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3-13 April 2014

Hundred Years Gallery by

Featuring Digital Dialogues Federico Gallo Carlos Granados Antonio Mena Salido Milan Todorovic Noel Macken Lisa Furness Noot Peter Barnard Steve Rosenthal Tom Cardew Veronica Perales Saif Osmani English Disco Lovers Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi Yuga Hatta Jill Rock Carlos González Pérez Hugo Madureira

European Greens London is a collective working to promote transnational, mass-political participation to build a real European democracy. It is an open space for all European citizens living in London, to have their say in the making of the European Union. As many as one million European migrants based in London have the right to vote in the European Parliament elections in May 2014. However, many are not aware of this, and the possibility to participate in decision making and political processes linked to Brussels. We welcome people of all nationalities and backgrounds to join us in our events, discuss new ideas, and decide the kind of Europe we want to build. ‘‘A Europe for All, by All’ is the first of the European Greens’ projects in London, an exhibit that brings arts and European politics together. London-based artists from all corners of Europe have created inspiring reflections, messages and strategies on how to activate citizenship; the primary aim being to build a real European democracy founded on the principles of sustainability, as well as social and environmental justice. Their artworks convey their ideas of why political participation in Europe is important today, while proposing alternatives to the current policies running counter to democracy and equality. In addition to the 20 curated artworks, a programme of collective learning and mobilising activities is planned, including training workshops, talks, theatre plays, music gigs, screenings and cooking workshops. This programme is designed to complement the exhibit, so that it is not only contemplated and appreciated, but also explored, interpreted and discussed. The ultimate purpose of this two-week event, is to stimulate debate about how to improve European democracy and encourage participation in the May 2014 European Parliament elections.

A Europe for 3-13 April 2014

Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson St, London E2 8JD

BETTER DEMOCRACY, BETTER ECONOMY SATURDAY 5 APRIL 1–3pm Are there alternatives? Learning about sharing and gift economies with Friends of the Earth, with audio experiment included! 3–5pm Citizens’ struggles A discussion forum with Occupy and Indignados activists, and with Unlock Democracy about the Europe we want and what does one do with democracy, followed by a theatre performance. 5–7pm Equal but… different? A presentation about the menace of bigotry by English Disco Lovers, followed by a (symbolic) marathon for equality! 7.30–11pm Fauna Music composed at the point of performance with modular metallic sound sculptures, custom made electronics, found objects, electric guitars and a saxophone by Paul Stapleton and Simon Rose.

RIGHTING WRONGS: SATURDAY 12 APRIL 4–6pm The corporate capture of European democracy A discussion forum with Red Pepper magazine about how democracies in Europe have been put to serve corporations instead of people, followed by an audiovisual performance. 6–7pm There’s hope… and much work to do Screening session with documentaries and videos from grassroots campaigners across Europe.

All, by All PRIVATE VIEW THURSDAY 3 APRIL 6.30-10.30pm Private View First Thursday of the month! We launch the exhibition today, with jazz, soul and experimental music, a race for equality and a bouncing castle (for adults only!)

SUNDAY 6 APRIL 12–2pm The Beauty and the Beast A debate about the Europe we live in with representatives of European Alternatives. 2–3pm Performing the beauty and the beast A theatre play by Theatre Uncut: financialization and austerity in the spotlight. 3-6pm Wasted and manipulated A cooking workshop and discussion forum about food, genetically modified organisms, food waste and how to defend our right to proper food with experts from environmental groups and with world reggae singer Brina. 6-7pm Even the water A presentation about campaigns defending water from privatization across Europe, with supporters of the successful European Citizens’ Initiative Water Campaign!

HARNESSING THE POWER OF DEMOCRACY SUNDAY 13 APRIL 12–4pm Skills for democracy training Sharpen your ability to make the most of democracy, with a focus on participatory democracy and building consensus. 4-6pm Speak out workshop Learn how to make a poster size manifesto using drawing and collage to express your own ideas about the issues affecting democracy in Europe.

All events include interventions by artists. A library with relevant publications is available in the gallery during the exhibition.

ANDRES AYERBE Italy, Colombia


The Rain Printer installation: cash registers, steel structure, Raspberry Pi, custom software, thermal printers, receipt paper

Precipitation data is received by our software which prints receipt paper proportionally, visualising issues with water around the world and putting in question the commodification of natural resources.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ We have been engaged in a distanced collaboration since 2006 that is essentially a form of visual conversation. Drawing and photography occupy a central role in the project, often being both the initial component scanned into the PC, and an integral part of the works development as it ‘zips’ back and forth between collaborators in file format through the email system. The mark making is undertaken using a drawing tablet, mouse, or pad, with ‘drawings’ instigated by either collaborator. Although this form of pictorial communication is itself the primary subject matter, each individual dialogue is representative of concerns, expressions and incidents based on our own particular understandings, personal histories, thoughts and opinions; an attempt to make meaning from the ordinariness of our shared experience.


The English Disco Lovers movement aims to reclaim and redefine the much hated EDL-acronym. They humorously subvert the three letters, drawing on the positivity of the Disco music genre and the history of Disco as a haven for minorities. The movement attempts to tackle Islamophobia and racism in an engaging and unusual way, by spreading a message of equality through music.


Lost Glory (series) photography

Lost Glory captures an abandoned family fairground in Kiev, Ukraine, which used to be a popular site to spend Sundays and holidays during the communist era. Through this, González Pérez questions the implementation of the capitalism throughout the former Eastern Bloc, where despite the mistakes of those regimes, every child could benefited from a place in a nursery, education in school, and was less exposed to the threat of unemployment. Reflecting on that, this work acts as a call to stop demonizing socialism and acknowledge those principles that could be adapted and beneficial to capitalism.

LISA FURNESS United Kingdom

The Writing on The Wall photography

Europe is scattered with empty buildings. Ghost villages left to the ravages of time; disused industrial sites; unsold or un-sellable homes; defunct public institutions. These buildings whisper truths about our man-made world, keeping their secrets behind bricked up windows. Following a tradition as old as culture, people across the continent have been reclaiming these sites, using them to explore alternative ways of living. Many of these forgotten spaces are now homes to communities founded on ideals of mutual support and cooperation, rejecting the consumerist model of unsustainable consumption and continuous growth. Photographer Lisa Furness has been recording these spaces since 2012 together they can help to sketch out an idea of where we are as an international community, as well as where we may be going.

SAIF OSMANI United Kingdom

A Community’s Consultation: An invitation for developers to ask questions about the future of development in the local area site responsive campaign stall

Inspired by the introduction of the Localism Bill in the UK Parliament in 2011 that aims to “give local communities more control over housing and planning decisions”, this installation takes the form of a campaign stall, thus creating a symbolic platform for discussion. It acts as a staple frontage for activists and community groups to build up their profile, gather petitions and make objections. Can there be an equal platform between the developer and the community’s needs?


Waterwaste – Packaging Paradise recycled plastic bottles, acrylic, print

Plastic bottles stand as the chroniclers of society’s absurdities, as storytellers of the harm done to nature in the process of their creation. Their testimony is made even more bizarre by the advertising discourse created in the commercial activity around them. Glaciers and volcanoes, purity, nature, youth, health appear in the slogans. This piece explores the phenomenon of commodification of water questioning these concepts.

MILAN TODOROVIC Serbia (then Yugoslavia)

Tomatocow & Bulltomato Specimens, File No. 1 Anatomy of a Feast Interim Experimental Results mixed media, size 297 x 420 mm

The three artworks are visual representations of a dystopian narrative focusing on the Genetic Modification of crops and farm animals.


Formula of my happiness: a Yes, a No, a fizzy line, a goal interactive installation: wood, rubber, golden fabric, clay, 82 X 80 cm

Madureira questions the set boundaries, the prescribed life we live and how artificial the ‘new’ natural is. A sprung platform upholstered in rubber invites the viewer to play with it, while engaging with the mixture of olive oil, bee’s wax, soap and dyes. By excavating the solid block with a scoop, one transfers the lipid onto the bouncy surface of the sprung platform. The process releases strong repressed emotions and provides cathartic relief, enhancing one’s emotional state. Focusing on the act of doing and evaluating the process, the self and the ego become one.

JILL ROCK United Kingdom

RESIST sculptural piece in metal, acrylic mirror, birch bark, 54 x 42 cm

In the pursuit of perfection all emotion will be lost. We will enter hive mind of cybernetic enhancement to be assimilated by nanoprobe. All traces of individuality removed. Resist all tyrannies. Protect Diversity for that is the order of nature where humanity belongs. Jill Rock’s art works reconcile nature, culture and systematic constructions. She


finds it necessary to break the symmetry


of geometric constructs which she feels

to be tyrannical whilst at the same time introducing into natural found objects

Ghost Cities

cultural associations.


This work is a report about the Spanish gambling in the construction and real estate business: thousands of unfinished houses; thousands of empty land plots with only the foundations laid; closed parks, empty parking sites, roads and abandoned street lighting. Broken dreams. It is the society of waste, of exploited natural recourses for no reason, playing with people’s dreams. What is left are empty spaces and disillusionment.


We come in peace mixed media of photography and graphic design on C- type Fuji Flex, 594 x 841 mm

This image, taken during one of the first strikes of the economic crisis in Spain, illustrates the heavy police presence on the streets without any violent demonstrations. Influenced by pop art and popular culture, drawing on Star Wars’ invasive aesthetic, the armored presence in this piece intends to intimidate a population accustomed to express themselves peacefully.

Words: GRASSY NOEL Ireland

Illustrations: MARK RATHMELL United Kingdom

McClinch Oil illustration, poem, performance

McClinch Oil is an illustrated poem and an extract from the play, McClinch Oil, The Interrogation of Corporate Corruption and Contamination. The piece will be performed in Hundred Years Gallery by APE as part of the Exhibit.


The Wave, 2013 Oil on Wood, 65 x 105 cm

The Wave illustrates both the theme of the show ‘A Europe for All, by All’ and the Green Europeans’ philosophy portraying the dynamic moving forwards. It animates the powerful energy of a wave about to swamp the reality as we know it: Only together we stand a chance to create a righteous and a more livable space for generations to come.

Bonfire, 2008/2010 Oil Pigment, Wax and Pencil on Watercolor Paper 80 x 55 cm (100 x 68 x 3 cm framed)

Bonfire is part of a series of works on paper comprised and edited as a book, ORDER, at the Royal College of Art in 2008. The piece reflects and explores the anxiety behind the question: what are the alternatives to democracy and equality in Europe?

YUGA HATTA Japan, Portugal

Olho em Bico print on napkins

Each of the hand-painted napkins captures a word that exists curved on the wall of the local authority of the city Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. Collected from local cafes that are popular sites for local subjects and politics, the napkins represent the smallest detail of our material society. They act as a metaphor to individual European citizens and carry elements of healthy democracy. Instead of mouths (interests, bureaucracy, and other systems that work against merit of general public), the napkins serve to clean.

THOMAS CARDEW United Kingdom

Along a Line video

This piece is a reflection on process as life, an exploration of simple acts of living. Through his work, Cardew questions what constitutes and validates value and, furthermore, beauty. Elevating the insignificant into the significant, allowing the subject to be more than its unconscious functional and objective value, bringing forth a new empowered voice for the subject to begin a dialogue with the viewer. This piece calls for the awareness of beauty inherent to the world and of the opportunity to appreciate what we are and what we have.


Untitled, from the series 99% Pure Gold found digital photographic images, with gold leaf and acrylic varnish

By law you must tell the police in writing 6 days before a public protest. We are the 99 percent. You must tell the police the date, time and place of a protest. We are getting kicked out of our homes. The police have the power to limit or change the route of a protest. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. The police have the power to set any other condition of a protest. We are seeing our NHS being dismantled before our eyes. If you arrange a protest at short notice, you must tell the police as soon as you can. We are suffering from environmental pollution. The police can change the location of your protest. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we’re working at all. The police can limit how long a protest lasts. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. The police can limit the amount of people who attend a protest. We are the 99 percent. The police can stop a sit-down protest if it blocks road traffic or public walkways. We are 99 percent pure gold.


Transnational Rhythms sound, performance

Performance work that considers the possibility of a gift economy as a positive alternative to the current economic model focused on the interests of the self. Drawing parallels to how a number of online communities operate with the free distribution of media or software through downloading - participants are invited to engage with the given audio piece. This work consists of spoken instructions in the form of different voice-overs that ask participants to perform gestures/actions in response to how current policies involving the privatisation of spaces contradict democracy, equality, social and environmental justice.


Pro Ecology and Equality Race ‘social movement’

Pro Ecology and Equality Race is an unusual race, one with a clear departure point and an intensily desired goal. It is a race for (and to) equality and environmental justice, a race that gets us closer to Real Democracy. The more runners we are the closer we get to our goal. Everyone shares the prize. This work has been developed in collaboration with artist María Esparza Sánchez.

SPECIAL EVENTS WITH PERFORMERS AND INTERVENTIONISTS Ekavi Whitlock-Blundell Food Waste: Experiencing Reality? Brina Seed Freedom and Food Freedom Campaign Theatre Uncut with Louise-Mai Newberry The Fat Cat Ana Milovanovic, Jill Rock, Nicky Heinen The Re-Sisters in The Name of Our Endangered Sisters in Nature




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A Europe for All,by All

An inspiring art exhibition with debates & training to build a real European democracy

A Europe for All, by All