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E4e Healthcare Business Services

Medical Billing Outsourcing – Making it a success What are the benefits of outsourcing? What sort of a service provider would I require? How do I make it a success? These are some relevant questions that every Healthcare organization (Provider or Payer) needs to address when faced with the decision to outsource their Medical Billing operations, to reduce costs. Medical billing outsourcing can positively impact an organization’s P&L, while allowing Physicians and Hospitals to focus on what they do best – taking care of their patients. Why e4e? At e4e, we continuously strive to leverage best practices, tested processes and innovative technologies to provide smoother, sustainable solutions for our Clients. Our competitive enables us to collaborate with our Clients to envision, design and deliver technology enhanced Medical Billing solutions that help Healthcare organizations achieve their profit goals successfully. Competitive Advantage

e4e Differentiators

Lineage and years 17 years in the business and still of experience in leading the way. Our senior Healthcare Healthcare team has 120 years of collective experience, working for marquee healthcare companies

Global Delivery Platform and Follow the Sun Model

What it means for Medical Billing Partners You have a proven and experienced partner that knows what works for you. We have successful and proven business model that can meet your organizational needs and requirements

We can execute your projects from Ø Scalability and operational one or more of our sites in the US and flexibility with 30% buffer to India. Each site has scaled operational enable ramps at short notice capabilities, state of the art technology and infrastructure and staffed with Ø Provides for a Disaster Recovery alternate experienced manpower

About E4E Inc: E4E Healthcare Business service Hunt Valley, USA| Chennai, India| Noida, India

E4e Healthcare Business Services Technology e4e, over time, has built robust IP with The combination of these based service Software and Platform solution for Software platforms and skilled delivery every need. staff delivers highly efficient and quality outcomes – at significantly better economies of scale for you



Enviable list of Clients

Independent Quality and Business Excellence is firmly embedded Excellence teams drive and monitor in the delivery structure right service levels and customer feedback from the time of transition to full production and beyond. It includes regular SLA tracking and MIS, Compliance and ISO audits, Information Security checks and Quality Assurance Our front-end transition model is un- With e4e as a partner-provider matched for its efficiency and you will need to spend minimum effectiveness time or bandwidth. With our experience we can hit the road running, to quickly assess your “as is” processes, measure it against best in breed practices, transition, on-board and set up the “to be” steady-state process We work with the top 3 players in Ability to service large clients, every sub segment of the Healthcare their high standards of delivery, RCM viz. hospital billing, physician performance and complexity. We billing, emergency medicine billing or can provide client references, radiology billing which may be a comfort factor for you

About E4E Inc: E4E Healthcare Business service Hunt Valley, USA| Chennai, India| Noida, India

E4e Healthcare Business Services

E4e Healthcare Business Services (e4e) provides end to end Healthcare Services - through its Technology Platforms and SW IP to cost-effectively manage the complete ecosystem of Medical Billing Services, Claims Adjudication, Transmission, Coding and Audits. Some of the largest Medical Billing companies rely on our professional expertise and technology enhanced suite of coding, billing, collections and denial management services to improve business process and maximize cost savings.

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About E4E Inc: E4E Healthcare Business service Hunt Valley, USA| Chennai, India| Noida, India

Medical billing outsourcing  

e4e provides healthcare billing services that improves your cash flow through quicker claim submission and shorter receivables time allowing...

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