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Dear neighbours It's June already and I can't believe we've produced the fourth edition of E9 Magazine. With many thanks to our contributors, we have a great magazine this month. Sonia Lambert takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Hackney through the ages, and what better place to see the many layers of London life than through the history of Sutton House (p6). Susan Birtwistle has written yet another great review of one of our local eateries (p26) and I'm delighted to say that Elliott Lidstone has taken time out of his steamy kitchen at the Empress to pen a very elegant but easy recipe for mackerel (p18).


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Sutton House through the ages


Feature: Tempo Pilates


Q&A with TV's Tommy Walsh




What to do with the kids

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What to eat: an elegant way to cook mackerel


Feature: The Hackney Healer


Business focus: Empire Security


A dog's life: how to stop incessant barking


Hackney bites: Hill & Szrok


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Our Q&A this month is with TV personality Tommy Walsh, who is, without a shadow of doubt, properly local. He's always lived in E9 and was determined to stay put, even back in the day when Hackney was more geriatric than gentrified, and what better endorsement is there for our wonderful area than that (p10)?

Julie Julie Daniels T: 020 8533 1278 E: W:

Cover: with thanks to Sutton House for providing the photograph.

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Events throughout June at Lime Wharf

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25 Summer Tea Dance Victoria Park Hub Building (p17)

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Beats VI Empire (p16)

D-Day anniversary concert Hackney Picture House (p16)

Homerton Library 40th birthday activities (p12, 16)

Well Street Common Festival (p12, 16)

Junior Wildlife Club Victoria Park (p16)

Festival of Sport at QEOP (p16)

Field Day, Victoria Park (p16)

Field Day, Victoria Park (p16)



Found Festival Haggerston Park (p17)

Victoria Park Players performance (p17)

Instrumental Lime Wharf (P16) House Candellight (p16)



painting at Ceramics (p16)


Epic sponsored dog walk at QEOP (p17)

20 Events throughout June at Lime Wharf


Victoria Park Players performance (p17)



Events throughout June at the Yard Theatre

Roskell Piano Trio Sutton House (p17) Hackney Half Marathon (p17)




Bumps and Babies (share your parenting experiences) Wonderland Ceramics (p32)

Lauriston School Summer Fair (p32)

Holi Festival of Colours QEOP (p32)

Comedy night out Memoryscape history walk Hackney Empire (p32) Victoria Park (p32) Holi Festival of Colours QEOP (p32)

Mini Manic Mechanics Sutton House (p32)

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Hackney history

Sutton House offers a glimpse of all the other Londons that came before, writes Sonia Lambert Wolf Hall. Ralph worked for Thomas Cromwell, who had his own, even bigger pad, up the road in Clapton. The building was a “Grand Design” of the era, and considered pretty cutting edge because it was made of brick from the banks of the nearby Hackney Brook (most buildings were half-timbered at the time, or made from stone). As a result, it was first known as the Bryk Place.

Sutton House


utton House, the oldest house in Hackney, has seen more change than most. Now a well-behaved elderly lady, the glories of her youth are far behind her, as well as some desperate days and wild nights. Her history illustrates some of the dramatic ups and downs of our borough. I’ve got my own fond memories – this was the place where we celebrated our wedding, 14 years ago. Of course, I like to think our tipsy dancing to ‘90s hits was a high point in 480 years of parties and domestic dramas, but the building must have seen many even stranger sights over this time. It’s hard to imagine, as the buses roar along Homerton High Street today, but when the house was first built the hamlet of “Homberton” was an idyllic country village surrounded by fields and meadows. Free of the plague, and close enough to the City and Court, it became a popular place for the rich and successful to build their statement homes – a sort of Tunbridge Wells of the day. The house was built in about 1534 by Ralph Sadleir, who features in Hilary Mantel’s bestseller,

6   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

Ralph escaped Cromwell’s fate (execution with a blunt axe – one of the hazards of working for Henry VIII), and lived into the reign of Elizabeth I, becoming the richest commoner in the country. In the 17th and 18th centuries more properties went up, but the area kept its reputation for clean air and genteel elegance, and the building became a girls’ school. Although fairly unusual at the time, there were several in the area – and this part of Hackney was referred to as “the ladies’ university of female arts”. Samuel Peyps (a bit of a letch, as well as a regular at the Mermaid Tavern down the road) paid a visit, remarking in his diary on all the pretty schoolgirls in the district. A series of Huguenot families then rented the house until it became a school once again in the 19th century. Some of the objects found beneath the floorboards are on display – including a finetoothed comb which made me wonder if these girls had some of the same problems as the modern Hackney schoolchild ... By now, Hackney was being swallowed up by the rest of London. Factories were built along the river Lee, and with better transport available, wealthier residents began to move out of the area. The original garden was built over by the Hackney Free and Parochial School, and the house became the

Hackney history St John’s Church Institute – a recreational club for the “education, entertainment and improvement” of men of “all classes” – known locally as the “Tute”. The house survived the Blitz, while fire wardens kept watch on the roof. After the war, it was used by Hackney Social Services, and then as the offices of a union in the 1960s. In the 1980s, the building was a squat, and became known as The Blue House – a wellmeaning but chaotic mix of idealism and drugs that sounds very characteristic of the time. Gigs were performed by such fantastically named bands as Sons of Bad Breath and Bad Dress Sense. On a blog called Kill Your Pet Puppy, you can read ageing anarchists reminiscing about these days. The wooden panelling was stolen (apparently not by the squatters themselves, but by someone claiming to be from the council, looking for asbestos!). Fortunately, the Tudor cladding was returned to the building undamaged. Lauriston Summer Fair Ad.pdf



I’m struck by how many times the house was nearly destroyed – and only saved by the dedicated campaigning and fund-raising of local people down the centuries. Looking into the history, it feels like a miracle that it survived. Now run by the National Trust and open to the public, there’s an excellent programme of community activities. Younger visitors are well provided for, with trunks full of dressing-up clothes and interesting objects to explore. A new garden is opening in July, in the former car yard next door, which looks like fun. It’s a wonderful place to catch a glimpse of all the other Londons that came before – and the dense layering of lives beneath the surface of our city. Read more from Sonia in her blog: 22:09

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Exercise to the beat – with Tempo Pilates Advertorial

Photos: Suki Dandha

Want to excercise with style? Former fashion designer, Daniel le Roux, invites us to his reformer Pilates studio in Netil House, near Broadway Market


forged an early career as a fashion designer in my native South Africa, and launched my first collection from school, eventually setting up my own brand at the age of 22. Even though I was successful in fashion so young, I felt I wanted to expand my horizons, so I made the move to London, swapping the South African plains for the hubbub, traffic and artistic culture of Hackney. Once here, I retrained in fitness and happened to stumble upon Pilates. I loved it! I studied and trained hard and came across a method that inspired me – the catalyst for Tempo Pilates. I fell in love with reformer Pilates. Reformer machines are devices that transform your workout. 8   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

While classic mat Pilates concentrates on low reps and can be unstable, the reformer machines support your every move and, at the same time, add more resistance. This means more weight loss and toning. Not one for following the herd, I developed a fitness reformer Pilates class, set to the beat of an ever-changing playlist. Our music is the biggest motivator alongside our ethos of building great relationships with all of our students. At Tempo Pilates we want you to feel at ease from your first class, and stay motivated in every single one with a vitalising soundtrack.

Exercise to the beat – with Tempo Pilates Advertorial The setting here is an oasis of calm and looks very cool; decorated mostly in tranquil grey and black. But what makes Tempo Pilates different to other Pilates classes? Well, we’re different because we’re an independent business. Our classes are small – under ten people – and we host up to eight classes a day for convenience. I disagree with the corporate nature of the fitness industry. I feel it’s profit-driven rather than peopledriven. We aim to provide remarkable customer service and we make sure our staff are well trained and consistent – and that means a great class every time people come. Tempo Pilates doesn’t just have the benefits of a normal reformer Pilates class – it will make you sweat, tone-up and feel great, and I’m confident that, with practice, you will see results.

I saw my vision in the building site of Netil House five years ago. Just like seeing a fashion collection from a roll of fabric, I can spot the potential of any student who walks through the door, and with up-tempo teaching and a lively playlist, students can say goodbye to stuck-in-a-rut fitness. Use the voucher below to book 5 Classes for only £65 instead of £102.50. SAVE £37.50. Please note, the offer is limited to the first 30 readers to redeem the voucher.

Tempo Pilates, 07563 578 165

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My Hackney What drew you to E9? I was conceived on the Balls Pond Road, saw the light and moved to E9. What do you most value about your street? I suppose it's about its unchanging character, the retention of the Victorian features, the fact that it's well designed and nicely compact. It's obvious what people like because the demand is consistent for this type of house. It's a design that's worked when it was first conceived and it's still valid today. Does the area influence your work? Yes. From a builder's point of view, the challenge is to effectively repair and upgrade these old buildings, but retain the original features; matching that to modern-day living. That involves creating more light and more open space, and that means there's an increase in work for quality builders.

Q&A with builder and TV personality Tommy Walsh

How does it compare to other areas? I've worked everywhere and I've never found anywhere better than Hackney. I choose to live here and always have done.

You can't get more local than Tommy Walsh, writes Julie Daniels. Apart from being "conceived in the Balls Pond Road", Tommy has always lived in E9. After stints in Hackney Wick and Meynell Gardens, he moved back to the street his parents first moved to when he was 9 months old. He met his wife, Marie, in the Alex (now known as The Lauriston). He was educated at Parmiter School in Bethnal Green just before the school shut up shop along with other grammar schools. After working with his father in the building trade, Tommy ran a successful building and landscaping firm before being spotted to take part in the TV garden makeover show Ground Force. By chance, he was doing a building job for TV executive Carol Haslam, who asked his opinion on the pilot for a show she was making, starring Alan Titchmarsh. Tommy told her straight: "it's a little like watching paint dry". The format was changed, Tommy hired, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What makes you most proud? I've brought up three good kids who are happy to spend time with their parents. They even want to go on holiday with us. But that could be the fact that dad pays. It's easier to be nice than nasty, I think, and that's reflected in living around here. People are nice and unassuming but give you space and privacy. Also, Hackney's green spaces. I love Victoria Park, but Hackney Marshes is my favourite place. You've got the woodland, the river, boating, runners, dog-walkers, all the many sports there. You can have all this and you can have solitude if you want it. Tell me somewhere else in the city where you can do that.

10   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

I'm also really proud of the Stairway to Heaven charity and the achievement of the trustees, supporters and contributors. It commemorates the worst civilian disaster of the Second World War, when 173 people were crushed to death at Bethnal Green Tube Station. It's a disgrace that the disaster has been ignored all of these years. We need £72,000 to complete the fund and finish the memorial.

My Hackney What are you working on? I've made the best part of 1,000 TV programmes, writtten 6 books (one of which, DIY Survival, was a bestseller) and done some acting. I'm currently working on a couple of commercial jobs, starting a column for House Beautiful, doing a range of gardening shows, plus I'm involved with HIGs (the Home Improvement Guarantee), which helps protect people against cowboy builders, but also protects builders against rogue clients. It's an approval scheme which is free to clients. Best coffee in these parts? I'm a builder, we only drink tea. If you want a nice cup of tea and cake, then there's Amandine on Victoria Park Road. They serve cracking stuff; that's the place for me. What do you do at the weekend? Quite often I'm working, but if I'm not, I go walking with the dog, watch sport, get out into the garden with a BBQ and have family and friends round. I'm not a great lover of shopping, though. Where do you eat out? We like Turkish chargrilled stuff. There's one on Mare Street and a couple in Well Street market. There are lots of Turkish places around here and the food's always well cooked and presented. We like Hai Ha on Mare Street, too, The Stingray Globe Café on Columbia Road, and then there's Namo. Oh and the Fish House for fish and chips.

Where do you go to chill out? I've been known to frequent the local hostelries to sample some of their wares. What's the best thing about E9? Everything. Is there anything you'd change about the area? I think it really needs a local authority who's behind the progressive approach of the local businesses and residents here.The council has spent little money and they get a big income from local taxes. You need a local authority that's sympathetic to the residents' requirements. They're damaging the goose that lays the golden egg. If E9 were human, what sort of person would it be? A bit Nelson Mandela-ish. It has an underlying humorous side; self-deprecating, unassuming, but it also has an iron will. It's talented and probably undervalued by outsiders. E9 in a word? Terrific.

Hackney's best-kept secret? Hackney Marshes.

An “outstanding” independent school for children aged 3 to 11.

Sewardstone Road, Victoria Park, London E2 9JG. 020 8980 2978 E9 magazine JUNE 2014   11

Noticeboard Nordic walking

East London Age Well is organising Nordic Walking in lots of local parks FREE for the over 50s from Hackney and Tower Hamlets. The meeting points for the walking sessions are: Victoria Park Saturdays 1pm – 2pm and Thursdays 7pm-8pm. Meeting point: Pavilion Café, Crown Gate West, E9 7DE Hackney Marshes Mondays, 10.30am-11.30am Meeting point: Hackney Marshes Centre, Homerton Road, E9 5PF Haggerston Park Wednesdays,1pm-1.45pm Meeting Point: City Farm entrance

Homerton Library at 40

On Saturday, 7 June, your local library celebrates its 40th birthday in style. There are events throughout the day, starting at: 10.45am-12.30pm: History of Homerton Heritage Walk (meeting point, Homerton Library). 1pm-5pm: Have-a-go gardening. Pot up basil, mint or parsley and take it away with you. 1pm-2pm: Face-painting for children aged two and over; badge-making for all ages. 2.15pm-2.45pm: Storytelling. 3pm-4pm: African Voice of the Djembe Drums. Be entertained by a troupe of master drummers from across West Africa and the Caribbean. All ages welcome. 3pm-7pm: Music from the Vinyl Library – spinning 45s selected from an eclectic mix of vinyl. 6pm: Free refreshments.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Sundays, 10am-11am Meeting point: Copper Box Arena

7pm-7.45pm: Poetry evening with Errol McGlashan and Sam Berkson.

More details: eastlondon/activities

More details and booking at, or contact Natalie Lewis on 020 8356 7577.

Or contact Hackney Age Well on: 020 7241 5909 12   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

Noticeboard Noticeboard Roll up, roll up ...

Every week ...



B LIVE MUSIC TEA TENT B Stalls of all Sport & Q kinds Fitness CAKE COMPETITION







Tuesdays: Swing dance classes at the Royal Inn on the Park. victoriapark/ Wednesdays: The Victoria Park Singers summer term has begun. New members are always welcome. Meet at the Royal Inn on the Park, 7pm-8.45pm (during term time). The choir performs regularly at venues including the Southbank Centre



A fun, FREE day out for all the family! Contact & further information:

Photo courtesy of Radka Bailey Captions

There are just a few days left until the Well Street Common Festival. There will be stalls of all kinds, sport and fitness, a dog show, workshops, cake competitions, BBQ, refreshments and the Hackney Play Bus. Donations of books, bric-a-brac, toys and plants still welcome during the week before the event. To book a stall or volunteer to help out, please contact Caroline Gregory on 020 8985 7422 or email

Christmas market and at charity events locally. Thursdays: Victoria Park Players, a wide variety of performances, from Panto to Shakespeare. Meet at the Royal Inn on the Park. Sundays: St John of Jerusalem Festival Chorus.The choir welcomes new members and is open to all.

Want to publicise an event on these pages? Email E9 magazine JUNE 2014   13


Every Saturday morning the Hackney Picturehouse hosts a family-only matinee of a specially chosen children’s film, plus fun activities. From recent blockbusters to classic favourites, Kids’ Club is for children aged 3-12 years. Membership is £4 a year, including the first visit free. Tickets for members and accompanying adults are £1.50 each. Non-members and accompanying adults pay £3.50 each. No adult unaccompanied by a child will be admitted.

(, and Morningside on Chatham Place (, but there are many others nearby. All of them run drop-in play sessions, and a range of activities and support for families.


Monday afternoon Kickboxing for 3-5 and 6-11-year-olds at the Hackney Forge. Call Maria for details on 07872 188 655.

Also at the Picturehouse, there’s Toddler Time, a great way to introduce pre-school children to the big screen. The programme features 30-minute shows for kids and their parents/carers. Admission is just £3 per child and accompanying adults are free when they become members of Toddler Time (free to join – ask at the Box Office or call 0871 902 5747).



Artist Katherine Tulloh runs an art club for children in her home ─ or at nearby Well Street Common if the weather is fine. Classes take place after school in term time only. Sessions for 5-7-year olds are on Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm, and for 8-11-yearolds, on Mondays, 4pm-5.30pm. Call Katherine on 07909 961 877 or email her at: katherine@


Cycling Club Hackney run Saturday morning coaching sessions for their 8-13-year-old members.There’s also a group for 13+ development riders. Meet 10am at the club HQ, 6 Olympus Square, Nightingale Estate, E5. Cost £2.00. CCH are also offering coaching to 6-8-yearolds on Saturday mornings. Note: there are limited spaces and parents must stay with their child. For membership details, go to the website:

Children’s Centres

The three children's centres in E9 are Wentworth, which is on Cassland Road (www.wentworth., Gainsborough on Berkshire Road 14   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

At city farms (in South Hackney, or further afield in Stepney, Spitalfields and Mudchute) you can introduce your kids to the pongs and pleasures of real farm animals. Stepney City Farm has a great café, as well as a farmers’ market every Saturday from 10am-3pm:


If you’re looking for something a little different to do with your pre-school-age child, try Hackney Forge on a Wednesday morning. Cbeebies actress Samantha Seager runs acting classes for little tots.


What was it like being a child all those years ago? From floggings to bed bugs, check out the Great Diary Project at Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green. Until 12 October 2014.


There’s ballet for children at the Hackney Forge on Tuesdays from 4pm-4.45pm. Call Malfalda on 07550 722 693 for details. Also at the Hackney Forge you’ll find Saturday Street Dance and Musical Theatre classes. 12 noon-1pm, 1.15pm-2.15pm and 2.30-3.30pm Call Lisa on 07985 945 335 for details.



Suzuki Hub runs music lessons for kids (violin, viola, cello or flute), and the summer term runs until 12 July. Suzuki Hub, 116 Weymouth Terrace, E2 8LR.

Why not visit the Museum of Childhood exhibition “The Story of Jacqueline Wilson”? A must-see for any Tracy Beaker fan, until 2 November 2014.

Piccolo music for babies and toddlers runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the V&A building in Victoria Park. The toddler class is at 10am and the baby class at 11am ─ just drop in. For more info call Stefanie on 07708 451 314.

Don’t forget the libraries, We have quite a few of them, so find out what’s on at (and check out the 40th anniversary activites at the Homerton Library, see p12).

If you run an activity you would like to see listed in a future edition, please call us on 020 8533 1278 or email

E9 magazine JUNE 2014   15

What’s on in June Borough Beats VI

Thursday, 5 June, 6.30pm. Showcasing the musical talents 5 of over 300 young musicians from schools across Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Barking & Dagenham. Performances will feature Dhol, African drums, orchestral percussion, Taiko drumming, samba, steel pan and body percussion as well as dance. The evening will culminate in a massed performance by all musicians and ensembles in a magnificent finale piece. Price: £12 (box), £7 (adults) £4 (children and concessions) 020 8985 2424.

Project Instrumental

Thursday, 5 June, 7.30pm. Project Instrumental takes up its residency at Lime Wharf with an enlivening concert. A dazzling programme of 20th century American minimalism and 19th century Russian romanticism, balanced with 21st century London eclecticism. They invite anyone with a penchant for living. Tickets are just £5. Venue: Lime Wharf, Vyner Street, E2. Book via


Romantic Sutton House

Thursday, 5 June, 7pm. Explore the house by candlelight and relax with a drink in the lovely café-bar. House and bar open from 6pm, guided tour starts at 7pm. No need to book, just turn up on the night.


D-Day anniversary concert

Friday, 6 June, 7.30pm at the Hackney Picture House. Live from the Albert Hall, presented by BBC Radio 2, live cinema broadcast of the D-Day 70th anniversary concert presented by BBC Radio 2’s Friday Night is Music Night. Cost: Full price £20, Members £13, Concessions £15. Details: Hackney_Picturehouse


40 yrs of Homerton Library


Saturday, 7 June from 10.45am. To celebrate being part of the local area for the past 40 years, Homerton Library is hosting

16   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

a fun-packed day of events and activities for the whole family (see p12.). Info: uk/libraries-whats-on.htm#homerton1 Homerton Library, Homerton High St, London E9 6AS. 020 8356 1690

Junior Wildlife Club

Saturday, 7 June, 10am-12.30pm. Join the Community Rangers and explore Victoria Park’s wonderful wildlife. Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult. Meet at V&A building.


Field Day, Victoria Park

Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 June. Two days of music and weird 7-8 and wonderful fête games. Tickets from £50 for one day. Details:

Well St Common Festival

Sunday, 8 June, 12noon-5pm. There will be sports, family dog show, stalls, refreshments, arts workshops and more. If you’d like to help or donate books, bric-a-brac, plants and toys (welcome the week before please), contact Caroline Gregory on 020 8985 7422 or email


Festival of Sport at QEOP

Sunday, 8 June, 9.30am start. To celebrate the arrival of the Queen’s Baton Relay at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, come and join the free activities. Suitable for all ages and abililities, join in football, wrestling and sitting volleyball. Plus dance workshops and mini-cricket, a big dance bus, a bouncy cave and loads more.


Evening painting

Thursday, 12 June, 6pm-9pm at Wonderland Ceramics. Doors will be open till late so you can enjoy a relaxing creative evening with a difference. Bring your own wine or beer if you wish. Wonderland Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7HD Booking essential: 0208 985 1214 or


What’s on in June Found Festival


Saturday, 14 June, 11am-9pm at Haggerston Park, Shoreditch. House and techno music festival.

Epic sponsored dog walk

Saturday, 14 June, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Has your dog got what it takes to be a hero? Support the Guide Dogs and come along to the world’s most epic dog walk (doggie cape optional). whats-on/events


Allo, Allo ...

Roskell Piano Trio

Sunday, 22 June, 6pm. The Roskell Piano Trio return with Ravel's and Schubert’s Trio in Eb. Plus free tour of Sutton House. Booking essential: Sutton House Music Society, 07505 609757,


Hackney Half Marathon

Sunday, 22 June. Sign up to the brand new Hackney Half Marathon. Lace-up for this flat run through the greenest borough in London. Find out more at:


Summer Tea Dance

Saturday, Sunday, 14, 15 June. Victoria Park Players perform 14,15 Fawlty Towers and Allo, Allo. Venue: Lauriston School, E9. Tickets £10, £5 concessions and children, under 3s free. Tickets on sale at Sublime, 225 Victoria Park Road, E9 7HJ

Wednesday, June 25, 12.30pm3.30pm. Back by popular demand. Join the Park Rangers who are hosting this FREE over 50s tea dance. To book a place call 020 7364 5393 or email Venue:The Hub building.


That toned, lithe, happy, healthy-looking person you clocked in Broadway Market? One of ours Personal training, Spin indoor cycling & 30+ pay-as-you-go classes - circuits, yoga, boot camps, Zumba & boxing fit E9 magazine JUNE 2014   17

What to eat

This is a great time of year for mackerel and Elliott Lidstone’s recipe is simple, yet elegant


’ve been head chef of the Empress for over two years now. Before that I ran the kitchen of a Michelin star place in Berkshire, but I lived in Hackney and the East London food scene was really burgeoning and I was keen to be part of it. From the age of 18 I’d worked in starred kitchens of restaurants with pretty formal 18   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

dining rooms and I wanted to move away from that. I still wanted the food to be great and to use top quality ingredients, but I wanted to pare it down slightly and to make it more accessible. What I like about the Empress is that we get people popping in for a bite to eat because they haven’t got anything in at home, but we

What to eat fish from Jonathan Norris, the fishmonger on Victoria Park Road, and at this time of year the mackerel’s fantastic. They are line caught in the waters just off Cornwall and are a great size, which means one fillet will be plenty for a starter portion. If you’d like to turn this into a main course, just use a whole fish and serve with Jersey Royals.

Grilled mackerel, pickled cucumber, horseradish crème fraiche – serves 4 Method To make the pickled cucumber: Simply bring all the ingredients to the boil, cool down, strain and pour over the half moons of cucumber. Leave overnight in the fridge. This can be done a couple of days in advance and you can make as much as you like, store it in the fridge and eat anything you don’t use with cold meats another day. To make the horseradish crème fraiche: Grate the horseradish as finely as possible into the crème fraiche, add the lemon juice, chopped dill and season with salt and pepper. Set the grill to high, season the mackerel and drizzle with olive oil. Cook until the skin is crispy and the flesh just cooked through, then squeeze lemon juice over it. also get people coming for special meals out. It’s OK to eat good food in jeans at tables without tablecloths and I was really pleased to be awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand which denotes high quality food at good value. That’s what I’m about. I’ve chosen to share the recipe for a simplified version of a mackerel dish we have on at the Empress. We get all our

Arrange the fish, pickled cucumber and crème fraiche on a plate and finish with some more picked dill. Elliott Lidstone is head chef at The Empress, 130 Lauriston Road London E9 7LT, 020 8533 5123

Illustrations by Rachel Gale. See more of her design, logo and branding work at E9 magazine JUNE 2014   19

Beauty and health

Facial reflexology is good for your health, as well as your looks. Julie Daniels called in on the Hackney Healer to try out some ‘yoga for the face’


’m not really a touchy feely type of person. I don’t often go in for massages, or in fact therapies of any kind that involve hands, oil or pebbles. I’m ok with polite greetings involving pecks on the cheek. Just. Maybe it’s to do with being a Northerner? Probably not. So an invitation to try out some facial reflexology, courtesy of Karen Ryx, the Hackney Healer, was a little more of a chore than it would be for some. I needn’t have worried. Karen has one of those quiet, calm personalities that is comfortable to be around, and she instantly put me at ease. Reflexology to me meant feet, so thank god we didn’t go there (see above). Instead, we went for the face, which definitely appealed to my vanity. “Think of facial reflexology as ‘face yoga’; a workout for your face,” explained Karen. Well, when you get to a certain age, this is a very appealing prospect, so I couldn’t wait to start. Facial reflexology works on the same principle as foot reflexology. “Different facial zones connect to the major vital organs and the face acts as a ‘map’ of your entire body,” says Karen. “It balances your energy system through ‘meridians’ and regulates the body’s functions through stimulation of neuro-vascular points – which in turn releases endorphins.” So to me that meant a healing and beauty treatment in one, which made me very keen to try it. She asked me whether I had any particular ailments, and fully armed with the details, she went to work. 20   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

Karen used a pleasant-smelling oil and concentrated for a very long time on the pressure points, stretching and stroking the face, which, she said, meant she was looking for deposits in the deep layers of the skin corresponding to different parts of the body. It was very relaxing and I didn’t feel at all like running away. Karen works in the basement of her house and the room is subtly lit, pleasantly scented, warm and comfortable. The music in the background was barely perceptible but enhanced my relaxation, so much so that I think I dozed off for a few minutes. I really did feel like I'd had a workout. I mentioned to Karen that I was having a particularly stressful time with work and came away from her feeling serene and very, very relaxed. My skin felt amazing and my eyes were much clearer. I always have tightness in the neck muscles and they felt loosened and less knotted than they had in months. Karen says she’s just assisting the body’s own natural healing ability. I disagree. I felt enlivened and less stressed than I’d felt in a long time and I think that is down to the fact that Karen is very good at what she does. It makes sense to give your face the same workout that you would give your body, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s all we need to keep ourselves looking youthful. But it makes better sense to try a technique that can be healing, as well as beautifying.

You’re in good hands...

Facial Reflexology Foot Reflexology Pre-Conceptual, Pregnancy & Post-Natal Reflexology Auricular Reflexology Reiki Crystal Healing Hopi Ear Candles

THE HACKNEY HEALER Karen Ryx 020 8985 0489 Find The Hackney Healer on Facebook

Local business focus – Empire Security

Being burgled is something we never want to experience. Julie Daniels talked to the experts about home security


ee Goddard's biggest concern is to save you the trouble, trauma and expense of dealing with the aftermath of a break-in. "It's horrible seeing people get burgled," he says. "Of course we'll come round and secure your place afterwards, but it's going to work out a lot more expensive for you – you've already lost your stuff and we'll have to repair the damage before we even think about fitting new locks." His company, Empire Security, has a solid track record of providing great service to many local businesses – The Fish House, The Deli Downstairs and Space Studios being just some of them. The Well Street-based locksmiths should be your first port of call if you want keys, alarms, locks of any kind (including for bikes), security grills or CCTV cameras. If you're not bowled over by Lee's charm and smile (see above), then you'll be impressed by his prices. The key-cutting service hasn't gone up in five years (any Yale key will cost you £3.50), and he can instal an alarm more cheaply than many companies because of his low overheads. Empire Security also specialises in concertina grills, which can be pushed back and look a lot more attractive (and possibly safer) than some fixed metal gates. So what's Lee's advice on security? Well, there aren't really any surprises; avoiding burglary is mostly common sense, and although not a guarantee that you won't be burgled, Lee's tips will certainly help to keep your family and your property safe – as well as bringing down the cost of your insurance premiums.

22   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

Lee Goddard

Lee's top tips: 1. Buy British Standard 5-lever deadlocks for your outside doors. If your deadlock conforms to the higher Brtish Standard (BS3621), your insurance company will give you credit and you may get some discount. 2. Get key-lockable window locks. 3. The locks are only as good as the person who fitted them. At Empire Security, we're experts and we know what we're doing. 4. Go for intelligent alarms. They have sensors that react to body mass, so cats/dogs/foxes don't set them off. Our alarms are programmed to call you if they go off and, unlike many alarm companies, you're not signed in to a contract for that service. We'll also come round once a year to service the alarm, for a small extra charge. 5. Remember to lock your doors and windows when you go out (common sense, yes?). 6. Finally, get yourself some decent contents insurance and sleep well at night.

To obtain your 10% discount on any purchase made at Empire Security, quote 'E9 Magazine'. Offer closes 31 July 2014.

Local business focus – Empire Security

Photography, left and above, by Andrew Cotterill

Beautiful flowers and gifts for every occasion 020 8986 0250 E9 magazine JUNE 2014   23

A dog’s life

No one likes a noisy dog, but how do you teach him to stop barking? Take some advice from Kamal Fernandez and a quieter life may be just around the corner


ark, bark, bark, bark, bark ... doesn’t it drive you insane? I have dogs, but relentless barking is a pet peeve for me, too. It's also one of the key complaints made by people who don’t own dogs, and who wants to be the victim of a complaint from your neighbour? The 64 million dollar question is why do dogs bark? The list of reasons is endless, but there are two key areas which would cover the majority of those reasons: anxiety and attention. Anxiety can manifest itself in many forms and separation anxiety if one the main causes of

24   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

barking. Some dogs just don't like to be left alone and their natural response is to bark to get attention. Other dogs just want your constant attention, and barking is a great way to get your owner to respond to you. Try it. Go bark outside the local supermarket and see how much attention you get. Possibly from people in white coats! So how do we turn this habit around and teach our dogs not to bark? Here are some key points to think about: 1. Make sure your dog isn’t craving something he really should have access to. Water or food, for

A dog’s life instance, or the need to go to the toilet. If these needs aren’t taken care of, then your dog may bark because he wants to get access to those essential things. 2. Be mindful of whether or not you are giving your dog attention when he barks. Are you training the dog, or is the dog training you?

6. If your dog is fearful of something that causes him to bark, try associating that fearful thing with treats. So if your dog is frightened of small, white fluffy dogs, treat him as that particular dog comes into view, and if possible just before he notices it. Then continue to reward the dog for his calm, quiet responses when the small white dog actually comes into his view.

3. Teach him to be happy when you aren’t around. 7. Distracting, diverting and giving the dog Build this up slowly but surely, and as early in his something to do are always options. When your life as you can. At first, just dog starts to bark, interrupt the pop into another room for a bad behavioiur and ask for a few seconds, and then return "sit" or "down". Teach him to to him, but be really casual bark on a cue and also teach teach your dog to about it. Anxiety is built in if you a "quiet" instruction. Reward greet the dog like you haven’t your dog every time he be happy when you seen him for 6 months, when responds correctly to "quiet" aren’t around in reality you have just been to with praise and treats. the loo. Stuff hard chewy toys Good luck! with peanut butter, cheese, or sandwich spread as a treat when you leave him, Kamal Fernandez is a professional dog trainer so that he is occupied. and has trained dogs for over 20 years, having competed at Crufts and at competitions all over 4. If your dog barks during a treat, redirect his the UK. He is also a Championship Obedience attention onto you, or create distance from the judge at Crufts. He uses reward-based methods to distraction. Ask for a simple behaviour, "sit", teach dogs of all breeds everything from domestic "down", "look at me", etc, and reward him. manners, to competitions and film work. For more information: 5. If you know your dog barks at a specific thing, try to desensitise him. For example, if he doesn’t like umbrellas, try having one folded and set in the place where he eats or sleeps. Have it positioned Do you have a problem with your dog that so that at first he doesn’t notice it. Then gradually you would like us to cover? Email us at and slowly expose the umbrella a little bit each day, so that in the end it is totally open and the dog is oblivious to it.

The most comprehensive lock-based service available

020 8986 7921 E9 magazine JUNE 2014   25

Hackney bites This month's great place to eat ...

Hill & Szrok


hen I first saw this shop being renovated I thought it looked a bit too expensive for around these parts, more like the type of butcher that would seem at home in Mayfair. I know the area is changing but it felt unusual not to see second hand bits of furniture rustled together. Here, it’s all beautiful wooden refrigerated front windows and marble. Like I said, expensive.

What they don’t have displayed in the fridge windows they’ll bring up from downstairs and butcher for you. We were going camping with some friends and our job was to make the kick-ass chilli ready to eat around the fire on arrival night. The meat was so tender and amazing that it really set the enjoyment level to high for the rest of the weekend.

Appearances can be deceptive and once you’re inside, Tom, the butcher, who actually looks like a butcher, is lovely and chatty. I hadn’t realised it was a restaurant as well until I popped in to get a couple of steaks, which were very tasty. But Tom really came into his own when we needed 2.5kg of brisket for a camping trip.

For those who don’t know, this is a butcher's shop during the day; it closes for a scrub down at 6pm and then re-opens at 7pm, spotless, with the lights down low, as a place to eat. This is when chef Alex takes over. Funnily enough, he also looks like a butcher, but with his moustache he’s more in the style of "Mr Cutts", the butcher from Tintin.

26   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

Hackney bites

Chicken hearts on toast There’s no booking policy at this joint; I hate that. But we took the opportunity of a kid-free night and arrived at 7pm on the dot, and we weren’t even the first! Seriously, you need to turn up on time here, it was full within ten minutes. I’m told there are two sittings at 7pm and 9pm. So, for all it’s posh butcheriness by day, by night it’s more like being in someone’s kitchen. You sit on stools around the big marble slab table in the centre, or around the perimeter, a little bit MaccyD-style. It’s a small place. I counted 20 of us sitting down. Even though it’s intimate and private, there’s none of that forced chumminess and chat with the neighbours. But just to make sure, we chose seats furthest away along the edge and it’s always nice to be close to the kitchen, where the action is. Earlier in the week I had read that Grace Dent (the restaurant reviewer) had been eating around here at a place nearby. She hadn’t enjoyed the experience. If only she had come here it would have been a different story. The food is delicious. It’s a masterclass in cooking meat. We ordered a whole pile of dishes – between us we practically had the entire menu. But having said that, it is quite short, just the way a menu should be.

That night we ate chicken hearts on toast (pictured, above); which I adored, served with garlic flowers, a wonderful beetroot, roast onion, wild garlic, curds and almonds, bulls blood lettuce, apple and courgette. Baked potato with sour cream and fried onions; just how a baked potato should be. Cauliflower stems, beetroot tips and bacon. A hamroc sausage, chicken supreme with perfectly crispy skin, and leg of lamb, pink to perfection. It was all excellent. Their attention to detail makes for wonderful, tantalising plates of desire. These guys seriously hamrock! (ahem) . Susan Birtwistle A meal for two including wine and service is around £60.

Hill & Szrok Master Butcher & Cookshop. Broadway Market 020 7254 8805

E9 magazine JUNE 2014   27


Hackney belongs to the runners ... The parks are full of locals running to get fit or just for pure enjoyment. So how do you join them? Roger Love, personal trainer and co-owner of London Fields Fitness Studio, offers some essential dos and don’ts to would-be runners


O get the right shoes for you. Pounding around the park in a worn-out pair is a recipe for injury. Get advice from a running shop who will assess your foot and find the right shoe for you. Invest as much as you can afford. DO start by walking. Get your body used to the demands you are about to put on it by starting slowly. Then try some "intervals" – walking, then running, and so on, swapping over as you go. As you get stronger and fitter, you can make your intervals jogging and then running. DO think about posture. Rather than just throwing back your shoulders, do a subtle lowering and

28   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

tightening to help give you a good running posture. Pull in your abs to stabilise the body. Your hips should remain stable and forward-facing. DO lift you legs up at the back as you run (kick your heels up), so you get a full range of movement. Aim for a mid-foot strike. Your foot should land below your hips, not out in front. DO breathe. Aim to breath deeply and as naturally as possible every two strides. Eventually, you will find your own rhythm. DON’T spend a fortune on running clothes. Something loose and comfortable will do the job to

Fitness start with. If you do want to splash out, get some clothing made of "wicking fabric" (that carries moisture away from your skin). The Decathlon sports shop at Surrey Quays (Canada Water Retail Park, London SE16 2XU, 020 7394 2000) does very reasonably priced wicking tops. DON’T take your mileage up too quickly. Increase your pace and distance gradually over several runs. Think more about time than distance. Start with 10 minutes and build up to, say, 30 minutes. If you feel badly out of shape, you're recovering from an injury, or you are pregnant, see your GP before you start. DON’T swing your arms across your body. They should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Swing them forward and back. This helps to propel you forward. Hands should be relaxed, so not to create tension that could run up your body. DON’T hunch. This restricts breathing, allowing less oxygen to get to the muscles. Also, don’t drop your head. Look straight ahead of you, about 30 metres out in front. This avoids creating tension in your neck and shoulders. DON’T strike the ground too hard. Use positive movements, but aim for short light steps and try to be light and quiet. Don’t lift your knees too high. They should be lifting forwards rather than backwards. You should not hear a loud slapping sound as your feet hit the ground.

Competition To win a half set of lash extensions and a spray tan, OR a full set of lash extensions (each prize worth £60; the winner chooses which), please answer the following question: What is the purpose of eyelashes? A) To protect the eye, or B) to help you blink more easily? Email The competition closes at midnight, 31 July 2014. The editor's decision is final. Plus – E9 Magazine readers get 15% off a full set of lashes or 10% off any other treatment. Please quote reference 'E9 Magazine' when booking. Offer ends 31 July 2014. 07962 345818

Good luck. Next month: The Burpee challenge ... a 30-day routine to help get you ready for the the summer holidays.

London Fields Fitness Studio Railway Arch 379 Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH E9 magazine JUNE 2014   29






TEA TENT Family Stalls B of all Sport & DOG Q kinds Fitness SHOW CAKE COMPETITION ALBION KIDS SHOW




A fun, FREE day out for all the family! Contact & further information:

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What’s on in June – July Bumps and Babies

Every last Friday of the month, 10.30am-12.30pm. Why not come 27 and meet Katie, the Hackney NCT coordinator, and a few other mums and dads to share your experiences of parenthood? As well as lots of chat, there will be fresh homebaked cakes, tea and coffee. NCT and non-NCT members welcome. Wonderland Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Road.

Mini Manic mechanics

Sunday, June 29, 12 noon, Sutton House. Manic mechanics and mini movies. Make your own car, drive it around a teeny tiny version of Hackney and catch yourself on camera. Absolutely free. For more detail call Gemma Bending on 020 8525 9066, or email her at


Memoryscape history walk

Comedy night out

Sunday, June 29, 10am–12.30pm. Join the Community Rangers on a 29 recorded audio trail around Victoria Park. Limited spaces available. To book, call 020 7364 5393 or email Venue: Meet at the V&A building.

Lauriston Summer Fair


Saturday, 28 June, Hackney Empire. Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out. 28 Bill’s uncut brand of comedy is hilarious, edgy, uncensored and unapologetic. Prices from £25. 020 8985 2424.

Saturday, 28 June, 12noon-5pm. All welcome to the Lauriston School 28 Summer Fair. BBQ, cakes, games, face-painting and a whole lot more. Venue: Lauriston School (Connor Street entrance).

Holi Festival of Colours

Saturday and Sunday, 28 and 29 June. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park hosts London’s second Holi Festival of Colours. 28th is sold out but, due to high demand, the festival has been extended to 29 June. Prices start at £29.99. Details:

Bird Barmy Army

Saturday, July 5, 10am-12.30pm Bring your friends and family along to discover what feathered friends are living in Victoria Park. Venue: Meet at the V&A building.


28, 29

Tour de France

Monday, 7 July. The 2014 English stage of the Tour de France hits London. Grab your chance to cheer on Cavendish, Froome, Wiggins & co at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. To find out more, go to: www.queenelizabetholympicpark.


London Eco Commercial and Domestic Cleaners Eco-cleaning is effective, environmentally friendly & economical

Our staff are friendly, reliable, trained & vetted 020 8099 2671 32   E9 magazine JUNE 2014

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Well Street Common Festival


Try Time Kids' Rugby


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London Eco Cleaners


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Rowing boats and pedalos to hire

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& Co

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Useful numbers


Jun May e 2014

A day Q&A out atwith theTom Olym my picWals Park h Q&A Wha : spec t's on ial thro effeugho cts mak ut June e-up artist, Sang eet Prabhake A history r of Sutton Hou se Perfect pink panna cott a Mac Your free kerel mas guide to wha terclass t's happenin g in E9 and the surround ing areas



Emergency 999 Non-emergency 101 Safer Neighbourhood 020 8721 2937


Gas - emergency Electrical - power loss Thames Water

Issu Issue 4 e3

0800 111 999 0800 404090 0872 435 5973


NHS Direct 111 Homerton Hospital 020 8510 5555 Royal London Hospital 020 7377 7000 Clockwork Pharmacy 020 8985 1717

Hackney Council numbers General number Council tax enquiries Parking enquiries Waste removal

020 8356 3000 020 8356 3154 020 8356 8877 020 8356 6688

Local councillors/MP

Local councillors (Victoria) 020 8356 3373 MP (Meg Hillier) 020 7219 5325


Hackney Central Library 020 8356 4358

Victoria Park

Park Services (24/7) Victoria Park rangers


National Rail Enquiries Congestion Charge Transport for London


Goddard's, Well Street Wanstead Veterinary Hospital

E9 Magazine is proud to support local businesses. If you do contact someone after seeing their advertisement on these pages, please mention it to them when you call.

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Next issue – July Copy deadline – 16 June

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