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A journey into the heart of darkness with cover artist Oddly Head

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Your cultural life in and around Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Leyton and Wanstead

Celebrating a cornucopia of culture with Kath Cockshaw

Fellowship is Life

How would you describe your work and what do you try and achieve with it? Perspicacious, tenebrific and excogitative. World peace and sales. Who or what is Oddly Head? Oddly Head is Tim Fishlock. Our cover this month features one of your ME series. You say it’s one of your most popular series. What does the ME signify here and what do you think people are responding to? We are trading privacy and intimacy, companionship and

love for a public existence and a virtual thumbs up from people we’ve never met. Keenly aware that we’re being judged on our every pronouncement and every picture we post, we have become absurdly self absorbed. And who spends more time thinking about themselves and their place in the world than the artist… On this page we have a photo of a nun scurrying past one of your Slogans posters. Your Opinion Matters is another from the series. Tell us about the power of words and posters for you. Well, that

Front cover: ME 013, 2017 Duck tape on board This page: Top left: YOUR OPINION MATTERS, 2017 giclee print with screen printed text on paper Bottom left: BLOODY ROBOTS, 2017 Acrylic gouache on board. Right: Slogans, 2017 Bill posters Opposite page: Left: LICKED, 2014 paper collage. Right: ANIMALS, 2014 paper collage

piece was commissioned by Ade at Flying Leaps. They’re the outfit responsible for Jeremy Deller’s Strong and Stable My Arse posters that were such a hit this year. Words are all powerful, as provocative as any image. What I’m trying to do these days is to reduce my concepts to as few words as possible. My response to the attention economy is to embrace it and satirise it. Not Waving (seen on p2) conveys to me a vortex of nightmares. It seems to me

Slogans in nice faces photograph © Adrian Burnham


darkness and dystopia features a lot of in your work. You noticed. My daughters call me ‘Dark Dad’. I do subscribe to Bill Hicks’ view that humanity is a virus with shoes! We are a fascinating species and we’ve created some amazing things but it is inarguable that the planet would be way better off without us on it. Having said that, it’s not like I’m walking round Sainsburys looking at people and thinking these things…Actually, that’s a lie. I do grow more cynical as it feels like we’re living through a time of existential crisis. There’s a strong wave of antiintellectualism – that whole ‘we’ve had enough of experts’ thing. People are migrating inwards, fearful yet filled with self-importance. The only way to combat

this and to create more meaningful actual relationships, as opposed to virtual ones, is to reach out and connect with people – to do stuff for each other without worrying how it will benefit us. It feels more important than ever to make these kind of things happen. Collage can often allow artists to repurpose ‘innocent’ material to form more challenging

imagery. Subversion seems to feature a lot in your work. What do you like about collage and what it can do? Collage is the preserve of artists who can’t draw properly. Discuss. I’ve listened to hip-hop most of my life, so that idea of repurposing and recycling existing art is attractive to me. 1

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of? I always like best the last thing I created. I’m not so keen on looking back. All that work I hate now! I’ve just begun a series of text-based paintings titled ATTN SPN. I set myself the challenge of creating two-word phrases that are hopefully more evocative and provocative than the sum of their parts. Bloody Robots (inside front cover) is my favourite piece so far. I’ve also just cast the 99 Problems ice cream in bronze. They look pretty cool. Finally where can people see and buy your work? You can often see my work on the walls of Hang Up Gallery in Stoke Newington and on my website and instagram. @oddlyhead Oddly Head talked to Paul Lindt


Images this page: Above: NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING, 2015 paper collage Left: TRANSMUTE FOR LOOT, 2016 paper collage Bottom left: MAN, 2016 Mixed Media in bell jar Below: 99 PROBLEMS, 2017 plaster and acrylic paint

How are the new year’s resolutions going? Local poet Michael Shann shares his in poetic form on page 11. I find myself nodding along sagely with a couple of them, even though I’ve long given up trying to progress my French from “une autre bouteille de vin s’il vous plait” and sorry but even one marathon is out of the question with my flat feet, I’d just end up running in circles. Having read Chrissie Dodkin’s overview of the borough’s vegan offerings on page 8 I will also be reviewing my diet. Currently my favourite breakfast, vegan or otherwise is at Walthamstow’s Bühler & Co, and that’s from a man who normally won’t get out of bed if there’s not a black pudding and tin of baked beans involved. Seriously I think vegan cuisine is so exciting because chefs have to be more adventurous in the palette of ingredients and flavours they use, there are no rules. It’s a mile away from the veggie bakes of yore. Anyway I wager you won’t be able to resist Simon Goodwin’s amazing photographs of a selection of vegan yummies from Chingford’s The Feel Good Café and Walthamstow’s Yard Sale Pizza.


Finally if it’s not too late may I wish you a happy new year, and invite you to join us as we look forward to 2018. In this issue we have Waltham Forest’s Head of Museums and Arts Kath Cockshaw talking about plans for the Vestry House Museum as well as other things across the borough (see p7) and Kat Richmond of Electronic17 (p12) teasing us with some of the musical highlights coming to the area’s pubs and clubs. These include some leading World musicians appearing at one of Walthamstow’s most unusual and atmospheric venues St Mary’s Music Hall (p31), that is giving Islington’s Union Chapel a run for its money. St Mary’s is also home to Music in the Village which this month celebrates it’s 100th performance with another concert of world class classical musicians on the 11 January. And this month’s local hero is She17’s Kimmi Watson (p25).

Uptown Yardie


Kath Cockshaw



A year in music



St Mary’s Music Hall

Rise of the Vegans

Kimmi Watson

Anyway plenty of things to keep you warm these January nights. Paul Lindt, Editor


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Kath Cockshaw, Waltham Forest Head of Museums and Arts


St Mary’s Music Hall


E~LICIOUS: Rise Of The Vegans


Walthamstow Diary


The Magpie seeking out the shiniest, funniest remarks from local social media




Resolution a poem by Michael Shann


2018 – a year in music


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House Doctor – Love your bathroom


Perculiar Times: Find our past


Local Hero – Kimmi Watson and She17


Tom Gaul’s A Spotter’s Guide to Local Streetlife


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Natasha and Rohan, Photo Ciaran C. @thisyellowboy

around 20 years ago. “I loved Hackney, I was one of the people who believed that if I left Hackney, I’d fall off this earth or something,” she laughs. “but I couldn’t afford to buy there, even back then, so that’s why I came to Walthamstow. It wasn’t so far away (even though it was considered to be ‘in the sticks’ by many), had great transport links and most importantly, I could afford it.” She and Rohan have been together for three years now, so talented, Tottenham-born, Rohan is fairly new to the area.

Taking it Uptown

“It’s amazing how much it’s changed, I was here before it was ‘trendy’ or becoming gentrified so I’ve really seen a change and I had no idea what a creative place it was until quite recently.” The E17 Art Trail and the small community of artists in workshops on Shernhall Street (since gone and redeveloped) was an eye-opener for the couple who run their business from home and who recently had a stall at The E17 Designers Christmas Market.

Uptown Yardie is the brand name for Natasha and Rohan Clarke’s shoe business - here they talk to Kirsty McNeil-O’Connor about their heartfelt creations, uniting the soul of Jamaican music, life and style with classic British design. Walthamstow residents, Natasha and Rohan Clarke are bringing their own brand of high-end, fashionable footwear to Britain and Jamaica. The couple are keen to celebrate the very best bits of both their Jamaican and British heritage and are blending this with their own

individual skill-sets and more than their fair share of panache. They have developed a footwear range that is already making waves. Natasha, a self-employed Diversity Consultant, who was born and bred in Hackney, moved to Walthamstow

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Rohan has been making (and designing) shoes for over 30 years now, studying at the famous Cordwainers college in Mare Street, Hackney. “The brogue design we now have in our collection is one I designed many many years ago,” he says, “but with no small run factories to make them, it wasn’t produced, until now.” It was Natasha who believed in and encouraged Rohan to continue designing and pushing to get his designs realised as he had given up trying for a while. Now, Uptown Yardie have two producers, one in Northampton, the home of British shoe making and one in Jamaica. “The Jamaican factory had only made military footwear before we came along,” explains Natasha, “and they’ve done really well to have produced the quality they’ve achieved, the desert Yardie Boot they’ve made is just their second sample and it’s already fantastic.” They have great plans for the Jamaican side of their business. Realising that they really wanted to bring work to the people of Jamaica and give them pride in that product they plan to have one design that will only be available there and have been courting Jamaican stars to come up with designs that will be chosen for this purpose. “So people will be able to get an exclusive,” says Natasha.

Uptown Yardie is very much a home-grown venture set up just over 2 years ago. “I think people really like that we are a black married couple running this, people can identify with us and we are reachable, not corporate.” But Rohan and Natasha are also very ambitious and ensure that nothing but the best work passes their quality control. These are highend products, well made and individual and they are unisex. They don’t come cheap, but these beautifully made design classics will last.

From Pirelli Calendar 2018 Tim Walker/ Edward Enninful

When we meet in their stunning home, Natasha and Rohan are immaculately dressed, like the brand itself suggests; creative thinkers with their own united vision. “Someone asked us in a radio interview recently, what our vision is and we said ‘we want to be as big and as wellknown as reggae music.” But this is not a Jamaican themed product, all red, gold and green or a gimmick for tourists, this is a proudly influenced company, with a variety of styles that celebrate British Jamaicans, the cultural exchange and resulting styles. As the name itself suggests this is about the more affluent Jamaicans, those who have done well and gone ‘uptown’, and rather than the Yardie describing gang members - they’re referring to the original meaning - yard meaning ‘home’. “Jamaicans and West Indians were always sharply dressed, right from the days after the war when people came here, to work” says Rohan.


Man on speakers photo Benji Reid @benjireid

Rohan is a talented artist too and Natasha, who is also very much the business mind behind Uptown Yardie is also a skilled Interior Designer. Her Facebook blog: Until Lemons are Sweet led to Natasha working on a Walthamstow house and she’d love to do more of that. “The blog is all about my own home, the work I’ve done here, and the name is about aspiration really - until lemons are sweet - because they won’t be.” She explains.

Leytonstone – together, so it’s been great meeting all the creative organisations and learning about their challenges and how we can work together. What do you think we have to shout about in Waltham Forest? Obviously we are very lucky to have the William Morris Gallery, which is always referred to as the jewel in the crown, so our next challenge is the Vestry House Museum redevelopment. It’s been a long time coming and the site is fairly complex in terms of the historic buildings and access.

Waltham Forest Council’s Head of Museums and Arts Kath Cockshaw is leading the way as the borough looks to its cultural future. Karen Dunn met her at Vestry House Museum to find out more… Photograph by Paul Tucker

Photo ©

Waltham Forest has always been proud of its cultural heritage and diversity, and since taking on her role as Head of Museums and Arts a year ago, Kath Cockshaw has seen first hand what a creative bunch we are. As well as being part of the team promoting numerous arts projects including the opening of Walthamstow Wetlands and the upcoming renovation of Vestry House Museum, 2017 has been all about backing our bid to be

London’s Borough of Culture, the winner of which will be revealed in February. One thing is for sure, whether the borough wins or not, the process has helped to uncover hidden gems and united the 20 wards that make up Waltham Forest. We caught up with Kath to discover what the council has planned to build on our current wave of creativity… Hi Kath, how have you found your first year as Head of Museums and Arts? That’s a good question! One

of the things I knew I would have to work on was the bid to be the London Borough of Culture, but I don’t think any of the team knew what hard work it would be! It’s been an amazing thing to be part of, so whatever the outcome, the process has been fantastic at bringing people together and mapping the amazing talent that we already have in Waltham Forest. In the past it’s sometimes been a challenge to bring the four different centres – Chingford, Walthamstow, Leyton and

Will Vestry House be getting a café like the William Morris Gallery? We have a preparation kitchen, so our vision is to work with as many local suppliers as possible who represent all the ethnicities, and therefore cuisines, we have in the borough. We hope to be serving food every weekend as soon as possible to help attract people to the museum who haven’t been there before.

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Photography © Artur Rummel

art for all

So what can we expect? Quite early in my role I met with local filmmaker Barry Bliss and Liza Fletcher who are working on a project, which explores the silent film heritage in the borough. It’s an amazing story that hasn’t really been told by Vestry House, so we are exploring how we can represent that going forward. Last year we won Arts Council funding to help us look at different income streams for Vestry House. With some of the funding we bought high-end projection kit, which we will use for pop-up cinema nights there and which can also be used at our other sites to do indoor and outdoor film screenings. It will be available for hire locally too. We also currently have a small shop at the museum, and we would like to expand that.

You occasionally hear complaints that the focus is always on Walthamstow, how have you tackled that? The Making Places programme, has been a great way of linking all the wards together, putting art or design schemes into sites nominated by the public in each of the 20 wards that were unloved or challenged in some way. An open call was put out

to artists and designers for the sites, with £40,000 allocated to each. It’s been a really good way of sending a clear message across the borough to everyone that where they live is valued. Waltham Forest puts on a lot of festivals, will that continue? Absolutely. We have watched the success of these grow and the reputation of the events in Chingford and Walthamstow means people come from all over London for them. Part of these events is about building young people’s talents, and with arts education being cut in schools, it’s important to nurture them. We will do everything we can over the next few years to give young people confidence that the arts is a strong career choice. What are your goals for the coming year and beyond? The effect culture and arts can

have on wellbeing in relation to mental health is an area that’s very close to my heart. This coming year is about putting out the message, loud and proud, that we will do everything that we can to augment the provision of the arts across the borough for everybody. The council is a facilitating partner for your ideas about how to do this. So if people want to be involved how do they go about it? Look at our website and social media accounts. We run arts development grants twice a year and we always have a healthy amount of applications for those. We also have an artist in residence scheme at William Morris Gallery and one has just started at the Wetlands too. We’ve always welcomed applications from

local artists and creators for our Get Together events, and I’d really like to see the business community getting involved more. What do you think are the things we should be most proud of? William Morris Gallery and Vestry House are real gems to be treasured. The Wetlands is another major opportunity in terms of tourism, while the gateway to Epping Forest in Chingford and the Hunting Lodge is a fantastic day out for families. Leyton and Leytonstone have incredible character with areas of Leyton like Francis Road coming up, and film organisations celebrating Hitchcock’s heritage in Leytonstone. We have so much to shout about in this wonderful part of London.

E~LICIOUS a Guide to Fine things to Eat, Drink and Savour

Rise Of The Vegans Words Chrissie Dodkin ~ Photography Simon Goodwin As international demand for vegan products rises, living a life without the use of animals has never been easier. Waltham Forest is no exception as local businesses embrace customers striving to live cruelty-free. Veganism is set to be a major food trend for 2018. But whether you are giving a plant based diet a go, or making a

conscious choice to live vegan and avoid all animal use, one thing is for sure - it’s getting easier by the day. With new animal-free food, menus and restaurants appearing on a weekly basis, it’s hard to keep up! Luckily, I can guide you to all the local vegan goodies our area has to offer.

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Opposite top: Vegan Burger - Mushroom and buckwheat burger with a gluten free bun, vegan cheese, vegan burger sauce with carrot and spinach salad, Moroccan roast vegetable couscous, organic ketchup and ginger ale from The Feel Good Café on Station Road in Chingford. Opposite bottom: Vegan Hot Chocolate - Oat milk hot chocolate, soya whipped cream and vegan marshmallows with peppermint chocolate cupcakes alsp from The Feel Good Cafe

continues page 10

Photographs ©

How engaged do you think people are in the arts locally compared to other areas? I worked in Bristol for many years before coming here and Walthamstow feels very similar with its ethnic mix and lively and creative underground scene. We already have a culturally engaged population in the borough, and now we are seeking to develop diversity in our audiences even further so that there really is something for everyone.


their plant munching customers too! Yard Sale Pizza on Hoe Street has a cow-boobfree cheese option for their phenomenal pizzas; Indian restaurant Ginger on Forest Road marks all their vegan food as such, including a huge thali; and Today Bread on Central Parade serves vegan muffins and avocado toasty on their freshly baked bread.

As a cultural mixing pot, it’s no wonder that Waltham Forest has become a hotbed of vegan activity. Starting out as a small, local support and discussion group on facebook, Waltham Forest Vegans has rapidly grown, reflecting the national and international explosion in numbers of people turning to a vegan lifestyle. The group now has a following of passionate and active members in the hundreds. And with no sign of the rise in veganism slowing, it’s sure to grow further and become more active in the local promotion of compassionate living. Watch this space! To get your hands on purely plant based grub, you won’t have to look far – and you won’t have to stick to salad! Hoe Street’s veggie co-operative Hornbeam Café has hosted an array of local vegan food heroes. The utterly dedicated Tegan the Vegan put on stunning pie and mash nights, bringing her vegan version of the east end classic to the café. La Buenaventura’s incredible tapas residency involved their home made chorizo, Spanish omelette and a whole load more authentic Spanish food; and not a shred of meat or egg in sight. Now the Hornbeam has turned completely plant based, there are high hopes for Walthamstow’s only vegan café. If it’s heart, soul and tummy filling food you are after, get yourself to the Green Grill, a wonderful new vegan stall in the High Street market. Find these enthusiastic guys at the top of Palmerston Road near the market selling their burgers in beautiful buns coloured with vegetable dye, and macaroni “cheese”. Vegan options are also available in vegetarian cafe Bühler and Co. on Chingford Road and other non-vegan establishments are feeding

Just down the road in Chingford, the Feel Good Cafe certainly lives up to its name. This vegan and proud cafe situated in the Village Arcade on Station Road has a community feel and friendly atmosphere. They serve a delicious menu including pancakes, burgers, fresh croissants and a daily array of cakes and doughnuts. Founders Idan and Iza actively campaign for veganism for the sake of animals, health and the planet. Being vegan doesn’t just involve avoiding eating animal products – Walthamstow even has its very own Claire Hair, vegan hairdresser extraordinaire! She strives to use the goodness of plant products and her loving hands on your precious locks. So, if you are choosing to eat plants instead of pigs, chickpeas over chickens and are ditching the dairy for nut milk, there is just about everything you could ever wish for in our local area. It’s an exciting time to be a plant muncher! If you are considering giving this awesome lifestyle a go, visit Veganuary (veganuary. com) to pledge vegan for January and receive tips and help. Chrissie is a local blogger, passionate about vegan food and animals. Find Chrissie’s Greedy Gob on Facebook and Instagram for fun tips, inspiration, advice on living the compassion you feel.

Right: Vegan margherita pizza (tomato sauce, vegan cheese, olive oil and basil leaves) and TSB (tender stem broccoli, vegan cheese, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil) with Gordal olives and vegan beer from Yard Sale Pizza in Walthamstow

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Photographs ©

Vegan Pancakes - Buckwheat pancakes with banana, coconut, chopped nuts, date syrup and maple syrup from The Feel Good Cafe on Station Road in Chingford.

The jewel in the crown of non-vegan establishments embracing plant based food, comes in the form of the Nag’s Head pub on Orford Road. The spicy vegan meatball sub, pizza and courgette chips make animal free food the norm as well as nom! This January also sees the start of a vegan pop up market at the pub every Monday night.

Resolution by Michael Shann This year I intend to: 1. Live each day as if it’s my last, as if nothing mattered anymore and everything mattered terribly. 2. Run four marathons. 3. Spread through the year I mean, little accumulated ploddings of Walthamstow streets. 4. Read a poem every day, or would it be better to say I’ll make my life more susceptible to poetry. 5. Being realistic, be able to speak French marginally better than I could this year. 6. Be a good dad - in particular, I won’t shout at the kids, not even when we’re late for school and they’re faffing around with their bags. 7. Learn the songs of three birds that haven’t yet been chased off by magpies and parakeets. 8. Ignore emails as much as I can, like Boris Johnson being pelted with eggs pretending none of them have hit him. 9. Be earning £5k more by the end of the year. 10. Forget that - I’m living each day as if it’s my last. Originally from Yorkshire, Michael has lived in London since 1998 and is a member of Forest Poets. He has had three collections of poetry published by the Paekakariki Press: Euphrasy (2012), Walthamstow (2015) and To London (2017). Michael works for the charity Carers UK where he coordinates their annual creative writing and photography competition.

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Over the last year we heard some incredible music on our doorstep in Walthamstow. From Fabio to Laetitia Sadier, Talvin Singh to Ewan Pearson, the Heliocentrics to Toots and the Maytals – it couldn’t get any better! I’m wrong, of course, because 2018 is already proving to surpass last year’s programme of music. Yet none of this could happen without our incredible local music community and venues supporting each other and working tirelessly to improve what each one has delivered before… No one works in isolation. It’s a team effort, and it shows. Here are some of the highlights coming up, so get out your diaries because you won’t want to miss out!

You Should Be Dancing! Dolores Rocket’s popular bi-monthly club night at the Trades Hall originally targeted clubbers who cut their dancing teeth in the 70s and 80s, but YSBD! now attracts a mixed crowd who just want to go out and have some attitude-free fun, dancing to soul, pop and disco from the 60s to the mid-90s. The first two parties of 2018 are 2 March and 27 April and dates go through to October for the legendary YSBD! Halloween special.

These Days These Days is the brainchild of Mark Hart, aka Mr ‘Walthamstow Rock and Roll Book Club’, who is putting on exciting leftfield electronic music around E17. On Thursday 25 January, he’s invited Eric Random, a key figure in the experimental, post punk Manchester music scene, who played in legendary band Tiller Boys alongside Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. He will be supported by DJ sets from Stephen Mallinder (Wrangler/Cabaret Voltaire), and Warp’s enigmatic LoneLady.

Byrd Out Stephen Vitkovitch’s Byrd Out has brought some of the most interesting and eclectic music programming to E17 since launching nearly two years ago. Alongside his regular local programming (mainly at the Wild Card Brewery), he has organised some fantastic events, and promises to deliver more surprises in 2018 with his and These Days’ fundraiser festival Ravenswood for

Eat or Heat on Saturday 17 February with Simian Mobile Disco headlining. Kicking off this year’s events is the ‘curtain raiser’ ahead of the festival with venerable DJ producer Andrew Weatherall, supported by Electronic 17 favourite Dave Congreve, and Halina Rice on Thursday 18 January.

Eastern Front Soundsystem Being old fashioned gentlemen of the night (or even the afternoon) Roger, Matt and Simon will be having January off to dry out, but will be bringing their Balearic vibes, and some friends - including some rather special guests - to Wild Card Brewery this year, as well as playing at other venues in Walthamstow and across East London.

Hornbeam Nights at the Hornbeam Cafe Curated by Charlie Boyd, Hornbeam Nights focuses on the more grassroots end of the local scene. Coming up is their bring and buy Open Decks Burns Night Special on Thursday 25 January with another session on Thursday 15 February. Dusty Grooves is on Friday 26 January, a lo-fi, dub and electronica night with DJs Lounch and Noods, and then Cosmic Sounds on Friday 2 Feb with Richie B and Scotch Tapes playing dub, smooth grooves, new jazz, deep house and garage.

Electronic 17 Launching in September 2014 as part of the Stow Festival, Electronic 17 was set up to bring together DJs, producers and live electronic artists living in Walthamstow showcasing their music on their doorstep. They run parties throughout the year at several venues across E17, including their annual two day Bleeps and Hops Weekender at the Wild Card Brewery each August. They programme the DJ / electronic music element of the Stow Festival as well as co-produce the BringBackTheBeat dance tent at

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the Barbican’s Walthamstow Garden Party. This year will see them regularly programming music at the Maud Theatre, kicking off the season with a special live set from disco stalwarts Faze Action on Friday 23 February.

Stow Festival The award-winning Stow Festival was established in 2011 and is Walthamstow’s annual multi-genre music festival. It took a hiatus in 2017 after six years but will be back in August 2018 with a brand new, soon-to-be-announced format – exciting! They will also be hosting several Stow Festival Presents… gigs at the Maud Theatre in the run up to the summer.

Soul Picnic Dom Mandrell’s Soul Picnic kickstarted the local music programming this year on 1 January at the Trades Hall with the ‘New Year’s Day Stow-cial’ co-hosted with the Raising the Funking Bar boys Patrick Richmond and Michael Lomotey. Guests included Electronic 17, Eastern Front Soundsystem, Hornbeam Nights DJs, Patrick Steele and a live set from the Hochunk Collective. They’ll host a special gig on Saturday 31 March at Ekcovision. You can also catch them at the BringBackTheBeat dance tent with co-hosts Electronic 17 on 14/15 July at the Barbican’s Walthamstow Garden Party.

She 17 She 17 was founded in April 2013 by Kimmi Watson and Angie Hillcoat, and is an acoustic music events experience for female performers living or working in the Walthamstow area. They run She’s Eclectic, a monthly electro-acoustic gig at the Wild Card Brewery showcasing 4-5 great local acts. Their first one in 2018 will be on Sunday 18 February followed by one on 9 April. March’s event will be replaced by their Shefest International Women’s Day event taking place on Sunday 11 March. They will also be celebrating their fifth birthday on 9 June!

St Mary’s Music Hall St Mary’s Music Hall opened in 2017 showcasing innovative and exciting contemporary, folk, jazz, and world music. Founded by SoundThread, two members of the Nest Collective (one of London’s top world and folk music promoters) and the St Mary’s Arts Collective, the new venue at St Mary’s Church has brought world

renowned artists to our corner of London and will continue to do so throughout the year. Highlights for 2018 are Soweto Kinch, a multi award-winning saxophonist, MC and composer who will be performing his trademark style of jazz, rap and spoken word on 9 February. Then on Friday 2 March, Cuban violinist Omar Puente will perform in a duo format with his long-time pianist and collaborator Al Macsween. There will also be a special International Romani Day Celebration on Friday 6 April featuring internationally renowned musicians from all over Europe.

Forest Philharmonic Under the direction of Artistic Director Mark Shanahan, Forest Philharmonic Orchestra has gained an impressive reputation for the high quality and vitality of its performances. They run a classical season throughout the year at the impressive Walthamstow Assembly Hall. On Sunday 25 March they will perform Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Bottesini’s Double Bass Concerto No 2 in B minor with soloist Lachlan Radford and Walton’s Symphony No. 1. They will be joined by Hackney Singers on Saturday 28 April for a special performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah. Then they end their season on Sunday 24 June with Ravel’s Alborada del Gracioso, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with soloist Tim Crawford and Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra.

Andrew Weatherall at Wild Card Brewery Photo ©Alex Zalewska

Mirth, Marvel & Maud Mirth, Marvel & Maud’s music booker, Jack Hepplewhite, is planning to diversify the venue’s music offering considerably in 2018. Working more closely with local promoters will see a serious programme from Electronic 17, Stow Festival, Continental Drifts, These Days, Byrd Out and Down From Day One. Some of the finest artists to be gracing our stage include reggae singer Susan Cadogan on 27 January, jazz / afrobeat star Dele Sosimi on 10 February, and Jazzie B from Soul II Soul on 23 March, following his performance at Leytonstone’s Red Lion on 17 February. They will also host a festival celebrating the influences and music of John Coltrane (who famously played the venue in its Granada heyday). ‘Coltrane’s Culture’ will take place on 17 February featuring Deny Baptiste, Evan Parker, Gary Crosby, Tomorrows Warriors and Charlie Dark.

Jazzie B at Red Lion and Mirth, Marvel & Maud

Dele Sosimi at Mirth, Marvel & Maud

Kat Richmond

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Buying a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life. It is essential to feel confident that you are making the right decisions as a result of the advice you receive. Established in 1987, T.J. Ball & Co believe that when selling or buying your home you should receive quality independent advice from a qualified and experienced licensed conveyancer. 0208 5031100 49 Leytonstone Road, Stratford E15 1JA


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The East London

Sausage Co.

70 Hoe Street E17 4PG Wed-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm Closed Mon & Tues

Mo 07905 164663 Sarah 07528 229030


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57 Orford Rd E17 9NJ Tue-Fri: 08.30-19.00

Sat: 08.30-17.30 Sun: 10.00-14.00

At 670 square feet (or 62 square metres for you youngsters out there), this one bedroom garden flat is as big as most of the ubiquitous two bedroom Abrahams flats in the area. It thus has the feeling of space throughout. It’s also beautifully presented, but you have probably already worked that out from the photos.

17 January gallery 020 8520 9300

Maynard Road E17 2 bed terraced house for sale Guide price £600,000 Edward Road E17 1 bed flat for sale Offers in excess of £350,000

Campbell Road E17 4 bed terraced house for sale Offers in excess of £745,000 East Central Apartments E17 2 bed flat for sale Guide price £525,000

10 January gallery 020 8539 4213

Vicarage Road, Leyton E10 1 bed flat for sale £350,000 Elm Road, Leytonstone E11 3 bed terraced house for sale Offers in excess of £525,000

The bathroom is modern and fully tiled, whilst the garden will come into its own as the temperatures rise, allowing you to kick back in the deckchair and relax after a hard day at work. Beautifully presented and an ideal first time purchase, there really is so much to love about this flat that it’s bound to tick most, if not all, of the items on your wish list.

Halford Road, Leyton E10 3 bed terraced house for sale Guide price £600,000 Essex Road, Leyton E10 4 bed terraced house for sale Guide price £675,000

40 Orford Road E17 9NJ 020 8520 9300

Brunswick Road E17 5 bed house to rent £2,800 pcm A beautifully presented (and obviously large!) Victorian terraced house, comfortably situated in the heart of Walthamstow Village.

Wingfield Road E17 2 bed flat to rent £1,400 pcm This two bedroom lower ground floor flat is ideally situated for all that Walthamstow Village has to offer, and within easy walking distance of Walthamstow Central Station.


17 January lettings

10 January lettings

185 Francis Road E10 6NQ 020 8539 4213

Murchison Road E10 1 bed flat to rent £1,300 pcm Boasting 15' reception room, giving it great space, following down the hall you have the kitchen/diner at the rear, again nice and spacious, great for entertaining.

Pretoria Road E11 2 bed flat to rent £1,400 pcm With the two double bedrooms and the front of the property, strolling down the hall you walk into the open plan lounge/ diner which leads into the kitchen.

Hibbert Road E17 2 bed flat to rent £1,350 pcm

Buckingham Road E10 Property to rent £1,300 pcm

With two double bedrooms, spacious lounge, kitchen, bathroom and private rear garden, it is a fantastic rental property in an up and coming part of East London.

We are barricading the doors for this new instruction. Seriously! This is the kind of building dreams are made of for all you young local entrepreneurs. Enough said.

House Doctor

space and your knees are hitting the side of the bath when “enthroned”, the old fashioned overhead style cistern makes good use of the vertical space and will give you more leg room.

From a candle lit soak, to the wash and go experience, the family bathroom has to cater for all. It needs to be functional as well a beautiful. Here are some tips on how to get your bathroom working well, looking good, and with an easy maintenance arrangement.

Choose your bath before anything else as this determines so many other factors. Imagine yourself lying in the bath: where does your shampoo/ phone/soap dish go? Where are the taps? Can you reach the hand shower when you’re in the bath washing your hair? Consider the bath edge; do you need something deep/flat? What’s the interior of the bath like, if using an over bath shower maybe a square interior is better? If you have the room, position the bath away from the wall and create a shelf space on the long side or at the end for your bottles and bubbles, (and where that G and T can be in easy reach…).

Penny Fielding offers creative solutions to everyday niggles you may have with your home.

The loo is attached to something called a soil vent pipe. (SVP), and this is tricky and expensive to move -although it can be done- so when planning your bathroom keep the loo (pan), in its existing position and work around that. Get one that sits flush to the wall as its much easier to keep clean. A wall hung pan creates a space underneath which is a cleaners dream. The flush (cistern) is usually located at the back of the loo. I prefer a concealed arrangement (boxed in), as this can create shelf space. If you’re really tight for


To be continued: taps, showers, heating and tiling to name a few…. What niggles you about your home? Email with your thoughts. To book a session with the House Doctor please email: or call 07725 645 359.


Mortgage advice that’s right up your street Marsh Street provides comprehensive mortgage advice for everyone. We source from a wide range of lenders and have access to a number of different products. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and high quality bespoke service that ensures that you are treated fairly at all times. We have the experience and ability to identify your needs, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product to make life easier for our customers.

Marsh Street was the original name of Walthamstow High Street where a number of large manor houses were used as weekend or summer retreats. Samuel Pepys’ bosses had houses here, and after visiting one of them Pepys described how they had drunk wine from a local vineyard and “the whole company said they never drank better foreign wine [than this one] in their lives”.

Not only will we help you find the right mortgage, but we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your mortgage transaction is completed swiftly and effectively, so you can concentrate on the other parts of buying your dream home.

Traditional values and good advice

M ARSH 0208 509 8626 40 Orford Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9NJ

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for the advice given, the exact amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495 or 1%.

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People often ask us what we love about Walthamstow and it’s never easy to answer because it has so much going for it: great transport links, outstanding schools, plenty of green space, a friendly local community and a thriving independant shop scene. Pick up one of our maps which aims to share our love of the area by highlighting some of places that make it great. 020 8520 0033 179 Hoe Street London E17 3AP

Photography by Carmel King

Eat 17 (Spa & Resturant) 28-30 Orford Rd E17 9NJ

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FOR SALE LONDON WHARF, E2 Two Double Bedroom, Two Bathroom Second Floor Apartment with views over Regents Canal

OIEO £650,000

020 8503 6060


superbly renovated ONE BEDROOM GROUND FLOOR WARNER FLAT accessible to Blackhorse Road Station

OIEO £350,000


FOR SALE WALTHAMSTOW CENTRAL Split Level Studio Apartment featuring concierge service & residents gym Guide Price

£265,000 - £285,000

£400,000 - £450,000



141 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3AL

2 Church Hill, Walthamstow, London E17 3AG

The Stow Brothers are very proud to have been ranked 14th in the '100 Best Estate Agents in the UK’, a nationwide award (Best Estate Agent Guide 2018) supported by Rightmove; the UK’s leading property website. The award rates 25,000 estate and lettings agents across the country, so to be considered as one of the very best means a lot to us. Not only that, we have been awarded ‘Double Exceptional’ for our service in both Sales and Lettings, making us one of only 87 agents across the entire UK who can claim this prestigious accolade. We are particularly thrilled to be recognised for our friendly, warm and helpful service in all aspects of buying and letting, which is also reflected in our hundreds of positive reviews. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in getting to where we are today, and look forward to meeting and helping even more happy customers in the coming year.

236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 3AY / Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Email: 117a High Street, Wanstead, E11 2RL / Tel: 0203 397 2222 / Email: Web: / E17 Twitter: @StowBrothers / E11 Twitter: @StowBrothersE11

Victoria Road, Walthamstow O.I.E.O ÂŁ625,000 Freehold Three bed, mid-terrace 236 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 3AY / Tel: 0203 397 9797 / Email: 117a High Street, Wanstead, E11 2RL / Tel: 0203 397 2222 / Email: Web: / E17 Twitter: @StowBrothers / E11 Twitter: @StowBrothersE11

Definition: things that are strange; queer; odd; uncommon; unusual; distinctive in nature or character from others; characteristic of; belonging exclusively to an area. Architectural historian, Karen Averby seeks out such things from this corner of London’s rich and varied past

Fancy a little ghost hunting? New Year is traditionally a time of looking forward, but for many it is also a time of reflection and resolution. As we enter 2018 our borough is undergoing transformations in every area of society which will affect us all in some way. Such changes do not happen in isolation, and good or bad, they are part of the area’s past and continuing development. The borough’s rich and diverse heritage is a strong element within this, as looking at the past and its legacies in the present help to foster an understanding of people and places over time. The area’s history and heritage is all around us, encountered every day. It is the family who lived in your house during the 1970s, who chose that interesting wallpaper and marked their children’s heights on the bathroom doorway, the newlyweds who were the first occupants of your flat back in 1902, the elderly brothers who moved in next door last year. It is the old shop sign, the department store converted into flats, the once quiet trackways, now busy roads. It is the places of worship, schools, factories, parks and open spaces, and the people associated with them. Each person, building and place, has a story, and collectively these tell the story of the communities which form what is now Waltham Forest. There are many ways to find out more about these stories:

Read and Research! – Local libraries: local history books walthamforest. waltham-forestlibraries – Waltham Forest Archives in Vestry House Museum: a huge and diverse range of local history books (including architecture, sport, former residents- from George Monoux to David Beckham). There is a wealth of unique sources (historic maps, photographs, newspapers, 26

street directories, rate books, and fascinating ephemera), invaluable for researching the history of your local area, street, house, businesses, family, much of which cannot be found online. – Vestry House Museum: some photographs are now online walthamforest but many more can be viewed by appointment.

Join and participate! The borough’s historical societies have varied events programmes, usually walks and talks, and there are several independent groups and individuals. – Chingford Historical Society: – Leyton and Leytonsone Historical Society: – Walthamstow Historical Society: – Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop: – Westminster Walks: Historical walks in the borough by Chingford resident Joanna Moncrieff – Waltham Forest, Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica Twinning Association: ‘promotes the preservation, learning and sharing of culture and heritage’

Browse online! There are several fascinating websites concerned with aspects of local history (some can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter) – Queens Road Stories: ‘A patch of Walthamstow through time’ – Walthamstow Memories: ‘Memories of those who were born, arrived, lived, worked or died in Walthamstow’

Waltham Forest, Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica Twinning Association

– Ex-Warner Project: ‘Social history of the Warner Estate’

Visit! – Vestry House Museum: uk/service-categories/vestry-house-museum – William Morris Gallery: – Pumphouse Musem: – Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge: Pages/queen-elizabeths-hunting-lodge.aspx – Churchyards and cemeteries. Perhaps not the most obvious of places, but different styles of headstone and tombs (some are listed), and names and dates provide a fascinating glimpse of social history. – Pubs, shops, eateries, residences, places of worship: Every one has a history, even newer buildings. Look at architectural details: windows, blocked-up windows, doorways, fireplaces, decorative stonework.

House Histories Have you ever wondered who used to live in your house, or how it has changed over time?

Packages telling the story of your house available to suit all budgets. For a FREE consultation email Karen Averby


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Kimmi Watson For the past few years Kimmi has been playing guitars and harmonica in bands while rounding up female residents to play music across the Stow. Adam Taylor tracked her down at her She17 Wild Card Brewery residency. Photo by Paula Smith. So am I right in thinking that She17 is a collective? Ha ha. No, and you know it isn’t. It’s not a band either. We fund, organise and programme events, work with local venues and sometimes provide sound. I’m confused. So what actually is She17 then? Try She17’s mission statement ‘To be a fun, welcoming and collaborative musical experience. To encourage women and girls to build confidence and enjoyment from performing music live with other women, girls or non-conforming folk. All genres and abilities welcome, just so long as it is live, female and acoustic’. That enough for you? As a non-conformist, I love it. How did it all get started? Back in 2013. We booked the Red Room at the Rose & Crown, charged £1 admission and put on a show. It was packed and the next one was, too. We needed a bigger space so moved to what was the Grove Cafe (in Hatherley Mews) and stayed there until late 2015, when it was taken over by Sodo Pizza. These days we still use the Red Room for our She17 events for under-13s. What was the original spur? It comes back to our mission. I hadn’t performed for a while and was really nervous so started playing at open mic nights. Once back into it, I was loving it. That made me think… maybe other female would-be performers needed similar opportunities.

Photo ©

You built a brand and used the 17… The brand was my brainchild because we wanted to keep it local and because the domain was available. A roller-coaster ever since? Smoother. We set out to host six local events a year, including one each September as part of the Stow Fest music festival. This year, in its absence, we hosted Shefest at the Wild Card Brewery - our first weekender!

A precursor to the She17 residency… Yay. We are settling into a monthly Sunday event at the Wild Card Brewery. It suits us. Not least as it’s our local, has great sound and the staff love our shows. I remember when you joined the StowFest team. You were a key addition. In 2014 we programmed an event for StowFest called Shefest at the Grove cafe. We did it again the following year with Shefest at the Wynwood cafe. And, of course, we’ve done Stow-a-thon, the annual 24-hour music marathon at the Rose & Crown. Yes, am looking forward to StowFest returning this year. Thanks for doing Stow-a-thon by the way. She17 get it rocking... We love it. It’s unique. And always heaving. Sulk’s opening set at 2016 was amazing. Also, can I call out Julia Clarke’s impromptu thank you to Angie and I at the end! Yes. We all love Julia and her work with local choirs. I remember that set, you took it up a few levels. Presumably not the only charity gig you guys do? We get involved with fundraisers for loads of local causes. So far we have helped raise funds and awareness for Girls Rock London, Age UK WF, The Young Women’s Trust, E17 Migrants, Plan UK: Because I’m A Girl,

Eat or Heat (via We Shall Overcome) and Action Duchene. Fantastic. That’s why we’re doing this column. Presumably you don’t always play to packed-out pubs? Our Lady President collaboration played mid-week once in Upper Clapton. It was to a rollerskater guy in denim cut-offs, the barman and a couple eating pizza. And we played at a Folk club on the Golden Hinde on the Thames, where we were not only mansplained on how a valve amp needs to warm up, but also, between songs, given a lesson in mooring on the river. Rock ‘n’ roll! Other dodgy experiences? My band Sulk playing at the Warrant Officer pub where we were catcalled by drunk guys who’d just watched Wales hammer England in the rugby. They needed someone to take it out on. Our response - to play an extended version of ‘Ghost of A Girl’ just to cheer them up! A reminder of why we do She17. All the best people have a dodgy Warrant Officer story. It’s a silly question, but: How do men fit into all this? Hey. There’s a ‘he’ in She17. E17 menfolk can come along and watch. Sometimes we programme bands with male musicians supporting frontwomen. 27

I like it. You’ve been a real rallying cry and focal point for female performers... We recognised a clear demand at the time with our network of friends (and, in some cases, their daughters) to explore and extend their singing, songwriting and musicianship.

How do you split the responsibilities? I book the venues, liaise with the performers and do the scheduling, bookings, correspondence, marketing and content.

You are saying ‘we’ - we ought to mention Angie . . . as it’s more than just your good self. Yes, it’s me and my life partner and Sulk band-mate, Angie Hillcoat. Angie does the sound and vision, being a graphic designer by profession.

Just a few bits then? How do you manage? By leaning on my professional background having spent 25 years working in LGBTQI publishing and online media. I now freelance for a women’s refuge charity based in Iran and for a small independent feature film company.

Go Kimmi! Before you do, a couple of E17 questions? Why are you here? Same as many others - I love it. It’s been home since 1995

What next for She17? We’re planning something special around International Women’s Day, hopefully in collaboration with local DJs. I’m also developing a songwriting workshop for local teens. Plus, there’s our monthly events at the WildCard and writing and recording new material.

Kimmi’s Guide To Music

Raff, Warpaint, More Peas, Jemma Freeman, Chuck S-J Hay, Efa Supertramp and IchBinFinn.

and at private events. Recorded an EP in 2015, ‘Ghost of A Girl’, launched at Mother’s Ruin in Jan 2016.

Music influences over the years: The Clash, Blondie, Siouxsie & The Banshees, X-Ray Spex, The Slits, Patti Smith, The Raincoats,Talking Heads, The Cure, The Smiths, The Breeders, Kristin Hersh, Nirvana.

Guilty pleasures? Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac (1976 onwards) and The Bangles.

Listen: Sulk93.

Presently listening to and loving: The Big Moon, Marika Hackman, Emily Barker, Hurray For The Riff

Not guilty enough? Oh go on then, Wham! and The Pet Shops, too. My Bands SULK: Since 1993. A four-piece recently joined by Anna Shorten - percussion and backing vocals. Gig locally at She17

LADY PRESIDENT: Since autumn 2014 after meeting Rebecca Jade and Anna Shorten via She17. Rebecca moved to USA last October so we don’t gig but still release recordings via an E17 and Indianapolis collaboration.

I won’t. Thanks Kimmi.

Want to take part or find out more:

Listen: ladypresident. MARIACHE17: Formed an experimental big band after a She17 event at the Wynwood Cafe.

Solo Projects Kimmi Watson (guitar, vocal, harmonica gigging at acoustic and folk nights in E17, Hackney and Islington). Listen: kimmiwatson. COUNTESS BASSIE: Six string bass and vocal experimental

A SPOTTER’s Guide to LOCAL streetLIFE for Waltham Forest’s people watchers.

From a series by Walthamstow resident, illustrator Tom Gaul. instagram account tomgaul_doodles 28

And the future is...? Definitely bright. Our daughter is a budding musician. Singing and playing. Part of a whole new creative generation coming through. So we’ll keep busy providing a space for females to make music. Just don’t call us a collective.

project which debuted at She17’s She’s Eclectic event in October. Recordings to follow in 2018. SESSION / SUPPORT: Played bass for covers band Viper. Bass for She17’s most frequent and amazing performer Sam Kurt. Similar, for the wonderful voice of Sam Henwood. OTHER: Co-Admin of Facebook Group ‘Walthamstow Musicians’ and Twitter page @E17Musicians

E~VOLVE a Directory for a Healthy Mind & Body Fitness Saturday 20 & 27 January NEW SuperFood HiiTStars Brunch Lloyd Park and SuperFood Supper Club, Bedford Road E17 4PX Promotional taster event. An hour of high intensity interval training (HiiT) followed by a SuperFood (naturopathic) brunch. Find out how our program will tune your metabolism, and help you to reach/maintain your weight goal. 10am-12.30pm. £14.99. Wednesdays This Mum Runs Leytonstone / Wanstead Meet on Wanstead Green, Wanstead E11 2NT As above but different day, time and venue. 7.30-8pm. FREE.

Sundays This Mum Runs Walthamstow Meet in Lloyd Park, Forest Rd E17 4PP Free women’s group run! We are an award-winning community inspiring thousands of women to run together every week. Join us for a 30min run at the speed of chat. Your time. Your space. Your pace. 8-9am. FREE. Saturdays Zumba Forest YMCA, 642 Forest Road E17 3EF Wear low tread, supportive trainers and bring a bottle of water to enjoy this exhilarating dance fitness class in a low pressure atmosphere! 9-10am. £6.

Thursdays ChutneySOCA Sports Hall, Waltham Forest College, 707 Forest Rd E17 4JB Exciting new mix of (SPICY) SOCA, Afrobeats, and Bhangra; the perfect, most unique fusion of fitness, fun and well-being; currently taking Canadians by storm! You’ll smile so hard that your face gets a workout too! Water provided. Wear comfortable clothing. 7.15-8pm. £6.

finding it


hard to cope

Psychotherapy can help you overcome difficult situations and improve the quality of your life. Valeria Bonfiglio Psychologist MBPsS

Tel 07912 887588 Offering a sliding scale of fees English and Spanish


Discover a great gym on your doorstep No membership joining fee for a limited time only. Pop in to sign up!

YMCA Walthamstow (East London) 642 Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 3EF YMCA Walthamstow is part of YMCA London South West, a registered charity.

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PT studio, 5 minutes from Lloyd Park

Saturdays Parkrun Wanstead Flats Playing Fields, Harrow Road E11 3QD and Peter May Sports Ground, Wadham Road, Walthamstow E17 4HR Weekly 5km run against your own clock with an optional post-run coffee. 9am. FREE, but first-timers please register to get your barcode. Mondays & Thursdays HIIT E17 Parent & Baby Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN High-Intensity Interval Training involves quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Getting and keeping your heart rate up, burning more fat in less time. Babies welcome but not crawlers or walkers please. Mondays 7.30-8.15pm and Thursdays 6.457.30pm. £10, discounts for block bookings. Fridays HIIT E17 Parent & Baby Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Rd E17 4QU As above except different day, venue and time 10-10.50am. £10.

Events marked

Saturdays Zumba Fitness All Saints Church, 47 Melbourne Road, Leyton E10 7HF A dance-based fitness class with a mix of different rhythms, heavily influenced by Latin grooves. Zumba is for everyone, work at your own pace in this no pressure, friendly class. 12-1pm. £4. Andrea 07939 873518

Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi Tuesdays Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Quaker Meeting House Wanstead, Bush Road E11 3AU Come join this lovely welcoming yoga class that has been running for the last 6 years in Leytonstone. Great venue. Beginners welcome. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. 8-9.15pm. £60 for 6 weeks or £12 each. Mondays Donation Yoga Orford Road United Reformed Church, 58 Orford Road E17 9QL Inclusive community vinyasa yoga in the heart of the Village. Embodied movement, breath work and meditation with experienced teacher Jessica Green. Mats provided, blankets suggested. 7-8.15pm. Suggested donation from £5.

kid friendly

30 To advertise your business contact

Tuesdays E17 Yoga CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB Come and enjoy a gentle flow community yoga class suitable for all levels. Bring your own yoga mat. 7-8pm. Suggested donation £5. Wednesdays Tai Chi for Parent and Baby Leytonstone United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Road E11 1AY Learn Tai Chi with your baby by your side. For improved health and wellbeing, relaxation and balance. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 11.30am-12.15pm. £6. Gemma 07916 334670 Wednesdays Tai Chi for Health and Balance Leytonstone United Free Church, 55 Wallwood Road, London E11 1AY Learn Tai Chi in a fun, comfortable environment. Suitable for all, beginners welcome! Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. We can accommodate all fitness levels. 12.301.15pm. £8. Gemma 07916 334670

Tuesdays Pilates with Meghan Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Lane E17 6DS Dynamic Pilates classes to leave you feeling strong and energised. Everyone is unique, both in how they learn and what their body can do; my teaching style reflects this. Do something good for yourself. 7-8pm. £8. Wednesdays Pregnancy Flow & Restore Yoga Class Health Works, 111a Hoe Street (entrance on Cairo Road) E17 4RX Come and enjoy weekly classes focusing on your baby, breath, movement, restoration and relaxation. Perfect midweek morning class to leave you feeling rejuvenated. A lovely small class - maximum 4 students. 10.45am11.45am. £12, or 6 for £66.

For more dance and fitness classes please visit

Penya at the St Mary’s Music Hall.

St Mary’s Music Hall

Photography courtesy St Mary’s Music Hall’

Islington’s Union Chapel based in a Gothic Victorian church on Upper Street is one of London’s best loved and most iconic music venues. With last year’s launch of St Mary’s Music Hall and a stellar line-up of world-class acts for 2018 Waltham Forest now has a venue to match. One of the founders Cameron Conant tells the story. In 2016, I got to know Sam Jones, a Walthamstow-based sound engineer and producer who also runs a charity. We got on well and talked about music, but we also discussed what my wife Vanessa - a Church of England priest - was going to do with a 12th century building that needed a new roof, had an overgrown churchyard, potholes in the car park and not enough going on in the week. Since moving to London a year earlier, Vanessa and I had both been thinking about how to make church relevant to more people. Vanessa’s particular remit was the longest-standing

Christian community in E17, St Mary’s Walthamstow, which meets in the oldest building in the area (just opposite the Ancient House). Sam mentioned what other churches had done, including St John at Hackney and Union Chapel in Islington: put in a great sound system and start hosting gigs. That felt like something that needed to happen, so long as we could find gigs appropriate for the space (I didn’t feel Metallica would be the right fit). We also needed to get our hands on a good sound system (despite not having any money) and find the right team to help us put these gigs on. One

thing about Sam Jones: he’s not easily deterred. I threw down what I felt were insurmountable obstacles, but within a matter of months (it felt like days), Sam won funding for a sound system, got Waltham Forest Council behind our project and linked us up with George Bell and Greg Staw who were involved in organising some of the biggest world and folk music events in London. Soon, Sam was installing a new sound system and several of us were discussing what we were going to call this thing (we eventually settled on St Mary’s Music Hall, modeling the logo after a church window). A couple weeks later, a website was up, gigs were booked and publicity was printed for our Summer 2017 series of world, folk and jazz music. We also got some amazingly talented church folk involved, including Ossie Lundie-Smith (formerly of the BBC), Philip Brook (our de facto house manager) and Ros Sobitnizki (a theatrical lighting designer). The St Mary’s leadership bravely decided to run a bar in the church, and it’s at the bar where you will occasionally find the Revd Vanessa Conant serving beer from Walthamstow’s

To advertise your business contact 31

Maya Yousssef will appear at the St Mary’s Music Hall on the 8 March 2018..

Wild Card Brewery. Additionally, we partnered with Sham’s Kitchen to run a pop-up Indian food stall to make the Music Hall even more of an event. The Music Hall is now entering its first full year, and 2018 promises to be great (all shows are at listed on the website, with new gigs constantly added; tickets are also available at Froth and Rind in Walthamstow Village with discounts for E17 folk). In fact, with names like saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch (9 February), internationally acclaimed Cuban violinist Omar Puente (2 March), virtuoso Syrian qanun-player Maya Youseff, (8 March) and legendary Irish folk musicians Martin Hayes and Dannis Cahill (6 May) the future is bright. Get The Blessing at the St Mary’s Music Hall.


In 2017, we hosted some of the biggest names in world and folk, including Senegalese kora-playing legend Seckou Keita (he got a standing ovation), British folk musician Martha Tilston (who raved about the church as a music venue during her performance) and the London Syrian Ensemble, which drew Syrians from around the UK and saw people dancing in the aisles. The idea behind the St Mary’s Music Hall has always been to open the church up to a wider group of people, to help make the church financially sustainable, to make St Mary’s into a centre of arts and culture, and to bring our diverse community together by celebrating our various world cultures through music. The Music Hall was also a key part of St Mary’s ‘Creative Church’ bid,

Seckou Keita at the St Mary’s Music Hall.

which last year won £1.67 million from the Heritage Lottery to restore the church and make it more conducive for arts, music and cultural programming alongside St Mary’s worship services and other ministries (we hope to begin renovations in 2019). We’ve been thrilled by how local people have supported St Mary’s Music Hall we’ve averaged well over 100 people per fortnightly gig - but we still feel there are so many music-lovers in E17 who have yet to hear about us. If that’s you, we hope you’ll help us make the Music Hall sustainable by buying a ticket or two to an upcoming show or series of shows in 2018. The vicar might even serve you a drink.

Walthamstow Diary Between forest and marsh lies the glorious Stow. These are the tales and meanderings of a proud resident of E17 Well then, that’s Christmas done, dusted, and packed away in the attic for another year. We’ve eaten our way through the festive season, overdosed on mince pies and drunk the off licence dry. Now we find ourselves standing in the bright cold light of a new year, blinking at January as it glares at us expectantly. As the new year embraces us and our belts strain against the Christmas stodge, our thoughts often turn to new year’s resolutions. This year I am going to Lose weight/drink less/be more patient/not swear/give up chocolate/not get angry when my other half leaves shoes in the hallway (delete as appropriate). It is January, we tell ourselves, we are going to be better. We all know of course that resolutions are pointless. Whatever promises we make the chances are that before long we’ll be slumped in a corner with a bottle of gin and a Yorkie bar, wondering why we bothered to get up. Maybe we’d have more luck with resolutions if we made them collectively. You know, like community promises instead of unreachable individual goals. If we did that, I wonder what the combined resolutions for Walthamstow would be? — Do not reply to posts on Facebook groups when you’ve been drinking — Don’t mention Mini Holland, ever, under any circumstances — Try to remember it is Lloyd Park not Lloyds Park — If you see an abandoned mattress, shopping trolley or fridge, take a photo of it immediately — Remain calm and understanding when stuck in the seemingly endless shuffle at the bottom of the escalators at Walthamstow Central. I think my very favourite figure from history, William Morris, can help us come up with our community resolution. He wrote “To do nothing but grumble and not to act - that is throwing away one’s life” What a wise fellow old Bill Mo was. He hits the nail right on the head there doesn’t he? Our community resolution could be simple and effective. Get Involved. If we all did that instead of grumbling and complaining at no-one in particular, imagine what we could collectively achieve. 34

experience how different a school can be!

Something special is happening at Willow Brook Primary School and Nursery! We would like to invite prospective parents to visit to see for yourself how we nurture our young people, giving them a rich diet of art, philosophy, music, modern foreign languages, local and international trips and so much more. Willow Brook Primary & Nursery School 190 Church Road, Leyton, London E10 7BH 020 8539 1428 •



“... I was recommended Arona St James Solicitors by a friend...

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.” Edward Moses

• Divorce & Family Law • Employment Law • Commercial Drafting • Wills & Probate • Immigration & Nationality Law • Professional Negligence and Inheritance Disputes • Business Law • Litigation 020 3757 8670 63 St James St, Walthamstow, London E17 7PJ

Defending Human Rights We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority number 619031

The Magpie’s beady eyes are on the look-out for the shiniest, funniest remarks, witty retorts and bizarre sightings to share and retweet from the borough’s social media channels. Thanks this month to Twitter, Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board Walthamstow Life and Walthamstow Residents News

Photographs: Brigit Collins (Cycle Hir); Danny Coope; @Jammynorman; @Leytonsown; Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board; @Wesamquaid

@UncalmItalian: Definition of frustration: When you search the hashtag #Leyton to see what’s happening locally & what you mostly get are pictures of shiny US teenage actors as ‘Leyton’ is apparently a ‘Brangelina’ type relationship name of two of the characters on the One Tree Hill TV series… .

@StowDiary: I’ve seen at least two snowflakes falling today, so I’m off to the Markhouse Co-op to stock up on spaghetti hoops before the world as we know it ceases to function @JammyNorman: I realise this isn’t the most picturesque image imaginable, but still, it’s #walthamsnow!

It’s all happening on the Victoria Line. SW: He was planning to do all seven sisters. TS: It’s important to Stockwell if you want to stay up all night. ED: All those trains plunging into tunnels... phnarrr! JM: “Come on if you think you’re hard enough” AG: Do you get home faster that way? Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board

Budget cuts in spelling. Walthamstow Life @RobertAuton: Christmas spirit out in force in Leyton Post Office. Woman: What are you looking at? Man: What are you looking at? Woman: I can look anywhere I like. Man: Well so can I. Woman: Oh fuck off. Man: You fuck off. @leytonsown: Guys, there’s nothing that looks good about this place #Leytonstone emmylouscutt: Hoe Street brought to a standstill due to a religious march. Can someone let Olly Murs know @Pix007: Couple on Vic line heading to stow. The lady is stroking her guy’s beard. Look down the train& another couple are now at it. That’s when I realise I’m on the beardy perv section of the stow train

@Wesamqaid: The first #Yemen -i snowman (i think) from #Leytonstone East #London UK. #Imisslondon @DannyCoope: Walthamstow #e17 has been adopting cleaner air ideas from abroad in recent years. This low-cost Copenhagen strategy for reducing traffic flow has been surprisingly overlooked!...

Tweet of the week no 1 @owenbooth: Hipster skateboarding down Brooke Road with a christmas tree on his shoulder earlier this evening. For fuck’s sake Walthamstow. Tweet of the week no 2 @StowDiary: I bumped in to Cousin Itt at Wood Street Market.

@DannyCoope: Walthamstow Assembly Hall is famous for classical music and the WF Council Planning Theatre but what’s this...? Revolution Pro Wrestling: Global Wars UK. Feat the likes of Dave Mastiff. @TheEList_e17 kept that event quiet! 35


This month in town


Exhibitions & weekly events Arts, crafts & film Until 25 February No Ordinary Bicycle Vestry House Museum, Vestry Road E17 9NH Walthamstow-born John Kemp Starley played a key role in the development of the modern bicycle. This exhibition explores Starley’s developments, still reflected in bicycles today, and celebrates his legacy in terms of the bicycle’s unimagined social impact on health, social mobility and sustainability throughout the decades both here and abroad. Weds-Sun 10am-5pm. FREE. Until 13 Jan Winter Wonderland The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA Art from students at Whitefields School celebrate all things wintry! Tues-Fri: 9.30am-6pm. Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm. FREE.

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kid friendly

Until 4 Feb NEW Treasures from the Deep The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Recent paintings by Gary Scholes exploring the symbolism of the creative imagination. Using the iconography of modern warfare, dream symbolism and referencing images from popular culture. Thurs-Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm. FREE. Until 28 January May Morris: Art and Life William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP This landmark exhibition explores the life and work of May Morris, daughter of William Morris, and one of the most significant artists of the British Arts and Crafts movement in her own right. Funded through Art Happens, the Art Fund’s crowdfunding platform. WedsSun 10am-5pm. FREE.

18 Jan-3 March NEW Memories Exhibition The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA An exhibition bringing together artists of all ages; expressions of past feelings, thoughts, relationships and landscapes. Come and add your Memory to the timeline. Meet the artists event on 18 January 6-8pm. Tues-Fri: 9.30am-6pm. Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm. FREE. Thursdays Throwback Thursdays Film Night at The Birds The Birds, 692 High Road Leytonstone, E11 3AA Thursdays are for classic and FREE showings of films with good food and drink and great company. Check website for full list and start times. FREE.

Books & writing Wednesdays NEW Writers’ Workshop The Northcote Arms Pub, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned scribbler, come along every Wednesday, where local writer Andrew Fraser will be helping to squeeze out those creative juices. Bring a pad and pen. 8-9pm. Donations accepted or FREE to those who cannot afford it. Andrew Fraser 07857 989957

Music, theatre & singing Tuesdays East Side Jazz Club Leytonstone Ex-servicemens Club, 2 Harvey Road, Leytonstone E11 3DB Weekly modern jazz club featuring the UK’s best jazz musicians in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Hosted by drummer Clive Fenner. The Music Room has its own bar with Real Ale. 8.3011pm. £6, cash on the door only. Wednesdays NEW The Rose & Crown Singers Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Friendly community choir based in Walthamstow’s Rose & Crown pub: a musical mix– folk, drinking songs and more modern. Try us out, no audition or experience needed, just drop by. 7.30-9.30pm. £5. 07954 740745 Mondays (term time only) Sing17 Community Choir Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Start 2018 with a song! Join our thriving,3 year old choir. All abilities, absolutely no auditions. Drop in and join in. Taster session is free. Inclusive, informal and fun. 7.30-9pm. £8 or £7 in adv, FREE taster. Laura 07813 686980

36 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.













Mondays Waltham Forest Community Choir St Mary’s Church, Church End (top of Church Hill) E17 9RL A friendly choir with a wide-ranging repertoire. No audition required. Open to all adults living or working in Waltham Forest. 7.30-9.30pm. Subscription £50 per term, FREE taster. 07954 740745 Sundays (term time only) Natural Voices: Advanced Teen Plus Choir Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR New choir for teens and singers who love harmony and great contemporary music to join a strong group of singers. For budding singer songwriters! 121pm. £6, £5 paid termly, FREE taster. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338 Sundays from 14 Jan (term time) Natural Voices: Senior Youth Choir for ages 8-12 Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Fun, funky choir singing a wide range of fun and modern songs. 11am-12pm. £6 a week, concession available for block payments. Lizzy Renihan 07950 204338 Mondays NEW Blues Jam Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Feel free to join our new weekly blues jam! 8.30-midnight. FREE. Tuesdays Singer-Songwriters’ Night with Guests Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Every Tuesday is the perfect day to come and see some great unsigned, talented performers. Different performers each week. 8-11pm. FREE. Wednesdays Choir17 Walthamstow CentrE17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB Mixed choir with a focus on feeling great and sounding great. Fun sessions, modern music (rock, indie, soul, pop). No need to read music, just need a love for singing! Adults only. 7-8.30pm. First 3 sessions FREE, then £9. Enquire first as spaces are limited. Rosie 07789 908483

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CAOS, a musical theatre company, is looking for potential Brides, Brothers, Woodsman, Principals and chorus Townsfolk to join them in their production of ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ taking place at the Kenneth More Theatre, Oakfield Road, Ilford on 12th, 13th and 14th July, 2018 Rehearsals commence in January 2018 and will take place in Waltham Forest College, Forest Road, Walthamstow, E17 4JB on Tuesday (principals) and Thursdays (chorus) at 7.30 pm. Auditions to be held in early February 2018. For further information, contact: Victoria Fowler 07941 310562 ( Doreen Harding 020 8539 9474 ( Website:

Wednesdays (term time only) WAVE Community Choir Harmony Hall, 10 Truro Road E17 7BY We’re funky, jazzy and recruiting. All welcome, no auditions. We’ve worked with rising R’n’B star Byron Gold so we’re raring to go. Jazz, gospel, classical, folk etc. 7.30-9.30pm. First rehearsal FREE, then £10, £8 conc. Virginia Firnberg 07813 116505 Thursdays Jazz Up Thursdays Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG Each Thursday Luna offers a great range of talented musicians. Expect anything from classical or modern jazz, a gig or a jam, each week will be full of surprises. 7pm-midnight. FREE.

Outdoors Fridays Lloyd Park Green Gym Lloyd Park, Forest Road E17 4PP Join in Feel Good. The Green Gym enables volunteers to get physically active whilst improving the environment and their local community. 10.45am2pm. FREE. Gareth Chalmers 07731 450839

Quizzes, Games & Social Tuesdays Quiz Night The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen, 320 Hale End Road, Highams Park IG8 9LN A very enjoyable, fun-filled quiz night with prizes and more prizes. 8pm. Mondays Quiz Night The Red Lion, 640 High Road Leytonstone E11 3AA Creative challenges, general knowledge and mystery and bonus rounds. £50 cash prize and super rolling jackpot. 7.30pm.

Tuesdays NEW Quiz Night The Heathcote and Star 344 Grove Green Road E11 4EA Our very own dynamic duo Carl and Jam will be hosting proceedings, and you can expect laughs, lively debate and the occasional lewd question. £50 1st prize. 8pm start. £2 per player, max of 6 per team. Tables bookable online.

Mondays & Thursdays Waltham Forest Bridge Club Community Hub, 18A Orford Road E17 9LN Are you new to the area, looking for a bridge club, or a social player wanting to try club bridge? Not got a bridge partner come along on Mondays. 7.1510.30pm. £5, £4 for members.

Wednesdays Leyton Technical Quiz Night 265b High Road Leyton E10 5QN £50 cash prize for the winners, bottle of house wine for the runners up plus a cumulative bonus round rollover prize and spot prizes too. 8pm start. £2 each.

Family & Young People

Wednesdays The Big Fat Quiz The Dog & Duck, 222 Chingford Road, E17 5AL The Big Fat Quiz Company host an evening full of fun, laughter and trivia. A £30 bar tab to be won and a ‘Play Your Cards Right’ cash jackpot every week could be yours. Max 6 people per team. 7.30-9.30pm. £2 per person. Thursdays Hornbeam Nights: Thursdays The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Check out our website for details of this Thursday’s musical, poetic, creative or foodie shenanigans. 7-11pm. FREE. Weds & Fri Cafe Life The Cornerstone, 149 Canterbury Road E10 6EH A warm and welcoming place for everyone in the community, activities such as art, board games and quizzes; complimented by hot/cold drinks and snacks. Weds 11am-3pm and Fri 1-5pm. FREE.

kid friendly

FREE listings are available for events under £16, visit and select “List your event”.

Tuesdays NEW The Baby Group Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Road/Marsh Lane, Leyton E10 7BL A welcoming, local parent-run group for you and your baby. Friendly chat, support, cake and a range of activities available for 0-24 months. Free tea, coffee and biscuits for the adults. Ends with ‘tidy-up time’ and a short story or a song. 9-11am. £1 for first child, 50p per subsequent child. Megan 07966 718036 Fridays NEW Mini Musicians for Babies & Toddlers Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG Music making classes taught by Early Years Music specialists and include singing, dancing and playing with an exciting range of instruments. £65.50 for 10 week term. 020 8496 1584 Tuesdays NEW Kids and Parents Art and Craft Sessions Homemade Community Cafe, Higham Hill Park E17 5QT For children aged 1-5 and their parents. We learn by doing! Join us for an hour of creative play. Let your child roll out, fold, cut and stick using playdough, cardboard and other materials that are provided. 10-11am. £3 for first child, 50p for siblings.

To advertise your business contact 37



Thursdays Junior Art Club The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA 5 sessions with retired art teacher David, plus Mo and Jane. Fun and informative class for kids aged 6 and over. Learn new skills. We work with clay, card, paper, colour and paints. Places are limited so please book ahead. Children under 8 years must be accompanied. It can be messy. 4-5pm. £2. Wednesdays Creation Station Froth & Rind, 37 Orford Road E17 9NL For children 15months-5yrs. Inspire your child’s imagination and nurture their creativity with fun, hands-on art and crafts in our exclusive and safe activity programme. Other classes available for younger children. 10-10.45pm. £9, discounts for block bookings. 07976 778215 Fridays Baby Discover/Little Explorers LLoyd Park Community Room, Forest Road E17 4PP From the creators of Creation Station above except 10am-12pm. £9, discounts for block bookings. Thursdays Baby Discover/Little Explorers Once Upon a Time Book Cafe, Station Road, off St James Street E17 8AA From the creators of Creation Station above except 10am-12pm. £9, discounts for block bookings.

Food, markets & shopping Saturdays until 3 Feb NEW Hanoi Ca Phe Saturday Lunch: Vietnamese Pop-Up Perky Blenders ‘Project 660 space’ 660 High Road, Leyton E10 6JP Banish those New Year blues and enjoy a vibrant start to the year with Hanoi Cà Phê’s fresh flavoursome lunchtime offering. Meat and vegan options available. 12-4pm. Dish prices vary. Saturdays Leyton Food Market Coronation Gardens, High Road Leyton E10 5NG Weekly, family-friendly market in the lovely surroundings of Coronation Gardens offering food and drink from all corners of the world, plus arts and crafts and musical entertainment too. 10am-4pm.

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Saturdays E17 Village Market Waltham Forest Community Hub, 18a Orford Road E17 9LN Indoor market brought to you by local residents and micro businesses, showcasing the best in artisan produce, international street food, homeware, clothing and gifts. 10.30am-3.30pm. Sundays Farmers’ Market Town Square, Walthamstow E17 4HU Stalls offering a changing, seasonal selection of meat, game and poultry, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cider, baked goods, honey, plants and herbs, seafood, pies, quiches and cakes. Please note, some stalls may take a week off without notice. 10am-2pm. Saturdays Community Local Produce Stall St John’s Church, Church Lane E11 1HG Delicious, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, and other local produce for sale. A partnership between Organiclea and Transition Leytonstone. 10.30am-3pm.




Wednesday 10

Thursday 11

FKA’S 2018 Cabaret Extravaganza Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH A fun, energised and entertaining production to bring you into the new year in style. Hosted by Burlesque and Cabaret superstar Sadie Sinner, our line up varies from some of London’s finest comedians, burlesque beauties, vocalists, dancers, performance artists and so much more. This event really is suitable for all, families, friends, couples and of course you birds who like to fly solo! 7-10pm. £10.

Creative Kids: May Morris Embroidery William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Sew a ‘magic’ cloak to transport you into a land of make-believe. Creative Kids is a hands-on session for under 5’s. 10-11.30am and repeated 1-2.30pm. FREE but booking essential via

Florence Joelle / Les Saules Pleureurs What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB A Franco-Anglo pot-pourri of Latin and classic jazz, vintage and contemporary blues, gypsy folk, fifties R&B, rock’n’roll and Parisian torch song. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

Red Imp presents Stephen K Amos Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Star of TV and radio, possibly the most charming man in the world comes back to Stow with his filthy buddy Jo Jo Smith. Not to be missed. 8.3010.30pm. £13.50. Music in the Village: Baroque Music Bonanza St Mary’s Church, off Church Hill, Walthamstow E17 9RL Our 100th concert. Music by Marcello, Sammartini, Telemann, Stölzel and more! With Gail Hennessy on the oboe, Catherine Martin and John Crockatt on violins plus friends. Tickets on the door only. 7.30-9pm. £13.50/£7 conc.

Saturdays OrganicLea Market Stall The Hornbeam Centre, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Organic and local sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, homemade bread, jams and preserves. Healthy Start vouchers can be used. 10am-3pm. our-market-stall

SPOTTED AN ERROR? PLEASE LET US KNOW Email corrections to Calendar of events Tuesday 9 Family History Quiz Spruce Hill Baptist Church Hall, Brookscroft Road E17 4JP A fun post-Christmas quiz on all aspects of history - family, social and local. Followed by drinks and food. Wheelchair accessible venue. 8-10pm. FREE.

kid friendly

38 The E List makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. Please confirm with the venue before setting out.



General Echo The Victoria, 188 Hoe St E17 4QH Monthly reggae session spinning dub, dancehall, ska, rocksteady and all points in between. 8pm-midnight. £3.

Friday 12 Hanoi Ca Phe: Vietnamese Pop-Up Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Wonderful bowls of warming Pho from Hanoi Ca Phe are served up this evening. Veggie options available. Continues on Saturday evening. 6-9.30pm. Dish prices vary. Stowtellers: The Walthamstow Storytelling Club Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QZ Come to listen or let us know if you’d like to tell a story of your own, up to 10mins max. 7.30-9.30pm. £5, £4 conc. Contact or search Facebook for Stowtellers Manny Fizzotti Plays the Blues The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Manuel Fizzotti has played alongside some stellar blues men over the years and brings his years of expertise to the Coppermill in a solo set for blues lovers. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Want to advertise your business? Saturday 13 Stow Film Lounge presents DESPICABLE ME 3 (cert PG) Centre17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB The third instalment of Gru’s adventures sees him meeting up with his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist. Doors open 10.30am for crafts, film 11am, close 1pm. Children £6 (inc crafts), £12.50 party package (per child), acc adults £4.50, under 2s FREE. Buy online at billetto. or on the door. Hanoi Ca Phe: Vietnamese Pop-Up Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Details as Friday 12 Jan





Happy Healthy Women’s Fest Forest YMCA, 642 Forest Road E17 3EF Waltham Forest Women’s Network welcomes you to celebrate in the new year with healthy snacks and drinks, health info, henna, massage and therapies, fun tasters of dance and exercise classes and workshops happening in the borough. 1.30-4pm. FREE. The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road E17 9QR Beat those post Christmas blues with Sham’s Kitchen curry and skiffle! Celtic, Cajun, Cossack, Klezmer, Country Blues and comedy. 7.30-11pm. Entry £10 excludes food. Ronald Regan 07751 929200 Classics for Pleasure with London Gala Orchestra St John’s Church, Leytonstone, High Road/Church Lane E11 1HH Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto performed by prizewinning clarinetist Krzysztof Grzybowski. Also Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and masterpieces by Albinoni, Pachelbel, Torelli and Bach. 7.30-9.20pm. £10. Family ticket £30 and concessions available online. Genius John & Krix Panx The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Two brilliant loopers with very different styles. Krix brings his Mexican heritage to bear on a collection of powerful songs, while Genius creates epic layers of voice and guitar. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Sunday 14 Pete Morton at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Pete is a songwriter, singer and ‘folk rapper’ with a wealth of great songs and stage presence. His live shows are dynamic and thought provoking, while remaining approachable and fun loving. 7.30-10.30pm. £8, £6 unwaged.

Wednesday 17 Jack Grace / The Embers What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Country fried with a side of Mariachi! Jack Grace is a singer/songwriter and guitarist hailing from New York. There are also slices of jazz, folk, rock, latin flavours and bluegrass. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

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Infinitease Burlesque Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Season 5 semi finals of the talent showcase. The best of Season 5 so far in the competition. 8-11pm. £10.

Thursday 18 Black Poppies Walthamstow Cricket, Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Avenue E17 3QN A talk by acclaimed social historian Stephen Bourne about the black community and the First World War. 7.30-10pm. FREE but £3 donation appreciated. Hornbeam Nights: Open Decks The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH An open decks night on the third Thursday of the month. A great vibe for amateurs and DJs alike to play great music on vinyl - yours or ours. Arrive by 8pm to get your name on the board. Every DJ gets 20 minutes. 7.3011.30pm. FREE.

Los Otros at The Vic The Victoria, 188 Hoe Street E17 4QH All your favourite jazz standards with a bit of Latin and swing. Be prepared for surprises - guest vocalists, upbeat dance rhythms and music for mellow moods. 9-11.30pm. FREE.

Friday 19 Dial M for Music Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, 147 Whipps Cross Road E11 1NP Monthly music club. This month’s guests are the fantastic Nemolo. Visuals, vintage and a warm welcome awaits. 7.45-11pm. FREE, with a collection for the bands. The Platform The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF A night dedicated to providing a platform for local performers. See Facebook page and website for details nearer the time. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

kid friendly

To advertise your business contact 39


Saturday 20 Librarian Theatre presents Alice in the Cuckoo’s Nest Hale End Library, Castle Avenue, Highams Park E4 9QD Librarian Theatre’s new play is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It explores the theme of psychosis in the world of Alice’s library. Accompanied children aged 8+ welcome. Doors 5.45pm, 6-7pm. £10, £5. Chicken Shack Record Hop Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU The best of rock’n’roll, rockabilly and jive with regular DJs Caveman and The Witch Doctor. 8pm-midnight. FREE. The Curst Sons What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB “Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk music’s rich lineage, while throwing in enough curve balls to pee off the folk puritanicals” Americana UK. 8.3011.30pm. FREE with collection.



Texas Boogie The Coppermill Pub, 205 Coppermill Lane E17 7HF Excellent blues-rock 3-piece with a hard-edged rhythm’n’blues attitude. 8.30-11pm. FREE.

Sunday 21 Get Drawing! The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA An opportunity to work on still-life. A relaxing, fortnightly two hours of drawing for adults - sorry no children. All abilities welcome, some tuition available from David or work alone. Basic materials, paper and pencil provided. 11am-1pm. £4. Stow Film Lounge presents THE KING AND I (1956, cert PG) Mirth, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway musical hit gets the big screen treatment. Deborah Kerr plays English widow, who comes to Siam in the 1860s to tutor the many wives and children of the country’s progressive King (Yul Brynner). Doors open 2.15pm, film 2.30pm, close 5pm. Tickets £7.50, £5.50 conc. Buy online at or on the door.

DANCE/FITNESS Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA Huddled round a single microphone, singing intimate duets with just mountain dulcimer, dobro and guitar Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage are a folk duo that look and sound classically timeless, yet feel refreshingly unique. 7.30-10.30pm. £10, £8 unwaged.

Monday 22 Old Hall Theatre present Austen The Musical Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Austen the Musical is a celebration of Jane Austen’s life and explores her failed romances and her struggle to become a published author in a male dominated society. From country parson’s daughter to one of the most celebrated authors in English literature. Full of beautifully melodic songs with moments of joy, laughter and heart wrenching sadness. Suitable for 8+. 7.30pm. £16, £14.

Tuesday 23 East London Humanists Monthly Meeting Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11 2RQ An evening of Humanist infused poetry. ‘A poet is a sage; a humanist, a physician to all men’ (Keats). Join us afterwards at The George for further socialising and discussion. 7.30-9pm. FREE. Old Hall Theatre present Austen The Musical Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH As Mon 22.

Wednesday 24 Old Hall Theatre present Austen The Musical Maud, 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH As Mon 22.

Thursday 25 Burns Night Ceilidh with Jig17 The Northcote Arms Pub, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL Celebrate Burns Night with Jig17 in Leyton. Come and dance to ceilidh tunes, drink a whisky or two, and enjoy traditional Scottish and Irish folk music. 7.30-10pm. FREE.

Friday 26 Shams’ Kitchen Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ The marvellous and mouthwatering Sham’s Kitchen brings us divine Pakistani street food. Veggie and takeaway are available. 6-9.30pm. Dish prices vary.



Dusty Grooves DJ Night Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street E17 9AH Deluxe ambient down tempo grooves, dub, low fi electronica and underground hip-hop on the last Friday of every month. 7.30-11.20pm. FREE.

Saturday 27 Family Day: Significant Seams William Morris Gallery, Forest Road E17 4PP Significant Seams bring their love of sewing to Family Day to celebrate May Morris’s talent for embroidery. Drop-in event, suitable for families with children of all ages.1-4pm. FREE. Susan Cadogan Mirth, Marvel and Maud 186 Hoe Street E17 4QH Reggae legend Susan Cadogan, Lee Scratch Perry collaborator, Hurt So Good singer and Trojan Record signing, plays a London Exclusive in Walthamstow! £7.

Sunday 28 Stow Film Lounge presents BAMBI (1942, cert U) Centre17, 1 Church Hill E17 3AB In the grand Disney tradition Bambi is brimming with unforgettable sequences, notably the young deer’s attempts to negotiate an iced-over pond, and most especially the death of Bambi’s mother. The last of the classic early Disney features. Doors open 10.30am for crafts, film 11am, close 1pm. Children £6 (inc crafts), £12.50 party package (per child), acc adults £4.50, under 2s FREE. Buy online at or on the door. Sunday Market at The Limes The Limes Community and Children’s Centre, 6 Somers Road E17 6RX Monthly Sunday market by Walthamstow young people’s charity - offering food, flowers, live music, home and garden wares - in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere, with our fabulous playground open to children. 12-3pm. FREE. Sunday Society The Northcote, 110 Grove Green Road E11 4EL A friendly DJ and chill session on the last Sunday of the month. We’ll be playing a range of soul, disco and house. You’ll be eating delicious pizzas, Bloody Marys and generally maximising every precious second of the weekend. Both hangover and family friendly. 1.30-6.30pm. FREE.

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St Barnabas Sunday Concerts: Cabaret Sauvignon St Barnabas Church, St Barnabas Road E17 8JZ A fun-filled concert of operatic and cabaret comedy. Music and laughs for all. Cheers to Opera, Cabaret and more! 4-5pm. FREE, but donations please towards a charity. StBarnabasSundayConcerts Women Over 50 Film Festival Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace, Unit 18 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ Celebrating women over 50 behind or in front of the camera. A programme of winning shorts from the Brighton based festival. 4-8pm. Entry by donation on the door. Robb Johnson at Walthamstow Folk Ye Olde Rose & Crown, 53 Hoe Street E17 4SA One of the best songwriters working in this country today. Robb’s songs range from the political to the nostalgic to the romantic to the hilarious. He’s a superb live performer too. 7.3010.30pm. £8, £6 unwaged.

Wednesday 31 Walthamstow Floral Art Society Walthamstow Cricket, Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Avenue E17 3QN A monthly meeting for anyone who loves flower arranging with visiting demonstrators, workshops and social events. 7.30-9.45pm. Members £2 (plus £35 annual membership). Nonmembers £10. Ann Young 07778 202871 Infinitease Burlesque Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU Season 5 heat 4. Once again bringing the UK’s best new burlesque performers together in the quest for new stars! 8-11pm. £10. Errol Linton’s Blues Vibe What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s Club, 2 Harvey Road E11 3DB Three times winner of the British Best Harmonica Player of the Year Blues Awards, Errol Linton is a harmonica wizard with a unique and highly original blend of blues and reggae. 8.30-11pm. FREE with collection.

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Got an event? Tell us about it! Simply submit online at Classes/Courses Tuesdays NEW Storymakers & Youth Theatre Gnome House, 7 Blackhorse Ln E17 6DS Join Sarah of Grow Your Own Theatre and make your very own show from scratch. Play drama games, create characters and share stories. Then perform with props, costumes and music. Storymakers for ages 8-11, 4-5.30pm and Youth Theatre for 1114year olds 5.30-7pm. £85/£70 for the 11 week term. Try one session for £5. Tuesdays NEW History Evening Class Shern Hall Methodist Church Hall, Shernhall Street E17 9HX WEA presents a course entitled ‘Revolution and the East End’ with tutor Ken Olende. 7.30-9.30pm. £8.40 payable in advance per course at £92.40. Some concessions available. 0300 303 3464 Tuesdays NEW Theatre Studies Class: Lucy Kirkwood The Greenleaf Centre, 67-69 Greenleaf Road E17 6QP WEA presents an introduction to the plays of Lucy Kirkwood. 10am-12pm. £8.40 payable in advance per course at £92.40. Some concessions available. 0300 303 3464 Tuesdays (term time) NEW Trombone classes for 9-14 yrs Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG Could you see your child in an orchestra or big band? They could be the next Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Slide Hampton or J.J. Johnson?! Special offer beginner trombone lessons including instrument hire. Just £30 for 10 weeks. Give it a try! 5.30-6m. Just £30 for series of 10 lessons.

Saturdays from 13 Jan NEW Junior Choir for ages 6+ Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG For children of all abilities age 6+. Through a wide range of songs from classical to pop, musicals and world music, we cover all aspects of vocal technique to build a solid foundation for singers. 10.30-11.30am. £29 for a 10 week term, £14.40 for those on low income. Tuesdays or Thursdays NEW Strung Out: Violin Classes for Adults Studio Office, Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Road E17 4QU Strung Out is a fun violin group for all levels and styles. Tuesdays: Easy Two 6.30pm; Improvers 7.30pm and Absolute Beginners 8.30pm; Thursdays: Intermediates 7pm and Easy One 8pm. 12 week term. Contact for more info and future start dates. £12.50/ £11.25. Alison Jones 0207 018 2927

Tuesdays NEW Choir for 11-16 year olds Waltham Forest Music Service, 12 Church Hill E17 3AG Do you love singing? We need young people form 11-16 to join our new choir! Meet new friends and develop your singing and performance skills with professional singing teachers. 6.30-7.30pm. £29 for a 10 week term, £14.40 for those on low income. Mondays Life Drawing in Leytonstone Sinbin at The Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road, Leytonstone E11 4JU An unconventional, untutored drawing class with professional models from all backgrounds each week. Drop in any time. Can be messy! 7.30-9.30pm. £10 or £5 for members. Art materials provided FREE of charge.

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