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Struggling to fill a skills gap? Then look no further than E3R As a utility or associated contractor, finding good, qualified members of staff to fulfil roles within fleet can be challenging, but now help is on hand with a specialist Automotive Team at E3 Recruitment


3 Recruitment, the UK’s leading manufacturing, engineering, and technical recruitment specialist, is launching its new fit for purpose Automotive Team to build on the agency’s existing skills and offering for this sector. E3R has extensive experience in the automotive sector and more specifically the fleet disciplines; modification and build, fleet management, aftermarket, service and repair. In an ever changing employment market with scarcity of skills, E3R recognises the importance and challenges that face many fleet modifiers and operators in attracting and retaining the levels of labour they require. E3R has identified these challenges to be the existing skills shortages, fluctuations in labour requirements and a need for labour training and development for both temporary and permanent staff. GARDNER DENVER E3R has been working with Gardner Denver Transport Solutions for nearly 10 years. With operations in the UK and

internationally, its wide range of products dedicated to providing On-Vehicle Power is widely used to maintain the UK’s gas, electric, telephone and water utility infrastructure. Gardner Denver have been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing On Board Vehicle Power systems including all mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for nearly 30 years. It offers a wide range of solutions for a wide range of clients ranging from; fibre optic installation vehicles for BT Open Reach and Air & Electric Power Systems for Northern Gas Network’s emergency response vehicles. EXTENSION OF HR TEAM E3R Director James Soden started his career in fleet management so understands the industry and the pressures it faces. Because of this understanding, James and the rest of the Automotive Team at E3R have a close working relationship with Operations Director David Houston and Production Manager Simon Thomson. This means the agency has become an extension of

Gardner Denver’s HR department in terms of permanent, contract and temporary candidate attraction and positioning. FLUCTUATION IN STAFF REQUIREMENTS To cope with spikes in the order book due to large fleet orders and demanding delivery times, Gardner Denver manage this by the use of temporary labour as and when required. Gardner Denver puts its trust in E3R to provide temporary staff who have the skills, knowledge and mind-set to hit the ground running with minimum intervention and often takes this labour on E3R’s recommendation without requiring interviews. CURRENT INDUSTRY ISSUES As with all engineering sectors, Gardner Denver knows all too well about the skills shortage the industry faces. Opposite, David Houston outlines some of the issues the industry faces, which E3R works with them closely to resolve by providing candidates that meet their specific requirements...

Industry issues POOR ATTENTION TO DETAIL “The next generation of auto electricians are not taught to have the care and attention to detail required, with many having a ‘time is money’ attitude putting quantity over quality. We experience this a lot with Third Party Contractors often carrying out work on our site. So although the work they carry out is not unsafe, it is not always pleasing to the eye or presented in a manner suitable with our quality standards. At Gardner Denver we work hard to mentor and train our auto electricians and only except a top class standard. From a company point of view it takes a long time to build a quality, robust reputation, but it can be damaged quickly – so this ‘get the job done as quick as possible’ approach is not accepted within Gardner Denver.” ONE DISCIPLINE “Multi skilled workers who have knowledge and understanding of all the disciplines – electrics, hydraulics, and pneumatics - are becoming few and far between. A possible reason for this is individuals are trained to become specialists in just one area. People have so many distractions nowadays and not so many kids tinker in their spare time taking things apart, fixing things and putting them back together. To aid in this skills shortage Gardner Denver have employed a number of apprentices and had good experience that there are younger workers who have a desire or thirst for knowledge in all the disciplines and are willing to learn. When we identify these individuals they are recruited and made permanent.” SERVICE ENGINEERS “When long standing Service Engineers retire they take with them their skills and expertise. Service Engineers by their nature are inquisitive and intuitive, driven by a desire to get to the root of the problem and find out ‘why doesn’t it work?’ They have a good understanding of how things work and a diagnostic ability that isn’t over reliant on software. These skill sets are a dying breed and when we identify them, we want to hold onto them.”

Roles E3R recruits for Gardner Denver: 3 Service Engineers 3 Auto Electricians 3 Vehicle Fitters 3 Fabricators 3 Welders 3 Service Co-ordinators 3 Design Engineers 3 Sales Engineers 3 Software Specialists Through E3R’s on-going recruitment activities, solely focusing on the automotive and fleet sectors, the company is able to effectively target, vet and deliver suitability qualified and experienced individuals for its clients; Its mission is to ensure both clients and candidates experience the best service and results possible. For more information visit: call 0808 178 2523 or email:

WHY WE USE E3R “We use E3Recruitment because of their in-depth knowledge of our industry requirements and their ability to source the correct calibre of candidate for a wide range of roles within demanding timescales. We store great trust in their professional, dynamic and friendly staff and appreciate their flexible terms of business.”

XX UTILITYFleet Magazine

UTILITYFleet Magazine XX

E3R Utility Fleet Feature Jul/Aug17  

E3R features in the Jul/Aug17 edition of Utility Fleet magazine, which outlines its work with client Gardner Denver.

E3R Utility Fleet Feature Jul/Aug17  

E3R features in the Jul/Aug17 edition of Utility Fleet magazine, which outlines its work with client Gardner Denver.