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REGULATING THE MP 221 BARRELS 1) You rifle has three points to regulate your barrels . the front sight(pic 1a), the rear sight (pic 2a) and a jack screw in the middle of the barrel on the under side just in front of the sling swivel (pic 3a)

2) The front sight is adjustable for elevation. This is done by screwing it clock wise to raise the elevation and counter clock wise to lower the elevation. This can be done with a wrench or flat soft jaw pliers. The front sight has two flat sides to help grab it when adjusting. See (pics 4a, 5 a)

3) The rear sight is windage adjustable. This is done by loosening the rear sight screw and moving it from left to right. See( pics 6a)

4)The jack screw is used to move the right barrel in or out for windage adjustment . To move the jack screw you will need a small pin punch. See( pic 7a) .To move the right barrel impact inward you will have to move the barrel outwards by turning the jack screw reward towards the receiver. To move the right barrel impact outwards you will have to move the barrel inwards by turning the jack screw towards the muzzle. 5)These rifles should be regulated at 50yds.

MP221 Barrel Regulation  

Online owner's manual for MP221 Barrel Regulation

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