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「オンリーワンの 店づくり、



“How to Create a One-Of-A-Kind Izakaya Restaurant, Creating an Organization Like None Other” as Revealed by 22 Founders 居酒屋という商売は社長のDNAが そのまま投影されると言っても異論はなかろう。 だからこそ経営者の生き方・考え方が 店づくりに大いに反映されると言っていい。 業界全体を眺めると決して明るいエポックがあるわけでは ないが、それでも個性を活かして “ここだけ”の店づくりに徹する経営者が 繁盛店を生み続けているのも事実なのである。 そうした経営哲学を持つ居酒屋経営者22人を直撃。 「オンリーワンの店づくり、 わが社ならではの組織づくり」の ノウハウについて聞き出した。 Very few would disagree with the notion that an izakaya is a business that directly reflects the founder’s core values. This is the reason why the founder’s way of life and views are greatly reflected when starting a restaurant. While examining the overall industry does not reveal an optimistic era from an economical perspective, it’s true that founders who capitalize on their individuality and devoted to opening a “one-of-a-kind” izakaya restaurant are nevertheless successful. In this article, we interviewed 22 izakaya owners who each possess their own unique management philosophy. We asked for all the particulars surrounding “How to Open a OneOf-A-Kind Restaurant, A Unique Organization.”


October 2019

(株) GOLIP 代表取締役

勝山 昭氏 GOLIP Co., Ltd.

Akira Katsuyama, CEO Profile 1976年京都府生まれ。韓国で6年生活していた際に 「自 分のナンバーワン」 を探し、サムギョプサルを日本に伝 える決意をする。 「サムギョプサル=包む」 という新しい 発想で 「ベジテジや」 を展開。現在、全国に23店を布陣 する。

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1976. Contemplated what his “No. 1 ability” was after residing in South Korea for 6 years, and decided to popularize samgyopsal in Japan. Founded “Vegetejiya” to propose the new concept “samgyopsal = wrap meat (for consumption),” currently operating 23 restaurant locations throughout Japan.

僕の信念 My Convictions 自分の世界一を探す

Find my “No. 1 ability in the world”


Streamline customer service down to the minutes


Establish samgyopsal (Korean Pork Belly BBQ cooked on a tabletop grill) as a daily staple in the Japanese mainstream diet


Support franchises (FC) as mutual partners


Focus efforts on developing the primary industry

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Japanese Restaurant News October 2019

Japanese Restaurant News October 2019  

Japanese Restaurant News October 2019