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E4e Penitentiary for the Gamely Insane “E4e” is a common name that is often heard in conversations between the crème de la crème of the gaming world. They supposedly create the best game testers in the market and we got up close and personal with their team of looney game testers. Here is what they had to share: Let us share our 100 yr old secret recipe to make the perfect game tester “first of all you make sure you’ve got the right ingredients before you heat up the pan, take a little bit of craziness to grease it up and keep everything close at hand. Then add a few ounces of fresh addiction and half a cup of attitude. Now some rush of adrenaline to spice things up and then half a spoon of bad mood. Put one bottle of your sweat one bottle of tears, a few drops of your own blood. It will all blend together like yin and yang and the result will be clear as mud then you need to pick the toughest mode out of the game and throw it right into the mix and last but not least add a little bit of agility, just a few little nasty cliques.” Now for the next question “why do we need such heavy duty testers?” The answer is simple, in today’s world; we have heavy-duty games that demand heavy-duty testing. When it comes to providing a broad spectrum of services e4e tops the list. Although, it mightsound clichéd - think of them as a “One-stop shop for all your testing worries”. Let us name a few services that are a part of their parade: Functionality, Compatibility, Compliance, Localization, Smoke Testing and Automation. E4e is well aware of the fact that in today’s competitive market the need for optimizing these games for a perfect feel and sport is not an option but a need. Negative reviews in gaming magazines or gaming websites can result in massive loss of sales for a video game publisher. Therefore, it is imperative for the game publisher to focus on the quality of the game concept development and outsource the interactive services to an experienced company like e4e. The main advantage of choosing e4e is that, as a publisher, one can utilize their services as a stand-alone service or easily integrate it in to their wider Quality Assurance testing unit at any stage of your game development. At e4e you get feedback on areas like, game play balance and mechanics, usability, interactivity and immersive qualities, playability and re-playability, game design and concept, story and narrative flow, localization and cultural issues, and general quality and design elements. They even detail the different platforms on which it runs that particular game. Testing a game can be a tedious process; a tester in e4e needs to play a level repeatedly to successfully report a bug. Sometimes, the game analysts might even need to restart the entire game, because the game keeps crashing. Therefore, they try to keep their sanity levels in check by supplying them with a regular dosage of “red bulls” LOL!


On a serious note we can test products on several platforms like PC or Mac, Mobile: • • • •

Mobile and Tablet: Testing support for the iOS and Android Social/Casual: First to test and support both Social & Casual gaming companies MMO: Testing and support for some of the world’s top MMO franchises Console: Testing with the right balance between scripted and ad hoc testing

Localization Testing involves language checks on a range of games used for a variety of platforms that includes PC, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, Wii video game console, PSP, DS, and various mobile phones. Therefore, if your gaming needs are as insane as ours then we dare you to enter our gates, mind you once you’re in don’t blame us if you get hooked! E4e Interactive Entertainment, our teams of Video Game Testing have always been the best in the industry, playing hard to ensure operational excellence while delivering on commitments to our Clients. The expertise and success has earned us the top spot as the single most preferred vendor among many of the top Publishers.

About E4E Inc: E4e Interactive Entertainment Services Hunt Valley, USA| Glasgow, UK| Bangalore, India

Video Game Testing  

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