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Emma Dickinson Portfolio Communication, Marketing, Branding & Photograpghy

Snap shot of me I grew up in the small city of York, which meant I was lucky enough to be emerged within culture, history and beautiful, inspirational surroundings. I have always known I have had a creative streak within me. My background was very much fine art based, which led me onto an art foundation betwen sixth form and university. This taught me how to transfer these skills into many different outputs. Since being at Northumbria on Fashion Communicaion, I haven’t lost my creative streak, but developed into a more structured format, This Portfolio is o show my skills of Marketing, promotions, branding and business. The creative process of generating ideas and developing them into a product, concept or outcome is what excites me and expresses what I love to do. Simplicity speaks volumes.

Own photograghy


Texture Cities

Photograpghy, in many ways, helps you see what you don’t always notice. I love travelling to new places and seing the layers and contrasts of textures that make up that city. The pictures I have taken are from Barcelona, Berlin, Venice, New York, Northumberland, Paris and London.

Own photograghy

Bold line, broken, damages, layers, shapes, dynamic, soft, smooth, harsh, everyday objects, what we see, nature, elements.

Fashion Shoot Opus Magazine

Music and fashion go hand in hand, its all about people expressing themselves in an indivdual way.This photo shoot explores mens style for music gigs. Clothes are from a selection of river Island, Topman, Converse and Target.

Own photograghy styling & artistic direction

Own photograghy styling &artistic direction

Lifestyle Shoot, Lake Store concept

As part of my Final Major project I created a store and brand concept for twelve to sixteen year old girls. Giving them a social and reatil hub within the highstreet, exclusively for their age group. I felt as though there was a gap which needed to be addressed, the photo shoot revolved around the lifestyle of the target audience, focussing on what they enjoy doing instead of the clothes. This is to address them personally.

Own photograghy styling &artistic direction

Own photograghy styling &artistic direction


Fashion publication

Colour is around us everywhere, whether we notice it or not. My concept for Opus, blures the lines between moods drawn from music and fashion and how this relates to colours, which subsequentially define your mood. Fashion, Music reviews and original artwork, build Opus into a publication. All work within Opus has been produced by me.

Own photograghy all own work within photos

Nothing in life is simple, here at Opus we like to embrace this. Welcome to the first issue. Take a seat, relax and take in the colours around you. Colours have a dramatic effect on our mood, even if we don’t notice. Our aim is to take what the colours represent and play upon that through music and fashion. Opus like to inspire and open your minds to the broader spectrum of what you see around you. Our inspiration was to fill the void of combined fashion and music publications, but with a slight twist. Our fashion segment is always based around music and this month we focus on the boys and the perfect gig wear, as its always a time consuming task. Art, Music, Fashion on a rollercoaster through colourful emotions, what more could you want? Emma Dickinson - Editor


A promotional campgain I designed for OnePiece, a onsie company. The concept was aimed at first year students, as the product was created for ultimate comfort amoungst students after a heavy night of drinking. OnePiece would tour the country putting on special club nights, bringing themselves hype as well as the club the hosted at. They currently only have one pop up store which is in Shoreditch, London. The idea was to have a pop up at each city alongside the club night. Offers, competitions and lots of other social media based hype would be created, to hopefully bring OnePiece to many different cities throughout the UK for good.

Own photograghy all own work within photos

Own photograghy all own work within photos

This booklet represented the work of a PR company I devised and then led into a promotional campaign. After a visit to Berlin I saw the OnePiece pop up shop they had there. The clean sophisticated layout of the store worked really well, but after some research into the project I felt it was a good contrast against the fun playful company behind the OnePiece phenomenon that was starting to creep into the UK. This gave me the initial idea to use them as a company to work with. Their company was set up from the idea of being comfortable after a heavy night of drinking, by sewing ‘sweat pants and a hoody’ together. As well as this there was a lot of plans around at the time at the University where I study for the new students starting in September. The concept grew from there, by combining both students and pop up stores. In keeping with the target audience I developed it into a club night, creating a specific night within fresher’s week for a Onesie party, based around OnePiece. Upon development, I chose to tour the club nights around the UK at different Universities. This was because OnePiece only open pop up stores. This way they could easily pop up anywhere and move easily. It would also reach out to a broader audience in a shorter amount of time. The concept was split into two OnePiece teams. One for the Southern part of the UK and one for the Northern part, as fresher’s week/s only last for one or two weeks at the start of term. To compete with other club nights and fresher’s events, social media campaigns would be set up to involve the target market by having competitions and getting them to design a OnePiece for sale. The pop up shop would open for a week in each location, with opening night having live music and student discounts, they would then lead the people from the store to the club night, with discounted entry. I felt on a whole the concept really connected with the target market and gave them something fresh and new for their new chapter of university. It approached them on a personal and involved level, as well as being something accessible for the company to realistically achieve.

Marketing and Events Business

For my final year, through young enterprise a group of 6 of us set up an events company. We saw a gap in the market to bring live music events to Newcastle of an alternative genre. We all had a keen interest within music and used our skills as individuals to bring a series of events to different venues. I took on the role of marketing manager. This involved everything from promotions, to marketing techniques, target audience and making sure the running of the evening went as smoothly as possible. Making contacts and connections with bars and clubs was a crucial part of making this successful.

All own work within photos Photography by external person

Brand Concept

After a research project into the over sexualisation of girls with the way they dress and present themselves, it led me onto a project I feel very passionately and strongly about. There is a huge gap within the retail market for a store exclusively for teenage girls between twelve and sixteen. I have put together a brand concept for a social hub which encompases everything a teenager enjoys to do wit their free time, alongside a retail outlet suitable for their age group.

In a nutshell...

Own photograghy all own work within photos

LAKE isa scrumptious new brand concept store, exclusively for twelve to sixteen year old girls; giving them a social shopping hub in the heart of Manchester’s bustling shopping centre. With its alternative vibes reaching out to the teens and parents its aim is to please both and create somewhere teenagers can feel their age and express themselves. LAKE will fill the gap in the market on the high street that seems to have been left out. There are many stores that incorporate clothing for teenage girl up to the age of sixteen, but they are always within another store, usually aiming their products to adults. It will also give new designers of small clothing and accessory businesses to buy a space within LAKE to sell their products. LAKE is all about encompassing everything teen; to bring them somewhere they would be proud to shop in. Using research of teen blogs; travel and being social was a key element in their everyday lives. Either exploring new places or dreaming about escaping to them and LAKE has built this into their concept and design.

Music Review

Having a love for music, I based my magazine project around music and fashion. I also incorperated how colour effects mood and how this is translated through both mediums. Its something that really interests me and I wanted to explore it further. Muse are a British band will a huge reputation for putting on a show musically and visually. The reviews however, takes a bit of spin of how the colours seen very much reflective of how Muse want you feel when you hear their music.

MUSE –ical Inspiration After the long anticipated sixth album from the acclaimed British band Muse, twenty one thousand people filled MEN Arena, Manchester to experience ‘The 2nd Law’ album tour. But was it as colourful as we were expecting? By, Emma Dickinson Muse are often described as one of the more extravagant, energetic and truly gripping bands to see live. Alternative rock, with pop and electrifying guitar and bass shredding is what has made the band so recognizable for planting a colourful story within our minds through music. The distinctive tones of Matt Bellamy’s voice are so captivating to your imagination, no wonder they recently picked up the ‘Q’ Award for, Best Band in the World. Having five previous albums under their belt with accompanying tours, this was certainly nothing new to them. As the lights dim around us and that feeling of anticipation starts riddling our bodies, glimpses of the stage are seen from the thousands of camera flashes around the arena. The roar of the crowd starts bouncing off the walls, the beat drops and you finally get to hear the opening song, as you are stood, not only mesmerized by the spectacular unfolding in front of you, but being fixated by the lights and the dramatics of the set. Surely there is nothing more theatrical. Already transported to another world after listening to the album, the fans knew there was going to be visual experience unfolding in front of them. As the video of a girl running fills the pyramid structure of screens, your mind is made to race along with it. Anticipating what is going to happen next. Red lights fill the stage, spilling over into the two front rows, a colour associated with a lot of Muse’s songs. Red is known to symbolize action, confidence, courage and vitality. On going themes throughout much of The 2nd Law album, especially with Chris Wolstenholme (Muse bassist) writing and singing two songs on the album for the first time ever, one being titled ‘Save Me’, even more fitting alongside his personal triumph of overcoming an alcohol addiction, which he has proceeded to comment on out in the public eye. Whilst the action unveils around you, it starts to conjure many questions, a lot of them being why?

Matt Bellamy commenting on the stage set, starts to concrete these ideas in our minds, “It’s basically an upside-down pyramid which is a very symbolic gesture. A lot of people think the pyramid represents power structures, you know, in every walk of life. Anything from basic corporate structures with a top down system where CEOs take all the profit and get paid more than the people at the bottom, which is the kind of down to earth version, to the Illuminati, you know” When colouring the stage red alongside this, you start to realise the symbolic gestures Muse make, even on a subtle level, to not only the power they hold over the methodical structure of their songs, gripping the audience and the powerful connections they make to the action you see. Bellamy adds after, ‘The pyramid seems to represent the power structures of the world. Turning it upside down is a gesture as to what we think of that.” Undertones of sharp blue lights echo a shadow of intuition, meditation and deep contemplation juxtaposing the harsh reality of the red. As well as the confliction of hot and cold the colours represent in everyday life. Chris describes the theme of the album as, “everything is falling apart and life that we know isn’t sustainable.” Watching this live helps you to live out the thoughts and feelings of the band and see their visions unfold in front of you. Being something exceptionally special if you are a truly avid Muse fan, as well as being just as engaging if you don’t know the music. It draws you in and holds you there until the end, much like life does from birth to death. How disturbingly brilliant? Obviously Muse played a number of songs from previous albums, tying the past and present together. Taking us on a journey through their, what only can be described, as truly epic career so far. Wrapped around the old and new rock songs, starts to creep a novel version of dubstep. They have taken elements and transferred these to what they know best. Strong influences from Skrillex and Nero seem to be apparent, after them saying they went to see these bands perform live. When the album was released this gathered a diverse response, from love to hate and not much inbetween. Once seeing it live it most certainly has confirmed that feeling and also changed a few along the way. With it all being ‘played’ in front of us, how can you put down something so innovative and clever? At this point, not only are we being taken on a journey through their musical creativity, but also in front of our eyes the

colours are transporting us out of the compression of conflict and thrusting us into a new place. Purples, pinks and yellows are bolted around the room in strong lines. Royalty, magic, mystery, love, beauty, wisdom and intellectual energy being shone upon and around us are the connotations held with these colours. This takes away the subdued mood Muse put us in with the majority of their music. Emotively the new element they have twisted in starts to uplift the music. One of the first songs on the album where we see this element is ‘Follow Me’. Although the lyrics are still emoting a dark struggle, “when darkness falls and surrounds you” they are suddenly picked up with the bouncy beat and lyrics such as, “follow me, you can follow me, and I, I will not dessert you now.” Its like the lights are a strong signal of help to be saved. Alongside this great British theatrical performance unfolding on stage, this year we also celebrated best of British with England being host to the Olympics. With the release of their album and tour coming soon, Muse were asked to write a song to accompany the summer event. It most certainly, once again, gathered an extreme mixed response, splitting people to either end of the love it, or hate it spectrum. Muse focused the song around the Olympics and not themselves, whilst keeping in tune with their unique music style. True to this they decided to take on the dark side of the competition and the not so showmanship attitude of beating everybody. ‘Survival’ was slated for not having the ‘chorus’ element to grip people, however with lyrics such as, ‘ I won’t forgive, the vengeance is mine,and Iwon’t give in,because I choose to thrive’. Surely that’s gripping enough. With the enhancement of the choir and foot stomping beat, you can’t escape that rock band Queen and their uplifting, yet dark anthems must have been a great influence upon Muse. So what isn’t to love? Finishing the concert with the melodically satisfying ‘Knights of Cydonia’, shunned into complete obscurity, as the stage lights disappear, the crowd begin to think what is possible for them to do next. How can they take this to the next level? After seeing a truly amazing band perform live, its hard to go back and listen to the album without being transported back to the rollercoaster of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard’s rapid imaginations. With The 2nd Law album it feels like we have been led down the path to the world of Oz. The previous albums have always seemed to be full with dark black waves of colour,

accented by the negative vibes of red. Whereas now it’s almost like we are taken on journey of colour and triumph, into the harsh realisation that at the end, the blackness sets back in and we are shown the darkness, like Dorothy with her red shoes. Speaking to a ‘real’ Muse fan, as he described himself, who had flown from America to watch his favourite band perform live for the fourth time when leaving he only had three words to mutter, “epic, powerful and masterful.” Referencing a more obscure approach to a standard review, Opus wonderers if this could be taken to a stage a little more out of the bands comfort zone? Has this been the intention of the band all along? The inspiration they give to so many people could be translated onto the bright lights of the West End. American rock band Green Day ‘managed’ it successfully. Muse not only tell a story through music but also colour, as stated before. Surely this British groups theatrics should be seen in a more classic environment? Something so gripping, I personally feel, needs to be more accessible for a wider audience. I wonder if this is something they have considered? Opus is holding out for the review, if that happens!

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A portfolio displaying select pieces of my work from my 3 years at university. Communication, Marketing, Branding and Photograpghy