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Edward Flynn’s Digital Imaging Portfolio Years ago on one rainy blustery day in Manhattan, while I was crossing a street a person screamed at me, “BETTER WEAR A HAT!” At first it amused me. But then later that day the phrase kept rolling around in my head until it became clear what the person was yelling; It wasn’t merely a loud suggestion to protect against rain, it was a directive for how to live life! Hats and lots of them. It’s pretty hard to quantify all that I do: Digital Artist probably comes the closest. Thanks to working for 20 years in the New York City advertising and graphic design fields, I’ve had to learn to wear lots of different hats: Illustrator, Art Director, Production Manager, and Digital Retoucher are just a few. With the advent of the web, I also added Web Designer/Webmaster (joomla, wordpress, CSS, PHP, Flash, etc.). In 2009, once the majority of my clients worked solely over the web with me, I realized I no longer needed to be trapped in the confines of NYC, so I put on a cowboy hat and headed west to Portland, Oregon. (…Of course once I arrived I found everyone in Portland wears either a pork pie hipster hat or a wool cap.) Never the less, here I sit in Portland, happily working away with clients from all over the country. Clients maintain my services becuase they value the ease of working with me, my willingness to go the extra mile to service their needs, and my expertise. Thanks to all my years of being in this business, there’s very little that I haven’t dealt with or haven’t a solution to. The following is a selection of fairly recent work. To see even more, swing by my website, Feel free to contact me if you have a question or would like to see my resume. Plus, if you need something created on a ridiculously quick turnaround, toss my name into the hat.

Contact: 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd., #659 Portland, OR 97214-5246 862-202-9338 Fax: (888) 226-0675 E-mail: URL: LinkedIn:

CLIENT: Prime Outlets/Oxford Communications PROJECT: Magazine ad



DIRECTIONS: Clean background and extend for bleed, Flop and adjust colors. Re: Model: Fix skin and flaws. Adjust hue of dress. Silo and maintain transparency of dress. Create shadows. Image colors also needed to be ready for Newspaper conversion.

FINISHED: 2 files: Background + Model w/shadow

CLIENT: Gillette/BBDO PROJECT: Product Clean-up and Creation



DIRECTIONS: Adjust colors,clean and re-illustrate blades, clean reflections, remove plastic flaws. Silo.

DIRECTIONS: Adjust colors, shape. Add: reflections, type, and label colors. 4 Variations prepared for multiple usage (print, web and OOH)

CLIENT: Cialis/BBDO, Frito-Lays/BBDO PROJECT: Concept Art Creation


CLIENT: PROJECT: Postcard, Poster and Shopping Bag design and retouching

CLIENT: Bank of America/BBDO PROJECT: On Campus Posters

CLIENT: Prime Outlets/Oxford Communications PROJECT: Magazine Ad



DIRECTIONS: Change jersey to Redskins Jersey. Remove logos. Place new card into image. Adjust skin tone and fix flaws.

DIRECTIONS: Clean flaws on model and clothes. Adjust Colors. Fix the moire pattern that the texture of the luggage creates when printed. Silo and create reflection.

CLIENT: Lifesize Entertainment PROJECTS: Sell sheet and DVD design/retouching

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Total creation of design, imagery based on client’s direction. Also creation of final mechanicals supplied to printer.

CLIENT: Ford/Uniworld Group PROJECT: Magazine Ad


DIRECTIONS: Adjust perspective of background. Extend and correct lighting. Add wet reflection. Adjust car and colors, reflections, perspective.

CLIENT: Ford/Uniworld Group PROJECT: Magazine Ad


DIRECTIONS: Flop Image. Remove back building. Soften shadows on model’s face. Clone lighter hair curls on top of head to separate hair from tree. Pump Iris color. Remove wrinkles from shirt. Adjust flopped buttons.

CLIENT: Prime Outlets/Oxford Communications PROJECT: Magazine Ad


DIRECTIONS: Clean background and extend for bleed, adjust colors. Re: Model: Fix skin and flaws. Remove folds in suit. Replace right leg. Adjust Tone and colors. Image colors also needed to be ready for B&W Newspaper conversion.

NOTE: Model remained as separate art file for AD to reposition as needed.

CLIENT: USMC/Uniworld Group PROJECT: JET Magazine ad


DIRECTIONS: Silo and compose images. Fix flaws with uniforms (hats, folds, gloves, medals, bandoliers) and adjust colors and lighting. Create red light line, background and ground.

CLIENT: USMC/Uniworld Group PROJECT: Magazine ad SOURCE FILE


DIRECTIONS: Silo images and drop on new back. Fix flaws with uniforms (hats, folds, gloves, medals, bandoliers). Straighten hats, pants, pockets. Get rid of wrinkles and folds. Adjust colors and lighting.

CLIENT: USMC/Uniworld Group PROJECT: Magazine ad



DIRECTIONS: Adjust color and fix flaws on face. Reduce double chin. Reduce wrinkle and folds on suit. Open up lighting on right side and lower half of body.

DIRECTIONS: Adjust color and fix flaws on face. Fix shape of head and remove ear. Remove overlap on neck. Put tie inside jacket. Reduce wrinkles and folds on suit. Downplay hot spot on chair.

CLIENT: Amerlux/Oxford Communication PROJECT: Magazine ad



DIRECTIONS: Build more tomato and adjust lighting/color. Create water drops.

CLIENT: Prime Outlets/Oxford Communication PROJECT: Magazine ad


DIRECTIONS: Silo model, fix flaws in dress, adjust colors /lighting, add drapery when dropped on stairs. Background: Widen stairs, remove plants, columns and windows, build wall. Adjust colors/lighting.

Edward Flynn’s Digital Imaging Portfolio

I’m Ed. I’m one of those unique individuals whose talents (and experience) lead me to wear many hats. Digital Artist. Graphic Designer. Web designer. Illustrator. Ad Man. All around renaissance man for a new millennium! If you want to see your projects developed quickly and expertly, then give me call.

Contact: 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd., #659 Portland, OR 97214-5246 862-202-9338 Fax: (888) 226-0675 E-mail: URL: LinkedIn:

Edward Flynn 4243 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR


cell: 862-202-9338 • email: • URL:

E.R. Flynn Productions, LLC

NYC / Portland, OR / Mar 2005 – Present

Hi-Res Retoucher, Designer, Illustrator, Web Designer, Webmaster Full-time Freelance. Moved to Portland in 2008. Clients: RandPC (NYC) - Webmaster, flash designer, illustrator; Uniworld (NYC) - Retoucher on variety of accounts (USMC, Ford, Home Depot); BBDO (NYC) - Retoucher on variety of accounts (Gillette, GE, Masterfoods, Ebay); Oxford Communications (NJ) - contracted for retouching for Prime Outlets retail outlets; Nition Design (NYC) - contracted for retouching for Eli Lilly; Dark Sky Films (ILL)- print design and production (retouching, mechanicals, etc.); LifeSize Entertainment (NJ) - Web, print and packaging design and production for ongoing client with a variety of needs (DVD package design, Sell sheets and Poster Design, Web design & Implementation; Also experienced in website development using Joomla, Wordpress, PHP, HTML and CSS. Seven Worldwide

San Francisco, CA / Nov 2004 – Mar. 2005

Hi-Res retoucher • Hired to exclusively work on the Apple account. Highly demanding account with super tight deadlines, requiring ultra hi-res photo realistic rendering of prototype products for mutli- purpose use (print, outdoor, multimedia). Gained experience working in high security environment. Attended client presentations of work and acted as liaison for the Retouching Department. Foote, Cone & Belding/FBC-NY

New York, NY / April 1998 – Nov. 2004

Hi-Res retoucher • Exclusively a Hi-Res Retoucher for the internal FCB Retouching Department, fully utilizing the complete scope of artistic abilities and years of printing knowledge. Busy self-starter position, trusted to creatively and quickly complete projects from start to finish with minimum of oversight to provide quality artwork every time. Clients include: JP Morgan Chase, Gevalia, USPS, Tropicana, Merck, Nivea, Clairol, and the IRS Worked closely with Production, Art Directors and Digital Studio. Heavy experience creating and preparing art for magazine, newspaper, outdoor, and most other printing specs. Extensive experience troubleshooting file/mechanical printing problems. Also heavy experience creating and working with PDF formats and file prep for matchprint/CREO output.

March 1997 – 1999

Associate Studio Manager / Hi-Res Retoucher • Promoted to assist in

managing workflow of digital pre-press studio, consisting of 18 production artists. Duties included scheduling and coordinating work for the following clients: AT&T, NCR, Lucent, USPS, Citibank, Tropicana, Nabisco, and Alamo. Also at this time, I began to work extensively in 4 color Hi-Res retouching of final art for mechanicals.

March 1995 – 1997

Project Manager • Oversaw digital pre-press production of all AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and NCR print related projects: presentations, product and corporate identity, ad mechanicals, collateral materials, and retouching. References available upon request...or just look at my LinkedIn Profile.

Technical Skills Skilled in 4 Color, RGB and Spot/multi channel retouching. Expert in most most Adobe CS5: InDesign, Photoshop Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Flash Video Encoder, Acrobat; Business apps: Microsoft Office X (Excel , Word and Power Point); Web Expertise: HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Joomla, Postnuke, Wordpress; Multimedia Apps: Final Cut Studio, Garageband, Adobe Soundbooth . Extensive training with most scanners & printers, monitor/printer color calibration, video cameras and editing.

Education State University of New York at Buffalo BFA Degree, Graphic Design and Illustration Related courses: Etching, Lithography and Painting Other items of interest

Enjoys squash, mountain biking, hiking, and the great outdoors. World traveller with a fondness for languages. Speaks Spanish, also a bit of Italian and French Memberships AIGA Belmont Business Association

Links Linkedin profile: erflynn

The Digital Retouching Portfolio of E. R. Flynn  

A small portfolio of work that I have created for various clients: USMC, BBDO, Gilette, Unilever, Cialis, Ford, Uniworld, and assorted other...