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(e)co team UPC SDE 2012 www.solardecathlon.upc. edu/2012

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House design is nearing it’s final version. Efficient Hard Exterior: industrialized skin, it works as a weather machine, comfort at 0 cost. Flexible Soft Interior: organic material modules, local and easy transformable spaces. more drawings in web, facebook, blog.

1:1 model

the model e 1:1 made with tables !! A great way to experience future spaces !!


(e)co’s bioclimatic team is doing a great job!! complex clima simulations to achieve the best solutions and the best ways to minimize power consumption and energy cost: cross ventilation, humidifiers, shadow skin, heat acumulation...

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(e)co time


workshop (e)co solar decathlon 2012 took place on June 29 to July 8. Thirty students, architects, engineers, urbanists, ecologists and companies worked for a week to improve the (e)co project !! students: Antonio Quirante, Alba Martell, Pablo González Ruiz, Rubén López, Carla Leandro, Adria Martín, Carme Argudo, Catalina Sauza, Sergi Valero, Andrei Catalin, Aitor lturralde,Sergi Mateos, Anca Virginia Stefan, Francisco Pérez, Adria Vilajoana, Oscar Subirats, Natalia Delgado, Simone Lorenzon, Marc Díaz, Alfonso Godoy, loanna-Anna Papachristou, Albert Rubio, Alejandro Ribas, Jordi Mitjans, Luis Borunda, Javier Muriel, Maria Güell, Juan Águila, Miguel Pich-Aguilera professionals: Toni Solanas, Roger Tudó, Jaime Prous, Isabel Vega, Oriol Muntaner, Anna Lacasta, Oriol Roselló, Toni Tribó, Torsten Masseck, Fabián López, Josep Bunyesc, Arcadi de Bobes, Enric Corbat, Robert Brufau, Joan Sabater, Alfons Soldevilla, Coque Claret, Albert Cuchí, Elena Albareda, Albert Sagrera, Jordi Morató, Txatxo Sabater, Sergi Serrat, Curro Claret, Xavier Vancells, Felipe Pich-Aguilera, Emiliano López, Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, Dani Calatayud, Ivan Muñiz i Anna Zahonero.

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(e)co project is already in the wikipedia !!!

(e)co mmunity

New director in ETSAV. The new director is Victor Segui who replaces Joan Puigdomenech, the current one, so he becames Faculty Advisor of the (e)co project. On his first day meeting he explained that sustainability is now ETSAV’s cornerstone and he expects much of us!!

Coming soon...


September 14

the 3rd Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 delivery.

October 4-5-6 Solar Decathlon Workshop in Madrid

September 29 - October 6 Arquinset. (e)co project presentation and visit

to Low3 in the international architecture festival BCN, sustanibility is the theme of this edition.

October 22-23 48h Open House BCN. Public tours in Low3, UPC’s house for Solar Decathlon 2010, 1st prize in architecture!

(e)quilibrium through cooperation

(e)co team UPC SDE 2012 www.solardecathlon.upc. edu/2012

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newsletter of (e)co project

(e)co newsletter 09-11  

newsletter of (e)co project