any product for a specific use is the responsibility of the user. User assumes all responsibility to use these products in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. All instructions and warnings should be read and understood by the user before product use. EAA Corp reserves the right to update and/or modify this manual at any time. 9

How to Fit Your Pistol to Your Smart ABDO®. 1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded (FIG 2). FIG 1 2. Adjust barrel pin so firearm fits inside Smart ABDO®. Note: Barrel pin screw hole is off center to allow for adjustment Right, Left, Up or Down (FIG 1). See Figures: (FIG 4) Proper Barrel Pin Fit, (FIG 3) Improper Barrel Pin Fit. See page 12 for adjusting barrel pin to condition 1. 3. What you want is the lid of the Smart ABDO® to close with full function of latch and free movement of the firearm. Many firearms will fit in the ABDO®, with adjustment. (FIG 5) Pistol proper alignment/Right Hand Placement, (FIG 6) Pistol proper alignment/Left Hand Placement. 4. Your ABDO® is designed to allow the firearm to rest on the barrel pin. As Shipped, the barrel pin is designed to prevent you from keeping a round in the chamber while carrying the firearm inside your ABDO®. Do NOT alter or modify the Barrel Pin of your Smart ABDO® unless you follow the instructions on page 12. 5. A small piece of foam rubber is included with your Smart ABDO® and may be placed under the pistol to help move the pistol when the Smart ABDO® is opened as well as eliminate pistol rattle while moving. Note: Make sure latch works properly when foam is in place. Move foam to best position your pistol.






Visit www.youtube.com/eaaco rporation for videos on the Smart ABDO®.

When Testing Your Smart ABDO® Make Sure Your Firearm is Unloaded 1. Once you have fit your firearm to the Smart ABDO®. Check ABDO® function, so as to assure that the latch opens properly and locks properly. (FIG 5) Pistol proper alignment and Right Hand Placement, (FIG 6) Pistol proper alignment and Left Hand Placement. See page 12 for further instructions on Left Hand Placement. Make sure the latch is always fully locked when you have a firearm inside the ABDO®. 2. Practice using the Smart ABDO® in front of a mirror and then with a professional firearms instructor before using it in everyday use. (See FIG 7-15). WARNING: Remember the Smart ABDO® looks like a cellphone, keep it away from children or unwanted or untrained users. 10




FIG 10

FIG 11

FIG 12

FIG 13

FIG 14

FIG 15


Adjusting your Smart ABDO® for Left Hand Placement: WARNING: Before adjusting your ABDO® make sure your firearm is unloaded and placed in a safe location.


1. Start by unscrewing the barrel pin from the Two Screw Holes Smart ABDO® device (See IMAGE B). Leave it to the side for the next step. 2. Next locate the battery and, starting on the side away from the attached cable, pry it out of the battery holder using a screwdriver or blunt object (See IMAGE A). Once you have removed the battery (do not unplug it from the device), Pry from this end unscrew the battery holder from the device. The battery holder is held in by two Torx-style screws, so make sure to use the proper tip when removing. Then align the battery holder with the two screw holes on the opposite side and screw into place. Lastly, push the battery back inside the battery holder. Be mindful of the battery cable before pressing the battery completely in – slightly close your ABDO® to make sure the cable isn’t in the way. 3. Finally, locate the barrel pin you removed in step 1 and screw it back in on the other side. The barrel pin screw hole is off center to allow for adjustment to best fit your firearm. IMAGE B

Note: Adjusting your Smart ABDO® for left hand placement may slightly cover your Airplane Mode switch, but you can still access it by using a screw driver. ADJUSTING BARREL PIN FOR CONDITION 1 (ROUND IN CHAMBER)



Registration Before you start using your Smart ABDO® for the first time, please register it at www.myabdo.com

Click the “Register” button located at the top right hand of the screen.

From here you will be prompted to enter your personal information along with your Smart ABDO® information (which can be found on your invoice, Smart ABDO® and/or your box).

** IMPORTANT: Please note that your registration password and ABDO PIN code have a default factory presetting. Once you have registered your Smart ABDO®, you can manually change either through the mobile app or website. However, we suggest you do NOT change your password until you become familiar with your Smart ABDO® device. Once your password has been changed from the default one, EAA can no longer assist you remotely without you providing us with the new password/PIN. If you do decide to change your information and ultimately forget your new PIN, EAA cannot reset your PIN as it only resides in the ABDO® itself. **



Please note that the email you use to register your Smart ABDO® with will be your username for the app login. You cannot change your email later. Default Login Information Password: Mrmagoo123? ABDO PIN Code: 1234

NOTE: You may notice that the Home Timezone field is already occupied, but you will still need to select your timezone even if it is the same as the one already in the field. If a proper timezone is not selected, you may have problems updating your Smart ABDO®.

Your ABDO Information ABDO Serial Number can be found on your invoice and on the back of your ABDO® (See page 16). ABDO MAC Address can be found on your invoice and on your ABDO® box (See page 16). It is a series of numbers and letters separated by colons.




If not specified above, all other information is personal/customizable.

** WARNING: When learning about your new Smart ABDO® Device, we highly recommend you do so without a firearm or any valuables located inside the device. ** 14

Once you have finished registering, this online web page (www.myabdo.com) will act as another control platform for your Smart ABDO®. You can use all the same controls that are located in your mobile app.

To use the controls online, you MUST be logged out of the app. Being signed into both simultaneously will interfere with your Smart ABDO® controls and cause it to not properly function. Once you have logged onto the web page you will be directed to the Home page with a list of ABDO® devices registered under your email. In order to use the controls for a specific ABDO® you MUST select it first by clicking on the ABDO’s name (below). The page will briefly reload, and immediately after it refreshes you can select the Control icon. In the Control page you can find all the same controls found in the app (above), and just like the mobile app you will have to digitally input your PIN Code after selecting a control to use. ** If you have any issues using the controls online, try using a different browser or refresh the page.


Smart ABDO ® Box

Your Smart ABDO® will arrive in a box like the one in the images above. On the side of the box you will find information pertaining to your specific ABDO®. Also, located inside is a charging cable, a small piece of foam, and an instruction card. DO NOT LOSE YOUR ABDO® BOX.

As mentioned on page 14, your ABDO MAC Address can be found on the side of your box. To determine your MAC Address, look for the serial number. The first 12 numbers/letters of the serial number are your ABDO MAC Address – The remaining 5 numbers are your unit number. For example, referring to the image above, the MAC Address would be “50:F1:4A:F7:FD:0A” and the unit number would be “10114”. Your unit number can also be found on the back of your Smart ABDO® device. This information is vital when registering your Smart ABDO® and when using the mobile app.


Without a cellular device, you will not be able to use your Smart ABDO® device to its full potential. Before logging into the App, please note that your Smart ABDO® is shipped with the power OFF and may be unplugged. If unplugged, you will need to manually plug the battery in and switch the power button to ON before use. Please also check that the airplane mode button is switched to OFF as well. Once your ABDO®’s Power button has been switched to ON and the battery is plugged in, it will take a few seconds to reboot. You will hear a beep once the reboot is complete and from there your ABDO® will automatically lock itself. You can check your Smart ABDO®’s battery life through the mobile app or website (www.myabdo.com) at any time. Note: We highly recommend you fully charge your Smart ABDO® prior to use and always make sure the Power button is switched to ON when charging.

App Download Instructions

APPLE: Head to the App Store. Search for EAA ABDO or ABDO EAA. Download.

ANDROID: Head to Google Play Store. Search for EAA ABDO or ABDO EAA. Download. Note: App displays and menus may vary from images shown.


For the app login, your username is the email you provided when registering your Smart ABDO® online. This also applies to the password you used to register your ABDO®, which should be the default preset password: ”Mrmagoo123?“. We highly advise you do NOT change this password until you are more familiar with your Smart ABDO® device. The app will not let you stay logged in if it is closed. However, by selecting the “Remember Me” button it will allow you to keep your username populated.



I. SMART ABDO ® APP FEATURES Home Screen/Map Page Once logged in, the default screen will be a map with the Smart ABDO®’s location. This can be reached from any menu by tapping the selected ABDO’s name at the top of the screen.

Home Screen Map

GSM (Cellular signal) strength and battery life indicator.

Note: You may need to tap the battery icon to update it to the current battery life

Main Menu

About Menu

Select this icon at any time to return to the Home Screen Map 18

Main Menu

DEVICES View devices associated with your account in this menu. From here you can view device names, On/Off

statuses, Battery life, and an ABDO’s Current Status (Locked/Unlocked). The app currently supports up to 5 devices at one time.

NOTE: Android users can find the device list by clicking on the downward arrow button located next to their device name in the main menu.

EVENT HISTORY From this menu you can see a recorded list of the

activities of a selected Smart ABDO® device. On this list, ABDO® records specific events such as when ABDO® is accessed or locked. It can also show when

unauthorized access occurs or even if ABDO® has

been compromised.

Use the Filter Menu to customize the information

displayed in the Event History list.


Find My ABDO / Home Screen

Map Pin Indicators display in 3 colors during History Mode: •

Orange: Activity is more than 45 minutes old

Yellow: Activity is more than 15 minutes old

Green: Activity is less than 15 minutes old

Location history view can be toggled on and off from the Home Screen to display movement or updates based on the settings in the Event History Settings.

If multiple Smart ABDO® devices are registered to your account you can keep track of 1 or all by selecting one of these options.

Arm and Disarm your ABDO® device from this main screen. This action will require you to enter your pin.


SILENCE ALARM Use this menu to silence your Smart ABDO® device when alarms are set to sound. This action will require you to enter your PIN Code.

UNLOCK KEYPAD After 3 failed attempts to access your Smart ABDO®, the device with automatically lock down and disable the keypad on the device itself. Clicking the “Unlock Keypad” option and inputting the device’s correct passcode will allow you to unlock the keypad for continued use of the device.

UNLOCK DEVICE This menu allows for remote entrance into the Smart ABDO® device. A warning screen will appear confirming that the user is about to unlock their device. By inputting the device’s correct passcode on this screen, you can then unlock the Smart ABDO®.

LOST MY ABDO If at any time your ABDO® device becomes misplaced, you can select the “Lost My ABDO” option from the Main Menu. From here you will be prompted to put in your PIN Code. Once this has been input, the selected ABDO® device will produce an audible alarm until retrieved and the corresponding pin is input on the device. NOTE: Once you have started this action, the alarm can ONLY be shut off manually by entering the correct passcode on the ABDO® (Not from the Mobile App).


SETTINGS From this menu you can customize a series of different settings on the Smart ABDO® device.

ALARM SETTINGS From this menu you can customize the alarms and types of sounds the Smart ABDO® makes during use. Once you have customized this menu, click the “Apply” button to save all your changes. Set the Tamper Time Threshold to allow the ABDO® to lock faster or slower when unauthorized access and/or movement occurs.


GPS SETTINGS On the GPS Menu you can enable or disable GPS tracking. Here you can also change how Smart ABDO® communicates with you. This can be done by changing between Event Tracking or Interval Tracking. When set to Event Tracking Mode the Smart ABDO® device will only send updates when a change occurs. Event Tracking Mode, allows for extended battery life. When set to Interval Tracking Mode the Smart ABDO® device will only send updates, recorded in its Event History Log and map on a set timed interval.


WI-FI SETTINGS In the Wi-Fi Menu you can disable or enable Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is off, you must enable Wi-Fi first and then press Apply. Wait to be redirected to the Settings page and then click on WiFi Settings again. From here you can connect your Smart ABDO® device to a Wi-Fi network by clicking on the “Add New WiFi Network” button. By pressing the “Scan” button, the app will automatically search for local Wi-Fi networks and provide a list of the located networks at the bottom of the screen. If a Wi-Fi network is hidden, the signal can often be located by typing the network name or partial network name into the “SSID*” field and then pressing the “Scan” button. Note: Up to 5 Wi-Fi networks can be saved at a time. To delete a Wi-Fi network, you must manually delete it in the App. Connecting ABDO® to Wi-Fi for data, when available, can significantly increase the battery life of the device.


SMS SETTINGS From this menu you can enable or disable SMS and text messaging alerts. When enabled, you will be prompted to add a phone number with the proper area code (ex. 5551112222). You also have the option to enable a secondary phone number. This phone number will receive the same notifications as the primary phone number. When finished, click “Apply” to save your changes.

NOTE: Your carrier’s standard text and data rates may apply.

CHANGE PIN / LABEL From this menu you can re-name your individual devices as well as change the access pin combination.

Note: Once the PIN Code has been changed from the original, additional help from EAA Corp cannot be given. At any time you forget your default login information, EAA Corp can help unlock your device remotely (when given proper credentials).


About Menu The About Menu can be located at the top right hand of the Home Screen Map (three dots). Once clicked, a menu will slide out. The “About My ABDO” tab shows you manufacturer information regarding your specific ABDO®. The “Help” tab will supply you with contact

information for EAA Corp. EAA Corp is happy to assist you with any questions or problems you may have.

Note: If you need help accessing your ABDO® you may contact EAA Corp with the

information in the About My ABDO tab. If you call for assistance, please have the MAC Address and the App Build Number available. Without any of this information, EAA Corp cannot be of assistance.

About My ABDO




II. SMART ABDO ® DEVICE FEATURES Indicator Lights Smart ABDO® is equipped with 3 indicator lights and a button to monitor the device’s Battery life, Lock Status, and the Wi-Fi / GSM connection.

I nd ic a to r C ol or M e an in g s: First/Left Light is the Network Indicator -Blue: Wi-Fi Connected -Green: GSM Connected -Red: No Network Connection -Pink: Airplane Mode is on

Second/Middle Light is the Lock Indicator -Green: Locked -Blinking Green: Armed -Blinking Red: Fast Access Mode -Red: Unlocked

Third/Right Light is the Battery Life Indicator -Green: Battery has more than 20% -Red: Battery has less than 20% life left -Blue: Battery is charging

Physical Access Buttons and Locking from Smart ABDO ® Device A. Lock Buttons Lock Buttons on the Smart ABDO® device correspond in an ascending numerical order. On the device, the very top row of squares are the access buttons. Moving from left to right in numerical order, the numbers start at 1 and end at 4. These numbers correspond with the 4 digit PIN Code entered into the App. 27





B. Armed Mode It is possible to arm Smart ABDO® both in the App and on the device itself. On the device itself, hold the #3 button down until you hear an audible beep come from the device. The ABDO® device is now armed; it will remain locked but will sound an alarm and send a text message alert to the specified phone if it is disturbed while armed.





To arm from the App, simply click the red “Arm” button located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This action will require you to enter in your PIN Code. Once completed, the ABDO® device will lock and enter Armed Mode.

C. Fast Access Mode Fast Access Mode is a state in which your ABDO® will be unlocked and can be placed either on a belt or in a location not to be disturbed unless it is needed. Fast Access Mode is activated by inputting your PIN Code on your Smart ABDO® device, while the device is at rest. Immediately following your PIN Code entry you will have 15 seconds to clip the ABDO® to an object (ex: a belt). When clipping your ABDO® make sure you push down far enough onto the object to break the contact between the rear clip and the ABDO® device. If you exceed the 15 seconds, your ABDO® will not enter Fast Access Mode and instead lock itself. If you successfully place your ABDO® on your belt in the allotted time, your middle indicator light will continuously blink red and stay unlocked until taken off your belt. This is ideal for concealed carry allowing for a fast hip draw of your side arm or for home defense. While in Fast Access Mode, if the device is taken off the belt or disturbed (when off of the belt) a warning alarm will sound for a few seconds giving you time to put in your PIN. If the PIN is not entered in, the device will sound an alarm and send a message to the specified phone stating the device has been compromised. 28

D. Battery & Charging Smart ABDO® allows you to monitor the battery life for your device through the App. From the Home Screen Map you can find your current battery life at the top of the map. The App also allows you to view the battery life status of all your registered ABDO® Devices at once. To do so, visit the Main Menu (the three bars located at the top left hand side of the Homepage Screen) and then click the “Devices” tab. Here you can see all your ABDO® devices as well as their battery and lock/unlocked status.

The Smart ABDO® will also emit a sound and send a notification when the remaining battery life drops below both 20% and 10%.

At 20% the device will remind you to either recharge or unlock via the app or device before the battery runs out.

Smart ABDO® can be charged using a standard micro-USB cable or with the included mini USB cable. When plugged in, a light will appear indicating that it is charging.

Note: Battery at or lower than 20% may make settings difficult to change.

E. Network Capabilities

Smart ABDO® is both Wi-Fi and GSM capable. It uses these signals to communicate and display location updates which are viewable in Google Maps®. F. Airplane Mode When traveling, you can store Smart ABDO® in a checked bag and turn on Airplane Mode to cut off wireless connection to make it safe for flight. You can access this by holding down the #2 button (the second square) on the front of the ABDO® device until it makes an audible beep. Then put in your PIN Code to activate Airplane Mode. Alternatively there is a switch located inside the ABDO®. Once it is switched to ON, the front LED indicator panel will light up pink for the Network Indicator (the first/left light). 29

G. Troubleshooting (Last Resort Method) If there appears to be a malfunction with the Smart ABDO® Concealed Carry Safe, you may try to troubleshoot by resetting the device. Please keep in mind this should be used as a last resort. There is a Hard Reset Button located on the bottom of the device near the charging port. To access this reset button use a pin or small paper clip. Press and hold for a few seconds, then wait for your Smart ABDO® to reset.

Note: Pressing this reset button will NOT reset your customizations made in the App. This button is to simply reset the keypad if too many unauthorized buttons have been pressed and you can no longer unlock your Smart ABDO® device. However, if this seems to be your problem, we recommend you first set your device aside and leave it alone for a few minutes and then try to enter your PIN Code.

Hard Reset Button

H. Silent Mode If the ABDO®’s audible alarms are not needed or unwanted, you can switch your device to Silent Mode. This is accomplished by holding the #1 button (the first/left square) until you hear an audible beep. You can perform the same action to then deactivate this function. The “Silence Alarm” tab in the Main Menu on the app can also activate this feature. The app will require you to enter your PIN Code.



III. UPDATING YOUR DEVICE This section will provide a step by step walkthrough of updating your Smart ABDO®. 1) When an update becomes available you will

receive a notification either through “push”

notifications or via an SMS message, containing a shortened link/URL. You must either click this link

or log in to www.MyABDO.com in a browser to begin the updating process.

2) You will then be taken to a login form where

you will use your username and password to access the user dashboard. These will be the same credentials that you currently use to access the Smart ABDO® mobile App.

3) After successful login, you will be taken to the user dashboard. A message will appear at the top of the

page stating that an update is available. Ensure that

the unit number matches the unit that you wish to update. Then, use the “Click Here” link to move to the next step.


4) Once clicked, you will be shown a list of all active devices for the logged in user. You may only

update one ABDO® at a time from this screen. To begin, choose “Check for Update” in the section for the desired device.

5) Once selected, the device will perform a search for any available updates. If an update is found you will receive a popup detailing the available update and listing several warnings

to review prior to updating. You MUST carefully read and follow ALL instructions, as listed, prior to beginning update. Listed here are the initial instructions and further detail:

a. Connect to Wi-Fi: Smart ABDO® must be connected to Wi-Fi with sufficient data transfer speed in order to receive the update. ABDO® will silently perform a speed test of the connection to verify adequate data connection, prior to updating.

b. Plug in to charge: ABDO® must be connected to external power source in order to

perform update without the risk of battery drain. If insufficient power supply is provided, damage to the device is possible. Including loss of all functionality due to corrupt/incomplete software update.

c. Open: ABDO® must be left unlocked and open for the duration of the update

process. This is a safety precaution to ensure that the device is in a safe operating

position in case of power or update failure. Device WILL NOT UPDATE if in closed

or locked position. SAFELY SECURE YOUR FIREARM AT THIS TIME, if you have not already done so.

d. Make sure all contents have been removed: All items must be removed from the device prior to initiating the update. All Firearms should have magazine removed,

chamber cleared and safely secured for storage during the update process. The time needed for the update process will vary based on connection speed and may take several minutes to complete. ALL FIREARM SAFETY BEST PRACTICES SHOULD BE OBSERVED AND FOLLOWED.



instructions are complete, click “Begin Update”

to initiate the connection to the update server.

If your ABDO® is not in the proper state, the warning will reappear with the message “Your

ABDO is not in the correct state for an update”. If you receive this message, review the above instructions and make the necessary corrections prior to proceeding.

6) Once clicked, ABDO® will connect and begin the update. You will receive a popup with a status indicator and the following warning: “The update could take several minutes and

the unit will reboot multiple times during the update. The ABDO will sound a unique tone when the process is complete. You will also receive an ‘update complete’ SMS if you have SMS messaging enabled.” Please be patient. Do not exit this screen or

remove power from the device. Any status

change may affect the updating process and cause failure or damage to the device.


7) Once the update is complete, you will receive a

popup notification displaying the unit number and a completed message. You may now either

choose exit and resume normal operation of your ABDO® or, if you have multiple devices, choose

the next device on the list and repeat steps 4 through 7.

8) Congratulations, your device software is now up to date!

For questions, concerns and troubleshooting please visit www.TheABDO.com for FAQs and Live Chat. To speak to customer service, call our office at (321) 639-4842 or toll-free at (800) 536-4442 Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 3:30PM. You may also email us at Questions@TheABDO.com or EAACorp@EAACorp.com anytime. 34


Contains FCC ID: 2AIKAW41503716 Contains FCC ID: 2AIKAC41503716 Contains IC: 21560-W66603716 Contains IC: 21560-C66603716

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Warning: Changes or modifications to this device not expressly approved by EAA Corp. could void the users authority to operate the equipment.

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: •

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help

This equipment complies with radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment is in direct contact with the body of the user under normal operating conditions. This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.


WARNING Children are attracted to and can operate firearms that can cause severe injuries or death. Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison. ADVERTENCIA A los ninos los atroen las armaside de fuego y los pueden hacer funcionar. Ellos pueden causarses lesiones graves y la muerte. Evite que los ninos tengon acceso a los armas de fuego guardandolas siempre con llave y descargadas cuando no las este utilizando. Si usted tiene un arma de fuego cargado en un lugar en que un no tiene acceso a ella y la usa indebidamente. Le pueden dar una multa a enviarlo a la carcel.

WARRANTY This European American Armory Corp Smart ABDOÂŽ is warranted to the original retail customer for 90 days from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. All parts and labor or replacement at our option are covered. Transportation to and from our repair facilities, government fees, damage caused by failure to perform normal maintenance, sales outside the United States, damage due to any unauthorized repair, modification, misuse, abuse, or alteration of the product is not covered by this Limited Warranty. Any implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to 90 days from date of original retail purchase. Consequential or incidental damages and/or expenses, or any other expenses are not covered by this warranty. To obtain warranty performance, send your Smart ABDOÂŽ with proof of retail purchase, Freight prepaid: EAA Corp /1426 King Street / Cocoa, FL 32922


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USER MANUAL: Smart ABDO™ iPhone® and Android® Smartphone App  

UPDATED: 01/05/18 This is the user manual for the Smart ABDO™, Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe and the companion app. This brief guide...

USER MANUAL: Smart ABDO™ iPhone® and Android® Smartphone App  

UPDATED: 01/05/18 This is the user manual for the Smart ABDO™, Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe and the companion app. This brief guide...

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