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Using the Partner Finding Forum Anne Gilleran – pedagogical manager eTwinning Central Support Service eTwinning Plus – Kiev April 2013

Log in to the Partner Finding Forum Find 3 messages – 1. for pupils aged 4 – 11 – 2. for pupils aged 12 – 15 – 3. for pupils aged 16 - 19

Analyse the project messages you have chosen Is the project idea managable? What is the language proposed? What subjects could be integrated into this project? What language do the teachers speak? What tools are mentioned? What is the next step proposed?

Matchmaking: a proactive approach Suggested steps 1. Know your teachers’ preferences

Questions to ask before starting….. What kind of partner school should it be? · What age should the pupils in the partner class have? · Project language? · Subjects the project should be related to · Concrete ideas and suggestions for the project · Tools I’d like to use · What is of special importance for an eTwinning partnership?

Matchmaking: Suggested steps cont. 1. Analyse the messages in the forum 2. Try to see which message might suit certain teachers 3. Contact the teachers and suggest they answer this message 4. Follow up after a week to see what the progress is

Putting messages in the forum What are the ingredients of a successful message? – Clear ideas – Clear details • Age of pupils • Language • Subjects

– Friendly tone

Working with NSS

During work group meetings discuss ways in which the matchmaking process can be facilitated.

Using the Partner Finding Forum  
Using the Partner Finding Forum