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Aside from the obvious joy of discovering new and exciting art – the forthcoming Art Trails in Walthamstow and Leytonstone bring the occasional thrill of discovering amazing things at the ends of people’s gardens. Yes, there are the garden sheds but also a plethora of former workshops and tiny factories often converted into studios and used by groups of artists, designers and makers. Our cover features the work of Gavin Coyle, one such designer who has created a stunning workshop out of an unloved building on Boundary Road. His workshop will be open this June for the Art Trail and I heartily recommend a visit. The feature is the first supported by Fullers Builders who’ve trained and worked with local craftsmen for 150 years. Their joinery projects for clients like National Trust are made in local workshops not unlike Gavin’s. This month also sees the third birthday of Blackhorse Workshop housed in a former factory (see the listing for their birthday party on 24 March on p40). It is home to an amazing collection of furniture, lighting and product designers ( It’s nice to think that all these workshops continue a long tradition of such skills and innovations in the area, it would make William Morris proud. Another aspect of the Art Trails is that they are truly community driven. Some of the people involved are full time professionals but the majority are people who use the event to have a crack at something creative, sometimes for the first time. It’s often also a chance for a party or a knees up, or just a chat and chance to get to know your neighbours for participants and visitors alike. It knows no boundaries and ultimately further integrates our various communities. Community events like these are even more significant when so much in politics today seems to be about dividing people. Such divisions are all too familiar to people like Abdulmaalik Tailor (pg 28), this month’s Local Hero who grew up in E17 when local communities were ripped apart by racism and division 30 years ago. He uses his experiences and love of history to run his Muslim History Tours. It is important that we all remember what has come before so we don’t just keep making the same mistakes. Paul Lindt, Editor



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25 Rose Parker

27 Walthamstow High Street

28 Muslim History Tours

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