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“My career dream is to become a radio and television presenter.” I feel that I am already on the right path, by volunteering at the university radio station ‘Fly FM’, and presenting on a regular basis (every Thursday 12-2). The relaxed atmosphere, allows me to practice my skills, in a place where...

mistakes are embraced and regular discussions and positive criticism are helpful in order to improve.

I want to practice as much as I can on air, as well as listen back to my shows in order to critique myself and get better. I will also attend the training days that Fly FM organise, and, listen to people who work in industry in order to understand exactly what it takes to get to the place I want to be. (I have already attended one workshop and met presenters from Capital East Midlands who offered me work experience). I have since spent the day at the radio and think this type of proactivity has to be the way forward when attempting to break into industry. Meeting someone in person is a lot more memorable than an email, therefore it is vital to attend.

I think that Fashion has a strong link to presenting and the Media industry in general.

Very similar skills are needed, for example, as a presenter you must have a wide variety of information on current events, Music influencers, celebrity affairs etc, as all of these influence trends. After research, many presenters have their own brands either specifically in Fashion or Music, or are brand ambassadors and are watched for their Fashion choices in magazines and other platforms. This is a path I think would work for me.

Combining Fashion and Style with Music and Presenting. Eventually, when I have a voice that is heard, I think that this could be my niche. Established presenters seem to be extremely active on social media, in particular Instagram where they can share what they are working on, their style, and most importantly their personality. ‘Instagram stories’ is a platform that I want to use more often, as it’s a place to promote when I will be on air, and encourage people to tune in, as well as show off my personality by just chatting about day to day life/sharing funny stories and showcase my individual style, which I think is important to have in order to be successful.

What do I want ‘me’ to look like ?

I think the most important thing is to showcase and represent my personality, as this is key in presenting. It needs to be fun, colourful, loud and humorous. I think that my interests should also be captured, therefore there definitely needs to be some reference to Music and Fashion, especially through the decades, as I am passionate about the 70’s and 80’s in both of these areas.

What shall I do next?

I think that a blog is a great platform to have a written voice, however I would also like to begin making videos (maybe a Youtube channel or upload them to my blog.) I think reviews of Music and Music videos would be an interesting concept where I could give my opinion of the song itself, the Music video as well as the styling/art direction etc. I think this would work well as a way of combining Music with Fashion.




My cover photo is a series of ‘The Gentle Woman’ magazine, this is something I always read and I think represents my interests and wider reading well.

The first thing people look at on a profile page is of course the profile picture therefore this needed to be a perfect representation of myself, as well as being professional. Someone that a employer would want to employ. I chose this image from a photoshoot that I set up, in order to produce an image that I was happy to use for professional networks. This image, I thought, portrayed me as friendly, aspirational and as someone told me “It shows that twinkle in your eye!” which I think is important to have as a presenter as people are drawn to this.

My summary needed to be concise but say the right things about me. I had to mention Fashion and the course I study and how this is enhancing my skills for a career. I also felt it was important to mention my extra curricular committments such as Fly FM and Lacrosse, as these are such an important part of who I am. My aspiration to make a difference, I believe was important to say, as this makes me more than an employee; someone who will aim to change things for the better, and also represents my hard working ethics.



After researching presenters that I aspire to, I noticed that they were all very active on social media. Especially, posting about their daily lives on Instagram stories. This is a great platform to promote when I will be on air to encourage my followers to listen. So I have made it my mission to post everything relevant to my audience, in order to promote myself in the right way.




I drew my inspiration from one of my passions; 70’s and 80’s Music and Fashion.








My blog is a place where I have started to write about my taste in music as well as combining this with Fashion. I have begun by reviewing music videos, discussing the styling choices, locations, camera shots, lighting; the music itself and just giving my overall opinion. I believe this can be my niche, bringing Music and Fashion together in one place. I think that the branding designs I have created reflect what my blog is about, as well as reflect who I am. This also creates consistency from my radio show to my blog articles therefore listeners and readers connect the two, and it acts as more of a brand which is interlinked .


EMILY ROSE WEBB 07801552920 @_emilyrosex 11/04/1998 Personal Statement: I’m Emily and I am currently in my second year of study at Nottingham Trent University; studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. I have a real interest in marketing, not only in Fashion but all aspects of business promotion. I am drawn to the study of marketing strategies. On my course, I am required to use my own innovtive ideas to market products as well as brands. I am also gaining useful experience on promotion by developing ideas and then developing them even further on how to promote this to the right audience. Although I study Fashion I aspire to work in the Media Industry. My aim is to be a Radio Presenter. In order to be successful, I like to think of myself as positive, up beat, friendly and approachable. Using these skills will attract people towards any promotion. Also in order to achieve this you need to be outgoing, which I think I can describe myself as; being a part of the Fly FM society and committing myself to a weekly show and news read, as well being a part of the NTU Lacrosse team. Due to my previous jobs, I have been able to learn how to communicate politely with people on all levels, as well as advance my initiative. Radio Experience: I am part of Nottingham Trent University’s Radio station society (FLY FM). I have a weekly News read which I collect information for, write myself a script and deliver every Monday. I also have my own show every Thursday for 2 hours called ‘The Emily Webb show’. This is where I can express my personality, chat about what interests me and play chart music which I am enjoying at that current moment. I have also been a part of a show called ‘The Break’, which is a weekly podcast breakdown of headlines in the news, and helped organise as well as present this production. I have taken on board a podcast that Fly produces called ‘Elephant in the Room’. Which is a place we discuss subjects that are not necessarily spoken about often enough. I have set up interviews as well as carried them out with professionals, such as Rebecca Dakin also known as ‘The Great British Sexpert’. I have joined ‘Capital East Midlands’ for the day, after being in contact with Claire Chambers. I was able to meet everyone in the office as well as sit and watch Claire and Toms Drive time show. This was really beneficial to experience how everything worked in such an established Radio station. Work Experience: Debenhams Restaurant - I worked in the Debenhams restaurant for a year as my first job. This helped with my skills in communication as well as customer service. Crown Street Cafe - I worked in a local cafe, which again helped me with my customer service skills as well as organisation. River Island- When I’m home during non-term time I return to my job at the retail store River Island, as a shop assistant. I have worked there for almost 3 years now. This has again improved my customer service skills. I have also had experience with data capture during this job. I would ask customers to fill out forms to win competitions. My manager set me a target every shift, and I could always reach this. Promoting online services was also an important part of the job, as we would be rewarded for online store orders. Sarah Angold Studio- I spent 2 weeks with a very successful Jewellery Designer in London during the Summer. I was given responsibilities such as: delivering packages to stylists on time; taking minutes at meetings; data input for contacts; creating mood-boards as well helping with any other creative parts of the job.

Summer Research Results

During my summer I spent most of my time down in Cornwall therefore it made sense for my research to take place here. I spent my time in Falmouth a place where it is buzzing with students, due to Exeter University, as well as Falmouth University being located here. I decided to focus on consumer behaviour, and spot the difference of how brands/shopping experiences influence such a different part of the country. I was interested to see that materialism was viewed in a very different way here to people who live in cities,. Investments were made on practical clothing or equipment, for a passion rather than a watch or phone. Therefore the towns catered for this customer, with outdoor clothing shops, surf shops etc. This made me think of the thought that goes into where a shop is located. No shop is ever just plonked there for no reason, but a thought process behind it decides what kind of person lives here/walks past and what is that person looking for? I surprised myself as spending so much time in a place like Cornwall I became one of these customers, and started to want to invest in a rain mac and a wetsuit. This alliterates how easy it is to fall into “following a crowd� and how quickly this can happen.

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Design Recipe for my brand  
Design Recipe for my brand