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Eco-sustainable Agritourism Typical Products Management and Training for Rural Development

Borgo Basino Ca’ Mandrioli

Bringing the land to life through a model of rural sustainability




The Ideas Laboratory

erge From the dawn of time nature has been a source of wonder and amazem e e w r u ed ment for human beings, bringing color and form to our surroundings. In o h l s o d spite of the seminal changes which have marked history, the sky still a c ess an g n i s n , o s remains blue, the sun is still yellow, the grass is still green and o rk In ch m the da r dream fire is still red and orange. These elements are timeless, a universal o u r e f o r language that we share with all mankind. Understanding them is the key n u t o u t f ourselves. Colors are part of our profoundest self, in intrinsic ligh ok to the ptimism. topartexpressing of our instinct: it’s easy to believe that they are magical, and yet… o we lo rgy and They are electromagnetic waves and in order to understand their impore n e tance, it is enough to think that over time, total darkness causes damage with to two brain glands (the hypothalamus and the hypophysis)an important


part in regulating body functions. But there is still something magical about them: the art of matching and creation which turns us into artists as arranging colors is much like seizing an eezel and painting our dream…

checking a lamp during an orienteering expedition

Courses on the farm Training courses Communication and territorial marketing Educational farms Training in agritourism and typical products

Management and training for rural development At Fattorie Faggioli we believe in the potential of the land as an opportunity for economic development. Our “ideas laboratory” is a creative space for the creation and development of communication and marketing strategies which pave the way towards the reaching of the objectives of our various projects. ORIENTEERING LIKE BUSINESS As the ancient Romans would say: “Ex oriente lux” Orienteering signifies moving towards a certain point, the rising sun, the single most important point of reference for any traveller. Observe, weigh up, rationalize and… act.

ORIENTEERING is an exciting sport, and reaching the finishing point requires the right balance between physical efficiency and reasoning abilities…. JUST LIKE IN THE WORLD OF BUSINESS!

In virtue of its quality, and the complete range of activities and pilot projects, the farm has been defined as a “model farm” by the European Union.

In 1999, Fausto’s daughters decided to work alongside their father and transformed the small company into a cooperative, and currently they work there full time. The enterprise which was set up over twenty years ago in the Val Bidente has truly reached success, as shown by its market performance and the coverage of its initiatives in the information world.


Fausto’s efforts in creating opportunities for employment and sustainable development into the countryside have been a success both in terms of proposals and its effective communication beyond the local area. The Farm Project has provided inspiration for many others of its kind and many business men have turned to the Fattorie Faggioli for information on how to start a similar undertaking.

Passion, a way of life, love of the land and for cultural tradition: the most important foundations at the heart of our agritourism and rural hospitality services. For over 15 years Fausto has been using his experience in teaching at Universities, Masters, Institutes, Training agencies and local businesses. He firmly believes that the only way for an enterprise to secure a future for itself is to work in harmony with other enterprises based in the local area, whether they are agricultural, artisan, commercial or tourist. Fattorie Faggioli works closely with several agrarian and agricultural institutions in order to teach pupils about the specific competencies required in this particular field. Fausto’s daughters Francesca and Federica, have always been actively involved in the running of the farm, and as students, they first began helping their father after school.

by Elena Tibiletti

Francesca, Fausto, Federica, Mila

We are inspired by our passion, we truly love our work… this is why Fattorie Faggioli has gone from strength to strength. 3

Created by the staff team at the Fattorie Faggioli

During the eleven year Fausto spent as the Commercial director of a European Multinational, he never forgot the amazing experiences the countryside has to offer. Strong in his belief that those warm family atmospheres could improve life, not only his own but of many others, in 1982 he decided to move to the countryside together with his family. He moved to the Val Bidente in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, which at the time was being abandoned by young people and was in addition considered to be of little potential for tourism. For Fausto however, the countryside was a big opportunity for economic development and he courageously invested in the Farming project with two main points which at the time were considered to be of little economic or commercial worth: the values and traditions of the world of farming. He drew from his experience from the field of management and put it to use in a place which he has always loved. Thus he founded the first farm, whose doors have always remained open for all those who wish to cut off from the stress of everyday life and savor the wonders of the rural surroundings in which Fausto and his family live. Dedication, ability and creativity have since transformed the farm which was once derelict, into a big poly-functional agricultural activity providing its guests with a complete range of services and opportunities: from rural hospitality to typical products, from the eco-compatible educational farm to territorial marketing projects.


…..it always provides participants with the chance to spend time in each other’s company around a fire, or with a glass of sangiovese wine under a pergola, a stroll though shops in local villages, it is also a way to rediscover forgotten traditions and live the peace and tranquility of ancient ways of life…. A human take on life which enables us to go beyond.

FATTORIE FAGGIOLI Cà Mandrioli Located in the beautiful surroundings of the Casentinesi Forests, Ca’ Mandrioli (1000msl) is the ideal place to rediscover nature and our innate harmony through activities which develop natural well-being such as trekking, mountain biking, orienteering, astronomy, moon-watching and bird-watching. Here you also have the chance to partake in a vast swathe of courses designed to improve well-being: natural cuisine, beneficial herbs and plants, yoga, interior analysis, etymology and the environment. Set in the heart of this national park, the Fattorie Faggioli is dedicated to valorising the potential of natural areas as an attraction for tourists. This “outdoor” tourism has developed due to increasing demand for freedom and culture: aside from being a service or a resource, second nature tourism is above all else a way of life, language and behaviour. Cà Mandrioli

Paradise for… ….children days packed with outdoor sports and activities, adventure activities, how to build a shelter and survive in the forest. Discovering animals: roe deer, boars, deer and perhaps even a wolf!

Summer is the perfect time for long walks, although a stroll through the woods in the Autumn is a must: during this season the trees change colour and chestnut trees take on their beautiful reddish hue.

Location? The more unusual the better! Location is an added value for our Events, even the most routine of meetings takes on a whole new allure, and all participants will no doubt leave with fond memories of the farm. The latest trend is to hold meetings in green, clean locations set in natural, relaxing surroundings …….

It’s great to stop off Relax

The harmony of the seasons enables us to live nature at its best.

Life on this farm is inextricably linked with the seasons of the year and to what nature offers us throughout each period: light, colour, sounds and energies. Guests will feel truly embraced by the forms and materials of their natural surroundings. Aromas and spaces that truly involve guests and transmit the strength and harmony of the four vital elements which are the basis of all life: air, water, earth and fire. 4

Borgo Basino

A history of the ancient castle once known as “castrum Basini”

The Romagna Apennine area (where Cusercoli is to be found), is dotted with hamlets built on what originally were castles dating back to the Medieval Age. Already back in the V century, the Val Bidente was home to settlements of Celtic and Umbria communities and from the IX century onwards our valley became home to a number of castra: fortifications and castles which were built to protect the land. One of these, the ancient castrum Basini, dates back to medieval times and towers over the natural course of the river and important roads of the past: the Ancient Salt Road which connected the salt fields in Cervia to the Grand Duchy of Florence which played an important role in salt smuggling. Another one of these roads is known as Romipeta or Romean Petrosa, which runs along the bottom of the valley, once used by pilgrims, merchants, servbants and soldiers on their way to Rome “caput fidei”. Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio in his Decameron himself recorded details about some of the most famous and important people to travel down this road. As time went by, the castrum Basini continued to play an important role, throughout the Middle Age and the splendours of the Italian Renaissance. Today it has been transformed into a eco-compatible and multifunctional educational farm which exalts the positive effects this special site can have on people. The flats in the hamlet contain twentieth century Romagna style furniture which give them a warm feel. During their stay at this hamlet, visitors will have endless opportunities to explore the traditions of this valley, sports and recreation and meetings in various places of historical interest.

Mountain Biking in the Val Bidente

at the farm

Sometimes it is not where you are going but how you get there.

Thanks to our complete array of maps and itinery cards, bikers can stop off at the Fattorie Faggioli for a direct and genuine interaction with nature: environmentally friendly tourism at its best.

A hearty “work out” in a hay field!

Walks in the beautiful landscape surrounded by unique and unforgettable flora and fauna.

In harmony with our senses we test our concentration and when we become one with our bow and arrow, we hit the centre of the target.

An authentic touch of youth which helps you to reduce the tiredness and stress of everyday life. Unlike many years ago, at the end of the activity participants drink a glass of wine or even…grappa! 5

AIR - Wind energy Electric energy derived from wind, through wind turbine generators, is one of the cleanest and cheapest sources of renewable energy. On our farm we have installed a wind generator which contributes towards the production of the energy required for the running of the farm. The weather station where we monitor wind and other climatic Air factors enables us to compare energy production with the energy potential of the site in question.



GREEN. is the color of the world of plants and vegetation, the very crux of life. All food chains begin from vegetation. It stimulates reflection and peace. It detoxifies the organism. It is the color of harmony and balance. It’s absence in urban environments even leads to the excitement of the nervous system of inhabitants. In all its shades and tonalities it is the reawakening of the forces of nature.

CLEAN ENERGIES AND COMPATIBLE TECHNOLOGIES On our farm we are dedicated to generating energy from the four fundamental elements: AIR, FIRE, EARTH AND WATER. This means above all else renewable energy in harmony with various natural cycles: of water, energy and the recycling of materials.

BRINGING THE COUNTRYSIDE TO LIFE THRO WATER – phyto treatment and refluous waters Our equipment which uses plants as organic filters for the purification of waste water, aside from being environmentally friendly, help us to save money. This is why we decided to install water purification devices through planting ferns etc in an area that is constantly irrigated and beautiful at the same time. In line with the same theme of saving water, we have devised a water collection system comprising a large container complete with immersion pump that transfers the water to a place where it is east to collect so that it can be used for domestic purposes: this is a big saving and above all, is an Water environmentally friendly process.




WHITE. this color knows no shade. It is the color of white, it is life and love. During the winter it slumbers in a languid torpor. White is the birth of new life. In the white and watery winter, seeds sprouts giving life to a new plant and to new life.

FIRE- Photovoltaic Solar or photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electricity, using the chemical and physical properties of silicon.

ORANGE. Is the color of growth and joy, it symbolizes the birth of the sun. Created with red and yellow, it is the union of instinct and intellect. It represents transformation and vitality. It is our talent, what characterizes us. It is dynamism and will in continuing with our life plans. Just like the ripening process which occurs in summer.





Respect for the environment is the foundation of every plan which gave rise the Fattorie Faggioli, an educational, bio-compatible and multifunctional farm. It operates in full respect of natural ecosystems and integrates human activity with the environment in order to improve our qualitative standards of living and life. Our first step was cultural, before we even delved into the world of technology, which involved gaining a full understanding of the complex network of relations between us and the land, retracing its history, the evolution of its sediments and its environment. We have recreated ancient and natural boundaries that once marked the landscape, demarcating fields, respecting the natural flow of water courses and encouraging a return of local tree varieties. The farm is also home to pastures, stables, bee hives, the ancient apple orchid, organic greenhouses, trekking paths. Visitors can go mountain biking and horse riding, orienteering, journey along itineries for nest spotting, partake in archery and truffle hunting. In addition we offer visitors the chance to follow us on an educational journey through the farm where they can monitor data from the weather station and the production cycle as a whole.


EARTH organic and recycling The earth is the source of all life, grass, vegetables, cereals and trees. The more alive the earth is, the healthier the animals and people that live off its products shall be. All this means that we should use techniques that respect natural cycles and non-synthetic products, as well as ensuring the growth of no genetically modified (GMO) products. On our farm we sort our waste so that it can be recycled, thus reducing the amount of waste and our need for primary materials. We also produce compost from our waste which is then used on our farm. BROWN. is the color of earth, of wood. It represents physicality and earthliness. It’s a color with its feet firmly on the ground! It provides us with stability and emotional peace. Furniture wood is a warm brown that is designed to welcome. A short while before there was a lot of light and now we have reached‌.Autumn!


Autumn Brown


A lesson with Francesca Faggioli

A practical training experience in close cooperation with schools and enterprises which aims to introduce young people into the world of work and career orientation. The project focuses above all on introducing young people into a real work environment and on giving them the possibility to work on their own ideas and projects directly involving them in the running of the farm.

During the course we use methods developed throughout our twenty years of work and study. The techniques used focus on individual and group growth and the development of human potential.

A lesson with Fausto Faggioli

Fattorie Faggioli has received recognition from the European Union as a “model farm” and provides students with the chance to gain valuable experience and understanding of rural life, tourism and territorial development.


The future of local territory is in the hands of the rural development professional, a new figure that is set to introduce a new kind of management of rural areas. This professional figure looks beyond the typical vocation of the countryside as a place for agriculture, in order to develop its potential terms of environmental protection and rural communities, aspects which over the last forty years have been neglected. This new breed of young entrepreneur is skilled in the creative planning of commercial opportunities, associations and forging relations with other entrepreneurs. These figures shall also use their knowledge of agronomic techniques to encourage environmentally friendly and well balanced practices, the valorization of rural areas and produce as well as other activities linked to the development of the countryside. All this means new employment opportunities through the launch of a new type of agriculture in the Apennines and mountainous areas, which focuses on niche products, animal husbandry of local breeds, typical local produce, rural houses that can be developed into agritourism establishments, sport, forest resources. All these aspects of rural life are destined to become once more an important part of our country. Growth as a result of the resources of our countryside is at the center of all this, we have worked hard towards this goal and now we are focusing on transmitting our experience in Technical and Professional Institutes, Training agencies, University Masters, GAL (Local Action Groups) which all specialize in rural development in order to provide students with employment opportunities in the future. We organize courses at the farm for workers and future technicians in interaction with local enterprises which strive to improve quality of life. Various laboratories have been developed for the transformation of agricultural products as well as catalogued and well stocked fields with beneficial plants. The farm also comprises a teaching hall for lessons complete with videoconference equipment, a well lit board, television and video, computers, scanners and modems.

IN.FOR.MENT International High School for Innovation in Information, Education and Management IN.FOR.MENT.

This is the result o fan agreement between the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, “Tor Vergata” and the Fattorie Faggioli, a rapid and flexible response to demands in the field of training, updating and the creation of pilot projects at a National and European level in the field of cultural and economic territorial development. Fausto Faggioli is director of the area for rural development. Rurtal enterprise as a new way of life and work, for an improved quality of life. “Case study of the Fattorie Faggioli as a business” The title of many research studies and university theses at the most important Italian universities.


Fausto Faggioli is President of the E.A.R.T.H. Academy

University Waseda of Tokyo - Japan

From the left: Prof. Silvio Menghini (UNiversity of Florence), Fausto Faggioli, Ing. Carlo Errani (Italian diplomat), Prof. Adriano Ciani (UNiverstiy of Perugia), president of I.A.E.R.T. (International Association of Expert in Rural Tourism and Agritourism). The association promotes research and projects in rural development in countries all around the world. Fattorie Faggioli are members of the association for rural tourism and agritourism.

Three tools for success: Clear objective (what) High level of determination (with what) A winning attitude (how)


(European Academy for Rural Tourism Hospitality) aims to: ***promote the social and economic development of rural territories, the growth and valorisation of economic operators, organisations and public agencies in rural territories ***represent and safeguard the common interest of member associations ***provide the means for consultancy, planning, information, cooperation, coordination, promotion, valorisation and publicity: activities which ensure the growth and valorisation of members associations and rural territories ***forge connections with similar organisations operating in other countries

“THE WINNING FORMULA” The secret to this winning formula is increasingly becoming commercial skill: a mix of qualities which determine success or failure. Commercial skill includes the ability to anticipate market demands and launching onto markets when they are expanding, the ability to learn from the market and undertake necessary change. Commercial ability is a veritable talent which is increasingly important in determining the success of an enterprise: a sixth sense. The ability to understand markets and to adapt. Rapidly. It also entails the ability to feel at ease with other people, negotiate, change idea in line with market changes without ever succumbing to past decisions or dreams. The winning formula is above all else in each of us.

A lesson with Federica Faggioli

• Experts in planning and project management • Consultants and professors in business management for agritourisms, educational farms, rural tourism and typical products • Consultants and professors in territorial communication and marketing techniques • District Consultants and professors in rural development, wine and gastronomy itineries, eco-tourism and wellness.

Some of our courses for professional figures of the future:

Agritourism enterprises, educational farms, typical products, rural tourism, territorial animator, bed&breakfast, image and communication, tourist marketing, food technology, certification, organic farming, forestation, enology, beneficial plants, animal husbandry, fruit cultivation, eno-gastronomy.

These two books are the result of experience gained during many years of work and aim to provide the readers with understanding of what “agritourism” is really about and how it represents a road to business and personal success and fulfillment. The book also aims to give students valuable insight and ideas for their future, together with methods and actions that can make them proud of their life and of their own success.

“TASTE SCHOOL” An in-farm course aimed at raising awareness among young people to somewhat neglected culinary traditions that are an intrinsic part of our cultural and historical patrimony, as well as a source of interesting opportunities for new professions and enterprise. The “taste school” project makes the transition from food to taste education in order to maintain links with the land, the seasons, the nutritional and cultural worth of the act of eating. Particular focus is placed on valorizing and selling our important enogastronomical patrimony on the Northern European market which is ready to embrace it thanks to its organized and efficient structures.


F. Faggioli is co-author of texts edited by Il Sole 24 Ore Edagricole How to make the right investments for the promotion of your own company, aiming to maximise the economic result. Tips and advice on how to organize an effective and personalized “communicative system”

Farm Event with enterprises from Latin America

One step ahead in order to enter into the world of work

At school on the farm Students of the WASEDA University of Tokyo getting to grips with “piadina” flat bread.

A successful entrepreneur is one who is first to respond to an unsatisfied demand in creating a product or service.

Universities and accademies • The Business and Tourism Academy, Turin • Alma Mater Studiorum, the University of Bologna (Forlì campus, Ce. U.B. in Bertinoro, province of Forlì-Cesena) • The CISET University Ca’ Foscari (Venezia) • The Luiss Management University (RM) • UNI.TU.RIM, the University of Bologna (Rimini Campus) • New Bulgarian University (Institute for central, Western and Balkan Europe) • The “Blaise Pascal” University in Clermont Ferrand, France • The Business University “L. Bocconi” Milan • The Bicocca Milan University • The University of Basilicata • The Tuscia University (VT) • The University of Bologna • The University of Parma • The Waseda University Tokyo.

Mountain Communities, LAG, Provinces and Regions * C.M. Alto e Medio Metauro Urbania (Ps) * C.M. Su Sassu Anglona (Ss) * C.M. Alta Marmilla (Or) * C.M. Barigadu (Or) * C.M. Valle Susa (To) * C.M. Valle del Santerno * C.M. Valnerina (Pg) * C.M. Val Samoggia (Mo) * C.M. Silana – (Cs) * LAG The Region of Norica – Carinzia – Austria * LAG Acta Valle Dell’agri – Villa D’agri (Pz) * LAG of the Altipiani and the Sarcidiano lakes Barbagia Di Seulo – Isili (Nu) * LAG Alto Salento – Ostini (BR) * LAG Azione Ossola – (Vb) * LAG Delta 2000 – Ostellato (Fe) * LAG L’altra Romagna – S. Piero In Bagno (Fc) * LAG Logudoru Mejlogu – Thiesi (Ss) * LAG Murgia Degli Svevi – Andria (Ba) * LAG Ogliastra – (Ogliastra) * LAG Rurale Jonico – Sava (Ta) * LAG Vastese * LAG Valencia – Spain * Provinces: Ancona, Avellino, Benevento, Bologna, ForlìCesena, Pavia, Rimini, Salerno, Siracusa, Trento, Treviso, Varese, Vicenza. * Regions: Basilicata, E. Romagna, Sardegna, Campania, Norica (Austria), Beaujolais (France)

International Projects of cooperation

Courses for new professional figures in new tourism HOW TO BECOME ONE AND WHAT SUPPORT DO YOU RECEIVE?

It is possible to carry out other activities aside from agriculture in the countryside which can create new employment opportunities and profit. Rural tourism is all about development and revamping the territory where it is important to valorize its features and promote an image of a tourist products that is typically rural, bringing into harmony vanguard technology with tradition. The program includes the direct involvement of students on everyday life on the farm. Some of the topics covered: communication and marketing, management of activities and entertainment, business planning, how to involve the local area in order to create a system

We also teach at professional schools, associations, development agencies, cooperatives, consortiums. We also provide planning services at municipal, provincial and regional levels.

Eno-gastronomical event in farm

• IPA Adriatica, an International cooperation program • MED, an International cooperation program • ITALY-Slovenia, International cooperation program • EUROPE- SOUTH-EAST, an international cooperation program • CENTRAL EUROPE, an international cooperation program • INTERREG IV C, an interregional cooperation program.


The “Territorial System” Strong ideas make all the difference Italy is in need of consistency and uniformity in tourism. In order to achieve this result, it is important above all else to evaluate, balance and improve the organisation of individual enterprises with the aim of developing greater hospitality and guaranteeing a higher level of professionalism in services, in optimising company management in ensuring prices that reflect effective quality and in introducing qualification standards. In other words it is essential that we organise the territory through defining a new, united image, the creation of services, the creation of a single brand, a focal point which is promoted together by all of us. Such processes require the support of public agencies, administration and private companies: together they must overcome an old prejudice: the concept of seeing each other as competition. Alliances and agreements between various categories of enterprise (agritourisms, hotels, restaurants, museums, artisans, merchants etc) are the best way to sell the territory, through harmonious development, encouraging vitality and defending its economy. All these actions and more are part of a policy of the development of communication that can be brought to life through: **market orientation **marketing initiatives **the application of precise distribution policies **the forging of commercial relations in order to develop a network of structures and supporting infrastructures that valorise the entire territory in question. OPTIMISING PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE

At school on the farm: “piadina bio”

TOURIST CIRCUITS In the early 21st century, we are finding that tourists are in search of an all round offer, beyond accommodation and meals but also a wide swathe of big and small events designed to satisfy the demands of a pre-selected target group of visitors. Given the unique qualities of different territories it is possible to get underway a range of daily initiatives such as themed courses, school packages, hospitality packages aimed at representants, directors, students, specific circuits and tours or special moments such as conventions, work internships, fitness etc.

G RO U P WO R K The team at Fattorie Faggioli provides personalised training, needs analysis, planning to suit the various demands of specific enterprises through support before and after the training.


Enterprise must be prepared to undertake decisive action in market commercialisation while making the most of the benefits which stem from mutual promotion. As far as eno-gastronomy is concerned, one of the most important aspects of local and regional traditions, the creation of a network, the ability to promote local territories instead of single companies or market niches is of particular importance. Training provides the most important basis for a model which enables professional figures of this sector to operate along these lines, namely in developing territories through cooperation and creativity with ample space for individual growth.

Organic Products of the Sea and the Hills

This project enables us to reach out to sea side tourists, raising their awareness of seasonal agricultural products through discovering organic farming. The promotional initiatives of this event carry a strong message on the quality of our region through proposing both the sea and the hills which both play an important role in food production. Many initiatives throughout the summer in seaside hotels and on the beach to give people the chance to taste organic fruits and other aspects of the Romagna inland with educational initiatives that involve everyone in rural life.


Marketing and Communication A plate of pasta and a roof over your head is no longer all that it takes to seduce visitors, no matter how characteristic. Guests crave “territorial products” and a journey of discovery through local history. They want to be involved in the atmosphere and gestures, and actively participate in order to render their stay unforgettable and exciting. GUESTS ABOVE ALL WANT TO SHARE OUR PASSION FOR OUR TERRITORY AND TRULY LIVE ITS CULTURE.


The Organic Wellbeing project focuses on the promotion of organic farm products. Alongside the innovative “Happy bio” formula”, another aspect of this project are the “days at the farm”. In going back to your roots it is possible to understand more about yourself, where you come from and all this is bound to improve the quality of your life: in a word Biobenessere. The strong point of this initiative is the cooperation between enterprises as a winning formula for territorial development. In working together, it has been possible to improve the quality of transport, education and communication and providing natural and genuine products.

EQUAL Project

“entrepreneurial strengthening of a structure of the social economy in Valnerina” THE MUNICIPALITY OF S. ANATOLIA – THE REGION OF UMBRIA Cooperation between THE BIM CONSORTIUM, TERRITORIAL TOURIST SERVICE OF VALNERINA AND FATTORIE FAGGIOLI aims to valorise the economic, entrepreneurial and employment potential in the hotel and restaurant complex of the Monastery of S. Felice and Mauro which is run by the Gonfalone fraternity, through adopting a range of management instruments, the activation of a territorial network for the creation, promotion and the commercialisation of “local tourist products and services”.

The TERRITORIES of SARDINIA The aims of this project are: -to valorise the historical and environmental, cultural, artisan and eno-gastronomic riches of the land through encouraging the development of inland areas through their coastal integration. The cardinal points shall be developed in conjunction with the Fattorie Faggioli : **management planning for services and cultural heritage and tourism **organisation of cultural events **promotion and commercialisation of typical local products

NUOVA DON BOSCO THE LANDS OF MANFREDI The socio-cultural association of Nuova Don Bosco and TerrediManfredi aim to promote the identity of the Valley of the Alto Platani (in the heart of Sicily) which will base its way of life on values including solidarity and hospitality. Typical local products have for centuries reflected the qualities of the land and today are set to play an important part in the extraordinary changes which have come about in inland Sicily: from a poor restaurant to an expression of genuine and healthy food.

ith vent w Farm e Andes e from th rprises

Bringing life to the territory through a model of economic sustainability.


Project LEONARDO DAVINCI “agritourism management”

Project THE SUDNORDSUD ITALIA LAVORO Welfare Ministry and the Fattorie Faggioli

This project will create new professional figures that will acquire skills in territorial entrepreneurial management, with focus on the process of internationalisation and comparison with European realities. Project aims: ***guarantee a generation turnover with adequate professional preparation in the inherent field and in changes of market trends and instruments for the economic management of enterprises. ***create employment opportunities and self employment based on the qualities of the skills of individuals.

True travel is not in looking for new destinations but in seeing everything with new eyes.


European Group of Economic Interest for exchange between European countries through agriculture, environment, tourism and culture. Austria-Germany-Italy.

Objectives **encourage the training of new professional figures capable of combining agronomic techniques in respective parts of the environment together with the ability to valorise, through marketing action, agricultural products from territories of southern Italy. **encourage the development of management of tourist companies in the south through sharing models of companies in the north of the country, transferable also through franchises or interregional consortiums. **activate mobility programs southnorth-south with projects of cooperation between regions and enterprises, with particular focus on training and work internships.

PROJECT QUALITY RURAL DISTRICTS Well balanced territories Territorial marketing campaign and pro-commercialisation of the Esine Hills, the Marche region. A Camera Work , Iesi (Province of Ancona) project

MASTER “Rural tourism and new tourisms” This master focuses on the development of a professional figure competent in promoting construction and management in local territories in the context of tourism. MASTER “Junior manager for rural development” This master focuses on the development of a professional figure with a future in enterprise in the hotelier sector.


Agricultural Our agricultural processes pay particular attention to the environment and local tradition resulting in products with high added value, in perfect harmony with rural life.

Food is fuel for movement, breath, play and life. In choosing organic farming methods (this entails the certification of our products and of our company) our aim is an improved quality of living. Our choice stems from years of hands on experience and training: we have created a ‘clean’ agricultural system in harmony with nature and its ecological systems for the production of genuine products.

Our way of farming focuses on local products as a way of maintaining biodiversity and protecting varieties which are at risk from extinction. These hardy varieties have over centuries adapted to the local climate and remain in our opinion an intrinsic part of local rural tradition.

Fruit lovers can eat their heart out at the sight of plums, apricots, almonds, walnuts, cherries, pears and apples growing from the trees in our orchids, waiting to be picked. The ancient orchid of “forgotten fruits” is a wonderful way to rediscover less predominant varieties: a journey of discovery that heightens the awareness of visitors to the world of farming and biodiversity, the co-existence of a variety of living organisms.

The Emilia Romagna Association of Organic and Biodynamic producers.

The essence and strength of organic produce lies in its history and in the ideological motivations of all those who support this farming ethos which focuses on the valorization of the local territory and of rural communities. vironmental Ethical and En stitute In n tio Certifica


The vegetable garden, aside from classics like tomatoes, onions and celery is also home to variety of other “erbette” which once featured in local rural cuisine and are now being rediscovered: mallow, borage, dandelion, melissa, silene and thousands of others which are the focal point of a creative and at the same time traditional cuisine.

Thanks to regular air quality controls in our unspoilt valley, our farm is truly a breath of fresh air for our guests, a world away from urban pollution.

Buying at the Farm The best way to rediscover the heart and soul of agriculture: seasonal products, creativity, beauty and taste Our range of products are the result of careful research into tastes and aromas of our past. Our recipes are inextricably linked to the seasons of the year and ancient traditions, developed by a warm fire side or in the shade of an ancient tree. A true feast for the senses: our range of products originate from naturally grown produce without any artificial additives or preservatives, benefiting the consumer, the producer and the environment. EAT ACCORDING TO THE TIME OF THE YEAR Everything that we eat is transformed into muscle, bone, blood and energy and it helps us to develop and increases our resistance to illness. Mankind lives in nature and as such it is important that we all find a natural balance through eating foods that occur naturally during each season. Different foods strengthen different organs and parts of our body and such foods are linked to a specific season. During each season we must maximize the potential of such foods by eating them when they come into season, safe in the knowledge that during this time they are healthier, tastier and have more beneficial qualities.



Walnut liquor Rosolio Basil cordial Herbal cordial Millefiori herbs Sangiovese grappa Aged grappa


Spelt Barley Grandmother’s broth

Oils Preserves

Cherries Figs Mele cotogne Romagna fruit sauce Green tomatoes Caramelised figs Whole plums

Baby artichokes preserved in oil Green tomatoe, onion and carrot salad Challottes Basil cream Chalotte cream Baby artichoke cream


Truffles and Mushrooms

Acacia honey Millefiori honey Chestnut honey Honey with walnut

White truffle cream Porcini mushroom cream Truffle sauce Mixed mushroom sauce in oil ORANGE AND YELLOW


Melons, carrots, pumpkins, apricots, nespole and peaches. Useful in maintaining cells and growth.

We rediscover fresh eggs, lamb, rabbit, fresh cheeses. Fresh vegetables and tender roots such as asparagus, lettrice and flower petals, artichokes‌and finally strawberries, cherries and apricots.



Colours on the plate

During this season we crave tasty foods, rich in vitamins and mineral salts: tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, new potatoes. Fruit rich in sugar and water such as peaches, melons, watermelons, plums and figs. Meats such as chicken and veal.

Garlic, onion, envy, cauliflower, celery, apples, pears. For healthy bones.

help you stay fit and young!

AUTUMN-EARTH-LUNGS Brings us back to sowing and the season of the grape, apple, pear and sharon fruit. Meats such as beef, chicken, rabbit and snails. Courgettes, chicory, radishes and mushrooms. Truffles, fossa cheese and hot roasted chestnuts.

WINTER-WATER-KIDNEYS Foods rich in calories: soups and lentils. Apples, pomegranates, jams, dried fruits: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts. Meats such as pork, chicken, duck, mutton. Baccala (salted cod) and various deserts sweets and toasts with new wines.

GREEN Lettuce, artichoke, spinach, beans, grapes, courgettes. Help maintain strong bones, combat tiredness and detoxify the body.


RED Radishes, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, red apples, watermelon. Protect the skin and protect the memory

Aubergine, beetroot, figs, radish, mirtillo, more, plums Reduces the absorption of fat, weight control and improve eyesight.


Green weeks The Educational Farm School on the Farm


COURSES AT THE EDUCATIONAL FARM The ancient art of bread making Plants which benefit the body: natural health and wellbeing From berry to silk Revealing the secrets of the sky Ancient trades and crafts: Skilled hands Typical farm produce The land: the origin of all life Step by step in the woods The farming calendar: a week of exciting experiences focusing on the art of “know how”, in transforming grape juice into wine or flour into bread. Fruit picking, create your own herb garden or how to milk a cow, how to find your way in the forest, the sweet smell of the hay, and the not so sweet smell of …dung! A wide range of activities that take place throughout the year and which focus on the four elements:

No one really knows just how much time children spend playing. It is well known however that adults which played more as children are satisfied and well-balanced when compared to those who had less time for play. This is because playing is an important all-round process which enables us to shape our personality and character.

A range of themed courses aimed at children helps them to under stand the environment. We believe that knowledge in turn creates “quality” and if we give the consumers of the future a chance to be discerning and aware they in turn will improve production, the market and general quality of life.

AN EARLY START I … experiencing colors and sounds Experiencing forms and materials Experiencing causes and effects First experiences in exploration and problem solving

HUGS AND KISSES: AN INVALUABLE RICHNHESS Hugs, pats and kisses are all here for the taking. They can be given at any moment and received whenever. They are vitamins: they boost energy, our sense of wellbeing and happiness. The attention

WHERE? On a big farm, where children can take part in many recreational activities, learning how to interact and spend time together in a place that is easy to understand and discover. This represents an important experience in learning how to socialize and spend time together with nature. Kites

hands on contact with animals, plants and the natural surroundings in order to find our true bearings and way of being: among others.


Candles The power of a flower The bread

The path of aromas Butterflies

Air Fire Earth Water

“…it took me a lifetime to paint like a child” Pablo Picasso 14

we receive from a rabbit, a horse or a chick is a natural and direct way of spreading love and emotional participation. We encourage


EARTH Nests A horse Keep on walking

WATER Papier-mâché The pond Watermill

P R ress


This is the site which you can visit for further information on our activities and programs on the farm. Training and free time is under this address.

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The Fattorie Faggioli on RAI UNO starring in the La Vecchia Fattoria hosted by Luca Sardella and Janira Majello. The success of the “School at the farm” project” which has been developed by the Fattorie Faggioli over the last few years, has attracted the attention of the national tv station.

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How to get to Fattorie Faggioli From the A14 motorway take the Forlì exit, then follow the signs for Meldola and Santa Sofia. From Rome on the E45 take the S. Piero in Bagno exit, then follow directions for Santa Sofia , Cusercoli. By train: alight at Forlì station and take the bus to Cusercoli. By air: airports at Forlì, Rimini or Bologna.