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Your cultural life in and around Walthamstow No.40 • July/August 2016

Fellowship is Life


UN HAT + DECKCHAIR + LONG COOL DRINK + DOUBLE ISSUE E LIST = MUST BE SUMMER! I make no apologies, this issue is packed, but I hope like me you like your magazines to constitute more than a light snack (sorry Time Out). We are definitely going for a perfectly rounded meal here, maybe even with a few Michelin-style touches courtesy of Pedro Passinhas (p14). So please bear with me as I try and keep this dining metaphor going… Our star dish this summer is the Walthamstow Garden Party (p2) but it is served with a succulent feature on Walthamstow residents Chris and Mel’s events organisers Continental Drift (annually programing 24 festivals worldwide!) who as we speak are up to their necks both figuratively and literally at Glastonbury. Then for those who are looking for a really hearty yet challenging next course there is Deborah Talbot’s excellent article on hopes for the future for Walthamstow’s nightlife (p6). OK ditching the dining theme, I think the Barbican organised Garden Party, with its stellar musical line up attracting tens of thousands of people, really demonstrates the appetite for world class acts in Waltham Forest. With no disrespect to the Barbican, it’s also clear that with the likes of local residents like Continental Drifts, the organisers of the Stow Festival and Soho Theatre’s Mark Godfrey, to name but a few, we have the knowledge and contacts to draw them here. All we need are sympathetic venues. Finally don’t worry the listings are still here, they’re now at the back! Also as currently August is over a month away do check and the E List app for the latest listings, as new events arrive all the time.

Paul Lindt, Editor


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Walthamstow Garden Party Award winning events producers Continental Drifts Re-imagining Walthamstow nightlife Singer-songwriter Conor Coughlan Small Wonder Records– The Exhibition. Can you help? By Our Selves: Why walking is a subversive activity Footpaths under threat Blomst London, Blooming Marvellous Denim’n’Dine by Pedro Passinhas E~DEN: The Home Directory E~DEN: House Doctor – Colour E~DEN: Spatial designers, made with volume 3 poems by Michael Bowles Creativity Bank: Central Parade The lives of people and places – artist Lucy Harrison Vestry House Museum Archives - Crossroads Wilcumstowe Times: When byways became highways Tom Gaul’s A Spotter’s Guide to Local Streetlife The film “The Battle of the Somme”. Local Hero - Shoulder to the wheel and volunteer Adam Taylor Walthamstow Diary Magpie Listings

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Cover: Paper Collage No 14, 2015 This page: Top: Photo Collage 8, 2013. Bottom: Nisyros Island, Greece, 2004 Page opposite: Top left: “CHAMBER DANCES”, Charlotte Kirkpatrick, Lauren Potter, LCDT. Choreographer: Robert Cohan, Sadler’s Wells, London,1982 Top right: “TUTU STRIP” Dancer/ Choreographer Emilyn Claid, London, 1987

COVER STAR Eleni Leoussi

I was born in Athens, Greece in 1946 and moved to London in 1968 where I’ve been ever since When I finished high school I studied drawing, sculpture and graphics in Athens. A friend of my brother’s lent me his camera one day and I was hooked. I bought an enlarger and taught myself how to print, then moved to London to study Photography at Harrow College of Technology and Art (1969-1972). While in the second year at Harrow I was asked by a Greek friend to photograph a dance workshop as a favour at the Place (the well known London Dance venue). I thought these first pictures were very poor but the dancers loved them and asked me for more. Before I knew it I was in and out of dance studios and dress rehearsals. It was easy to get access as there were very few photographers specialising in dance photography at the time. I did publicity photos for ‘Strider’, Richard Alston’s original company…

London Contemporary Dance Theatre, X-Temporary Dance Theatre, Mantis, Emilyn Claid, Candoco Dance Co, DV8 Physical Theatre among others and also freelanced for Time Out magazine in the early 70s. Dewi Lewis published Rehearsal a book of my dance photographs in 1998. My second book My Greece was published in Greece by Patakis Publishers in 2004. I had a very strong need to do this book after all the years away. It was a way to get to know my country. I felt like a tourist but loved every minute of it. I recently came back from Greece, really shocked by the tragedy of the refugees I saw there, so when asked to take part in the Breaking Borders exhibition and auction I gladly gave two collages and a picture from My Greece for inclusion. Since I moved to Walthamstow a few years ago I went back in time and did numerous classes in adult education centres in painting, collage etc.

Collage is now my favourite medium. I love that it is something I could do even if I was locked up in a prison cell!!! In the comfort of my own home and at a time of my choosing I can spend hours on end cutting bits of paper, either from my own photographs, paintings or from books and magazines, and re-assembling them in a new nonsensical way to create new images. I am delighted one of my collages is being included in the forthcoming In Bloom exhibition at the Walthampstow Village Window Gallery this summer. I have also recently started filming with my little camcorder thanks to Sarah Vincent who runs video workshops in the village and I hope to learn how to edit the films. Once I master this, age permitting, the sky is the limit!



It’s back! One of the highlights of the Summer! The two day cultural feast in Lloyd Park will host music, art and food & drink to please all the senses. And it’s still free! Farah Ishaq finds out what we can expect this year. The Walthamstow Garden Party returns this month for its annual outing. In fact last year you probably picked up a copy of the E List somewhere between the News From Nowhere stage and Fellowship Island. The two-day free festival is taking over the grounds of Lloyd Park once again and is expected to attract at least 30,000 visitors over the weekend, as in both previous years. A strong music line-up, with the main stage bill topped by politicallycharged electronic and rap pioneers Asian Dub Foundation and with the News From Nowhere stage being programmed by the Stow Festival - this is fast becoming a serious festival. Asian Dub Foundation’s Chandrasonic says we are not “to expect a full on ADF gig” but the immersive experience of seeing the three core members playing the live score to 1995 Cannes Film Festival prize-winning French crime drama La Haine. Stemming from a collaboration with the Barbican for their Only Connect season in 2001, the band have resurrected the live experience. As Chandrasonic explains: “I’m amazed that it still works so well. It’s quite an idiosyncratic piece and playing it is always a unique experience.” The film/music combination might seem an odd choice to top the bill, but he says it’s a “wonderful” experience. “We’ve done the 2

A highlight on the Stow Festival-curated stage will no doubt be the Walthamstow Acoustic Massive, who will be celebrating their fifth anniversary with special guests: singer David McAlmont, Hattie Webb (Leonard Cohen’s harpist) and intriguingly the Tai Chi group Dao Lu. The huge group of local musicians who range in age from 8 to 80 all play for the love of music. Longtime member Kathryn Robinson says this year’s performance will top last year’s special moment in the sun. “I am really looking forward to playing with WAM at the Garden Party again. I’ve been playing violin with them for five years, it’s great. The music seems to really connect with people of all backgrounds and brings a lot of joy to me and the audience. It’s lovely to have these very special guests with us this year.” 2016 also sees the return of the Appetite Tent, on the park’s ‘island’ a place to sample and delight in gourmet food and drink all provided exclusively by East London artisan food producers and independent traders. The large tent run by local hero Auntie Maureen will also host the Dreamers & Diggers Stage. She tells us that “this is THE best place to come and enjoy poetry, eco-lifestyle demonstrations, well-being talks and enjoy the best local food and drink.” Spokesperson for the Babican, Sagar Shah, reiterates the importance of local creative input into the festival saying: “Local businesses are integral to the Walthamstow Garden Party. From performers, to volunteers, to food and drink, to workshops, it all involves local partners. Local circus performer Layla Rose has coprogrammed the Barbican Ringside and other local organisations are holding workshops, doing impromptu performances and creating theatre across the site.” As well as all of the above, there will be a huge street food area, art activities, a Comedy tent curated by locals Red Imp, a craft market on the front lawn and a heap of other good things going on.

Photo © Batida

Walthamstow Garden Party

project in front of a good few thousand people sitting on the grass a couple of times, notably Melbourne (2004) and Wilderness Festival (2012), and it went down really well. He adds: “It’s always a privilege to play anywhere for anyone and the band’s in a really great place right now, we have a new drummer who’s helped to tighten things up considerably and new material is really flowing.”



Photos: Ana Tijoux © Inti Gajardo G., Alif © Tanya Traboulsi, Mo Kalamity © Valentin Desjardins.

Ana Tijoux

There are creative things going on outside of the park too, with Wood Street Walls artist ATMA working with HEET (a local organisation working with the elderly to improve energy efficiency) to create a truly ‘Useful & Beautiful’ lasting piece of artwork. A giant mural on Bedford Road will celebrate E17’s most famous ‘original social activist’ William Morris at the same time as fully insulating the house, which overlooks the gallery car park. WSW are asking Waltham Forest residents to vote on the pattern that will be used for the background of the huge portrait. Voting slips will be available at WGP, but you can also vote online.

Support for Walthamstow Garden Party comes from Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation, and this year festival goers will see a new addition to the park - donation buckets - to fundraise for future local events. Whilst it’s good news that WGP is scheduled to keep on returning, organisers are asking for a donation to “ensure they can keep the event free for all to attend.” Walthamstow Garden Party takes place in Lloyd Park, Saturday 16 July (12noon – 9.30pm) and Sunday 17 July (12noon – 8pm) Free entry. Up-to-date event listings, full line-ups and practical information is available at

As with previous WGP events, advice is to get there early. The build-up of queues throughout the day is an inevitable consequence of such a popular free event. Shah explains: “There is a maximum capacity of 11,000 we need to stick to, to ensure the safety of event-goers. While some areas of the park may not look full it may still be the case that the safest limit has been reached.”


Little Chintz



Willow bough

To vote on the William Morris mural pattern, visit The online poll closes on 1 August. To advertise your business contact 3

It’s a world party! Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor talks to the couple behind award-winning world-class event production company Continental Drifts, named after Alfred Wegener’s theory that the Earth’s continents were once all joined together. Photo of Chris and Mel Chris McAndrew.

Continental Drifts is the perfect name for the company started by Chris Macmeiken and Mel Wilds, 20 years ago. It’s their name and it’s an ethos. Continental Drifts has a world view, an international talent and client base and they certainly know how to bring different cultures together for some of the biggest parties on planet earth! One does get the feeling that Chris and Mel are attempting to reverse that drift and pull us all back together again… and all from a Dutch barge near Tottenham Hale. Introduced by a mutual friend, Mel and Chris now both live in Walthamstow. Mel moved here around 16 years ago after her time in Brighton then Hackney and Chris was in a band called Tofu Love Frogs “We were an E17 band, hardcore, Celtic punk and we were doing songs about the market and stuff like that, we were going all over Europe, it was all squats and radical stuff, 4

free parties.” That radical base is something Contintental Drifts is still proud of. When they first met they were doing similar things; Chris was running a free festival in London, The Hackney Homeless Festival and Mel was running the Brighton Festival of Freedom, so it seems predetermined that their paths would cross. “Our first joint venture was The Volcano Festival in London” says Mel. “But really we started as an agency for music and bands. Mandy Janes (who is now experiential director) was our first employee, she is a company director now. It then grew into performance; street and circus performers, stilt-walkers and we started getting bookings for those, the more alternative slightly edgier scene, there was nobody else doing that at the time.” They ran a festival in Walthamstow High Street in the 1990s with Mikey Dread’s reggae sound system. But funding was a

problem so it was impossible to sustain. Changes in the law meant many of the free festivals had to change too, so Continental Drifts took a different turn. “We got a tiny grant so made a catalogue, featuring people we knew and that managed to put a frame around a genre of talent that nobody else had. BOOM! We started getting corporate gigs for people, like a bridge between two worlds,” says Chris. They are still dedicated to free community events in London “Our first big production was for BBC Music Live on the Southbank, we just did bits and bobs which grew into us doing the whole management of it,” says Mel. “This led to more including, Thames Festival then we started doing all of Southwark Council productions including Lewisham People’s Day.” The next one is on 9th July. It’s a combined arts, music and community day.”

Photo ©

Their list of events is huge and that’s before we’ve got to their festival, clubbing and DJing credits. As the company has grown so has the spectrum of their work. “We did a job for Mastercard when they launched PayPass, we paved the Millenium Bridge with giant bank notes and coins. Then there’s the alternative stuff for festivals – there’s room for all of it,” says Mel. “I do have to say that David Blane in a glass box was one of the weirdest events we’ve done,” laughs Chris, “we did the opening and closing events and all the overseeing of that one.” Continental Drifts has a core team of around 10 people now. “Mel handles production, the nuts and bolts with Mandy and her team and I handle music. We source new artists every year programming 24 festivals, full stages and whole areas like Shangri La,” the all night alternative area at Glastonbury that is now in its ninth year this year and one that Michael Eavis has called “The lifeblood of Glastonbury.” When we speak, Continental Drifts is in the middle of a press storm about the women’s only venue “The Sisterhood” for Glastonbury this year. “Shangri La “Truth & Lies” is media themed this year with fake VIP areas, fake celebrities, a TV channel – it’s a backlash to the separatist media. We created a women only venue (including anyone who identifies as female) it’s gone mad, I’ve had horrible emails, the press has gone mental – it’s hilarious!” says Chris. Before Shangri La, there was Lost Vagueness, based on a casino. “That went off completely, it was in Vogue and everything. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty got married there.” These stages at Glastonbury are ‘off-main-stage’ and for many the reason they go to the festival. “Big artists turn up and do secret sets on our stages now as they are underground, smaller, more intimate. But big names are not the most important part,” says Chris. What has made a lot of things possible for Continental Drifts is that they received Arts Council funding, “and we really were the only ones getting funding to do the kind of work we do,” says Mel, “Now we’re an NPO, (National Portfolio Organisation). There’re around 170 in the UK. Ours is for our project Global Local, bringing globally diverse music to mainstream audiences.” They are in year 10 of that project now and have brought bands, such as Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and Bellowhead to perform. “I’d say in ten years we’ve possibly started some great people’s careers,” says

Chris. “Festivals now trust us to program whole areas and stages, which is rare, and through this funding we are able to bring amazing people to their audiences.” Chris’s alter-ego is DJ Chris Tofu . “At Lost Vagueness we played 1930s music, we wanted remixes of this stuff and discovered that no-one was doing it – slowly more DJs and acts came along. When a French LP came out called Electro-Swing, we all called it that. So, with our partner, Nick Hollywood it went worldwide. We had the first ElectroSwing club in the world at a night at Book Club, (now the Bedroom Bar) in London.” This has grown and they met with Island records about remixing their back catalogue for a new young audience. “Keeping its soul in there because we love the music - We signed a deal between Freshly Squeezed record label and Island records so we have their back catalogue to work with, amazing stuff – Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Tina Turner, you name it. We called it Vintage Remix because Electro-Swing wasn’t a big enough name for this.” On the 9th July they’re back in Walthamstow for Chris’s monthly Antiq Beats at Mirth Marvel & Maud on Hoe Street. This month DJ Auntie Maureen joins DJ Chris Tofu, brass

and beats from Sam and The Womp and of course dance classes with Swing Patrol. So they’ve been all around the world and back before bringing their very own brand of flamboyant cutting edge club nights to their home ground. “So funny for us really, we used to get…‘Walthamstow? Where’s that?’” says Chris “Or, why are you there?” Adds Mel. “and what a place Mirth is for that style of music, such an amazing space, beautiful, perfect for it. “This is our local thing and we really hope it works.”


09 july free entry a monthly evening of vintage remix

SAM AND THE WOMP soundsystem AUNTIE MAUREEN CHRIS TOFU ( Shangri Las/ Island Records )

To advertise your business contact 5

Love the place you live

Re-imagining Walthamstow nightlife Walthamstow is undergoing some immense changes, but are we overlooking the need for a decent nightlife and live music scene? Deborah Talbot talks to local promoters and Waltham Forest Council to find out how we can plan around a more innovative culture.

Walthamstow is going through some fast-moving changes. From being a (somewhat) sleepy suburb, full to the brim with families with young children, it has now attracted a hipster drift from Hackney and affluent incomers from other areas of North London. It is increasingly the subject of media mentionitis, a peculiar disease known to increase house prices in the space of a year and dramatically accelerate starry-eyed imaginings of being served up an authentic existence. I could reel off the now familiar roll call of the signs of gentrification, but I won’t. Suffice to say that there are now a number of new businesses providing the kind if café culture that, according to author Richard Florida, is a ‘must have’ for the urban professional class. It is all taking place in the shadow of a more sustained assault on alternative culture in London. This city has been a home to revolutionaries, hippy squats, punk rebellion, Rastafarian outposts, post-punk glamour-ennui, and some of the most successful clubs to emerge from rave. It is slowly erasing signs of its past. The combined effect of the tightening of licensing law, after a brief relaxation in 6

2003, and property development, along with a general crushing of time and space for young people, has meant that resistant subcultures are struggling. We only have to look at the fate of artists, moved around from area to area like pawns in the game of land price inflation, to see what is happening. The pattern we see now has been there throughout history. Commercial imperatives work with regulation, from licensing law to policing, to put the squeeze on anything culturally challenging. In Walthamstow, this cultural erasure happened a long time ago, with more of a fizzle than a crackdown. A thriving locale of punk and post-punk subculture - as evidenced by the national and international draw of Small Wonder Records, located in 162 Hoe Street - it somehow lost its way. And now, it is very much in danger of supplanting its streetscape with the ubiquitous culture of the London elsewhere, whether that model is Chatsworth Road or Wood Green. What is distinctively Walthamstow? How can we remember what it is and use that to reimagine our locale? And can we find a place for its more radical dimensions, often found lurking in the night?

The search for space I’m sitting in the Wynwood (a bit of a friendly hide out for the new nomadic workforce) talking to Mark Hart, a local music promoter who also does music heritage walks as part of the Stow Festival. Mark also worked for a while with Tony Wilson, Founder of the Haçienda and Factory Records in Manchester, so knows a thing or two about that now familiar history of subculture-led regeneration. We reflected on why, when Walthamstow is seeing more restaurants, gastro pubs, and mainstream cinema, there isn’t more of the edgy side of culture – the music venues and nightclubs. Mark’s view is that there is a lack of venues, and development may be squeezing space further. He runs through the possibilities. There’s Mirth, which has a 750 capacity, but he said, “I can’t charge for entry” because of their policy of not charging customers. There have been mutterings elsewhere about Mirth’s unwillingness to sponsor good acts, and people would like it to acknowledge that it thrives only because of the goodwill of the community. There’s the Trades Hall, which holds 250, and is “great,” Mark says, “like Phoenix

Nights”. But is run by a committee acting for its members, and this limits availability. Arubar Lounge, on Forest Road, holds about 100, but its owners don’t do much with it. And so it goes on. The precarious future of live music in Walthamstow is a fear echoed by Dominic Mandrell and Kat Richmond, who both work on the Walthamstow Garden Party. “It’s not just about a lack of spaces,” said Kat. “It’s also that the ones we do have are badly equipped, lack a decent budget for live events, and don’t have the musical expertise.” This means, adds Dominic, that they “can’t be innovative and forwardlooking.” Music in Walthamstow does feel a bit amateur or folksy at times, or, as Mark says, “If I think about Walthamstow as a music place, it’s ukulele led.” All of them agree that more spaces are needed, and, says Mark, for a successful cultural regeneration you need infrastructure and space. “It’s the architecture of the place. Where’s the hippest place to go in Walthamstow? It’s that industrial estate in Shernhall St, with the Wildcard Brewery, Gods Own Junk Yard, and Mother’s Ruin. I fear for the Shernhall Street one, because of the encroaching residential properties. It’s a model everywhere. People move to a place because it’s hip and trendy, and then moan about the noise.” And that’s not to mention young people, who may be thriving in the underground music scene, but have no place to go.

What’s with the Council? The view of the Council, currently fragmented between the regeneration, planning and licensing teams on the one hand, and culture and regeneration on the other, is to facilitate and encourage alternative culture. But they don’t think they have the kind of money needed for more active investment. And they see their hands tied by central government’s ‘permitted development’, according to Cllr Clare Coghill and Will Teasdale at the Town Hall, which means that people who own land can very easily change its use. But Kat argues that it’s about political will, and questions the Council’s leanings towards big development.

“Does the council want to invest in things the community needs, or do they want to make money?”

Clare and Will at least work hard to try and persuade developers to expand their range of uses and employ the right expertise. They see the future of a sustainable culture lying in multi-use spaces, with work, studios, cafes, restaurants, theatre and live music areas – a model where buildings are in constant use. Dom and Kat also support the idea of multi-use spaces. But they believe the Council should take a lead, buying venues themselves and having local specialists run it. Waltham Forest has been active in negotiations around the Standard, turning the plans from a 150 venue capacity to three times that, though they acknowledge plans have not been submitted for approval yet. They are keen to look at ways of avoiding the Hackney crackdown on licensed venues. Optimism abounds with the election of the new Mayor. And Waltham Forest has been one of the first to formulate a pubs protection policy, because, says Clare, “pubs are important to us for heritage purposes, and they are also a key part of the social fabric of London.” Both Clare and Will agree that the different branches of the Council should be brought together so that they understand the value of cultural spaces. A night-time economy planning partnership, perhaps? It’s one idea floating around the E17 cultural scene.

Remaking the present through the past Walthamstow’s streetscape is permeated with a rich, but little known, subcultural history. Buddy Holly, Mark tells me, played at the Granada (now Mirth) in 1958, and the venue has had a luminous history of hosting performers such as James Brown, John Coltrane, and the Rolling Stones. When the venue split into a small screen layout in 1972, the College started hosting gigs. In the 1980s, the Standard was a music venue but didn’t host any notable gigs. At the same time, Waltham Forest Council put on events at the Assembly Hall under the WAH 17 banner. Acts such as The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit, A Certain Ratio, Benjamin Zephaniah, New Order and the Bauhaus all performed there. Joy Division also played at a youth club in Markhouse Road.

in E17 before anyone had heard there might be a world beyond home, work and family. It was very influential, releasing first time artists who went on to become big, like The Cure and Patrik Fitzgerald, and attracting kids from all over the UK to Walthamstow. There are some great interviews with Pete on a blog called Music Like Dirt. Why does this matter? We don’t know. But sometimes, as the psychogeographers remind us, people and culture can leave traces behind them, influencing the present. Clare Coghill says that we wouldn’t have the Arts Trail, or the E17 arts scene in general, without the legacy of Waltham Forest College, which used to be an art school. And coincidentally, 2016 is the fortieth anniversary of the birth of the Sex Pistols. Waltham Forest is planning its own commemoration – an exhibition and series of talks around the legacy of Small Wonder Records, organised by Mark Hart and journalist Neil Meads, and supported by Waltham Forest Council. Because it can’t be all about loft extensions, Farrow and Ball paintwork, vintage fireplaces, and munching your way through a sourdough pizza, great though all those things are. Music and cultures of resistance matter and we need to think about who is going to do that. On that score, I’ll leave final word to Mark: “You don’t know what’s round the corner. It would be great wouldn’t it? To see some kid of Algerian heritage create something new we haven’t heard before? That café culture, on Hoe St and the High St, has just come from nowhere, and obviously replicates the café culture from Bulgaria or whatever, but I’ve not yet seen a music culture associated with that. Is there a Polish music culture that’s come over here? It’s not visible to me anyway. Though the ones likely to do it are a bit too young yet – they’re still at primary school.” We’ll wait and see. Deborah Talbot is the author of Regulating the night: race, culture and exclusion in the night-time economy (Routledge), and a new paperback edition will be published “sometime over the next year, or whenever I can find the time to write a new introduction.”

And of course, there was Small Wonder Records, run by tetchy visionary Pete Stennett, doing subcultural entrepreneurialism on the high street 7

Homeward Bound At just 20 years old, singer-songwriter Conor Coughlan has Transatlantic appeal and is crossing continents with his music and style. Here he talks to Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor. Photograph by CK Goldiing. Born in Harold Wood, Essex, Conor’s family emigrated to Canada when he was 12 years old. “It was really exciting at first” Conor explains, “But as a teenager, and already playing in bands, I needed more.” The small town near Calgary, where his family still reside just wasn’t big enough for his ambitions. “You can’t really get better than London for music.”

have recorded. He brought a band in for some of the tracks and when he told me they were Tracy Chapman’s band, I couldn’t believe it, they were fantastic.” Conor even met his hero Neil Young there.

Conor toured in the USA and Canada and his album gained attention from BBC Radio 2 and BBC introducing. Conor is currently in the UK hoping to increase his fan base here. “I’m so interested in how different it is in the UK to the US,

But Conor’s musical story began way before he made the move back to live in Leyton, east London. “There are photographs of me at around 2 years old running around with a harmonica and I wrote my first song aged 9.” His parents are really supportive and his father who also plays the guitar was a major influence on Conor. “There were always guitars in the house and my dad would show me video tapes of Neil Young in concert. When other kids were asking for the newest toy for Christmas, I wanted everything I saw on Neil Young’s stage.” So, it’s no surprise that Neil Young is amongst the musicians Conor sights as an influence to his own style. He played in bands while at school in Canada and knew he wanted to be a musician all along.

His debut album Give It Up, a collection of his own songs, some written when he was just 14, was recorded at Fantasy studios in Los Angeles and produced by the legendary Jeffrey Wood. “It’s been amazing,” says Conor, “and such a great experience working with Jeffrey in that studio where so many incredible artists 8

Photo ©

But Conor’s solo career really began in California. “I was one of these kids who posted videos of myself playing covers on youtube.” It was here that his manager, Ricky Williamson first found him. “It was kind of weird I suppose that at 14 years old I was emailing a 42 year old guy in California.” But after leaving school early, much to his parents dismay, Conor travelled out to California at 18 years old and began building his career and contacts out there.

the pluggers here have chosen different songs than they did in the US and that’s really intriguing.” The title track Give It Up was the favourite for radio play in the US whereas in the UK Sun Don’t Shine was the chosen single. He has done well in the US so far, performing to crowds of over 200 people every night, opening for artists such as Zane Carney (John Mayer’s guitarist), Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October) and gracing the same stage as Jackson Browne. So, although he’s thrilled to be back and busy in the UK, with a sell out show in May at ‘Unsigned Friday’ at The Garage in Islington for his UK album launch, it is a harder nut for him to crack. “I think maybe the US understand my sound more or it may be that I just need more time back here,” he explains. “I’m an East London boy really but of course I love California, the outdoor life and

sunshine.” Many of his musical heroes have that Americana sound, and with the obvious influence of Bob Dylan and of course Neil Young in his sound, but he also loves Jake Bugg and The Tallest Man on Earth; describing his own style as acoustic pop.

A Thing Like That conorcoughlanmusic/a-thing-like-that-1

Conor writes all the time and is ready for his second album. He is returning to Fantasy Studios and producer, Jeffrey Wood in LA in November to begin recording again for release in spring 2017. watch?v=ETHNlH7vSSk

But before then he has a UK tour in July and will be touring the US in August & September before returning to the UK for Under the Apple Tree - curated by Whispering-Bob Harris His LP Give It Up is available on CD from Rough Trade, Amazon and itunes for download

Give It Up conorcoughlanmusic/give-it-up

For You conorcoughlanmusic/for-you-1 watch?v=DRAY9cl-aMc July’s tour dates July 3 Brighton July 6 London July 7 Hertford July 16 Liverpool July 19 Manchester

The Ranelagh Ronnie Scott’s The Dog and Whistle Heebie Jeebies The Castle

Small Wonder Records The Exhibition Can You Help? What did Small Wonder Records mean to you? We’d like to hear from former customers and bands. It took three years of amateur sleuthing before Neil Meads ( found himself in a Suffolk village having a cuppa with Small Wonder’s famously be-hatted owner Pete Stennett - who at that point didn’t have a computer (or for that matter a hat). However the warmth of the response to that interview, coupled with #Punk40 celebrations bring us to the point where this September Small Wonder will return to Hoe Street after almost 35 years away. Albeit ‘just’ for a three week exhibition with gigs and talks. The label gave debuts to acts like The Cure, Bauhaus, Crass and Patrik Fitzgerald but the story is also about what it meant to customers. We’ve heard countless tales of Pete’s idiosyncratic customer service, from devotees in New Zealand, Norway and America remembering mail order ads and from girls who credit a welcoming shop as playing a large part of being accepted as young black punks in difficult times. Hoarders can help too. Could we borrow your records or memorabilia? Already one kind soul has promised a poster for the night Joy Division played Markhouse Road! Punk Waltham Forest was commissioned by the London Borough of Waltham Forest and produced by Beetroots Creative CIC.

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By Our Selves: Why walking is a subversive activity. Writer, political activist and filmmaker John Rogers (from Leytonstone) tells Liza Fletcher (from Walthamstow) about John Clare’s poetry, a landscape shaped by history and human connection, and how long distance walking is inspiring a new generation of protest. The feature length film By Our Selves explores walking through the vision of foremost British experimental director, Andrew Kötting. The piece is inspired by surrealism and the rural tradition of organised long distance walking. The film tracks the re-enactment of John Clare’s pilgrimage through Epping Forest to Northampton, where the poet was later admitted into a lunatic asylum. Best known for his work “By Himself”, Clare was a defining voice of the rural poetic tradition. “Walking in By Our Selves is a mode of fact finding, reconnaissance, and protest.” Fashionably referred to nowadays as “Pyschogeography”, this is not a new phenomenon, explains Rogers, though writers and commentators, such his close friends and contemporaries Iain Sinclair, Will Self and Russell Brand have given it prominence in recent years. The roots of the movement go back to Paris in the 1950s and 60s, through thinkers such as Guy Debord, where the rural activity of Clare’s time was extended to an urban environment. “The term has a pleasing vagueness,” says Rogers, “but essentially it refers to how contemporary life works and how it is organised. Walking becomes an activity to rage against and revolutionise our modern existence”. This is true of the pioneers who campaigned to open up public footpaths on agricultural land in Britain in the 1930s. Also to those meeting the wrath of landowners when trying to film in privately owned areas of our own Capital, such as Canary Wharf, as Rogers found recently on his latest film project. Kötting’s previous works have also explored the journey and how our landscape is formed by the past: Gallivant is a journal of a family trip with Kötting’s grandmother and his child with learning disabilities; Swandown sees him travel in a fairground swan pedalo on a canal with comic effect. Kötting’s reviewers say that his films reveal what it is to be British. Rogers’s own writing, including the recently published This Other London explores different pathways in the overlooked city. “I was trying to journey around my city with the same wonder as when I was travelling and working in Italy, South-East Asia and Australia. The book of ten 10 mile walks provides a mechanism to explore London, to be in the present in a way that locates you, moving through ideas, different eras, giving the lone walker the required distance for contemplation.” Rogers’ other work has an increasing political awareness. He has undertaken campaigning projects with Leytonstone artist Bob and Roberta Smith and has more anarchical presence online through his Fugueur and Driftreport YouTube channels, which focus on the city development and more sinister human influence shaping of our landscape, with commentary on the Walthamstow Butterfields project. 10

Walthamstow International Film Festival in collaboration with The Stow Film Lounge presents the premiere of

‘By Our Selves’ by Andrew Kötting 1 July. Doors open at 7pm Walthamstow School for Girls, Hiwett Hall. Church Hill E17 9RZ £5 for early bird tickets / £8 for general concession

Do you know your twittens from your snickets? Waltham Forest is full of back-doubles, twittens, snickets and ginnels; alleyways or footpaths to most of us. And if we don’t act, those that aren’t recorded on the official map may disappear. Abigail Woodman reports. Photos by Paul Tucker. Footpaths under threat Rights of way that aren’t on the borough’s official map are under threat. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 states that alleyways and footpaths that have been used as public rights of way since before 1 January 1949 but are not registered before 1 January 2026 shall cease to exist. The ‘right of way shall be extinguished immediately’ on 1 January 2026.

The legislation is designed to give landowners certainty. From 1 January 2026, a landowner can consult just one document – the ‘Definitive Map of Rights of Way’ for the borough in which the land is situated – to find out if a right of way runs across their land. Why should we care? The Definitive Rights of Way map for Waltham Forest is sporadic and

incomplete. You are hard pushed to find any footpaths recorded in Chingford, Leyton and Leytonstone and I know that many are missing from Walthamstow too. But why does it matter? It matters because footpaths and alleys that aren’t recorded can be blocked off, built over and generally erased from our collective memory. And it’s not something we can put off sorting until 2025. It’s

Images – Left to right. Top path: (1) Beulah Path, Walthamstow Village. (2) St Peter’s Path, Upper Walthamstow. Middle row: (1) Buck Walk, Upper Walthamstow (2) Alley between Turner Road and Marlowe estate, Wood Street. Bottom row: (1) Alley between Shernhall and Marlowe Road. (2) Black Path near South Access Road, St James, E17. 11

already happening, as developers swoop in to make the most of opportunities in the borough, aided and abetted by the council, and people extend their homes rather than move. In fact, while newspaper reports about 2026 caught my attention, it is this immediate threat that got me involved with this project. Imagine for a moment how you will feel if the cut-through you use to walk your children to school or nip to the local shop ceases to exist one day. Without any warning, you’re prevented from walking your dog down one of the alleyways near your home. Without any consultation, you’re trespassing when you walk to the station along a path you have used hundreds of times before. I know it would make me really cross. Footpaths are some of my favourite things I love edgelands. Geographer Marion Shoard invented the term to describe ‘apparently unplanned, certainly uncelebrated and largely incomprehensible

territory where town and country meet’. Anything can happen in edgelands, and it often does. You’re never quite sure what you’ll find. I have seen a man walking along a local path early one Sunday morning carrying an enormous clear plastic sack of meat. Where did the meat come from? Why did he have it? Where was he taking it? I delighted in imagining the answers to these questions at the time; I’m still puzzling over them now over five years later. Alleyways and footpaths are edgelands. Even paved cut throughs, between houses, have a sense of potential. Sometimes that can make them feel unsafe, and there are some footpaths near my home that I would never walk down after dark, but would you want to live somewhere devoid of places like this? Somewhere completely sanitised, predictable and organised, lacking places where your teenage self can arrange a rendezvous or your middle-aged self can take a breath between the bustle of one busy street and another. I know I don’t.

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Blooming marvellous! Inspired by her Danish upbringing, Alys Wood-Bibby has created a new style of florist for Walthamstow. Karen Dunn finds out why Blomst London is the pick of the bunch…

So what can we do? I’m involved with a project that is all about adventuring around our borough and making sure that we know where all the alleyways, passages, back-doubles, twittens, snickets and ginnels are, with the long term aim of getting them all recorded on the official map. And we’re looking for volunteers to help… If interested, you’ll be sent a map of a 1km x 1km square to explore. We’re asking that you make sure the pathways that are highlighted are still accessible and mark any unmapped paths on the map.

Interested in exploring your neighbourhood in a completely new way, discovering somewhere intriguing you never know existed? Please email for more information.

It’s a Friday evening and Alys Wood-Bibby’s kitchen is a hive of activity. Every surface is piled high with the most glorious mountain of seasonal flowers, waiting to be arranged into bouquets of all shapes and sizes. All around Alys’ Scandinavian-inspired home you can smell the sweet scent of freshly cut flowers as she juggles looking after her eight-month-old daughter Betsy with running her brand new venture. Blomst – which is Danish for flower - may have been trading for a short time, but Alys already has regulars at her stunning stall every Saturday at Walthamstow Village Market and spends Friday evenings delivering her beautiful bouquets to homes all around the area… Hi Alys, what was the inspiration for Blomst? Growing up there were always fresh flowers at home. My mum moved to Denmark when she was a teenager and we regularly visited there when I was growing up. Houses there are always filled with flowers and I wanted to bring that to London. Flowers have always cheered me up. If I’d had a bad week at work I’d go to the florist on a Friday and buy a bunch. I’d pick the stems and ask the florist to arrange them in a certain way, which I

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I’ve been getting fantastic feedback – one lovely lady even said my bunch of flowers had made her weekend! Where do your flowers come from? They are sent directly to my home from the Netherlands. They’re all seasonal and there’s a Scandinavian influence in my colour choices. I try and create bouquets that are a little bit different from your average bunch of flowers and because they come directly from the growers it means they last a bit longer too. don’t think many liked! It sounds cheesy, but I really want to bring the joy of flowers to people’s homes. Did you have any experience as a florist? I’d always secretly wanted to be a florist, but I was nervous about taking the plunge. It was having Betsy and moving to Walthamstow that made me decide to give it a try. I’ve done a few floristry courses and I’m learning as I go, but so far

You offer a subscription service for flowers, how does that work? You can choose from three size bouquets – the Blomst mini, midi or maxi - and I offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription. The flowers can either be delivered on a Friday, or you can pick them up from the market on a Saturday. We also sell single stems at the market as well as succulents in hand-painted pots and hanging glass containers. Doing the markets is one of my favourite things.

I love chatting to people and hearing what they think. What are your plans for Blomst? The dream ultimately would be to have a shop. I’m going to be doing a few weddings and parties this summer too, but for now I’m happy just growing my skills to meet the flower needs of Walthamstow! What inspires you about living in Walthamstow? I love the community spirit in the area and, as a new mum, how welcoming people have been. Having Epping Forest on the doorstep is fantastic too and I love taking Betsy for walks around Lloyd Park and checking out people’s beautiful gardens in the village!

To find out more about Blomst London visit, or follow them on Instagram at

Blomst London is a new, modern flower service in E17. We provide beautiful, seasonal, fresh and fragrant hand picked blooms which we deliver locally. This can be by regular subscription (weekly, fortnightly and monthly) or as a one off.

We also curate beautiful and bespoke flowers and installations for celebrations, events and weddings. Please call us at Blomst London to discuss your requirements. +44(0)7930 378 851 Blomst Londo London



Walthamstow Village Market

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Denim'n'Dine by Pedro Passinhas

What brought you to Walthamstow? I know Han who’s the owner of the building and used to have a restaurant, along with Toby. They’re both founders of Blackhorse Lane Atelier - home to a mix of creative disciplines. Han had some kitchen equipment available and wanted to set up a kitchen and I came along back in August last year and asked to take over the place - so it just started from there. The idea was to have a permanent central unit from which to prepare and take away food for corporate and private dining events. How did Denim‘n’Dine come about in a Denim factory? We started doing Christmas parties etc and realised that once the work was finished for the day the space was empty, so we thought why not do a pop up restaurant? We wanted to keep the price affordable so doing the pop up outside the Blackhorse Road at restaurants on the weekend when

they were closed (which we did at the testing stage) was not financially viable due to transport costs, so this space was perfect. You’re passionate about local designers and makers. There’s so much here in the local area – especially in Blackhorse Workshop which houses furniture makers such as Wilson Palmer who we

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commissioned to make tables that would fit the space and could be folded away after the pop up in order to resume factory work the next day. We also use local ceramicists and local products. Vegetarian food really takes centre stage at your pop ups – which is great. We wanted to make amazing and affordable food so we decided to keep the menu mainly vegetarian and seasonal. We do use fish as well and then the meat is more of a garnish. With the vast number of vegetables out there you can be really imaginative and aren’t as limited as you’d be with meats. There’s a large community of vegetarians and pescatarians in Walthamstow so this fits in well. We love to come up with interesting dishes using vegetables and specialist techniques. You’re a Michelin trained chef and this clearly shows in your dishes. Can you tell us a little about your food journey and what inspired you? I started out in Lisbon which is where I’m from originally and was

Photos © Manuel Andias

Michelin trained chef Pedro Passinhas is out to transform how we eat in Walthamstow. He’s passionate about creating stunning dishes using seasonal produce that both please the palate and inspire conversation in a singularly unusual setting. Fine dining, the informal way. Words Dina Begum.

studying telecommunications engineering and in the third years of my five year course I realised I wasn’t fitting in and decided to take a break and do the Cordon Bleu here in London – which was a one year intensive course and I just got hooked! I started working in Michelin restaurants and fourteen years later here I am. Your food inspirations? A lot of it comes from my background and from having grown up in a Mediterranean country. My parents used to take me out to lunches and dinners all the time. My mum’s an excellent cook. My grandad was a baker so there was always a food connection. Working in the high level restaurants I also picked up techniques and ideas. London’s a great place for tons of ingredients. What can diners expect at a Denim‘n’Dine event? We’d like for them to come in without too many expectations. They won’t really know how the space is set up and what the menu will be as we like to keep it a secret for that surprise element. We’d love for people to be blown away by the quality of the food, the service, unusual setting and style. The menu tends to be nondescript, without too much detail. The chefs, including myself go out and explain the dishes and how everything’s been created and the story behind each dish. What kind of response have you had

to Denim‘n’Dine events? Really positive and people have really enjoyed our events. It’s been a change not having to go to central London for a good meal. We don’t do formal dining. We offer an experience. Communal tables and food which promotes conversation. People who’ve not met one another before talk about food and eventually everything else! The way the dishes are designed really kick starts conversation. They’re intrigued by ingredients on the menu, such as charcoal and paper! None of the rituals of fine dining. No tablecloths, no waiters. We focus on informal dining, quality food, good conversation, good wine. Most popular, or most requested dish? We had a pickled salmon dish. Glazed salmon belly with an egg yolk croquette coated in crispy prawn cracker. When you break into the yolk it just oozes out. Out of every menu there’s always one or two dishes that really shine and people say ‘I’ll never forget this dish,’ or ‘I never thought a carrot could be done this way.’ That, for us is great. We love to use seasonal produce. Jerusalem artichokes and edible flowers, such as pea flowers and garlic flowers. We have trout from a river in Hampshire called Chalk Stream, but our menu is mainly vegetarian.

Walthamstow? Maybe, it’s hard to say. All it takes is someone to start and become successful and generate a bit of buzz, whether a pop up or a full on restaurant. We love to have fun with our food and menus and have a dessert, which is called sugar, butter, egg, flour, milk. All the components of a cake, which are not what they seem and are edible. Plans for the future? Collaborations coming with local makers such as coffee and food tastings with Perky Blenders and we’re working on something special with The Local Honey Man for a honeyfocused dessert. We’ll also be doing beer and food tasting with The Wildcard Brewery. We’ll soon have a menu with wine pairing. Summertime will also bring barbeques. We really want to diversify the Denim’n’ Dine concept and offer different, innovative things. We may even offer an alteration service for your jeans while you sip on a cocktail!

To find out more and to book a place at Denim’n’Dine visit Dina Begum is a local poet and food blogger.

Do you think Denim‘n’Dine will set a trend for other fine dining concepts in

Welcome to a unique pop up restaurant located in a denim factory in Walthamstow.

Enjoy inventive seasonal food in a relaxed and informal setting.

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E~DEN a Directory of Useful Services & Beautiful Things for the Home

Full Architectural services for domestic and commercial projects. Extensions. Refurbishments. Loft conversions. New builds.

3D dimensional surveys



Building regulations and construction The Ancient House, 2 Church Lane, Walthamstow. London. E17 9RW - - 020 8521 7600

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House Doctor Penny Fielding offers creative solutions to everyday niggles you may have with your home.

A lick of paint can give your property a lift without being too costly. If you’re thinking of re-decorating, here are some tips on how to use colour to enhance your home and provide a beautiful backdrop for your furniture and family treasures. If you are living in a small space, it’s a good idea to keep colours uniform. This will help one area flow into another and not break up the space too dramatically. Choose a colour that works throughout, especially if the rooms are multi functional. Event and texture can be added with your pictures and furnishings. Dark colours are currently very popular. Art galleries have adopted a dark grey décor to enhance artworks. Deep colours can work well in new properties as they give weight and gravitas to modern plasterboard walls. A room doesn’t have to be large to cope with dark paintwork and thinking that this will make a small room oppressive is not necessarily true. If you choose a colour with depth and richness and do a good decorating job the result can be confident and stunning. The ceiling (often overlooked as an opportunity for introducing colour) is, along with the floor, the largest surface in the room. This is generally kept light, but a dark ceiling will put a ‘lid’ on the room and this can be quite effective! Glazed ceilings will reflect architectural details and give the room ‘lift’.

Practical, creative and intelligent advice for all aspects of home improvement and household management

Penny Fielding 07725 645 359

Most of the light coming in a room will fall on the floor. This is the area that bounces the most light around. Dark flooring will absorb light and colour, a pale flooring will reflect it. Although room colour is a personal statement, it’s ultimately a backdrop, so choose something that enhances rather than dominates your furnisings and brings them to life. What niggles you about your home? Email with your thoughts or to enquire about a personal session with the House Doctor. To advertise your business contact 17

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made with volume we design spaces for people

Matilda Battersby talks to spatial designer, Carlo Viscione about his company made with volume and how they approach improving the feel and function of the spaces in our homes.

I know what an architect is. I’ve even met an interior designer or two. But I have to confess to having not come across the job title ‘spatial designer’ let alone understand what it means Luckily the founder of East London-based spatial design company made with volume, Carlo Viscione, is on hand to explain. He tells me that spatial designers work at the intersection between architects and interior designers to improve existing spaces both domestic but also retail, exhibition and galleries and in fact public spaces in general. They look at how a space is used, flows and even how it’s perceived. What are the main qualities of the space? They then work to resolve the issues they find. “It’s all about possibilities, not necessarily constrained by existing walls, whether structural or non-structural,” he says. “We basically consider the shell as the volume and we take it from there depending on the client’s requirements.” “We’re just one step further advanced than the tradition of interior design but we don’t do new builds as an architect would. We do house extensions as well, but we would never build a whole new house - it is always a pre-existing building.” Having worked for many years with commercial spaces, particularly retail and public ones, as well as art installations, Carlo’s company is increasingly moving into the domestic sphere. But how exactly does one hire a spatial designer for their home? Well, one of Carlo’s recent projects, a three-storey house in Leytonstone, came about because its owner wanted help redesigning his lighting to show off his impressive art collection in its best light. But having met Carlo, and discovering he was bursting with ideas for how to improve the Edwardian property’s layout, he asked him to set out some concepts and a proposal. Once given the green light Carlo transformed the space and usage of the property, in particular the way the downstairs living area functioned. Work included enlarging and redesigning the bathroom. There was an area of the living room, which the client described as “dark and dingy” and wasn’t much used by the client. Carlo says: “I think you can improve this space with a new layout, furniture and better lighting etc [...] so then we suggested to completely embrace the darkness of the room. We painted it a very rich, very dark colour: including the ceiling, the floors, the cornicing, everything. We configured that side of the room so that it housed his vinyl collection. He’s got a beautiful tube amp which we placed in the recess of a fireplace that had been pulled out previously and made that the altar of the area. And with just one really comfy chair and soft lighting it became the room where he could just relax and enjoy being himself.” 18 To advertise your business contact

Carlo is currently working on a 200 square metre 1930s building which was originally the canteen and science lab of a school, was subsequently turned into flats, is believed at some point to have been a recording studio where East 17 and Run-D.M.C made records, but was overrun in the ‘00s by squatters. It is now being turned into a fourbedroom house and the owners have drafted in Carlo to undertake the difficult task of marrying its old industrial atmosphere with its new purpose as a family home. It is a growing business with Carlo as the sole member of staff reliant on a coterie of regular freelancers. But as its name, made with volume, suggests, Carlo is keen to grow it. “I’d like to have a couple of people working with me full time. That would be ideal. And to be able to offer fully paid internships to students and graduates. I’m very passionate about that because I think it’s really important to help young graduates.” made with volume are very keen to receive more commissions from both home owners, independent retailers and restaurants/ bars from Waltham Forest. They welcome unique and challenging clients that share the vision for well thought-out design and the love of using high quality materials. It all starts with an informal chat about the possibilities. 0203 488 19 15

Photos, plans and quote from the refurbishment of a three-story Edwardian house in Leytonstone.

“I’m so glad I chose to work with made with volume. Carlo is very talented and impeccably professional. He talked me through every stage of the work, explaining what I could expect from him. The work and ideas delivered were fantastic. Carlo understood my desire to balance a contemporary, modern home with the period features in my house. He brought fresh ideas and a wealth of knowledge and creativity.”

made with volume we design spaces for people

t 0203 488 19 15 e w

A new interior design studio based in Forest Gate is now open for business and welcomes private and commercial clients. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

London Fields Cycles, E8

Kinnoull Mansions, E5

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Full home renovations


Open plan concepts


Modern living designs

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• Plumbing services


• Central Heating installations • Boiler replacements & repairs • Gas services T 020 8111 1230 M 07939 814 559 E

Professional dog walking and pet sitting service Dog walks in woodlands & open spaces Overnight sits in the pet’s home Fully insured and CRB checked Qualified in animal care & first aid 07946 363450

At Super Woofers we know your dog is one of the most important members of your family. So, whilst you head off to work, we make sure they get the best possible care whilst T 020 8111 1230 | M 07939 814 559 | 16 The Pines, Woodford Green,fun! Essex, IG8 0RW exercising and having Whether its WALKS or a day at our DOGGY DAYCARE centre we guarantee to return you a happy and tired out Super Woofer. WALK • TRAIN • PLAY Fully Insured and based in Find out how your dog can Walthamstow we offer: become a Super Woofer Dog Walking, Doggy Daycare, Training & Puppy visits. Visit Mobile: 07830 122511 Email:

IK Constructions Ltd An established construction company specialising in extensions, loft conversions and internal refurbishments. High standards and attention to detail ensure client satisfaction and outstanding references. 07984 795787

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Mortgage advice that’s right up your street Marsh Street provides comprehensive mortgage advice for everyone. We source from a wide range of lenders and have access to a number of different products. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and high quality bespoke service that ensures that you are treated fairly at all times. We have the experience and ability to identify your needs, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product to make life easier for our customers.

Marsh Street was the original name of Walthamstow High Street where a number of large manor houses were used as weekend or summer retreats. Samuel Pepys’ bosses had houses here, and after visiting one of them Pepys described how they had drunk wine from a local vineyard and “the whole company said they never drank better foreign wine [than this one] in their lives”.

Not only will we help you find the right mortgage, but we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your mortgage transaction is completed swiftly and effectively, so you can concentrate on the other parts of buying your dream home.

Traditional values and good advice

M ARSH 0208 509 8626 40 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NJ

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for the advice given, the exact amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495 or 1%.

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The highest standards in painting and decorating



Interior & exterior painting, wallpapers and decorative finishes - residential & commercial

Call 07971

3 poems by Michael Bowles

70 Hoe Street E17 4PG Wed-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm Closed Mon & Tues


Mo 07905 164663 Sarah 07528 229030



E~DEN a Directory of Useful Services & Beautiful Things for the Home

Lopsided Do I care why my left ear sticks out less than my right? Do I care why my left breast is bigger than my right? Do I care why my left foot is bigger than my right? Do I care that my left ball hangs lower than my right? Do I care that my left side is more beautiful than my right? Yes I do care because I’m real Some say human symmetry is beautiful but I’m lopsided and still kicking 7.24 am, 17 January 2016


To advertise call Stephen on 07719 967959 or email

T.J.Ball & Co.

All your conveyancing needs under one roof

Buying a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life. It is essential to feel confident that you are making the right decisions as a result of the advice you receive. Established in 1987, T.J. Ball & Co believe that when selling or buying your home you should receive quality independent advice from a qualified and experienced licensed conveyancer. 0208 5031100 49 Leytonstone Road, Stratford E15 1JA

There is a moment, when I am alone And I need to feel the touch of human kindness. There is a moment when you are alone and you need to feel it too. We take each other into our arms and gently press our bodies together, And close our eyes, And merge, And all is good. We are suffused in togetherness and infused with bliss. We feel the warmth of knowing without words, that for this moment, Two is better than one. And all is well. And all will be well, For we are not alone’ And we will never be afraid or anxious or isolated again. I will always be hugging you and you me, For we are branches of the same tree. Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2016

Michael Bowles has been creating in Walthamstow for 29 years, as director of igloopaowow - the peoples arts organisation without walls see www. and co-director of STREET17 - see facebook street17art and twitter @street17art

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Pitching the project as an affordable option for creatives, Yoana explains that even though pricing has not yet been finalised for E17, “the costs will vary depending on the type of space rented but will be roughly £8 to £25 per square metre, with the basement studios, desk spaces and incubators at the lower end of the scale and the retail and offices on the ground floor at the upper end.” Still in the £400k refurbishment phase, the design for the building is looking good and interestingly will include especially made areas for “monthly open studios with sales opportunities for both permanent users of the space but also other local designers in the form of market stalls in the [onsite] cafe’s public area.” Central Parade will provide space for creative entrepreneurs rather than practicing artists and will cater for businesses in different manners of creative service. Already mooted are a sourdough bakery, a pre-owned maternity and children’s clothing shop, with sound mixing and recording activities proposed in the basement. E List Promotion Among other users of the space there will be a piano teacher, jewellery and hand printed textiles designer, interactive gallery curator, bridal gowns designer and more! The cafe/bakery has also been designed with a flexible event and exhibition space in the main public area. This will offer opportunities for book launches, testing out new products, exhibiting work Securing the underused space opposite the Scene, Meanwhile and pitching ideas. This space will be available for the Space is about to turn Central Parade into a new cultural outpost whole community to utilise, not just tenants.

Creativity Bank

for the Stow - with desks, studios and an exhibition space coming soon. Project spokesperson Yoana Tulumbadzhieva tells Farah Ishaq about their plans. The rearranging of Walthamstow continues apace and for a change, a central High Street location is about to become a hub of creativity and networking, in contrast with the commerciality of the Scene and the Mall redevelopments. With its clock tower, coat of arms and wavy-lined roof design the former site of Lloyds Bank at Central Parade is being fully refurbished. With the help of grants and council funding the site on Hoe Street will be opened imminently for use by the local creative community. The project is jointly funded by GLA’s High Street Fund and matched by Waltham Forest Council. Developed by Meanwhile Space, this Community Interest Company (CIC) takes over vacant buildings around the country, obtains grants and funding and gives them ‘purpose’, hence their name. The Central Parade project is temporary with a possible two-year duration on the site. Rental prices will start at £100 per month, not including service charge, VAT or business rates. Co-ordinator for Walthamstow’s Central Parade project Yoana Tulumbadzhieva says the building will offer a real mixed-use set of spaces from 16 open desk spaces to retail units and more private self-contained studios and offices. Having a variety of spaces for local creatives to collaborate and grow their ideas together is the ultimate aim. As the Council’s regeneration team explains, “Walthamstow is increasingly seen as a centre for creative entrepreneurs, cultural organisations and artists due to its location and relative affordability. Many are struggling to find affordable space with little risk involved to trial their ideas and establish networks.” 24 To advertise your business contact

The Meanwhile Space website informs that this model also helps with getting people into self-employment. The site says “Of the enterprises supported [so far], 80% were started by unemployed or underemployed people creating their own jobs from their passions, hobbies or interests.”

Yoana sums up the project, which is due to finish the refurbishment stage this July, saying: “Central Parade offers the affordability, flexibility, and support needed for businesses to grow and be successful” at the same time, “supplying a great cultural asset for the community to take part in creative activities and events in their local area.” At the moment, Meanwhile Space’s only project in Waltham Forest is Central Parade although the Council is looking for more sites co-working spaces in the borough. “Progress is under way” according to the Council’s regeneration team “for more innovative developments and partnerships with creative organisations to take place”.

For information about the spaces available to rent and to fill in an online application form, see the project website at or contact Yoanna directly at


In Bloom

An eclectic garden art show of 20th & 21st century paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, collages, posters & textile designs

Preview evening Friday 8 July 7-9pm Open daily July 9-August 29

Walthamstow Village Window Gallery 47 Orford Road E17 9NJ To advertise your business contact 25

So you are interested in the various ways that an area can be experienced. I’m interested in how complex it becomes to describe a place accurately once you take into account the ways in which different people perceive and describe it, whether they’ve lived there a long time or just arrived. I’m fascinated by the imaginary versions of places that people hold in their minds; places they have left or have never been to. It also starts to become political when you are talking about regeneration areas start to be described as run-down or derelict in the run up to them being redeveloped. That then becomes the official line, and I want to try and introduce other viewpoints into that history.

Yes Lucy Harrison’s art deals with places and buildings often loaded with history, but what interests her most is the recording of how people living now feel about them and the sharing of memories. Here she talks to Paul Lindt. Lucy photographed by Paula Smith. What kind of artist are you? I’m interested in places and people, how the two things come together, and how we remember and describe them. I work on projects that take place over several months, and I make films, audio works, installations, and organise walks and events. At the heart of what I do though is print, and each of my projects includes a publication of some kind. I’ve always loved the way that printed matter allows you to communicate with an audience in a democratic way. Most of my projects are commissions, and I’ve worked with Tate, Futurecity, Art on the Underground, and the Legacy List, and more recently with developers like Shaftesbury and by applying for my own funding. A lot of your work revolves around an area’s or street’s past, often just as it’s fading from view. What do you think differentiates 26

your approach from a historian? There are certainly crossovers, and in some projects I do work as a historian at times, but I’m looking for ways of exploring the material which don’t always tell a narrative of events; it’s sometimes the subject matter of the work but I’m still exploring and presenting it to audiences as an artist. The main reason I look at the past is to see what light it can shed on the present day, and nearly all of my work involves people who live or work in the places now; how they use, think about and remember them, or how they imagine places from their pasts. I want to know about how people’s memories compare to what has been recorded as history, whether they have been included in the official versions, and whether there are poetic moments that can be found by comparing across time.

Some of your early work involves places as intriguingly diverse as Canvey Island and Riga, Latvia. In 2005 I went to Riga to document a walk around the city using a Soviet era guidebook, and finding the locations of lost monuments and museums. Although I’ve always had an interest in the Soviet Union, having been brought up by a peace campaigning mother during the Cold War era, the project wasn’t just about that, it was also to do with how hard it is to document cities and to produce an authoritative guide to anywhere. The following year I was commissioned to work on my first big project which was in Canvey Island. It was part of a series of projects under the banner ‘Art U Need’ led by Bob & Roberta Smith, and it was such a wonderful experience working there that it

Photo © Paula Smith

The precious moment

Many of your projects revolve around buildings. People have strong emotional connections to buildings that they know well, that they love or hate, or that they remember from the past. It’s partly because they can be such a large part of the landscape and the public realm but there’s also something about the way that people experience them by inhabiting them. As they are passed on to different people through the years there’s a sense that they retain something of the previous occupants, so it almost becomes as if the buildings themselves have memories.

threw all of my work into a new direction that I have been working in ever since. And one of your largest projects was one of London’s most iconic streets, Carnaby Street. There must have been an overload of cultural material for that? Carnaby Echoes was in 2013 and resulted in a series of short films on the website www.carnabyechoes. com and a mobile phone app walking tour. There was a lot of archive material, but I quickly found that it was only from one particular viewpoint; most of what I found first of all revolved around the Swinging Sixties, however for example the area actually has an incredibly rich history of black music, including The Nest jazz club in Kingly Street in the 1930s, up to the Roaring Twenties and Columbo’s in the 1960s and 70s. This history simply wasn’t covered in the mainstream media or historical accounts which tended to represent white pop stars and celebrities instead. The project explored these venues and brought back some of the people involved with them. This involved interviewing Count Suckle, who was the first DJ at the Roaring Twenties and who died in 2014, and filming a wonderful performance by sound system operator Lloyd Coxsone, who I went on to work with on an event I proposed to Tate Britain the following year. Many people will remember your Warner project from the 2014 Art Trail with photographer Katherine Green. Yes there was an exhibition in the old Warner rent office on the corner of Brettenham Road, with photography, archive material and oral history interviews. We also organised some events for Warner residents and published a book which is now sold out. The website is www. And this year you have received various grants including the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England to continue the project. What have you got planned? We had such a great response to the project that we wanted to continue it, and so applied for the funding to have an exhibition at Vestry House in October, and publish a new edition of the book. We’re also doing another round of oral history interviews and collection of archive material, which will involve volunteers this time. We’re then going to produce a walking tour mobile phone app so that people can explore the project in situ, and will have a series of events running over the rest of this year. And you will be working as part of a Community Interest Company. Katherine

Opposite page bottom right: Production still Half a Century Carnaby Street featuring Mikey Foreigner and Lloyd Coxsone, as part of Carnaby Echoes, 2013, photo © Richard Bevan. This page, left: WE exhibition in former Warner rent office on Rushbrook Crescent E17, photo © Katherine Green 2014.

and I have set up Rendezvous Projects CIC with three other artists: Rosa Ainley, Iain Aitch, and Michael Needham. A Community Interest Company is a kind of non-profit making company that needs to show some benefit to a community; our remit is to work in different locations finding creative ways of responding to local histories. We are all working in similar contexts involving social history and places, and it seemed the right time to set something up that would hopefully support us in different projects over the years and allow us to collaborate and discuss our ideas as a group.

This page: below: Lea Bridge Gardens 1930, a ‘bungalow town’ near Lea Bridge Station that was demolished during the 1930s. Photo © Vestry House Museum, London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Also locally you have been producing work around the Lea Bridge Station. Yes I’m currently working on a project called Lea Bridge Links, which explores this part of the borough as the station opens and changes take place. There will be an exhibition in a former industrial building in June (it will have finished by the time this issue comes out) and I’ll be producing a publication later in the summer. I’ve also invited different people to lead walks all starting from the new station some of these are in the listings in this issue. It’s funded by an Arts Development grant from Waltham Forest Council for our CIC. Any other current projects? I’m just completing a commission in Cambridge and am launching an artist’s book and series of panels on the wall right outside Cambridge station. My next project is going to be at the new Tate Modern building that has just opened. Also, I recently went on a research trip to Japan with Museum of London Archeology, and further ahead I’d like to go back and develop new work there – I found it fascinating how there are so many examples of cities that have been destroyed and rebuilt in ways that we don’t usually experience in the UK.

The East London

Sausage Co.



57 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Tue-Fri: 08.30-19.00

Sat: 08.30-17.30 Sun: 10.00-14.00

To advertise your business contact 27

Forest Road with tram at the Bell junction with Chingford Road and Hoe Street, c1910

Church Lane, Leytonstone, 1919. In the centre of the photo is the Gaiety Cinema, which opened in 1913, converted from part of the General Post Office building. It was closed in 1928 and demolished a few years later.

Looking down Church Hill, Walthamstow towards the High Street c. 1908. On the left is the Methodist Church (destroyed by bombing in 1944), and in the distance can be seen the Marsh Street Congregational church, demolished in the 60s.

Crossroads These photos are from the collection of Vestry House Museum. Browse more photographs from the Museum’s archive and order prints online: 28

Photos Š Vestry House Museum, London Borough of Waltham Forest

Grange Park Road Corner, Leyton, c1906

View from Bakers Arms, Leyton looking down Hoe Street towards Walthamstow c.1925. The buildings look much unchanged today. Note the Scala cinema on the left. Today the building has been restored and is home to a church. The men’s public conveniences and the market stalls in the road have all disappeared as the road became busier.

A review of the new E17 Designers’ Pop-Up Shop at the Vestry House Museum by Amy Powney, Creative Director of Mother of Pearl

Construction of electric tramways at Thatched House corner and Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, 1906.

Photos © Lauren Grace

As a newcomer to Walthamstow, I must admit to having been cynical when estate agents ‘pitched’ the tremendous sense of community. This is London after all! But having resided here for almost two years, I can happily confirm I was wrong. Delving into the community I’ve found an array of creativity and spirit, notably the E17 Designers, a group of local artisans curated by Carolyn Abbott who creates affordable exhibition opportunities for members. Today I visited their ‘pop up’ shop at the Vestry House Museum, showcasing craft, homeware, and silversmith works by Malcolm Morris. I was particularly taken by the delicacy of Faith Tavender’s work and ceramic cat jewellery from Alex Garnett, but then I am biased towards anything cat! Walthamstow watercolours by Hennie Haworth would sit perfectly in any local home and ‘cutesy’ illustrations by Karin Akesson would appeal to anyone with a little one about the house.

E17 Designer’s Pop-up Shop, Vestry House Museum Vestry Road E17 9NH. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm To advertise your business contact 29

Architectural historian, Karen Averby uncovers curiosities and stories from Walthamstow’s rich and varied past

When Byways became Highways The Walthamstow of 1840 was a very different place to that of today, with just a handful of roads and trackways snaking through the area, intersecting open fields and common land. Only the forested areas to the east and marshland to the west would be familiar to our modern eyes. Well-trodden routes were forged across Walthamstow down the centuries, linking the settlements at Hale End, Higham Hill, Chapel End, Church End and beyond. By 1699 most people south of Chapel End lived in Marsh Street (now High Street), Church End (next to the Church of St Mary), Shernhall Street, Clay Street (now Forest Road) and Hoe Street and by 1800 these were joined by Wood Street. The roads of Walthamstow developed in a criss-cross pattern, with three east-west routes intersecting three north-south routes. The main north-south route from Waltham Cross to Stratford incorporated Greenleaf Lane (now the northern section of Hoe Street) and Hoe Street down to Leyton. A second route ran from Chingford Hall to Higham Hill, joining Blackhouse Lane (now Blackhorse Lane) before running across Marsh Street into Markhouse Lane. The third route led from Chingford, through Green Lane (now

An 1809 engraving of Belle Vue House on what became Forest Road gives an idea of how rural Walthamstow was.

Larkshall Road and Hale End Road) to Hale End, Wood Street and Whipps Cross. As with many old place names and road names, the original names of some of these older roads in Walthamstow reflect topography or geography. Hoe Street is sonamed from the Old English h h, meaning ridge, while Marsh Street led down to the marshes and Clay Street led to Clay Hill.

House Histories Have you ever wondered who used to live in your house, or how it has changed over time?

Packages telling the story of your house available to suit all budgets. For a FREE consultation email Karen Averby


discount for EList readers (Quote REFELIST)

30 To advertise your business contact

A network of lanes and trackways had also developed, especially around the parish church of St Mary and common land to the south (where Orford Road now runs), towards Hoe Street, Clay Street and Wood Street. Some of these were named after their historical associations. Vinegar Alley was apparently so-named after the use of vinegar to line surrounding paths around the two plague pits dug there. Cutthroat Lane (now Aubrey Road) has even more sinister connotations. As Walthamstow became rapidly urbanised from the mid nineteenth century onwards, countless new streets were laid out. Many road names had historical links, such as Maynard Road, named after the Maynard family, former Lords of the Manor of Walthamstow Toni, and Ascham Road, named after humanist scholar Roger Ascham who lived at Salisbury Manor House. Other road names such as Belle Vue Road referred to nearby mansions. In contrast, developers such as Warner lent their own names to their roads, as at Warner Road and Courtenay Place Mews. Other road names followed more generic naming conventions of the time, such as Kings Street (now Grange Road) and Queen’s Road and some names were consequently linked with colonialism and foreign affairs such as Chievely Road (now part of Kimberly Road) and Cairo Road. There are now scores of intriguing road names in and around Walthamstow, linked with history, poets, heavenly nirvanas, jewels and seaside towns. Is yours one of them?

A SPOTTER’s Guide to LOCAL streetLIFE for Waltham Forest’s people watchers.

11 of 12 seasonal recipes


king prawns with chilli and green beans This spicy and creamy dish is a perfectly balanced flavour and texture combination with bags of umami flavour. Sweet as well as salty with crunch from the green beans, its balanced with the succulence of the prawns. Its a firm favourite with many of our customers. Palm sugar is the same as jaggery and can be found in many of the asian shops on the high street. Kaffir lime leaves can be found in the freezer section of orientex also on the High street.

From a series by Walthamstow resident, illustrator Tom Gaul. instagram account tomgaul_doodles

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PER PERSoN • 6 king prawns, size 26/30 for preference, peeled and deveined • 1 tablespoon red curry paste. To make this from fresh blend the following into a smooth paste: 8 dry red spur chillies 3 teaspoons white pepper corns 1/2 teaspoon cumin 1/2 teaspoon coriander 10 – 15 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon fresh coriander roots 1 tablespoon sliced lemongrass 5 shallots 1 tablespoon sliced galangal 4 kaffir lime leaves 1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1 teaspoon palm sugar. • 1 kaffir lime leaf, torn into quarters. • 1 long red chilli, sliced on the diagonal, seeds retained. • ½ a dozen Thai long or 1 dozen French beans, topped and tailed and sliced into thirds. • 100 ml coconut milk. • 2 tablespoons corn or vegetable oil. 1. Heat the wok, add the oil and when hot stir fry the prawns until they begin to turn pink – about 30 seconds. 2 Stir in the red curry paste, followed by the sugar and lime leaf. 3. Stir again, then add the chilli and the green beans, followed by the coconut milk. 4. Bring to bubbling point and cook, stirring continuously for about 2 minutes or until the sauce has thickened.

PREPARE THIS RECIPE, TAKE A PIC AND PoST IT oN YoUR FACEBooK PAGE - SEND US THE LINK & WIN A MEAL FoR 2 AT YUM YUMS E17! Check T&C’s on our FB page yumyume17 202 Hoe Street • Walthamstow • E17 4BS • Tel: 0203 3279 790

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Still from the British film “The Battle of the Somme”. The image is part of a sequence introduced by a caption reading “British Tommies rescuing a comrade under shell fire. (This man died 30 minutes after reaching the trenches)”. The scene is generally accepted as having been filmed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916.

The Horror

On July 1st 1916 at 7.30am a huge explosion on the Western Front at La Boisselle shattered the German front line and announced the onset of “the big push”, what we now know as The Battle of the Somme. Legend has it that the beginning of the battle was delayed long after the traditional dawn start time because cameramen filming the explosion needed the extra light to get a decent exposure. Whether this is just a tall tale or not what this late start did, coupled with a delay in the attack after the end of the British artillery barrage, was to allow the German defenders to recover from the bombardment, take up positions in their trenches and prepare for the oncoming troops; troops who were under strict orders to walk towards the German lines (anyone who ran would be put on a charge). One officer even kicked a football ahead of his 32

advancing line of men, so certain were they all that no enemy soldier could have survived the relentless artillery. However the defenders did survive and the slaughter that ensued was the greatest catastrophe the British army has suffered in a single day with nearly 60,000 killed or wounded (one man for every 18 inches of the 18 mile front), a majority within the first hour of battle. Two men filmed this battle, its preparation and aftermath, and the Walthamstow based British and Colonial Film Company (B&C) produced from their material a unique record which at a hundred years old still has the ability to shock and move us. The two men responsible for capturing these events were Geoffrey Malins, an experienced war cameraman, and J.B. McDowell who represented B&C. With War Office approval they started filming at the end of June as

preparations for the oncoming offensive were in full swing and finished after recording the battle’s aftermath some time at the beginning of July. B&C took the footage and the film was quickly edited (to 1 hour and 17 minutes), premiering in London on August 10th with the first public showing on 21st August 1916. The film itself was the most successful British film ever made with 20 million people (half of the total UK population) watching it within the first 6 weeks of its release. So why did the government, and the War Office in particular undertake such an enterprise? The war had not been over by Christmas 1914 as was originally supposed, but had dragged on into a deadly stalemate with trenches running from the English Channel to the borders of neutral Switzerland. Every

Photos © IWM (Q 79501)

100 years ago this month saw the ‘Big Push’ which marked the beginning of one of World War I’s most infamous and deadliest battles. Cameramen from a Walthamstow film studio were on hand to record the action as it unfolded. The resulting film not only became the most successful British film ever made but in 2005 was inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register for the preservation of global documentary heritage. Here film maker Barry Bliss describes how the film came about and its reception back home.

At one screening a horrified woman called out: “Oh God, they’re dead!”.

Photos © IWM (HU 59419), © IWM (Q 70693), © IWM (Q 70164), © IWM (Q 70695), © IWM (Q 70166), © IWM (Q 70696),

day the newspapers were full of stories from the front – but due to the heavy censorship by the War Office the news seemed vague, distant and difficult to understand. On the ground things didn’t equate with what people read – in the real world it seemed everyone had experienced personal loss or knew of someone who had. People were weary and there seemed to be no respite. They just wanted it all to end. Worried by the population’s growing desire for peace at any cost the politicians and the generals hatched a plan – they would concentrate a huge offensive on a single area of the front. This would be the largest operation of its kind ever. With superior force they would smash through the enemy lines thereby bringing the war to a speedy conclusion. They chose the Somme area because it was a quiet part of the front so the German high command would not expect an attack there. This location would also help alleviate pressure on the French army who were being bled dry at Verdun. But there was something else to factor in. The “big push” would be the first major operation where the “Pals” battalions would take an active part. The “Pals” were created as a way to encourage recruitment after it had slackened off after the initial euphoria at the outset of war in 1914. The slogan was “those who sign together soldier together” and it meant that friends, workmates, neighbours or even members of the same football team would be able to fight alongside each other rather than the previous system where you might be sent to any regiment thereby separating friends. The film would record this victorious push and thereby give heart and strength to those families back home. It would invigorate the war effort and the population’s desire to see it through. To this end the film allowed those whose relatives were fighting in France to be able to connect to them by seeing them on screen, and if not their actual loved ones then someone like them in substitution. The Battle of the Somme would be a masterpiece of pro-war propaganda. But the battle didn’t go to plan – very few objectives were achieved and the Pals

sloganeering now seemed hollow as those who signed together fell together, often leaving small communities without any young men to come home again. However the War Office saw a benefit even in this. If the public couldn’t celebrate victory they could witness the sacrifice – either would stiffen their resolve. When the film was shown to the public the population back home saw, for the first time, what the life of their loved ones was like. What their lives had been like for the past two years. This was a profound revelation to most. Audiences saw for themselves the conditions at the front, conditions that no letter could accurately illustrate. They saw the mud and the chaos. They saw the terrible machines of war and the many, countless, anonymous faces who serviced them and were consumed by them. They saw the smiling faces that were betrayed by the hollow eyes. But more than this, the film showed the battle and its aftermath. The film (infamously) staged men going “over the top” and being shot, but the images of the aftermath were not faked. The funerals were not faked, funerals where young people desensitized by ever-present death tried to look solemn as another figure, equally young and wrapped only in a military shroud was committed to the same earth that had become so much a part of them. For the first time the public back home saw the sacrifice in unflinching detail. Those young faces staring out at them – young men sheltering in a sunken road in noman’s land who moments later would be torn apart by German machine guns. This unprepared public saw the wounded and the dead. At one screening a horrified woman called out: “Oh God, they’re dead!” and at once voiced the reaction of the whole nation. 33


Adam Taylor

Hi Adam. Couldn’t help but notice there’s a decidedly home-made MDF time machine made of tin foil parked outside. Could it be a remnant from your distant past? Yes, it’s from when I used to cart festival goers around Glastonbury in the guise of Time Traveller, Avon Maroc. It was the early years of this millennium, or maybe it might be the next... OK having transported your guests hither and thither through time for a few years, tell me about what you consider as your ‘30s moment”. I hung out on a beach in Thailand with a mate who had a really good balance to his life and started to think seriously about who I wanted to be. I coupled that with an interest in what was going on around Walthamstow at that time. Frankly, there wasn’t that much. I’d spent many a fine summer at an event in a London park elsewhere.... why wasn’t it happening here? So you were already living in Walthamstow by then? Yes, I’d been a typical Hackney media type for a decade, the 90s variant, mind. I landed here in 2000 as I wanted a garden and there’s more space up here. What were your first impressions of the place? It only seems a few years ago, okay, it’s actually 16, but it was still very much ‘old London’ back then - a little decrepit, unkempt and unloved. I know it’s hard to appreciate sometimes, but in the round things are much better now. London is a more human place to live. Of course, there were some good things back then as well. The Stow was grittier and rougher around the edges. It had a decentralised creativity that you had to search for, which I liked. The tubes at Blackhorse Road were pretty much empty and work seemed to be about 34

Photo © Paul Tucker

Adam is a typically self-deprecating local hero. He describes himself as a volunteer or as he likes to call it a “shoulder to the wheel”. But through his madcap enthusiasm and determination he has helped bring us numerous local festivals, made us fall in love with parks again and raised cash and awareness for local youth clubs. Here he talks to Paul Lindt.

playing pool in the pub at lunchtime. Those were the days. You mentioned good times in parks earlier and you got involved locally with the Friends of Lloyd Park? I love parks. A little bit of nature in the city. The Friends’ group at the time was the public interface with the Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund for the park’s refurbishment. Actually, thinking back I was strangely torn, I secretly loved the bleak romance of the old dog-shit park. I cherish a David Sullivan original oil painting of a pathetic fairground in the Lloyd Park gloaming – it’s like a Smiths album cover. Plus, unlike the Winns Gallery, its previous incarnation, the Horizon gallery, actually opened! And what it’s like being on such a committee? It was a fascinating insight into committees and working with the council. I discovered I wasn’t particularly good at it so I put my energies into putting events on in the park. We did Jazz Picnics, Christmas sing-a-longs, footy tournaments, bat and nature walks.... loads really. I take inspiration from people I admire. You know, people like Adrian Stannard who was the Chair and is involved in all sorts locally. People with passion like the late great Peter Spiro who led the protest against

the proposed cuts to the William Morris Gallery. People who really care like Green campaigner Sue Wheat. There are so many great people doing inspiring stuff in Walthamstow. I feed off that. . What was the effect of these events on the way people felt about the park do you think? Great things happened at those events even if only making people feel a little better about where they lived. And as anyone who has danced around Donna Maria’s maypole, will testify, they are never the same again. So in the end instead of getting caught up in committees and the dry process of managing lottery bids you had a bit of a Eureka moment? It certainly opened horizons. I loved helping to build those events and the life it brought to the park. Crucially it taught me that you just need a good idea and with a bit of effort and a few sound mates (they know who they are), you can make things happen. I notice music plays a big role in a lot of things you do doesn’t it? Annoyingly, I don’t play an instrument. I can’t paint. I can’t draw. But I am quite sociable and good at meeting people. And I’ve discovered music is an easy way of drawing people together.

Like with the 24-hour Stow-a-thon which you’re still involved with. Stow-a-Thon’s about as good as it gets for me. A proper community knees-up in your favourite local pub raising a few quid for a good cause. 150 local musicians perform for free over the 24-hour period. You can feel the love. There’s such a huge diversity of music too and people of all ages having a dance. It helps important local groups like The Limes who run youth clubs for kids with disabilities and the Walthamstow Migrants’ Action Group who provide free legal advice and support for vulnerable migrants. It’s great to say that the money from this year’s Stow-a-Thon alone can keep the latter going for the year. How do you feel about the current music scene in the area. Hoe Street is the new mini Dalston High Road. Come down at a weekend and something will be going on. What a turnaround for the area. People are doing great things. Electronic 17, She17, The StowFest Beatroots crew, John Garner at the Warrant Officer. The Wildcard lot. I love what the Wynwood girls are doing in their cafe. Get yourself to one of their events. And you won’t find anywhere like The Victoria outside the Stow. It’s just a shame Hoe Street’s infamous Club Lick isn’t still going. Many newcomers to Walthamstow won’t remember it Adam, and I’m pretty sure their minds will currently be boggling. Care to explain very briefly and for a family audience? I’m not sure I can. What happened in Club Lick is best left there. There should be a blue plaque outside it, though I wouldn’t want to touch it. Friends of Lloyd Park, Stow Festival, Stowa-thon, Stoneydown Festival, Street17. You are often with these much loved events at the beginning but are happy to walk away once they’re up and running. What drives you as a volunteer? We live in one of the greatest cities in the world and

finding it

vinyl vanguard

Spring into Action Career Coaching


hard to cope

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Got the records I’m seeking? Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse! Mike 07495 030078

critic, but in the past five years there’s been so much more vision, ambition and positive change. Sure, we should hold them to account and they should engage the community even more (note - I’m not mentioning MH, here), but it’s far from all bad. What changes do you particularly like? The Scene’s a pretty good effort. There’s a far more integrated and inclusive culture strategy. The massive Wetlands project. All the recent Street Party funding (just sad it’s not ring fenced). The regeneration of the St James Street area, restoring of the shop fronts and impressive facades. The proposed Standard development including a large music venue. Surely we can feel good, even optimistic, about these things. So what’s next for you now locally? William Morris Big Local! The William Morris ward was given £1million to spend over 10 years. What an opportunity. I’m back on committee meetings to help this one along. Please, if you’re reading this, get involved: And the WM Big Local has just supported the painting of a new mural by Wood Street Walls (featured also on p3). It’s a magnificent portrait of William Morris on a house next to the gallery car-park. And the public get to choose a background pattern by the great man himself. To vote on the pattern, visit by on 1st August 2016. Finally if you could reboot the tin foil time machine outside and propel it into the future what would you like to see in Walthamstow for 2026? That’s easy. Graham Larkbey headlining an internationally renowned StowFestival. Flocks of bitterns in the mature Walthamstow Wetlands. More stuff going on for young people. Me playing pool again at lunchtime. And loads more ‘Local Heroes’....

it’s a privilege to be a part of it. Make no mistake I like making a difference, but it’s also about enjoying myself. Doing Street17 – a young people’s arts’ festival – with fellow traveller and artist Mike Bowles (aka The Masher) was fantastic. We brought a BMX display and spray art with local legends like Terry Sue-Patt to the Town Square. I’m an enabler really, good at getting projects off the ground and work to a three-year rule or I get stale and stop enjoying them. Far better for others to take on the mantle and bring in new energy. What attracts you about the idea of community in Walthamstow? For some mystical reason we excel at this, don’t we. There’s a vibrancy and community spirit here. Yes, it’s tempting to blame everything on the Government, the Council, your neighbours, even cracks in the pavement. Yet start doing something about it and it becomes, both individually and collectively, a far more constructive process. You might learn something and have some fun, too. I thought Stella Creasy’s ‘7days4Stow’ a few years back was brilliant. An initiative that acted as Recruitment Sergeant for local charities and organisations. The hook was simply asking residents to donate a week of their time to help those most affected by austerity. Volunteering can seem hard to get into, but organisations across E17 are looking for people to get involved. And what frustrates you? Ugh! Social media. The keyboard warriors. Lack of tolerance. We need to change the tone and respect other people’s point of view. Myself included. I’m glad you haven’t got a comments section on here! I know you have strong views on how the council has handled the changes of the last 10 years which may surprise people… LBWF have rightly taken the flack over the years and I’ve been as vocal as the next

Valeria Bonfiglio Psychologist MBPsS

Walthamstow & East London 020 8257 8475

Limited Edition hand finished screenprints & paintings from an extensive portfolio

Tel 07912 887588

By appointment: E: T: 07841 393 496

Offering a sliding scale of fees English and Spanish

To advertise your business contact 35

Walthamstow Diary Between forest and marsh lies the glorious Stow. These are the tales and meanderings of a proud resident of E17

The atmosphere in St Barnabas was amazing. The air was still thick with the smell of incense, the sunlight streaming in from the church windows was caught in the smoke. I was surrounded by silence. I’m not religious, but I do like the peacefulness you find in churches, and that peaceful silence focused my mind on the art hanging on the old brick walls. I thought about people crammed in to tiny boats, I thought about people risking everything in order to find safety. I thought about hope and fear, and despite my best efforts, I found myself choking back tears. This was a powerful, thought provoking exhibition. It took place just a few days before the EU referendum, a campaign that seemed to focus entirely on immigration and very little else. Of course, as I write this, the big vote still hasn’t happened. I have no idea which UK, which Walthamstow I will be living in by the time this is printed, and that’s probably why the E17 Summer exhibition really resonated with me. It made me think about fear, and hope, it made me think about one word, welcome. Walthamstow means place of welcome, and over its long journey from small village in Essex to part of one of the greatest cities in the world, Walthamstow has welcomed one and all. I hope more than anything that when I’m sat in the pub reading this in the printed issue, we are still that place of welcome. A home when someone needs it, a collective outstretched hand, one voice saying, come in, make yourself at home.


L t IA ur n C R E FE yo e SP F ff ntm O o oi % pp 25 t a s fir

I’ve just got home from a visit to St Barnabas Church, which, if you’ve never been, is a magnificent red brick church sandwiched between Boundary Road and Queens Road. I was at St Barnabas to have a nose around the E17 Summer Exhibition. Organised by Emma Scutt, the exhibition featured work by ten local artists, all inspired by the theme ‘refugee’. The exhibition also raised money for the Walthamstow Migrants Action Group, which aims to support migrants, and challenge the negativity they can face.

E17 Georgian Village Shop 7, 100 Wood Street Walthamstow E17 3HX

07931 731 287 Read about how we help transform lives and help the community thehairworksproject



The Magpie’s beady eyes are back on the look-out for the shiniest, funniest remarks, witty retorts and bizarre sightings to steal from the borough’s social media channels.

Why do so few of our pop-up restaurants use toasters? Greater Leyton Tourism Board No one in Walthamstow needs a fire pit - drink round a burning skip. There are loads out there #recycling @CuriosE17

After Gaza, Walthamstow is the 2nd largest open prison in the world. Thanks #miniholland @waqarahmed1975 Got some pent up anger for a group of people? Dislike religions? Hate the monarchy? Despise your neighbours? Not ready to verbally attack people in person? Why not join one of our local Facebook groups?. Greater Leyton Tourism Board

Vale Combo

@UncalmItalian: Would it be stupid to get a bus down to newly opened #LeaBridgeStation on way to Stratford JUST for sheer hell of saying @UncalmItalian #beentheredonethat???

FOUND tortoise! There can’t be many in Waltham Forest! Is he yours? LD: they can walk quite fast when they want to VU: Especially in mating season LL: Put the tortoise in a box and bring it indoors VC: It’s in my living room. I think it got sick, it had kind of diarrhoea. LP: How do you know he had diarrhoea? Do you know what a normal tortoise movement should look like? Reptiles are very different to mammals. VU: May be worth posting on a forum called Shelled Warriors & noooooooo lettuce lol, weeds are best to feed them. LD: Why can’t they eat lettuce? VU: It causes pyramiding of the shell. You can occasionally give them a bit of cucumber as a treat. We call it tortoise crack. SD: Mine likes raw baby sweet corn, raw green beans, sugar snap peas and cauliflower leaves. KM: A specialist vet recently told me dandelion leaves are best but rocket is a good alternative. LD: Rocket? Blooming hipster tortoises... Waltham Forest 4 Dogs & Walthamstow Life

My mum is in Miami and just found this poster for sale in an “upmarket homeware shop”. JJ: Whipps Cross must sound very exotic in Miami ES: Love the idea someone would have this framed on the wall of their Miami Beach condo. “Tell me more of this Leytonstone” BM: $745! FQ: Rather than buy that wall art, it’d be cheaper for them to visit and experience Leytonstone, and its fine people. LA: Want!!! Maybe the guy in Church Lane could recreate this for a more ‘E11’ price.... (no, not £1). Leytonstone Life Overheard on Broadway Market just now ‘It’s like a big Walthamstow Village Mini Holland, innit? @iambrianjones

Anyone in the Grove Road area lost a (now very wet) boot? I found it in my garden. DA: Perhaps a latter day Cinderella favours more practical footwear... JS: Well she’s got large feet for a laydeeee! LM: I caught someone going down in my wheelie bin looking for shoes once DMW: Could be an old lady living in there!!! DA: Over-enthusiastic magpie? MC: Call Sherlock! HV: Oi, that’s my shoe. I was walking down the road and this fox jumped out at me with a knife. Big sod it was. It demanded my shoes, my fags and forced me to scratch its back. I did report it and the police said they have had a ‘spat’ of reports of a fox stealing peoples shoes. JS: Ok. Turning off notifications for this post now! In my naivety I thought I was being helpful. I’ll leave it on the bin outside... Walthamstow Life ‘We export our cake [I’m proud to say, a particularly dense and glutinous kind of chocolate cake] from Walthamstow to France. They love our cake in France’ Boris Johnson tackling the real issues on Brexit @hellocomrade Particularly dense and glutinous. So’s the cake @TheCanaryOTP Walthamstow, the home of sensationalist signs @StowDiary


If the man who drives round #E17 in that “repent now” van doesn’t learn to indicate he’s going to be meeting Jesus quicker than he @Lucyvfreeman thought.

Julia Spicer

Thanks this month to Twitter, Greater Leyton Tourism Board, Walthamstow Life, Waltham Forest 4 Dogs and Leytonstone Life Facebook groups

If you ever want to experience death for 5 minutes just go into Walthamstow bus station @jvyde toilets!






This month in town


Exhibitions & weekly events Arts & Crafts 14 July-13 September NEW Home The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Home explores our amazing little piece of the world and why so many of us have chosen to live here. Tues-Fri 9.30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm. FREE. Until 17 July NEW Transition The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG This show explores different perspectives on movement and transition by bringing together sculpture in wood by Alexandra Harley and drawings in ink and gesso on board by Alex McIntyre. Thurs-Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE. 2-10 July NEW Sue McQueen The North Star, 24 Browning Road E11 3AR A series of imaginative paintings, drawings and etchings inspired by gardens, landscape and aspects of nature. 12noon-12midnight. FREE. 5 July-30 August NEW Hitchcock: Women, Fear, Stairs & Birds Artefacto Bespoke Tattoo & Art Space, 476 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3HN Annual multi-media group show exploring Hitchcock’s most iconic themes. Includes local, national and international artists with a connection to Leytonstone and a passion for our local legend. 12-7pm. FREE. 07412 099018 Until 31 August Robot Rabbit Walthamstow Library, High Street E17 7JN. Also at Higham Hill Library, North Countess Road E17 5HS Hop along to Walthamstow Library for Cottontails’ new art installation ROBOT RABBIT! Free activity sheets and art materials for children. Mon-Fri 9am7pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm. FREE.

Events marked

2-27 August NEW Joanne Mumford: Water, Ice & the Ranges of Understanding Pictorem Gallery, 383 Hoe Street E17 9AP A collection of thought provoking contemporary oil paintings presenting a view of circumstance, difference and barely graspable existence. Tues-Sat 9am-5.30pm. FREE. 020 8520 0340

Until 9 July Whitefield Academy Art Exhibition The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Exhibition of art works from pupils at the local Whitefield Academy. Tues-Fri 9.30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm. FREE.

Preview 8 July-29 August NEW Gallery In Bloom Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road E17 9NJ An eclectic garden art show of 20th and 21st century paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, collages, posters and textile designs. Also preview evening party Friday 8 July, 7-9pm. Exhibition open daylight hours and lit until midnight. FREE.

Sundays General Knowledge Quiz Night The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Weekly quiz night, general knowledge and specialist rounds including an interval round. Cash Jackpot £50+. 8.30-11pm, £1.50 per person. Karen at

22 August-4 Sept NEW Walthamstow & District Photographic Society Summer Exhibition Winns Gallery, Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park E17 5JW An exhibition of members recent work, a mix of contemporary and traditional photography. Daily 11-5pm. FREE. Andy Charles 020 8521 6958 Until 17 July Sofia Sullivan & Kate Bentley The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Sofia and Kate explore colour and form. Using paper, scissors and paint to create images alive with humour and narrative that invite the viewer to journey into their own imagination. Tues-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. Thursdays Craft Workshop for Parents The Paradox Community Centre, 3 Ching Way, Chingford E4 8YD Make friends, and get creative! All classes are experimental and fun, allowing you to explore your creativity and share your creations and experiences with other parents. Learn new techniques each week with different materials through painting, recycling, embroidery, decopatch etc. Kids welcome! 9.30-11.30am. FREE.

Quizzes & Games

Mondays & Thursdays Waltham Forest Bridge Club Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road E17 4QU Duplicate Bridge for those looking for a club or a social player wanting to try club bridge? Host available on Mondays. 7.30-10pm. £5, members £4 (annual subscription £10) 07919 401409 Mondays Red Lion Quiz Night The Red Lion, 640 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA Creative challenges, general knowledge, mystery and bonus rounds. £50 cash prize and super rolling jackpot! 7.30-11.30pm. Thursdays Neil’s Music Quiz The Flowerpot, 128 Wood Street E17 3HX Hosted by Neil’s Big Quiz this weekly music quiz includes picture and table rounds. How many bonus points will you get for the Connection? Cash jackpot! 9-11pm. £1 per person. Karen at Tuesdays Rowan’s Weekly Quiz The Bell, 617 Forest Road/Chingford Road E17 4NE Hosted by local celebrity Rowan McIntyre, test your brain against the best. Cash jackpot and a rollover, wine to be won as well as a packet of crisps and a Lotto scratch card. 8-10.30pm. £1.50 per person



Mondays Mirth, Marvel & Maud 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH 123 minute creative challenge, general knowledge quiz with film, mystery and bonus drinks rounds. £50 cash prize! £2 per person, max 6 per team. 7.30pm. twitter @mirthmarvele17 Tuesdays Quiz On Your Face The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Original, fun and quirky quiz with cash jackpot and free round of shots for the best team name. 8-10.30pm. £1 per person Tuesdays Quiz Night The Village Pub, 31 Orford Road E17 9NL Another of Neil’s Big Quiz nights. Can you beat the cards? Will you be lucky 7 or will you be taking home the spoon? Cash and wine to be won! 8.30-11pm. £1.50 per person Wednesdays Leyton Technical Quiz Night 265 High Road, Leyton E10 5QN Weekly general knowledge pub quiz with music and picture rounds. £50 cash 1st prize, bottle of wine for 2nd and other spot prizes. 8-10.30pm. £2.

Gardening & Environment Until 1 October Water and Life: The Story of Walthamstow Wetlands Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH In 2017 Walthamstow Reservoirs will reopen as London’s largest wetland nature reserve. Be the first to discover more about the story of Walthamstow Wetlands – past and present – at Vestry House Museum. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. 020 8496 4391 Saturdays & Weds in July NEW WVRA Gardening Club Meet at the Village Square, Orford Road E17 Lots of help is needed during July to weed, plant and tidy in the run-up to judging for the prestigious Britain in Bloom national competition, come rain or shine. It’s good exercise, huge fun and a great way to meet like-minded neighbours. A friendly welcome awaits! Tools provided, no experience is necessary and all ages can join in. Saturdays from10.30am and Wednesdays from 7pm. 07814 042499.

kid friendly

38 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Mondays Young Person’s Environment & Park Skills Workshops Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP A programme of activities designed for young people aged 18-24 to give them outdoor and environmental experience. For those with an interest in working in the environment sector. 12-3pm. FREE. Gareth 020 8533 8022 Tues, Weds & Thurs Conservation Volunteers: Biodiversity Action Team Meet at 1a Connaught Close, Leyton, E10 7QS (opposite Lee Valley Riding Centre) Help us manage some of East London’s most vibrant sites for nature conservation. We have projects running weekly all year so plenty of opportunities to join in, meet people, learn skills and discover hidden places. 9am-5pm. FREE. Tom Nandi 07917 267573 Fridays Lloyd Park Green Gym Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join in, feel good. The Green Gym enables volunteers to get physically active whilst improving the environment and their local community. 11am-2pm. FREE. Gareth 020 8533 8022 Tuesdays Chingford Green Gym Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6XU As Lloyd Park Green Gym but different venue and time. 10am-1pm. Wednesdays Priory Court Gardening Club Priory Court Community Centre, 11 Priory Court E17 5NB We have a sustainable food growing garden and want to encourage people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food. Get involved and join our volunteers! Beginners welcome. 2.30-4.30pm 020 8531 9990 Thursdays Lloyd Park Volunteer Gardening Meet at Forest Road gate, William Morris Garden, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Help keep the William Morris Garden looking lovely with Lloyd Park’s Head Gardener. 10am-1pm 020 8496 3000 or email

Events marked

kid friendly


Family Wednesdays 27 July-24 Aug NEW Stories from the World: Indian Fairy Tales William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP The Gallery welcomes back Giles Abbott for a season of lively family storytelling in the oral tradition. During the summer we will enjoy Indian Fairy Tales, beloved by William Morris. For families with children aged 6-12 years old. 11-11.45am. FREE but tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis from 10am on the day. 020 8496 4390 Saturdays Philosophy & Art Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road E17 7BY We aim to inspire kids with animated discussions on questions that concern your children and all of us with this innovative, interactive session. Open your children’s minds to the wonders of philosophy. Allow them to grapple with the questions philosophers have discussed since the ancient Greeks such as ‘Who are your friends?’ ‘Can computers think?’ 1.30-3.30pm. £12, discount for sibling. Search Facebook for Fridaplato Wednesdays Brownies in Wood Street Peterhouse Centre, 122 Forest Rise/ Upper Walthamstow Road E17 3PW Are you aged 7-10? Would you like to be a Brownie? Here at the 22nd Walthamstow Brownies we have lots of fun and get to go on some fantastic trips. Please email to find out more. 6.30-8.30pm. £3. Carole at Tuesdays & Thursdays Magic Box: Interactive Storytelling Sessions for 2-ish to 5-year olds Mothers’ Hub, 133 Wood Street E17 3LX What’s inside the Magic Box today? Join a host of different characters, from Dahlia the Dinosaur to Captain Wonkynose, as they lead you on exciting and interactive storytelling adventures! Coffee and cake included. 10-11am. £5 each or £8 for 2 kids. 07958 772669 Thursdays Tiny Tempo The Hornbeam Café, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH A fun introduction to musical concepts-using singing, instrument playing, listening and dancing! With guitars, ukuleles, and a lot of energy, fun is had by all. 10-11am. £5 for one child, £8 for two children.




Keys and Hammers Piano Studio presents

SUMMER HOLIDAY ART CLUB for children aged 5 to 11 years old Music Fun Games Improvising Drawing Arts & Crafts

£20 pe

(sibli r session ngs drop 20% off) limit -in but ed sp aces

Mon-Fri 25-29 July and 1-5 Aug, 10am-1pm Studio 5, 6-10 Central Parade, Hoe Street, E17 4RT Classes are conducted by professional artists with DBS certificates

For more information please contact Nina: Tel. 07770306434 Until Sunday 10 July Tales from the Marsh: Creative Workshops for Girls (7-11 years) & Mothers The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Explore Walthamstow marshes using drama, storytelling, movement and art. Mix your stories with the memories of local elders. Create and be part of a performance on the marshes on 9th & 10th July. The project is for girls aged 7-11 years (KS2) and women (mothers & carers). Call to book a place, all welcome to try first session. 10.15am12.15pm. 10 weekly workshops for total of £20. 07989 519522 Saturdays (term time only) Dads R Us Walthamstow West Children’s Centre, 215 Queens Road E17 8PJ Give Mum a break and enjoy quality fun time with your child/ren. Choice of structured and unstructured play, indoors and outdoors, including music, arts and crafts, woodwork and more. 10.30am-12.30pm. £2 per family. No need to book, just drop in. 07794 758864 Monday-Friday, except Tuesdays (term-time only) Bongalong for under 5s St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF Fun, creative music, movement and make believe - a lively mix of singing, dancing, let’s pretend and fab percussion instruments. Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays 10am and 11am sessions plus 1.30pm on Mondays and 11am only on Wednesdays. £5.25 booked termly. 07811 460282

Mon, Weds & Thurs Bongalong for under 1s St Gabriel’s Family Centre, Side Hall, Havant Road E17 3JF As above. Mondays 2.30pm, Wednesdays 10am and Thursdays 1.30 and 2.30pm.

Social & Networking Mondays Pop Up Mondays: Hot Desking & Networking The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Would you like some space to work or network? From June The Mill will be open on Mondays for hot desking and networking. Price includes WiFi and tea/coffee. Visit the website for more info and to register. 9.30am-3pm. Prebooked price from £3.50 p/h or drop in/ turn up for £5 p/h. Mondays Lloyd Park Walk for Women Meet outside the park cafe, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP A free and friendly women-only walk in Lloyd Park. All abilities welcome. Wear sensible clothing and flat shoes. Email or call for more info. 10-10.45am. FREE. 020 8496 2822

LGBT Last Friday of the month Walthamstow Gay Meetup Check meet up site for venue Friendly, convivial evening of like-minded people having a great time around a drink or two with good conversations, fun and lots of laughter. 8-10pm. FREE, membership £5 per year. Jean-Francois at

Tuesdays Bongalong for under 5s Greenleaf Road Baptist Church, 4 Greenleaf Road E17 6QQ As above except different venue. 1.30pm.

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”. To advertise your business contact 39



Club Mellow at East London Out Project ELOP Centre, 56-60 Grove Road, E17 9BN Providing various spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans* people who want to meet up with others in a friendly, supportive environment Richard 020 8509 3898 Wednesdays Club Mellow: 13-15s Group At ELOP Centre. 4.30-6.30pm. £1. Wednesdays Club Mellow: 15-18s Group At ELOP Centre. 7-9pm. £1. 2nd & 4th Mondays Club Mellow: 18-25s Group AT ELOP Centre. 7-9.30pm. £2. Thursdays Club Mellow: LGBT Social Support Group At ELOP Centre. 2.30-4.30pm. £2. 3rd Monday of the month Club Mellow: Women’s Group At ELOP Centre. 7-9.30pm. £2. 4th Tuesday of the month Club Mellow: LGBT Hate Crime Support Group At ELOP Centre. Opportunity to share your experiences, learn how to report hate crime incidents, learn about the process of investigation, prosecution and your rights, and gain peer support. 5-7pm. FREE. Tuesdays Club Mellow: Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Group At ELOP Centre. A varied programme of activities and offers opportunities for peer support and self-help. 2.304.30pm. FREE. 3rd Sunday of the month, 19 June Rainbow Family Sundays Meeting at various venues, offering an opportunity for LGBT parents and carers with children of all ages to meet, socialise and build support networks, offering older children the opportunity to meet other LGBT families and develop a positive sense of self and identity. Call or join mailing list for latest venue. Adults £2, children £1.

Shopping Until 7 August E17 Designers’ Shop at Vestry House Museum Vestry House E17 9NH E17 Designers will feature in a concession at the Vestry House Museum, in time for the summer season! Jewellery, prints and accessories by local designer-makers. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. Events marked

kid friendly


Food Markets Saturdays Walthamstow Village Market Community Hub (former Asian Centre) 18A Orford Road E17 9LN A family-friendly fine food market showcasing local produce and hot food traders. Dogs welcome. 10.30am-3pm. Saturdays OrganicLea Market Stall The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Organic and local sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, homemade bread, jams and preserves. Healthy Start vouchers can be used. 10am-3pm. our-market-stall Saturdays Community Local Produce Market Stall with OrganicLea & Transition Leytonstone St John’s Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG As above. 10am-3pm. RoseMary 020 8556 3090 Sundays Farmers’ Market Town Square, Walthamstow E17 4HU Stalls offering a changing, seasonal selection of meat, game and poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cider, baked goods, honey, plants and herbs, seafood, pies, quiches and cakes. Please note, some stalls may take a week off without notice. 10am-2pm.

Sport & Fitness Saturdays Walthamstow Parkrun Peter May Sports Ground, Wadham Road E17 4HR A free, timed weekly 5km run around the park, for your own enjoyment. Whatever your pace! Register online for your free race time barcode to print before your first race. 9-10.30am. FREE. Richard Parr 07866 616454

Music, choirs & karaoke Tuesdays 5-19 July NEW Beatbox Workshops with Bellatrix Leyton Sixth Form College, Essex Road E10 6EQ Learn the beatboxing basics and how to create an explosive vocal extravaganza with just your mind and microphone and get the chance to appear on stage with The Beatbox Collective! 5.30-7.30pm. FREE. Waltham Forest Culture 020 8496 3000

DANCE/FITNESS Alternate Mondays from 4 July NEW HarmonyE4 Winchester Road Methodist Church, Winchester Road, Highams Park E4 9JP A new fortnightly choir for Highams Park. Plus the last Thursday of the month. 7.30-10pm. £5. Kate Milner 07969 269107 Thursdays Live Music at Leyton Technical Leyton Technical 65 High Road, Leyton E10 5QN A genre-hopping live music night with a different band every week. From 9.30pm. FREE. Tuesdays until 12 July East Side Jazz Club Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB Weekly modern jazz club featuring the UK’s best jazz musicians in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with plenty of seating. Check website for latest line-up. The Music Room has its own bar with real ale. First floor venue. 8.30-11pm. £6 on the door only, no membership required. Thursdays Daytime Choir for Parents & Childminders St Michael & All Angels Church Hall, Northcote Road E17 6PQ A great way to start the day, come and sing with this friendly group, and bring your little ones, we have toys to entertain them! All abilities welcome. 10-11am. £5. Mondays Sing at the WO The Warrant Officer, 318 Higham Hill Road E17 5RG Join our community choir. Absolutely no auditions, all abilities welcome. Raise your voice and lift your spirits as part of an adult choir where you call the tunes. Inclusive, informal and fun. 7.30-9pm. £7, £6 in advance and free taster. Laura 07813 686980 Wednesdays Natural Voices: Mixed Choirs for Men & Women Orford Road Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR and The Northcote Arms Pub, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Taking the stuffiness out of choirs! It’s singing with a twist of fun. Beginners welcome, no auditions and no sightreading. We do glorious covers of pop, soul, rock, jazz and comedy songs. Choose from Leyton or Walthamstow venues. 7.30-9pm. £8 paid termly or £10 drop-in, free taster. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338



Wednesdays Open Mic Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Talent wanted for Luna Lounge’s weekly open mic night. Take the stage or meet new people with the same love for live music, poetry or storytelling. 8pmmidnight. FREE. Erika 07950 899431 Thursdays Acoustic Showcase at The Village The Village Pub, 31 Orford Road E17 9NL Talented London-based musicians play acoustic sets of original music and covers in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Village Pub. Interested in performing? Please email Gabriel. 8-11pm. FREE. Thursdays Natural Voices: Walthamstow Ladies’s Choir Orford Road (address provided on booking) E17 9NJ As Wednesdays except ladies-only and different venue. 8-9.30pm. £8 paid termly or £10 drop-in, free taster. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338 Sundays Natural Voices: Youth choirs (Juniors & Seniors) Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR As Wednesdays except for junior and senior children only. 10am-12pm. £5 paid termly or £6 drop-in, free taster. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338 Sundays Open Mic Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU The Open Mic/jam session formerly known as the Princess Of Wails in Stratford for the last 6 years is now at the Sinbin. 7-11.30pm. FREE. Performers please sign up in advance. Ed 07533 851205

Calendar of events Friday 1 July Juju Rock & guest reggae DJs Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Juju Rock is a guitar led fire-starting instrumental quartet cooking up a potent blend of vibrant African crossrhythms. Reggae DJ, Old School, Trojan, Ska and a bit of roots. 9pm-1am. FREE.

40 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Kids’ Kitchen Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU Fun, safe, hands-on fortnightly cooking sessions for pre-school children with their parents, grandparents and childminders living in the Beans on Balconies streets around Wood St and Shernhall St. Please book to cook delicious food together. 10am-12 noon. FREE. Morag via www.kidskitchenbeansonbalconies. Woodford & Warner’s Trini Pop-Up Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ Delicious home cooked Caribbean food served up by the divine Mrs Moore! Plenty of veggie options, takeaway also available. No bookings, just pitch up and tuck in. While stocks last! 6.3010pm. Dish prices vary. Stow Film Lounge & Walthamstow International Film Festival present: By Our Selves (cert 15) plus Q&A Hewitt Hall, Walthamstow School For Girls, Church Hill E17 9RZ Toby Jones, Iain Sinclair and a Straw Bear follow in English poet John Clare’s footsteps exactly 150 years after his death by documenting a four-day walk made from Epping to Northamptonshire. A pop-up bar will be serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Doors 7pm, intro 7.45pm, film 8pm followed by Q&A, close 10pm. Limited early bird tickets £5; £8/£6 conc (senior citizens, unwaged, students). Ticket & Pizza from £13.30 (pre-book only). Book online or on the door if not sold out.

Saturday 2 July Big Village Clean Up Meet at the Village Square, Orford Road E17 We are seeking volunteers to tidy, garden and paint lampposts and railings to help spruce up the Village ready for the RHS Village in Bloom Competition judging days. This event is a lot of fun and suitable for all ages. Please wear gloves and sturdy shoes and old clothes too if you want to paint! From 10.30am. 07814 042499. Art in Harrow Green Parish Church Harrow Green Parish Church , 4 Holloway Rd, Leytonstone E11 4LD Various 20th century artists including Steven Sykes and Barbara Sampson and some local church history and an artist in our congregation - Karene Wallace. 9.30am-4.30pm. FREE. Bridget de Mello 020 8539 6067 Events marked

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Reiki Share Private address, please get in touch for details E11 A structured workshop for Reiki practitioners: a mixture of meditation and healing techniques to help you gain confidence in your intuition and enhance your ability as a practitioner. Must be attuned to Reiki 1 or above. 10am-1pm. £15, £10 unwaged. Pippa Moye 07563 687108 Waltham Forest NCT Nearly New Sale Walthamstow School for Girls, Church Hill E17 9RZ Get your hands on some great quality baby and children’s clothes, toys and equipment. All proceeds go to Waltham Forest NCT. Early entry for NCT Members at 10.15am. 10.30am12noon. £1.50 entry, £1 for NCT members with a membership card. St Saviour’s School Summer Fayre Verulam Avenue, off Markhouse Road E17 8ER Fancy dress competion, bouncy castle, penalty shoot out, mini zumba, food stalls. Children FREE, Adults £1. 1-5pm. Silvia 07904 540533 Holy Family & Sixth Form Summer Fair Holy Family Catholic School, Walthamstow House site, 1 Shernhall Street (Next to Thorpe Coombe Hospital) E17 3EA An afternoon of family fun. Games, bouncy castle, cakes, refreshments, Pimms and beer plus Holy Family’s Got Talent and more! 12-4pm. 50p entry, 20p children/conc. Limited outdoor tables available £15, or £10 in advance. School Office 020 8520 0482 Young People’s Poetry Workshop William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP For ages 16-22. Experience a live poetry performance, learn to express yourself and write creatively. Work with an award-winning poet and submit your poem for a national competition. In partnership with The Poetry Society. 2-4pm. FREE. Booking essential. 020 8496 4390 July Mini-Festival The Warrant Officer, 318 Higham Hill Road E17 5RG The Higham Flyers headline as they launch their debut EP. The day’s line-up also includes Sh!ver, The Battered Saucepans and Peppercorn Rent. More acts TBA. Check the website for updates. 5pm-1am. FREE with a collection.

Paul-Ronney Angel Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG A solo acoustic gig by Mr Angel who’s been the front man, songwriter and band leader of London’s The Urban Voodoo Machine with a world tour and four critically-acclaimed award-winning albums under their belt. 8-11pm. FREE. Grand Prairie The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Country-blues-rock originals. 9pmmidnight. FREE. Forest Philharmonic: Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4JD The Forest Philharmonic are joined by the South West Essex Choir for a performance of Elgar’s stunning, choral and monumental masterpiece about a dying man’s soul as it journeys to its judgment before God. 7.30pm start. Tickets £16/£14 or £14/£12 conc. Closet Vinyl The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Be a DJ in the friendliest pub in London. Bring in your vinyl, come nice and early to get a 20min guest spot and watch us dance like crazy to your music! 8pmmidnight. FREE.

Sunday 3 July Preparing for Eid Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join us in our annual event making decorations and cards in preparation for Eid, the religious holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. 11am-2pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 A Stroll Down Walthamstow High Street Meet in the town square outside Walthamstow Central Library, High Street E17 7JN Join this free walk with Walthamstow Historical Society exploring Walthamstow High Street, that used to be where people went for a night out and it was once a desirable place to live. 2-3.30pm repeated July 6 at 11am. FREE, no need to book. 07792 750017

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Sunday 3 July continued Fundraising Garden Party & 10th Anniversary Celebration 37 Grosvenor Park Road E17 9PD Garden party boasting excellent food, entertainment, a raffle and items for sale. All funds raised enable the charity Waltham Forest Thuso in South Africa to continue its important work supporting South African AIDS Orphans and other educational initiatives. 1-5pm. £10 inc lunch and a drink, children £3, under 5s FREE. Free parking. Live Life Drawing meets Drag Out The Weekend The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL As part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail see the wonderful Martine Charalaubou bringing our drag cabaret performers to life on paper. With Maria Hurtz pre show at 6.30pm and Intastella during the break at 8.45pm. 6-9.30pm. FREE..


Leytonstone Festival Special: The Mañana Collective Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG A powerhouse of latin rhythm, playing Cuban and Brazilian music together explosively. A volatile, love loaded party bag around every corner, full of beans. An unstoppable expression of joy! 8-11pm. FREE.

Monday 4 July Stormy Monday Blues Evening Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA An evening of live blues on the first Monday of the month hosted by the Battered Saucepan Blues Band. 8.4511pm. FREE. Alan Cohen 07762 083384 Pamdemonium Edinburgh Festival Previews The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL See top international stars prior to the famous festival in our intimate venue. Tonight Amedeus Martin and David Mills Shame. 7.30-10.30pm. FREE but donations welcome.

DANCE/FITNESS Waltham Forest Music Festival Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4JD A celebration of musical achievement that will entertain and inspire you. Over 1,000 children from local schools will come together and perform at four concerts over two days. 10.30-11.15am & 2-3pm. FREE, but suggested donation £3 for adults. 020 8496 1584 Waltham Forest Reiki Project Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18A Orford Road E17 9LN Reiki is a form of healing that works the life force energy that flows through all living things. Come along to this first Tuesday of the month session and see how we can help ‘you’, just drop-in. 7-8.45pm. FREE, but donations appreciated. Yoko 07903 243296



Speedcrafting Summer Party All You Read is Love, 877 High Road, Leytonstone E11 1HR Make four, yes FOUR mini projects in this mid-summer workshop party. Taster workshops in jewellery-making, print-making, floral crowns and origami. Tickets subsidised by Leytonstone Festival, includes summer punch and nibbles. 7-10pm. £15. Sunset Over London: Tower Tours of St John’s Church, Leytonstone St John’s Church, Church Lane E11 1HG Enjoy music and Fairtrade refreshments in this beautiful church, then climb to the top of the tower for fantastic views as the sun sets over the city. Limited to 20 places. Repeated 13 July. 7.309.30pm. £12.50, £6 conc. Tower tours team 07931 546660 Pamdemonium Edinburgh Festival Previews The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL As Mon 4 July except tonight features Paul McMullen with Alcopop plus Danielle Ward.

Tuesday 5 July

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42 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Red Imp presents: Arthur Smith & Jo Jo Smith Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Balham’s favourite Grumpy Old Man heads north of the river to make us laugh. Ex-rock journo Jo Jo ripped it last time she was here. Funny lady. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880


Wednesday 6 July

Thursday 7 July Acoustic Night with John Clapper Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG London’s solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist sings pop, rock, country, blues and jazz with a loop pedal. 8-10pm. FREE. Erika 07950 899431

Waltham Forest Music Festival Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road E17 4JD As Tues 5 except 1-2pm & 7-9pm Legends of The Laugh Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU First Wednesday of the month sees a night of great comedians doing new material and new comedians doing great material. 7.30-11.30pm. FREE. Open Mic Night Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Eran is your host, so make sure you get in early to add your name to the list of performers. 8-11pm. FREE. Uptown Toodeloo String Band / Amelia White / Dan Webster What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Exservicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Rd, Leytonstone E11 3DB Colorado’s Uptown Toodeloo String Band is an acoustic project performing the music of the Grateful Dead infused with high energy bluegrass jams. 8.3011pm. FREE with collection.

Red Imp presents: Phil Nichol & Lucy Porter Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Perrier winner Phil and TV favourite Lucy (Mock The Week, QI) bring their Edinburgh fringe shows to the Stow. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Verbatim Monthly Comedy Club Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG First Thursdays comedy club with well known guest comedians and lots of laughs, guaranteed. 8-11pm. £5.

Friday 8 July Beans on Balconies: Fortnightly Get Togethers Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU Share tips, ideas, gardening kit, skills, recipes, plan neighbourhood events, enjoy workshops and build friendships for the Beans on Balconies streets around Wood Street and Shernhall Street. 8am-12 noon. FREE. Morag via Preview Evening: Gallery In Bloom Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Join us for an al-fresco drink to mark the opening of the gallery’s gardenthemed, summer show; an eclectic mix of paintings, photographs, drawings, prints, collages, posters and textile designs. Children and pets welcome. 7-9pm. FREE entry with donation bar. Eid Celebration Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road E17 4JF

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Red Imp presents: Mark Thomas (work in progress) Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Mark’s The Red Shed is the third part in a trilogy of multi-award winning shows (Bravo Figaro and Cuckooed). NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Under 5s Nature Explorers: Eid Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join us for a ramble round the park and make cards for Eid, followed by stories, songs and a healthy snack. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 10am-12.30pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 A Stroll Down Walthamstow High Street Meet in the town square outside Walthamstow Central Library, High Street E17 7JN As Sunday 3 except 11am-12.30pm.


Bring family and friends to celebrate the end of Ramadan with a fantastic evening of entertainment. Free ticketed event, everyone welcome. Please register online in advance at Eventbrite. 7-10pm. FREE, but suggested donation £3 for adults. Waltham Forest Council Events Team 020 8496 3000

Stow Film Lounge & Blackhorse Workshop present: Eden (cert 15) Blackhorse Workshop, 1-2 Sutherland Path E17 6BX Paul, a teenager in the underground scene of early-1990s Paris, forms a DJ collective with his friends and together they plunge into the nightlife of sex, drugs, and endless music. An intoxicating, sensitive and low-key look at aging and the price of pursuing one’s dreams. Fully licensed pop-up bar, food stalls and music courtesy of DJ Harry Palmer. Doors open 7.45pm, film 8.30pm followed by DJ, close 11pm. £8/£6 conc (Blackhorse Workshop members, senior citizens, unemployed, students). Book online or on the door if not sold out. Eastern Front Soundsystem The Chequers, 145 High Street/Storey Road E17 7BX Eclectic, leftfield and balearic disco vibes all night long from the Eastern Front DJs and friends. 8pm-midnight. FREE. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR Also known as The Private Life of the Master Race, this is one of Bertolt Brecht’s most famous satires and the first of his openly anti-Nazi works. Through a tapestry of 24 stories Brecht shows how Nazism occupied all areas of the citizens’ lives, filling them with prejudice, distrust and silence. Not suitable for under-14s. 8-10pm £8/£5 conc in advance, £9/£6 on the door 020 8504 3872

Joncan & Lickin Stick Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Lickin Stick help to drive your funky soul recreating the great sound of James Brown. Plus Joncan’s funk, soul and blues acoustic percussion. 7.30pmmidnight. FREE. Horsemeat Sandwich: Amesbury Banks / Bonfire of Solitude / Proximus / Electricity Comes From Other Planets Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Horsemen return to Sinbin with more live music! Punk rock and more! 8.30pm-midnight. FREE. Red Imp presents: Bridget Christie & John Gordillo Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Multi-award-winning Bridget brings her new show ‘Mortal’ to the Stow plus John G who won the Leicester Comedy Fest Best Show 2016. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Saturday 9 July Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. Performances at 2.30 & 8pm Lea Bridge Links: Jam Walk Meet at Lea Bridge Station, Argall Way E10 Join artist Clare Qualmann for a walk on the marshes, to explore foraging opportunities and learn about jam making from the results. 2.30pm. FREE. 07964 878315 lea-bridge-links

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Live Street Art with ATMA The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Come and watch artist ATMA complete our garden mural Rays Of Light. 124pm. FREE. AgeUK: Fundraising Table Top Sale Waltham Forest Resource Hub (North), 58 Hall Lane, Chingford E4 8EU Grab a bargain and help us raise funds for our work in Waltham Forest. 100s of books, DVDs and CDs; handcrafted blankets, cuddly toys and bake sale with homemade cream teas and cakes. 11am-3pm. FREE entry. Emma Tozer 020 8558 5512 Hillyfield Primary Academy Summer Fair 99-101 Higham Hill Road E17 6ED Everyone’s welcome to enjoy a day out with fun for all the family! Inflatables, entertainment, street food, games, a grand raffle and more! 11am-2pm. 50p entry, children FREE. Leytonstone Arts Trail Art Market Upstairs at Leytonstone Library, 6 Church Lane E11 1HG Local artists selling original paintings, screenprints, cards, photography, ceramics, sculpture, puppets, jewellery and more. Get yourself an original, affordable work of art! Refreshments available all day. Step-free access. 11am-4pm. FREE entry. The Summertime Fair & Table Top Sale St Mary’s Welcome Centre, 8 Church Path off Vestry Road / Orford Road E17 9RJ A fair with crafts, vintage, food and refreshments and many other stalls with something for almost everyone! 12-5pm. 50p entry or £1 for family of 4. Nathan 07928 081823 The Mill is Turning 5! The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA To celebrate our 5th birthday we are holding a South Pacific beach style community party. There will be food, raffle, art & craft activities, photo booth, face painting and much more. Bring sun hats and flower garlands. 1.304.30pm. FREE. Natasha Mcfazdean 020 8521 3211


Tales From the Marsh presents From the Ground Up Meet at Coppermill Field, Coppermill Lane E17 7HE Exploring the magnetic pull of the marshes. Live performance, reminiscence, image, poetry and landscape combine to create a quirky and poignant journey through this urban wildness. This is a promenade performance with no seating available. Please dress appropriately for outdoor walking. Meet at 2.15pm. 2.30-4pm. FREE but please book a ticket in advance. Antiq Beats: Mirth Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe St E17 4QH On the 2nd Saturday of the month E17’s Continental Drifts bring you the sounds of antique beats remixed plus a live band and killer DJs. This month Zoophonium play live, DJs Chris Tofu and Auntie Maureen and dance classes with Swing Patrol. 7pm-1am. FREE but small charge for dance lessons. Chris Tofu 020 8365 9333 Pamdemonium Comedy Night The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL The hilarious, award-winning Pam Ford hosts 5 stand up comedians in our monthly night of comedy gold. You will never see comedy of this quality for free anywhere else. 7.30-10.30pm. FREE but donations welcome. Drag Cabaret: Son of A Yutu The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Drag sensation Son of A Yutu will be live on stage at midnight. 8pm-1am. FREE entry before 10pm, £5 after. Pixie 07415 295176 Red Imp presents: Simon Munnery & Bethany Black Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Leftfield comedy genius Munnery brings us his new show ‘Standing Still’ while Beth, star of TVs ‘Banana’, is one of the best acts in the UK right now. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Sunday 10 July Musical Aquarium Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Come and join Jerome and Lindsay who will be diving into the tank, and playing their own eclectic brand of music for your Sunday lunchtime listening. 1.304.30pm. FREE.

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Family Activity: Be a Young Archaeologist Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Discover the exciting finds made during the construction of Walthamstow’s reservoirs in 1900. Have a go yourself by digging in Vestry House’s archaeology ‘trench’. Discover mysterious objects from the past and record your finds. 1.30-4pm. FREE but a donation of £3 per child welcome will assist the museum with its programmes. 020 8496 4391

Join us on a relaxed family fun and free ride to explore parks, and little known back street routes. 1-5pm. FREE. 0208 520 0648

Sunday Family Club Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve. Kings Road E4 7HR The club will take place on the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Bring your wellington boots! Activities from Kid’s Kitchen, Walk the Loop and craft activities. Thanks to the Friday Hill Community Association for its support. 2-4pm. FREE. Elizabeth 07809 562341

Monday 11 July

Tales From the Marsh presents From the Ground Up Walthamstow Marshes, Coppermill Field, Coppermill Lane E17 7HE As Sat 9, meet at 2.15 for 2.30pm start Waltham Forest Bilingual Group Picnic Ridgeway Park, The Ridgeway, Old Church Road E4 6XU Meet-up for families raising their children bilingually. Joins us for a fun and relaxed afternoon in the park. Bring a dish to share! If the weather forecast is poor please call Claire to check if it’s going ahead. 1-3pm. FREE. Claire Thomas 07770 860038

Sunday 10 July continued Leyton & Stone Designers Market The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Locally produced handmade goods including clothes, jewellery, chutneys and preserves, greeting cards, bags, artworks, homewares, dog leads, bandanas, chocolates, cakes and more! The pub is dog and family friendly. 12-5pm. FREE entry.

Bluetone Groovers Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Toe tapping music that you can jump, shout and groove to. Quality musicianship, punchy and downright kicking. Contemporary rock/blues originals plus a revival of the blues and soulful R’n’B from way back when. 8-11pm. FREE.

Pamdemonium Edinburgh Comedy Festival Preview Shows The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL See top international stars prior to the famous festival in our intimate venue. Tonight Matt Price (Channel 4’s Balls of Steel) and absolute gentleman Mark Dolan. 7-10.30pm. FREE but donations welcome. Red Imp presents: Radio 4’s Mitch Benn & Sean Meo Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of The Now Show Mitch brings us brand new hilarious songs and evil comic genius Sean Meo is not to be missed. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Tuesday 12 July Val Bonetti Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Val’s passion is the blues and early jazz repertoire. He’s here on a UK tour promoting new album Tales recorded with double bass player Cristiano Da Ros. 8-11pm. FREE. Uncaged present News Flash Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU This special edition features even more salacious gossip, wicked innuendo and gratuitous sex and violence than a typical TV news programme. Our specially chosen presenter will (probably) stop at nothing to keep you watching! 8pm-midnight. £10.

Walthamstow Family Bike Club Meet outside Ancient House, Orford Road/Church Lane junction, Walthamstow E17

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44 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.







A Thames Foreshore for Walthamstow at the Walthamstow Garden Party Join in to help make a Thames Foreshore out of clay in front of the William Morris Gallery with Lloyd park studio artist Raewyn Harrison. Each individually made piece is cast from a real object found on the Thames by archaeologist Mike Webber, who will be on site to tell you the stories behind his wonderful collection. (See listing for 16th July on page 44 for details). Red Imp presents: Shappi Khorsandi & Alexis Dubus Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of Mock The Week and Live at the Apollo Shappi performs her new show ‘Oh My Country: From Morris Dancing to Morrissey.’ Support from rising star Dubus. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880 E17 Jazz: Large Ensemble Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS The flagship 13-piece ensemble, which features many established members of the E17 jazz collective, present original compositions written by members and friends of the group. 8.30-10.30pm. £8, £5 conc, u15s FREE.

Wednesday 13 July Outdoors Play, Exploration & Discovery Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, off Friday Hill E4 For children up to 8 years old. Enjoy being in nature with your child and find out about the many benefits of outdoor learning that will help your child develop and thrive throughout life. Please dress suitably for the weather. 1-3pm. FREE. Olivia 020 8527 3761 Home Brew Club The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Come chat to other friendly home brew enthusiasts. Bring an ale or cider sample, bring an ingredient or just bring yourself. 6.30-9pm. FREE. Events marked kid friendly

Sunset Over London: Tower Tours of St John’s Church, Leytonstone St John’s Church, Church Lane E11 1HG As July 5. Red Imp presents: Richard Herring ‘The Best’ Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Richard performs 2 hours of highlights from his 12 one man shows. Phew! NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £13. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Thursday 14 July Creative Kids: Making Art Outdoors William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Play, make and get hands on with Creative Kids, a regular session for children under 5. Explore materials and textures in the William Morris collection. 10-11.30am; repeated 1-2.30pm. FREE but booking essential. 020 8496 4390 Home: Meet the Artists The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA The opening night of Home, a group art exhibition celebrating how amazing our little piece of the world really is and why so many of us have chosen to live here. 6.30-8.30pm. FREE.

Royal Opera House screening: Il Trovatore Walthamstow Town Centre, Town Square E17 7LT Don’t miss this new production of Verdi’s gripping masterpiece including the famous and instantly recognizable Anvil Chorus. 6.45-11pm. FREE. Acid Drops Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Soul/jazz of the 1960s, typified by the Blue Note and Atlantic record labels, given a new spin by the Acid Drops, adding references to cinema and TV themes and more contemporary tunes. 8.30-midnight. FREE. Red Imp presents: Kerry Godliman & Sarah Kendall Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of Channel 4’s Comedy Gala and Ricky Gervais’ ‘Derek’ Kerry brings us her new show ‘Stick OR Twist’ plus multiaward-winning Sarah Kendall. A gem not to be missed! NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880

Friday 15 July Kids’ Kitchen Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU Details as Friday 1 July

Red Imp presents: Zoe Lyons & Carey Marx Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Brilliant multi-award-winning Zoe Lyons was voted Best Act amongst her peers this year. Carey Marx is a heart attack survivor and dark comic genius. Not to be missed! NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.30-10.30pm. £10. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880 Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. Performance at 8pm

Saturday 16 July Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Walthamstow’s biggest free event of the summer and better than ever, providing a fantastic mix of international big-name bands such as Asian Dub Foundation and local talent. Music and theatre stages and a pop-up cinema, craft and design markets, storytelling, poetry and delicious food on offer at the Real Food Festival. Visit the website for more information and to sign up for the full festival map, guide and updates. 12noon-9.30pm. FREE entry. CreativiTEA Hale End Library, Castle Avenue, Highams Park E4 9QD Expressive visual arts workshops for adults on the 3rd Saturday of the month that include time for tea and talking as a group to reflect and discover. Booking essential via Eventbrite, places limited. 11am-2pm. FREE. Phizz-Whizzing Animation Higham Hill Library, North

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”. To advertise your business contact 45



Countess Road E17 5HS Make your own short animated GIFs using stop-motion animation. 11am2.30pm. FREE but booking essential. 020 8496 3000 E17 Designers’ Marquee at the Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP E17 Designers’ will be at the fabulous free festival with over thirty local artists, designers and makers selling prints, jewellery, clothes and more! 12-7pm. FREE. Thames Foreshore In Walthamstow William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Get involved making a clay Thames Foreshore with Lloyd Park studio artist Raewyn Harrison. Each individually made piece is cast from a real artefact found on the Thames by archaeologist Mike Webber. 12-5pm. FREE. Revolting Rhythm, Rap & Rhyme Wood Street Library, Wood Street/Forest Road E17 4AA Join poet Neal Zetter as he performs his own zany creations inspired by Roald Dahl’s comic tales, then inspires you to write, illustrate and share your own revolting rhyme. 11am-2pm. FREE but booking essential. Visit, call 020 8496 3000 or visit any Waltham Forest Library Flower Show and Plant Sales: Whittingham Gardening Club Unity Hall, 144 Bramley Close E17 6EG Come and enjoy floral art and plant displays, craft stalls, meet the medical herbalist, great plant sales, gardening advice, delicious home made cakes, refreshments, raffles and see if you can find the magic key! 1-4pm. 50p entry. whittinghamgardeningclub.blogspot. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Welsh Church Hall, 881 High Road Leytonstone E11 1HR As Fri 8. Performances at 2.30 (a BSL signed performance) & 8pm Red Imp presents: Stephen K Amos and Addy Van Der Borgh Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of TV and radio Stephen is a Red Imp favourite and closes our season. He’s supported by the brilliant Addy doing an hilarious character. NB theatre space now air conditioned! 8.3010.30pm. £15. Viv and Bun 020 8509 3880 Events marked


Airforce Judgement Day: Release Party Sinbin at Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Release party of the forthcoming album Judgement Day by Airforce, with exIron Maiden drummer Doug Sampson. 7pm-midnight. £10. Georgian Villas and Edwardian Terraces along Forest Road William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Join the free walk with Walthamstow Historical Society to look at Forest Road. 200 years ago residents lived in large houses in open countryside. We will look at some older houses and at later buildings. No need to book. 2-3.30pm. FREE. 07792 750017 Madonna Night The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH Back to back 1980s and Madonna tracks from DJ Aaron. 9pm-1am. FREE with collection. Jazoo Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Experimental rock/jazz band on a UK tour will let you forget all the standards and show the real way of expressing poetry, rock and jazz in one amazing show! 8pm-midnight. FREE.

Sunday 17 July Walthamstow Family Bike Club: Newcomers Ride Meet in Village Square, Eden Rd/Orford Rd E17 Short and free monthly ride on quiet local streets for less confident cyclists or those who want a very gentle introduction to improving their levels of fitness. From 2pm. FREE. 0208 520 0648 E17 Designers’ Marquee at the Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP As Saturday 16 Leytonstone Festival: 9th What’s Cookin’ Sunday Picnic Henry Reynolds Gardens, Bush Road, Leytonstone E11 3AE A full bill with Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, The Fuzillis, Treetop Flyers, Bermonsey Joyriders, Urban Voodoo Machine Marching Band, The Lucky Strikes, Norton Money, Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee. 12noon-8pm. FREE with collection. Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP As Saturday 16. Visit the website for more information and to sign up for the full festival map, guide and updates. 12noon-8pm. FREE entry.

DANCE/FITNESS Be Bop Baby at Walthamstow Garden Party Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Be Bop Baby is popping up on the News From Nowhere stage! All the usual good tunes from Nostalgia 77 and live music and beatboxing from Ruby Baker and DavidX. A safe, family friendly session to kick off Sunday’s garden party. Bubbles, bean bags and parachute dancing with live music. 12.30-1.30pm. FREE. Thames Foreshore In Walthamstow William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP As Saturday 16 July

Wednesday 20 July Georgian Villas and Edwardian Terraces along Forest Road William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP As Saturday except 11am-12.30pm Speedbuggy USA What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB From Los Angeles, sweat and style are the high geared twin axles of country rockers Speedbuggy USA. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Thursday 21 July Q&A with Clare Twomey William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Clare Twomey discusses the role of the craftsman and the process through which skill is acquired and transferred. 7-9pm. £12, booking essential. 020 8496 4390

Friday 22 July Woodford & Warner’s Trini Pop-Up Part II Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ A second chance this month to enjoy delicious home cooked Caribbean food served up by the divine Mrs Moore! See Friday July 1 for more details.

Friday 22 July continued Beans on Balconies: Fortnightly Get Togethers



Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU As Friday 8 July. Positive Money: Local Group Meeting Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road E17 4QU Worried about the economy, risks of future financial crises? Positive Money analyses the role of money creation and possible alternatives. For this meeting we will be looking at the need for a Money Commission. 7-9pm. FREE but donations towards costs appreciated. General Echo The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH A monthly DJ night of dub, dancehall, roots, rockers and other scratchy reggae 45s played on two turntables and a space echo. Guest DJs from Horus Records. 8pm-12. FREE. Folkování Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Amateur acoustic performance of the most famous Czech folk songs. 8pmmidnight. FREE with collection.

Saturday 23 July The Streets: One Day Festival Coronation Gardens, High Road, Leyton E10 5NG A jam-packed, one-day festival for all the family with some of London’s finest vocal groups and home-grown talent. 10am-7.15pm. FREE. Church Lane Market, Leytonstone Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Open air market offering handmade jewellery and clothing, books, homewares, eco friendly gifts, locally made baby and kids’ clothes, knitted goods, sweets and cakes, artworks, cards and prints, wellness/beauty products and more. 11am-4pm. FREE. Walthamstow International Film Festival: Day 1 Walthamstow Empire, The Scene, 267 High Street E17 7FD 45 minute programme of the WIFF Shortlist on the Empire’s screen 2. Suitable for family viewing. 11am12noon. FREE. Fletcher via www.walthamstowinternationalfilm Record Roulette Mirth, Marvel and Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH DJ’s Tom Gold & Harry Palmer are back to spin more explosive vinyl at Walthamstow’s most illustrious venue. Psychedelic soul, funk, jazz, yacht rock, disco and more. 9pm-1am. FREE.

kid friendly

46 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.







SUMMER JAZZ EVENT National Jazz Archive fundraising concert

Val Wiseman

Presents Divas of Swing – her tribute to Anita O’Day, Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday Saturday 23 July, Loughton, 2.30pm, £15 Voted Top Jazz Vocalist in the 2011 British Jazz Awards "An appealing, stylish performer with a connoisseur's ear for repertoire, Val Wiseman is one of Britain's best jazz singers." Jazz – the Essential Companion

Playing with Val will be Brian Dee, piano Len Skeat, bass and Eric Ford, drums VENUE

Loughton Methodist Church, 260 High Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 1RB


W: T: 020 8502 4701 E:

Visit and sign up for regular e-news

National Jazz Archive, Loughton Library, Loughton IG10 1HD @JazzArchive

Registered charity No 327894

Sunday 24 July Walthamstow International Film Festival: Day 2 Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH A day of screening in the Community Room. Drama, documentary, experimental, animation, under 18s and silent films from Walthamstow and around the world. 11am-5pm. FREE. Fletcher via www.walthamstowinternationalfilm Lea Bridge Links: Football Walk Meet at Lea Bridge Station, Argall Way E10 Walk led by David Chapman of Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society, exploring the history of football in the Lea Bridge and Leyton area. 2.30pm. FREE. 07964 878315 lea-bridge-links Sunday Family Club Learning Lodge, Pimp Hall Nature Reserve. Kings Road E4 7HR

Events marked

The club will take place on the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Bring your wellington boots! Activities from Kid’s Kitchen, Walk the Loop and craft activities. Thanks to the Friday Hill Community Association for its support. 2-4pm. FREE. Elizabeth 07809 562341 learning-lodge

Infinitease Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Infinitease returns in its third fantastic season, once again bringing the UKs best new burlesque performers together in the quest for new stars! 8pm-midnight. £10.

Tuesday 26 July

Wednesday 27 July

Jason Rebello Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Our very special guest this season Jason Rebello is one of the most renowned jazz pianists in the world, known for collaborations with artists as diverse as Sting, Jeff Beck, Wayne Shorter and Peter Gabriel. He’ll be playing with the Tori Freestone Trio this evening in a special concert. 8.3010.30pm. £10, £8 conc, u15s FREE.

E17 Cook Book Club The Bell, 617 Forest Road/Chingford Road E17 4NE A foodie social evening. Everyone brings a dish to share and their cook book inspiration. Theme this month: ‘Brazilian’. All welcome. Please join the Facebook group E17 Cook Book Club for the latest information. 8.3010.30pm. £3.

Out of Africa, Asia & the Arctic Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Use binoculars to spot birds in Lloyd Park and learn about migratory birds and insects. 11am-2pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Vicky 07870 678571

The Urban Pioneers What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB From Albany, Texas mix one part Texas fiddle and one part Tennessee banjo, add doghouse bass and a splash of guitar and you have a delicious cocktail for your ears. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Thursday 28 July HarmonyE4 Winchester Road Methodist Church, Winchester Road, Highams Park E4 9JP A new fortnightly choir for Highams Park on alternate Mondays and the last Thursday of the month. 7.30-10pm. £5. Kate Milner 07969 269107

Got an event? Tell us about it!

kid friendly

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Evan Parker with John Russell and John Edwards Wild Card Brewery, Unit 7 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ “If you’ve ever been tempted by free improvisation, Parker is your gateway drug” wrote Stewart Lee. Free jazz legend Evan Parker on saxophone with Russell and Edwards. Book online. 8-11pm. £9.

Friday 29 July Leyton NCT Bumps & Babies Coffee Morning KukooLaLa , The Cottage, 3 Marsh Lane E10 7BL Supporting the parents of Leyton from bumps to babies and beyond! Join our monthly coffee morning to meet and make local friends. 10.30am-12.30pm. Megan Cadman-Taylor East of England Burlesque Festival Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU 3-day burlesque festival. For full details, tickets and registration visit the website 1-5pm. OpenStage £5 Newcomers £15, Superstars £25, Weekend pass for all three £40. Sham’s Kitchen at the Palace Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ The divine Shams returns to the Gin Palace with her truly fantastic Pakistani street food kitchen. Serving from 6 until we run out. Takeaway also available. Dolores Rocket presents You Should Be Dancing! Walthamstow Trades Hall, 61-63 Tower Hamlets Road E17 4RQ A club night for people who cut their dancing teeth in the 70s and 80s but younger friends welcome. Expect soul, reggae, ska, pop and disco from the era. There’s bingo too! 8pm-12.30. £5 adv, £7 on the door. groups/564026913756126

Saturday 30 July Family Day: Spinning Pots William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Ceramicist Alice Mara returns to Family Day for another chance to have a go on her popular potter’s wheel inspired by Clare Twomey’s current exhibition. 1-4pm. FREE, drop-in event for families with children of all ages.

Events marked


East of England Burlesque Festival Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU As Friday 29 July Monthly Country Night with East Lonesome Drifters Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG The best Honky Tonk country and western night in town every last Saturday of every month. Quality music and a lot of dancing. 8pm-1am. FREE.

DANCE/FITNESS DRAG Out The Weekend: Bambi Boo’s GMFA Charity Special The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL We’ve an extraordinary line up of drag cabaret royalty as Bambi creates an evening to remember raising money for GMFA with music, games comedy and a dash of filth. 6pm-midnight. FREE.

Tuesday 2 August Sunday 31 July East of England Burlesque Festival Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU As Friday 29 July E17 Vintage Wedding Fair Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Find your perfect dress and peruse the best local vintage exhibitors including florists, photographers, DJs, jewellery, catering and more. Enjoy tea and cakes, sparkling wine and beer in the newly-refurbished community room and award-winning garden. 11am4pm. FREE entry. Wildlife Friendly Gardens Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Learn how to save the world by creating a beautiful wildlife-friendly garden using the William Morris gardens as inspiration. Strictly no children please. 1-3pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571 Jazz at Buhler and Co Buhler and Co, 8 Chingford Road E17 4PJ Join us for an afternoon of delightful live jazz on the last Sunday of each month, with drinks and sharing plates. £7 on door, £5 in advance on Billetto. 4-7pm. FREE. Rosie Buhler 07751 601339 Cool Sunday Afternoon Jazz The William Morris Bar, 807-811 Forest Road E17 4JD Cool Blue Note era jazz from the Paul Kaufman quartet and guests. Enjoy great food, wines, ales and company while chilling out in this stylish bar. 1.30-4.30pm. FREE entry.

Pattern Making Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Explore the William Morris Garden and make your own printed pattern using re-cycled materials. 11am-2pm. FREE, but donations welcome. Vicky 07870 678571



Woodford & Warner’s Trini Pop-Up Part II Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ As Friday 1 July.

Saturday 6 August The Brewery Sessions: Part One Wild Card Brewery, Unit 7 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Eastern Front and guest DJs Musica Noche and Cadillac Soundsystem bring balearic, eclectic, house and disco vibes to the brewery. 4pm-midnight. FREE.

Wednesday 3 August

Sunday 7 August

Under 5s Nature Explorers: Teddy Bear’s Picnic Aveling, Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Love parks and teddy bears? Join our picnic and bear hunt. Bring food and teddies. Older siblings welcome. 10am-12.30pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571

The Brewery Sessions: Part Two Wild Card Brewery, Unit 7 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ As Sat 6 August except 3-9pm

Tuesday 9 August

Open Mic Night Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Your chance to perform for an appreciative audience. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Stow Film Lounge presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, cert 15) The Red Lion, 640 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA Part of the Red Lion’s Outdoor Deckchair Cinema series. In this cult, musical classic a newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-NFurter. Tickets available via the pub. Red Lion 020 8988 2929

Thursday 4 August

Outdoors Play, Exploration & Discovery Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, off Friday Hill E4 As Wednesday 13 July

Wednesday 10 August WMG Late: Transmission William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Your chance to perform alongside a professional poet at the first WMG Late open mic night! Eastern Front Soundsystem provide the soundtrack for inspiring performances and a ceramics workshop inspired by Clare Twomey’s exhibition. 6.30-10.30pm. FREE. 020 8496 4390

Friday 5 August Beans on Balconies: Fortnightly Get Togethers Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU As Friday 8 July.

Stow Film Lounge presents: ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982, cert PG) The Red Lion, 640 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA Part of the Red Lion’s Outdoor Deckchair Cinema series. In this classic movie, a troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home-world. Tickets available via the pub. Red Lion 020 8988 2929

Thursday 11 August Ripples and Reflections: Printmaking Vestry House

kid friendly

48 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Inspired by Walthamstow’s Wetlands and its 10 reservoirs, explore patterns created by water through a range of printmaking techniques such as marbling (oil on water) or monoprinting. With artist Anna Alcock.1.304pm. FREE but a donation of £3 per child welcome will assist the museum with its programmes. 020 8496 4391





Leyton & Stone Designers Market The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL As Sunday 10 July

Wednesday 17 August General Echo The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH A monthly DJ night of dub, dancehall, roots, rockers and other scratchy reggae 45s played on two turntables and a space echo. 8pm-12. FREE.

Friday 19 August Creative Kids: The Lambikin William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Play, make and get hands on with Creative Kids, a regular session for children under 5. 10-11.30am; repeated 1-2.30pm. FREE but booking essential. 020 8496 4390 Stow Film Lounge presents: Die Hard (1988, cert 18) The Red Lion, 640 High Road, Leytonstone E11 3AA Part of the Red Lion’s Outdoor Deckchair Cinema series. Classic action movie. Bruce Willis plays John McClane, an officer of the NYPD who tries to save his wife and others taken hostage by a German terrorist. Tickets available via the pub. Red Lion 020 8988 2929

Sunday 14 August Walthamstow Family Bike Club Meet outside Ancient House, Orford Road/Church Lane junction, Walthamstow E17 As Sunday 10 July. Ripples and Reflections: Printmaking Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH As 11 Thurs August.

Beans on Balconies: Fortnightly Get Togethers Wood Street Scout Hall, 205 Wood Street E17 3NU As Friday 8 July. Gingo! Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ After their summer break Original Army cabaret savants return to their spiritual home, for more Martini fuelled madness. Crap prizes, obscenity and the dreaded turban of shame. Miss it at your peril. Eyes down 7.30pm. 7-11pm. FREE. Becky 07905 484711

Looking for back issues of the E List? Visit Want lovely printed copies, no problem we still have a few back issues available going back over 3 years. They cost £4 each including postage with discounts for 4 issues or more. Stocks are limited so email to check availabilty and to order.

Saturday 20 August Church Lane Market Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HE Open air market including handmade jewellery and clothing, books, homewares, eco friendly gifts, locally made baby and kids clothes, knitted goods, sweets and cakes, artworks, cards and prints, wellness and beauty products and more. 11am-4pm. FREE.

DJ Jerome Anderson Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Join Jerome for an eclectic mix of tunes, from swing to soul and everything in between! 9pm-1am. FREE.

Tuesday 23 August Lloyd Park Big Picnic Lloyd Park Island, Forest Road E17 4PP Bring a picnic and join us for a good old summer get together with fun family activities on Lloyd Park Island. 11am-2pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571

Thursday 25 August Alternate Mondays NEW HarmonyE4 Winchester Road Methodist Church, Winchester Road, Highams Park E4 9JP A new fortnightly choir for Highams Park. Plus the last Thursday of the month. 7.30-10pm. £5. Kate Milner 07969 269107

Friday 26 August

Sham’s Kitchen at the Palace Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St E17 9HQ As Friday 29 July

Sunday 28 August Cool Sunday Afternoon Jazz The William Morris Bar, 807-811 Forest Road E17 4JD Cool Blue Note era jazz from the Paul Kaufman quartet and guests. Enjoy great food, wines, ales and company while chilling out in this stylish bar. 1.30-4.30pm. FREE entry.

Tuesday 30 August Maps & Compasses Aveling Centre, Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Learn how to use a map and compass to follow a trail around the park. We’ll have old maps for crafts too. 11am2pm. FREE but donations welcome. Vicky Peet 07870 678571

Wednesday 31 August E17 Cook Book Club The Bell, 617 Forest Road/Chingford Road E17 4NE As 27 July except the theme this month is ‘Afternoon Tea’

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AlwAys wAnted to Act?

LA trained actor/ director Dominic Ryan’s one-to-one acting for camera classes in E11 will help boost confidence in front of camera and first steps to your career £30 per hour or £50 for two hours


Classes/Courses Languages Mondays (for 6 weeks) Swedish: Intermediate Class Hornbeam Cafe 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Learn Swedish with a native swede; talk about the Swedish culture and learn a Swedish song. 8.30-9.30pm. £10 per lesson, paid termly. 07958 471083 Wednesdays (for 6 weeks) Swedish: Beginners Class Details as above except 7.30-8.30pm.

Art & Craft Alternate Saturdays from 9 July NEW Al Fresco Life Class! The Castle Pub, 15 Grosvenor Rise East E17 9LB A unique chance to draw the figure outside. This is a special, rather rare event and it’s coming fortnightly to Walthamstow Village, whatever the weather (charcoal and a little rain go surprisingly well together!) 10.30amnoon £12. Jonathan Ellis 07980 713819 2-5 August NEW Young People’s 5-Day Workshop: The Poster Collective William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP For those aged 16-22. Create your own poster for display at the gallery. You’ll visit street artist and printmaker Aida Wilde in her Hackney studio and learn printmaking techniques with the support of artist Della Rees. Beginners welcome. 10.30-4.30pm. FREE but you must be able to commit to all 5 days. Booking essential. 020 8496 4390

Wednesdays Mix, Mingle, Draw! The Sinbin at the Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Featuring two life models with physical theatre and burlesque backgrounds, tutored by established painter Blair Lamar. An unforgettable evening where artists can mingle, network, socialise, and create beautiful works. 7-11pm. £7, £5 conc. Mondays Untutored Life Drawing The Sinbin at the Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Unconventional class, drawing the nude male and female figure from life. Socialise, drop-in anytime, art materials are provided. Wheelchair accessible. 7.30-9.30pm. £6. Alternate Sundays from 10 July Life Drawing Classes Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Taught life classes, beginning with a short slideshow, followed by drawing exercises in a variety of media. Expect the unexpected. 3-5pm. £15. or text 07980 713819 Wednesdays Mending Club Significant Seams, 131 Wood Street E17 3LX Need help with mending your socks, a seam or hem that’s come undone or a pair of jeans that need shortening? Fancy some company while you stitch or just fancy an excuse to socialise? Drop-ins welcome. 1-3pm. £3 suggested donation

Thursdays Neighbourly Stitch & Knit Significant Seams (as above) A befriending group like a book club, for people who make, want to make, or want to learn to make in the most informal of environments. Partner organisations refer people struggling with anxiety or depression and survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence but people’s backgrounds and personal challenges are their own business, for sharing only if they choose. Drop-ins welcome. 1-3pm. £3 suggested donation.

Family Saturdays until 9 July Kathak Kids: Storytelling & Classical Indian Dance Bhakti Yoga Centre, 631 Forest Road E17 4NE Magical class combining storytelling with classical Indian dance movement, combining structure with joy! Traditional ankle bells enhance rhythmic play and expressiveness. Bells provided. 4-7 year olds 10-10.40am; 8-12 year olds 10.50-11.30am. £7.50 or £9 drop-in. Vanessa 07958 523431 Sundays until 10 July Kathak Kids: Storytelling & Classical Indian Dance Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH As above except different venue & price £8 pre-booked or £9 drop-in Wednesdays Baby Signing Classes with

TinyTalk The Salvation Army, 434 Forest Road/Ruby Road E17 4PY Learn to use sign language with your baby before they can talk and have fun whilst doing it! Classes at 1pm and 2.15pm, please get in touch to book a space. £7. Rose Virden 07770 531075

Music & Singing Until 27 July NEW Learn to Sing with WAVE Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road E17 7BY Do you enjoy singing but lack confidence? This community choir course is for you. We are a welcoming group and will give you singing skills to lift your confidence. Everybody is welcome! 7.30-8.30pm. £10, £8 conc, first rehearsal FREE. Virginia Firnberg 07813-116505

Low-cost Acute Homeopathy Clinic at Walthamstow Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic every Thursday from 9am to 1pm Consultation: £6.50, 15mins inc. remedies and follow up phone call. Booking required or 07534 168 125 72 St Mary’s Road, E17 9RE

50 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.




Saturdays E17 Adult Guitar Club Hornbeam Cafe 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH This is a class for all levels of experience, and we play a variety of styles of music. It is a friendly environment and we work on improving technique as we go along but the emphasis is on making music. 12-12.40pm. £10 drop in or £53 per half term. 07958 471083 Thursdays Singing Group for Teenagers Hornbeam Centre 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Classes for 11-18 year olds taught by Anya. Just drop-in and bring any song you want to sing. 4.30-6.30pm. Tuesdays & Thursdays until July 21 Strung Out Violin Group for Adults Studio Office, Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road E17 4QU Classes with a professional musician whose work spans the West End to Womad. All styles of music encouraged; for all levels. Fun is the key ingredient! 6.30-9pm. £12, early bird rate £11. Alison Jones 020 7018 2927 Thursdays Women’s Singing Group Hornbeam Centre 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH All classes are drop-in, all levels welcome, no auditions! Come and feel nourished by the collective sound of singing voices. 7.30-9pm.

Fitness, Dance & Yoga


Tuesdays Tai Chi Principles & Mindfulness Training St Stephen’s Church Hall, 1 Copeland Road E17 9DB The mindfulness practice of I Liq Chuan uses Tai Chi and Zen principles and the skill of martial arts to cultivate/improve physical health, mental well-being, energy (qi) and awareness. Single person/partner training consists of moving/static-meditation and selfdefence. Suit beginners and advanced, please contact before attending. 7.308.30pm. £8, first class free. Mark 07824 395 814 Wednesdays Anchor: Mindfulness Training The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA With 35 years experience Robert is offering a drop-in session, a lead practice called ‘bringing the senses home’. Open to all with no previous experience required. 2-3pm. FREE but suggested donation £5 welcome. Wednesdays Tai Chi and Qi Gong St Mary’s Welcome Centre, 8 Church Path off Vestry Road / Orford Road E17 9RJ Discover Tai Chi and Qi Gong! Beginners classes suitable for all, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Courses start throughout the year, check website for start dates. 7-8.45pm. £9. Emiel 07909 856490

Mobile Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching in Walthamstow Sustainable Weight Loss Coaching • Pre and Post Natal Training • Kettlebell and Functional Training • Movement and Posture Specialist

Sam is a level 4 Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach and Crossfit Level 1 Coach who specialises in weight loss and functional training

Wednesdays Low Cost Beginners Vinyasa Yoga Leyton Yoga, First Floor (above USSR), 691 High Road, Leyton E10 6RA A slow-flowing yoga class which links movement to breath to strengthen and stretch the body and leads to deep relaxation. All classes are drop in; no need to pre-book. 11am-12pm. £6.

THURSDAY EVENING PILATES MAT CLASSES in Leyton 7pm - 8pm General level – all welcome Absolute beginners, contact me for further info

Authentic Pilates taught by a highly qualified tutor with 14 years’ experience £10 drop-in. Limited spaces Leyton Parish Church Hall (St Mary’s) Lindley Road E10 5PY abpilateslondon ABPilatesleyton

To advertise your business contact 51

Ancient House, Church Lane E17 Part of the Ancient House £1,550 pcm / £358 pw

“Unique property” and “Village location” are phrases too often used by estate agents. But if ever there was a home more deserving of such a description then this is it. Walthamstow’s Ancient House is reputedly London’s oldest dwelling. It is older than William Shakespeare, in fact it was originally built in the reign of Henry VI, a time when the entire population of the City of London could have fitted into present day Walthamstow with room to spare. The property forms the central section of a Grade II* half timbered building. A few years back the entire building was dissembled timber by timber by specialist architecturel conservationists, each bit of wood, brick and stone lovingly restored or replaced, and then the whole building painstakingly rebuilt. The exterior was returned from the black and white so loved by the Victorians to it’s original buff colour for the render and the silvered oak timbers stripped of tar. Inside the portion of the building available to rent was stripped back to reveal the original proportions of its ‘hall house’ origins, with dramatic oak beams reaching right up to the apex of the roof, and a mezzanine floor inserted for a double bedroom or should that be bed chamber. Architect designed podlike rooms provide the kitchen space downstairs and bathroom space on the mezzanine and give the interior a sleek contemporary style at perfect juxtaposition to the original tudor parts of the house. Architect designed podlike rooms provide the kitchen space downstairs and bathroom space on the mezzanine and give. ...the interior a sleek contemporary style at perfect juxtaposition to the original tudor parts of the house. The space is ostensibly open plan yet has a comfortable warm feel, displaying beautiful wood finishes both ancient and modern, and the cosiness is enhanced by a beautiful open and working hearth in the bedroom. Outside at the back of the house is a charming shared courtyard with a 20 ft rose arch worthy of one of Romeo and Juliet’s night time trysts. Availabe - June 2016.


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