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E3Round UP investigate what it is and does.

Find out who Gardner Denver is and how E3R works with them.

A look at International Women in Engineering Day and how EU migrants make up the UK’s labour workforce.





Interview Types / Formats

Boost for Manufacturing

Day in the Life

An overview of the different interview types and formats.

Manufacturers increase outputs and headcount.

Compliance Manager Breanne Rodgers explains what she does and the challenges and benefits of the role.

Huddersfield Town enters the Premier League

Learn all about what’s been happening at E3 Recruitment.


An overview of Town as it starts it premiership campaign.

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Update What’s Been Happening at E3 Recruitment

E3 Recruitment started the summer with the Manufactured Yorkshire 17 exhibition in May. It was the third year E3R has exhibited at the event which took place at Elland Road, Leeds, which brings together the region’s manufacturers.

£1900 raised for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund Nine members of the E3R team competed in ‘It’s a Knockout’ and raised almost £1900 for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund which supports the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit at Leeds General Infirmary. The charity event which involved plenty of water, foam and inflatables, took place at the end of June at Roundhay Park, Leeds. Thank you to those who donated and we’ll keep you updated on future fundraising activities.

E3R sponsors EEF Manufacturing Dinner E3 Recruitment is the official sponsor of the EEF Yorkshire & the Humber Manufacturing Dinner for the second year running, which takes place on Wednesday 13th September 2017 at Cutlers’ Hall in Sheffield. This prestigious black tie event brings together business leaders from across the regional manufacturing community in a magnificent grand venue to enjoy good food and network, and is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our diverse manufacturing sector. New Recruits E3 Recruitment has welcomed three new Recruitment Consultants to its Huddersfield head office; Rahim Mahmood has three years’ recruitment experience in manufacturing and engineering and is focussing on General Manufacturing in his new role. Kerri-Eve Simpson has 12 months’ recruitment experience in engineering and construction recruitment and is focusing on General Manufacturing, FMCG and Building Products recruitment. Rodger Morley will focus on the Automotive and Fleet

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sectors as well as General Manufacturing. Ruby Parish has joined the Rotherham office as a Resourcer focusing on temporary and permanent assignments for General Manufacturing. Ruby has five months’ recruitment experience having worked in construction and commercial industries.

Round Table E3R is hosting a Round Table event to discuss the issues being faced by manufacturers when recruiting for skills and the ageing workforce. The event is being organised by Made in Yorkshire, a manufacturing and engineering peer group, to whom E3 Recruitment is a patron. The Round Table event is on Tuesday 3rd October at the Process Manufacturing Centre and is the first working group meeting where manufacturers from the region come together to tackle issues faced by the industry. If you are interested in attending please contact Behavioural and Psychometric Assessment Training In August E3 Recruitment Consultants attended a training session on the different types of Behavioural and Psychometric Assessments available to clients when recruiting. The team were given an overview of each type of assessment, including; personality type - competency and strength, motivation, ability, through to managerial and executive judgement. As a result of the training the team can now advise which assessment is suitable when selecting the best candidate for a role.


The Northern Powerhouse What is it? The Northern Powerhouse is a vision to bring together the great cities, towns and rural communities of the North of England and Wales to become a powerhouse for the economy. This will be achieved through modern transport links, a revolutionary new style of governance and increased investment.

Objective The Northern Powerhouse’s objective is to achieve a sustained increase in productivity and ultimately boost economic growth across the whole of the North.

Northern Sector Strengths The North has strengths in four key sectors, three of which E3R recruit for. The Northern Powerhouse intends to build on these assets:

Manufacturing: Manufacturing was worth £46 billion in the North in 2014, over a quarter of the UK’s total manufacturing output. Over 650,000 cars were manufactured in the Northern Powerhouse in 2015; 42% of the UK’s total car production.

Pharmaceuticals: The Northern Powerhouse exported £7.3 billion worth of pharmaceutical products in 2015, accounting for 45% of all medicinal exports attributable to UK regions.

Energy: 31% of the UK’s total renewable electricity was generated in the Northern Powerhouse in 2015.

Digital: The North is home to seven of the UK’s 27 key tech clusters, including the largest tech cluster outside of London, in Manchester. Data taken from the Northern Powerhouse Strategy November 2016


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So what is the Northern Powerhouse, what’s it for and what does it do? E3Round UP thought it would investigate…

With the announcement over the summer regarding HS2’s route, the North’s transport connections are back on the agenda, and in particular the group which is supposed to steer this and ensure the North gets the best deal – The Northern Powerhouse.

Overcoming the North’s Barriers Key areas which cause barriers to productivity and growth in the North include:

Connectivity: In northern cities workers commute shorter distances; Almost half a million commuters travelled over 30km to work in London in 2011, less than half that number travel the same distance to work across all six major city regions in the North. This limited reach of northern cities’ labour markets means that workers choose from fewer employers, and vice versa, holding back wages and productivity.

Skills: The proportion of graduates in the North is 4.4 percentage points below the UK average, and the proportion of people with no qualifications is 1.2 percentage points above the UK average.

Enterprise and Innovation: The North has 34% fewer patents per head than the UK average and 17% fewer businesses per head.

Trade and Investment: The number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects per head in the North is 66% lower than in London and the South East. Data taken from the Northern Powerhouse Strategy November 2016

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Government support for the Northern Powerhouse Connecting up the North £13 billion on transport in the North over the course of this Parliament £60 million development funding for Northern Powerhouse Rail

Making the North a great place to start and grow a business and develop innovative ideas

£150 million to support the rollout of smart and integrated ticketing across the North

Over £3.3 billion allocated to Local Enterprise Partnerships across the North through Growth Deals for investment in local infrastructure projects

£161 million to accelerate transformation of the M62 into a smart motorway

17 Enterprise Zones across the North and two University Enterprise Zones £400 million Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund for investment into SMEs

Build on the North’s strengths in science ensuring the North continues to be an excellent location to complete ground breaking research

£6 million for Tech North, part of TechCity UK, to accelerate the northern digital economy

£235 million to the Sir Henry Royce Materials Research Institute based in Manchester with centres in Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield

£7 million to establish the Northern Powerhouse Investment Taskforce

£15 million to the National Institute for Smart Data Innovation, Newcastle

£15 million for Northern Powerhouse trade missions

£38 million for the National Graphene Institute in Manchester £20 million to the National Ageing and Innovation Centre

Improving educational standards and skill levels £70 million for the Northern Powerhouse Schools Strategy


Developing a thriving cultural heritage making the North a great place to live and work £78 million for the Factory Theatre in Manchester £5 million for the Great Exhibition of the North in 2018 and £15 million legacy funding £15 million for projects for the Hull UK City of Culture 2017

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Is it working?

Since George Osborne launched the Northern Powerhouse vision three years ago there have been three Northern Powerhouse ministers – the most recent Jake Berry was appointed to the role in midJune. Berry believes it is moving into the second phase, whilst many believe it still remains a concept, rather than anything physical at the moment. Three civic leaders have been elected as part of devolution deals; Steve Rotheram Mayor of Liverpool, Ben Houchen Mayor of Tees Valley and Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester where fiscal power has been devolved and the city was given control of its health budget in February. Manchester Centric Some believe Manchester has received the lion’s share of funding and there are objections to Manchester being the central focus of the Northern Powerhouse as the government is recreating a smaller-scale version of the current imbalance between the North and London. What might be right for Manchester is definitely not right for Yorkshire. Some Yorkshire towns and cities, including Hull, York and Sheffield, are often overlooked in favour of Leeds. Manchester and Liverpool and Sunderland and Newcastle are rivals beyond the football pitch, so bringing together these different business communities and people with distinct regional identities could prove challenging as the distance is physical, as well as cultural. But if the North is to keep its young talent and higher skill set, they need to be able to commute quickly from the towns like Bolton, Castleford and Carlisle to Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Newcastle. Currently it takes one hour 37 minutes to travel 60 miles from Carlisle near the west coast to Newcastle near the east on an old train line. Journey times across the North are twice those of the South and it takes longer to get from Liverpool to Hull by train than London to Paris, which is twice as far.

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Transport For that reason, transport must dominate the Northern Powerhouse's agenda improving the North’s transport links between its major cities and towns. Taking all this into account, the Northern Powerhouse has had a major setback this summer as the government pulled back from plans to electrify rail lines, possibly including the Transpennine line between Manchester and Leeds. The Department for Transport has also decided not to add two much needed platforms at Piccadilly Station. George Osborne promised a new fast line from Liverpool to Newcastle, but this ‘Crossrail of the North’ has yet to receive funding. All whilst London gets a second multimillion pound rail link. So although HS2 has been welcomed, it still does very little to link up the North or improve current services and will not be tangible until 2026. New Government Since Theresa May became the new Prime Minister some believe the Tories have put the Northern Powerhouse into reverse with the focus on the North being downgraded into a nationwide agenda for boosting productivity outside the South-East. The government denies this and has pledged to "help the great cities and towns of the North pool their strengths and take on the world". Conclusion For many businesses the Northern Powerhouse is seen as a great opportunity, but three years on many feel it has stalled. It needs a jump-start - but rather than waiting for government or the new minister to lead - the new northern mayors, together with council leaders, civil society and business have seized the momentum and are getting on with the job themselves. In the autumn an independent northern energy strategy will be published and there will also be a commission working on education and skills. Ideally the government should grant the North powers to drive innovation, investment and transport infrastructure decisions itself, but that is unlikely to happen. So instead, although there isn’t always obvious synergy between some of the cities and towns, it is vital the North competes together as one major economy, rather than competing against one another.


Gardner Denver Client Feature

As a utility or associated contractor, finding good, qualified members of staff to fulfil roles within fleet can be challenging, but now help is on hand with a specialist Automotive Team at E3 Recruitment.

E3 Recruitment, the UK’s leading manufacturing, engineering, and technical recruitment specialist, is launching its new fit for purpose Automotive Team to build on the agency’s existing skills and offering for this sector. E3R has extensive experience in the automotive sector and more specifically the fleet disciplines; modification and build, fleet management, aftermarket, service and repair. In an ever changing employment market with scarcity of skills, E3R recognises the importance and challenges that face many fleet modifiers and operators in attracting and retaining the levels of labour they require. E3R has identified these challenges to be the existing skills shortages, fluctuations in labour requirements and a need for labour training and development for both temporary and permanent staff.

GARDNER DENVER E3R has been working with Gardner Denver Transport Solutions for nearly 10 years. With operations in the UK and internationally, its wide range of products dedicated to providing On-Vehicle Power is widely used to maintain the UK’s gas, electric, telephone and water utility infrastructure. Gardner Denver have been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing On Board Vehicle Power systems including all mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for nearly 30 years. It offers a wide range of solutions for a wide range of clients ranging from; fibre optic installation vehicles for BT Open Reach and Air & Electric Power Systems for Northern Gas Network’s emergency response vehicles.

EXTENSION OF HR TEAM E3R Director James Soden started his career in fleet management so understands the industry and the pressures it faces. Because of this understanding, James and the rest of the Automotive Team at E3R have a close working relationship with Operations Director David Houston and Production Manager Simon Thomson. This means the agency has become an extension of Gardner Denver’s HR department in terms of permanent, contract and temporary candidate attraction and positioning.

FLUCTUATION IN STAFF REQUIREMENTS To cope with spikes in the order book due to large fleet orders and demanding delivery times, Gardner Denver manage this by the use of temporary labour as and when required. Gardner Denver puts its trust in E3R to provide temporary staff who have the skills, knowledge and mind-set to hit the ground running with minimum intervention and often takes this labour on E3R’s recommendation without requiring interviews.

CURRENT INDUSTRY ISSUES As with all engineering sectors, Gardner Denver knows all too well about the skills shortage the industry faces. Opposite, David Houston outlines some of the issues the industry faces, which E3R works with them closely to resolve by providing candidates that meet their specific requirements...


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Industry issues POOR ATTENTION TO DETAIL “The next generation of auto electricians are not taught to have the care and attention to detail required, with many having a ‘time is money’ attitude putting quantity over quality. We experience this a lot with Third Party Contractors often carrying out work on our site. So although the work they carry out is not unsafe, it is not always pleasing to the eye or presented in a manner suitable with our quality standards. At Gardner Denver we work hard to mentor and train our auto electricians and only except a top class standard. From a company point of view it takes a long time to build a quality, robust reputation, but it can be damaged quickly – so this ‘get the job done as quick as possible’ approach is not accepted within Gardner Denver.”

ONE DISCIPLINE “Multi skilled workers who have knowledge and understanding of all the disciplines – electrics, hydraulics, and pneumatics - are becoming few and far between. A possible reason for this is individuals are trained to become specialists in just one area. People have so many distractions nowadays and not so many kids tinker in their spare time taking things apart, fixing things and putting them back together. To aid in this skills shortage Gardner Denver have employed a number of apprentices and had good experience that there are younger workers who have a desire or thirst for knowledge in all the disciplines and are willing to learn. When we identify these individuals they are recruited and made permanent.”

Roles E3R recruits for Gardner Denver: Service Engineers Auto Electricians Vehicle Fitters Fabricators Welders Service Co-ordinators Design Engineers Sales Engineers Software Specialists


Through E3R’s on-going recruitment activities focusing on the automotive and fleet sectors, the company is able to effectively target, vet and deliver suitability qualified and experienced individuals for its clients; Its mission is to ensure both clients and candidates experience the best service and results possible.

SERVICE ENGINEERS “When long standing Service Engineers retire they take with them their skills and expertise. Service Engineers by their nature are inquisitive and intuitive, driven by a desire to get to the root of the problem and find out ‘why doesn’t it work?’ They have a good understanding of how things work and a diagnostic ability that isn’t over reliant on software. These skill sets are a dying breed and when we identify them, we want to hold onto them.”

WHY WE USE E3R “We use E3Recruitment because of their in-depth knowledge of our industry requirements and their ability to source the correct calibre of candidate for a wide range of roles within demanding timescales. We store great trust in their professional, dynamic and friendly staff and appreciate their flexible terms of business.”

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For more information visit: call 0808 178 2523 or email: 9

Employment News International Women in Engineering Day On International Women in Engineering Day, in June, it was reported the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe – a mere 9%. In comparison India which produces hundreds of thousands of engineering graduates a year has reported the engineering gender gap has shrunk to its narrowest. Interest in working in the sector comprised of 85% of men and 79% of women with only 29% of the population considering it masculine. In UK schools STEM subjects and engineering are promoted as a career to all young people with the skills and interest. Despite outperforming boys in STEM subjects, survey after survey report that girls think STEM subjects are too difficult or that they are better suited to boys with the outdated images of dark, oily, noisy workplaces. With that in mind, parents often dissuade their daughters from pursuing a male career and the label ‘maledominated’ create another barrier to entry for fear of encountering an intimidating, laddish culture of sexism and harassment. A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers revealed numerous incidents at meetings where male colleagues would assume that a woman must have an administrative role rather than being a professional with technical expertise. The study reveals the problem of unequal treatment is an issue even early on in training, with almost half of female engineers experiencing differential treatment at some stage before graduation either as a student or while on work experience. These small number of incidents need to be addressed and dealt with appropriately.


Apprenticeships are a great way of reducing the national skills gaps, but many believe most apprenticeships are in predominantly male sectors, like construction, IT, manufacturing and agriculture. This was reflected by the attitudes of many parents - with 34% of them deeming apprenticeships more suitable for boys. But they are key for getting women into manufacturing, engineering, science and technology jobs. EEF Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Gumble, has a mission to mentor the next generation of women in engineering and thinks apprenticeships are key to achieving this. EEF graduates hundreds of engineering apprentices every year and inspires female trainees by showing them what is possible and that their passion for technology and creativity are not unusual. On International Women in Engineering Day Caroline said: "It is our responsibility, as the manufacturing leaders of today, to pave the way for tomorrow’s innovators.” A lot of work still needs to be done to change the male career perception of engineering, but with International Women in Engineering Day highlighting the amazing careers in engineering and technical roles available to girls, whilst celebrating the achievements of our outstanding women engineers, this is another step closer.

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EU migrants make up over 20% of labour force in 18 British industries GMB has undertaken a new study of figures produced by the Office for National Statistics, and concluded EU workers constitute more than 20% of the labour force in at least 18 specialist industries and many others would struggle if their numbers declined. % of employees that are EU migrants working in sectors: Fruit and vegetable processing and the hotel industry are among the sectors of the economy facing the worst damage if free movement of people ends according to a new report. Although the government insists EU workers living in the UK will be able to stay post-Brexit, it is feared that many will choose to leave when free movement comes to an end in 2019 and future vacancies will be left unfilled. In recent months it has been highlighted the impact this will have on the NHS and residential care, but the ONS study reveals a reliance on EU workers across a broad range of industries, extending far beyond the caring professions. Many specialist sectors that only employ a few thousand people rely heavily on EU workers; for example,1,000 EU nationals are employed in the cutting, shaping and finishing stone industries, but constitute 22% of the workforce. In contrast EU workers make up almost 230,000 of the 1.7 million people working in the hotel and catering industry – 13.5% of the total. In June it was announced that the independent Migration Advisory Committee will examine the economic and social contributions and costs of EU citizens in Britain.

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47.6% 44.4% 37.6% <35% >25% >25% 22% 13.5% 32%

fruit and vegetable processing and preserving sector

meat processing processing fish, crustaceans and molluscs growing of nonperennial crops manufacture of prepared animal feed manufacture of bakery & farinaceous [starch] products cutting, shaping and finishing stone industries

hotel & catering

translation services


Interview Types

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve advertised the role, shortlisted the applicants, now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to suss out if those that are good on paper are actually suitable for the role. Interviewing is a time and resource heavy process, but by selecting the appropriate interview style and format, this will help you streamline the process.

Telephone Interview

Face-to-Face Interview

Often companies request an initial telephone interview before inviting a candidate for a face to face meeting in order to get a better understanding of the individual before progressing to a resource heavy face-to-face.

This can be a meeting between the candidate and one member of staff or more.

The Panel Interview

The Group Interview

These interviews involve a number of people sitting as a panel with one as chairperson. This type of interview is popular within the public sector.

Several candidates are present at this type of interview. Candidates will be asked to interact with each other by usually a group discussion or complete a task as a team.

The Sequential Interview

The Lunch / Dinner Interview

These are several interviews in turn with a different interviewer each time. Usually, each interviewer asks questions to test different sets of competencies.


This type of interview gives the employer a chance to assess candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s communication and interpersonal skills in an informal environment.

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Interview Formats

All these types of interviews can take on different question formats:

Competency Based Interviews These are structured to reflect the competencies the employer is seeking for the particular job which are usually detailed in the job specification. For example a team based question is: “Give me an example of a time you worked as a team to achieve a common goal.”

Formal / Informal Interviews Some interviews may be very formal, others may be very informal, but it is important to remember that you are assessing the candidate and vice a versa so topics should be friendly and clean.

Portfolio Based Interviews In the design, digital and communications industries candidates’ portfolios can be viewed in the interview. How it is presented and the work itself speaks volumes for the candidate.

The Second Interview Interviewing can be a long process and if there have been numerous candidates interviewed it can be easy to forget certain responses. So when the top two or three candidates have been selected, invite them back. This is an opportunity to test them and meet other colleagues.

General Interview Preparation Here’s a list of general top-level questions for use when interviewing: • Why do you want this job? • Why are you the best person for the job? • What relevant experience do you have? • Why are you interested in working for this company? • What can you contribute to this company? • What do you know about this company? • What challenges are you looking for in a position? • Why do you want to work for this company? • Why should we hire you? • What are your salary requirements?

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If you would like advice on interview techniques or additional services such as behavioural and psychometric testing or salary benchmarking please contact a member of the E3 Recruitment team.


Boost for Manufacturing UK factory output grows at fastest rate since mid-1990s

Yorkshire manufacturers increase headcount

The latest quarterly CBI Industrial Trends Survey, which surveyed 397 manufacturers, has revealed that the current manufacturing outlook is positive.

A new report by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and accountancy firm BDO, has found that Yorkshire and the Humber has had the highest increase of manufacturing jobs in the UK, with more than 10% of the region's total workforce in the sector.

Production among UK manufacturers grew at the fastest pace since January 1995 between May and July. The survey also revealed employee headcount increased at its fastest rate for three years and hiring intentions for the coming quarter also improved. Optimism rose marginally in the three months to July, while export optimism for the year ahead rose at a slower, but still healthy pace.

According to new research the region has 11,930 manufacturing firms employing 293,000 people. Food and drink, metals and rubber and plastics were the region’s main sectors within manufacturing.

Growth in total orders moderated in line with expectations, but remained robust. Domestic orders expanded at a strong pace and the fall in sterling over the last year continued to bolster export orders.

Manufacturing accounts for 15% of the region’s total output, firmly above the UK average, and 54.9% of the region’s goods exports go to the EU, the third highest in the country.

According to the survey output growth is expected to grow strongly in the coming three months, and manufacturers are upbeat about prospects for overall demand. As a result, investment plans have improved and spending in this field for the year ahead is expected to be its highest in two years, particularly for training and retraining which is the highest it’s been in over two years.

The region has also experienced the fastest growth in manufacturing jobs of any UK region, with growth of 12.3% since 2010.

Meanwhile, input cost pressures cooled in the quarter to July and are expected to soften further in the near-term, while factory gate price inflation is also expected to be more subdued. Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist, said: “Output growth among UK manufacturers is the highest we’ve seen since the mid ‘90s, prompting the strongest hiring spree we’ve seen in the last three years. Cost pressures are easing and firms are upbeat about the outlook for export orders.”


Andy Tuscher, Region Director in Yorkshire & Humber at EEF, said: "Positive trends in UK manufacturing are being reflected here in Yorkshire & Humber with our most important sectors driving growth. “Confidence within the sector across the region remains strong in spite of a squeeze on domestic budgets. Uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU could be however hampering investment, but overall the outlook is extremely positive." Craig Burton, Partner and Head of BDO Manufacturing in Yorkshire and Humberside, said: "Manufacturers have seen healthy order books over the last year and resilience across the region has been strong, reflected in a confidence ranking of third across all regions in the UK."

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Day in the Life of a Compliance Manager at E3 Recruitment Describe your career to date: I have been working for E3R since the company began trading in June 2013 and have progressed from Office Manager to Operations and Compliance Manager. Seeing the company grow and expand into bigger premises and open our South Yorkshire division has been a big highlight for me. What do you do on a normal day? My days vary from week to week and no two days are the same. That’s what I like about my job, it varies so much. A typical day for me would be ensuring that all new starters have been vetted properly and have all the relevant documents completed. I’ll then update the team if there are changes that they need to know about. I oversee payroll to ensure all relevant information has been inputted into the system to ensure our workers are paid correctly. My main job is to assist the Directors and the team as best as possible to ensure they can concentrate on generating new business and placing candidates. What challenges do you face on a daily basis? One of the biggest challenges for me is Legislation as it can change from one day to the next. As a proactive business, we like to keep ahead of the game and know what changes might be in the pipeline to ensure we are up to date. The recent introduction of the Gangmaster License for the food industry is to prevent the exploitation of

workers. To be able to recruit in this industry we were required to undergo a full business audit, putting procedures and processes in place to meet the criteria before being granted the licence. What would you consider to be a good day in your role? I don’t think there are any bad days. If problems arise then we deal with them as effectively as we can. A good day would be when everything runs compliantly; That could be anything from on-boarding a candidate, no major updates or changes to legislation and the systems all working properly. It’s always nice when you can write yourself a list of tasks and tick each one off quickly and complete them all within the day. What do you enjoy most about working at E3 Recruitment? I enjoy the buzz, both offices are very lively with lots going on and everyone is always so upbeat and ready for the day, it puts you in a great mood! We have a great team and everyone supports each other when needed. I like to think that we are different to other agencies, we pride ourselves on the service we offer both candidates and clients. We also firmly believe in going above and beyond. We work very closely within the community and have been involved in a number of local projects and are always looking at other opportunities. This is something I enjoy as it allows me to step away from my day to day duties.

0808 178 2523 /

Breanne Rodgers Compliance Manager

What do you think are the most important skills needed to do your job? Organisation and time management are key. The environment we work in means my job is always changing and, like I’ve said before, no two days are the same, so you have to be able to adapt quickly where needed, whilst also ensuring the day to day tasks are being completed. What is an interesting story about a client/candidate interaction you had? I visit clients’ premises to undertake Health and Safety Audits to ensure they are compliant, as the H&S of our workers is paramount to us. In doing this I get to see the business up close and understand more about what they do. Some sites are extremely interesting, especially food manufacturing facilities as you get to see the full production cycle from start to finish.


Huddersfield Town enters the Premier League

E3 Recruitment is a keen supporter of local sports clubs, ranging from grass roots local clubs, to the premiership.

The agency has been supporting Huddersfield Town Football Club officially through sponsorship for over four years and was absolutely delighted when the team got promoted to the Premier League at the end of last season. This season the stakes are high and E3 Recruitment will be supporting Town every step of the way. Here’s an overview of the club following a summer of signings, as it begins its first season in the premiership. Head Coach David Wagner, the spearhead behind the club’s promotion and one of the most promising coaches around remains at the club after extending his contract over the summer. Loaned Manchester City’s Aaron Mooy who played a key role in the promotion, is now a permanent fixture having signed for a club-record fee. Shortly afterwards that record was broken again, with Montpellier's Steve Mounié arriving for £12m. Mounié will need to hit the ground running in the Premier League if the Terriers are to survive. Attack has been an obvious focus for Town’s summer recruitment with Tom Ince being given another opportunity to play in the premiership and Laurent Delpoitre, a potential bargain buy from Porto. However, Mathias Jorgensen may be the best signing of the summer with the FC Copenhagen defender becoming a Premier League centre-back for just £2m. Last season Wagner wasn't afraid to change things when necessary, as he believes becoming predictable is the worst thing they could do, and he is known to have drilled that into his players; So, there are likely to be a few surprises this season, especially at home. The club has spent a lot of money this summer and hopefully Mounié will live up to his price tag. If Wagner continues to manage and the players take his direction, survival and a comfortable mid-table finish is well within reach. E3R wishes Huddersfield Town a successful first season in the premiership.

E3 Round UP Issue 4 Autumn 2017  

E3 Recruitment's Magazine

E3 Round UP Issue 4 Autumn 2017  

E3 Recruitment's Magazine